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WELCOME to another Episode of PR UNBOXING Madness! Hit the like button if you like James haircut (Enter Giveaway below) xo's ~ Tati
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Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Cream / D4
Eve Lom Mineral Powder Foundation // Ivory
Pasjel Milk Pressed Powder // Vanilla
Maskcara Beauty Cream Contour
Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot // Soft Ochre
NYX Swear By It Shadow Palette
Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner // Black
Guerlain Maxi Lash Waterproof Mascara // 01 Noir
Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies
Disney x Ustar Blooming Flower 3D Brow & Eyebrow Mascara // No. 2
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick // Can’t Relate
Essie Nail Lacquer // Anchor Down
Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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11-Yan, 2019



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Valeria Alfaro
Valeria Alfaro 21 soat oldin
morphs !!!!
Ella Lisitskova
Ella Lisitskova 3 kun oldin
Where to enter for give away :-). I want all of the goodies :-)
Cathey Wright
Cathey Wright 6 kun oldin
I love puka. Too sweet!
Melodie Flatt
Melodie Flatt 7 kun oldin
Yes, the makeup walker - spot on James! LMAO!
Mary Joy Taneo
Mary Joy Taneo 8 kun oldin
Grandma Tati with her rose gold walker/make up cart 😂😂 still a queen 👑
mariam haidery
mariam haidery 9 kun oldin
I love your videos so much and it shows how hard you work and it's amazing. Hats off to you
kaitlyn kite
kaitlyn kite 9 kun oldin
I hope I find a man like James one day
Gillian Rice
Gillian Rice 9 kun oldin
Fun video as always. Marvelous giveaway too x
Cynthia ward
Cynthia ward 9 kun oldin
i need
Jamie Xie
Jamie Xie 9 kun oldin
Angel D
Angel D 9 kun oldin
I love watching Tati and James because their relationship is honestly the cutest thing ever and I strive for something like that
Viktoria Ulianova
Viktoria Ulianova 9 kun oldin
Really like your makeup in this video! A lot of your looks inspire me
Nancy5899 10 kun oldin
Omg ! I hope i win this giveaway 😍😍😍
itsme musicobsessed
itsme musicobsessed 10 kun oldin
I love the products😻 I need ): also love that you care about the environment 💜
Tiedo202 10 kun oldin
how do you get in a give-a-way tati
adie5sisters 11 kun oldin
Love your honest reviews. I would love to see James with out hair and beard color. Let the silver reign.
Jenna Forrester
Jenna Forrester 12 kun oldin
I love, love, love this!!!! it is so amazing that you give so much back to your subscribers :))))
Mia Caylin Palileo
Mia Caylin Palileo 12 kun oldin
love love you both :) cute couple :)
Jemalyn Benavente
Jemalyn Benavente 12 kun oldin
you guys are cute 😍🤗 im obsessed now
Stella Henley
Stella Henley 12 kun oldin
love it x
Sofia Paula
Sofia Paula 12 kun oldin
James is actually goals. You guys are so cute. Love you!!!!!
Summer L.
Summer L. 13 kun oldin
We need boobra to make an appearance! the dynamic between you two is awesome 😂
Linda Cormier
Linda Cormier 13 kun oldin
I know you are cutting back. But just can not make it work with the new Dior forever glow foundation. Please can you help me...
LaLa Lori Reeves
LaLa Lori Reeves 13 kun oldin
Bucket list is to meet you one day. I have to say, you brighten my days..love you
Cori Baum
Cori Baum 14 kun oldin
Tat I absolutely am in love with your sweatshirt. Where did you get it?!
JesusMarieChain 15 kun oldin
I just love you two👌
Crazylife Oflauraxxx
I absolutely love your videos you have inspired me to grow my UZvid channel you are stunning ❤️
Alex VanVorst
Alex VanVorst 15 kun oldin
Heivika Aasamets-Ainla
Tati. hello from Estonia :)
Anum Mahmood
Anum Mahmood 15 kun oldin
You and James are so adorable!! Couple goals 😍😍😍😍😍
Nayomi D
Nayomi D 15 kun oldin
So annoying when she doesn't name the brand and just shows the box and that photo card brochure thingy that comes in it
Paulina Marinova
Paulina Marinova 16 kun oldin
My favorite kind of videos
A 16 kun oldin
James looks like Kaitlyn Jenner when she was a man.
Kristine Kerrigan
Kristine Kerrigan 16 kun oldin
Tati ! I watch you everyday because your energy is pure love and makes me feel worthy of makeup my right to look beautiful. I also have severe endometriosis and I only hope to be half the gorgeous woman you are. Love- Kristine
Sav 17 kun oldin
I just thought that if you have the egg from beauty blender still maybe you could turn it into a bed for puka. Cut a hole in the side and put a comfy cushion in it and he will be happy
anupama rakesh
anupama rakesh 17 kun oldin
I just freaking love you! That's all! ❤️
Tonya Sue
Tonya Sue 17 kun oldin
❤ I love watching the PR unboxing with you 2 . You guys are seriously aborable!!
Donut mess With me
Donut mess With me 17 kun oldin
Lol it wasn't a styrofoam egg it was a styrofoam beauty blender lol tati 🤣😂
AJax 17 kun oldin
Let's take a moment to appreciate how cute the intro was.......im living!😍😢👌💕🌞🔥
yadiSo18 17 kun oldin
Where does she announce her giveaway winners? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her announce them on any social media..
amira kallima
amira kallima 18 kun oldin
You look so lovely with James, with your husband! Wish you all the best in your life! You deserve it! 💕😍
amira kallima
amira kallima 18 kun oldin
I love your videos and mostly watch till the end when you will kiss.i love it how you do, with 🎶
amira kallima
amira kallima 18 kun oldin
OMG! İt's really good i would say super super stuffed giveaway! 🎉👏
Cora Baerg
Cora Baerg 19 kun oldin
i love you and your videos so much and you inspire me to do makeup. you honestly make me really confident because being 13 is really hard.
Daniela Saldias Barnert
I really love your videos more and moree Tati!! You always seem so calm and of course beautiful! I would loveeee to win some of this stuff because some people don't have the money to test all of these products :( anyway i love you soo much y keep up like this! You are my favorite makeup youtuber 😍 Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱 PD: im sorry for my english 😅
Samantha Cason
Samantha Cason 19 kun oldin
Adorable couple love watching you
Kayla Anumi
Kayla Anumi 19 kun oldin
Hi Tati I love your unboxing make more there awesome
Chelsea Nunley
Chelsea Nunley 21 kun oldin
When are you going to do another PR unboxing?? I love them and love watching you and James interact! The unboxing videos is what actually turned me on to binge watching you on UZvid. I’m obsessed lol. Much love 💕
Arie CC
Arie CC 21 kun oldin
the new year, new part! ajajajajajajaa
abla 22 kun oldin
abla 22 kun oldin
james & tati r the only youtube couple i believe in nowadays smh🤦🏻‍♀️❤️
justjilly12 22 kun oldin
tati - love you
Shirin Arashnia
Shirin Arashnia 22 kun oldin
Hi Tati I really love you and you’re personality you’re so funny and crazy(in a great way). I am in 7 th grade and ever since I started watching your channel I have fallen in love with makeup and have so much fun being creative with makeup on me and my whole family.I love you so much!!!!
Amber Davis
Amber Davis 23 kun oldin
Absolutely stunning!
Erika Kaas
Erika Kaas 23 kun oldin
Love you guys!
☆°•Đįgįţął ₩ąnđęrłų§ţ•°☆
Love there pr unboxings!
Kyra Smith
Kyra Smith 23 kun oldin
Couple goals honestly
SPOOKYgaming KM 23 kun oldin
thats a lot of boxes
Emerson Baker
Emerson Baker 23 kun oldin
You and James are so adorable!
Danny Qiao
Danny Qiao 24 kun oldin
I am so into this unboxing series!
Anna Høj-Jørgensen
I love this video
Jasmine Metters
Jasmine Metters 24 kun oldin
you're an absolutely amazing person and you're so beautiful, i love how you're trying to make the planet a better place by promoting the brands to use less packaging
azza juliany
azza juliany 24 kun oldin
You guys seriously, so adorable!
Emily ??
Emily ?? 24 kun oldin
I have the stay satin rimmel liquid lipstick it is amazing
Jenna Poe
Jenna Poe 25 kun oldin
You two are adorable. Your love for one another is precious and serious relationship goals.
Liz Cox
Liz Cox 25 kun oldin
I love The Devil Wears Prada!!
Heat.her🔥 25 kun oldin
I know im late for this video but I really want to participate in the giveaway, Tati you're so generous and I really wanna try Halo so please... Gimmie XD (Its ok if you don't want to send it to me but my mom has horrible skin im gonna make her try it)
Lulea Collins
Lulea Collins 25 kun oldin
You always make me laugh outlaid and sometimes thats just what I need!
Dani Kerr
Dani Kerr 26 kun oldin
Love this video💛
monica taylor
monica taylor 26 kun oldin
I love you Tati!!! I watch you ALL the time on the big TV, but I can"t (or do not know how) to comment on there. So I ran to the computer to enter the giveaway!! LOL !!! My daughter bought me hoop earring like you wear for Christmas haha!! Anyway you inspire me and I can't believe people could be ugly to you! I agree you are happier doing 3 days a week ! I always thought, "how can she do 5 days a week, that is too much!!!" I am a nail tech for 29 years and don't see how you change your polish so often!!! I tell all my clients about you!! I am 54 and my daughter that just turned 26 told me about you!! She also likes Casey, but I love YOU! Thank you so much for your inspiration and upbeat personality that gives me a boost almost every day!!! Please keep on doing what you do. Yes I think James haircut looks great! Yall (I"m from N.Texas) are a great couple!!! MUAH!!!!
Wendy’s Cozy Home Living
What a sweet couple 😁🌻.
Daveez R
Daveez R 26 kun oldin
You two are adorable
Angela Cempel
Angela Cempel 26 kun oldin
Very cute video 😍
After all this time? Always
We need a video where you talk about Nordstrom stories!
Paulina Glez Vilchis
Love you guys!! Super fun :)
Life of Reva
Life of Reva 27 kun oldin
Oh em gee you guys are too adorable😍😂
Madalina Radoi
Madalina Radoi 27 kun oldin
Cutest couple on yt ;-;
Joyce Silva
Joyce Silva 27 kun oldin
Theres no one that compares to you Tati... and generous as you are gorgeous ☺😊
Katie Sumpter
Katie Sumpter 27 kun oldin
I believe it was Neutrogena *holds up several Neutrogena packs* LOL
hrisi koleva
hrisi koleva 28 kun oldin
Love you Tati
Alejandra Douglas
Alejandra Douglas 28 kun oldin
*GIVEAWAY* Love you guys!
Nancy M
Nancy M 28 kun oldin
for the longest time i haven’t really like the adidas white and black sneakers (sorry idk what they’re called), but seeing them on Tati makes me love them
G M 28 kun oldin
These videos are so fun to watch omg
Shreya Patne
Shreya Patne 28 kun oldin
Awww that little kiss was so adorable
EvilSteven 28 kun oldin
Kevyn AUCOIN it's pronounced " O qwan" like waa waa , a baby cry, lol . Just a heads up. He grew up in my hometown of Lafayette., Louisiana. Actually , my best friend dated his brother and she got to get a full face done by him, laying down of course , to pull the face , and I was so so jelly but happy for her experience! I love your vids and think you and your husband are awesome together. Y all work so well together and it's fun to watch. Thank you for doing this . I am actually learning things from you so thank you!!!!!
Anna Huttunen
Anna Huttunen 29 kun oldin
nathan e
nathan e 29 kun oldin
I want to organize it so bad, chaos makes me anxious. Love your video, you guys are super cute.
Shruti Siria
Shruti Siria 29 kun oldin
plz watch malvika sitlani's video ...she loved you so so so much
Cindy Magalso
Cindy Magalso 29 kun oldin
I love how you give stuff back it’s just refreshing to the rest of the UZvid community.
Candace Griffin
Candace Griffin 29 kun oldin
New to your channel loving it so far
tarajean theisen
tarajean theisen 29 kun oldin
❤️ you Tati
Johanna Moora
Johanna Moora Oy oldin
I would love to win this giveaway💋😁💗 PS I love you Tati I have subscribed and liked this video💖
Mariza P
Mariza P Oy oldin
Ur hubby looks soo much like Robin Thicke it's crazy!! 😮😍
Lamer is my dream
CoriSmiles937 Oy oldin
I don't know how winners are seleted, but I wish I could win!!
bahaous bahaous
CoriSmiles937 😋😶😊😚😊😶
Charlotte Preston
Every time she says James I think of James Charles 😁
Shannon Marie Gonzalez
Supportive Spouse- Love it
be humble.
be humble. Oy oldin
When James said “La meer” my head was like “ its Lamer?” and then he said “I know it’s Lamer” I felt as if he answered my question
be humble.
be humble. Oy oldin
I love how happy and chill she is when James is in the videos with her.
Loes G
Loes G Oy oldin
I love you and James together so much 😍💕
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