HYBRID ON-HIT SYLAS IS SO BROKEN! BIGGEST HEAL EVER - Sylas Top Gameplay - League of Legends

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9-Yan, 2019

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KisniCovek 16 daqiqa oldin
--I watched 14:58 at 0.25 speed. Red's W does not go off. It deals no damage and it does not heal him, but it goes on CD. I thought W may have a cast time which was interrupted by the enemy Sylas E, but it seems to be a point and click, instant cast ability.
Ghostdread Niko
Ghostdread Niko 4 soat oldin
WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS!!! - Sir...sir please,sir come down from the table,sir.
Laurentiu N. Barbu
Laurentiu N. Barbu 6 soat oldin
I alrdy feel bad for the one view I gave this scum.
TheAmazingThisGuy 18 soat oldin
I can just imagine the rakan's annoyance at 22:59 trying to clear Jhin's lotus
skulldoggs Kun oldin
You famous famous
Fab Elger
Fab Elger Kun oldin
sylas really is broken..his stolen ultie are stronger than those of the normal champ...just look vendrils video he steals every ulty from every champ...you will see it is true..at the moment he is very much a MASTER YI...Killer...
Fab Elger
Fab Elger Kun oldin
look up vendrils vid on sylas. BROKEN? Sylas ulty IS ACTUALLY STRONGER than the normal from champ. Annie bear looses to sylas bear. Ivern golem Looses to sylas golem. Morde dragon looses to sylas dragon AND morde ulty weaker than syals stolen morde ulty. AND SO ON AND SO ON...can you imagine if sylas steals sorakas ulty? he has less cooldown AND HEALS MORE?making the whole champ literally useless..
Demon 777
Demon 777 2 kun oldin
theres only one champ ultimate he cant steal and thats illaoi cause he cant form any tentacles as passive
Fû GF 2 kun oldin
I told it when his skills were released that this champ would be op because of his W and not his ultimate. This W is one of the strongest skill in the game
HoXy TV 2 kun oldin
no im kidding *im not kidding*
jack legends
jack legends 3 kun oldin
Well, if he faces Zed with Sylas, then yes, he's officially in love with the champ.
Chidi Akara
Chidi Akara 3 kun oldin
Ty Rito, for making up for the disappointment that was Neeko.
Jisoo's Bottle
Jisoo's Bottle 2 kun oldin
neeko is bullshit lol hahaha
xAnonymousss 4 kun oldin
If every build is broken on this champion, then maybe something is wrong with the champion, don't you think, lmao. Sad story, he'll get overnerfed before he makes it live :/
Caleb Youket
Caleb Youket 4 kun oldin
Rich boy, sprecht du Deutsche?
Tim de Vries
Tim de Vries 5 kun oldin
just build grievous wounds against him...
Jesse Henderson
Jesse Henderson 5 kun oldin
It seems like his ratios on abilities are a little out of wack. Cool idea for a champ, but it does looks quite a bit too much right now. Needs some tuning rito.
nixice 5 kun oldin
I think the best build for him is Protobelt into Lichbane into Rylais. Pretty sure there is no way you lose with those items in that order, you have too much mobility, too much damage, and more stick potential than you already have.
Edward Dem Powa
Edward Dem Powa 5 kun oldin
Cant wait the Hashinshin's rants
Mobile Gameplay
Mobile Gameplay 5 kun oldin
Nikola Stoyanov
Nikola Stoyanov 5 kun oldin
they need to tone him down or they're braking the whole game i already hate him and he hasn't come out
john wayne
john wayne 5 kun oldin
I enjoy the sylas gameplay but this guy is awful at this game
Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia
He is better with a burst build.
Razimar 5 kun oldin
19:21 did she say wait longer(...) because sylas couldnt steal her ult?
Ivan Vega
Ivan Vega 6 kun oldin
Sylas sustaint item Dance of Death
Get Rekt
Get Rekt 6 kun oldin
Actually enemy sylas build is broken. you sucked.
Edward Ni
Edward Ni 6 kun oldin
im 100% sure you're combo'ing wrong. should be e auto q auto w auto q auto. the way you do it with e auto w auto q auto, you lose out on damage and healing from w and one q damage
Mustafa K I
Mustafa K I 6 kun oldin
has anyone noticed kalista's passive item in the shop at 0:06 ??
Metalchemist2 6 kun oldin
do double tear item build, because if truly overpowered can make anything work. Add in a RoA for kicks and giggles on top. But as for hybrid, you kinda just went ap with added healing. need more AD for true hybrid. can take advantage of stuff like deaths dance too if just wanted more healing.
Metalchemist2 6 kun oldin
he's like how vlad used to be with his healing
Samuel Kaiser
Samuel Kaiser 6 kun oldin
Way to much advertising
mo nguyen
mo nguyen 6 kun oldin
you claim hybrid on hit is broken but the other sylas went full AP and had the same score as you! FU CLICK BAITING ASS. YOU USED TO BE COOL, NOW YOU'RE JUST toOOOL.
Sebastian Młynarczyk
Ist next renekton
Tsoytsoss 6 kun oldin
ashryver 6 kun oldin
Whilst the champion is overturned and has an excess of numbers and abilities, a large part of what exaggerates riots newer disaster children is the fluidity of the MIT that doesn't exist in older champions. The first immediate thing I noticed with this champ was that his passive gave him auto resets after a cast, not just a reksai q. This amplifies his damage a fuck ton as it increases his burst speed. In a melee fight, you can e auto q auto e auto w auto, or any variant, in basically a second.
ΑντριΚΟς LucifeR
if this Champion SYlas was balanced...noone would play him is bored... they put champ with 6 sec E stun? and R steal ultimate...and W more lifesteal than Warwick? WTF? pff its TeamGame Or KidGame this RIOT?
ΑντριΚΟς LucifeR
if you steal from enemy yasuo ultimate what happem? you need combo with someone else to use it
Roberto Osgood
Roberto Osgood 6 kun oldin
I feel like hes gonna be like neeko, give him 1 week and he's not as overpowered as we think he is. A bit overtuned but not broken af...
Roberto Osgood
Roberto Osgood 6 kun oldin
Its good to have champions to debut with high ratios, unlike ornn he was shit when he came out, then they buffed the hell out of him.
Keenan Williams
Keenan Williams 6 kun oldin
"I can feel the click-bait ugghhhh... just kidding!" *reads title of video* :thinking:
When is the 9.1 patch in N.A??
21 Shadows Blade
21 Shadows Blade 6 kun oldin
21 Shadows Blade
21 Shadows Blade 6 kun oldin
Augustine Lau
Augustine Lau 6 kun oldin
Illuminati confirmed 23:14
Dylan J
Dylan J 6 kun oldin
how is this an hybrid build? By that logic lb and ahri are also using hybrid builds when they get gunblade -./
Samuel Carter
Samuel Carter 6 kun oldin
I am telling you people with base healing that high you gotta get yourself an abyssal mask into spirit visage into gunblade..... Follow that up with some armor or more damage as needed. If you get thornmail or sunfire you will heal off of its damage with gunblade.
Seeky Unbounded
Seeky Unbounded 6 kun oldin
I am not summoner!😠
Shynzhao S
Shynzhao S 6 kun oldin
14:59 holy shit u got outplayed hard jesus.. I would bm uso hard right there and then in that game
Ambros Brenner
Ambros Brenner 6 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-bdoqNUizCe4.html?t=1395 thats 23:19 i watched this in slowmo. it was a 738 heal
moenados are awesome
He wd you before you w him, thus he healed the w damage
Plasant 6 kun oldin
he transfers ad scaling into ap scaling ... doesnt mf r and lucian r scale insanely on ad o.0
inuudle 6 kun oldin
#Hayguys #hay
Plasant 6 kun oldin
imagen sylas steals a quinn r and you see that fast boy running at you xD
RenoZ 6 kun oldin
@Redmercy Dang these clickbaits lol. And you should seriously stop calling Sylas broken. Anyone with a brain can fight him- If anyone has to ask how to counter Sylas or call him broken/ask to be nerfed, he/she deserves to get owned-like every person that has died from a Sylas in PBE.... But here I will show you some mercy and give tips. Anti-heal + MR. Sylas is decent champ but I think far from broken. I seen fed/super fed Sylas(namely you[RedMercy] playing him) get owned by just 2 enemies, cause Sylas kit is better in 1v1 situations. Of course there will be an occasion that people won't have a brain or the sylas will be super good with his combos and outplay or having stolen a really good ulti, so he may kill more than 1 people but still, I've seen more broken champs. You see a 12(or 14)/2(or 3)/6 KDA Sylas and he can go down relatively easily, unlike a Jax/Diana/Mordekaiser/Rengar/Khazix/Shaco/Darius/Nasus/Illaoi/Dr.Mundo/Yasuo ect ect with same scores. The good thing about Sylas is his ulti that can be useful in team fights and possibly help to snowball.
BLACK Jack 6 kun oldin
Careful u body dont drink coke more
x Czechie x
x Czechie x 7 kun oldin
17:52 Look in chat
Philip Sparks
Philip Sparks 7 kun oldin
When you done sylas under the turret he healed off of you you big dumb
Garrick Chong
Garrick Chong 7 kun oldin
Is Sylas ult is useless in all for one?
akram osama
akram osama 7 kun oldin
Am i the only Akali Main that reaaally want to main this champ as well? like his W is like old akali's pasaive but even stronger and the best part of it That he is an Ap Hybrid champ GEEZ That's exactly what i was waiting for!!
akram osama
akram osama 5 kun oldin
+Mikhail Sanchez Akali isn't a monster anymore she got nerfeed so baad
Mikhail Sanchez
Mikhail Sanchez 5 kun oldin
your monster is not enough?
Maziar Apex
Maziar Apex 7 kun oldin
stop playing lol
Maziar Apex
Maziar Apex 7 kun oldin
you soo idiot
kayland payne
kayland payne 7 kun oldin
I am going to dumpster this champ with Xin Zhao. >:)
Канал Клана HsmZ
John Snyder
John Snyder 7 kun oldin
so I'm curious how essence Reaver would work on him... Maybe give that a shot Red
MrZones21 7 kun oldin
You think Rylai's Crystal Scepter would also be good? :D
Kyzael 7 kun oldin
I just now realized that Sylas was a mana-champ. Like he's so spammy I didn't think he even had a Resource to manage.
SitengAlo 7 kun oldin
if riot change his ult to such as next melee will steal the ult from others,mind be fair alittle more
Eli LP
Eli LP 7 kun oldin
Mugen Sega
Mugen Sega 7 kun oldin
this champ isnt OP enough to allow trashmercy to 1v5 therefore not op enough needs to be more op ;P
Koscius 7 kun oldin
Riot should add items specific graphs at the end of the game so you can see what items benefited you the most, similar to runes. I think that'd help out a lot with making builds.
MarkJarvGaming 7 kun oldin
Also love your vids man
MarkJarvGaming 7 kun oldin
Once again how do we get him or he not out yet
Demorilyze Life
Demorilyze Life 5 kun oldin
PBE test realm
DalFrostreamZ 7 kun oldin
aint it funny they nerf top viktor a patch ago now they indirectly buff him again 😂
JasonSucks _FTW
JasonSucks _FTW 7 kun oldin
I would swap Nashors Tooth for Luden’s Echo lol
Startre Start
Startre Start 7 kun oldin
i swear if they dont release his voice actor soon im gonna kill myself like its hurting my head, i have heard the voice before.
hongheng hu
hongheng hu 7 kun oldin
i wonder what will happen if a sylas steal another sylas' ult in blind pick
CL5W 7 kun oldin
17:48 Camille : no plz 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Postman Butters
Postman Butters 7 kun oldin
glad you love him red cuz now hes gonna be USELESS upon release... so thanks for that
sean rice
sean rice 7 kun oldin
23:10 3 Jhin ults at the same time....
Denis Einzbern
Denis Einzbern 7 kun oldin
sejuani got dunked
Koalaism Unbound
Koalaism Unbound 7 kun oldin
Aaron Arfmann
Aaron Arfmann 7 kun oldin
23:14 is that 3 jhin ULTs at one time?? Dope
Robota gaming
Robota gaming 7 kun oldin
738 heal wtf
BlaydGraves 7 kun oldin
Shen ult would also be a good option. Essentially a TP that allows you to shield allies. And since Shen ult scales with AP you give a much bigger shield than Shen would. And gives you a chance to split while also being able to join team fights.
BlaydGraves 7 kun oldin
Imagine Sylas Mid with a Neeko Jg.
chuckles de clown
chuckles de clown 7 kun oldin
i watched back where you tried to take lee sin ult and aperently you couldn't use the r for some reason, if you look at the icon he didn't take lee sin ult and was blocked from using his ult at least until camelle ulted un top of him.
YouWantMyPancake 7 kun oldin
im sorry what do you mean NOTHING EVEN CLOSE Neeko can be anyone on her team and AA attack like them and if they have higher base movement speed she has it soo dont TELL ME "not even close" da hell?
Games FTW
Games FTW 7 kun oldin
0 Xp? Suspicious
Electric4Pie 7 kun oldin
my first thought when I heard about the ad passive was just get gunblade
misho mihail
misho mihail 7 kun oldin
This dude bout to get nerfed 2 days after he goes on live servers watch
XiπgΨυπ 7 kun oldin
23:14 1 jhin 3 jhins ults xd
alial66 7 kun oldin
23:15 LOOOOL triple jhin ult thats so entertaining
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 7 kun oldin
We need a video with a Heimerdinger! I want to see if you can steal his ult and then press Q for two chains as long and thick as Baron Nashor!
alial66 7 kun oldin
I like dark champions like Kayn and Sylas is familiar so i guess im sylas main now
magno Rod
magno Rod 7 kun oldin
Sylas looks like death From darksiders when he was alive
Gilson Ríspoli
Gilson Ríspoli 7 kun oldin
Kleptomancy Sylas.....
DragonRider007 7 kun oldin
23:12 that is 3 JHIN ULTS WTF
yurifan122894 7 kun oldin
You like using camille ult so you can trap her and whip her to death with autos?
Erdem Göksel
Erdem Göksel 7 kun oldin
This build + master yi ult and guinsoo= Wowowoow
Matej Záborský
Matej Záborský 7 kun oldin
Why cant i play silas on pbe ?
Arturo Reyes Villegas
He should be a bruiser
Schnüffler Unerwünscht
drink a shot every time he sais unbelievable ...
Who is Sylas?
8 kun oldin
geometry cash
9 kun oldin