I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

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College freshmen always need money. Shrouded in mystery, Brigid makes some risky decisions in order to make a quick buck. Ultimately, she winds up in a situation much bigger than intended.
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Fikrlar 5 919
P V 10 soat oldin
LETS DO THIS!!!!!! lol
Matthew T
Matthew T 3 kun oldin
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 3 kun oldin
Brigid is this really a scam
kitkatkatybell 4 kun oldin
Heyyyy! It's the girl that cheated on her exam!
Skye Walker
Skye Walker 5 kun oldin
She looks like she's a great personality. Hope she's not a feminist type!
Competitive Gameplay
I wonder what the “van people” will think when they see your video
Prestige Anonymous
Prestige Anonymous 8 kun oldin
You’re a good narrator 😂😂😂😂
Oumaima Ouazzani
Oumaima Ouazzani 8 kun oldin
make money online by watching payed ads illimited income @t
BOINKED 11 kun oldin
I mean $20 is $20
Sara Romoff
Sara Romoff 11 kun oldin
I'm part of a scam for watching this video.
tatiana harris
tatiana harris 13 kun oldin
Are these real stories
Pijus Kliukas
Pijus Kliukas 13 kun oldin
this story is totally impossible to create a this type of story. Buzzfeed has of course never made up a story
Cheech El Negro
Cheech El Negro 14 kun oldin
My name is Brigitte
Ted Elite Gaming
Ted Elite Gaming 15 kun oldin
This story is more aids than my aids
Neil Parmar
Neil Parmar 15 kun oldin
I hope these people are in jail now
Kelly Ding
Kelly Ding 15 kun oldin
you could have told this story in about 1/10 of the time
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 16 kun oldin
I would've kept the 7gs for sure
Bu11et Road
Bu11et Road 16 kun oldin
SuFfEr mE
Arshia Imtiaz
Arshia Imtiaz 16 kun oldin
"What's the worst that can happen? I don't get $20?"
Chris Ford
Chris Ford 16 kun oldin
You scammed me for watching this!
Vari Ares
Vari Ares 17 kun oldin
Event to show an Id Hmmmm this is not weird at all.
Wally Nicholas
Wally Nicholas 17 kun oldin
She’s a great story teller
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes 19 kun oldin
Honestly she should be thankful that was the worst she ended up with. A lot of scams outright require you to realize that they are dishonest in order to work, and that could have been part of something much worse than just ticket scalping.
Hilary Benoit
Hilary Benoit 19 kun oldin
She was accidentally a ticket scalper..
Ash Tree
Ash Tree 19 kun oldin
I don’t think it was a bad story, it’s talking about the experience, why do people hate it so much?
SkyeLeelouChiya Fangirl
This girl is so me. I think I'd do this for money if I was her.
ThePineappleDude 639
My brother got A on his maths.. Except for me. My brother got to watch the IT movie.. Except for me. My dad got to travel to Hong Kong.. Except for me.
Mutesm 21 kun oldin
Isnt she is the fake airplane ticket to avoid an exam lady?
why did shane give weed to his cat
she looks like miley cyrus
Diva Sims
Diva Sims 22 kun oldin
Loved this video 🥳🤩
Dominic G
Dominic G 23 kun oldin
White van white van 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Dominic G
Dominic G 23 kun oldin
Just 20 dollars just 20 dollars
sakura heartfilia
sakura heartfilia 23 kun oldin
That's a really great story ! But I still don't understand what they'll do with these tickets and why do no one got chosen except for you ?? Maybe you are the exact profile they were searching for? IDK nan meolla ~ 😂
areyouDUNNyet 24 kun oldin
I'd only do it if it was 1,000,000$.
cass 24 kun oldin
*iT gEtS wEiRdEr*
ThatOne Girl
ThatOne Girl 24 kun oldin
Niamh Loops
Niamh Loops 24 kun oldin
lEtS dO tHiS
Andrea Fortier
Andrea Fortier 24 kun oldin
well that's ten minutes of my life i'll need get back. thanks buzzfeed. i'll read the comments next time.
Marsha Hare
Marsha Hare 25 kun oldin
They needed the ID's because there must have been a lottery or contest to determine who was allowed to purchase those "special" tickets, they took the ID to enter everyone. They were probably for box seats or significant games, she probably could have made way more if she kept the tickets and scalped them herself.
Lucie Riley
Lucie Riley 25 kun oldin
Girl what was wrong with your freshmen year of college
Saga Mäkilä
Saga Mäkilä 25 kun oldin
Hello random person reading this :)
Amber Animations
Amber Animations 25 kun oldin
Sassy Pohtato
Sassy Pohtato 25 kun oldin
Y’all have to stop hating or showing negativity towards this video. I mean like just because some of you didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean others won’t either.Personally even if it all seemed for nothing it seems like a cool experience. And let’s be honest if this ever happened to you won’t you want to tell others about it?
Mia Opperman
Mia Opperman 26 kun oldin
Except for me
LLama Qrunchy
LLama Qrunchy 26 kun oldin
Ria Saini
Ria Saini 26 kun oldin
This is the same lady who told her story about how she cheated on a test!
Niamh Pyne
Niamh Pyne 26 kun oldin
Brigid had a very exciting college life 😂
dalacey grace
dalacey grace 26 kun oldin
every time she said “let’s to this!” i lost it
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 26 kun oldin
This has nothing to do with her story, but her voice reminds me of Ruby from Steven Universe lol
Jeff Bobby
Jeff Bobby 27 kun oldin
Take the 7000 from the first onvelope
KB Sandberg
KB Sandberg 27 kun oldin
*let's do this*
Purple Toast
Purple Toast 27 kun oldin
I do not sound like that
Amberly Salmeron
Amberly Salmeron 27 kun oldin
I love the way she says “let’s do this” 😭
maxwell Hollis
maxwell Hollis 27 kun oldin
Is this video aimed at scary 6 year old stories
maxwell Hollis
maxwell Hollis 27 kun oldin
9 minutes and 7 seconds of lies. Why does this video have any likes on it???
CyKpop 27 kun oldin
Jami Christine
Jami Christine 29 kun oldin
This is something I would probably do tbh lmao and if my best friend were with me, she'd tell me I'm an idiot and that we weren't going to do that.
Alexia Tapia (Student)
i got an ad for a company called yeay thats a scam lol
Madeline Harper
Jfc is she related to tana moneque or however you spell her name. But this story is so exaggerated and unexciting and cringe.
Madeline Harper
Drawing this story out... Could have been told in less than 5 minutes.
S.Justice Oy oldin
Red flag? There's a reason for those gut feelings. How do you know the money wasn't counterfeit? And you'd be the ONLY one on surveillance who paid with cash! Also, with just the info on an ID, you can generally open a credit card or have accounts transferred to a new address. BTW, why does BuzzFeed make it SO easy to find it's employees? Im thinking of the young woman who was stalked, and now this video... makes me think, given age and maturity level, it's just NOT safe or smart BuzzFeed. I have kids ur age, I would hope they wouldn't do anything like this. Better to be cautious and safe.
You could've bought a lot of vbucks with that money
MLG KING Oy oldin
KidGamer2008 Oy oldin
Brigid a jojo does wannabe? Or Jojo Siwa a brigid wannabe
MrKingsman Oy oldin
*press x to doubt*
Richard Jonsson
Sounds fake but its kina fun to listen to fake or not
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen Oy oldin
miley cyrus vibes lol
Kerry tanner
Kerry tanner Oy oldin
Why didnt she just run with the7000dollas🤦‍♀️🙋‍♂️
Vidster Games
Vidster Games Oy oldin
No you didnt work for a money scam,sex scam,popularity scam... You worked for a Robux scam
Omar Alshara
Omar Alshara Oy oldin
Omar Alshara
Omar Alshara Oy oldin
Special Dude
Special Dude Oy oldin
There is no one under 35 years old Except for me👩 Everyone were males Except for me 👩 Everyone were in suits Except for me👩
Special Dude
Special Dude Oy oldin
*lets do this!*
Christian Perez
So what was the scam? I'm just gonna start looking at the like dislike stats before I sit through a whole video 🤦‍♂️
Corrupted Falcon
She could have ran with the 7k
Reilly Gleason
But then... LETS DO THIS
MrsPotato Oy oldin
*LeTS Do ThIS!*
tru pekamuu .
tru pekamuu . Oy oldin
I would of grabbed the money , grabbed the tickets and then run
Mehwish Khantaufeeq
Hahah I loved how she told her story
J BrightZ
J BrightZ Oy oldin
So... *BuzzFeed?*
Joe Bentley
Joe Bentley Oy oldin
Hum your I.d ..............?
Sachin Rajkumar
Can i tell my story too
The Urban Banana
Why is it that in every single one of these stories I see from BuzzFeed they always say "Red flag right from the start here" like they say they noticed something fishy yet they continued with the scam anyways.smh
IAN Oy oldin
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg Oy oldin
Love you
Finlay Baker
Finlay Baker Oy oldin
Lmao she still does and it's called BuzzFeed
Kalbi squishies and more
I love how she says “Let’s do this!”
Maria Mekuli
Maria Mekuli Oy oldin
Does she have a lemonadi tatto
Maria Mekuli
Maria Mekuli Oy oldin
Stop saying lets do this for god sakes
LeahGrace Walker
This girl has been in three other crazy story time videos... is her life actually insane or does she just act out stories people sent in?
Heather Michelle
When you should have just ran off with the 7,000
tony Oy oldin
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Pain for Pay
Pain for Pay Oy oldin
The title should be "I Accidentally Work For A Scam"
glitter why ?
glitter why ? Oy oldin
Oh and my life
glitter why ?
glitter why ? Oy oldin
They better give me 9 minutes and 7 seconds back from my life cause she did all that just to waste all the money
Thicc Sniccer
Thicc Sniccer Oy oldin
👍LeT’s d0 tHiS👍
Amira Abdinoor
6:43 she has a pizza 🍕 tattoo And pizza necklace True pizza fan just like me!!!
Ld Shadowladyfan
In 00:43 i got shocked
Boi Oy oldin
You could have ran off with the 7,000
Yellow Jones
Yellow Jones Oy oldin