I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

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College freshmen always need money. Shrouded in mystery, Brigid makes some risky decisions in order to make a quick buck. Ultimately, she winds up in a situation much bigger than intended.
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William H
William H 32 daqiqa oldin
You’re still doing it goyum.
What is that
What is that 38 daqiqa oldin
Let’s *Do this!*
Dylan McKinley
Dylan McKinley 39 daqiqa oldin
Studies show liberals fall for scams 100 times more often then people with normal size brains
sean Kelly
sean Kelly Soat oldin
There was no fun story in this nothing happened to you you wouldn't have a good time even if you lost your wallet so in the end for an hour of your time you had a good evening out
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos Soat oldin
I hate ppl like this
Noosey Soat oldin
Sophie Bailey
Sophie Bailey 2 soat oldin
Why wouldn't she put the cash in the bank immediately
Derrick Walton
Derrick Walton 2 soat oldin
Best part!! Coming away with a great story!! 🤗😁👌
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor 2 soat oldin
Good vid
Aggressive Lava
Aggressive Lava 3 soat oldin
The real scamming is this video
awesome pug 26
awesome pug 26 Soat oldin
lol that's wot I said
cosmic dust
cosmic dust 3 soat oldin
Keisha Charmaine
Keisha Charmaine 3 soat oldin
Do you really think you lost your wallet?
Tom Holliday
Tom Holliday 3 soat oldin
well that's 9 minutes of my life i won't get back.
Carolina Brown
Carolina Brown 3 soat oldin
This need to be a movie
Epigmenio Sanchez
Epigmenio Sanchez 3 soat oldin
This women is so cringy also why does she always sound like her nose is clogged
Titlebreaker 4 soat oldin
How is it a scam?
KAYMOofficial 5 soat oldin
Basically she walks around showing people her ID and they give her absurd amounts of money for doing nothing. Near the end, they give her $7000 and she buys tickets inside of a room where the door is disguised as wall. She then throws the tickets into a van and receives $500. The end. Sounds real. Definitely real.
Fionn Saba
Fionn Saba 5 soat oldin
Hanks for wasting my time buzzfeed
Tyler N
Tyler N 6 soat oldin
You should of kept the 7k tbh😂
Kityscute 1.3
Kityscute 1.3 7 soat oldin
Same I just got scammed for 9 minutes and 7 seconds of my life from Buzzfeed 😂 who agrees?
Rainbow Candycane
Rainbow Candycane 7 soat oldin
I love watching these
Nathaniel Tyghe
Nathaniel Tyghe 7 soat oldin
9 mins of my life I'll never get back
MANGO 7 soat oldin
this shouldnt be called BuzzFeedVideo but BuzzFeedStory
Gizmo x
Gizmo x 8 soat oldin
How I accidentally lost my virginity!! (GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL)
Gareth Munnings
Gareth Munnings 8 soat oldin
Suuuuuuuuure that happened
SuperNerdChris1750 8 soat oldin
You making this video for buzzfeed is work for a scam
Xx-_-H4TED -KXNG 8 soat oldin
Watching this video is a scam
Ray 9 soat oldin
Keep in mind. You could have just taken the 7'000 and ran with that.
Shelly Mazur
Shelly Mazur 9 soat oldin
I thought this was going to be a lot crazier. But okay, thanks Buzzfeed. 🙄🙄
Angus Godden
Angus Godden 9 soat oldin
Most annoying voice ever
Westman 9 soat oldin
so you accidentally worked at buzzfeed?
Katspearl 9 soat oldin
lol why is everyone so pessimistic in the comments? i thought it was funny!
Jamilla Thomas
Jamilla Thomas 11 soat oldin
gap bro
Limuneta 11 soat oldin
I accidentally set my house on fire then I robbed a bank and shanked 17 people *accidentally*
Jonathan James
Jonathan James 11 soat oldin
You’re literally working at BuzzFeed.
Arixbi 11 soat oldin
You still do.
Michelle Satterfield
Michelle Satterfield 11 soat oldin
6:05 my favorite part
SG3xHERO 12 soat oldin
What do you mean you work for buzzfeed
Kexerino 12 soat oldin
Garfield Williams
Garfield Williams 14 soat oldin
I'm at 3:15 so far, I've paused the video , im gonna make a guess right now , she was almost sold as a sex doll !!!!!
MasterPeach 15 soat oldin
The video was met to be funny which it wasent but it was still entertaining lol
Kufles 15 soat oldin
Ok this is so fake it’s cringy
game master
game master 16 soat oldin
KA Channel
KA Channel 17 soat oldin
Your UZvid channel is impressive. What's the key for so much success and viral videos??
Hamish Boneham
Hamish Boneham 17 soat oldin
Then works at buzzfeed! Hypocrisy is good kids.
Matt Art
Matt Art 18 soat oldin
*reads title* how the fu---
RiceEatingFlip 18 soat oldin
Umm...I don't think this story was fully explained, but I am drunk SoooOOOoo..........
K.E.V. 18 soat oldin
If you send me $250 I will get you a job at buzzfeed. For real I didn't think the Tana Mongeau story time genre video could get worse than her lol. I was wrong.
felicia '
felicia ' 19 soat oldin
I got scammed for 2 seige breakers and a ol betsy
Chris 19 soat oldin
The editing SUCKS on this video
IntenseBuilds- 20 soat oldin
Blueindigo 52
Blueindigo 52 20 soat oldin
this is gay
Luis Garza
Luis Garza 20 soat oldin
I also scammed people, but it wasn’t a pyramid scheme lol
Sophie Fisher
Sophie Fisher 20 soat oldin
"I accidentally worked for a scam" don't you mean what your working for right now *cough cough
shopno mahmud
shopno mahmud 20 soat oldin
I request not to break line , everyone will get their chance to curse her.
Zeus Flores
Zeus Flores 20 soat oldin
*lEt’S dO tHIs*
Niccster10 20 soat oldin
has buzzfeed actually become this?
mrs.sparkle uni glitter
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 22 soat oldin
Whenever BuzzFeed needs a last minute fill in they roll out this girl
Lich0815 22 soat oldin
Imagine this is an add for seat geek
iiToxicity YT
iiToxicity YT 22 soat oldin
You're a scam
Dazer3311 23 soat oldin
well what do you expect from buzzfeed?
Pro soccer Skills
Pro soccer Skills 23 soat oldin
I hate you buzzfeed
Donkeyplayer 23 soat oldin
7,0000 DOLLERS rich!
PhantomMatrix 23 soat oldin
Well they got your ID so they know where you live. If I were you, change addresses!
Mlg Doge Gaming
Mlg Doge Gaming 23 soat oldin
You'll. Never see u again.
Zavier Frank
Zavier Frank 23 soat oldin
Dat one Crazy dude
#white power
saintvictorie Kun oldin
Videos like this makes me think y am I still subscribed to this channel but the eh.. whatever
asphalty gaming
asphalty gaming Kun oldin
*I Accidently Worked For A Scam That Costed Me 9 Minutes and 7 Seconds.*
wayne gordon
wayne gordon Kun oldin
Ticket scalpers who had an inside connection thru frat brothers and sisters?
Jeremy Lucas
Jeremy Lucas Kun oldin
This is the dumbest video I've ever seen
kirito kirito
kirito kirito Kun oldin
How do you actually accidently work for a scam like wtf 😮
Ahmed dawoud
Ahmed dawoud Kun oldin
Buzz feed is a big scam
Mavolant Kun oldin
Buzzfeed ruined this women. She obviously didn’t wanna say the story like this D:
Mechanical Sanity
This definatley fake
Halo Master
Halo Master Kun oldin
I Accidentally Clic For A Scam
iCuteaful Kun oldin
How were those people a scam? They gave you real money and asked you to buy tickets for them
Hailey Elizabeth
Would have taken the other envelope
XViper Kun oldin
And You Still Work For A Scam....
michael morrison
I have an unsolved story. Car chase gunshots and a kidnapping. Myckey40.mm@gmail.com
Nelson O
Nelson O Kun oldin
And the scam?
RedFlamee Kun oldin
Of course they would post a video about this
Splix Kun oldin
So ur the one who scammed me
SVTXN7 Kun oldin
Sounds badass
awesome pug 26
awesome pug 26 Kun oldin
you are a scam
Gurvaaz Sidhu
Gurvaaz Sidhu Kun oldin
👍let's do this👍
Wow thats not alot of money
Jude Marvel
Jude Marvel Kun oldin
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed Kun oldin
Are you shitting me?!?!?!? The ending 🤦‍♀️ Also who were those ppl? What’s the scam?
Nice2347 Kun oldin
Can't stand her.
Nice2347 Kun oldin
This chick is annoying AF.
JackGaming YT
JackGaming YT Kun oldin
Mr. Morris
Mr. Morris Kun oldin
Accidentally You Say?
sivan rottelman
sivan rottelman Kun oldin
Where do they find these people? 😂
Atom YH
Atom YH Kun oldin
How is it accidental? Nice exaggeration!
Jake Mccain
Jake Mccain Kun oldin
Keep the 7000
Ethan Harpur
Ethan Harpur Kun oldin
Buzzfeed is so boring the same jokes over and over again and sound for wasting my time 👌
Savannah Yi
Savannah Yi Kun oldin
Plot twist The scam was buzzfeed