I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late

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Kane from BuzzFeed try to ask his Chinese & Vietnamese mom intimate questions about love, how to be happy, and sacrifices of parenthood. This emotional interview might make you cry as she shares her wisdom, positive thinking, and real life story of immigration.
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Kelly Duong
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7-Iyl, 2018

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kitty 11 soat oldin
This video makes me wanna cry. The relationship between a mother and her family is absolutely beautiful! She’s thoughtful, she’s wise, she’s kind, and I agree with everyone when they say that they love her :) i also love your mom :)
RIXrox Citti
RIXrox Citti 14 soat oldin
I want to help send Kanes mom to China 😭😭😭😭
Random Domino Guy
Doobie Kun oldin
Kane's mom should meet Eugene's mom tbh.
Toni Horse
Toni Horse 2 kun oldin
Asian parents always plan the future for the family or their children first before themselves
Lps Potato
Lps Potato 2 kun oldin
She said such a deep thought in minutes
Hanna Maac
Hanna Maac 3 kun oldin
Gosh, hearing Kane's mom speak an asian language where she sprikles in different English words is just super comforting to hear because that is exactly how my Mother and Grandmothers speak.
Shynt Thomas
Shynt Thomas 3 kun oldin
Ah Chinese and Vietnamese, got it now😂
Shynt Thomas
Shynt Thomas 3 kun oldin
Shynt Thomas
Shynt Thomas 3 kun oldin
Ur mom is Vietnamese and yet she speaks Chinese!!!!! WHUTTTT IS THATYGTYYYY SO COOL
Crystal baby
Crystal baby 3 kun oldin
“ yeah I talk the true ting” AYEE
Dr. Carolyn Stout
Dr. Carolyn Stout 3 kun oldin
So profound with simple eloquence. I loved watching this.
Coby Nguyen
Coby Nguyen 4 kun oldin
Northern Vietnamese accent, sounds like Hanoi... any other viet people who can tell?
Translator 4 kun oldin
Im crying now because she's so full of wisdom and gratitude it really touched me 😣 so many people complain about America and taking the freedom we have for granted it's time to appreciate all the little things in life.
Kristina Paulsen
Kristina Paulsen 4 kun oldin
I’m going to do this with my mom, as I have a lot of regret not doing it with my dad before he passed. Everyone told me to ask him questions but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It felt like if I did, I was letting him go. Which isn’t the case at all! I wish I’d asked him and knew him for more than what I saw him as. I won’t make that mistake again! ❤️😊 miss you, dad. Every day 😘😘😘😘
Yaz Otot
Yaz Otot 4 kun oldin
I couldn't help myself. I cried 😭 I love her. The way she thinks is so simple yet it has such an amazing impact.
Naomi Hernández
Naomi Hernández 4 kun oldin
i really loved this video, i cried so hard. i really needed your mom's advice. sometimes when you dream too big you lose sight of whats in front of you and forget to be happy and cherish the little things.
Stephanie Hosley
Stephanie Hosley 4 kun oldin
OMG! I LOVE her! Rule for life: you can’t catch happiness far away. You catch it close.” ❤️
Jaclyne Xjaclyne
Jaclyne Xjaclyne 5 kun oldin
God bless ur parents, ur mum z a strong happy soul, love her.
Spy Sky
Spy Sky 5 kun oldin
I read intimate as " in mate" and I was like "oh no is someone going to jail?!😖"
Sara M
Sara M 5 kun oldin
Who else has their throat choking up? 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alejandra Martinez
Alejandra Martinez 5 kun oldin
kawaiinails 5 kun oldin
Love herrr!
Hannah May
Hannah May 5 kun oldin
This was beautiful ☀️
Junior Dimas
Junior Dimas 6 kun oldin
It's my first time watching your mother's video and OMYGOOOD SHE IS SO CUUTE
Jenny Kessler
Jenny Kessler 6 kun oldin
😭 This was such beautiful life lesson advice 💕
DeAna Ross
DeAna Ross 6 kun oldin
My grandmother raised 15 children and she is gone now but she worked very hard to give my mother, aunts, and uncles a chance at a good life.
Lim Leng Geok
Lim Leng Geok 6 kun oldin
Why is she speaking in Cantonese??
Rahula Loh
Rahula Loh 6 kun oldin
I crying so hard inside.
Kathryn Rosenthal
Kathryn Rosenthal 7 kun oldin
She has such a beautiful soul. This video literally brought me to tears.
Itsme Hello
Itsme Hello 7 kun oldin
Wait .... OMG kane’s mum speak CANTONESE ?! I thought she is Vietnamese ?
China Rodriguez
China Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
How come Kane's commentary has subtitles? He speaks perfect English! Haha
Veroni Ka
Veroni Ka 7 kun oldin
What a great video! And really inspirational, too! Wish you the best. Pls take your mom on a trip
Joelle Burke
Joelle Burke 7 kun oldin
Your mom is an inspiration. Hug her for me. :)
Echo Sketching
Echo Sketching 7 kun oldin
That got me right in the feels... what a beautiful outlook on life ❤️
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 7 kun oldin
I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying 😪
Mylene Hobman
Mylene Hobman 7 kun oldin
Your mum is so precious.
Kage Oashj
Kage Oashj 8 kun oldin
I aspire to be like her. She gives me hope for good people and loving moms 😔❤
honey bunches of oats
there are buckets of water coming out of my eyeballs
Hannah R
Hannah R 8 kun oldin
Did Kane ever take his mom to china???? I need to know!!!!!!
Grace S
Grace S 8 kun oldin
Thank you for making this video, my Mom passed away when I was 21, I’m 33 now and recently thought what it would be like to have an adult conversation with her like you and your Mom did. Her childhood might have had some similarities with your Mom, she was raised in the Philippines with 8 other siblings, moved to Canada and had kids, worked a ton of jobs to keep us fed. I was always curious how she could be so happy all the time, when life has so many struggles. I think your Moms words are very special and we can all learn from them. Much love to your wonderful Mom, you, and your family!
Jessica McKay
Jessica McKay 8 kun oldin
arnaldo j. gerena perez
Take her to China and make a video
traczebabe 8 kun oldin
Your parents are true Americans! They came here and their contribution to the United States is startling. They worked hard and raised their family who also contribute to our country and society. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️
Rebecca Ma
Rebecca Ma 8 kun oldin
we should make her a go fund me travel page
vengification 8 kun oldin
I'm a 29 year old man who just cried to this. Great video and thank you and your mother for sharing.
Zara Ortega
Zara Ortega 8 kun oldin
Her definition of happiness is the literally the best, i almost teared up😢😊😊😊
Cydney Joy
Cydney Joy 8 kun oldin
This just brightened my day❤
Aria'sDiaryTalk 8 kun oldin
I could only wish for parents like this. I was raised without my dad and I met his at 6. I had a step dad but that was not good I got abused mentally and emotionally. And sexually by his son my older step broth no one belived me. I wish I had your mom and dad
La Flaka Acabando
La Flaka Acabando 8 kun oldin
1:56 love thy neighbor And great things will happen
Artic Penguin Nightcore
Long live the Republic of Vietnam.
Bruna Borges
Bruna Borges 9 kun oldin
It's 2 am, I have to go to work this morning and I just came to youtube to watch a video and fall asleep. Now I'm crying like a baby, thanks
Jo li
Jo li 9 kun oldin
Who else understands Cantonese that his mom was speaking No one? OKAY HIT THE LIKE BUTTON
Mabel Nwakaego
Mabel Nwakaego 9 kun oldin
This video made me really happy, I gotta help my mom achieve whatever dreams she has left !
Hello Sky
Hello Sky 9 kun oldin
“I plant flowers for us to look at... when I see a flower bloom I am happy” Idk why that also works so beautifully as an analogy for how she got her children and raised them to be successful, nurtured them to bloom. *leaves room crying*
ana // moonchild
ana // moonchild 9 kun oldin
what she said about working her entire life and working to provide her kids made my heart ache :
Comical Wolfie
Comical Wolfie 9 kun oldin
Tina Ismajli
Tina Ismajli 9 kun oldin
I want to give her a hug and thank her for the "happy" advise. Bless her soul. She is so sweet.
Melissa de Groot
Melissa de Groot 9 kun oldin
Serena Currie
Serena Currie 9 kun oldin
Your mother is so pure. I believe a lot of people could learn from her.
KhiemNadler 9 kun oldin
So your mom is Vietnamese and your dad is Chinese??
vivi vthree
vivi vthree 9 kun oldin
i not crying ....someone is chopping onion beside me ...
Robertking1996 9 kun oldin
Oh Lord, I cried 3 times throughout this video. That was highly philosophical.
Alex Baxter
Alex Baxter 10 kun oldin
This made me call my grandma up whos in another country and tell her i love her. Same with my parents. Thank you for that.
Wai Wei Lum
Wai Wei Lum 10 kun oldin
Whoah~~ Your mom speaks cantonese too.
Kay 10 kun oldin
“I tell you the true thing” So sweet!
2011Antidote 10 kun oldin
I think when you come from a very hard life, even the simple things can make one happy. Love your story about your mum eating the remaining rice with tea, mums will always put their children first. Most importantly is that you noticed what she has done for you, it would be horrible if you did not. Your mum is just wonderful, reminds me of my own Mother. Mums are truly the best!
Gray the blind
Gray the blind 10 kun oldin
This is amazing! You should do something special for your mom!
Shelley Berry
Shelley Berry 10 kun oldin
Sad. This made me cry.
Olga Petrova
Olga Petrova 10 kun oldin
brought me to tears! your mum is very wise woman, she's literally spreads love around her, and I can feel it even just watching her on UZvid. it's so hard to us, who grew up in peace and wealth, to cherish and appreciate what we have. but your mum knows the price of these simple things - no war, enough and everyday food, warm home and no fear for the lives of your children... send you and your mum lots of love and wish you only good and fun travel to China!
Nicole Sharuda
Nicole Sharuda 10 kun oldin
Her outlook on life made me cry. She’s a beautiful soul.
Joelle 10 kun oldin
Wow, there's amazing life lessons in there. Find happiness in the things around you, that's important. I love the video, thanks for sharing that moment with us
ka mor
ka mor 11 kun oldin
shes the cutest
Destiny Baker
Destiny Baker 11 kun oldin
Can’t wait to see when you surprise your mom with a trip to China one day! So much love in her heart
bigsmilelife 11 kun oldin
You helped me, you have even no idea,thanks
taekachuu !!
taekachuu !! 11 kun oldin
This was an emotional video, i learned a lot from this video. I’m definitely gonna have a deep conversion with my parents. I ain’t crying, it’s just this video is very helpful. When i’m older i’ll take my parents to a place where they can forget job, and just relax. Your mom is a very good person, she’s strong with a heart made of gold. She deserves all love !
John Tedder
John Tedder 11 kun oldin
Are you single? Your a beautiful man.
Christine valdez
Christine valdez 11 kun oldin
Don't look back. Just go on, go on. So wise. Your mom has it figured out! Thank you for sharing.
William Wang
William Wang 11 kun oldin
why yall cutting onions here
Safe Space ASMR
Safe Space ASMR 12 kun oldin
What a beautiful and wise lady. So much love and joy. Thank you for sharing ❤️
Emily Y
Emily Y 12 kun oldin
Cherish your parents and loved ones! My mom passed away suddenly 6 years ago. I was 29 years old. She was my very best friend! I was with her almost every single day. I preferred to be with her and around her over everyone else in my life! I have 0 regrets! I just wish she was still here. She loved the simple things in life just like his mom does.
Morgan Hubert
Morgan Hubert 12 kun oldin
I hope this woman can make it to China!
Desiree T
Desiree T 12 kun oldin
This made me cry...
The Fur Monsters
The Fur Monsters 12 kun oldin
Everything around us have the happy. :) Thank you mama, truer words have never been spoken. Thank you Kane for this incredibly moving testimony!
Lynn N
Lynn N 12 kun oldin
Never heard of this dialect of Vietnamese before
Katie Mckinney
Katie Mckinney 13 kun oldin
His hair looks soo good!
D Moreno-Guzman
D Moreno-Guzman 13 kun oldin
Trumps America needs to see this. No wonder everyone loves your mom. She is beautiful.
Tiến Đức Đinh
Tiến Đức Đinh 13 kun oldin
Hell yea, Kane’s mom like mixing Vietnamese and English when speaking...
Solina Ngam
Solina Ngam 13 kun oldin
I wish I had asked my mom these questions before she passed away almost a year ago. This is really hitting me in an emotional way. Like your mother, my mom was also living during a war. She was born in Cambodia, but is Chinese, and during that time, she was facing the Khmer Rouge with communist leader Pol Pot. Almost went on a boat that had gotten bombed by the communist regime, but someone told her to go elsewhere. So hearing the struggles your mother faced and what she did to help you and your siblings get a better life than she had, really got me feeling super emotional because I remember my mom telling me stories of her hardships and how she wouldn't trade the world to get a better outcome.
Elik Kay
Elik Kay 13 kun oldin
Now I get why my dad likes gardening so much. He would water the garden after work no matter how late. Please take care of your parents. My dad had CVA soon after retirement and it took that event for them to finally let go of the need to work and just enjoy retirement.
Elizabeth Duecker
Elizabeth Duecker 13 kun oldin
L❤️VE her! So incredibly sweet and genuine. Give her a BIG hug from me.
Malaika Durbin
Malaika Durbin 14 kun oldin
This was beautiful! Your mom is a very smart woman. She knows the value in life isn’t things but the people who you surround yourself with & the time you spend with them. ❤️❤️❤️
Sunnny Skye
Sunnny Skye 14 kun oldin
She’s incredible. Bless her heart
sophia v
sophia v 14 kun oldin
The plant part got me in the heart. She's so precious
Salted fish
Salted fish 14 kun oldin
Ik this is not related (Kane’s Cantonese is weird)
Alix 15 kun oldin
Kane, I adore my mother aswell. You're mom is so real, adorable, and HAPPY. I teared up and laughed the whole video... I could watch you guys over and over. I enjoyed the old home videos too! I hope to see more of your parents in future videos! The love your parents share is rare and pure... I'm so happy other people comment about it!
Archer Pondevida
Archer Pondevida 15 kun oldin
Kane’s mom letting him eat first and pouring tea into his leftovers for herself made me straight up cry. My mother would do the same when we were tight on money and I was very young in the Philippines. She’s pour in beef or chicken or fishbone broth into my leftover morsels of rice and that would be her breakfast and lunch for the day. She always told me I have to be full to think fast at school. This totally inspired me to give her a call and tell her I love her.
Irmadiana Ardi
Irmadiana Ardi 15 kun oldin
Make love together 😂😂
Youmna Badawy
Youmna Badawy 15 kun oldin
Make happy very easy... We just don't understand how someone who spent all their lives working and yet never complains. That's because happiness is simple. You can see that when she was showing her plants. No need for luxury, traveling, partying. Happiness is right there under your feet.
Lalowa1 15 kun oldin
His videos are the best!
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