I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late

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Kane from BuzzFeed try to ask his Chinese & Vietnamese mom intimate questions about love, how to be happy, and sacrifices of parenthood. This emotional interview might make you cry as she shares her wisdom, positive thinking, and real life story of immigration.
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Kelly Duong
Devy Setiady



7-Iyl, 2018

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J Puerto
J Puerto 19 daqiqa oldin
Buzzfeed, send Kane's mother & father to China!
Sarika Manepalli
Sarika Manepalli 51 daqiqa oldin
She is just simple n awesome 😊
Will Thomas
Will Thomas Soat oldin
Man I love this lady. She ain't got time to feel sorry and complain. She like "I got business to take care of"!!! Reminds me of my grandma.
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Soat oldin
are y’all speaking viet? if so what dialect or region are y’all from?
Gurpreet Rayat
Gurpreet Rayat 2 soat oldin
Your mother is such wonderful person. I find it when people go through a lot they don’t really care for certain things. To have all of you guys around is good enough. You being healthy and what they have is enough. I know this because my mother in law been through a lot and she doesn’t wish to travel she jus loves it the fact her son and I are together and we have our kids. But it’s pretty cool how your mom wants to travel. People like your mom appreciate the littlest things where as someone my age would just not care or just simply be selfish and want more. Thanks you for sharing this video.
Brianna McCullough
Brianna McCullough 3 soat oldin
Vote for: Kane's video of his sending his parents to China alone on a planned tour!
M K 3 soat oldin
Your mom is G O L D E N ❤💛🧡
Javaid Miah
Javaid Miah 3 soat oldin
Bom bom bom like that
TheMemoryB 3 soat oldin
Kane, your mom is a treasure! Love her!
Ger Tori
Ger Tori 4 soat oldin
Ohh ok cool. I’m gonna keep crying in my corner. That was beautiful!
leslie smith
leslie smith 7 soat oldin
Dude I'm crying
ht wang
ht wang 9 soat oldin
mom speaks some Cantonese ?
WhatsUp ItsIrwin
WhatsUp ItsIrwin 11 soat oldin
This video touched me i am from Vietnam and we had to fight for so long and won most of them 😭😭😭😅😅🤣🤣
Keziah Yates
Keziah Yates 11 soat oldin
this made me cry. I so need to have this conversaition with my parerents especially my mum not beacuase its getting late because i feeql like i need to know her more
Love Nurtures
Love Nurtures 11 soat oldin
I love her😍😍😍
Nikita Luo
Nikita Luo 15 soat oldin
Watching this not only made me smile but made me cry as well... Wish everyone can live with those wisdoms and sense for life.
chrisp manu
chrisp manu 15 soat oldin
my eyes😢😢😢
Jesuszette De Guzman
Jesuszette De Guzman 16 soat oldin
You have an incredible mom. Drove me to tears. Happiness IS right in front of us and around us. Don't look too far away. :)
noor sabarina
noor sabarina 18 soat oldin
Y even people dislike this video.. Its full of nice things abt love n life.. Shame on u people...
Devin Mertz
Devin Mertz 19 soat oldin
I don't usually comment on videos but this is awesome. Her outlook on life is so pure. "Everything around us have the happy. You look, your mom's place, anywhere it has love. Don't think far away, far away, how you catch? You catch close. See?"... Damn, Mama Diep has me questioning my whole outlook on life right now 😅
MiMi 19 soat oldin
This makes me so happy, like tears of joy level happy. I appreciate my parents but this made me wonder if I know them really well, will definitely try something like this. We love Kane's mom!
Victoria Ashlyn
Victoria Ashlyn 20 soat oldin
If Buzzfeed can sponsor a $300,000 bachelor party, Buzzfeed sure as hell should be able to sponsor a dream vacation for a hardworking mother.
Nars Mas
Nars Mas 22 soat oldin
Shes so nice and cute i hope they would travel to beautiful places
Albanian Photography
Love you , your family and your mom !
Annalisa Martino
This is the most pure thing ever and it makes me so happy 💗
Nicola Carrington
Your mum has such pure innocent happiness ❤️
Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells Kun oldin
Such simple and profound wisdom. Touching.
Luca Rebagliati
Luca Rebagliati Kun oldin
Your mum got me cry. She's so deep and sweet at the same time, i hope one day i'll can do a similar conversation with my parents too
Vammi Uki
Vammi Uki Kun oldin
I want this to really reach everyone
Caritina Lopez
Caritina Lopez Kun oldin
griffin2417 Kun oldin
I loved your Mom!
Aly Austin
Aly Austin Kun oldin
This is adorable! You’re mom is so sweet
encef Kun oldin
juju nyb
juju nyb Kun oldin
Im blown away by your mom; what a loving, good person. We can all try to be like her.
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis Kun oldin
Wow your mum is inspiring to hear. Thank you for this video 😊
shivering man
shivering man Kun oldin
5am and I did not at-watching this? that means this clip was great.
oDeflect Kun oldin
your dad is like chinese bill murray
tigress63 Kun oldin
Hopefully your family can take a (nuclear) family trip to China, Your parents, yourself and your siblings (and spouses with kids). My mom was very similar, always everything for others and nothing for herself. She grew up in Germany during the war. Similar circumstances. In 2003 we went to Europe together. Trust me it will be the best trip of your life and all of you will remember it forever.
Nicole Beaver
Nicole Beaver Kun oldin
I love hearing them speaking in their native language. Honestly English is bland and boring. Why is it that so many white people decide that our language is superior over beautiful dialects, and impose it on others? I.e. "Speak American hurrrr durrrrrrrrr"
Linda Murray
Linda Murray Kun oldin
You have a wonderful mother and family. Everything is for you children.... work and be happy
pappysprite Kun oldin
What a wonderful family! So blessed
Enkhtsetseg Vetsch
She is so cute!
Linda Tinah TV
Linda Tinah TV 2 kun oldin
She needs a mommy of the year award. Being a mother now i understand the depth of these sacrifices for your children. Amazing family.
She Says
She Says 2 kun oldin
You are lucky, enjoy your mom. Make her happy go on a trip together. Even though shell be happy no matter what. Namaste
I'll Be Your Pariah Here's A War
How i wish i'd do this with my mum.Sadly,it'd be like speaking to a rock.
MsProdigychild 2 kun oldin
What a beautiful video. God bless this family.
Ameera Love
Ameera Love 2 kun oldin
Very smart and brave woman she is a great mother!!!!
Sandrine Berre
Sandrine Berre 2 kun oldin
one of the best videos ive ever seen on youtube. Thank you.
dgirl2021 2 kun oldin
His mom is so caring and sweet, she made me cry 😭
Mai Nagase
Mai Nagase 2 kun oldin
please come to Tokyo. Id love to show you two around.. I love this video!!!
傑仔Ricky 2 kun oldin
wait what, Vietnamese speak cantonese too ?!
TWILIGHT BLOOM 2 kun oldin
I just feel too privileged and spoiled now
Kallol Das
Kallol Das 2 kun oldin
Your Mom is soo sweet! Always cherish her company!!
Hadi masri
Hadi masri 2 kun oldin
My grandma had to raise 13 children, 12 girls and 1 boy. In the Middle-East during bad times.
Beth Webster
Beth Webster 2 kun oldin
I love this.
jay jay alipustain
jay jay alipustain 2 kun oldin
Dont look back, just go on and on♥️♥️♥️
Brodey O'Brien
Brodey O'Brien 2 kun oldin
Your parents are superheroes
mari reverend
mari reverend 2 kun oldin
jmturner04 2 kun oldin
Oh my heart. This was truly amazing.
Edgar Rosario
Edgar Rosario 2 kun oldin
I needed this !!! Thank you so much !!!!
Jose Encinas
Jose Encinas 3 kun oldin
She is a loving and wise woman. I have no idea why this video has 2.1K dislikes. Sour people. Blessings on your mom.
Ingrid Carp
Ingrid Carp 3 kun oldin
I really enjoyed your interview with your Mom!!
Brennen Clark
Brennen Clark 3 kun oldin
So cute omg ❤️
Waukesha Mom
Waukesha Mom 3 kun oldin
Kane, thank you for doing this. Such a beautiful woman your mother is. This made me cry at 46 listening to her speak about just being happy. Being happy was never a thought of everyday til now.
Terilyn Jackson
Terilyn Jackson 3 kun oldin
Damn it, who's chopping onions in here!
Presious P
Presious P 3 kun oldin
This was so beautiful, it's crazy how I came across this video this is something I really needed to hear
The Geek Monster
The Geek Monster 3 kun oldin
Wow, your parents argued three times a year? Three times a day for me lol. I sure wish I'd had an experience closer to yours.
Lily Baca
Lily Baca 3 kun oldin
Who could dislike his video?? Kane’s mom is an angel. I just want to hug her ❤️
MOWmom 3 kun oldin
Love love love this
Nezuumi Lê
Nezuumi Lê 3 kun oldin
Intelligent Duck
Intelligent Duck 3 kun oldin
Everyone make love together I love her so much
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet 3 kun oldin
"Far away cannot catch, and if far away happy you think upset" wow, that touched me. Happiness is something that you should carry with you,not a trip destination. Look around you. 😌
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 4 kun oldin
She is so sweet! My mother has MS and dementia so this is beautiful to me. I was able to know her very well before she got sick and after the initial depression from losing that connection it did help to have asked her the important questions.
Sarah Aslam
Sarah Aslam 4 kun oldin
be happy in the moment you are in, ever grateful, dont reserve your happiness for some future event. Make a schedule and dont waste time. Thats what i learnt from this video.
Bronte 4 kun oldin
Many people can learn a lot from Kane's mom. She is always living in the present by she treasuring each and every moment of her life that she can spend with her loved ones and the simple joys of life. My parents immigrated to Canada for my brother and I so we can have opportunities in our future. I am so privileged but I find myself always comparing myself to others and feeling entitled to things in life. It really puts things into perspective and I want to better myself everyday and be grateful for what I have.
Shay Waff
Shay Waff 4 kun oldin
When she said "i plant flowers for us to look at. Isnt that for myself?" 😭😭😭 i lost it. Such a simple, pure soul. This woman is gold.
Kristi Taga
Kristi Taga 4 kun oldin
Buzzfeed!!! Send her on a nice trip!
Ruby Tillman
Ruby Tillman 4 kun oldin
You are so fortunate to have your mom. She is a treasure. I wish I had sat down and asked questions like these of my mother before she passed away. I hope she does get to visit China.
Makeda Regassa
Makeda Regassa 4 kun oldin
You have siblings , do you guys not put money together and do things for them? My parents pretty much are retired cos we pay for everything together along with our bills. We probably get paid less than your siblings so I know it’s achievable. Treat your parents to a vacation .Teamwork! It’s what makes a family operate smoothly
Celita D. P.
Celita D. P. 4 kun oldin
Tears... "everywhere you look at your mom's house you see love." She knows the true simple blessing of contentment and enjoying even small things. Your mom... is super spwcial. But you know that already. This video was a great idea. Now a video of you asking your dad or grandmother questions?
David Johnson
David Johnson 4 kun oldin
I love your mom! 💛
Dave Ángel de Gitanos
Your Mom is such a inspiration.....God bless her
Robert La Mont
Robert La Mont 4 kun oldin
Very sweet. There are a lot of things I wish I had asked my parents.
Fidel Muñoz
Fidel Muñoz 4 kun oldin
This was lovely!
Heather Rodriguez
Heather Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
The fact that they put a comment with the username as “ JUNGKOOK IS WHIPPED “ 😂😂😂😂 LOVING IT 💜👏🏼
holly shiteu
holly shiteu 4 kun oldin
lmao I saw an ARMYs comment at 0:29 but aside of that lets just say raising 9 kids in Vietnam especially during the war is really hard although I never been through stuff like that because I'm a 05's I still know that raising kids aren't easy and she needs to keep them alive. You need to worry about their food, health, activities and stuff. If something goes wrong one life is gone. Imagine working all day just got home and you still need to feed your kids and do the chores, it's tough. So cherish every moment you have now, be thankful to your parents or grandparents and tell them you love them
I’m bawling my eyes out right now. Nobody will probably ever read this and I know I’ll never have the courage to tell this to my mom, but thank you. Thank you Mom for sacrificing yourself for me. For staying up all night to go to work. Thank you for always making sure I have everything I need. Thank you for supporting me, for loving me no matter who I was. You do everything you can to make me happy regardless of how you felt. And I just want to say I promise you I will try to return that. I love you so much, that my heart swells with joy when I’m around you. I want to be near you, next to you, all the time. You are my remodel. I hope that one day I can can as an amazing mom as you are. I love you.
narisa alley
narisa alley 4 kun oldin
"Every one happy and make love together" OMG! 😂😂😂
paigeedwards65 4 kun oldin
Why am I crying so much?!?!
Vas Mária Maya
Vas Mária Maya 4 kun oldin
Thanks so much... It's beautiful...
Nicholas Too
Nicholas Too 5 kun oldin
Sophia Carmona
Sophia Carmona 5 kun oldin
omo i love kanes parents!!
poppies128 5 kun oldin
My mum never travels anywhere either and barely buys anything for herself and now she's retired and just likes pursuing her own hobbies at home. I get not wanting to rush after life and excitement. My mum has lived very simply but she's happier than those who chase after stuff.
poppies128 5 kun oldin
Also Kane is ridiculously good looking 😍
T R 5 kun oldin
I loved your video. I miss my mom...n pop. Asking those questions and listening are so important. My parents were very poor but came to the United States. I was raised in a very loving home. Listening to your mom speak of happiness and gratefulness rings true. It is because of struggle and loss that one can deeply appreciate even the small flowers budding and find joy in simple moments. She is an incredible lady. Blessed are all those unsung heroic moms that smile, sacrifice, raise good people through love and hard work.🤗😍
Chelsea Ty KP
Chelsea Ty KP 5 kun oldin
her view on happiness 😭 the plant part was so pure aw i hope she gets to go on a vacation 💘
SMarie 5 kun oldin
"Catch close" ...Wise woman
Lluvy Ng
Lluvy Ng 5 kun oldin
Wow what a loving and lovely mom!! Btw, the Cantonese parts are definitely the highlights lol
Megami Tenshi
Megami Tenshi 5 kun oldin
I like her broken English
SHEillaa 5 kun oldin
She is very lovable :)
slime Queen
slime Queen 5 kun oldin
I make live wit you father🤣😂