I Became A Criminal But Was Suddenly Caught

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This is Fred. He will tell you a story about crime and punishment. He is actually a good boy, but once he became a criminal and he is not proud of it.
At school he made friends with a group of very cool guys. There were four of them, they all made friends since early childhood and he trusted them blindly. At some point as they were growing life didn’t seem thrilling enough anymore. They were trying to invent themselves some dangerous activities - from parkour to extreme acrobatics but it wasn’t what they needed. After some thought they came out with a brilliant idea - shoplifting! This thing is really dangerous if you get caught and as they read in the internet can even make an antiglobal statement which is kind of cool.
They started with small things like stealing a chocolate bar or a coke bottle. They did it in a group trying various schemes - someone always distracting supermarket staff and other stealing. They browsed specialized forums and found out there was an entire shoplifters’ community with elaborate techniques of stealing more expensive stuff. It was more like a sport. Thus their actions became more elaborate. They didn’t do it for money - they had enough pocket money from their parents. They did it for fun and adrenaline.
In a couple of months they became professionals sometimes carrying out kilograms of expensive food and drinks from big supermarkets of their city. Fred will not explain the whole technology to you - it isn’t right. But point is that you can do it successfully only if you are sure that your back is fully covered by your mates and you work as a team. They were quite successful but the rule of life is that sooner or later you would be caught anyway. They didn’t realize it at the time.
That day came unexpectedly. They were at a supermarket at a big mall. It was Fred’s turn to get the food while his friends distracted the security. Till now Fred is not sure what he did wrong; point is that he was noticed. He put all the stolen products into his big jacket and accompanied by his team went towards the exit where he was stopped by a security guard who asked him to unzip his jacket. Fred felt thunderstruck… and all his feeling of safety went away as he saw all three of his friends running away from him as far as they could.
Fred is not sure what he would do if he were them but probably he would remain because he still believes in collective responsibility. He was standing in front of the guard, unzipping his jacket and feeling that everybody was looking at him. He was ready to melt into the ground of shame. The security took Fred into his back office and asked him, why he stole food, if he was in need or hungry. All of a sudden Fred understood that shoplifting wasn’t cool at all in it was enough extreme for him for the time being.He just fell into tears instead of answering.
The security guy was very nice and agreed not to call the police if Fred promised to give up. He had to call Fred’s parents though who came there absolutely furious and dragged Fred home. It took some time to convince them he was really sorry and that he learned his lesson. The sad part was that he understood that he couldn’t hang out with his friends anymore as he couldn’t forget their turning their backs on him and leaving him alone. He never spoke to them ever since. So his advice to anyone is to think twice before you are going to do something illegal for cheap thrills - it can backfire horribly.

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7-Okt, 2018

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entertainment VEVO 6 kun oldin
Here is my story... From ever since I got a nice girlfriend and a job my friends starts talking bad things about me and my girlfriend that I only spending my money on her etc.
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+Natalie Prince I'm from ja too
Natalie Prince
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Bts Jungkookie/ACE FAMILY
Send me the link so I can let you know my story
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mojo MCcall Soat oldin
MasterLord Universe
I steal from my school canteen does that classify as a crime.
Hikaru The Gaming
I stealed once but I was extremely punished
gamer X gamer X
gamer X gamer X Kun oldin
I did I made friends with bad guys before and stole money in my past but I don't do that anymore
Raven Kane
Raven Kane Kun oldin
Yeah most criminals do
Liam C
Liam C Kun oldin
The most extreme shop lifting I did was put an one ore sweet into the bag and payed 30c for three.
Khursheed Jahan
Khursheed Jahan 2 kun oldin
*oh hi*
XxxSlushieTheWolfxxX :,3
Some Dickhead
Some Dickhead 2 kun oldin
I would get in the Cocaine business those guys make millions
Kellan Craft
Kellan Craft 2 kun oldin
G o o d b o y
Shallv 0
Shallv 0 2 kun oldin
Yeah sure this ripoffchannel is well and all but what's the original called? I can't find it
Lil drug
Lil drug 3 kun oldin
Im shoplifting for 8 years old...tell me...should i stop?...im very talented to that.
Lil drug
Lil drug 3 kun oldin
You have 666K subscribers....CONGRATS...and at the same time that's a crime
12DAMDO 3 kun oldin
there's a shop lifting comunity? okay this is legit epic
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monsjerrta tv 3 kun oldin
Peanut head
monsjerrta tv
monsjerrta tv 3 kun oldin
You have a big forehead
Aubrey Stewart
Aubrey Stewart 3 kun oldin
Who laughed when the guy hit the roof? 😂😂
Blue Squirtle
Blue Squirtle 3 kun oldin
Lol, that's cute.
Claudia Washington
Claudia Washington 3 kun oldin
If you made this, why are you recording?
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Sonic & Knuckles 3 kun oldin
*i tHINk hE tHOUGhT tHat hE wAs a sMoOtH cRiMiNal*
Ern'ary Kpana
Ern'ary Kpana 4 kun oldin
Story booth is better
Amira Beauty
Amira Beauty 4 kun oldin
Lmao dis happened to me too 💀👎🏽
mr.2612 earnestdeer2612
I did this at the dollar store... *I JUST WANTED THE GOOD KUSH*
Edith Rita
Edith Rita 4 kun oldin
So we should wear tshirts with the first letter of your name
_glitchii _
_glitchii _ 4 kun oldin
Dont they have security cameras?
Ant Bar
Ant Bar 4 kun oldin
I shopedlifted once I stoled a penny from the ground 😋
lazy dog
lazy dog Kun oldin
You are a madlad
Rahul DasVEVO
Rahul DasVEVO 4 kun oldin
I will share my story too
Jamie123456789abc Z
If you want adrenaline i dunno ride a roller coaster or something
Cruz Sanchez
Cruz Sanchez 4 kun oldin
what a bitch😂 he should of ran away from the security guard
Fluffycorgi Lover123
i saw his nvm
Kdjdjd Jdjdjdj
Kdjdjd Jdjdjdj 4 kun oldin
Welp it’s your problem now shrimp
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 4 kun oldin
I did the same thing like but when someone saw me i knew they did so i signaled my friends who gave me another jacket that looked like it was full but it wasnt but it still looked like it did so i gave my jacket to one of my other friends and while the security guard was asking to open my jacket they snuck off with it
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 4 kun oldin
*Steals a pack of gum* *FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!*
Ghostly Gamer
Ghostly Gamer 5 kun oldin
I was with my friends. We were at a seven elleven. I grabbed a pack of skittles I got out without getting caught. But to this day, I still feel guilty of doing that.
The Guy You Know
The Guy You Know 5 kun oldin
I shoplifted once I stole ketchup packets from McDonalds
Blue Sunset Dream
Blue Sunset Dream 5 kun oldin
The music DOO!!!!!!🖤😎😎
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 5 kun oldin
This guy is pretty brave to tell this stort
Vanessa Ta
Vanessa Ta 5 kun oldin
I am happy that you don’t shoplift again 🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃🌃
voltex 5 kun oldin
Yes police this is the guy
Luis Orlando Carias
I literaly stole a mint from a restaurant and thought that i was an evil guy....................................(well more like a 9 year old evil boy)
H Tvvr Nyyn
H Tvvr Nyyn 5 kun oldin
Bro you're 12
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 5 kun oldin
What happend? You made pc look like shit an console like gold? Thats no criminal
Esther salazar
Esther salazar 5 kun oldin
I shoplift by myself what do you mean?
belieber from finland
Paul Okogbenin
Paul Okogbenin 5 kun oldin
The voice of a criminal lol
Awesome Awesome
Awesome Awesome 6 kun oldin
Wow he said it was crime, I know shop lifting is bad but it’s not exactly the worst crime ever. I mean I’ve never shop lifted, and never would but it’s understandable to try and fit in and that’s all this kid done. It’s just not what comes into mind when you say crime
Dick Squidward
Dick Squidward 6 kun oldin
thats some good shoplifting thx for the inspiration!
ArnasGameris 6 kun oldin
Remember kids Karma will always get you back
StellaDaUnicorn 6 kun oldin
pause at 0:58 it says disapper
Leah The cat lover
Leah The cat lover 6 kun oldin
I shoplifted one Jk I can't lift a shop
Kaarle Jalava
Kaarle Jalava 6 kun oldin
All i stoled from store was a candy on the floor. I ate it. It was tasty tough.
CKII 6 kun oldin
CookieDog Milky
CookieDog Milky 6 kun oldin
Want adrenaline? Go on tumblr and say that there are only 2 genders.
Dennis Bösel
Dennis Bösel 6 kun oldin
2:54 jo there's something wrong with his 👐? 😂
K9GAMINGYT Yee 6 kun oldin
My story is when I was 5 my life was perfect lots of friends and family that loved me but then this one night my father came home and in a bag there was a beer bottles and then he got drunk and started hitting my mom that night I went to bed scared... it was summer break we went boating my bad got drunk my dog bit him and he put the gun to the dogs head and said to me my mom and my brother and he was going to shoot the dog he told us to get off the boat soo he could get more beer so we did he did not get beer but took the gun and pointed it at us at that point I thought I was going to die but the people next to us saw it and called the police 6years after that my dad still drinks we left him a filed for divorce my parents were divorced me and my brother took it hard... 1 year after that has a wife and that is one in the oven he stopped drinkinghe puts his step-daughter and his wife over me, I got soo depressed I started c2tting and just not eating I don’t like to talk to friends-family-Counselors I feel like I’m just going to get in trouble like I’m nothing... I feel like my friends will just not be there or just laugh at me... and I’m still at that point
RyuCore 6 kun oldin
He's kinda lucky because the security guard was really nice ^^
Person 6 kun oldin
As a little kid a stole a highlight from my school book fair because I thought it was candy
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan 6 kun oldin
Ay guys, if you want adrenaline, go fishing and catch some! They make you PUMP with adrenaline.
The Sparta Theorists
Pakistan Ball
Pakistan Ball 7 kun oldin
grantb9 7 kun oldin
Moral of the story Don’t fucking steal dumbass
A non-talking gamer
2:24 I am sure you would have ran. Things are easier said than done
Edgy Boi
Edgy Boi 7 kun oldin
Woah! You could get caught for doing bad things?
Blub Blubz
Blub Blubz 7 kun oldin
I always wear hoodies, even in summer, so every time I go in a store, I feel like the employees think im stealing even tho I’ve never stolen things before 😂
Dreezy 7 kun oldin
You ditched your friend over that Gaylord
Dead meme
Dead meme 7 kun oldin
Dang you are bad for getting caught!!!!
Lord Chanka
Lord Chanka 7 kun oldin
Nigga Shut your bitch ass up. You aint no criminal, your white ass stole food, you didnt rob a bank.
Hi hat Trap
Hi hat Trap 6 kun oldin
Real shit he barely did anything to be a criminal
:3 ILikeCats
:3 ILikeCats 7 kun oldin
Hey guys it Fred And today I’m going to steal a squirrel Ya I saw the shit movie so shut up xD
··· Fegou ···
0:17 nigga
Mecha Cubes Studios
Roblox Jailbreak in nutshell.
Tarēj 7 kun oldin
F.B.I open up
Marina Cvitković
Marina Cvitković 7 kun oldin
0:40 that scream is me when i stub my toe😂
CLARA REMPEL 7 kun oldin
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, There are cameras in stores. That’s why they have cameras. So don’t do that
adamgaming 12
adamgaming 12 7 kun oldin
Bad action will be paid or deserve justice
Alexis Z
Alexis Z 7 kun oldin
Fred JAJAJAJA i will call you FACEBOOK
SuperSlayer369 7 kun oldin
CDFP_Epke Gaming
CDFP_Epke Gaming 7 kun oldin
I stole a Candy from my supermarket when i was little i was caugth lol
actually his name is Fred, remove the F and R and add T... Makes Ted! that lil boi
Skappis 7 kun oldin
graffiti is better then stealing who agrees
Mika Macaroons
Mika Macaroons 7 kun oldin
*_W h e r e d i d y o u d i s s a p e r_*
elma salamanca
elma salamanca 7 kun oldin
A crime is about killing someone A prisoner is about stealing or anything not about killing someone
CoolDude78224 7 kun oldin
Fortnite squads in a nutshell
KevinRules //Jankieboy
0:40 Wait. The cop is Plastic Man?
Miraculous Ladybug Fan
I stole a cookie from the cookie jar once.
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg IS THE BEST
I did the same thing when i was 15 but i never done it again
Robloxian Potter
Robloxian Potter 7 kun oldin
0:58 Where did u DISAPPER? Like if u didnt see it
Pokemon champion Red
FBI: FBI OPEN UP! *comes through floor boards and walls and + the roof
PaolaTheWeirdo 7 kun oldin
*im a good boy* Are you a dog?!
MouthedQuark 8 kun oldin
*I am actually a good boy* Yes, daddy.
DragonBot Animations
getting your parents mad at you is WAY worse than going to jail.
Mohammad Ishaq qwesa
Crime and punishment is my topic
SupremeStreams 8 kun oldin
The first minute of this video was one of the most cringe things
Liz Flynn
Liz Flynn 8 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Juan Nagle
Juan Nagle 8 kun oldin
Kate Warden
Kate Warden 8 kun oldin
Why does he sound so proud of this.
Adam Here
Adam Here 8 kun oldin
I’m more concentrated on the Spider-Man toy/action figure than the actual video
Macareina Thunderman
I ca relate I have a aggressive disorder
The Nower
The Nower 8 kun oldin
1:20 *Who else thought that it was him?*
The Nower
The Nower 8 kun oldin
Shoplifting is for pussies *I'm lifting an shop*
My Mom Is Gay
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