I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns

Safiya Nygaard
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So it turns out that when you return something to Amazon, instead of restocking it, they auction it off in giant liquidation palettes - where you can get thousands of dollars of stuff for a few hundred dollars!! It feels kind of like an abandoned storage unit except all online - so I bought one and unboxed it all to see if it was really as good of a deal as it looks! The Internet Made Me Buy It - but after seeing this, would you?
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I got my box here! www.liquidation.com/
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12-Sen, 2018

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 7 kun oldin
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf
Netty 3 soat oldin
Saf. please do an ancestry DNA video!
Courtney Strommen
Courtney Strommen 6 soat oldin
Just a heads up, those finger condom looking things are amazing in kitchen use for when you cut your finger while cooking. Put a bandaid on and then slide one of those over your finger and it prevents you from getting the Band-Aid wet or getting any blood or anyting on any of the food you're cooking! I work for a catering company and we use these all the time.
Sam Leggett
Sam Leggett 6 soat oldin
hey can i have one of those scales um thx
Nova Hess
Nova Hess 8 soat oldin
+Thicky Bicky whatch her do it
That Aussie girl From Straya
If you’re cooking and you cut yourself, once you put on a bandaid you could use the finger condoms to protect your finger and bandaid
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿
Thanks for the informative and entertaining video. I'm pretty knowledgeable about online auctions and about Amazon, but I didn't know about returns liquidation. Kudos too for your courage in being so frank about lady moustache issues. 👨♀️ However, I must object to being robbed of the Naughty By Nature Faux Leather Garter Slip and Thong Set try-on. 😁
Kate Shoxx
Kate Shoxx Soat oldin
How many times do I have to tell UZvid that I am not interested in this channel. I don't want to see a channel based on clickbait videos that have no context and a basic bitch that is both annoying and boring at the same time (usually youtubers I don't like are either annoying or boring but she happens to be both). This is the worst content ever. Purely a waste of time. A channel based on content for idiots to click on just for the purpose of clicks... UZvid is going down because of shit like this.
New subscriber. I was cracking up through this whole video 🤣
Manveer Kaur
Manveer Kaur Soat oldin
I want one now
maddieg 2 soat oldin
I tried epilating once because my aunt had one and I couldn't bear it for like more than one whole second lmao it's satan.. and somehow she was shocked at me
Nick Thomm
Nick Thomm 2 soat oldin
You like that kind tyler? Idk? Well you do now! 😂😂
MoonbyulBae 2 soat oldin
I wanna purchase smth like that too, but like, shipping fees cost $2-3k if I wanna get a 1000lb shipped, sooooo
ItsZander 2 soat oldin
MoonbyulBae 2 soat oldin
Whoa, even Safiya is doing this
The Gabby Kroener
The Gabby Kroener 2 soat oldin
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers 2 soat oldin
whats w saying the word satanic ,,,plus seems you got ripped but if ur happy great
Evelynn Lopez
Evelynn Lopez 2 soat oldin
it’s 10:15pm, my whole family is asleep, and I cannot stop laughing
Go Ɏa
Go Ɏa 2 soat oldin
the Epilady was a my gateway to drugs in the 80's
Douglas Blatherwick
Douglas Blatherwick 2 soat oldin
I've got some finger cots. Really good to use when you are getting rid of hemorrhoids.
Mason Barclay
Mason Barclay 2 soat oldin
Like storage wars over the Internet in cardboard boxes
GoldHayes 2 soat oldin
How does your boyfriend feel about your arm hair being longer than his leg hair?
Karo Diaz
Karo Diaz 2 soat oldin
If ur not going to keep all styling tools can U do a give away would really appreciate the chance to win some or at least one of then styling tools
Darkhorse3211 2 soat oldin
Those finger cots are for people who have hemorrhoids. My Mom uses them :D I would perhaps donate them to a senior's home? Or anyone who has hemorrhoids .
Kim wright
Kim wright 2 soat oldin
This is great content!!
Talia Rivera
Talia Rivera 3 soat oldin
Pleaseeee do another one!
kellie campbell
kellie campbell 3 soat oldin
try crayola makeup
Kelsey Kelso
Kelsey Kelso 3 soat oldin
This used to be my job LOL we would go through everything and sell the good stuff on ebay and then all the other stuff we'd take it to the swap meet and sell it for a dollar.
ItzelPickle 3 soat oldin
Cow Chop🐮🔪
FairSissy 3 soat oldin
I have that memory foam cushion, I bought it for my husband and he loves it. Dunno if it helps his back for real, but he's more comfortable now, so it's still a win
Hotspot 4 soat oldin
She should be an announcer, she has that kind of voice!
Sarah Delilah
Sarah Delilah 4 soat oldin
14:47 an avocado! Thanks!
Sarah Delilah
Sarah Delilah 4 soat oldin
14:14 "...that like totally exploded /down there/"
Aisling Dunn
Aisling Dunn 4 soat oldin
crappy box lol
Dana Baker
Dana Baker 4 soat oldin
Fun fact: Massage therapists use those "finger condoms" when they have cuts on their fingers so that they can still perform massages in a sanitary fashion. :)
Guan Li
Guan Li 4 soat oldin
Smash Bravo
Smash Bravo 4 soat oldin
The little vibrator looking thing is actually a much better way to go for getting rid of your facial hair, it doesn't hurt at all.
Kristin Howard
Kristin Howard 4 soat oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-CdLQ-mJi7rU.html Watch this and take your pick. Please.
jimin's tiny hands
jimin's tiny hands 4 soat oldin
how tf you got all this money to just buy shit
American_girl Photo
American_girl Photo 4 soat oldin
You should do a whole weeks worth of outfits from the website “dolls kill” :)
Emojilov 4 soat oldin
8:53 what is your cat licking/eating
Emojilov 4 soat oldin
um excuse me why wasnt i subscribed
Nicholas Flatley
Nicholas Flatley 4 soat oldin
Raevonn D
Raevonn D 4 soat oldin
I've never heard of this before, but it's something worth looking into.
Dina Ward
Dina Ward 4 soat oldin
You can send me a mystery box anytime. Lol!
Emojilov 4 soat oldin
SAF! I had an ad for try meundies and i dont know what they are but they look bad soo
Ekonomen 4 soat oldin
You wore the sleeper headphones the wrong way, Dumbo
Lisa W. Li
Lisa W. Li 4 soat oldin
We use finger cots in optical sciences to handle lenses, mirrors, lamps, etc which can't have finger oils on them. :]
Brenna Henderson
Brenna Henderson 5 soat oldin
can we talk about the lube and finger condoms... these people were doing at home prostate exams
leManDeLipS 5 soat oldin
That shipping tho >_
Carrie W
Carrie W 5 soat oldin
I want that occult sweater! Lol
trisha sampson
trisha sampson 5 soat oldin
Dees nuts lol
Skye Storm
Skye Storm 5 soat oldin
AHHHH! I only recently found you and have been watching your videos like crazy! You have a very good, natural speaking voice and you're so pretty! Your content is superrrr creative and I love every video. I normally don't watch makeup/fashion channels because I find them boring, but I've fallen in love with your channel ❤️ Keep up the AMAZING work!
steelplatedheart 5 soat oldin
60% off for a whole bunch of broken crap and stuff you don't want is NOT a good deal. Just buy wholesale.
iamjaquanna 5 soat oldin
sounds like a box of the family's christmas gifts to me
May Lopez
May Lopez 5 soat oldin
dote! dote! dote!
Nathan McDonald
Nathan McDonald 5 soat oldin
oml please do more of these i freaking loved it
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 5 soat oldin
there was absolutely no point in me watching this... but I did! and I had a lot of fun. thank you for this random ass journy and I hope tyler is enjoying his sock tool
goldenex 5 soat oldin
you sound like my math teacher, like the way she talks.
Heather Hart
Heather Hart 5 soat oldin
i loooove For Everyone lotion, highly recommend. And the coconut lemon is one of my fav scents
Antonio Alajo
Antonio Alajo 5 soat oldin
Can you see soul eater in 48hours pls do this challenge
Cinnamon loz
Cinnamon loz 5 soat oldin
I'm wheezing at Tyler going 'ooh that hurts.. OW'
Ava Savage
Ava Savage 5 soat oldin
"Get That" *Safiya has left the group chat*
Noelle Bright
Noelle Bright 5 soat oldin
I wish I was kidding but I'm almost positive my mom is the one who kept the stove gap cover and sent back the surenges
Flo 5 soat oldin
you honestly got a cosmetologist's dream box. i was lowkey jealous seeing you get those hair supplies & t ouliner lmao
Emelie Liebert
Emelie Liebert 6 soat oldin
we have like 5 of those lotions
Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams 6 soat oldin
You and Molly Burke need to do a collaboration!
Bitter Artist
Bitter Artist 6 soat oldin
@safiya nugaard if you still have like the shower bench and like the compression socks- stuff like that in general I would definitely suggest donating it to your local nursing home. I used to work in one and some families can't afford like the shower bench and that helps a ton when they can't stand for long periods.
Tina Marie
Tina Marie 6 soat oldin
I would pay for that leg compression massager! They help when you’re prone to blood clots 👍🏼
Madeleine Kennedy
Madeleine Kennedy 6 soat oldin
If only this could have gone on longer I wanted to see all of the unboxing :(( I love your personality and you and Tyler's reactions to things!!
Olivia Wright
Olivia Wright 6 soat oldin
The needles..that's scary
Hannah Bell
Hannah Bell 6 soat oldin
Love how you picked the most boring box I was so disappointed
Media Gamer Nation
Media Gamer Nation 6 soat oldin
The frikken voice!!!! It's like listening to a tuba
chloe ashton
chloe ashton 6 soat oldin
Omg Safyia should make a video about attempting make one of those viral Instagram make up videos!! Like so she can see
LouieL 6 soat oldin
This company liquidation dot com has a really interesting campaign going on. They send youtubers precrafted boxes that are full of great things, but beware. I've purchased quite a few of these boxes and most of them are trash. just a bunch of things that dont work... its a good marketing strategy but seriously buyer beware, you wont pull a box like the one he got.
Crystal Rose CW
Crystal Rose CW 6 soat oldin
Finger condoms are great for when you're cooking and you have a bandaid but don't want to wear a full glove, because. Lol
Cameron Hargroder
Cameron Hargroder 6 soat oldin
Safiya you should do a video where you buy lost luggage from an airport...Like when they auction off suitcases. I saw this on a tv show once
Natalie Zahm
Natalie Zahm 6 soat oldin
I'm ceramics, finger condoms are used to keep cuts safe from clay getting in the cut.
Toni B
Toni B 6 soat oldin
i wanna get one
Phoenix Legion
Phoenix Legion 7 soat oldin
I love your channel. Great content 👍🏼❤️
Adalynne Robbins
Adalynne Robbins 7 soat oldin
Omg she said Indiana the state has come out of the darkness! (I’m being funny don’t hate)
Miranda Koblyk
Miranda Koblyk 7 soat oldin
Do a giveaway with these items safiya!!!!!
A Kelly
A Kelly 7 soat oldin
I freaking love safiya. 😋
MidnightFlower13 7 soat oldin
LMAO is that the Cow Chop amazon return box?!
Mon 7 soat oldin
Sooo like if you don't want that COSRX mask, ill gladly take it off your hands lol
Kimbearly_51501 7 soat oldin
the water pick is amazing I have one and it works wonders for people with braces
m Elle
m Elle 7 soat oldin
yo I got braces and Im broke, so do you mind if i could get that water pick plz :))
Catrin Mair Roberts
Catrin Mair Roberts 8 soat oldin
"Sock applicator" 😂
Arysta 8 soat oldin
$500 is a very small price to pay for almost 5 million views in one week.
PowderedToastMan 8 soat oldin
What I learned from this video - Women are compulsive shoppers.
Kim Kimchii
Kim Kimchii 8 soat oldin
I used to work walmart wearhouse. For the employees you can return items for cheep. I heard they sell electronic for a good price.
Aye Sun
Aye Sun 8 soat oldin
omggggg!! imagine giving safiya nygaard a tarot reading!! or her doing a video on tarot readers/empaths
Adriana Romo
Adriana Romo 8 soat oldin
Try the apparel box next!!
Alliana 8 soat oldin
Watching someone else fail to use an epilator is super amusing because I don't think it hurts anywhere near as much as people make it out to lol. I also have a really high pain tolerance probably from self harming though. I might try an at home laser hair removal thingy sometime didn't know they could be that cheap saw prices more in the $300-500 range. I think my mom needs the stocking thing I've had to help her put socks on far too many times.
Tigga Sparks
Tigga Sparks 8 soat oldin
Omg, epilators hurt so much! Mines been sat in the cupboard for years 😂
Analise Menendez
Analise Menendez 8 soat oldin
This is Sarah 👩🏻 👗 One like equals one ass slap
Analise Menendez
Analise Menendez 8 soat oldin
This is Jamil 👦🏻 👕 👖 One like equals on kiss❤️
Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks 9 soat oldin
I really like your hair like that! ;>
Taylor Osborne
Taylor Osborne 9 soat oldin
hahaha aqua dance!
Isabelle 9 soat oldin
You should do a full face of a makeup and beauty box!! ❤️❤️
Dan Hayami
Dan Hayami 9 soat oldin
those memory foam seat cushions work great
Wanda Steeves
Wanda Steeves 9 soat oldin
Diffusers r toxic to animals killing dogs quickly
Stephanie 9 soat oldin
This is so interesting to watch lmao, expose it girl. 😂😂☕
FullMoonFullHeart 9 soat oldin
When you epilate and you see them talking about getting the epilator so they could try it out 😂😂😂