I Bought A FAKE James Charles Palette

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! Counterfeit makeup has always been a dangerous problem in the beauty industry. I've tested out fake makeup on my channel before, but now that I've released my own palette, people are trying to sister scam. Watch as I try out a FAKE James Charles palette and compare it to the real deal. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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18-Dek, 2018

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Jordyn Snelgrove
Jordyn Snelgrove Soat oldin
I followed you on all of your SoCal media address 29 highland ave Meriden Connecticut 🥰🥰🥰
Kira Cureton
Kira Cureton Soat oldin
I love ur make up tutorials James Charles
Chriss Battipaglia
Iwantbekfast please
4:14 Look at James speaking Spanish like it nothing
Erica Flegel
Erica Flegel Soat oldin
Love you
Chilling with tash Tash
Why do you call us sisters I’m a girl but like some people are boys you no
Zoe Bowker
Zoe Bowker Soat oldin
No way did it take him 4 minutes of self promo before the video actually started
Thasnim Akther
Thasnim Akther Soat oldin
James your talking so FAST
Gracie Burns
Gracie Burns Soat oldin
Hi James (I’m a sister)
mb./ vlogs
mb./ vlogs Soat oldin
Love you so much Xxxxxxxx
Isabella Milton
Isabella Milton 2 soat oldin
I haven’t seen her that happy***
Isabella Milton
Isabella Milton 2 soat oldin
I am commenting on this video because it was the one with you and your palette and I just wanted to thank you for selling your palette because one of my best friends got your palette. I haven’t really ever seen there that happy and I love you and hope you read this! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
adadadadshsh hdhdhhdjdhh
Caitlin Thomson
Caitlin Thomson 2 soat oldin
I went to Ulta for a skin event and as I was leaving (with new skin cleanser etc.) I see this palette!! I immediately say isn't this sold out?! The cashier said they just got three in (eyes go wide with excitement and giddiness). I got one and the girl in front of me with her mom (who had the same reaction as me when seeing this palette) bought one too. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to use it. The only thing I wish was that the names of the colors were written on the palette and not just on thw plastic cover. Also, I am wondering if I can use all of these colors on my eyes since on the back it has a symbol near the ingredients of a eye with and without a cross out sign. Last question is are the bigger circles in the middle of the palette have a particular significance or use? Fabulous job James! 💕 Your fellow sister loves your choices and appreciates your hard work. You're young, ambitious, and have a fantastic drive. Keep it up!!!
38 heart
38 heart 2 soat oldin
38 heart
38 heart 2 soat oldin
Distance James :i knew it was gonna happen, but not this quick ME :U GOT A BF
Lawan Smith
Lawan Smith 2 soat oldin
Can I please😫🙏🙏💓🙏💓 have the pallet and brush es you are my favorite sister
Sofija Janceska
Sofija Janceska 2 soat oldin
I love your nose highlight 😍😍😍
hi _world
hi _world 2 soat oldin
I'll give my sister support and buy a REAL James Charles pallet 💖💖
Uzi 1600
Uzi 1600 2 soat oldin
spoopy jim
spoopy jim 2 soat oldin
9:45 *we have reached ultimate Josh Dun*
elite panda56
elite panda56 2 soat oldin
I went to ulta today and they had 5 left of the actual pallet i was lucky enough to get one
Kawaii Apples
Kawaii Apples 3 soat oldin
Thats why you always buy James charles things from James charles store 😏🙃🙃
Kennedy Simpson
Kennedy Simpson 3 soat oldin
There is so much shade in this video and I love it😂
Taylor Beddow
Taylor Beddow 3 soat oldin
Haha when he explains how people are going to win his morphe pallet and the brush set and you know that you will never get it and just don't care so you skip to the good part
Isabel T
Isabel T 3 soat oldin
I followed you on snapchat
Macy Leadley
Macy Leadley 3 soat oldin
I can’t find the real one wats it called
Hannah Grocott
Hannah Grocott 3 soat oldin
Your so amazing and incredible at makeup you should be so proud of yourself what an achievement xxxxxxxxx
Uchechi Uzoukwu
Uchechi Uzoukwu 3 soat oldin
Gis Romero
Gis Romero 3 soat oldin
Soy de México 🇲🇽 te pintas muy bien
Jillian Schinkel
Jillian Schinkel 3 soat oldin
Hey sister who would like do that
Mystical Fox Reaction
John Siretis
John Siretis 4 soat oldin
Bibek Lama
Bibek Lama 4 soat oldin
I am a brother bro😂and i just saw you in lilly's video
MarCayla Ray
MarCayla Ray 4 soat oldin
Pause at 7:41 and you can compare and look at James face but sister love ❤
Rafaela Oliveira
Rafaela Oliveira 4 soat oldin
I love your make up looks so much ❤ when will your palette become available in morphe again? ❤ Love from Portugal ❤
coffeegirl18 4 soat oldin
I didn't know that you spoke Spanish. 🙂 Have the police raided Santee Alley? I don't get how it exists still.
Kerigan Schroeder
Kerigan Schroeder 4 soat oldin
I love u James
Angie Ordonz
Angie Ordonz 4 soat oldin
4:12 James speaking S P A N I S H OMG
Anjelique Guzman
Anjelique Guzman 4 soat oldin
23m views but only 13m subs explain Subbing now
Lara Luu
Lara Luu 4 soat oldin
OMG did you eat a bucket of sugar before this? You talk so fast! OMG WOW! :D XD
g g
g g 4 soat oldin
James speakin Spanish is so funny
찬마리사 4 soat oldin
*14:57* *oH yOuR kiDDINg*
mia DiCambio
mia DiCambio 4 soat oldin
James, I love you but you're orange.
Shalomi Muhia
Shalomi Muhia 4 soat oldin
What he said that so fluently
SoccerGirlC21 4 soat oldin
I’m going to be honest the pallets look almost indistinguishable...
Emmie Cardin
Emmie Cardin 4 soat oldin
The sisters rule
Cristal Cruces
Cristal Cruces 4 soat oldin
I love you
Valeria Bueno Bravo
Valeria Bueno Bravo 4 soat oldin
I love youuu 😍🔥
Akosua Antwi-Agyei
Akosua Antwi-Agyei 5 soat oldin
15:36 that is not blush.. THAT IS HOT CHEETO POWDER
Chloe Pereira
Chloe Pereira 5 soat oldin
15:36 - 15:48 😂😂😂 had me sister shook
Emily Frye
Emily Frye 5 soat oldin
Omg I love your videos and you are very very awesome. And I was drinking my tea. Love you
XxRoblox AngelxX
XxRoblox AngelxX 5 soat oldin
I subscribed💕I love your makeup sister!
Sumayyah Chamalian
Sumayyah Chamalian 5 soat oldin
Did it hurt when u got that LONG earing on ur left ear
valerie garcia
valerie garcia 5 soat oldin
15:13 travis scott who?
Mel Hartman
Mel Hartman 5 soat oldin
Is James a boy?
Bella’s Fun Time
Bella’s Fun Time 5 soat oldin
Hey I never saw you talk Spanish 😍😍😍😍
Emily Dionysiou
Emily Dionysiou 5 soat oldin
Ayee great vidd sister❤️❤️
Morgan W
Morgan W 5 soat oldin
I love you ❤️
Karli Shoupe
Karli Shoupe 5 soat oldin
You are great
ollie.oliviya 5 soat oldin
My little sister loves you alittle more then i do. And thats saying alot
Gaming With Kianna
Gaming With Kianna 6 soat oldin
*”unleash your inner artist”* *”more like unleash my inner lawsuit”* 😂
Lauriane Rousseau
Lauriane Rousseau 6 soat oldin
Gorgeous 🤩🤩
Brooklynn Hunter
Brooklynn Hunter 6 soat oldin
Orla Hayman
Orla Hayman 6 soat oldin
you should do a full face youtuber makeup
Sarah BROWN 6 soat oldin
I did not know the givaslay was done! I’m dying to het a Morphe palette! I’m also dying to get a laptop! Like any laptop! My tushey is broke and cannot buy this shiiiii*** 😢😭😭😭😭 sarah is sad 😞
L_Caelyn 6 soat oldin
Unleash your inner artist, more like unleash your inner law suit. I’m dead😂
that-one girl
that-one girl 6 soat oldin
I'm not into makeup... But shit man... Wtf? Always go for original 😬 who gets a copycat?
whø støle Jįmįn's jåms?
4:23 omfg lmao
L_Caelyn 6 soat oldin
Who knew, we love a bilingual sister😍
Bella Neylon
Bella Neylon 6 soat oldin
its so sad that they couldn't even get close too the real colors
Nadine Groschel
Nadine Groschel 6 soat oldin
TechNitUp 6 soat oldin
He a fine shout my channel out plus
Ava Hixenbaugh
Ava Hixenbaugh 6 soat oldin
I just want to sorry for all the people being rude to you and destroying your palette
Sports Katie Vlogs
Sports Katie Vlogs 6 soat oldin
Done I hope I win I love you so much!:)
Aleera jewel gaming Jewelart 2
Did you know Hextain made a doll of you
avie Husby
avie Husby 7 soat oldin
Why does James have a needle through his ear?
DanceMoms Queen
DanceMoms Queen 7 soat oldin
You're soo talented! Omg I can barely put on mascara😂
Dancing Kennedy
Dancing Kennedy 7 soat oldin
I love this giveaway ❤️❤️❤️💖
Lily Love
Lily Love 7 soat oldin
Hi sister
Ms Sykez
Ms Sykez 7 soat oldin
I love your vids
Jenna Slays everything
Hi You
Hi You 7 soat oldin
And then I said "Dámalo" I loved that.
Emily Figueroa
Emily Figueroa 7 soat oldin
I love you sister James but I can’t win anything cause I have no sister social media!
gwenn stefani
gwenn stefani 8 soat oldin
Unleash my inner lawsuit 😊
S1QuanA 8 soat oldin
"We have the shade escape and we have the shade escape" what? No sis, those are different shades.. Is James Charles psychotic?
Candace Cook
Candace Cook 8 soat oldin
Ever since I watched this video I've been trying to find a place that has your pallet and brushes in stock. Sister when will they be restocked?! I not only want to get it for myself but for my friend who I just got into eyeshadows because I showed her your channel! I hope morphe or Ulta can restock soon 😣😣
Angel Awesomenes
Angel Awesomenes 8 soat oldin
i love James
The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters 8 soat oldin
Sister James is amazing and sooooo funny I love him so much!!!😘😀
Nina Bordamonte
Nina Bordamonte 8 soat oldin
Who else is watching one speed slower???? Hahaha (first time watching)
Sayani Alvarez
Sayani Alvarez 8 soat oldin
Ame la parte en español 😍
The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters 8 soat oldin
I did it plz can I get Merch
XxLittleLTuckxX XxLittleLTuckxX
James speaking Spanish if very iconic
Angel playz
Angel playz 8 soat oldin
My mom and I love your videos!!!
angelgnls 9 soat oldin
Dear james i wish i win the mcbook air 2018, we need laptop in our school but i cant afford to have mine.. Im from phillipines 😊 thankyou
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 9 soat oldin
Are you real???
Julia 554221
Julia 554221 9 soat oldin
the art he says „hi sisters” 🤤
Hallee Hetzer
Hallee Hetzer 9 soat oldin
Hiiiiiii plz give me the give away plz plz plz plz plz plz
Lilly Ford
Lilly Ford 9 soat oldin
You are so thoughtful and an amazing artist
The Story Of
The Story Of 9 soat oldin
Where is your long earring from?
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