I Bought An Entire Outfit Blindfolded

Safiya Nygaard
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I bought an entire new outfit blindfolded to test fate and see what would happen! What do you think of my blindfolded shopping challenge? Would you do this?
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10-Sen, 2017

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Yil oldin
HELLO BBs!! what do u think of my blindfolded outfit?? should i wear it again?? or buy more stuff? lol
L 22 soat oldin
I LOVE the outfit you put together! I couldn't have done such a great job unblindfolded let alone blindfolded. I'd buy the entire outfit if this video wasn't from 2017 because it's 2019 and your haul is probably no longer in stock. Bravo! Another great collab with Tyler! You two are awesome together!
TS Ripplinger
TS Ripplinger 4 kun oldin
+karlie burr j
Autumn 7 kun oldin
You should do this again please!!!!!
irma rodriguez
irma rodriguez 22 kun oldin
Kat R.
Kat R. 24 kun oldin
Please do this again in a more fashionable store like Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 😬
glitch finder
glitch finder Kun oldin
5:49 mee at a party
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor Kun oldin
All black with dramatic sleeves... how do you do it?!
Ashley Pease
Ashley Pease Kun oldin
Omg you remind me of me sooooo much 😂
Priscilia Cat
Priscilia Cat Kun oldin
Safiya: I wear black a lot so i want to try some new clothes and stuff *gets all black* Me: HOW DOES SHE DO THAT SHE IS A WIZARD!!! (Ur a lizard safiya)
Nikita 151
Nikita 151 Kun oldin
Please dress like Freddie Mercury for a week!
Skylar Cole
Skylar Cole 2 kun oldin
Bird box am I right lol.
seham aga
seham aga 3 kun oldin
i’m so mad how good she is at blindfolded challenges like between this and the make up one ??? like her deduction skills are fucking glorious wtf
seham aga
seham aga 3 kun oldin
2:52 safiya: is this tyler? tyler: yeah safiya: oh is that your bicep? tyler: yeeeah safiya: hiii 😏
Grace Gregg
Grace Gregg 3 kun oldin
It’s all black 😂😂😂😂lol
marshmallow madness
pt 2
melodramatic dragon
It's so.....90s
Phantom Meloda
Phantom Meloda 3 kun oldin
How did she choose all black items
Hatsuka85 3 kun oldin
I want to know what she does with all those clothes? Just curious 😂
Julia S
Julia S 4 kun oldin
lol Saf being aroused by Tyler's bicep is goals.
Ashley R
Ashley R 4 kun oldin
Lmao Saf: its like I have espn or something Me: YESSS!!!! Ty: esp? Me and saf: its a mean girls reference!
Cerys Newman
Cerys Newman 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one reminded of Morticia Addams with the wrap kimono thing?
Hajer Alaudi
Hajer Alaudi 4 kun oldin
I love u Safiya Nygaard your the best yes, you should try this again its really curios for u and ur fans.
jessica ross
jessica ross 4 kun oldin
Can you do another video like this?
Holly 4 kun oldin
*Everyone in comments says black is a colour* Me: ....But my art teacher told me it was a shade... I can already feel the correction comments, telling me black is a colour and that I spelt colour wrong, Its color.
Родион С/З
Родион С/З 4 kun oldin
Me, after watching Bird Box
Keira's Galaxy
Keira's Galaxy 5 kun oldin
Teacher : Okay, class today we will say our name and tell you'll one of your talents! Safiya : Welp, hi my name is Safiya and I can sense if something is black. Teacher : uhhhhhh...... interesting........
utrechtse 030
utrechtse 030 5 kun oldin
She looks like the bird box woman now
utrechtse 030
utrechtse 030 5 kun oldin
Lol wanna do this some times
Bailey Rector
Bailey Rector 7 kun oldin
I'm so disappointed it wasn't offensively colored, mismatched and hideous.
Anna Ilvery
Anna Ilvery 7 kun oldin
*grabs an all black almost power-suit outfit* _feels boho!_
Big Chungus Studios
My grandma would wear the wrap around thing A LOT
Mic Mill
Mic Mill 9 kun oldin
How is it that even when she’s blindfolded she still manages to pick all black
Maria Depina
Maria Depina 9 kun oldin
LMFAO even blindfolded she jus can't get away😂😂😂
Jen Jenner
Jen Jenner 10 kun oldin
6:47 she still had the blindfold on but was able to see to put the yellow sweater back on a rail .... funky business right there
Barbara Kirby
Barbara Kirby 11 kun oldin
I have a question are you Gothic
literally nobody
literally nobody 11 kun oldin
This was the first video i ever watched of Safiyas ❤❤❤
katy helliwell
katy helliwell 12 kun oldin
I paused the video at 1:20 and her face is 😆 so funny 😂
MyTurtleApril 12 kun oldin
Kenshi Challenge
Natalia Pola
Natalia Pola 12 kun oldin
How is you know if you are picking something that is your size? What if it's too small for you?
My name's not important
It said in the video that Tyler helped her find the correct sizes
random fandom
random fandom 12 kun oldin
how she picks all black though blindfolded
Zombeenom 13 kun oldin
How. How on earth did you choose all black lmao are you alergic to the colors
Artsy universe
Artsy universe 14 kun oldin
Safiya kinda looks like a teacher
L Blair
L Blair 14 kun oldin
I bet the shop was overjoyed they let you film blindfolded.
WolfizWorld 15 kun oldin
How did she get the right size..?
Camille Randolph
Camille Randolph 22 kun oldin
*goes shopping blindfolded* *still chooses all black*
Stephanie Packer
Stephanie Packer 22 kun oldin
Black is warmer cause black can hold heat
Cindy Hughes
Cindy Hughes 22 kun oldin
If this get 100 like i will ask out my crush
Cowplant-Plumbob 22 kun oldin
Anyone else see the other lady
Mylie calvert
Mylie calvert 23 kun oldin
Even when your blind you still pick black
Christian McCabe
Christian McCabe 23 kun oldin
Dress like young fashion icons like Billie Eillish, Rowan Blanchard, and other young gen Z fam
Lyanna Moore
Lyanna Moore 23 kun oldin
Binging her videos and it's hilarious that she still picked all black
My Name
My Name 23 kun oldin
The bird box challenge before Birdbox
Josie Rogers
Josie Rogers 23 kun oldin
It’s the Bird Box! Saf would’ve been the best in the movie😂😂
Erika ‘KittyPet’ Jaguire
Black is your Spirit Color. You can’t escape the blackness! xD
Pink fluffy unicorn Dancing on a rainbow
Safiya’s sixth sense: black sensing
Almee Fuentes
Almee Fuentes 24 kun oldin
Tyler: What do you think it is? Saf: A CAT!
Ria Sethi
Ria Sethi 24 kun oldin
Even blindfolded she goes for black
Little Cricket
Little Cricket 25 kun oldin
I’m convinced that she is automatically drawn to the color black, everything she got was black!
Tatum Canady
Tatum Canady 25 kun oldin
There is a 65% chance she chose all black
Naibeth Valdez
Naibeth Valdez 26 kun oldin
i feel like she cheated because she loves black and she got all black ...... anyone else thinking the same???
Nicole wolram
Nicole wolram 26 kun oldin
She can smell black
Naomi Sedgwick
Naomi Sedgwick 26 kun oldin
"Dress to depress" omg
Zahara Holland
Zahara Holland 26 kun oldin
Birdbox vibes
Ashley Goel
Ashley Goel 27 kun oldin
Bird box is shaking
Clary Fairchild
Clary Fairchild 27 kun oldin
My god. Saf, you officially have a superpower. Your superpower is the power to sense the colour black.
Drewbue322 27 kun oldin
“Dress to depress’’ 😂
Alzain Hamada
Alzain Hamada 28 kun oldin
Bird box challenge
Valoumi Sedani
Valoumi Sedani 28 kun oldin
0.1% of the comments: hey that's so cool 99.99% of the comments: ALL BLACK WTH!?
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
Saf: this isn’t really romanctic Ty: it really isn’t you just can’t see it
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
Her hair 😂😂😂
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
“You almost walked out” Like 50 feet away forom the door
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
We’re probably only gonna do this once *Does it again*
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
Am I holding a manicans hand
Mikella Shoup
Mikella Shoup 28 kun oldin
Why’d she censor the models on the posters
Lizzy Forbes
Lizzy Forbes 29 kun oldin
You looked a little emo
carmen rodriguez
carmen rodriguez 29 kun oldin
This is now my favorite.
Clancy Frye
Clancy Frye 29 kun oldin
It's a mean girls reference....🙄 😂
Elianna Eccleston
Elianna Eccleston 29 kun oldin
I want to see this girl wear bright, eye-catching yellow for a day.
Lexi Bailey
Lexi Bailey 29 kun oldin
why was it all black
Kirsty Wrinkle
Kirsty Wrinkle 29 kun oldin
I love that outfit!!
Kittn Meow
Kittn Meow 29 kun oldin
I just have to say how much I love your videos. You make me laugh so hard sometimes. I think you're awesome and I wanted to say thank you for these vids. I enjoy your hauls and this particular one is awesome.
Secret *
Secret * Oy oldin
Black has guided her🥴
Secret *
Secret * Oy oldin
5:39 that woman be like get her out of my store
brødy spéarz
2:04 it's obvious she can see
Sarah . Just Sarah
How does it look I can't tell you Good that was a test *runs into rack*
Hannah Hill
Hannah Hill Oy oldin
"Dress to depress" is a mood also now I wanna go do this. See what happens. I also usually wear all black so it'd be fun to see how it goes
MAK Oy oldin
She did the bird box challenge before it was a challenge
Meg Smith
Meg Smith Oy oldin
“Is that Tyler?” “Yes” “is that your bicep?” “Yes” “oh hi 😉” me @my bf.
Chanelle Ricardi
Do part 2
Skyler Hennion
You HAVE to do it a second time.
Jackie Bonola
Jackie Bonola Oy oldin
Original Birdbox challenge video
Moonlight Oy oldin
The bird box challenge
Victoria Madrid
Spanish music
Barbie Shapes
Barbie Shapes Oy oldin
People that say black is a shadow are triggered and left the chat
Harleigh xo
Harleigh xo Oy oldin
Curious Jorja
Curious Jorja Oy oldin
3:15 I mean the stars are green soooo...😂
Z Schneider
Z Schneider Oy oldin
13:32 smash that shubscrine
Vampire Queen
Vampire Queen Oy oldin
She looks so good in everything😘
Olivianne Chapin
“Is that our *new* safe word?” Safiya & Tyler kinky confirmed
L P Oy oldin
Her reaction to Tyler’s bicep kills me😂😂
billie eilish stan
saf predicted the bird box challenge before bird box was even a thing
Muffin55 Oy oldin
What was the person at 7.23 doing?
duiminie Oy oldin
You should do a part 2
Nancy Fehr
Nancy Fehr Oy oldin
"Maybe they'll think i like flouncy things"...um Saf you do!
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