I Bought An Entire Outfit Blindfolded

Safiya Nygaard
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I bought an entire new outfit blindfolded to test fate and see what would happen! What do you think of my blindfolded shopping challenge? Would you do this?
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10-Sen, 2017

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Yil oldin
HELLO BBs!! what do u think of my blindfolded outfit?? should i wear it again?? or buy more stuff? lol
Scarla BTS HistoryMakers
Saf even blind u still find ur black👏👏👏👏👏👏
Layla The Unipug
Layla The Unipug 27 kun oldin
Soph eeeeeeee for èee even know èee e eeee èeee in my head eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeand a e to eeee for eethe eq12wwewwqqqwqqqqqqqqwqwqqqQqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqq1111111111qwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqq11111111qqqqzqqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq122wqqqqqqqq111111111111w111111112q1qwqqqqq111111111111111qqqqqqqqqwq1111211111111qqQqq1111qqqqqqqqqqqqq1111111qq111111111111q11111eeeeee1qqqeeeiqqw111qqeeeeeeeèereééeeeeieeeee
Dwarf Girl
Dwarf Girl Oy oldin
Extremely late squad where you at
NIcole Rice
NIcole Rice Oy oldin
Wear and buy more stuff
Space._.kitty 406
Safiya Nygaard I think you can smell black😂
tasha Tash
tasha Tash 18 soat oldin
How did she change blindfolded?
Skurkish 93
Skurkish 93 Kun oldin
"Are you the Long Island Medium??" lmaoooo
Rob James
Rob James Kun oldin
Love the mean girls reference.
Rhea Lemond
Rhea Lemond Kun oldin
Even blind folded she still managed to choose black😂
Kylee is BTS Garbadge
Safiya: "Is that your bicep? Oh.... Hi😏" DED LMAO
Baek's smile, My life
She ended up collecting black again 😂😂😂😂
Black and White Knight
Anyone else see that lady in the background at 7:23 who was intensely filming Safiya??
Livehaq Alsharq
Livehaq Alsharq 2 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that at 4:49 to 4:51!!!!!! Lol
Dawn Harper
Dawn Harper 4 kun oldin
Yeah, you have a type
BrennaLovesYou 5 kun oldin
I want a part two! I need you to test the theory of you being able to pick out only black clothes!
Celia Saumell
Celia Saumell 5 kun oldin
our NEW safe word? :O
LuckyandStars 6 kun oldin
7:39 the fact that she almost got black chockers also 😅
Scarlet_Wolfy 8 kun oldin
It's funny that even tho she was blind folded she still chose all black 😂
Mona Hanna
Mona Hanna 8 kun oldin
She did a better job shopping when she was blindfolded then me when l can see
Jheel Kansara
Jheel Kansara 9 kun oldin
How did you manage to get so much black
RiaTheBold 9 kun oldin
I'm so disappointed that everything is black!! :'(
akward potato
akward potato 9 kun oldin
My year book quote. "dress to depress" -safiya nygard
Joebert Coronel
Joebert Coronel 10 kun oldin
Why do you always wear black in all of your outfits dont get me wrong you look good in black . Like if agree that she looks good in black
wingsofphire 10 kun oldin
And she STILL ended up in all black even when blind folded! **Flips table**
Nelle Darius
Nelle Darius 11 kun oldin
She still bought EVERYTHING IN BLACK. Lol she’s a bat forreal lol
layla and braydon
layla and braydon 11 kun oldin
how did she still pick an all black outfit
Susannah Chamley
Susannah Chamley 12 kun oldin
'My boobs can tell when its going to rain. or at least when its raining...'- Karen Smith ( Mean Girls, Amanda Seyfried.)
Zunaira Nadeem
Zunaira Nadeem 13 kun oldin
8:35 I have those shoes
TheJadealyssa 14 kun oldin
I was SO disappointed she got black. There was so much color around and she literally only grabbed black and white tops
Marwa Alsaidi
Marwa Alsaidi 14 kun oldin
I shamashed the subscribe button!
Monkey King
Monkey King 15 kun oldin
Your outfit is something my aunt would wear. She’s a pretty cool aunt.
Val Mishutka
Val Mishutka 15 kun oldin
This is hilarious 😂
Sachi Goli
Sachi Goli 16 kun oldin
Somehow.. She still got all black 😂😂😂
MY MESSY BEDROOM 16 kun oldin
Sorry to say Saf but all you wear is black. Black, black, black!😵😵
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen 17 kun oldin
absolutely hilarious that you literally got all black blindfolded HAAHA
Hamilton Raven-Puff
Hamilton Raven-Puff 18 kun oldin
Dress to depress *forever*
D0NUTalkToMe 18 kun oldin
_Fate has brought you to _*_black_*
Maja Karmanska
Maja Karmanska 18 kun oldin
Fikey Fikriah
Fikey Fikriah 18 kun oldin
whatever she wear she always look pretty :")
Fikey Fikriah
Fikey Fikriah 18 kun oldin
edit : looks
*QUIZ* |A| |B| 🍓 or 🍊 🏊‍♀️ or ⚽️ 💤 or 🏃‍♀️ 🌞 or 🌝 ❄️ or ☀️ ⛈ or ☀️ 😋 or 😐 Mostly A’s? You are more introverted and homie Mostly B’s you are more extroverted and outgoing Don’t get mad this is just for fun I’m not gonna actually just like guess what u are. So don’t freak out just for fun idk
Moreen Datt
Moreen Datt 19 kun oldin
I'm wearing black right now
KarissaB_yes its spelled correctly
even like this she found all the things she usually wears lol
Flamingo Williams
Flamingo Williams 19 kun oldin
Our NEW safeword, huh? Ya both naughty!
S W 20 kun oldin
Did anybody notice the people filming while she was looking for jewelry
Sommer Gary
Sommer Gary 20 kun oldin
I am dying at how she's blindfolded and STILL picking all the black things!
Josceline Cabanas Cruz
The echo location part had me dead😂😂😂
Maggie Schumann
Maggie Schumann 20 kun oldin
What lipstick are you wearing? It looks so nice on you😍
ItzCookieChannel Gacha
Fate has brought her to black
Radouan Moudid
Radouan Moudid 22 kun oldin
LovelyIKnowx 22 kun oldin
This is me. I am Safiya. All but like... three of my tops are black.
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 22 kun oldin
12:06 reallllly sounds like “genital take” lol
landynistrash !!!
landynistrash !!! 23 kun oldin
When she was looking for shirts, there was this red/plaid dress thing and it was actually cute!!
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 23 kun oldin
How did she still manage to choose all earthy dull colors? Like what is this bs.
E The Miget
E The Miget 24 kun oldin
Saf= I. I think this is going rly welll Ty ur holding it back words Saff= ohhhh
Alyson Blackwood
Alyson Blackwood 24 kun oldin
I liked the outfit all together, there's nothing wrong with high end pajamas lol.
Kasey Mizener
Kasey Mizener 24 kun oldin
Tyler you’re lucky she didn’t leave you instantly when you didn’t get that mean girls reference 😂
Take A Chill Pill
Take A Chill Pill 25 kun oldin
This is, like, the third time I've watched this. I also think this is the second time I've commented, but I love that she still picked an all-black outfit while completely blindfolded.
Abigail Huffman
Abigail Huffman 25 kun oldin
"It's like I have ESPN or something" Lol
thundercaya 26 kun oldin
I was at Kohl's today. Should have blindfolded myself.
Bran Bran
Bran Bran 27 kun oldin
Safiya: "I don't think anyone can really tell that I'm doing anything" *is currently filming self in a busy public area*
Biggest loser Fan boy
Kimberly Requilman
Kimberly Requilman 27 kun oldin
I think she's not totally blindfolded because there's a little bit hole between the blindfold and around her nose so, maybe she's seeing a little bit. If you agree, hit the like button haha
glitch finder
glitch finder 28 kun oldin
5:50 meee too
Kyrah Mosley
Kyrah Mosley 29 kun oldin
"Hold my hand damnit" 😂😂😂
Katy Stoecker
Katy Stoecker 29 kun oldin
I say YOLO all the time
pallomakkara 29 kun oldin
I think you should wear those pants with the outfit your boyfriend chose blindfolded. It would be a cool style, different from yours of course. :D Why were you wearing your usual choker with the new choker in the end, by the way? I don't think they look too good together.
Ameia Lieblein
Ameia Lieblein 29 kun oldin
she was looking
Joan Pedersen
Joan Pedersen 29 kun oldin
You are too god at blindfolding 😂
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon 29 kun oldin
when her instinct let her choose black
My life as Kylie and sanna
Safyia doesn’t like black not at all haha😂
Da Spooon
Da Spooon Oy oldin
the lady at 7:23. Wut...
Val Verdejo
Val Verdejo Oy oldin
"Hold my hand damnit" I felt that
Devilsh Girl_152
even when blindfolded she still picks black.
What A Colorful Life
What a power couple #Goals
Jennifer Brown
aaaaaand it's BLACK definitely my vibe too
Isabel & Random Things
Saf: im going to try and get something colorful. Saf: and I got all black
Amber Howard
Amber Howard Oy oldin
You should snap the pants... haha! But cute!
Camryn Schnoor
HMm EverYthiNG She BoUght WAs BlaCK
im.here.for.support Productions
The fact that she chose an all black outfit even when blindfolded kind of tells you something
Honey Bunnies9898
Omg it’s so funny how she said at the beginning I want to mix up the colours and then it’s all black
Anika Yui Tactaquin
Isa Roussou
Isa Roussou Oy oldin
A lot of black still
Cori Ottak
Cori Ottak Oy oldin
I like this! Do it again!! Lol so funny that u chose all black even blind folded. My life! Ha
TheLaydewlf Oy oldin
how very strange..... near the end of this video, long after kohls was mentioned, my phone (which was off and not touching anything) comes on and opens up to the kohls website.
TheLaydewlf Oy oldin
blind folded and she still manages to pick black
Vlog Sisters
Vlog Sisters Oy oldin
I bet Tyler was thinking “NO THAT’S BLACK DON’T PICK THAT” 😂
Peanut Giraffe
It’s black and flowy just like her everyday look
Screw u angel
Screw u angel Oy oldin
I’m getting strong mom vibes
R Gonzales
R Gonzales Oy oldin
Well she always wear black outfits in every video thats so chic
Princess Taneo
still black ??!!! :D
Shruthi Jay
Shruthi Jay Oy oldin
I'm not surprised she still managed to get all black even blind folded
Dwarf Girl
Dwarf Girl Oy oldin
Extremely late squad where u guys at
Ashlee Light
Ashlee Light 17 kun oldin
Me too
muntaha ahmed
muntaha ahmed Oy oldin
I'm late sorry
Amanda Capes
Amanda Capes Oy oldin
EWWW Black!!!
AugustGames Oy oldin
It’s fate
Taylor Morgan-Young
Tyler is such a trooper
Joann May
Joann May Oy oldin
Voices in your head telling u that ur near black 😂😂
Nishtha Mathur
She is a real vampire... Even when she is blindfolded all she chooses is black! BTW black is my favorite colour as well❤️
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua Oy oldin
I was so rooting for the denim top. It was super cute, and how often do you get to wear a denim top?
BelleThe Bee
BelleThe Bee Oy oldin
Do this again!!!!!
Liepa Ludrika
Liepa Ludrika Oy oldin
6:08 how did she know where the camera was..
Lauren Elizabeth
I don't think there's a youtube video where she isn't wearing black.
Miss Mystery718
Kohls? Here in Australia,we call it "Coles" Edit-oh and it's a supermarket
Little Shorty
Little Shorty Oy oldin
Why were you playing Irish dance music in the background? Not complaining
Mirella Margarito
I started watching her videos and I love them so much she’s always doing a lot of stuff on her channel about makeup and cloth something I love 😄