I Carried 5 Gallons of Water for 2 Miles | World Water Day 💧

Michelle Khare
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22-Mar, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 4 oy oldin
Good morning friends and happy world water day! I know that this video is different but I hope that you enjoyed and learned something. Please consider donating to our well project as it would mean the world to me! : www.waterundergroundproject.org/michellekhare
Arait Zamudio
Arait Zamudio 14 kun oldin
I cried just watching you do it, because I couldn’t imagine how it is for people that have to do it every day. 😭😭😭 The other day I went to Lincoln’s home in Springfield IL. They had a demonstration of how women had to wash the clothes by hand and bedsheets and all. They asked the question can you imagine having to wash your clothes by had like back then. I wanted to slap them and yell at them because I knew I started washing my own clothes by hand since I was 6 or 7 and there are people still having to do it now a days. They acted like it was something from the past something that people don’t do anymore. For some reason it was very upsetting how ignorant people are of the hardships of others. Last summer I was in Mexico City with my grandparents and there was water shortage and my grandma and I had to fetch water from a car wash on the corner. We were like I feel like the people in Africa but then we thought about our words and realized we could not compare ourselves to their hardships. That experience made me remember what I had learned in my country that I have forgotten in the comfort of my new life in the US. Thank you for this video!!!♥️
AnythingButEverything Brooke
your amazing don't stop girl! I wanna be like you when im older
SubBros 46
SubBros 46 2 oy oldin
You look like my friend's mom
Jess R
Jess R 2 oy oldin
I couldn’t help but cry when you said that we never stop to think how much of a luxury it is for us to just simply turn on a faucet and not have to worry about having water. I immediately had to make a donation, thank you for using your channel to make a change 💜
Anthony Man
Anthony Man 2 oy oldin
Michelle Khare like your organizing vid, but this is why I subbed!
Asiya Shaikh
Asiya Shaikh 2 soat oldin
Love you for this! Your emotions come through sincerely. Wish I could help in some way
Sophie Blake
Sophie Blake 5 soat oldin
You are such an inspiration, everything you do and try. Thank you
Emma -
Emma - 19 soat oldin
Thank you so much for this video! I donated 50$ thanks to you shining light on this problem. I will join the monthly donation soon!!
Fractal Jaguar
Fractal Jaguar Kun oldin
Great, great video :)
DWeaver 3 kun oldin
Great video! Good for the cause 👌
| mileHIGHpro |
| mileHIGHpro | 3 kun oldin
Why don’t they live closer to the water source?
Bryanna Fabris
Bryanna Fabris 5 kun oldin
7:42 god. I cried
Natalie Cheernast
Natalie Cheernast 7 kun oldin
annelihod 8 kun oldin
Donated! Thank you for taking on this cause, Michelle. Definitely made me stop and give thanks for the blessings I have.
captainrobots 10 kun oldin
This is easier than Canoeing for a week in mostly bad weather but one day it was clean and water was smooth and went 17 miles that day. But we headed to a island in the area where blueberries grow but non was found so much luck the trip went. Oh and I missed a American holiday because I was in Canada so the weather got bad quickly.
Kat 10 kun oldin
this is such a amazing message we all need to be doing something about this. This is not fair to all of those people...
repairdrive 11 kun oldin
Very interesting video!
LN Meixueiro
LN Meixueiro 11 kun oldin
Taylor Lucille
Taylor Lucille 12 kun oldin
I don’t understand how this helps the people have good water, yes this is good seeing how people take stuff for granted, but can someone explain to me how this changes the fact that people still don’t get clean water?
Hannah Doll
Hannah Doll 12 kun oldin
I guess they never miss leg day
Sheryl Liu
Sheryl Liu 12 kun oldin
I think some people don't realize that you tuners have to make a great sacarifice when making videos whether that be trying a challenge that could be painstakingly hard or just putting themselves to the gauntlet.
leo leon
leo leon 12 kun oldin
I love all your videos Michelle, you’re a 4x4
Game Time
Game Time 12 kun oldin
I subbed 😄
Corrie S
Corrie S 13 kun oldin
Great video. Wonderful content that is changing the world.
Succ Succcy
Succ Succcy 13 kun oldin
Man i feel so privileged now thanks Michelle
Samuelle T Nimley
Samuelle T Nimley 13 kun oldin
You are such an amazing person. Some people don't even think twice about how much water they use, but the fact that you challenge yourself to do this because you care is so amazing and inspirational. The world need more people like you👏
neko neko nee
neko neko nee 13 kun oldin
When a good person uses their platform to actually raise awareness for an ACTUAL problem.
timelaper 33
timelaper 33 13 kun oldin
I can’t use my tapwater it’s too dangerous. I live in Morocco and I have to brush my teeth with bottled water. It’s a lot harder than just turning onto Fossett even though it doesn’t seem it.
Paperwing 14 kun oldin
Two 10-liter containers would be easier to carry, balanced one each side. Glad to see this. Plus, in Mozambique, the water they gather is typically muddy and unclean. There is a video of young girls going to fetch water and also take the cows to get a drink. They lead the cows to what is a deep, very muddy hole. The cows go in to drink first, of course stirring more mud into the water. They then fill their containers and thats the water they carry back for their family to use. I know i take water for granted.
Justice 31
Justice 31 14 kun oldin
Wow, I never realized how hard it was.
Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott 14 kun oldin
Was she on buzzfeed
timelaper 33
timelaper 33 13 kun oldin
Chloe Scott yes
Jessica Kakern
Jessica Kakern 14 kun oldin
This is amazing. Taking the real hard work and effort to do this just to appreciate and let others appreciate a bit more
Electrovana Jinx
Electrovana Jinx 14 kun oldin
Donating, thank you Michelle. You really made me open my eyes to the world.
taeddy bear
taeddy bear 14 kun oldin
You're so inspiring and courageous . Love your content New subscriber
lunxrl 14 kun oldin
i've actually been wanting to do this because of documentaries, movies, etc. but i cant because im only 12 years old
Samantha Hatfield
Samantha Hatfield 14 kun oldin
I pretty much had to do this when I was making hikeing trails cuz we had a container just like that that we carried to ower location on the trail all the way some times it was 30 Minutes some times hours it's hard but those women billed up strangth witch makes it easier yes it's hard for them and yes it takes time but those women look at the positive witch is water to drink water to cook and even water to give there kids baths. I agree they should in pore areas like that help them find a better way to transport water I only had to walk water to my trail makeing location for 2 months but I could never amagen doing this every day many times a day.
Gracie Draws
Gracie Draws 14 kun oldin
Very nice and inspiring video,but I always wonder why these people don’t move to a country with running water? No hate and I’m not trying to be rude but I just want to know.
RubyTuesday 14 kun oldin
Omg you deserve the best in the world. You should have 10 million subscribers right now. Thank you so much for your kindness ❤️
Aaliyah Ali
Aaliyah Ali 14 kun oldin
Good job u are great it’s really sad to see people
Aaliyah Ali
Aaliyah Ali 14 kun oldin
I have been to Africa
Jwo Vy Tseng
Jwo Vy Tseng 15 kun oldin
At the start of this video I really think that this is not something I could help and although I'm appreciate the water I have I just thought that I am a single person and at a young age there no way i could change the world but at the end this video is a lesson for me and it hit me so hard that the simple things to keep me alive is a treasure to other peoples and how could I can leave my room and walk less than a minute to get water when some body else have to take their sweat ,tears, energy ,strength to keep their family alive,although the water tasted the same but my appreciation for it change so much every molecules that touches my tongue make me realize how much hard work other people have to do to get that.Thank you for your video this 11 minute video really change my life.I really want to help
Hailey Evermann
Hailey Evermann 15 kun oldin
She deserves more followers...
faiiry 15 kun oldin
Our class had to do something like this after reading a book about it. Except we just walked around the football field until we hit a mile lol. Also lucky for us it was August and 95 degrees out so we definitely got a taste of what they felt.
Tanner's Tools
Tanner's Tools 15 kun oldin
Awesome video, great way to raise awareness! But the math she uses in the beginning bothers me. Average household using 423 gallons per day? Uhhhh no. The average person uses 80-100 gallons per day, and the average household in America per 2010 Census is 2.58. So even on the high end, the average household uses 258 gallons per day. But if we use 90, the middle of the average range, it comes out to 232 gallons. That's WAY OFF her number. In order for her number to be accurate, the average person would need to use 164 gallons per day. She pretty much doubled the real number.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 15 kun oldin
I just took a 30 minute shower… I feel bad 😔
Omar Cossio
Omar Cossio 15 kun oldin
Isabels LIFE
Isabels LIFE 15 kun oldin
I love your channel because you are one of the very few people that try and change the world around us
JLeah Watson
JLeah Watson 16 kun oldin
im sorry this was an amazing video... but why are u wearing flip flops...
Amelia Vlogs and more
When I was 7 maybe 6 in Tonga we had to carry huge jugs of water as the taps didn't have cold water and in Tonga it's very hot. That's my connection to this video
Maisha Rahman
Maisha Rahman 16 kun oldin
all the people who unliked have no heart whatsoever
Bailey Bonds
Bailey Bonds 16 kun oldin
You have some of the best content I've seen
Analy  Baltodano Martínez
Hi everyone! My name Is Analy Baltodano, i’m an environmental engineer from Nicaragua. I have one goal: to become a young water leader! I’ve been accepted to attend the H2O global leaders training and the Water Innovation Lab from Waterlution in Canada! I am asking for your support so i can attend and achieve my goal Thanks! gogetfunding.com/ayudame-a-convertirme-en-una-lider-del-agua-help-me-become-a-water-leader/
Black Panther
Black Panther 17 kun oldin
what you mean its not fair? its nobody's fault that the people have to do that every day. I just say that they were one of the unlucky ones and were lucky. But still i donated a dollar, mostly because im broke. EDIT: ".YOU JUST KICKED POVERTY'S BUTT!" lmao
Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds 17 kun oldin
Just donated :)
Jennifer Marea
Jennifer Marea 17 kun oldin
I HAD to donate to this. I literally cried while watching the video
MiamiPush2theLimit 17 kun oldin
I know this is helpful, but why can't the people figure this out and live closer to fresh water?
MiamiPush2theLimit 17 kun oldin
It's amazing how heavy 5 pounds can feel...
sincerely jen
sincerely jen 18 kun oldin
Wow Michelle this actually made me tear up. I am so proud of you for using your platform for the good, spreading awareness and showing people the parts of lives that social media tends to not show. This has made me realize how privileged I am to even just have access to running water and has made me want to contribute more to these communities. Thank you for opening my eyes Michelle!
Rawa Serwan
Rawa Serwan 18 kun oldin
She could of used a scarf kind of thing to wrap it round the bottom allowing it to be carried around the back
jon snow
jon snow 19 kun oldin
😍😍😍 luv u
jsalas013 21 kun oldin
Wow Michelle! You did an awesome job carrying those 45 lbs of water or so for 2 miles. I'm so glad you didn't drop any of that. I'm totally out of shape and I don't think I would be able to do this. I would love to try one day though. Nice realization though that while you were doing that, you said other women in those countries were doing exactly the same thing right then and there not complaining. They are definitely really strong, mentally and physically, to do that 2-3 times per day. I love your challenge videos. They're very inspirational and eye opening.
Tanvi Kejriwal
Tanvi Kejriwal 21 kun oldin
I live a few hundred kilometers away from water stressed deserts in India and while, I have theoretically known that a lot of people in those parts have to walk miles to fetch water everyday, this video made me realize how difficult that really is.
paloma mason
paloma mason 22 kun oldin
This made me cry this is not okay
The Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat 23 kun oldin
I love her attitude and how environmentally aware she is! Wonderful role model!
stringybeanss 24 kun oldin
that violin though lol
Hareem Ahmad
Hareem Ahmad 24 kun oldin
And inspiring❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hareem Ahmad
Hareem Ahmad 24 kun oldin
I love you o much ur so greaatttt😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Leanna Fodor
Leanna Fodor 26 kun oldin
maybe try hugging it with one arm under it?
Em and Meg Slemp
Em and Meg Slemp 29 kun oldin
Man, I struggle to find the motivation to take a shower and their finding the motivation to get water in the dark. At 4 am. For 4 miles.
Timothy Paulino
Timothy Paulino 29 kun oldin
in the army I used to do this, but we had 4 people switching in and out. it typically took us 40 minutes to go 4 mi. that's 4 guys on one can. point is that is some hardcore shit to do every day.
Blossomness Studios
Blossomness Studios 29 kun oldin
I have a pet peeve, when water is running and not being used. If a sink is running, and not being used for even five seconds, I have to turn it off. I had no idea it was this serious, I want to try carrying maybe 10 ponds of water a couple of miles. I am only 12, so it would literally be impossible for me to carry more than about 15 pounds for a long period of time.
Ana Figueroa
Ana Figueroa Oy oldin
To think that The Richest people in the world could end one of the biggest problems in the world with their money but they would rather keep it to themselves.😢
Μυρτώ Κ.
Hello Michelle, I'm new here! I've seen some of your videos (actually a lot of them) and I really want to thank you! Through your challenges and experiences you've opened my eyes. I now want to try to minimize my waste, my water consumption and to limit the hours I spend on internet.
KI D Oy oldin
Nurdiyana Rusmadi
Im glad that im not too late to help
Happy Oy oldin
5 gallon 2 miles = 20 kg 3 km
Lauren Larsen
Lauren Larsen Oy oldin
Our class did this
vegansauce Oy oldin
Wow, just wow! What I like about you, Michelle, is that you always do your best to get as authentic of an experience as possible in whatever challenge you do. It really helps us put ourselves in the shoes of the people whose lives you're recreating. And you're so right, we always hear numbers about how little water some people have, how far they have to go to get it, what tools or lack thereof they have, etc. We literally have all the information. And yet nothing painted as authentic of a picture of just how strugglesome this job is than a privileged American trying it out (I mean that in the nicest way). I appreciate you using your power and privilege to give to those who have less of it and I hope we can see more content like this.
Mona Moore
Mona Moore Oy oldin
Make me sobbing 💔
Savannah Harris
I’m crying. Great video and great awareness
GoldenGymnast Oy oldin
You are actually amazing, it makes my day to see that someone with a large media platform is using it to help others. If everyone who had a large influence did this, thing of how different our world could be. 💕💕 Thank you Michelle
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B. Oy oldin
Girl you are so motivating! you have become one of my favourite youtubers for posting videos like this where you have the chance to make a difference. I love that you are so honest and you push yourself to accomplish any challenge you set your mind to. I decided to donate my small sum, and I hope along with everyone else's that we can all make a difference.
Jordan Strasser
You are very right. This isn’t fair.
alessia anoush
Holy crap it’s already at $30,000
carolline baynham
I live In South Africa and although where I live in Cape town I'm extremely privileged to not have to go through this everyday. Thank you for doing this
lulupalou Oy oldin
loved this, please continue to create content that spreads awareness! thank you
Noori.Mansur Oy oldin
Awww Michelle when you broke down it broke my heart. Thank you for your amazing content
It is ridiculous that I can go turn on a faucet and get as much water I need. I’m slowly transitioning to minimalism and slows how much water I use and waste. I don’t take water hiking, I use a life straw. Thanks for opening my eyes even more!
Tessa Cupcake
Tessa Cupcake Oy oldin
Hannah Lynx
Hannah Lynx Oy oldin
I have shared this idea and I live in Australia and I only drink about 8-10 glasses of water per day...I pledge to drink only 6 to leave water for people who need it more contaminated.
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey 2 oy oldin
Is anyone else having trouble when you go to the website? It keeps randomly reloading and then saying there was an error with the reload, like every 5 seconds. I haven't been able to get to the donation page yet
Odd One
Odd One 2 oy oldin
When Nicole nearly cried I really felt how she felt. It’s sad to know we take so much things to complain about when they need to deal with this every day
IAmCatElf 2 oy oldin
I want to do this but I'm honestly scared to
Lei M
Lei M 2 oy oldin
Thank you
Keana Susaya
Keana Susaya 2 oy oldin
You have a big heart girl! YOU did a GREAT JOB! I will now be more considerate to over using resources at home
Pluto 123
Pluto 123 2 oy oldin
Im so lucky. Im sitting beside a running sprinkler.
Mia Rose
Mia Rose 2 oy oldin
This is proper content, its just upsetting that most children 7 or 8 waking so early, walking 2 miles everyday for there family. Keep up the work michelle, hope the rest of the world to stop this cause for young kids and hard working women. 😊👏🏼💗
Rokhaya Sadji
Rokhaya Sadji 2 oy oldin
I'm from Senegal 🇸🇳 and I appreciate it so much 😘
Ramah Bell
Ramah Bell 2 oy oldin
i cant imagine that this could be anyone's life... much less day
Aline Cintura
Aline Cintura 2 oy oldin
wooowww MICHELLE you did it. congratulations Btw I'm from Mozambique
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 2 oy oldin
Such a great video. I have no words.
Caitlin’s Real Live News!
Can you do a follow up on how much was raised and what’s happening with the funds? I’m excited to see how it’s helped!
Lisa Stigters
Lisa Stigters 2 oy oldin
Im sooooo sorry I actually wanted to donate a 1000$ but at that moment I knew I’m fucked up cuzz I’m broke as fuck I’m sooooo sorry (I only have 0,63 cents left)
Pauline Rocha
Pauline Rocha 2 oy oldin
And the woman was doing that at 8 years old.....