I Carried 5 Gallons of Water for 2 Miles | World Water Day 💧

Michelle Khare
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22-Mar, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 8 oy oldin
Good morning friends and happy world water day! I know that this video is different but I hope that you enjoyed and learned something. Please consider donating to our well project as it would mean the world to me! : www.waterundergroundproject.org/michellekhare
Ella Hennings
Ella Hennings 14 kun oldin
Michelle Khare for my gym class we had to run 4miles in 15 minutes
Namue Hollywood
Namue Hollywood 19 kun oldin
Very late to watching this but this was daily life till we dug our own well back home in Liberia. I personally didnt have to walk that far thank god but it was still difficult for so many other people. So proud of you for doing this Michelle, your heart is in the right place.
Arait Zamudio
Arait Zamudio 4 oy oldin
I cried just watching you do it, because I couldn’t imagine how it is for people that have to do it every day. 😭😭😭 The other day I went to Lincoln’s home in Springfield IL. They had a demonstration of how women had to wash the clothes by hand and bedsheets and all. They asked the question can you imagine having to wash your clothes by had like back then. I wanted to slap them and yell at them because I knew I started washing my own clothes by hand since I was 6 or 7 and there are people still having to do it now a days. They acted like it was something from the past something that people don’t do anymore. For some reason it was very upsetting how ignorant people are of the hardships of others. Last summer I was in Mexico City with my grandparents and there was water shortage and my grandma and I had to fetch water from a car wash on the corner. We were like I feel like the people in Africa but then we thought about our words and realized we could not compare ourselves to their hardships. That experience made me remember what I had learned in my country that I have forgotten in the comfort of my new life in the US. Thank you for this video!!!♥️
AnythingButEverything Brooke
your amazing don't stop girl! I wanna be like you when im older
SubBros 46
SubBros 46 6 oy oldin
You look like my friend's mom
Pinkstruck 2 kun oldin
I love this so much!!! I’m originally from Zimbabwe ( now living in Australia) and both my parents having grown up in rural areas i know 100% percent that this is very much the norm for many women in Rural Africa, having walk long miles to collect water every day, and I know myself first hand the PAIN it is to carry so much water. African women are so incredibly strong! We in first world countries are sooo lucky to be able to easily access water and many people don’t realise just how much of a blessing it is!!❣️thanks for doing this Michelle
Leah Ford
Leah Ford 6 kun oldin
i want to help too
PrincessKLS 7 kun oldin
I do wonder in those countries where women have to carry water, what do they do about women and girls who have physical/walking disabilities and couldn't make the trek? Just wondering because I have mild CP and if I had to do that everyday, especially in flip flops, I would lose so much water or possibly my life because I'd be falling at least once every day.
Aubrey Peterson
Aubrey Peterson 9 kun oldin
This video is absolutely beautiful. That is the only word for it. Beautiful.
Giuseppina TRIMARCHI
i can kind of semi relate to not having any water. Hurricain Irma when it passed on my home island of saint-martin we didn't have runing water for a few weeks so what my mom and I would do is recuperate the water from the dishes or when we take a bath to flush the toillet with it. we had to eventually wash clothes at a moment and there was still no water so one day it was raining and we used that water to wash our clothes and recycle the water to use to clean and for the toillet . so since that even i've tried my best to save as much water as i can. Btw: Love your videos, it is nice to see a youtuber take emotional and physical challenge and really goes through it without any iteruption. you are an inspiration to me and surely many other as well. continue the good work and shine as bight the sun
Miruna Miru
Miruna Miru 11 kun oldin
I can't stop crying....
Maha Rizwan
Maha Rizwan 12 kun oldin
I am so proud of you.. thank you very much for being an inspiration for all of us.. I love you and your vids😍😍
Brayleigh Boggs
Brayleigh Boggs 14 kun oldin
Ellaine Gelman
Ellaine Gelman 14 kun oldin
Donated! Keep up the great content, Michelle!
Wolf Kennedy 33
Wolf Kennedy 33 14 kun oldin
Wow I cried this hit me so hard and I feel so gifted just having clean water everyday now, wow!
Fatima ALOZADE 14 kun oldin
Beautiful content,Keep up the good work ❤️❤️
Mayra Lehmann
Mayra Lehmann 15 kun oldin
Those women are so exceptionally strong in all ways, that we only can admire them and doing our best to contribute to this kind of projects, which inform and motivate us to fight for equity. Being thankful is the first step. Thanks women of the world, thanks WaterCrisis-fighting Programs/Projects and thanks to people like you, Michelle, for spreading Information, knowledge and experience. Greetings from Argentina
Victoria Espina
Victoria Espina 15 kun oldin
This should be on trend!
KatelynGaming 15 kun oldin
I donated and i don't want thx or likes for doing it i'm honestly just happy i had some money to give to a better cause.
vishal sorout
vishal sorout 16 kun oldin
Women sacrificing their beauty. That's what you're worried about? Jesus
Savage Ratu
Savage Ratu 16 kun oldin
upper_middle_ class_trash
This actuly made me fucking cry thank you for this
Winnie Huang
Winnie Huang 17 kun oldin
This is honestly so inspirational and I appreciate you so much for taking the time to do this and experience what women do every day in Africa.
Sambridhi Adhikari
Sambridhi Adhikari 17 kun oldin
I was going to take a shower after this but I decide not to :(
Nikita Agarwal
Nikita Agarwal 17 kun oldin
After this video I respect u .....Never seen any UZvid doing this ,😘😘😘
JlinaT 18 kun oldin
Beautiful! So proud of you!! Wish I could go to any of this places and help like that.. that’s my dream
MasonsTurtle 27 kun oldin
Time to invent a more ergonomic water container and donate those to the people who need it.
Zoey_ Kelley
Zoey_ Kelley 27 kun oldin
Those women who do that everyday are so powerful. They trek that far and black for water for everyone but themselves. Amazing and inspirational!!!
EducatingCole 27 kun oldin
This video really opened my eyes. More people living in the west should have to do this as part of an education programme.
Rosy Rose
Rosy Rose 29 kun oldin
I’m here from FBE yodeling Walmart kid
Pragya Bhardwaj
Pragya Bhardwaj 29 kun oldin
massive respect!
Simi Patel
Simi Patel Oy oldin
what is we make it into a backpack? OR MAYBE LIKE A ZIPLINE FROM THE WATER FROM UNDERGROUND TO THE VILLAGE where people can from the other end can take the water and hang it onto the zipline and wrap a hand holder thing where you can drag it back.... even better have it electronically do that!!!
Eliza Ward
Eliza Ward Oy oldin
Please do more videos like this! It was truly amazing and touching to watch
Kelly McGrew
Kelly McGrew Oy oldin
Just made my donation. Beautiful video and I am happy to see you exceeded your goal. I hope others donate instead of just comment. We can all give even $1 to others in need. Keep doing you, Michelle!
Jeanette Jacobs
Bawling my eyes out. My work designs water supply systems for a rural areas and I wanted to do some research on what people go through. Motivated to make a change.
Nikki English
Nikki English Oy oldin
How amazing $36,000 in 6 months! Less than a week left, this is so amazing! 😍😍😍😍😍
Ismail Wajeeh
Ismail Wajeeh Oy oldin
I wish I could donate but I'm only 12😦.The people who do this everyday are basically heroes to their people. And anyone who dislikes this video are heartless, inhumane people. I hope they suffer.
Regan Kreitzer
This really opens my eyes to the water crisis, I can drink water, bathe in water, and use water in many ways whenever I want and there are tons of people that can’t. Crazy
Miss X
Miss X Oy oldin
So proud of you Michelle😍
H MSC Oy oldin
Thank you for making this video Michelle. You can dig a well for drinking water by your name in any African country where most needed by less than £1000. Anyone interested do your search as every charity will give you different coat.
Zahraa Goolam- Hussain
I'm a water sanitation engineer in South Africa, basically what I do is we design viable solutions to clean water all over southern Africa so that we can reuse water, as we all should know water is not an infinite resource. We try to build infrastructure to bring water to people so that it's as simple as opening a tap and take the water back to plants where the water is cleaned and put back into the environment so that we can use it again. Your video makes me so happy because it just shows why we need to keep doing what we doing it gives me a purpose. Thank you for that.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
A Long Walk to Water, anyone?
Deliah Anne
Deliah Anne Oy oldin
Mollie & Steph
You go Michelle❤️💙💯💯❣️❣️
Oh Hack
Oh Hack Oy oldin
Why we couldn't see any real local in video if they do it everyday for so many time.
Kay Bee
Kay Bee Oy oldin
I've never wished I could donate money more in my life. This is heartbreaking that women have to do this everyday and uts worse they have no men to help or support them
Emmanuella Michel
Best video youve made yet I love this content and awareness
Gloria Reyes
Gloria Reyes Oy oldin
I am so thankful that you use your platform for important things, Michelle. Thank you for all your effort and the willinh to change the world! I'd love to donate but I don't have a Credit Card etc. to do so. I am very very sorry for that. If there is any other chance for me to donate I'd be very thankful if anyone can help me.
Lexi Tingley
Lexi Tingley Oy oldin
This is so inspiring
Mary Cleary
Mary Cleary Oy oldin
She is such a lovely person, inside and out and in between, just everything about her is good
Ellie Gabrielson
lwazi ben
lwazi ben Oy oldin
Ohhh reminded me of the hardest days in my life. You won't understand how much the sound of that flip flop really brings back all the memories of the water crysis we had in a place in south Africa called komatipoort. It is about 3 miles to the border between Mozambique and south Africa . You would wake 5am in the morning and find a que of about 50 people in tab that barely runs water and find one person having about 4 or 3 25 liters cans on wheel barrows. I was in high school back then and it was a norm to go fetch water. It was very instance and the weather was so hot that by 10 to 11 AM you should be done otherwise you would collapse from the heat. You'd see people giving up but coming back cause there's no other way. Boy I was so strong back then, a single 25 liter can was nothing you would attempt to run with it. It was an experience though I'll never wanna see myself in again. Thanks for the reminder.
moat meal
moat meal Oy oldin
423 gallons per household per day?? those are some botched stats no fuckin way.
Half-Blind Oy oldin
Aariyana Rashed
This video deserves so much more views.
Jorji Walker
Jorji Walker Oy oldin
Wow $35,000. You’re an incredible woman Michelle x
Lcall 21
Lcall 21 Oy oldin
Us Americans are so weak, we have no idea the real struggles of the world
Kim Kardashian
This needs to get on trending ASAP. Michelle I love you so much as a person! 💞 The fact that you take your time to do these things not only to stay fit but to help others and experience new things! It has opened my eyes about the struggles people have.You are one of the most genuine, sweet, and caring person in the world! 🙌 it’s truly mind blowing. People need to take this video as a great example, and need to be grateful for what they have. I really hope you continue doing videos like these! Incredibly inspirational! -Faith
lucy dragneel123
I’ve sent you’re video this has just opened my eyes...
Miia -
Miia - Oy oldin
You should also try carry basket that’s suspended from straps across your forehead. I think they use that method in Nepal and India, but I’m not that sure. It doesn’t feel that heavy because how it’s supported or something...I don’t really know that well. It’s kinda same like when you backpacking and there’s the straps so you can support the weight in a way that it won’t hurt your back or shoulders (if you strap it right)
jjsjxhja yxyier
Wow I actually felt her pain and cried with her Those women are awesome!! I wish they can have more opportunities too
Samii C
Samii C 2 oy oldin
To the 191 ppl who disliked this video .....you are heartless
JP Smooth
JP Smooth 2 oy oldin
Powerful video. Planning on sharing on my Facebook page, as well as making a donation. I nearly cried. Good stuff!!!
Debora Urbano
Debora Urbano 2 oy oldin
This video had me in tears.
Melissa Whitham
Melissa Whitham 2 oy oldin
Wow this was inspirational I only donated a little but I felt it in my heart that I wanted to donate. ONLY 11 more days to donate to Michelle's campain. Go do it!!!
RayJ _99
RayJ _99 2 oy oldin
Now add being on your period.
Jasmine Patanjali
I just did a project in school in geography about water scarcity in Mozambique 🇲🇿 it was really inspiring to see it in real life what would happen
Romina Constenla
Romina Constenla 2 oy oldin
Wait, only women carry water? Being a woman sucks.
Maddie Peyton
Maddie Peyton 2 oy oldin
I was on a mission’s trip to Mexico this summer & we had the privilege of having water in big jugs. The water wasn’t running and the toilets didn’t flush. The showers were freezing if you didn’t wait until the evening until the sun heated it. I thought it was hard enough. I can’t imagine this.
kimorbit 2 oy oldin
This was so lovely to watch. At my school each year we have to collect money and that money if then sent to make wells in bangladesh. Along with that we have a special day in which we need to bring 6-10 kg in our backpacks and then walk 6 kilometers.
Emily 2 oy oldin
7:39 starts balling my eyes out
XXX EMMA 2 oy oldin
You make such original and amazing content. Wow.
Maria K
Maria K 2 oy oldin
You are my inspiration-ilysm!!!!
Warren Terrell
Warren Terrell 2 oy oldin
This video is Beautiful
Cheroline Ripunda
Your channel is so inspiring. You take real issues and actually act as a bridge between social barriers. This made me remember growing up and having to also walk far to fetch water or using a donkey cart. I am privileged enough now to not have to do it anymore. But this took me back. Your very brave for trying this... Normally your start young, with smaller amounts and kinda just get used to it. You just jumped in.
Indigo Ruiz
Indigo Ruiz 2 oy oldin
I’m crying WTF
Jniya Byrd
Jniya Byrd 2 oy oldin
Why do not have 10 million subscribers this is the kind of content I’m looking for on UZvid 💕💕💕☀️
Anabelle Hilburn
Anabelle Hilburn 2 oy oldin
just think for a minute the camera crew had to walk all that with probably maybe just a little less weight all that time no make 30 pounds maybe of camera equipment the whole time and she has 42 pounds this is dedication we need more people like this to be more active help take on challenges this woman is so amazing and inspiring
Laura Oy oldin
Its probably just a basic camera
Caitlin 2 oy oldin
wow this is incredible. i cant imagine doing that every day.
BambiSweets 2 oy oldin
Very inspirational. Its glad to know that someone wants to understand how other women feel and do in other countries. Its amazing to know that someone uses her platform to spread awareness
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 2 oy oldin
42 pounds isn’t really that bad it’s just going with it for to miles
Emily corral421
Emily corral421 2 oy oldin
My school did that
Ayushi Singh
Ayushi Singh 2 oy oldin
Oh this woman has content. She deserves more than 10M followers... Comeon UZvid...
kimotree 2 oy oldin
Just donated. It isn't much but every little bit counts. I challenge you to visit these people whose lives you've changed. I went to Africa in 2013 and saw this first-hand. Definitely a life life-changer. Keep up with the amazing content!
Daisychains162 2 oy oldin
I just don't understand why in these countries the women and children have to do it? Where are the men?! Am I being ignorant?
Sam Rita
Sam Rita 2 oy oldin
Why dint you visit India? Rajasthan, Gujarat!
Stephanie Roessler
donated :) michelle you brought me to tears in this video, this is such impactful content and i am honored to be a part of the well fund
Julissa Marie
Julissa Marie 2 oy oldin
I cried so much during this video
Jamilah Zahirah Hadid
Palestinian fan. So appreciative of your content.
Harmony With God
Harmony With God 2 oy oldin
Do more compassionate meaningful videos like this please !!!! ❤️
Harmony With God
Harmony With God 2 oy oldin
I applaud you for doing this! Even complaining when you felt like it. Expressing your emotions along the way. I really felt like you took me along with you, and like I got to experience it. Thank you!
Chris H
Chris H 2 oy oldin
Wow!! Thank you!
Lexey Parker
Lexey Parker 2 oy oldin
More people need to see this.. Extremely touching, and such a serious topic that is constantly overlooked and taken advantage of.. Amazing video girly!
Tricia Santiago
Tricia Santiago 2 oy oldin
I love u so much. Ur content is real and relatable... I love who u are and wat u stand for
Pori 2 oy oldin
My respect to all the women out there who have to do this multiple times a day to keep their families alive
Shadow Curse
Shadow Curse 2 oy oldin
I cried when Michelle started talking about being able to turn on a faucet and those women in Mozambique can't.
Cloudy Dreams
Cloudy Dreams 2 oy oldin
Wow the beauty in the outside is the same one you have in the inside.
Trust Johns
Trust Johns 2 oy oldin
Thanks for your support and being in our shoes and feel how hard and tough it is to survive without privilege .God bless you
AlwaysinmyHead NevergettingoutofBed
Michelle is so freaking awesome, such an inspiration.
Lydia Gurule
Lydia Gurule 2 oy oldin
You are truly amazing Michelle. Your videos are always so eye opening and raw. Thank you.
Ana Espinoza
Ana Espinoza 2 oy oldin
Why am I crying !!
Christine Aguilar
When she started crying...I subscribed. #passionate
angelfiremz 2 oy oldin
YEY, Michele, good job! Thank you for sharing this an being an inspiration! The local Partner of Water Underground in Mozambique is the Polana Rotary Club, I invite you to go check our page and see the video that we made when the first water wells were opened in Inhambane: uzvid.com/video/video-dKa2tALcauU.html we are already working on the second phase, hopefully more water wells will be available soon :)
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