I Did Rihanna's Vogue Beauty Routine! But I'm Still Ugly LOL | Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina
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I'm bout the LAST person to do this, but it was fun! Enjoy lol Recreating Rihanna's iconic Vogue makeup tutorial!

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
Phil 4:13

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Nathalie Duarte
Nathalie Duarte 23 soat oldin
Ainghhhhttt Jackiee just keep this damn hair forever!!!!
Cierra Tucker
Cierra Tucker Kun oldin
Wow can you believe Jackie invented being beautiful? What a queen.
D. Daw
D. Daw Kun oldin
I just love you !!!!!!!! “Write that down write that down”
Blatrin Princess
Blatrin Princess 2 kun oldin
Shout out to the queens of makeup ☀️
Baruch1girl 2 kun oldin
You are giving Donna Summer in the West Indies💞💞💞💞
Morgan Hodder
Morgan Hodder 7 kun oldin
Best beauty UZvidr FOR SURE
rosalindhubris 7 kun oldin
Girl new fan you started the year one of my daughters were born!
Elijah Weatherall
Elijah Weatherall 9 kun oldin
Too cute Jackie
Tyronda Neal
Tyronda Neal 11 kun oldin
Gurl you look so beautiful 😍
neva marie
neva marie 12 kun oldin
jackie’s natural eyelashes are insane 😍😍
Salida Hotel
Salida Hotel 12 kun oldin
dude they don't even sell the body lava anymore ):
Hailey Cleveland
Hailey Cleveland 15 kun oldin
You’re not ugly tho???? You’re so pretty
Basia Thomas
Basia Thomas 16 kun oldin
wolfbabe 16 kun oldin
omgosh that sunset look soooo gorgeous on our eyes - and your eyelashes are blessed ~ beautiful
wolfbabe 16 kun oldin
We're all a bit ugly.
Yagami Light
Yagami Light 17 kun oldin
Wow jackie you literally don't need false lashes... them lashes are on point!
Molly O'Hara
Molly O'Hara 20 kun oldin
My forehead is bigger than my ass so I am going to need a giant version of the match stix Rihanna, thaaaanks Queen.
Michelle Breen
Michelle Breen 22 kun oldin
Lurve the makeup and hair
F 22 kun oldin
Leslie Galloway
Leslie Galloway 22 kun oldin
That silvery color you highlighted with gives you a “dewy” look. Like the dew in the morning.
Leslie Galloway
Leslie Galloway 22 kun oldin
Looks like a natural beat. I love this look on you. Looks less drag show like and more like “I woke up like this” 🙌🏽
Leslie Galloway
Leslie Galloway 22 kun oldin
I know you playing when you say something about being ugly in this video, but for real you’re a natural beauty. I’m still floored that you layer the way you do when you apply your makeup for these videos.
kstrht bgjodmm
kstrht bgjodmm 23 kun oldin
You're gorgeous
courto courto
courto courto 23 kun oldin
your intro killed me 😂 watching this all the way from Australia x
YaYaminah 24 kun oldin
Ugly??? Please stop it!!! You are gorgeous and I love all your looks.
Nivriti Srivastava
Nivriti Srivastava 26 kun oldin
i need her eyelashes
Atiras 1
Atiras 1 27 kun oldin
Jackie's guide to rachetry, wigatry, and foolery...🤣🤣💀
ohlady Red
ohlady Red 28 kun oldin
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor 29 kun oldin
Microblading for Rihanna? No no no. Microblading never looks soft in my opinion
Laila Haer
Laila Haer 29 kun oldin
Noooooo You’re NOT ugly,you’re BEAUTIFUL
Gg Jo
Gg Jo Oy oldin
Where have you been all my life!?! 😍😍
Lauren C
Lauren C Oy oldin
15:40 Yo anyone else notice. What’s going on with the cupboard in the back ground 😂 is it a cupboard I dunno but it does it for a few mins 😂
Ogy Maalek
Ogy Maalek Oy oldin
Girl u’re damn hilarious 😂❤️
chasity Oy oldin
your gorgeoussssssssss
s a
s a Oy oldin
Luv you girl, that's all, just plain luv you. GB.
Phoebe Oy oldin
"One swipe?! Some of us... are ugly, m'am" efjwefkihfekjf
Kitty Pedraza
Kitty Pedraza Oy oldin
Love you
S L Oy oldin
Your eyelashes are amazing omg
krystal wilson
I just love your videos
Daniela Dellavalle
WTF?!!? love youuuuu 😂
girllll bronzer in the crease and highlight on the lid saved my life & face many times
Keeley Gill
Keeley Gill Oy oldin
Girlllllll your natural lashes wtfffffff😍😍😍😍I love you omg
Ivana Jackson
Ivana Jackson Oy oldin
Your not ugly ok god made every woman beautiful I don’t feel like I’m most of the time 😩
Sierra Portee
Sierra Portee Oy oldin
👀 “one swipe???... some of us are ugly ma’am!” 😂😂😂😭💀. Jackie,... why are you like this??? 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😅
Ida Fox
Ida Fox Oy oldin
You look sooooooooo beautiful. Love the makeup
Julia Gabriel
Julia Gabriel Oy oldin
does anyone think the eye look would work on a light/medium skin tone? :)
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Oy oldin
yes it would for sure!
Sophia Freire
Sophia Freire Oy oldin
You’re looking really beautiful 💓
Pauline Matawaran
Oh god I love you so much
Candy Gurl
Candy Gurl Oy oldin
That Jackie is Beautiful. Her features and skin made from the gods!!!
Emily robia
Emily robia Oy oldin
I love youuu
Emily robia
Emily robia Oy oldin
Music name please
Donika S
Donika S Oy oldin
Bigbang Love
Bigbang Love Oy oldin
sahar khan
sahar khan Oy oldin
ur not ugly at all, ly 💘
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Oy oldin
What mascara did she use?
Clara W
Clara W Oy oldin
and jackie wth you’re not ugly at all your GORGEOUS
Clara W
Clara W Oy oldin
can we just admire how cute riri is
Genevieve Gray
that Hur!!! omg I love it, looking like the queen. Feeling like the boss! We luvv.
claudia grebner
u are so beautiful!!!
Gucci Gamer Girl
0:27 omfg I’ve watched it so many times
Melinda Flores
Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrllllllll you got me literally LOL-ing! You’re hilarious! And makeup is GAWGEOUS!
TheKoyn Oy oldin
Jackie's so goofy and funny
Kahdia 2 oy oldin
Mikayla Benigno
Mikayla Benigno 2 oy oldin
Did you moisturize today!!! Yassss! 💁🏼‍♀️
nadine 2 oy oldin
Jackie is hilarious i love her
Mandy vfalk
Mandy vfalk 2 oy oldin
Oh my gosh your lashes looks amaziiing
Aleena Ann
Aleena Ann 2 oy oldin
for people who can’t afford to warm it up, use a hairdryer BROKE HACKS
thefriqueisin Oy oldin
I use it on my mascara too, prevents it from being too clumpy and I get a more natural look and just layer it
Ana StaysGolden
Aleena Ann lmao I can’t even afford a hairdryer! So body heat it is!
Sophia Kennett
Sophia Kennett 2 oy oldin
My nose is too big
Michelle Paredes
Michelle Paredes 2 oy oldin
Benjamin T
Benjamin T 2 oy oldin
Giving us sza bundles yes ma’ammmm
Ash Linz
Ash Linz 2 oy oldin
I just found your channel and omg I love your personality so much. I don’t even use makeup but you make it so enjoyable and interesting 😂😂
No name
No name 2 oy oldin
Gosh you look beautiful
Its Funnehcake
Its Funnehcake 2 oy oldin
6:19 one swipe!?! Some of us are ugly ma’am
Mikayla Preston
Mikayla Preston 2 oy oldin
Wow u low key look so beautiful with a more natural makeup look. I prefer it😍
keisha Allen
keisha Allen 2 oy oldin
💕Rihanna and Jackie is sooooo pretty 💕😭
Marie-P Gd
Marie-P Gd 2 oy oldin
Your skin color is absolutely AMAZING !
Martha Carraleo
Martha Carraleo 2 oy oldin
Christian V
Christian V 2 oy oldin
Late af but Jackie I LEGIT was just thinking about how beautiful your nose is and you said it right after you love it and I agree I think a lot of people's perception of their nose / bodies is way off so positive words of encouragement are always the best! Love you girl your channel is fuego
Layah Jay
Layah Jay 2 oy oldin
You got me dying
injep 2 oy oldin
Holy! You gained a follower today! This is amazing and hilarious!
Mia De Saussure
Mia De Saussure 2 oy oldin
i always watch this since it uploaded and damn! jackie ohmgggggg 😍😫 you are that bitchhh
2lemonades 2 oy oldin
Gorgeous finish
Mimi B
Mimi B 2 oy oldin
Ugly? Gurl, you’re gorgeous!
Rebecca Kuulkers
Rebecca Kuulkers 2 oy oldin
Absolutely love this gorge 🥰🥰🥰🙌🏼
Megan Allred
Megan Allred 2 oy oldin
Ahhh you’re so funny!
Lauriane mamay
Lauriane mamay 2 oy oldin
Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackieeereeee , we need a Fenty concealer review 😭❤️❤️
Carolina Hidalgo
Carolina Hidalgo 2 oy oldin
i Feel like fenty gives us the okay to be unapologetically colored, love it
Major Crayon
Major Crayon 2 oy oldin
"some of us, are ugly, ma'am" IM WHEEZING LMAOOOOOOOO RELATE
Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis 2 oy oldin
I would die if Riri came on your channel as a guest... 😍😍😍
milkamilla 2 oy oldin
I appreciate Jackie trying to relate to us uglies but damn sis, where??
Oracle Pizza
Oracle Pizza 2 oy oldin
it would b so cute to see yall together in a video. btw your natural eyelashes look like mine after i put on falsies ;_; they rok , my lashes b straight -_- btw u no ugly whatsoeverrrr
Dyamond Necole
Dyamond Necole 2 oy oldin
How dare you say your ugly😡😘😘😘😘😘
Eleanor Rivera
Eleanor Rivera 2 oy oldin
OMG refuses to wear lotion in any climate. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eleanor Rivera
Eleanor Rivera 2 oy oldin
Lol La Synthetictica lol
Yared No
Yared No 2 oy oldin
It might be me but Jackie is giving me sza vibes
Caroline Marie Yvonne Reilly Lesser
To be honest, I just loved the last part... Now I think I really need that product :)
Nightingale21 2 oy oldin
You and that sunrise highlighter should get married, clearly meant for each other!
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 2 oy oldin
Guuuurrrrrl yaaazzz slay with that look
Jelly Curdles
Jelly Curdles 2 oy oldin
Yo her shit makes ur skin look so fkn good
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