I Dressed Feminine And Masculine For A Day

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Is gender just a costume?
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28-Apr, 2018

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Alexandra Calzada
Alexandra Calzada 12 kun oldin
Didnt recognize you in the feminine clothes. But i prefer the masculine you.
happy little pearl
7:15 the way he said " yeah your a she " kinda hurt me even tho I know he isn't trying to be mean
It'sYaz Oy oldin
i needed this video today. I'm glad it exists.
Nathan Raps
Nathan Raps Oy oldin
Are you a fuckin guy or a girl make up your mind
Jacelyn 619
Jacelyn 619 2 oy oldin
Should not be fixed to wat a woman mean to b look like...Enjoy different sides of u and juz b yourself.
BearPapa1990 2 oy oldin
The burden of an animal with self-awareness
Denver Denver
Denver Denver 2 oy oldin
mentally ill!!!
Neha 3 oy oldin
In the thumbnail you looked like jen for the masculine look
Anna Briley
Anna Briley 3 oy oldin
I think you were performing a pretty sexualized version of femininity. It's not necessarily an accurate experience of femininity as a whole. I guess you wanted to go all the way into the version of femme that was least comfortable for you.
Alyssa Watson
Alyssa Watson 3 oy oldin
This video shows how horrible it is to be a woman. Our space isn't respected in any way. This is random, but whenever I'm asked what super powers are the best I think of invisibility or like Mystique's or Tonk's powers. I love being a woman, but if I had their powers I would definitely use them to be a man whilst in public. So I could be left alone.
Lisa Scales
Lisa Scales 3 oy oldin
Haha u look really pretty as a feminine
WTF WTF 4 oy oldin
I would love to play with looks . Dress tomboy a few days and go and get hair and make up done. I feel you should dress on your mood and how you feel that day. You can inpower yourself by being you. And by being you shouldn’t be be one type of style . I wish more lesbians including myself would switch it up like you did in this video . To throw everyone offand be like hmm” wonder what Amanda is going to look like tomorrow . Take away the everyday normal of clothing and personality away. Create all styles for all your personalities. If you feel tired and bumish . Dress like a bum. If you are feeling sexy dress it . If you want a boyish laid back look do it! If you want to look like your from the 50s do it! .
gabrielle fae
gabrielle fae 4 oy oldin
"What do you think's gonna happen bro" 😂 Love this vlog
KJ Always
KJ Always 4 oy oldin
You look like a strong and powerful woman with masculine energy. I cannot see you as being a girlie girl because you don't have that type of energy, even when you went through the same process that they go through in their appearance. That masculine energy is still there. As a male, I can see your feminine energy but not as much. I guess, I view gender (feminine vs. masculine not male or female) by their energy. I view a lot of men as feminine when I compare them to myself, sometimes. Hahaha. I don't own a pair of high heel shoes and have no desires to change that! I tried wearing cosmetic and doesn't work out for long! And I cannot keep up the routine. I just don't care, I guess. I am not masculine in a Butch sort of way, not at all. It is more in how I sit and uses my mind in a logical sort of way when I am dealing with topics that requires more objectivity or fact based.
CC ._.
CC ._. 4 oy oldin
They are so pretty *cries in bi*
Adhi O.
Adhi O. 4 oy oldin
This was interesting. Especially the part where she spoke about space (in the bar) and not really having it when she presented fem.
sol lopez
sol lopez 4 oy oldin
"I realised I forgot to shave my moustache" lol
Saran DeLuna
Saran DeLuna 4 oy oldin
She sexxxxy Waw 😍
Tyson Chase
Tyson Chase 4 oy oldin
Both are freaking fantastic!!!!
Femmebot Art & Design
What the heck is wrong with you women! You're all a bunch of lesbos who know no bounds.
M.J. Meece
M.J. Meece 5 oy oldin
Must be nice to live in a liberal area to do this.
Kellyrose Jackson
i know i sound like a rude girl. but everytime i read them, their, they I assume multiple people because it is a plural term for people. i liked the old zey, zim, ze..... people in comments writing "they looks great both ways" sounds like they mean more than one person. I will use whatever pronouns people want, i just wish it wasnt plural ones!!!
Kara McLain
Kara McLain 5 oy oldin
I find it really funny that they mention not shaving their mustache. even when I go femme I never share my mustache
elijahp 5 oy oldin
I hate how someone like this puts themselves in the same category as transgender people...I’m a transgender man, I would not be caught dead exposing my ‘breasts’, wearing lipstick, dresses, etc...the dysphoria would be insane...yet this person can do it freely, and feel pretty...yeah we’re not the same.
Amber Is A Fangirl
I'm just mad that they're better looking than me both ways XD
Jackie Marsh
Jackie Marsh 5 oy oldin
"What kind of partner do you think I would have?" "I would guess a guy or a girl" oh realllyyyyy
Heidy Iglesias
Heidy Iglesias 5 oy oldin
This really reminded me (or exposed) how I feel as a woman everyday. When you did the Fem look; The uncomfortable-ness and staring and feeling super vulnerable and what you said about not all of us being able to do that everyday. Anyway, great video!
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 5 oy oldin
i love her voice
Niccole Hoody
Niccole Hoody 5 oy oldin
Foot hair , who have foot hair I don't 😲
PrisPrisca15 6 oy oldin
People assuming that she is a lesbian just because she is dressed masculine... Well, I look like her masculine self and my partner is a cis man. People like labeling way too much.
Rachel Kaiser
Rachel Kaiser 6 oy oldin
Although I don’t wear makeup, or do my hair, I still feel I present very feminine. One issue I have is feeling like I’m a child because I’m not treated as a grown woman even though I’m 29. People assume I put less effort into my appearance, but I put an extreme amount of effort into my skin care and clothing. I’m definitely not taken as seriously, and often feel I need to over compensate in other areas to feel like a woman.
emm jay
emm jay 6 oy oldin
How come we can't just wear clothes? Why does it have to be about GENDER and WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK?🚮
Nancy Norman
Nancy Norman 6 oy oldin
You know since I could pick my own clothes~they were boys more tomboy clothes~never have outgrown that~one job required girls clothes which was hard~i get mistaken for male every day~my face isn't boyish just my stature is~when I speak they know I'm a grl~but not speaking they think male~i choose my way of life~everyone else chooses to be assholes~im happy with me😁
Thank God For Natural Hair!
I can relate...my ex calls me a shapeshifter.
Mary Ellen Rides
Mary Ellen Rides 6 oy oldin
You're "You".....males can dress like females and vice versa. Gender is a costume because I dress both ways. Yes, I'm female but I feel most comfortable with no makeup, hairy legs, jeans and a t-shirt! My hair is short if I slick back the sides and a bob when the sides are pulled forward. I'm married, hubby is in the Military and I have two grown men. I've been told I look like a boy and I'm like, "Thanks". On the flip, I enjoy the makeup, dresses, low plunging neck line and heels, hair slicked back or in a bob and I've been complimented on my look....it's what I'm in the mood/state of mind at the time. You do You! Peace.
mm 9
mm 9 6 oy oldin
That haircut/style is beautiful on you.
Broito 6 oy oldin
Man her voice is so feminine when paired with the Masc, it's surprising! In totally a good way, I notice subconsciously my voice will lower a lot when I'm hanging with the guys or going more Masc. Hearing my voice is an obvious ping on the gaydar.
Federica Coren
Federica Coren 6 oy oldin
5:17 taylor schilling! xD
Charlot Mae Nitti-Lowrance
Girl you look amazing both ways.
S.K. 6 oy oldin
Love it! Such a good lesson and makes me want try dressing different than how I usually do
Cookie 6 oy oldin
Feminine side looks like an older Jenny
Cathal Reilly
Cathal Reilly 6 oy oldin
I am a little sissy girl bisexual
Cathal Reilly
Cathal Reilly 6 oy oldin
Cathal Reilly
Cathal Reilly 6 oy oldin
I am a little sissy girl.
Cathal Reilly
Cathal Reilly 6 oy oldin
Cathal love 2 miss cathal love 2 girls.
Cathal Reilly
Cathal Reilly 6 oy oldin
Natural briths equilty un
Laura Braga
Laura Braga 6 oy oldin
Suttle Drag.
Emilee Garza
Emilee Garza 6 oy oldin
You are beautiful no matter what gender pronoun you choose! ❤️
milky way
milky way 6 oy oldin
No matter how you dress your hair is gorgeous😍😳
Diego Meneses
Diego Meneses 6 oy oldin
you look pretty as fem, but just pretty as masc, besides being gorgeous, you also look like boss, you have personality and if I saw you walking down the street in masculine clothes I would like to be friends with you more than if I saw you in feminine clothes
Alice Boballis
Alice Boballis 6 oy oldin
We should play with gender more! Thanks for sharing this genuine insight into gender fluidity!
Araz Basmajian
Araz Basmajian 6 oy oldin
What she said at the end was absolutely amazing ♥️
Tatyana Nyvold
Tatyana Nyvold 6 oy oldin
LIVING for jazz's background on her computer😍😍😍
Katherine Kelly
Katherine Kelly 6 oy oldin
Clothes and makeup form a second skin that is often more powerful than the one we are born with. IMO This is particularly true for a woman.
The Helpful Assistant
Winnipeg Jets Fan @7:10 if you see this are you from Wpg? I am!!!
Matthew Lightwood
I'm genderfluid, and my brothers have been really mean to me after I started playing with gender presentation. They keep saying that I'm gross for using the women's restroom even though I've been using it my whole life, and saying that I can't wear the things I want to wear or call myself what I want to be called. I'm going to avoid them as much as I can.
Millie Dragon
Millie Dragon 6 oy oldin
I like them in masculine clothes but I like them in femme make up. But there is more neutral to masculine make up to has an option.
Nur Lodhi
Nur Lodhi 6 oy oldin
Every form of clothing should be able to be masculine or feminine or neutral. It's just what look we perceive to be a certain gender in this culture that influences the way we try to dress. Whatever way, they look really good.
MadBadger 7 oy oldin
Jazzmynes background tho
Corelidi Kiplinge
You do look great both ways but I didn't expect you to rock the femme so well after u looked so natural masculine! U looked gorgeous!
Ina J
Ina J 7 oy oldin
When I wear more masculine or feel more masculine I tend to take on "the man role". Like when my sister and I were out grocery shopping. I took the bags because I felt like that was the right thing to do. Fun story, I got scolded by a guy for arguing with my friend because he thought I was a boy fighting with a girl...
Gio G
Gio G 7 oy oldin
Wow, relatable
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 7 oy oldin
Can u do a video where women wear men's clothing for a week and let them feel the comfort and power and not being vulnerable like I mean proper men's clothing not women's clothing that looks masculine like proper men's clothing from the men's section I'm a girl that's tomboy and I love wearing men's cloths
Ss Sd
Ss Sd 7 oy oldin
their hair gives me life
Dny Carrera
Dny Carrera 7 oy oldin
To be fair. I don't think is because of the gender. You came in with a fun fresh orange with little figures outfit, with designs and then you came in all black, red and golden (earrings). Color and textures play a big part of how people described you. I'm sure is not all because of the gender and the dress/pants. I feel like you didn't even think about those factors.
Jennifer Guerra
Jennifer Guerra 7 oy oldin
Its crazy how you can see how the struggle of just BEING A WOMAN AT A BAR took a toll on their spirit. ITS CRAZY.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 7 oy oldin
Interesting. There is no way I can do masculine, though-44F.
This Time
This Time 7 oy oldin
This person should wear a wig for the femme look. From personal experience, a femme/masc haircut has been the biggest difference in how people have treated me.
Beatrice Malitowski
ive been watching for one minute and i already LOVE you! your hair, your peircings your everything you are so good looking!
clockworkhx fdsafds
there are only 2 genders
Claire Lawson
Claire Lawson 7 oy oldin
you looked like you had a lot of fun,,,,, I kinda want to try this now lol
Aleksi Joensuu
Aleksi Joensuu 7 oy oldin
"Playing with gender is fun and we should all do it" - didn't seem like you had that much fun when you were femme... Just how much easier it was for you to be left in peace when dressed masculine was indicative of the privilege we who normaly dress masculinely have.
Dez Lew
Dez Lew 7 oy oldin
I get this. I could never dress so extremely feminine, I would feel so uncomfortable and unconfident that I would just want to go home.
Maggie the Newton
When you said about not being able to hold your space in the bar... I understand that toooooo well!! Much love!! Xxx
augustynka 1
augustynka 1 7 oy oldin
You so rocked these looks! And you were so amazing! The speech got me.
MewWolf5 7 oy oldin
Interesting that people thought you were artistic on both the "masc" and the "femme" days. That kind of impression might not be very gendered, or it could just be because you have a cool haircut!
Salma VM
Salma VM 7 oy oldin
I feel like I would dress masculine with no makeup but keep feminine hair
soccerxrules45 7 oy oldin
this video is amazing- and hair goals af
Alma Saon
Alma Saon 7 oy oldin
This reminds me so much of an experiment my one of my campus's sociology classes does every year. Every year, people taking the class are encouraged to "flip" for a day and wear something of a different gender, then walk around and gauge results. As an observer, it's absolutely amazing to see someone with a masculine body strut around in an absolutely boss outfit and flawless makeup, or people with feminine bodies rocking some amazing suits. As a student, I've heard the professor is incredibly respectful about this and doesn't force NB students to partake if they don't feel comfortable.
sunnymas 7 oy oldin
gender is NOT just a costume. It is not so easy. You cannut put a gender role on, like its gender clothes. Or you are a trained actor, and play a gender role only. The gender look -> its gender role. You must fullfill this gender role. If you cannot, it looks like a fake or a joke. If you look more masculine, you cannot be a shy, cute, female woman. I saw a woman in a real police uniform, handgun, handcuffs etc., but walking like John Wayne. She is a true police woman, doing her job. But it looks too masculine.
sunnymas 7 oy oldin
Very interested. The gender look allows its gender role. Or what gender role the people expect it from. So you think, a female gender -> female role reduce the woman, for what she is allowed to be and to do ? Or more masculinity allows more = wider gender role ? Whereever more masculinity or more feminity. A woman can be more tough, as people expect from her.
Dead Prince Cosplay
The guy with his girlfriend tried so hard not to stare C.Ts boobs and it’s funny
Dan L
Dan L 7 oy oldin
In my opinion, today's generation just think a little too much; they over-complicate simple things like just appreciating feminine beauty. The moment someone finds you attractive in feminine clothes you begin to question the motives and if that person is not respecting your inner beauty and whole bunch of other things. It's the most over-thinking generation in my opinion. When I grew up it was so simple, "oh she looks pretty", "oh he looks cute/hot".
Nyoka 7 oy oldin
Sarah Bond
Sarah Bond 7 oy oldin
I felt their discomfort like it was my own. Even though I present super fem, one step into showing clevege or something too far feels suffocating and feels like everyone is perceiving me wrong. I like their idea of having spaces where you can play in your gender expression without feeling the judgement or pressure to be a certain way because of it.
goldfish1871 7 oy oldin
How has this video not reached over a million views!!!?!?????!!!!!! This is such an amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!
clockworkhx fdsafds
it's because no one can take this gay channel seriously anymore
tourette hero
tourette hero 7 oy oldin
Haegtessa Mandragora
Normalize they/them being accessible even if you look "femme". I'm a nonbinary person who is constantly seen as feminine despite what I do to physical appearance and it won't work basing assumptions off the binary norms of femme and masc. Don't assume Christine Today would have she/hr pronouns.
B. Colwell
B. Colwell 8 oy oldin
how sad they had to work twice as hard and pour hours into the performance that got them disrespected and harassed. That being said, forgive me, but cry me a river and ship some of those first world problems downstream where some poor people of color could use a laugh. Not to hate on the person's lived experience really but I think this one can cone wrapped in a big gratitude bow, for so so many reasons. Gorgeous gf. Cool af ppl. Actual job: being the center of a lot of surprisingly positive attn. IJS present femm (esp that much cleavage) and walk down the street in India. Just for a lil perspective. Great topic. Goes to show, the trans struggle is real. Cuz no man is rushing to take a huge step down in the world, even in the best feminist enlightened scenerio. I could prolly present male fairly naturally and convincingly but I love being a woman. maybe I'm brainwashed idk. But much respect for bravery here, with a small caveat. I know I am extremely thankfyl, why are YOU? :)
suicide savina
suicide savina 8 oy oldin
This made me so happy.
Both of the outfits look great and as long as you feel good in it that's all that should matter. I kinda wanna try coming to school in the boys uniform of my school and see how it would be to dress like that but unfortunately I go to a conservative Catholic school so it probably wouldn't go down well.
Colleen Kenny
Colleen Kenny 8 oy oldin
Yup, I’ve still got the Big Gay
ringa linga
ringa linga 8 oy oldin
How about not thinking about presenting yourself as feminine or masculine, and just wear whatever you like?
S Heere
S Heere 8 oy oldin
They. Are. Amazing.
your fave bih ASHTON
i swear you can wear a giant sign that says HEY YALL I USE HE/HIM(or they them) AND I AM MALE(or gender queer) and people will still be out here like oh hey 100% female we love girls wow my favoriyte woman. being they/them was basically like being she/her and honestly so does being male and thats just the life when ur born wirth a vagina and fem face. i mean i have a mullet i bind i try to dress masc,, also i have a mullet did i mention thatn like come on i dont even wear makeup and i love makeup and i have eyebags that u can see from 8 feet away
as someone who's genderfluid this video is offensive. Im done with buzzfeed right now. Unsubscribed. Stop pretending to know what we go through. This video is a slap in the face.
glittabones 8 oy oldin
Imagine being able to pull off both looks... they're so lucky!
Jonathan 8 oy oldin
This person is so beautiful and lots of respect for going out and doing this. It must have been so difficult but I support the message. Gender whether woman, man, both, or neither we should all feel comfortable to express ourselves however we want safely and for people to respect regardless of anything else.
Lorraine K
Lorraine K 8 oy oldin
You sound like Ellen Page, pardon the stereotype!
Be1smaht 8 oy oldin
Gosh your fashion is on point
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