I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**

FaZe Rug
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That was CRAZY!!
Have you ever seen a swimming pool FILLED with giant snakes..? Yea me neither, until today. It was SCARY!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 2 oy oldin
Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!
Pravina Bhumbar
Pravina Bhumbar 2 kun oldin
Not intersted
Lisa Bowmast
Lisa Bowmast 6 kun oldin
Your so clingy dick
Autumn Dalton
Autumn Dalton 11 kun oldin
FaZe Rug I think 01 yeah you’re here let’s video video you do you should should should do you do a challenge
Mohd Umar
Mohd Umar 16 kun oldin
Adnan Ck
Adnan Ck Oy oldin
SkyFlow Original
SkyFlow Original 8 soat oldin
I had a big yellow Burmese like that , if you handle them everyday they will eventually get very tame, nice to see your dad enjoying the experience
Samadrita Mukherjee
Samadrita Mukherjee 8 soat oldin
I cant belive...its awsome..
Agus Supri
Agus Supri 9 soat oldin
Cok ae gewe dene
Madiha Ahmed
Madiha Ahmed 12 soat oldin
Can you tell Why did you do this? I mean what's the reason? I don't get the point of the video
siddhartha majumder
siddhartha majumder 15 soat oldin
Stop torturing these creatures u fools..they did not come to disturb you but u guys making their lives miserable....
priyanka pandey
priyanka pandey 16 soat oldin
U r so cute
Aphlyne Rayne
Aphlyne Rayne 16 soat oldin
Snake is not a toy
Valeria Souza
Valeria Souza 18 soat oldin
AR World
AR World 18 soat oldin
guys I'm looking for my 1st 1k subscribers so sub like comment done I'll do same 😊🙏
its me hemanth
its me hemanth 19 soat oldin
kimberly pable
kimberly pable 22 soat oldin
There should be one snake that sneek out inside the house.
kimberly pable
kimberly pable 22 soat oldin
You should have tried swimming with the snakes.
kimberly pable
kimberly pable 22 soat oldin
Biggest fear yet you're putting them inside the pool ? Stupid
kimberly pable
kimberly pable 22 soat oldin
"no you're lying" I don't know if he is stupid or what. Doin that stuff for likes and views hs.
Lilia Méndez
Lilia Méndez 22 soat oldin
Mierda 🐂💩🐂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩puhtogkjrjekekekk3ke pute
gamer letsplaye czgame
snake is cute
black angel
black angel Kun oldin
não deixem o rezende ver esse vídeo
Lindsay Blanchard
I’m never swimming again
Lindsay Blanchard
{\__/} ( •-• ) / > 🍪 Do you want a cookie
Lindsay Blanchard
Your an idiot 🤣
Bella Melinda
Bella Melinda Kun oldin
Ù carzy? But i love u
BIG SMILE Kun oldin
Simona Boykova
Simona Boykova Kun oldin
elmin Tabakovic
elmin Tabakovic Kun oldin
Ti si lud
Ramyasri Pothuganti
Very scary
FunnY GIF's
FunnY GIF's Kun oldin
I filled my pool with best friends
#TheAdnanFilms Kun oldin
Let's Grow each other 😙😀 1) Subscribe 2 ) like 3) Comment 4) Done
Romi Jr46
Romi Jr46 Kun oldin
bad BoY
bad BoY Kun oldin
The snake head is small and stomach is big
Pritiraj Nath
Pritiraj Nath Kun oldin
Your boobs is very sexy
Victor Tikhir
Victor Tikhir Kun oldin
Next time try with king cobra
Pal.narasimha Rao
Soooooo cute to see snakes ssssss
Asha Asha
Asha Asha Kun oldin
Fucker man. He is not the only person who is in the same position that you can see also.......
Longam Tomba
Longam Tomba Kun oldin
RIP 😯..to the people living in that house cuz one day u gonna b food for those snake ..
TECH with Viraj
TECH with Viraj Kun oldin
angeli alday
angeli alday Kun oldin
i feel pity to the snakes, in my opinion those snakes doesn't want to be there
amoscolyne amoscolyne
Yah right
The Limitless Gamer
ItsDominicB Kun oldin
Thats scarier then the aligators
faded color
faded color Kun oldin
If you keep any animal and its not for meat, allow me to say you are a pinhead.
Silly Willy
Silly Willy 2 kun oldin
I love snakes
Gloria Stanley
Gloria Stanley 2 kun oldin
This is my idea of heaven Snakes are the best:)
pretty girl
pretty girl 2 kun oldin
Bruhhhh i don't know wtfff they recommend this to meeeeeee ewwwww
pretty girl
pretty girl Kun oldin
+Alina Beypi huh
Alina Beypi
Alina Beypi Kun oldin
you nit ffff
The cringe Continues
I freakin love snakes
Ruby Bella
Ruby Bella 2 kun oldin
Omg that is so creepy
Sephora Duclervil
Sephora Duclervil 2 kun oldin
Bad idea
mendoza Mendoza
mendoza Mendoza 2 kun oldin
I b bengin his sisters
Jazmyne Muthert
Jazmyne Muthert 2 kun oldin
I just got done eating my frosted flakes right before the warning came up for the snake pooping😂
Carlos Pena
Carlos Pena 2 kun oldin
I wonder Why you did that
David FromYouTube
David FromYouTube 2 kun oldin
That snake is ok
Daymryn Braswell
Daymryn Braswell 2 kun oldin
That's really big shakes🤑🤑
Daymryn Braswell
Daymryn Braswell 2 kun oldin
If you're scared of snakes don't ask me I'm not
Daymryn Braswell
Daymryn Braswell 2 kun oldin
That is the coolest thing I've seen in my life I want to add 1 billion likes
kailah hb
kailah hb 2 kun oldin
When you boring af:
Siyanga Brenda
Siyanga Brenda 2 kun oldin
this is crazy
Tinnu Haokip
Tinnu Haokip 2 kun oldin
Instead i wish you keep full of leech brainless
Peter King
Peter King 2 kun oldin
You should invite britney spears 😅 she love snakes😅😅😅
Mafruh Alaih
Mafruh Alaih 2 kun oldin
Mr. Sekarang
Mr. Sekarang 2 kun oldin
Wilbert Decena
Wilbert Decena 2 kun oldin
Omg nooooo 😰😰😰
Sky Robyn
Sky Robyn 2 kun oldin
Are you trying to die
محمد کاف خان *_*
*_OMG_* *Like* _This_
Love you 💝
Christian Cangialosi
agri culture
agri culture 2 kun oldin
Good meat for Africa !!
agri culture
agri culture 2 kun oldin
Patience Nosisa
Patience Nosisa 2 kun oldin
why you doing this its lyk u r an idiot
Nith paron
Nith paron 2 kun oldin
Who much price of this 🐍
wakee taky
wakee taky 2 kun oldin
Don't talk too much...🤔🤔🤔
krishnendu ghosh
krishnendu ghosh 2 kun oldin
A big thumbs down to this video, and is this is insane
Supra X
Supra X 2 kun oldin
Holly shit
Lalnuntluangi Hmar
Lalnuntluangi Hmar 2 kun oldin
ka rap top
Sonali Patil
Sonali Patil 2 kun oldin
Rishikant Rawat
Rishikant Rawat 2 kun oldin
What fk it make us foolish
Dhia Dia
Dhia Dia 2 kun oldin
where is snake ??? talk to much
Bharat Bharodiya
Bharat Bharodiya 2 kun oldin
I like sake video
Gautam vm
Gautam vm 2 kun oldin
Snakes poop? Lol
Sherk 2 kun oldin
This comment section has so many people that know literally nothing about snakes and how snakes can swim.
Ann Sanchez
Ann Sanchez 2 kun oldin
I hope PETA can see this!
Be ELITE 2 kun oldin
Such a bad thing they are animals not a toy you should not do this animals also have feelings
Darshna kuraba
Darshna kuraba 2 kun oldin
Girdhar Trivedi
Girdhar Trivedi 2 kun oldin
Stupid only taking
Mating Mats
Mating Mats 2 kun oldin
Omygod😱 they are too long. So insane
Mating Mats
Mating Mats 2 kun oldin
Shit so scary men! Haha
Tiffany Bailey
Tiffany Bailey 2 kun oldin
Loyisile Dlomo
Loyisile Dlomo 2 kun oldin
This is reckless and stupid
That_mixed_ chick_Kamysa
I wanna do this I love snakes, id swim with them
Piwo Ayemi
Piwo Ayemi 2 kun oldin
Be careful boy. Your videos are getting dangerous.
BrittneyNikole Vlogs
are you scard
BrittneyNikole Vlogs
I am scard
BrittneyNikole Vlogs
lele lele
lele lele 2 kun oldin
Supporters of Rugrats
Lakshmikant Lairenmayum
Bull shit job
Twisted Sisters W
Twisted Sisters W 3 kun oldin
I’m just looking to see if anyone says it’s gross to swim with snake poo…
Marcus Northern
Marcus Northern 3 kun oldin
Can I please get the name to that beat
Slime Vlogz
Slime Vlogz 3 kun oldin
Oli Pudo
Oli Pudo 3 kun oldin
Mniej gadania
Im in Love...
2 oy oldin