I Fixed My Damaged Curls in 21 DAYS | Hair Journey Series Ep. 2

Amanda Bicket
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I killed my curls... Bleaching and straightening turned my hair to straw. After years of damage, I was fed up, and was willing to do anything to fix heat damaged curly hair. In 21 days I was able to turn my dead, lifeless curls and revive them to give them new life! This is my healthy curly hair journey with pictures to show the transformation!
This is episode 2 of my curly hair journey series, so make sure you get on the playlist here to see the entire journey! uzvid.com/video/video-xshnIjx12eU.html&list=PL-YJIxus1Fz4OeavTq4atRoRvkcFqZ-J0
*This video is not sponsored. I paid for all products in this video myself*
My typical curly hair routine involves washing with DevaCurl's No Poo, DevaCurl's One Condition, and styling with DevaCurl's Styling Cream. For my full Curly Hair Routine, you can see the video here: uzvid.com/video/video-_8ZFjZQoPis.html
I messed up. Every day I abused my hair to the point that it was like straw. But after years of experimenting, I feel like I am close to having my curly hair looking how I want and want to share my experiments with you that I'm doing every week. I'm sharing my curly hair journey, curly hair routines, tutorials, and product reviews every Thursday and Saturday.
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24-Fev, 2018

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Amanda Bicket
Amanda Bicket 9 oy oldin
*What's your experience with heat or chemical damage?* And if you missed episode 1 of my hair journey on why I didn't use hair products for 3 years, you can check that out here: uzvid.com/video/video-xshnIjx12eU.html&list=PL-YJIxus1Fz4OeavTq4atRoRvkcFqZ-J0
alvamer v
alvamer v Kun oldin
How old are you?
Cheryl Boyd
Cheryl Boyd 2 oy oldin
My experience- i went to salon and wanted a crimson red hair color. Stylist bleached my entire head and when I left I had that beautiful red , straight beautiful silky hair i wanted. Long story short - i kept going back letting her bleach me out and color then blow dry my hair out straight (took about 45 min ) did this over and over .all along hot ironing my hair every single morning for about two years or more. Started noticing my hair feeling dry and gummy in the shower.couldnt get my fingers through it in shower. It was (and a year after ) a mess.my hair started comming out in handfuls in the shower. I literally woukd role it up and set it in corner of tub so it wouldnt go down my drain.. Finally started watching the curly gurl method videos and decided to stop bleaching it abd hot ironing it. Its been since last December and my hair is recovering but still in poor shape..I cut 3 inches off and it still is dry and damaged. Now no heat (at all) all silicone free, paraben free, sulfate free products...thank you for your videos - they motivate me to keep going and embrace my natural curly hair. My advice to anyone thinking of bleach and heat styling- DONT DO IT- ITS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AFTER THE FIRST IMPRESSION OF FALSE BEAUTY TURNS TO DESTROYED CURLY HAIR. Butttt- my eyebrows-😐😐 im sorry i get them waxed 😂annd they are pretty thin..😌some things i just cant quit😀
Corrina Jones
Corrina Jones 4 oy oldin
I bleached my hair back in 2017 to dye it red ( a horrible decision). And I also straightened my hair almost every day and used little to no heat protectant because I thought my curls were ugly. Now most of my hair curls, but there are some sections in the back that refuse to curl.
paramorefan martinez
Amanda Bicket I would always straighten my hair everyday for about to 2 years and my hair used to be curly and now there’s some parts that are wavy and straight 😭
Malayah M
Malayah M 4 oy oldin
Ratchet Ratchet my hair is like that but it is the opposite my hair is curly at the bottom and wavy straight at the top and I lost it to heat damage 😭
Vanessa Saintil
Vanessa Saintil 21 soat oldin
What an intro!
alvamer v
alvamer v Kun oldin
How old are you?
Chiblizz41 2 kun oldin
You are so sexy
jaycitay 5 kun oldin
I appreciate your honesty! Great Video
reyna lovely
reyna lovely 13 kun oldin
I love her voice I have short span attention so her voice makes me focus a lot
anellimm 14 kun oldin
Girl! You went thru it all! It is so sad young girls arectold these things! Good for you that you became yourself again! 💜
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez 15 kun oldin
Girl you’re beautiful and many people pay so much money to get curly hair like us. It’s so good that you got fed up and decided to embrace and get your curly hair and eyebrows back😍😘
My Mini Makeup Booth
Girl you are so beautiful! And your hair looks stunning :)
jordan wente
jordan wente 18 kun oldin
So happy to hear that! Thank you for the tips!
baby minion
baby minion 19 kun oldin
Sibscribed... bcz u r genuine
Micah 20 kun oldin
Don’t listen to them about your voice
Jennifer Chavarria
Jennifer Chavarria 20 kun oldin
Your so beautiful😘😇so glad God was able to show you your true beauty the way HE created you to be . God bless you ... this video will help other you ladies to find their true beauty inside who they were made to truly be . Thanks for you genuineness.
Ashmeet Kaur
Ashmeet Kaur 21 kun oldin
Omg! Your voice and looks is so similar to an Indian Actress Kangana Ranaut...
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup 26 kun oldin
There weren't a lot tips in here to HELP your hair , just more to stay away from... :(
Anjana S
Anjana S 27 kun oldin
I subscribed♥️
MoLifts Oy oldin
Great vid luv also what is that instrumental song at the beginning,it’s dope🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
Amanda Thorpe
Amanda Thorpe Oy oldin
Omg I just randomly stumbled apon this video and she was saying all relatable things then she suddenly said “Young Amanda” and I generally shat myself because I didn’t realise she had the same name as me😂😂😂
Allyshia Oy oldin
Thanks for this video. I have 2B hair and still needed this advice.
Celia Urena
Celia Urena Oy oldin
I totally agree with you on the princess diaries part. I also started to straighten my hair really young because everyone I knew had straight hair and all the curly celebrities that I knew always wore their hair straight. So naturally I felt like I looked prettier with straighter hair too and kept straightening my hair
xxHonestyxx Oy oldin
At first when I heard her voice I thought she was about to cry
Jennie Berglund
Damn brings me back to when I used to wash and straighten my hair daily. And I didn’t know what heat protectant was lol.
Mali Kara
Mali Kara Oy oldin
What if your hair isn’t damaged at all and it’s healthy but u want to get your curls back when you hair has naturally started to get straight can you still do this?
lala pooh
lala pooh Oy oldin
Is that Vari Hall in the background? It looks like you go to York university
CasioBananaCake 2 oy oldin
Has this worked for anyone else?? ... ive been trying to transition for nearly a year and i only see a tiny difference. Does this really work within 21 days... i have high doubts it doesnt. I use cantu shampoo and conditioner, but tend on buying shea moisture when i have finishrd using them as i hear nothing but good results from those producuts. I have 2b/c hair but used to have 3b hair that looked big and full. I have coarse thin hair, but doesnt look like i dont have any hair. I had been straightening my hair for 8 years...
Kegne kenkai
Kegne kenkai 2 oy oldin
I got bullied for having curly hair (i am white) and got called a sheep. So I combed and washed them everyday. Never used heat damage tho. Also no conditioner and I bleached my hair two times. At age 16 I embraced my curly hair but the damage was done and I was still using the wrong shampoo and not enough conditioner. I cut my hair and let it grow out and changed my diet and routine. Now at 22 I found out about protein treatment and do co wash only to bring back the moisture in my hair and the curls.
Debra James
Debra James 2 oy oldin
They need to ban that damn movie. It gave alot of people a complex
Dahbomba Sweg
Dahbomba Sweg 2 oy oldin
FACTS broooo you have no idea as a dude we go through the same shit. My mom pushed me to do straight hair things never worked out. Now I'm embracing myself
Franceska Bellerud
BRO YOU ARE ME I SWEAR I felt all of this
Gabriela Charneco
Not to knock anyone else but I've personally never been super influenced by movies or tv shows. I've watched the princess diaries a million times and I have never been under the impression that my curls weren't beautiful. Idk I've just never been one to follow everyone else, I guess I just know how to separate myself from all that nonsense.
Trisha Lee
Trisha Lee 2 oy oldin
Your story is almost exactly like mine
Ermmm ok
Ermmm ok 2 oy oldin
Been straightening my hair everyday for the last 4 years😩
Latasha Boatner
Latasha Boatner 26 kun oldin
Same and when I wear it natural it looks soooo bad, I just want to fix it so I can stop straightening it
Rafa Gasim
Rafa Gasim 2 oy oldin
5:50 Omg its as if its my photo. This is my hair now. This gives me so much hope to have good curls 😀
Ami. 2 oy oldin
Omg I cannot thank you enough for this amazing video. Most youtubers said the transitioning phase can take up to three years, and i was not ready to wear my ugly damaged hair for that long but now I’m so inspired by you to give it a try. You look amazing by the way and your natural hair suits you very well.
Lauren 2 oy oldin
Wow, there are so many comments on The Princess Diaries and what a bad effect it had on girls! I felt like the moral of the transition in that movie was self care and maintenance helps us to be our beautiful selves, that we already have everything we need, but we should spend time on ourselves instead of leaving the house haphazardly or without taking pride in our appearance. I guess that was just my own take on the makeover scene. I love the curly hair! I will also say the pics of you when your hair was "bad", I didn't think they were very bad, and we all have those transition periods. Live and learn and try to be our best selves! Btw, when I was little my mom thought it was a good idea for me to have a mullet, and a couple years after that I got a "bowl" cut---people who didn't know me thought I was a boy....at the age of 10. So i'm pretty sure everyone has some kind of bad hair story.
Noud Alra
Noud Alra 2 oy oldin
What basic thing i have to follow to fix my damage hair??????? Pleassseee teeeelllll mmmmeeeee
Noud Alra
Noud Alra 2 oy oldin
What basic thing i have to follow to fix my damage hair??????? Pleassseee teeeelllll mmmmeeeee
Noud Alra
Noud Alra 2 oy oldin
What basic thing i have to follow to fix my damage hair??????? Pleassseee teeeelllll mmmmeeeee
fawk cku
fawk cku 2 oy oldin
use silicone/sulfate free products. deep condition weekly. boom
Ximena G.
Ximena G. 2 oy oldin
Hey girl! Thanks for sharing your story! I have some questions tho, did you still wash your hair everyday when you were using Lush products? and did you use any other than the three you mentioned? I'm so glad you could get your curls back! 😍
shannon parker
shannon parker 2 oy oldin
The audio is a little wierd Anyways great video
leo's Art
leo's Art 3 oy oldin
i got a lot of positivity from those kind of videos latley and this helped me a lot because nobody in my family has curly hair and always told me straight hair was more pretty. it was really hard to find out whats right but now i got it.
Leanne Cerise
Leanne Cerise 3 oy oldin
I have such a similar story to yours. I was in school one time and a kid told me my hair was too big (I had a puffy afro) and seeing as I’m mixed race my hair was big but had a lot of movement. I straightened and dyed the crap out of my hair and regret to this day even if my hair has improved! It’s crazy how standards can people can influence the way you feel and look 😞
Dhanya Chahal
Dhanya Chahal 3 oy oldin
U have beautiful hair😊
Ani Listherchill
Ani Listherchill 3 oy oldin
Hei... Hei... I have curly hair and I brush my hair dry
Ani Listherchill
Ani Listherchill 2 oy oldin
+Sofia Lepe I hate myself and my hair XD
Sofia Lepe
Sofia Lepe 2 oy oldin
Ani Listherchill why would you do that??? Lol
ملاك أبوشوشة / malak abu shusha
you are beautiful ❤😊
Genesis Moore
Genesis Moore 3 oy oldin
Your smile is so beautiful!😍🔥
Chickenless Nuggets
I loved that movie princess diaries but now that you mention it.. I do wish they would have just helped her enhance her curls instead of getting rid of them!
Kipasaurus 3 oy oldin
When you switched to the shampoo without harmful chemicals and washed daily, did you use any other hair products after the shower? Like oils? Etc?
lelechim 3 oy oldin
Ah, so /that's/ how the hair is "trained" to become straight if people do it enough. I wanted stick-straight hair as a teen, but could never get it because I didn't have the proper tools for a long time. My mom knows nothing about beauty so she was no help! I did eventually get a flat iron, one of those Conair ones with the chamber where you add water :P Then, in my senior year of high school, I stopped because I got too busy to do my hair and stopped caring.
nelmarie cordova
nelmarie cordova 3 oy oldin
If u wanna go directly to the part qhere she talks about how she fixed her hair go directly to min 6:36
Chastity Salas
Chastity Salas 3 oy oldin
I related to this so much omg. I really want to restore my curls but idk how!!!
Angelina Leo
Angelina Leo 3 oy oldin
Really encouraging I also had beautiful curly hair about 5 years ago..because of the negative comments from my family and friends,I went for permanent straitening and heating ..literally I was torturing my hairs for last 5 years..as a result I have developed bald spots on my scalp and gone through severe hairloss..I came across this video and I went and cut short all my damaged hair last month and stopped using blow driers and straighters. I am trying hard to get my old curly and wavy hair back.I believe, one day I will accomplish it. Thanks for inspiring me and millions out there❤
The ugly duckling
My hair is naturally curly but I don't like it this way 😭 i use flat iron like every single day.. I'm tryna use it less but can't help it
fawk cku
fawk cku 2 oy oldin
You can stop using it. just make an effort to atleast
Dalila Idkmanwhatmysurnameis
My eyebrows are a full Bush and I know they don't look at their best. But I have peace with it. I don't care. I have amazing friends and a couple of guys have even liked me so I'm cool.
Eleni Georgiou
Eleni Georgiou 3 oy oldin
I never did this to my hair because I LOVED that my hair wasnt boring like everybody elses however my hair used to be a LOT thicker than it is now. I use sulfate free products but I dont see a difference. unless I am using the wrong stuff andI am one of those girls that has straight bangs and curly hair lol.
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson 3 oy oldin
My hair was recently damaged by chemicals...but now you inspired me to just keep it and take care of it until it starts curling again.....i wanna thank you soooooo much honestly.
Adilah Anwar
Adilah Anwar 3 oy oldin
Pritha Datta
Pritha Datta 3 oy oldin
Thank God movies like that aren't very popular anymore!!
Sauvage Ascension
TeamKakashi7 4 oy oldin
About 2 weeks ago i went to get my hair straightened at a salon i havent been to one in years because i dont trust them at all. My hair got damaged. It was really upsetting because my hair curly hair dry almost reaches my strap. I cut it down to above my shoulders. Fyi never cut your own hair i screwed it pretty bad lol. So now I'm starting over with my hair :( i realize my hair is just not meant for heat anymore.
Emely Marie
Emely Marie 4 oy oldin
Went to a salon to get my hair straightened and they snuck a relaxer in my hair🤬it started falling out! Since then I’ve been trimming my hair every 4 weeks( just the tips) and staying FAR AWAY from straightening. My hair has got SOME curls back but it looks really frizzy and dry...Going to try silicone free products now.
Denise 4 oy oldin
For "those days" I must have bone straight hair I wear a lace front wig...I'm not gonna ruin my hair with straightening any more,I'm done with that.anyways I like curly hair and way more beautiful than straight hair in my opinion..stupid Hollywood and Victoria's secret not to mention vogue and cosmopolitan and sports illustrated swimsuit magazines telling us what looks good is bs. If we really cared what society thinks is attractive or is a pretty look we would all be doing plastic surgery and fake ...oh wait umm..yeah..
X- J9
X- J9 4 oy oldin
Damn that Princess Diaries flashback- I felt that 😔
Bri Cruz
Bri Cruz 4 oy oldin
"that didn't seem right to me" 😂
Patrycja Marchlik
Omg all the things you did, I did too!! Love this video!
Chipped Diamond
Chipped Diamond 4 oy oldin
I sound like ur crying, gr8vid tho, it helped and also ur experience with princess diares was similar to mine
Mansi Singh Dadhwal
What were the products ... that you used at the beginning ?? Please tell, I am in similar situation 😊😊
Obreea Obvi
Obreea Obvi 4 oy oldin
fuck a like button i need a love button ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍
M M 4 oy oldin
oh my gosh that story is similar to mine. when I was younger i have watched a movie 'Curly Sue' about homeless girl (she had curly hair) and I was thinking that the ugly and dirty is always curly hair ppl... and I keep straightening my hair since. I want to back to my curls now. That is insane what movies/social media and all adverts can do to us :( GIRLS be proud of you natural look! xx
Donte' Wilson
Donte' Wilson 4 oy oldin
Plot twist: Story is actually about the reach of white supremacy.
Meditate ASMR
Meditate ASMR 4 oy oldin
earlier this year all of the "popular" girls had stick straight hair and i felt left out then my aunt got me a brazilian blowout for my hair for my birthday, and my hair is so damaged i cry of regret but i now am learning to love my hair, and myself.
Grace Merritt
Grace Merritt 4 oy oldin
bro as a little kid with curly hair and glasses the princess diaries really made me think i was ugly
Kelly K
Kelly K 4 oy oldin
“I am so much prettier with straight light colored hair”. (and my hair that is complete opposite of that). I soooo was the same. Right now I am at the fixing my heat damaged curls point.
Ebru Sipahi
Ebru Sipahi 4 oy oldin
You are soo pretty!
mikaylah, stop
mikaylah, stop 4 oy oldin
thanks, I really needed this because I wanna bring back my curls for 7th-grade I'm tired of straightening it;/ and the only part of my hair that is still curly is my roots have been straightening my hair since I was in late 4th grade
Angel A.
Angel A. 4 oy oldin
I went silicone free but I haven’t even noticed a difference and it’s been 3 months idk what to do
Elaine C
Elaine C 4 oy oldin
I am so happy I found your videos I miss my curls
Valien 4 oy oldin
HELP: What should I do? if its impossible to find products that are good for curly hair where I live, and I cant even buy them online because of the situation of my coutry and I'm are trying to make a hair transition
Ally kat
Ally kat 4 oy oldin
CanvasofGlitter 4 oy oldin
From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for making this video! After not using heat for over a year decided to go to a salon to get it straightened for a trim and ended up with quite a lot of heat damage (on my ends AND roots). Almost chopped most of my length off in frustration because I didn’t even think it could possibly be silicone buildup. Only on day 7 of following your tips but my curls have already reverted about 80% of the way. Again, thank you so much Amanda. You’re a lifesaver! 😭💕💕💕
mcSpicyChicken 4 oy oldin
Okay, this is a cry for help! I have been natural for about 3 years and all throughout I have been real careful and have only straightened my hair at home about 5 times, ever. But last month my dumbass broke the cardinal rule and I went to this "professional" who straightened and trimmed my hair. A little bit of background, my hair is 4b-4c and usually will not even last a day straight until becoming puffy because that shit sucks in moisture like a thirsty sinner in church. This is why I was really happy yet suspicious when 3 weeks into my hair being straight, it was still not puffy so two days ago I washed it and wouldn't you know it, I have heat damage. Bruh when I tell you that I was depressed, I was depressed. What makes me sooooo angry is that I didn't do the damage myself, I wouldn't be mad if I did but no, I spent three years of my life to grow and avoid heat, only for a "professional" to ruin my hair. I contacted the lady immediately and she goes "if you feel like your hair has really changed, come back for a couple of treatments." I'm like bitch, can you not see the straight strands in the pictures? Long story short, I'm praying (no joke) that this method works, because​ after this, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is ever touching my hair. I just want my hair back. If you have any extra tips, please, please, I need it.
queen slays
queen slays 4 oy oldin
omg i literally watched the princess diaries last night
I feel really related to you every single word u said about stratening ur hair
Laurel Haley
Laurel Haley 4 oy oldin
I relate to this so so much! Thank you thank you!!!
Hevin Amber
Hevin Amber 5 oy oldin
no heat damage for me because i dont use heat
GABI’S WORLD 5 oy oldin
Love watching your vids! Had a similar experience with heat and color!
JennAK 5 oy oldin
Just found your video...you're beautiful...also trying to restore and embrace my curliness as well...need more patience lol
Awilda Jimenez
Awilda Jimenez 5 oy oldin
Beautiful curls, your natural eyebrows look beautiful and frame your face perfectly.
Laura Zavala
Laura Zavala 5 oy oldin
the struggle is real!!! everything you said is exactly what i did... except for the bleaching ... i dyed my hair red... so between that and straightening my hair every single day my curls are not the same anymore
clementina cachola
Hello girl thanks for this motivational video. I often see transitions like years apart making me think that it would really take a lot of time before I see any developments on my project Back to Curly Hair. But when I saw your video saying 21 days I was like boom motivated and excited with my own journey. I totally agree with you on all points. And btw, I also lose my breath easily ever since I have my first child. Like seriously need to take a deep breath every 50 words I spit on a convo. Keep it up girl! Keep beginners, like me, motivated.. 😊
my reborns
my reborns 5 oy oldin
Thank you so much my hair is very damaged and I'm willing to take anything
Joangely Rosario
Joangely Rosario 5 oy oldin
You seem so genuine about this, Idk what it is, but this is very personal to you and important
Nabeela Khaleelur Rahman
Which movie scenes was that?
Theang1 5 oy oldin
did you have brazilian keratin on your hair when it was straight?
Latisha Price
Latisha Price 5 oy oldin
How did you grow back you brows
H Rh.
H Rh. 5 oy oldin
You give me hope 😭❤
daemosthenese 5 oy oldin
I love your voice
bernadette 6 oy oldin
OMG i also used to straighten my hair because of princess diaries too but i only plucked my eyebrows because people in my school said they were messy
Benita D'Souza
Benita D'Souza 6 oy oldin
I cut my waist length curly hair just yesterday because of all the damage I had done. It looked way too pretty but only I knew it was damaged and I had to let them go. I have shoulder length now and they are pretty much damage free caused by hair straighteners. Besides I live in Canada, so the weather can take a toll on the hair too. Now that I’m in India for a while, hair is much better and sticking to my sulphate and silicone free method with conditioner washing most of the times. Hair is short now but well better to have healthy short hair than long damaged curls. I’ve always got compliments for my hair. Something I swear by is: 1. Hot organic coconut oil scalp massage every time you wash your hair. 2. Hair masks rich in protein. 3. Organic hair products that are sulphate, paraben and silicone free. 4. And treat hair with love. Be gentle and love your hair. Treat it as gently as a new born. 5. Biotin and omega 3 fatty acids for those that have brittle hair. Good luck with your hair journey.
Victoria Lerner
Victoria Lerner 6 oy oldin
a month ago I chopped all my knee length straight and very fine hair in attention to grow it healthy this time around,being anemic do you suggest me to take megafood hair skin and nail and megafood iron or hairfinity? and can you please recommend me sls free hair product and oils(moroccanoil/macadamia hair oil) that will work for fine and straight hair.thank you.
T. H.
T. H. 3 oy oldin
Victoria Lerner- I would suggest talking to your doctor about this if you can. I’ve heard some horror stories from using supplements (but also good things, to be fully honest). But I think a good diet to suit your needs would be safest and that way the majority of the nutrients you’re trying to absorb doesn’t end up in urine. Just my two cents ☺️