I Found a Crashed Drone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner)

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Today I scuba dive and search for a drone that crashed into the river!
Let's team up and help this man get a new drone! www.gofundme.com/SunkenDroneFund
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a Treasure Hunter, Scuba Diver, Freediver, Spearfsherman, Angler & UZvidr w/ 5,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of urban treasure!
Twitter (Daily Updates): twitter.com/DALLMYD
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My PO Box
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Phenix City, Alabama 36868-0211
Have any questions? Feel free to email me anytime! I'm open to discussing about collaborations, sponsorships, product reviews and more! Email: mgordon@fullscreen.com
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I Found a Crashed Drone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner) uzvid.com/video/video-enQxo_fMZ8c.html




2-Sen, 2018

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izedin ahmeti Kun oldin
Geelynnee Sanchez
Geelynnee Sanchez 7 kun oldin
Steven Cronin
Steven Cronin 28 kun oldin
Dallmyd is awesome?
ilich maldonado
Pera para el barrio Lempira el número de teléfono para poder realizar
Rylan Perreault
Love it
Hakkim Mohamed
Hakkim Mohamed Kun oldin
What is a drone owner name
Rico Baca
Rico Baca 3 kun oldin
Itz_FeliceTheWolfUwU Gacha Gamer
Dang that is so fantastic!!!!
Didnt somebody say that somebody crashed their drone at the bridge?
Pinky Giselle
Pinky Giselle 7 kun oldin
OMG 😯😯😕😕
päivi kolehmainen
päivi kolehmainen 7 kun oldin
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 8 kun oldin
I love ur videos there so good
Akram Hafid
Akram Hafid 10 kun oldin
Don amoa
DA\/ID 0MAN 10 kun oldin
One man's trash is another man's treasure
Ahmed King
Ahmed King 10 kun oldin
Love 💖❤️💌💐💍💎
Car Fan Jdm Lover
Car Fan Jdm Lover 13 kun oldin
Nice work keep working it for the fishes bro
Gabriel Olvera
Gabriel Olvera 13 kun oldin
D e un like pues
oloap paolo
oloap paolo 13 kun oldin
Is inspire 2/1
Mi Az
Mi Az 15 kun oldin
Drone shot
Piranha man
Piranha man 15 kun oldin
Big respect for clearing up other peoples mess.
Sheikh Fawaz Zafar
Sheikh Fawaz Zafar 16 kun oldin
Just only you
Renan extreme boladão Renan
sheryl balasbas
sheryl balasbas 17 kun oldin
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000plesed like
Renan Sagui Bazilio Dos Santos
Oh my god
Renan Sagui Bazilio Dos Santos
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Silvana Monteiro 19 kun oldin
Parabéns por essa índole é educação maravilhosa. Seus pais estão de parabéns . Devolver os objetos que encontra éno mínimo lindo demais.
PROX SPORTS 19 kun oldin
Just sinking in Indonesia river or lake
la diversion de kiara
la diversion de kiara
Me sorprende soy fan
manu e igor. games manu e igor games
Raí mano kkk
manu e igor. games manu e igor games
Meu deus kkk
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Jadiel consuegra 20 kun oldin
Wimper Barriga
Wimper Barriga 20 kun oldin
Sherviniomitshel Sherviniomitshel
Please love dat drone
la diversion de kiara
bobby bedway
bobby bedway 22 kun oldin
My dad lost is phone in lake Michigan
nur Salih
nur Salih 22 kun oldin
Denis Sacrab
Denis Sacrab 23 kun oldin
TylerPlayz &Volgs
TylerPlayz &Volgs 23 kun oldin
6:00 ur welcome
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Sandra Rafaela 23 kun oldin
Sandra Rafaela
Sandra Rafaela 23 kun oldin
Canal dos galáxianos
Hello pris
Wayzer 24 kun oldin
Walter Paredes
Walter Paredes 24 kun oldin
I BELIEVE this guy will make a LOT of Money if he decide work in the "Auctions" business, he speak so fast!!!
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos 22 kun oldin
Oh mais ou menos
Sherviniomitshel Sherviniomitshel
Please cif my dat drone please
Mass Shiipiiet
Mass Shiipiiet 25 kun oldin
Marhianne Espinas
Marhianne Espinas 26 kun oldin
I will and I really like your vlogs
Radha kc
Radha kc 26 kun oldin
Marcos Trivella
Marcos Trivella 26 kun oldin
hola no hablo en ingle no entiendo nada
Mandy Francois
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Bavent hcv000))))&
Elhacker200lol 24 kun oldin
entonces no mires
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JUNIOR CROSS PLAY 27 kun oldin
Eu sou do Brasil🇧🇷
Darah Souza
Darah Souza 20 kun oldin
Darah Souza
Darah Souza 20 kun oldin
Eu também
manu e igor. games manu e igor games
Eu sou Tam bem
Eduardo Leon
Eduardo Leon 24 kun oldin
Tbm kkkk
Austin C
Austin C 27 kun oldin
Why was landing gear retracted when you found it and then landing gear down when you surfaced?
Elhacker200lol 24 kun oldin
it seems that the landing gear lowered it does not look good why that part shorted it
jhair Lastra
jhair Lastra Oy oldin
Ilham Saka
Ilham Saka Oy oldin
Kirm ke Indonesia di rst
Kassandra Tellez
More please more please
kazi riasat
kazi riasat Oy oldin
will this drone work again or its completely dead now?
gab Beeton
gab Beeton Oy oldin
Yo he talks fast at the start of the video
Andrew Bushok
Andrew Bushok Oy oldin
Why does he have toothpaste in his bin?
Noel Malong, Jr
Good question
Foxy Oy oldin
Karcellius Sutton it’s to clean his goggles
Foxy Oy oldin
Andrew Bushok it’s to clean his goggles
Karcellius Sutton
Andrew Bushok I no right
Aleksa Petrovic
Kevin M Smith
Kevin M Smith Oy oldin
Wtg Jake congrats
Cy Park
Cy Park Oy oldin
I think d wires and nets r dangerous to the sea animals as well
Techniques With Riyan
Great bro! Love from India. -
Techniques With Riyan
Margret Thokchom ohh lets be Friends
Margret Thokchom
Im also from India state manipur
Zapnu Hola
Zapnu Hola Oy oldin
Micmac Oy oldin
New here, but what do you do with all the stuff like, cameras, glasses etc. (the valuable stuff)
the Kylee and Mom channel
This HAS to be ASMR or something
Cy Park
Cy Park Oy oldin
Totally, dat bubble sound
Deven Youandi
Deven Youandi Oy oldin
I have to ask... why the toothpaste?
Maurice Rusch
Maurice Rusch Oy oldin
ธนพรรษ เขียวรัตน์
S L Oy oldin
Молодец парень! Приятно слушать и смотреть! Well done guy. Nice to listen and watch!
bruno martins BR Santos
Pq vc também não faz vídeo em português
Marcia Barros
Marcia Barros Oy oldin
Porque ele e americano burrão
dudlei Oy oldin
+Yoná Almeida ahUAhUAHuAHuHAuHAuhUAhUAhUAh
Yoná Almeida
Yoná Almeida Oy oldin
pq 1+1 E 5
Steven Moore
Steven Moore Oy oldin
I lost my gopro in that same river please find it
Clubul animalutelor draguta A&M
stefanos. Efremidis
WTF 6,6M
kashmiri youtuber
In one way you are cleaning the river very goooooood 😀😁😁👌👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
jeremy jensen
jeremy jensen Oy oldin
How about showing us more of you collecting fishing line.
Sonja Cover
Sonja Cover Oy oldin
I love the knife
Usaia Rokobiau
I love your video and we are your biggestfan.😁
Connor Stein
Connor Stein Oy oldin
How do find such good things on your channel?
Jordan DNB Cx
Jordan DNB Cx Oy oldin
Your videos are epic man! I'm binge watching them haha.
Cristinel Mezinoiu
Ce faci băiatul meu
cupcake 06
cupcake 06 Oy oldin
Why do u carry around tooth paste
Josue Amadis
Josue Amadis Oy oldin
+Piragalathan Kugan vxgdydudgccdue73747 57th 57th 38399w uh feeds 38399w
Josue Amadis
Josue Amadis Oy oldin
+Piragalathan Kugan vxgdydudgccdue73747 57th 57th 38399w uh feeds 38399w
Josue Amadis
Josue Amadis Oy oldin
+Piragalathan Kugan jhdgdgsyusysuaoshdgxisuaysogctcyci
cupcake 06
cupcake 06 Oy oldin
+Piragalathan Kugan oh ty
Piragalathan Kugan
he puts toothpaste on his goggles so it doesn't fog up
Lance Bernard Santiago
Rogoz Florentina
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez Oy oldin
Trying to copy river plus man channel
T Rex
T Rex Oy oldin
“ trying to copy” wow! It’s like saying someone is copying someone because two coincidentally have the same content. Shut up this persons a good man and saying things like that isn’t helping at all
animalcam Oy oldin
Julian Lopez - Well, Jake opened this channel on January 31, 2011. Man and River started his channel in 2017. You do the math.
Layce Iosua
Layce Iosua Oy oldin
If i lost a grown and some one ells found it i will do anything for him 🤗🙂☺ and if i could i will try to give you some money
Dock Saylor
Dock Saylor Oy oldin
Howe’s he know his name before he said anything and went to let’s get subscribers for the owner of drones channel kinda sounds like they know one another and worked this out to gain subscribers and favor for their UZvid channels. I left my drone in a huge tree for while till climbers got it down it looked offed two days later still could shake rain water out of it his drone had just came out of a lake and looked new spotless no water dripping odd! Just how it seems don’t mean it is true.
KENT. Oy oldin
whos christ and shoutout
Geoff Fisher
Geoff Fisher Oy oldin
Started watching, but too many adverts, so went away!
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav Oy oldin
Please give me a one drone
granny lo ver xd
why are you collecting bottle of beers?
Manon Blais
Manon Blais Oy oldin
He collects garbage out of the river and throws it away after the dive. Just doing his part to clean up.
making Channel now soon
Yes you are you doing today I be do you have a mind that looks good on my butt off manager because I need robux or you could go away as well as well as well as well as well as well you Still can to not only for you are you a fan of the show and North coast guard will kill you can to make a cake is the one that was following me to come out of the game and raise
Josue Amadis
Josue Amadis Oy oldin
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Ahmed 3232
Ahmed 3232 Oy oldin
matt carlton
matt carlton Oy oldin
my drone was in the water and i got it out i love going underwater and finding stuff
matt carlton
matt carlton Oy oldin
i love your shanel
Christopher johnson
Now can you go to my lake and fish out my mavic air I have video and everything on where it crashed
Christopher johnson
+Majidi Majidi ?
Majidi Majidi
Majidi Majidi Oy oldin
henry huggle38
Why is there always toothpaste in his jar?
henry huggle38
That's really smart
Alex Here
Alex Here Oy oldin
He puts it on his goggles so they wouldnt get fogged
Noah Renshaw
Noah Renshaw Oy oldin
I hope he could get a new drone man
JeanMichel Aten's
Wagner Neres
Wagner Neres Oy oldin
Big jake...parabéns
Nurhidayah Sanyut
thats a fish not item dummy
Shayne Topp
Shayne Topp Oy oldin
Its a lure DUMMY
Amber Oy oldin
Nurhidayah Sanyut it was a lure lmao
moaccyrprestes prestes
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 the best
Lei Valdez
Lei Valdez Oy oldin
That must be the hackers
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