I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the River! (Things Found Underwater)

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In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the River! (Interesting Finds) uzvid.com/video/video-LgRmRMLyN18.html




26-Iyl, 2018

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Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another diving video at Cut Bait! How do you think the police stun gun ended up in the river??
Reginald Prasad
Reginald Prasad Kun oldin
Alondra sh Cepeda
Alondra sh Cepeda 2 kun oldin
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster 7 kun oldin
Because it was a hack I put it their because my Dad used to be a police man and he dropped it in their because he pulled a prank on you DALLMYD
Konstantin Banovic
Konstantin Banovic 10 kun oldin
อนันต์ กันทะเป็ง
Mohd Fadhli Ikram Zakaria
You are so cool
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Twice Lover 5 soat oldin
So cool
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Old ManEstabon 6 soat oldin
You know You could think about getting some new gloves :)
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Just earned a sub
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Please make a Web Site
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My son watches this all the time and lm an 👮
Freddy Staal
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So funny 😂
Freddy Staal
Freddy Staal 21 soat oldin
So cool 😎
Freddy Staal
Freddy Staal 21 soat oldin
That’s why I am going to share this video
Matilda H
Matilda H Kun oldin
Oh my god you found my toothpaste that I lost back in 1929
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Kun oldin
Jenahara Khayra
Jenahara Khayra Kun oldin
u good to find item man
Jenahara Khayra
Jenahara Khayra Kun oldin
omg that my camera i swear pls give back
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Kun oldin
You didn't find a dollar or a swimming cops stun gun cuz what irresponsible cop would take their stun gun swimming and just not going to give a shit the next day
Steve Tran
Steve Tran Kun oldin
What kind of camera he used ?
Matthias Volz
Matthias Volz Kun oldin
Amazing. I never found so much stuff during my dives. Good job!
mona marsupial
mona marsupial Kun oldin
That dollar was in way too good of shape. Hmmm.....
william martin
william martin Kun oldin
I lost iphone 7
Dustin Griggs
Dustin Griggs Kun oldin
the forgotten bowling ball
Jenny Salvoni
Jenny Salvoni Kun oldin
Because you're a good person cleaning up the environment I'm going to like and subscribe and I never do that.
Brandon Bogott
Brandon Bogott Kun oldin
How have you not ran into some kinda water beast yet
Xavier Calk
Xavier Calk Kun oldin
WWII compass rose
kadove 97 88
kadove 97 88 Kun oldin
That bowling ball though who would through that in a river comet ur answer
Waylon Callis
Waylon Callis Kun oldin
it is a sailors compass
Angelina Aranki
Angelina Aranki Kun oldin
Jake: (gets stuck in a fishing line and is drowning) WOO HOOOO!!!
Silvum !
Silvum ! 2 kun oldin
when he first picked up the rocks, i had the gruesome first thought that he was going to throw them at the catfish, but he’s too pure 💞
Volley LK
Volley LK 2 kun oldin
dat glove (not to say is bad is cool xD)
Brooklin Springer
Brooklin Springer 2 kun oldin
Who else thought he was going to cut the fish
EJSavage452 2 kun oldin
6:30 is that a bowling ball
Perry Henn
Perry Henn 3 kun oldin
I dropped a couple of thing's down there
Christopher Cowfer
Christopher Cowfer 3 kun oldin
Give me one of the thing’syou find my name is Chris
Dhenzel Napolis
Dhenzel Napolis 3 kun oldin
He find a bollingball
Joe Mino
Joe Mino 3 kun oldin
It was mine!!!!
NathorNex 3 kun oldin
that’s crystal cove “HOLY CRAP I MADE THAT UP!!!!” AND U GOT GOOODS stungun is with po-lice right
Avera's Videos
Avera's Videos 3 kun oldin
2:45 oooh
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 3 kun oldin
The thing he picked up that's spins is a firework
Irish_ Gamer06
Irish_ Gamer06 3 kun oldin
I lost my Bugatti in a lake (you probably know what I mean)
Zane Burkham
Zane Burkham 3 kun oldin
On the compass that is a model from 1940 it was mainly issued during World War II for troops that were airborne or as I would say Airborne units or just regular soldiers they are pretty expensive to buy nowadays
Randy Weise
Randy Weise 3 kun oldin
can I have all the weights
SpoopyMangle 3 kun oldin
I saw a shotgun
Wondering IN NY
Wondering IN NY 4 kun oldin
wow - I can't believe in a short amount of time you found all that stuff
Philip Dimacali-Lim
Jamie Banks
Jamie Banks 4 kun oldin
My dad has one and he is in the military
Jamie Banks
Jamie Banks 4 kun oldin
I ' m a huge fan of you your so cool and funny and really nice to fish also the fish i see are cut w
Alexander Jakob
Alexander Jakob 5 kun oldin
I lost a fon at íalend
Colby Barges
Colby Barges 5 kun oldin
I love ur videos
Nauman Irfan
Nauman Irfan 5 kun oldin
I lost a i phone XMAX
arnuxs 880
arnuxs 880 5 kun oldin
Ju faund my phone
Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller 5 kun oldin
Hi big boy
Zack Bourland
Zack Bourland 5 kun oldin
That bass though . thing was huge
Alex Dowdy
Alex Dowdy 5 kun oldin
Millitary compass could I have the stun gun
Family man
Family man 5 kun oldin
*finds golf ball* woo hooo. *finds anchor* ........
David Fore
David Fore 6 kun oldin
plese tolk to my
David Fore
David Fore 6 kun oldin
I love your vid
Daniel Serna
Daniel Serna 6 kun oldin
Love your videos
owen sammons
owen sammons 6 kun oldin
Police boat chase
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor 6 kun oldin
Ok am I the only person who dose this every time he sees and fish I say hay to it to like it can here me ????
Kix Review
Kix Review 6 kun oldin
asmr if i must say
Clementine Wolfshaar-Vallee
One of these days he is gonna take out his knife, use it, and when he goes to put it back into his little pocket he will cut himself
Blasted Boi
Blasted Boi 7 kun oldin
I live in Georgia and I love going to that little island
rami ahmad
rami ahmad 8 kun oldin
so your telling me there was a dollar folded nicely and stuck between rocks.
RandomThings! 8 kun oldin
Wehey! Cheese on toast & catching up on your videos = Bliss! I am in 😍😇😍😇😍 right now! 😈❤️😍👋😇😏😘 xxx
No Dreams,Just Goals
Did u just find a bowling ball in a "bowl"? That's kind of ironic
Rodrigo gomes gomes
Muito bom seus vídeos 👍
ED Gadget River Finds
nice finds this inspires me on my own channel cool video
Albert Uy
Albert Uy 9 kun oldin
You sound like pyro from tf2 when you find good stuf
Иван Мартынюк
Ты дайвер
Ryuzaki Dodson
Ryuzaki Dodson 9 kun oldin
The stun gun might have fell while a police was investigating a murder or something like that
Val Azevedo
Val Azevedo 10 kun oldin
quem ai e do brasilllllllllllllllll
Jerry Sherman
Jerry Sherman 11 kun oldin
I love your videos i like and subscribe
Brandon x
Brandon x 12 kun oldin
You planted that dollar
Stylish Music
Stylish Music 13 kun oldin
I want to see a waving at fish montage tbh 😂
OldSkool 55F100
OldSkool 55F100 14 kun oldin
Thumbs up on your video... Boo on Square Space.... I went to your site and it says expired... Also because "lostringfinders" are sleeze and charge to use the service.. It would be awesome o have a site that people who lost a valuable can post it and others can help find it...
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 14 kun oldin
Dave Emigh
Dave Emigh 14 kun oldin
Dude your my fav youtuber,i also love the knife u use with that cool case. Keep it up man👍👍
dinoman0309 14 kun oldin
hpw does the jar stay dry
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 14 kun oldin
that grapolig hook is mine
Letthegamescomance 15 kun oldin
I liked and subscribed
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Sanjin Krivic 15 kun oldin
my mom say dath you stupid
Jessie Palacios
Jessie Palacios 15 kun oldin
0:57 laughed so hard
Ninjaattle 15 kun oldin
6:09 I respect that
Brooklyn B
Brooklyn B 15 kun oldin
He’s has to have mad skill to go down there and find these things. I would not even step one foot in the water but he’s over here diving for things 😂😂😂 keep up your doing though you could get a lot of many money for the things u find.
Darina Belskaya
Darina Belskaya 16 kun oldin
Nikola Ivanovski
Nikola Ivanovski 16 kun oldin
this guy is secretly pyro from tf2
reptilehell 16 kun oldin
ok i can understand wanting to take a phone or sunglasses but why take an empty tube of cream?
Mama-o Jr
Mama-o Jr 17 kun oldin
2:59 what is that
Mama-o Jr
Mama-o Jr 17 kun oldin
Are you gonna use that or no 😂😂😂😅😅2:18
Mama-o Jr
Mama-o Jr 17 kun oldin
You really fast at talking
Tarryn James
Tarryn James 17 kun oldin
Chill a fish
Fabian Bohorque
Fabian Bohorque 17 kun oldin
Mierdas me encontré el verano pasado 7 aifons
John Haley
John Haley 18 kun oldin
Do you think a police officer died in there
Lucy Ochoa
Lucy Ochoa 18 kun oldin
I lost my I phone
Abdullah Bahaa
Abdullah Bahaa 19 kun oldin
O you find my iPhone 📱
Leelyn Waggoner
Leelyn Waggoner 19 kun oldin
thats the same type of compass the military uses, if you look at it, and find a NSN number, (national stock number) it will confirm its an ACTUAL military compass
Amber M
Amber M 19 kun oldin
That knife must be sharp jake
Wim De Brouwer
Wim De Brouwer 20 kun oldin
Super cool
HecticV 20 kun oldin
Anyone Else Thinks That He Sounds Like Pyro From Tf2 When He Gets Excited
Max Rich
Max Rich 20 kun oldin