I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the River! (Things Found Underwater)

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In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the River! (Interesting Finds) uzvid.com/video/video-LgRmRMLyN18.html




26-Iyl, 2018

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DALLMYD Oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another diving video at Cut Bait! How do you think the police stun gun ended up in the river??
MFL Productions
MFL Productions 7 kun oldin
I was wondering how do you get permission to do this kinda stuff
Dawn Deese
Dawn Deese 11 kun oldin
Good dive
PhoenixGamer366 12 kun oldin
9:10 that is an engineer compass. There are some Golden ones that sell from 800 - 900$
dz tarik
dz tarik 13 kun oldin
DALLMYD YOU FINDED MY GOPRO CAMERA YAAAY im from bosnia and herzegovina lost i before 3 months and 3 days before
Beatriz Aparecida
Beatriz Aparecida 15 kun oldin
Q legal
Kendrick Wittmer
Kendrick Wittmer 4 soat oldin
3:44 those fireworks are crazy they always either explode or fly at ur face
Ablicant Forest
Ablicant Forest 8 soat oldin
That is a military compass, it points to the magnetic North I believe
Fort mesce
Fort mesce 10 soat oldin
Will you make merch
Casey Milner
Casey Milner 11 soat oldin
Lol I have whached every video u have made you have a good person
Kitt 18 soat oldin
Get those sponsors Jake! Hell yeah buddy, you deserve it!
Jonttu 226
Jonttu 226 19 soat oldin
What gear are you using
You clicked this video for 7:50
Adam Martinka
Adam Martinka Kun oldin
You remind me of Wall-E haha just exploring and picking up whatever seems interesting
Treehouse Syfy
Treehouse Syfy Kun oldin
Diego Cadiac
Diego Cadiac Kun oldin
I want to meet him he seems so nice
Jazmyn Garcia
Jazmyn Garcia Kun oldin
money flotes
Duramax 1
Duramax 1 Kun oldin
lol i would shat myself if that happend
Wes Allen
Wes Allen Kun oldin
Idk what type of compass it is but I knew from the moment you picked it up that it was a compass. :D
Camila Klimas
Camila Klimas Kun oldin
I love your "wohooo"s
Railson Nascimento
Curto muito seus vídeo sou do Brasil
Pananah Lilly
Pananah Lilly Kun oldin
I accidentally lost a water bottle in a lake in Michigan back when I was like 5 or 6. To this day I still wonder if anyone found it
mihai moldovan
mihai moldovan Kun oldin
Hey dude ..... you speeking much to fast 4 my ears !!!! :D
Thuy Dung Nguyen
6.25 that í a booling
Posman Sihotang
Posman Sihotang Kun oldin
I like knife bad hand
That one Chick
That one Chick 2 kun oldin
He’s so pure everytime he sees a fish he ether goes to poke it or waves at it and when he finds something he likes he goes woo or woo hoo under the water
Duck Tubz
Duck Tubz 2 kun oldin
Is this Aquamans version of dumpster diving
Random Rubikats
Random Rubikats 2 kun oldin
Did he ever get the bowling ball though?
N Collins
N Collins 2 kun oldin
He planted that money fo sho
estela morales
estela morales 2 kun oldin
Mabeby a police dropped it
Telesuk 2 kun oldin
7:00 fishing level 100
Elvin Oberg
Elvin Oberg 2 kun oldin
Buck of bullshit
Woken Lunatic
Woken Lunatic 2 kun oldin
Why there was a bowling ball in the water?
Markus Weichselbaumer
Hey can you came to Germany and found one of my lost gopros
Stop Touching My Phone Alex
Yo his scream at the beginning
close my goddam door
Maybe you need some new gloves
Colby bates
Colby bates 2 kun oldin
The thing you found that floated and spun in the water is a firework. It's a plane that's supposed to explode but apparently never did
naturewoodfb 2 kun oldin
Do you squba dive alone?
dwight coppieters
dwight coppieters 2 kun oldin
just stumbled upon your video . love this channel and the idea of your website gonne check it out after the vid ! like share sub ! love to see u dig up many more treasures
Stay J
Stay J 2 kun oldin
6:24 bowling ball
Alice Börjesson
Alice Börjesson 2 kun oldin
I lost mi fon der wite red skal
Susie Pittman
Susie Pittman 3 kun oldin
I lost my bugatti key
Stoner 63
Stoner 63 3 kun oldin
How do you find so many things under water?
Cambot Smash-Craft
Cambot Smash-Craft 3 kun oldin
I love how he goes into rivers and just cuts lines
Went2sleep 3 kun oldin
Woohoo headass
Joey Randall
Joey Randall 3 kun oldin
Me: Could you go get me a shirt DALLMYD: Sure, which pond?
Judy Ewing
Judy Ewing 3 kun oldin
That is a military companies
Mary Novovesky
Mary Novovesky 3 kun oldin
i like how he exitily screams underwater when he finds something good XD
DomesticatedWind 3 kun oldin
What knife do you use when you dive? Just curious.
Anthony Lara
Anthony Lara 3 kun oldin
AIM XD HaHa sounds like someone who owned that aimed for the arm not the dam XD HaHa 😂
Jahmiah Ayler
Jahmiah Ayler 3 kun oldin
It’s a military compass
Lauren Hankins
Lauren Hankins 3 kun oldin
Him waving at the fish is hilarious
Vladimir Igumnov
Vladimir Igumnov 3 kun oldin
Military compass
Zippy 3 kun oldin
Tshiabnag 3 kun oldin
You’re really awesome .. I subscribed
jacob brown
jacob brown 3 kun oldin
It's a army cumpas
mikkel olsen
mikkel olsen 3 kun oldin
Take some of the things you found, and give it to some homeless people just not phones and stuff like that but things they would find valuable (:
Aoi Akuma
Aoi Akuma 3 kun oldin
maybe he should start bringing a bigger jar XD
Claudia Klein
Claudia Klein 3 kun oldin
Faça seus vídeos com legenda em português,pq amo seus vídeos mas não entendo oq vc fala pq não falo inglês
juake simpson
juake simpson 3 kun oldin
the compass was a military and i know that cause it was my grandads
Priyashankar 1995
Priyashankar 1995 3 kun oldin
there was an egg near you when you found the fan like thing
vuxvux the gang fan
yoo big boy wasup
Itz Hussnat
Itz Hussnat 3 kun oldin
i did it again
Itz Hussnat
Itz Hussnat 3 kun oldin
now that does not make sence at crap
Itz Hussnat
Itz Hussnat 3 kun oldin
ur things were ur finding is really amzing!!
totally kookie
totally kookie 3 kun oldin
Honestly my favorite parts is hearing him get excited when he finds something
Money is paper so is your textbook so if you put your notebook underwater won’t break
Liam 3 kun oldin
I love it when he waves at the fish lol
Marie Königstein
Marie Königstein 4 kun oldin
lorenzo jansen
lorenzo jansen 4 kun oldin
is that a condom?
CrystalClown96 4 kun oldin
Lmao why do you always wave at the fishes?😂
EcBobcat 54
EcBobcat 54 4 kun oldin
Had anyone said that u look like Tekashi69?
THEGODDESS 09 4 kun oldin
You might want to invest in a new pair of gloves. It isn't very sanitary touching things with your bare hands. I would assume you have to money to do so. That is my opinion you do not have to listen.
keel24 4 kun oldin
Have you ever thought about adding some music in the background?
Master23333333333 4 kun oldin
mate for that website can you come al the way to australia
Christian Olesen
Christian Olesen 2 kun oldin
He wants to dive, not get eaten by a croc.
Андрей Шулика
ji sad boy
ji sad boy 4 kun oldin
Ado 4 kun oldin
You should come to my country bosnia and dive in neretva. The perfect spot would be the jablaničko lake. But be careful, even at summer the temperature in the river is just a bit above 0
Isabelle Goquingco
Isabelle Goquingco 4 kun oldin
Imagine if he pops the stun gun in the water hehehheheh
GROOT 4 kun oldin
Why you trow a bowling ball in a river?
Donivan Hamrick
Donivan Hamrick 4 kun oldin
it wasnt on pourpose but at 10:33 thats right when i scrolled down and hit the sub button
Football for You
Football for You 4 kun oldin
At the start when he got scared of the fish is me when I look in the mirror in the morning 😂
Demian Bons
Demian Bons 4 kun oldin
Wow money
PxPlubZllnJllsJx 4 kun oldin
I come form Thailand but I love when him do this.
Potpot Santos
Potpot Santos 4 kun oldin
ur the best diving
mean have a ww1 or 2 military compass
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman 4 kun oldin
U talk so fast man
Kel1s 5 kun oldin
How can you see anything in this dirty river?
_VAP0R _
_VAP0R _ 5 kun oldin
Husain Alwaaele
Husain Alwaaele 5 kun oldin
It’s good that he joined the police force
Mürsel Parlak
Mürsel Parlak 5 kun oldin
Prince Keeper
Prince Keeper 5 kun oldin
Woo hoo XD
Chase Mansfield
Chase Mansfield 5 kun oldin
He's swimming in shorts at 5:52
Chase Mansfield
Chase Mansfield 5 kun oldin
DALLMYD I love how you find people's stuff and bring it back to them keep doing what you do!
The Masked gamer
The Masked gamer 5 kun oldin
Have you accidentally cut yourself while putting your knife back in your arm strap pocket thingy
blake kuhlmann
blake kuhlmann 5 kun oldin
What dice knife do you use?
Virus 365
Virus 365 5 kun oldin
Did you find a bowling ball underwater?😂😂😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 5 kun oldin
Put a magnet in the lake lol master plan
MLG weirdo gaming noob gaming
Hey could i buy something from you that you find ?
Jjvjهناك حبوب كبسه Bcj
ة يطلب
Серый Глеб
6:23 xD
Prince MO
Prince MO 5 kun oldin
Rob Velzen
Rob Velzen 5 kun oldin
GOODBYE by Bart van Velzen from VIBRANT ARM, Amsterdam. Don,t miss it, like it. uzvid.com/video/video-a2vYCXOceQo.html Also listen to ANGEL DESIRE. Awesome song.
jerome paradis
jerome paradis 5 kun oldin
Sad my lungs are defect and i get easy pneumothorax so my life dream of deep diving = ruined :( Lucky guy i envy him :(
Weebs Aregood
Weebs Aregood 5 kun oldin
Condom 5:05 ??