I Found Abused Animals and Rescued Them

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Hannah and her family were on vacation in the countryside. They'd rented a little cottage on a farm. They loved all the farm animals, and the dogs and cats, and the great outdoors - fresh air.
They had no idea they were about to come face-to-face with the worst kind of animal abuse and mistreatment. Real animal cruelty.
On their last day they decided to take a hike around the farm and the woods around them. After walking for a little while they stumbled upon a huge, beautiful open field. Here mom, the nature lover, insisted that they walk through it.
As they started hiking through the huge field they started seeing all these seemingly abandoned cars everywhere - minivans - parked randomly all over the field, and each one with dark windows and locked up with a padlock.
When they walked up to one to peer inside the windows, what they saw was very, very disturbing. Each van was filled with animals, in cages, and it seemed that they had been really badly abused, neglected, and mistreated.
They went from one rusted out old van to another, and inside each one were more abused animals - kittens and cats, puppies and dogs, birds and other small pets and animals. It got more and more suspicious and strange the further into the field they went. There must have been hundreds of abused animals, all in serious need of rescue.
As they approached the other end of the field they came to a small fenced off area, a broken down paddock. In the middle of this tiny space was a horse, in just horrible condition. It was so underfed and uncared for - malnourished - that its ribs were sticking out and it was so thin you could count them. The poor horse was tied up to a stake, and the bridle had been rubbing against his nose and face - hurting him.
It was absolutely horrifying. At that point her mom and dad had seen enough - they were really upset and concerned. How could no one have done anything about these poor neglected pets and animals, innocent dogs and cats and birds and horses?
It was time to get out of there and do something to rescue these abused animals. Maybe they would call the police. Maybe Animal Rescue or a shelter, the ASPCA or RSPCA, but no matter what, it was illegal, a crime.
When they got back to their cottage they went straight to the owner. She told them that the man who owns that other land had been in trouble, even arrested for abusing and neglecting animals before, and that he had been watching them the whole time they were on their hike.
They immediately called the police and animal rescue and they came right away and took the horse and other animals. When Hannah saw some of the cats and dogs coming out of their cages, it broke her heart - some of them couldn't even walk. There were so many of them, so sick and neglected.
It was sad, but Hannah was so happy that they had taken that walk and found those abused animals and made sure that they were rescued. And she wants everyone to know how awful it is to see these poor animals up close, and that if you do abuse animals and get caught, you will go to jail. And, if you see animals that appear to be neglected or abused, tell someone or call the police and make sure they get rescued! You might really be saving them.
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8-Yan, 2019

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Spectrum Carpentry
Spectrum Carpentry 31 daqiqa oldin
I would never want to hurt any animal ever in fact I want to be a vet when I grow up 😄
Joshua Scrogham
Joshua Scrogham 35 daqiqa oldin
Those poor animals!!!!!! I wish I could punch that guy!!!
Lauren B
Lauren B Soat oldin
That's so sad I adopted a cat who lived with 3 dogs when we went to get her she was hiding and the place was loud filled with 3 teens and flooded with clothes she is happy now and I'd super lucky
anime lover
anime lover Soat oldin
I about cryed :(
Goldie glare
Goldie glare Soat oldin
i am crying rn
Benji icely
Benji icely 2 soat oldin
I CRIED WHO ELSE CREID. I remember there was a dog at my neighborhood and she’s being abused it’s not right they don’t give her food so me and my friend will usually give her food
Maryjane Desgrange
Maryjane Desgrange 2 soat oldin
My mom had a dog when she was 11 she found him in winter he was tied up and about to die and she saved him
Alexis animations
Alexis animations 2 soat oldin
Heart touching
Queesha Robinson
Queesha Robinson 2 soat oldin
Why!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 how could people?!
Depa Saha
Depa Saha 2 soat oldin
Love animals ur the best youtuber
Depa Saha
Depa Saha 2 soat oldin
Courtney Whitenack
Courtney Whitenack 3 soat oldin
Horses are my favorite animals and I don't know why would anyone do you know
Nita Locklear
Nita Locklear 3 soat oldin
bloom 12
bloom 12 3 soat oldin
i have a dog my parents don't abuse they shout call him useless and sometimes slap him sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that loves him
Drift Cool Channel
Drift Cool Channel 3 soat oldin
I Love Animals Don’t Abuse Animals
blueraccoon 10
blueraccoon 10 4 soat oldin
The iron bars of a cage can never hold a pure soul
Alisana Bianchi
Alisana Bianchi 4 soat oldin
I am so lucky that this was animated . >;c I need my chancla on him!!!!!!
June Glenn
June Glenn 4 soat oldin
Sweet poor animals T-T
Mediclegend 75
Mediclegend 75 4 soat oldin
Don't abuse animals help them AMERICA
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins 5 soat oldin
Bloody hell! (yes. Mary Poppins just said bloody hell) anyone and everyone who does this to animals are absurd and should be given severe punishment!
Panda Lol
Panda Lol 5 soat oldin
I loved this episode I am a animal lover and seeing any animal in bad condition makes me very sad, I’m so glad she saved them🙂p.s I have rescued many animals and if u ever see a animal in bad condition u could too;)
Mia York
Mia York 7 soat oldin
Poor animals 😭😭😔😔😩😢
Mia York
Mia York 7 soat oldin
Good for u guys👍
Gizel Rios
Gizel Rios 7 soat oldin
This is so saddd 1-like for no more abused animals
Meghan McBrearty
Meghan McBrearty 7 soat oldin
I have a book called Strays Like Us so far its about a dog tied up black and white fur collar diging in throat making it raw barking for help very dirty and a large open sore on his front leg it was bleeding on the edges the girl was trying to help but then... a man in a window pulled out a gun and said to leave she fell on a rock that cut her hand and he threatened her again and she ran he
Temmie and Tem
Temmie and Tem 7 soat oldin
*peta is proud of you*
HaileyBlue Rose
HaileyBlue Rose 7 soat oldin
AWW so sad I feel so bad 😢 for those poor babys Awwww This is sader then just loseing you stuff anmale
Meghan McBrearty
Meghan McBrearty 7 soat oldin
Abuse hurts animals abandon causes starvation yelling make run away but they depend on YOU if you hurt them or don't help them they are helpless i know ALL about animals im a animal lover im gonna be a vet and animal rescuer and have LOTS of animal🦊🦉🦆🦅🦌🦄🐆🐈🐇🐅🐖🐦🐖🐁🐀🐇🦁🐘🐼🐑this is how you know im not getting hacked i love emojis
Isabella Hayward
Isabella Hayward 8 soat oldin
I cry at all of these there so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢🐶1 like=1 pound for the beautiful animals
Marnzwolf 8 soat oldin
Poor animals l want the dogs
Uma Neupane
Uma Neupane 8 soat oldin
i called 911
Genevieve VolcanoWolf
Okay now if someone abuses animals I am going to fuck ing PUSH THEM IN THE FACE AND THEN KILL THEM Well i feel bad for every animals and i love Horses :( I cry when ever they die abuse or no love
Sophia Grygorash
Sophia Grygorash 9 soat oldin
Okxxay Røses
Okxxay Røses 10 soat oldin
I dont abuse animals but I get abused by animals
Sophia Cutie!
Sophia Cutie! 10 soat oldin
aww poor animals.
Foxy.Fruitloops CrispOreo.ccoon
Abusing animal is worst and people killing wild animal like baby seal just to get money could even make the world worst
Yelainie Alcantara
Yelainie Alcantara 11 soat oldin
I want to cephalopods it allĺ
Horse Lover
Horse Lover 11 soat oldin
i would have kept all of the animals including the horse!
RR diamond sniper Quensy
There is 1k people who hurt animals please stop
RR diamond sniper Quensy
This made me sad and cry don't do this please
BTS is Life
BTS is Life 12 soat oldin
I feel bad for the horse and the other animals😭 I wish that animals are never abused😢
Super bowser Jr
Super bowser Jr 13 soat oldin
I had a cat that was fond on the sthret ITS Black
Lara Almeida Lopes Lali
Roze Loves icy
Roze Loves icy 14 soat oldin
Bless you!!! And pary for the animals!!😭😭
RIP 14 soat oldin
I want animal abusers to suffer I WANT ANIMAL ABUSERS TO SUFFER
Baldi 14 soat oldin
*My mom works for a type of animal clinic that rehabilitates abused animals*
Dave -Fortnite
Dave -Fortnite 14 soat oldin
Poor animals
CupycekeFrosting Playz
:( i love animals but my mom abused my puppy and i cried and cried so i stopped my mom abusing it so she forgive me then she take care of my Puppy so were a happy family
Jevissen Soobrayen
Jevissen Soobrayen 14 soat oldin
Animals very important
A BOKA'S SOUL 14 soat oldin
This is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jc Concepcion
Jc Concepcion 14 soat oldin
OMG really sad 😭 love ❤️ 🐶🐻🐮🐵🐱🐼🐷🐭🐨🐹🐯🐸🐰🦁🐙🐣all
Juris Kupenis
Juris Kupenis 15 soat oldin
😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭omg nooooo animals
Kahlilah Anna Pacoma
Kahlilah Anna Pacoma 16 soat oldin
I will kill that guy myself
i.is.lonely 16 soat oldin
Animal lasagna then
Lirio Caberto
Lirio Caberto 17 soat oldin
0:04 I saw Daphne
J.D Nightmare
J.D Nightmare 17 soat oldin
I almost cry😣
IamEdelle 35
IamEdelle 35 17 soat oldin
Jungkook: "i LoVe CoUnTrY siDe!"
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • 18 soat oldin
I hate abusing, I know it’s not the same, but my brother abuses me verbally and physically. It’s really hard dealing with it but 7 years later and I’m used to the harsh words, and I’ve started to believe them.
мιracυnιcorn' 18 soat oldin
This reminds me of Spirit Riding free Season 1
Honey 18 soat oldin
Omg GOD bless you
Eva Blast
Eva Blast 19 soat oldin
Jaicee Noelle
Jaicee Noelle 21 soat oldin
Eva Blast
Eva Blast 22 soat oldin
Eva Blast
Eva Blast 22 soat oldin
This made me cry.... i have 3cats and 1 bird and some goats and others and I LOVE them it makes me so mad when people do this to animals 😢
Eva Blast
Eva Blast 22 soat oldin
I have 5 cats ..... sorry
SlimeDonut 22 soat oldin
The president should band abusing anything
Crystal_Kitty_YT_Love _Games_Kat_Meow
If i saw abused animals i would save them and not stop a second
Lumber and Me Vlogs, Skits, and More
I love animals! All three of my dogs were rescued from horrible homes, I also have a hamster. Nobody wanted the hamster cause he is albino, but I adopted him. When my family has more free time, I want to volunteer at the humane society and help the poor animals there. Pet lovers for the win!
Jake Enochs
Jake Enochs Kun oldin
Poor animals Like if you argue
Megan Baird
Megan Baird Kun oldin
If you abuse ill call the police #loveanimals
Owen Mencia
Owen Mencia Kun oldin
ok i know im late but heres a story about me saveing an abused animal her name now is hobo ands shes soo sweet and the old onwer did not take care of her soo se ran away and yes she was abused because she was scared of every object you will carry but shess doing better now she followed my dad home and i was told when i got home from school after away of yes training her , careing for her see ran away soo we didnt see or heard from her for about a year because..........HER OLD ONWER TOOK HER BACK ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS TRAINED ONLY TO ABUSE HER AGAIN!!!we didnt get her back until colple mouths later see came back and she is forever ours!!
Holiday Ramos
Holiday Ramos Kun oldin
Greyful Games
Greyful Games Kun oldin
That’s how mafia works Jk I love animals this is so sad
lps Kay  kat  productions TV blogs
"Crys why these poor animals"
Animal QUEEN Sassy
Damn, the bridle?!! THE BRIDLE? are you sure ITS NOT A HALTER
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson Kun oldin
When he dies he's going to hell for doing bad things
Moon_ Unicorn
Moon_ Unicorn Kun oldin
I hate people who abuse animals
• ky •
• ky • Kun oldin
I have a dog who is currently laying next to me right now, who came from a pound. When we got her she was shaking. We could tell she was terrified of people. After having her for a couple months, we found out she had anxiety. Although she was young before put in the pound, we could tell she didn’t have a happy life with her previous owner. Please, please, please, do NOT abuse animals, or even children. As a person who loves animals, I want to spread this message.
hessel Anaya
hessel Anaya Kun oldin
😢😭I het that. I don't think it is nice to see animal's het animal's like that. I feel bad about the animal's
Raquel Rojas-Brown
My grandpa had a dog and let my aunt take care of him but he was abused and left in the dark when we seen him he was dirty had so much fur but we got him cleaned up and he was small and his name is Charlie and he is my dog now we take care of him and when we have to leave we leave one light on for him we get him toys a lot and food and treats and I love him so much he is healthy now and happy but a couple weeks ago he was tacked by a k9 and he was bleeding bc the bit him so we took him to the emergency room and they healed him but he takes medicine and now he still has marks and he might have half of is fur gone but we still love him and take care of him he is there for us and we are there for him
Genevive Ulanimo
waaaaaa😭! i love animals and i like to save them i will hit him he is so mean to my animals ugh😡 and I’m sad now waaaaaa😭
Tiffany Ou Yang
Tiffany Ou Yang Kun oldin
Awwwwwww that b**** how dare her to abuse the cute little pet!!!!!!!!!
n&d lite
n&d lite Kun oldin
I agree with this story
fresh man plays roblox
fresh man plays roblox
so sad
Gigi.Grace Kun oldin
So sad those animals don’t deserve to suffer :(
Martina Camacho
Martina Camacho Kun oldin
You are so caring
Mr snowman Jr
Mr snowman Jr Kun oldin
Cry’s 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔😭💔💔💔💔😭💔💔😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Dahlia Cortes
Dahlia Cortes Kun oldin
Milyani Luvv
Milyani Luvv Kun oldin
This is sad
Emma Huang
Emma Huang Kun oldin
That's me exactly
Susana Sanabria
Susana Sanabria Kun oldin
Patrick Rash
Patrick Rash Kun oldin
Thank god for this girl
Ana Salas
Ana Salas Kun oldin
The people who thumbs down this video do not have a heart
Floor tile
Floor tile Kun oldin
I wanna animal abuser to burn and when it has raw skin showing I’m going to rub lemons on it I mean it sorta what they deserve.
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes Kun oldin
Omg who in the name of the law did it I WIIL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU
DFK K Kun oldin
Whoever made this tell me if they made it out alive and healthy
Laura Cerda
Laura Cerda Kun oldin
I felt so bad that happened to them and it made me cry
green genimy/agent 8 the octling
Its super sad i love animals :c
World of Lice
2 yil oldin