I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure)

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In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure) uzvid.com/video/video-HTh3tKSL8-8.html




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Fikrlar 5 372
DALLMYD 2 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another river treasure hunting video tomorrow! :D Also, does anyone know what number Iphone I found??
Michelle Ducote
Michelle Ducote 4 kun oldin
Michelle Ducote
Michelle Ducote 4 kun oldin
DALLMYD hey I am a really big big big big big big big big big big fan:) #bigfan
chico gang 2
chico gang 2 Oy oldin
Did he fart at 3:37
Bella Carneiro
I Love phone
TIRROJGaming Oy oldin
DALLMYD IPhone 5 or 6s
stephanie streaker
You should stop saying it in the title and showing it in the beginng so the people will be suprised
chandler r
chandler r 2 kun oldin
Ariana Hougland
Ariana Hougland 3 kun oldin
iPhone 6s
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere 3 kun oldin
Did it give anyone else Anxiety when he doesn’t have his breathing tank
Rachel Bardis
Rachel Bardis 3 kun oldin
It’s an i phone 8 i think
Alissa Wolfhard
Alissa Wolfhard 4 kun oldin
Wow clout goggles
Michelle Ducote
Michelle Ducote 4 kun oldin
It's a iphone7
Devin Vaughan
Devin Vaughan 4 kun oldin
I think it's an IPhone 8
Веселин Райчев
If I see another James Bond commercial l'm going to blow up the server...
Stela Bredova
Stela Bredova 7 kun oldin
You are de best
Patrick Patrick
Patrick Patrick 7 kun oldin
It's a iPhone 6 in gray
Наташа - ДЕЛАЕТ
Рыба чуть его не съела)
Juan Osuna
Juan Osuna 9 kun oldin
i want the phone
Daisy 1526
Daisy 1526 10 kun oldin
It's an iPhone 6s
M 2 G
M 2 G 10 kun oldin
Because it’s a 6 😂😂
M 2 G
M 2 G 10 kun oldin
iPhone 7
Hannah Wagster
Hannah Wagster 11 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Jade Seidel
Jade Seidel 11 kun oldin
how could you find a iPhone in the water??👍👍
Just Arica
Just Arica 11 kun oldin
A taradactal 😂😂😂😂
Oğuzhan ALBAŞ
Oğuzhan ALBAŞ 13 kun oldin
Braden Brenner
Braden Brenner 13 kun oldin
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn 14 kun oldin
iPhone 6
extreme Fields
extreme Fields 14 kun oldin
It’s a iPhone 6
WhiskeyFishing 15 kun oldin
Used your promo code. Figured..... I have a nice beard..... you do a great job.... what the hell, ill get it!
Bresean Caslin
Bresean Caslin 15 kun oldin
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 15 kun oldin
iPhone 6 or 6s
Hay Hay
Hay Hay 16 kun oldin
IPhone 6 or Iphone 6s
xxdemon13 18 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Priscilla Pyun
Priscilla Pyun 20 kun oldin
sell those stuff for money lmao, like ur doing good stuff by taking stuff out the river why not sell it 😂
Mikey Legit 2
Mikey Legit 2 17 kun oldin
Priscilla Pyun he could only sell like a lot of 150 broken phones for $200
Zach Whims
Zach Whims 21 kun oldin
Layla Houston
Layla Houston 22 kun oldin
8:46 what ya came here for
gan the man
gan the man 23 kun oldin
It’s a 6s
Fiene Rabaut
Fiene Rabaut 18 kun oldin
No a 6
Jesse Spencer
Jesse Spencer 24 kun oldin
It's a 6s Rose Edition
Haylee Neri
Haylee Neri 27 kun oldin
Am I only one when he gets the knife and cuts stuff
MiMas Studios
MiMas Studios 17 kun oldin
Haylee Neri NO WAY r/madlad you get a knife and you..... use it?
CoolLillyCole 27 kun oldin
That I phone is a 6 I think
Luis Maia
Luis Maia 28 kun oldin
7:36 Rafa Moreira mano
Biri Biri
Biri Biri 25 kun oldin
fernando clothing nego
THOMAZ GABRIEL 27 kun oldin
LMC 39
LMC 39 27 kun oldin
777 bro
Mahendra Shreemal
Mahendra Shreemal 28 kun oldin
I like
Joshsauto84 29 kun oldin
Did anyone else see the Dimond ring
Just Arica
Just Arica 10 kun oldin
I did
Алиса нян
Алиса нян 29 kun oldin
госпади я ничего не понела
Liza Mire
Liza Mire 28 kun oldin
Что именно тебе не понятно?
HydrAquas 29 kun oldin
Matteo Celeghin
Matteo Celeghin 29 kun oldin
HydrAquas nouuu
Pepiii Pecosita
Pepiii Pecosita 29 kun oldin
The fish probably will die because if it has a damage in the mouth it can’t eat so...☹️☹️
Angelina Kharchenko
I subscribed
chico gang 2
chico gang 2 Oy oldin
Did he fart at 3:37?
Huong Co
Huong Co Oy oldin
iPhone 6
Jade Baby
Jade Baby Oy oldin
Gonna be real awkward when he finds a body
Just Arica
Just Arica 10 kun oldin
He cold help solve a crime case
G O'DELL 29 kun oldin
Its gonna happen someday
Iris Roelofsen
deze keer iris
Alicia Nicole Olaes
you may have videos about your supplies or advice on 1st timer
ChezzyBezzy 52
You should've used gloves you might of cut your hands and had to get a tetanus shot
Yo fav Monicaa
That’s a iPhone 6
Thime lola
Thime lola Oy oldin
The iPhone 6s
Mmmuyff Tihgtofsbvi
cool but I'm scary sea
Karina Arroyo
Karina Arroyo Oy oldin
Ten8as para agarrar algunos pescados jaja
İllegal Oyuncu TR
Orasu Trabzondaki pohlu dere deilmi usagum
Martha Ospino
Martha Ospino Oy oldin
Woody soy de colombia jajaja nadie sabe lo que digo puntos coman mierda ops
Mr.bleach 69
Mr.bleach 69 Oy oldin
Jens Michalke
Jens Michalke Oy oldin
The white sunglasses are feom lv
Lara Nicoleto Kano
Bitty Divinity
I phone 📱 6
Rocky Aguilar
Rocky Aguilar Oy oldin
Vishwa Kanakaraj
I phone 6s
Lily Andrews
Lily Andrews Oy oldin
That’s an iPhone 10
LovinqMia Oy oldin
Lily Andrews please tell me this is a joke
Adrian Cantrell
More than half of the stuff he fine is probably swollen
Bridgett Allen
You mean stollen
Joshua Rubio
Joshua Rubio Oy oldin
Where’s treasure
MacPlayz 34
MacPlayz 34 Oy oldin
I subed
kayla O Regan
kayla O Regan Oy oldin
i phone 6s
Liz Pulliam
Liz Pulliam Oy oldin
or a brick idk
Liz Pulliam
Liz Pulliam Oy oldin
@7:02i saw a red iphone
Curse Clan
Curse Clan 14 kun oldin
It’s 7:04 to be exact lol
Kathleen Elliott
Kathleen Elliott 26 kun oldin
that was a brick
Ella D'ANGELO Oy oldin
Liz Pulliam was problaby some plastic
Roblox Fortnite
I'm pretty sure that iPhone is an iPhone 6 or 6 plus
Austin Foust
Austin Foust Oy oldin
How the heck do you find all of this stuff
Taylor Sink
Taylor Sink Oy oldin
+manjotsingh97 you are so dumb xD
Inna XD :V
Inna XD :V Oy oldin
+manjotsingh97 are you a hater? Because thats incorrect
Farah Kabir
Farah Kabir Oy oldin
manjotsingh97 Oy oldin
He puts things in there before jumping in so it looks like he found it
Isadora Ferreira
gostei muito do seu vídeo
Asel Turgymbaeva
Larys Vochescu
Larys Vochescu
напоминаю Борисова
огненное шоу на каждый день
Vando Alves
Vando Alves Oy oldin
Doris Slowpark
Big boi needs to brush his teeth
Ржавые лики войны
It's always interesting .... why do people throw garbage into the water !? .... worldwide! Well done guys, good video!
Ilua Bokov
Ilua Bokov Oy oldin
iPhone X
Michael West
Michael West Oy oldin
I don't know why you get so excited about an iPhone that can never be used again.
Taylor Sink
Taylor Sink Oy oldin
+TheDragonfriday xDDDD
Michael West iPhone has very small amount of gold in it
lee minyoung
lee minyoung Oy oldin
Jelek lu
Ariana Graunde
Es macht Spaß mitzukommen im Wasser. Ich finde das voll spannend ♥️und cool 😂👏🏻ich feier solche Videos
Michael Jameson
Can I have that phone
Jett Sonekiao
Jett Sonekiao Oy oldin
Human Beiing Gaming o
Alyssa Louard
Alyssa Louard Oy oldin
+Jett Sonekiao what it don't even work
Jett Sonekiao
Jett Sonekiao Oy oldin
He probably returned it to the owner
Anna Owens
Anna Owens Oy oldin
The iPhone 6
jorkataa brat
jorkataa brat Oy oldin
great videos
own world 8bp
own world 8bp Oy oldin
Just joking
own world 8bp
own world 8bp Oy oldin
own world 8bp
own world 8bp Oy oldin
It's my I phone x
Random Fandoms
own world 8bp it’s not the x
Milena Ribeiro
Seu cachorro é lindo
Kaylin Christino
What’s the rarest thing u have founded
Kozmos Oy oldin
iPhone 6s, Silver
Kristin Aquino
Please do more River Treasure diving Videos That would be Awsome
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia Oy oldin
I love your videos, but your sponsor video at the beginning was hilarious!!! 😆💜💜💜💜
Claudinei Rodrigues Claudio
Omg 😱😱😱😱😱is iphone
seu viciados em free fire
Alguem fala português
Gustavo Veloso Eduardo
eu falo
Rufina Torres
Rufina Torres Oy oldin
that i pone is my
wdw-zachh Oy oldin
sure it is.
Mia diy
Mia diy Oy oldin
U lying