I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure)

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In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure) uzvid.com/video/video-HTh3tKSL8-8.html




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DALLMYD 4 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another river treasure hunting video tomorrow! :D Also, does anyone know what number Iphone I found??
Judy Mennis
Judy Mennis Oy oldin
I do!it's aiphone 6
AntiArt13 02
AntiArt13 02 Oy oldin
7:30 you literally found some Louis Vuitton Glasses
Elvis wolf Mendoza
DALLMYD iPhone 7 cool vidos i sud and liked and hit the bell 🛎
Michelle Ducote
Michelle Ducote
DALLMYD hey I am a really big big big big big big big big big big fan:) #bigfan
Angie Smith
Angie Smith 11 daqiqa oldin
I’m watching on x r 🤟🏾
The weird midget girl Grace
You found clout glasses XD
Super Gaming
Super Gaming Kun oldin
mason workman
mason workman Kun oldin
Jayden Mata
Jayden Mata 2 kun oldin
saini shubham zone
saini shubham zone 2 kun oldin
Give me those iPhone
Azzure Muttrie
Azzure Muttrie 3 kun oldin
Lulu Chev
Lulu Chev 4 kun oldin
Omg do you charge for shipping to the owners of their lost phones because I actually thing you found my lost phone. I hope you see this because I really need my phone back
Gucci Boy
Gucci Boy 10 kun oldin
Your dog is too cute- I need a pup.
Anson Ho
Anson Ho 11 kun oldin
Iphone 6s space grey
Mary Baca
Mary Baca 14 kun oldin
Dylan Garcia 8945
Dylan Garcia 8945 16 kun oldin
It’s an iPhone 8 I have one
Tienette Pok
Tienette Pok 17 kun oldin
The phone is iphone 6
Jordan'sWorld 32
Jordan'sWorld 32 17 kun oldin
Lol it’s a six i have a six that I’m watching this on.
Mika Stewart
Mika Stewart 17 kun oldin
I think it is a five or six
Kylee Anderson
Kylee Anderson 18 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that was an iPhone 6
Madison Foxworth
Madison Foxworth 18 kun oldin
i got a 6 i think it a six
Trish Scott
Trish Scott 19 kun oldin
6 Or 6s
fablesandmore 74
fablesandmore 74 21 kun oldin
That phone is better than mine I got a 5s o_o
Lucky Dog
Lucky Dog 22 kun oldin
There spell jars and they are made for the persons/targets name to go against or for that target. Usually used for court cases or to help with loved ones.
kahlan Beals
kahlan Beals 22 kun oldin
its number 1
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 22 kun oldin
That’s a iPhone 7
Amelia Thehuntwolf
Amelia Thehuntwolf 22 kun oldin
powder puff
powder puff 14 kun oldin
It was a joke 😂
Audreylovesunicorn Ariana
Zack Carsey
Zack Carsey Oy oldin
I like how he sleeps in a swim suit and flippers
Mia Zaino
Mia Zaino Oy oldin
Such a sad day when someone loses their clout goggles 🤟🏼😪🤟🏼
Yuval Kaye
Yuval Kaye Oy oldin
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz Oy oldin
Es da 6
Alicia Artery
Alicia Artery Oy oldin
It is a I phone 7😁😀
Trish Scott
Trish Scott 19 kun oldin
Bálint Markó
Lillian Beckemeyer
yoooo found a pair of clout goggles
grujeas gaming
Its my iphone :/ I know a rob but in a water :///
Audreylovesunicorn Ariana
Is mines
stephanie streaker
You should stop saying it in the title and showing it in the beginng so the people will be suprised
ScorpioL4dy Oy oldin
I agree I want to be surprised.
chandler r
chandler r Oy oldin
Ariana Hougland
iPhone 6s
Someone Somewhere
Did it give anyone else Anxiety when he doesn’t have his breathing tank
Kylee Anderson
Kylee Anderson 18 kun oldin
Someone Somewhere meee
Rachel Bardis
Rachel Bardis Oy oldin
It’s an i phone 8 i think
Gavinn Young
Gavinn Young 23 kun oldin
8 or 6+
Skyline -
Skyline - Oy oldin
6 or 6S
Trickshot Central
No it’s a 6
Alissa Wolfhard
Wow clout goggles
Michelle Ducote
It's a iphone7
Devin Vaughan
Devin Vaughan Oy oldin
I think it's an IPhone 8
Веселин Райчев
If I see another James Bond commercial l'm going to blow up the server...
Stela Bredova
Stela Bredova 2 oy oldin
You are de best
Patrick Patrick
Patrick Patrick 2 oy oldin
It's a iPhone 6 in gray
Сладкий Лимон
Рыба чуть его не съела)
Dumb shit scientist Cool
i want the phone
Daisy 1526
Daisy 1526 2 oy oldin
It's an iPhone 6s
M 2 G
M 2 G 2 oy oldin
Because it’s a 6 😂😂
M 2 G
M 2 G 2 oy oldin
iPhone 7
Hannah Wagster
Hannah Wagster 2 oy oldin
iPhone 6
Jade Seidel
Jade Seidel 2 oy oldin
how could you find a iPhone in the water??👍👍
art is my name
art is my name 2 oy oldin
A taradactal 😂😂😂😂
Leilani Semana
Just Arica pterodactyl
Oğuzhan ALBAŞ
Oğuzhan ALBAŞ 2 oy oldin
Braden Brenner
Braden Brenner 2 oy oldin
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn 2 oy oldin
iPhone 6
extreme Fields
extreme Fields 2 oy oldin
It’s a iPhone 6
WhiskeyFishing 2 oy oldin
Used your promo code. Figured..... I have a nice beard..... you do a great job.... what the hell, ill get it!
The joker 123
The joker 123 2 oy oldin
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 2 oy oldin
iPhone 6 or 6s
Hay Hay
Hay Hay 2 oy oldin
IPhone 6 or Iphone 6s
xxdemon13 2 oy oldin
iPhone 6
Priscilla Pyun
Priscilla Pyun 2 oy oldin
sell those stuff for money lmao, like ur doing good stuff by taking stuff out the river why not sell it 😂
Mikey Legit 2
Mikey Legit 2 2 oy oldin
Priscilla Pyun he could only sell like a lot of 150 broken phones for $200
Zach Whims
Zach Whims 2 oy oldin
Layla Houston
Layla Houston 2 oy oldin
8:46 what ya came here for
gan the man
gan the man 2 oy oldin
It’s a 6s
Fiene Rabaut
Fiene Rabaut 2 oy oldin
No a 6
Jesse Spencer
Jesse Spencer 2 oy oldin
It's a 6s Rose Edition
Haylee Neri
Haylee Neri 2 oy oldin
Am I only one when he gets the knife and cuts stuff
MiMas Studios
MiMas Studios 2 oy oldin
Haylee Neri NO WAY r/madlad you get a knife and you..... use it?
CoolLillyCole 2 oy oldin
That I phone is a 6 I think
Luis Maia
Luis Maia 2 oy oldin
7:36 Rafa Moreira mano
Biri Biri
Biri Biri 2 oy oldin
fernando clothing nego
LMC 39
LMC 39 2 oy oldin
777 bro
Mahendra Shreemal
I like
Joshsauto84 2 oy oldin
Did anyone else see the Dimond ring
Liliana Frank
Liliana Frank Oy oldin
art is my name
art is my name 2 oy oldin
I did
Алиса нян
госпади я ничего не понела
Liza Mire
Liza Mire 2 oy oldin
Что именно тебе не понятно?
James P. Confident
Matteo Celeghin
Matteo Celeghin 2 oy oldin
HydrAquas nouuu
Pepiii Pecosita
Pepiii Pecosita 2 oy oldin
The fish probably will die because if it has a damage in the mouth it can’t eat so...☹️☹️
Angelina Kharchenko
I subscribed
chico gang 2
chico gang 2 2 oy oldin
Did he fart at 3:37?
Liam Evans
Liam Evans 21 kun oldin
Haha funny hehe
Huong Co
Huong Co 2 oy oldin
ØPOLLO GAMING 2 oy oldin
ØPOLLO GAMING 2 oy oldin
iPhone 6
Jade Baby
Jade Baby 2 oy oldin
Gonna be real awkward when he finds a body
art is my name
art is my name 2 oy oldin
He cold help solve a crime case
G O'DELL 2 oy oldin
Its gonna happen someday
Iris Roelofsen
Iris Roelofsen 2 oy oldin
deze keer iris
Alicia Nicole Olaes
you may have videos about your supplies or advice on 1st timer
ChezzyBezzy 52
ChezzyBezzy 52 2 oy oldin
You should've used gloves you might of cut your hands and had to get a tetanus shot
Yo fav Monicaa
Yo fav Monicaa 2 oy oldin
That’s a iPhone 6
djenna la youtubeuse
The iPhone 6s
Mmmuyff Tihgtofsbvi
cool but I'm scary sea
Karina Arroyo
Karina Arroyo 2 oy oldin
Ten8as para agarrar algunos pescados jaja
İllegal Oyuncu TR
Orasu Trabzondaki pohlu dere deilmi usagum
Martha Ospino
Martha Ospino 2 oy oldin
Woody soy de colombia jajaja nadie sabe lo que digo puntos coman mierda ops
Mr.bleach 69
Mr.bleach 69 2 oy oldin
Jens Michalke
Jens Michalke 2 oy oldin
The white sunglasses are feom lv
Lara Nicoleto Kano
Bitty Divinity
Bitty Divinity 2 oy oldin
I phone 📱 6
Rocky Aguilar
Rocky Aguilar 3 oy oldin
Vishwa Kanakaraj
Vishwa Kanakaraj 3 oy oldin
I phone 6s
Lily Andrews
Lily Andrews 3 oy oldin
That’s an iPhone 10
lowkeyMia 3 oy oldin
Lily Andrews please tell me this is a joke
Adrian Cantrell
Adrian Cantrell 3 oy oldin
More than half of the stuff he fine is probably swollen
Bridgett Allen
Bridgett Allen 2 oy oldin
You mean stollen
Joshua Rubio
Joshua Rubio 3 oy oldin
Where’s treasure
MacPlayz 34
MacPlayz 34 3 oy oldin
I subed
kayla O Regan
kayla O Regan 3 oy oldin
i phone 6s