I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure)

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In this video I search the river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found an iPhone Underwater in the River While Swimming! (River Treasure) uzvid.com/video/video-HTh3tKSL8-8.html




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DALLMYD 14 kun oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you want to see another river treasure hunting video tomorrow! :D Also, does anyone know what number Iphone I found??
Rosy Gaitan
Rosy Gaitan 3 soat oldin
Perdí un teléfono
Sammie West
Sammie West Kun oldin
SuperCow85 2 kun oldin
I think it was either a 6 or a 7?
Tyler Moss
Tyler Moss 7 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Kerstin Pugh
Kerstin Pugh 7 kun oldin
Catch Em lol about that
ASMR winter
ASMR winter 21 daqiqa oldin
It's an iPhone 6, like if you agree
Claudine Wyatt
Claudine Wyatt 5 soat oldin
It’s an iPhone 6
Nitin Pandey
Nitin Pandey 6 soat oldin
Vikas gupta apple phone
Charlotte Holloway
Charlotte Holloway 8 soat oldin
It's a 6
ThePatrick Show
ThePatrick Show 8 soat oldin
It’s a 6 because of the line underneath it
Alosh Alosh
Alosh Alosh 9 soat oldin
ItssDecoy 10 soat oldin
iPhone 6 boi
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 19 soat oldin
😮 my... don’t you get scared? 😟 I always gotten scared with the cracking noise while swimming what is that sound from?
Kaidon K Photography
Kaidon K Photography 17 soat oldin
That's the microphone being pushed from the water pressure
Antionette Woodson
Antionette Woodson 19 soat oldin
Gabby Vlogs
Gabby Vlogs 22 soat oldin
The iPhone 6
Jassy Jade
Jassy Jade 22 soat oldin
Love this
Furious Puncher
Furious Puncher Kun oldin
Its the 8
Furious Puncher
Furious Puncher 7 soat oldin
Gabby Vlogs yeah
ItssDecoy 10 soat oldin
no it's not lmao
Gabby Vlogs
Gabby Vlogs 22 soat oldin
Furious Puncher no the 6
Oyun Makineleri
Oyun Makineleri Kun oldin
最高です!(^ ^)
Jasmijn vanWonderen
geen vissen vagen gek
Hack Bj
Hack Bj Kun oldin
Can I have the i phone
Sand Man
Sand Man Kun oldin
iPhone 6s
Fifi Santecelli
Fifi Santecelli Kun oldin
Iphone 6s
I phone 6 or 6s
Niya !
Niya ! Kun oldin
iphone 6
Thebro & sis channel
IPhone 6
Brooke the awesome epic
Well done mate
Martin Sherwood
Martin Sherwood 2 kun oldin
Well done
Clare rooke
Clare rooke 2 kun oldin
Keep up with the river hunting well done😉
Simon 1
Simon 1 2 kun oldin
Ur dog is so cute
TaterTot 51
TaterTot 51 2 kun oldin
Shawn Atkins
Shawn Atkins 2 kun oldin
It's a iPhone 6
Hannah Powell
Hannah Powell 2 kun oldin
Oh no! You missed a phone in the bottom left at 7:04 🙁
Ava Randolph
Ava Randolph 20 soat oldin
Hannah Powell I paused right then and examined it it’s a brick or papaer
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson 2 kun oldin
Hannah Powell Nah the pinkish red looks like a brick and doesn't have the antenna lines and the dark grey thing also can't be a phone. The dimensions are wrong. I'm paused at 7:04 and analyzing the frame on a 65" TV. Lol
Cassidy Gerdeman
Cassidy Gerdeman 2 kun oldin
Hannah Powell I saw that to good eye
Gabby Webb
Gabby Webb 2 kun oldin
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️your videos
KİM Ji-Soo
KİM Ji-Soo 2 kun oldin
Türk olanlar
Boş Kanal
Boş Kanal 2 kun oldin
Darwingamerpro756 Peralta
Wow a ifone nice how do u find all of those thing wat river is that? I love ur videos?
DaG1nG3rN1nJA 2 kun oldin
I love how excited you alway are in your intros especially that you always smiling. You’ve got a fantastic smile.
carley leonard
carley leonard 2 kun oldin
66666 you so good keep it up jake
Tanner Welch
Tanner Welch 2 kun oldin
Andrew Pereira
Andrew Pereira 2 kun oldin
Some crazy stuff your finding Jake I love your videos keep it up🇹🇹❤
Evan M
Evan M 2 kun oldin
A 6 s
Bass Unlimited
Bass Unlimited 2 kun oldin
That would be a 6
alicia resendiz
alicia resendiz 3 kun oldin
That's my fishing pole
Hannah Bristol
Hannah Bristol 3 kun oldin
iphone 6
Yana Vetica
Yana Vetica 3 kun oldin
Alex Craig
Alex Craig 3 kun oldin
IPhone 6s
Alex Craig
Alex Craig 3 kun oldin
You miss a phone
barry bloomfield
barry bloomfield 3 kun oldin
Its a 6
Ralph Den Nederlanden
Its a iphone s6
Jade Montes
Jade Montes 3 kun oldin
Is no one gonna mention 6:34😂😂No hate I love this channel.
Amanda Guay
Amanda Guay 3 kun oldin
AvaTheLlama 3 kun oldin
iPhone 6s
AvaTheLlama 3 kun oldin
Leah Hegarty what do u mean
Leah Hegarty
Leah Hegarty 3 kun oldin
Avathekoala well sorry but I don't have a iPhone k
Gaming with Jake
Gaming with Jake 3 kun oldin
that is an Iphone 6
Richard Delvillar
Richard Delvillar 3 kun oldin
Ava Randolph
Ava Randolph 20 soat oldin
Richard Delvillar he didn’t use a air tank so he needed to come up for air so he didn’t drown
Metroduke 3 kun oldin
so he can Breath xD?
Kitkat 005
Kitkat 005 3 kun oldin
Richard Delvillar so he can talk
Katie Harrington
Katie Harrington 3 kun oldin
iPhone 7 or 8
Rens Brouns
Rens Brouns 3 kun oldin
Katie Harrington No, iPhone 6 or 6 s
CandyGamer 62
CandyGamer 62 3 kun oldin
6 s
wattuser Kasso
wattuser Kasso 3 kun oldin
No apple products? You have my respect bro !
Jeefy Lopez
Jeefy Lopez 3 kun oldin
What kind of i phone is it
Henry & Yvonne Mera
there was a penny next to the 📱
Aidan Pullen
Aidan Pullen 4 kun oldin
iPhone 8
Hannah Powell
Hannah Powell 2 kun oldin
Aidan Pullen it’s not an 8 an 8 has a glass back that one was metal and it was a 6s
Christian Elliott
Christian Elliott 4 kun oldin
Iphone 7plus
Masood September
Masood September 4 kun oldin
I phone 5
FortniteFyn 4 kun oldin
Masood September dumb dumb
Drew Epic
Drew Epic 4 kun oldin
6 or 7
AsBeckyIs 4 kun oldin
Love the tube of toothpaste in your pot 😂
Brent Bierd
Brent Bierd 4 kun oldin
When are you going to start introducing yourself as Big Boy? LOL JK
Mrs. Erica Tweedie
Mrs. Erica Tweedie 4 kun oldin
iphone 6
Mole Diggers
Mole Diggers 5 kun oldin
iPhone 6S
Finn Linnell
Finn Linnell 5 kun oldin
Sneaky Bacon Turtle
It's a shitty iphone 6 Never buy apple products it's a scam! I can even proof it to you stupid apple fans out there by benchmarking it
Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark 2 kun oldin
xXZex_ToxicXx uh they are telling people to never buy apple products. Im just saying to live their own life and not tell others how to live their lives.
xXZex_ToxicXx 2 kun oldin
Charlotte Clark WTF does life have to fo with this 😂😂
Sergej Nadaždin
Sergej Nadaždin 3 kun oldin
Sneaky Bacon Turtle true.
Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark 4 kun oldin
How about live your life and let others live theirs.
Lps Red panda Films
jay wadhwa
jay wadhwa 5 kun oldin
which river is this and where
Genius Mind
Genius Mind 5 kun oldin
I like your dog
triops channel
triops channel 5 kun oldin
2:14 kończy pierdolić
Venus in Xth
Venus in Xth 5 kun oldin
I had no idea how amazing life was until I found your channel. It gives me life!!!
Ciara Gaming
Ciara Gaming 5 kun oldin
Looks like an iPhone 6s that same one I have.
Ciara Gaming
Ciara Gaming 5 kun oldin
berd sadly he passed away June 3rd at 1:00am
berd 5 kun oldin
Ciara Gaming Is your dad okay?
Adrian Adrian Raguindin
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 5 kun oldin
Aric Ralston
Aric Ralston 5 kun oldin
iPhone 6
maxwell sawyer
maxwell sawyer 6 kun oldin
Gabriel Guelfi
Gabriel Guelfi 6 kun oldin
Muito legal esse canal, também adoro mergulhar! Gravei um vídeo mergulhando e encontrando algumas coisas no fundo do rio no interior de SP, quem quizer dar uma olhada: uzvid.com/video/video-I1qtEV7wfQg.html&t=1s
NeonNinja 6 kun oldin
What kind of snorkel is that?
4x4lord 6 kun oldin
iPhone 6 or 6s
sosco22 6 kun oldin
Get on with it. Too much info!
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 6 kun oldin
IPhone6 Plus
Neev Gaikwad
Neev Gaikwad 6 kun oldin
Sunshine Days
Sunshine Days 6 kun oldin
Hello friends! I would be happy to see you on my channel
oquias nino
oquias nino 6 kun oldin
i love the part that he Found the iPhone
Saira Tube
Saira Tube 6 kun oldin
The phone that you found was iPhone 6 or a iPhone 6s they are pretty much the same thing they are a pretty new phone came out in 2016-2017 It’s not water proof but you might be able to go to a Apple store and get it replaced or something🙂
Dylan Aguilar
Dylan Aguilar 7 kun oldin
That what she said
Shylah D
Shylah D 7 kun oldin
Carson Miller
Carson Miller 7 kun oldin
Maddy Blaney
Maddy Blaney 7 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Katelyn Rich
Katelyn Rich 7 kun oldin
iPhone 6s
Xavier Adams
Xavier Adams 7 kun oldin
Iphone 6
Blake Stout
Blake Stout 7 kun oldin
Francisca Alvarez 8
Aidan Silvaggio
Aidan Silvaggio 7 kun oldin
Julissa99 Otero
Julissa99 Otero 7 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Casey Florio
Casey Florio 7 kun oldin
iPhone 6
Z FIGHTER 7 kun oldin
Brett Carter
Brett Carter 7 kun oldin
Iphone 6s
Theo Berglund 5B
Theo Berglund 5B 7 kun oldin
Josh Playes
Josh Playes 7 kun oldin
Jose ECZ
Jose ECZ 7 kun oldin