I Found an iPhone X, iPhone 7+ and Wallet Underwater in the River! (River Treasure)

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River Treasure: I Found an iPhone X, iPhone 7+ and a Wallet Underwater in the River!
Wow this River Dive was incredible! While snorkeling in the river for river treasure, we found some really interesting things including an iPhone X, an iPhone 7+, a Wallet with Cash inside, some Valentinos sunglasses, a dog's leash and collar, a jar of peanut butter, and other fun stuff. I tried to return both the phones and the wallet, but my luck ran out, and I couldn't reach the owners!
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Hey my name is Dallas! I’m a Free diver, Scuba Diver and Treasure hunter. Welcome to my channel Man + River, where I take you along on my lost river and lake treasure hunting adventures! Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next dive!




22-Iyl, 2018

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Trish Tidoy
Trish Tidoy Oy oldin
I love the last part..hahaha!!!😂😂
Chelsea Smith
Chelsea Smith 2 kun oldin
Trish Tidoy i
pequenoh david of
pequenoh david of 2 kun oldin
Yes hellow I love
UseAble Trash Drummer
Why are most of the things in plastic bags...
matt caguiat
matt caguiat 3 kun oldin
Hi im matt gray can you say to him the man in the video that i lost my iphone x and this what happend im from the filiphines then we go to the river and my brother takes my phone and he lost it on the river here's my address in the filiphines on alfonso conception tarlac thank you☺
Daria Onica
Daria Onica 5 kun oldin
XXXjeffersonXXX spro
XXXjeffersonXXX spro 28 daqiqa oldin
Erik D
Erik D Soat oldin
Je ne comprends pas
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos Soat oldin
Minda um iplone
Ari Army
Ari Army 2 soat oldin
Wtf eso Es una escena del crimen :V
Efrain Martinez
Efrain Martinez 3 soat oldin
Mi numero es 866 697 123
Aina Azmain
Aina Azmain 3 soat oldin
Can you pls open the items when you are on land? lol
Carol Menjivar
Carol Menjivar 4 soat oldin
Eres tu
Xplor DUBAI 4 soat oldin
shahab raees
shahab raees 5 soat oldin
That’s my phone
Kisler Vallejos
Kisler Vallejos 5 soat oldin
Bro give me a fon
Ana Luz Zurita Perez
Hugo David
Hugo David 8 soat oldin
Fernanda Cysneiros
Fernanda Cysneiros 9 soat oldin
Só brasileiro desocupado
infinate notes
infinate notes 9 soat oldin
The iPhone X was mine I lost it in the sea
santy pro
santy pro 9 soat oldin
The password is 224435
santy pro
santy pro 9 soat oldin
My iPhone!!!!!
Felipe Vivanco
Felipe Vivanco 12 soat oldin
Quen es chileno
Moraru Ovidiu
Moraru Ovidiu 12 soat oldin
Nice Joke🤣
Moira Plays
Moira Plays 12 soat oldin
Can you donate that iphone X to me pls :)
Mohan Das N
Mohan Das N 12 soat oldin
That iPhone x is my
مرتضى العراقي
منو من العرب اهنا
NAMBABARA 14 soat oldin
Sang Kien
Sang Kien 15 soat oldin
Hay quá
Irudayam Ignaci
Irudayam Ignaci 15 soat oldin
It is true?????)
Gatot Kancat
Gatot Kancat 15 soat oldin
Where your driving
iCalm YT
iCalm YT 15 soat oldin
So many collection of glasses
MR INHAS 15 soat oldin
That’s my phone
India India
India India 16 soat oldin
Planned video ,actually this video is only for the promotion of iphone
struGGlez mobile
struGGlez mobile 16 soat oldin
U put the iPhones there by urself.
НИКИТА 228 18 soat oldin
Чо все по английски пишут
ridho ido
ridho ido 18 soat oldin
I like videos
césar adrian
césar adrian 20 soat oldin
Joe Cruz
Joe Cruz 20 soat oldin
Honesty is worth a lot, and whoever practices it is worth more!
Kenji Naval
Kenji Naval 22 soat oldin
ByTruJillo Santoni
ByTruJillo Santoni 23 soat oldin
Maria Cueva
Maria Cueva Kun oldin
Regalarme uno plis ami
Maria Cueva
Maria Cueva Kun oldin
Regala uno plis
Sol Denotta
Sol Denotta Kun oldin
Thiese is my whooooooooho face :😱
Enrique Cornejo
Enrique Cornejo Kun oldin
El pelotudo encontro un celular en una funda en la que no le entra en agua, pero el la habrio abajo del agua y se mojo en celular y no anda mas que estupido que es😠
Nohemi Villalpando
Nohemi Villalpando 20 soat oldin
ya estaba mojado antes, el agua que la tenia en la bolsa:/
Anny Almeida
Anny Almeida Kun oldin
Our old man donate one of these for me Please?
netwis nam
netwis nam Kun oldin
Danny B0y
Danny B0y Kun oldin
Yeah of course you found them . Idiot and you didn't put them there
Иван Коблов
Мне что-то подсказывает что нас нае...ради просмотров)
IRgi Fhz
IRgi Fhz Kun oldin
PUmar 02
PUmar 02 Kun oldin
you own iPhone X and I will own iPhone 7 then
متنوعات Youssef Hussein
ايه البحر دا الي مليان ايفون ونضارات
Navneet Negi
Navneet Negi Kun oldin
I lyk when u guys returnin things to there owner... Try to make a reaction video when these owner getin there things back..
Asheqe Tama
Asheqe Tama Kun oldin
Neo carlson
Neo carlson Kun oldin
u so lucky bro !! Haha
ibrahim yılmaz
ibrahim yılmaz Kun oldin
Iphone x benim buro
ketapangsatu fharendra
diindo dapet tai kalo nyelem gitu
Ninja Kun oldin
i think you found your mom too ??
KasukeGamer Kun oldin
That ending though XD Was it a good sandwich ??
Don Kuppa
Don Kuppa Kun oldin
Damn you all are rich
Vipin Singh
Vipin Singh Kun oldin
HolasouJosué Kun oldin
Yes Yes jajaja no entiendo ni Maza bro habla en español Ok no 😂😂😂😂
Los mundo de gianpy
Que mentiroso eso no puede ser verdad
Antonio Junior
Antonio Junior 2 kun oldin
Quei fala minha lingua da link
Danixa Porrasuuu
Danixa Porrasuuu 2 kun oldin
Cayli ChaleunrathLounbandit
the owner of the dog probaly took the leash and droped it in the water
Vanesa Castillo
Vanesa Castillo 2 kun oldin
I love gopon
Ana Flavia Vissotto
Q mentia
Haseen && Haseen
Haseen && Haseen 2 kun oldin
ولله قهر
НАСТЯ Бобужева
Когда ты русский и нихира не понимаешь английского
انت كذاب ياض يا موحه
Celés Iris
Celés Iris 2 kun oldin
What about the iPhone X ?
Moriah Keeth
Moriah Keeth 2 kun oldin
How do u get lost phones cracked open I found a lost one and I was to return it but it has a password
Moriah Keeth
Moriah Keeth 2 kun oldin
The dog did not like the leash so he chewed threw it and threw it in the water and showed the owner he can walk by his self beside him lol love I so much
Terry gardner
Terry gardner 2 kun oldin
Why do you open the waterproof bags underwater
Preston Laughlin
Preston Laughlin 2 kun oldin
Let’s name him carl
Beatriz Camargo
Beatriz Camargo 2 kun oldin
Algum brasileiro ai ?
ZnightGG1 The Scripting
Can you find for me xd
Ela Koc
Ela Koc 2 kun oldin
The iPhone X is my
Christian Mullican
Christian Mullican 2 kun oldin
The dog slipped out and he is now a millionaire
Rafah Santos
Rafah Santos 2 kun oldin
Aqui no Brasil a gente só acha coco flutuando nos lagos
Michael Jacobson
Michael Jacobson 2 kun oldin
Those were my glasses
Robyn Welthagen
Robyn Welthagen 2 kun oldin
By what bee
Pro Divertido
Pro Divertido 2 kun oldin
regalarme el teléfono iPhone 7
HsPh maLdiTo
HsPh maLdiTo 2 kun oldin
u think u can... blablabalasaa
Елена Дергай
O my gad !! PHONE X, PHONE +7. 😱😱😱😵
Johana Andrea Campos Peña
Donde encontrarán esas cosas
James Chin
James Chin 2 kun oldin
I legit lost a iPhone 7 Plus Matt Black in the water... I bought a new one:p
Rose Butterfield
Rose Butterfield 2 kun oldin
Atryhrdbritebmbr 2 kun oldin
A magical floating dog was walking over a river and he shook off the rain on him but his leash fell and he cried but he got a dog treat to make him feel better. Hope it made you happy lol
Will Swigart
Will Swigart 2 kun oldin
Carola Guarachi Claros
Es mio
Syahla amirah
Syahla amirah 2 kun oldin
infinitefan9284 67
infinitefan9284 67 2 kun oldin
I actually have a channel now
infinitefan9284 67
infinitefan9284 67 2 kun oldin
Probably not k
Nasty Femeli777
Nasty Femeli777 2 kun oldin
Теле фон мой
jogador vermelho
jogador vermelho 2 kun oldin
Quem é do brasil ?
Dashing Deepansh
Dashing Deepansh 2 kun oldin
Which river is this
Ангелина дзюбина
очень круто
aurora costa
aurora costa 2 kun oldin
i love your videos,but WHY you open the little plastics bags? If the credit cards touch the water they can’t be used,or the phone OR WHATEVER
GodzMack Gereger
GodzMack Gereger 2 kun oldin
Really? That peanut butter at the end hahaha
Beboy Ditchosa
Beboy Ditchosa 2 kun oldin
Can i have that phone please
Alesya Insyirah
Alesya Insyirah 2 kun oldin
You are so lucky
prince damiel dalisay
You are good person