I Found Money While Cleaning a Trash Pile Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)

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In this video I search a lazy river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way!
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I Found Money Underwater While Searching Trash Pile for Interesting Finds! (Scuba Diving) uzvid.com/video/video-gExbIfncEPo.html




17-Iyl, 2018

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DALLMYD 4 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see me scare people from underwater!! haha :D
Horalia Zanchez Nolasco
Angelina Warren
Angelina Warren 17 kun oldin
DALLMYD no way you found an iPhone 1 I have the same one ahhhh😂
Janae Barnes
Janae Barnes Oy oldin
raju gurung why the f*** you say that you skittle diddle b****
Janae Barnes
Janae Barnes Oy oldin
DALLMYD you are so cool I'm going to give you 21345678998643322123456788 subscribe
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Oy oldin
How can you breath
Gm Rkt
Gm Rkt 4 soat oldin
8:12 what is that ? person?
Yandi Khosasi
Yandi Khosasi 5 soat oldin
Nice money
Gabriela Palomin
Gabriela Palomin 10 soat oldin
Buła G
Buła G 17 soat oldin
Maddy Lennie
Maddy Lennie 23 soat oldin
I know you live in the us but there is a lake called clear lake in Muskoka right neer Bala that I know people dropped like more than 20 phones
Trina Jojola
Trina Jojola Kun oldin
We lost $8 in that same exact pond can you please let us know
Traci Jensen
Traci Jensen Kun oldin
Hugozzz 2 kun oldin
came to sweden järla sjö
Amber Scott
Amber Scott 3 kun oldin
That iPhone looks like the first iPhone or somewhere near there
Amber Miller
Amber Miller 3 kun oldin
i hate all that comment
Nazer villanueva
Nazer villanueva 6 kun oldin
Taryn Houghton
Taryn Houghton 6 kun oldin
I think that’s the first version of the iPhone? I remember some of the rich kids in my high school had them when they first came out in 2006
carla navez
carla navez 6 kun oldin
carla navez
carla navez 6 kun oldin
I ment black shoe
Alleya gaming Scout
Doitdoit hahaha.......
7alexander17 7 kun oldin
🚨🚨🚨 This cute girl in my class told me she would go on a date with me if I get 1000 subscribers 💻 Please help me 🙏
Aww I love his dog
Tavia Lawson
Tavia Lawson 8 kun oldin
I’m from Columbus Ga!
Scott Lloyd
Scott Lloyd 8 kun oldin
triaz699 9 kun oldin
And actually can I have those dollar bills and I want all those letters that you found
triaz699 9 kun oldin
Can I have those two lighters
Alicia Jay Savio
Alicia Jay Savio 10 kun oldin
We need more people like this Cleaning the river , ponds , seas People are still dumb enough to throw trash in the river even though theres literally a trash can...God and the sea creatures praise you
Amber L.
Amber L. 10 kun oldin
Life gives you money
Jacobell Florance
Jacobell Florance 10 kun oldin
Why do you keep tooth paste is your jar things? I’m just wondering.
Francis Acenal
Francis Acenal 10 kun oldin
Basic Girl
Basic Girl 13 kun oldin
If it was Canadian money it would float 😉
Grace Caron
Grace Caron 13 kun oldin
it is an apple phone
Sara Johnson
Sara Johnson 13 kun oldin
Your sooo lucky you got 8 dollers OMG
FlurryHowl 10 kun oldin
And he got 5,000 more by making videos this video.
Sara Johnson
Sara Johnson 13 kun oldin
Awwwww your dog is so cute. What is her name?
Nadin Kaminska
Nadin Kaminska 14 kun oldin
TayTay Bean
TayTay Bean 15 kun oldin
I really want to do what you do when I grow up I would be the only one in Santa Rosa probably
juana mosqueda
juana mosqueda 15 kun oldin
can you give a shoudout to the people y hay do gacha and the people who do gacha say mee!!
juana mosqueda
juana mosqueda 15 kun oldin
but...cleanimg the river is relly good because some people could get hurt love you:)
juana mosqueda
juana mosqueda 15 kun oldin
Steven Kelleher
Steven Kelleher 16 kun oldin
I wold like money from water
Karina's GameWorld
Karina's GameWorld 17 kun oldin
I dropped a jewelry in that
Sadman1279 17 kun oldin
i hope we can duplicate jake cause ill take 1 jake and teach me how to swim that would be soo cool . but wait that money is water proof it wont scratch off in water
Skyy Cook
Skyy Cook 17 kun oldin
IPhone 3
Gaby Cabriales
Gaby Cabriales 17 kun oldin
I have a dog like that but my dog is a girl and she had like 12 puppies oh and her name is sassy
Jonathan Medna
Jonathan Medna 17 kun oldin
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 17 kun oldin
You found 8$.😀
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 17 kun oldin
You found cash in water?😲
b lindan
b lindan 17 kun oldin
I phone 1
Happy Emily Hart
Happy Emily Hart 17 kun oldin
good man👍
Happy Emily Hart
Happy Emily Hart 17 kun oldin
Bella Roth
Bella Roth 18 kun oldin
Images finding a 100bill
Brian Clark
Brian Clark 18 kun oldin
Now see if you can find your own hat nextime!
Matthew Curtis (Student)
Matthew Curtis (Student)
Throw trash in the water? Dallmyd will return it!
Noor Al Khatib
Noor Al Khatib 19 kun oldin
Why does he always have toothpaste
Steinar Henriksen
Steinar Henriksen 19 kun oldin
You deserve That money 👑
S Soul
S Soul 19 kun oldin
berry 144
berry 144 21 kun oldin
He gets so excited over a dollar like a kid. Lmao.
Kylie your COOL ! Whaley
Goldy_Lover_ Fan
Goldy_Lover_ Fan 22 kun oldin
I’m a fan
Fred Clark
Fred Clark 22 kun oldin
I lost money in that river.
kj fgg
kj fgg 23 kun oldin
3:56 hahahahaha clumpp
Uka Gaajav
Uka Gaajav 24 kun oldin
2:46 Me when I think about money wait... OMG I JUST FOUND MONEY
Luke Skelton
Luke Skelton 26 kun oldin
Dude your awsome, love your vids. You make me jealous what a coo job you have. Lee it up.
lisa vennard
lisa vennard 27 kun oldin
I love your army swim suit😍
RouterYT 29 kun oldin
The phone at the end was an iphone 3
Philip Dimacali-Lim
Philip Dimacali-Lim 29 kun oldin
Super Oscar little o Vasquez
It’s an iPhone 3
Isabel Harris
Isabel Harris Oy oldin
gucciiiiiiiiii gang
ED Gadget River Finds
nice cleaning up trash and dollar
The gods appreciate you, but not without their own reward! (your hat)
Lexie Findlow
Lexie Findlow Oy oldin
native beauty
native beauty Oy oldin
do you v logs like if he does
Jennifer Buckley
i love you guys have a good day. :)
Airys Barber
Airys Barber Oy oldin
I can’t believe how disrespectful people are to animals environments, throwing trash in the river is not ok
Latara Johnson
A iphone 3
The Skit Maker
How is it waterproof?
Aamon Killelea
I saw ring I can’t believe it you Was so close to picking it up 💍💍
David Witherell
That's all the money you get for bottle deposits or someone is paying for cleaning.
The Darren channel
Do more videos in this river plz
Ninja pro
Ninja pro Oy oldin
Maretta Billsie
Augisplayz 999
Nyah Fierro
Nyah Fierro Oy oldin
He talks so fast I mistaken him as jojo siwas brother 😹😹🎃
Ashley Jaquez
Ashley Jaquez Oy oldin
Hey I ♥♥♡your vids lol :D
steve g
steve g Oy oldin
Great video guys!! Doing a good job of cleaning the river as well👏🏻👏🏻
Fusion _Deamon
i am missing 100 dollorbill chabogan aparment 2 that is wher i live
Heart Butterfly
Love your dog
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff Oy oldin
iPhone 3
Jose Lamers
Jose Lamers Oy oldin
You get pay for cleaning the river
Alexandria nichole Guerra
Don't unlike okay Say = #OKAY
Piece Ninja 10000
IPhone 3
tj lyons
tj lyons Oy oldin
Are you rich?
Матеја Андрић
Are you Russian or English
phantom Oy oldin
3:07 he found money
jen gem
jen gem Oy oldin
Laughlin has thr best finds i saw a lady drop her diamond ring in the water while getting off the boat taxi
John Oy oldin
It is the iPhone 3
0ak105 Ab
0ak105 Ab Oy oldin
A good ol George Washington for you day
vlosraptorkitty/bluestar rexy/blue/Indoraptor MIX
0:40 that poor man RIP lol he got run over by a raft
Leafeon Chara
Leafeon Chara Oy oldin
Its like your getting rewarded for picking up the trash :3
CJ Run
CJ Run Oy oldin
that is an apple 1.
Sylvia donald
Sylvia donald Oy oldin
The dog is luck
Charles Woodward