I Found Out I Was Adopted And It Broke My Heart

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Hello everyone, this is Andrew. Sometimes, a family is not what it seems to be. We all have our secrets, and when they're revealed, it can change us completely - and not necessarily in a bad way. But let’s start from the beginning:
Andrew's life was never anything special - his mom and dad were simple people with regular jobs. They never had any big fights, but it wouldn't be true to say that he was close to them either. They didn’t talk much except about ordinary stuff like school, grades and what was for dinner.
By the time Andrew's 15th birthday approached, his parents wanted to have a party with all their family friends and their children. Andrew was very annoyed, because he wanted to have fun with his friends. But his parents insisted, so he HAD to accept. During the party, one of the guests, who was a friend of his parents, said: “It’s amazing how much you look like your parents despite your situation.” Andrew was confused, and he immediately asked: “What situation?” “Oh…” the guest said, “...you don’t know…"
The rest of the party proceeded normally, but for days afterwards Andrew couldn’t stop thinking about what he had meant. One of the things that sprang into his mind was that maybe he had been adopted. It could have been true, because he’d always noticed small differences between his parents and himself. So one day at dinner, Andrew asked the question straight out. His parents just stared at him with a worried look on their faces, not saying anything. And at this moment he realized that he'd found out the truth. And it made him ANGRY. It turned out that EVERYONE knew except him. And it hurt, a lot. Andrew kept asking himself: "Who I am? What do I do now?" It was a very confusing and scary time for him.
He almost started a rebellion. He spent a lot of time outside late at night, and his grades at school went down.
The thing he just couldn’t understand was why they refused to talk to him about it. Why did they try to act as though everything was normal? And what was even worse was that they got angry at him when he stayed out for too long, and tried to control him. They weren’t even his real parents, so what right they had to do that?
One evening, when he got back late, his father started shouting at Andrew for being spoiled and ungrateful despite everything they did for him. So he turned straight around and left the house.
He didn’t know where to go, so he just walked through the dark streets. He doesn’t know how long he walked for, but it felt like hours. Andrew couldn't stop thinking about how nobody really cared about him. His real parents had probably left him, and it seemed that he was nothing more than a nuisance to his adopted ones.
He couldn’t go back home, so he went to his favorite childhood place - a pond where he had loved to look at the ducks when he was little. Andrew sat there, cold and sad, and cried. He was completely lost.
Suddenly, he saw his parents' car drive up next to the pond. His mother got out of the car. She looked scared and worried. She came up to Andrew and hugged him.
“We were so worried! We didn’t know how to find you, so your father said that we should try looking for you at the pond”.
Andrew still couldn't stop crying, and he started asking his mother questions - why did his real parents leave him? Why had they never told him?
His mother sighed, then finally started answering his questions: “To be honest, darling, your real parents just didn’t want you. But we do want you. And we love you. Both me and your father. We decided not to tell you, so you would have a normal childhood. But I guess we were wrong. I’m sorry. You are the best thing that ever happened to us.”
The only thing Andrew couldn’t understand was why his father was still just sitting in the car and hadn't even come out to talk to him. He looked through the window...and noticed that he was crying as well. Andrew had never seen his father cry. In fact, he rarely saw him showing any emotion. And his tears revealed more than his words could ever say.
“Let’s go home,” his mom said. And he did.
Andrew realized that his parents weren't perfect - they didn’t always know how to express their emotions or how to do the right thing. But they did love him. And it didn’t matter if he was adopted or not. They're still his parents, and he loves them despite all their peculiarities. Being loved is one of the best feelings in the world. And he was loved. And for that moment, that was enough for him to be happy again.
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2-Noy, 2018

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Alfred Matthews
Alfred Matthews 6 kun oldin
Are these stories real?
Sienna Lucas
Sienna Lucas 7 kun oldin
독수리Eagle 8 kun oldin
marixina 2 soat oldin
“I was *ANGRY*
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 2 soat oldin
Awww don’t worry that is a very heart warming story. My friend kind of has the same experience
Lose Gamer
Lose Gamer 2 soat oldin
When my mom told me i was adoted i was sooo chill like i mean my real real mom could not take care of me because it was waaaay to hard she was only 17 and my dad was in prison so i got adoted
Dylan S.
Dylan S. 3 soat oldin
I not allowed to play video games on week days!!
Omega 4 soat oldin
kill your parents its really a good fix to a bug in life, it really is
Sheku Konneh
Sheku Konneh 4 soat oldin
Gamer 265
Gamer 265 5 soat oldin
How ever disliked the vid your a piece off shit
Sothea Phon
Sothea Phon 10 soat oldin
I was crying
nasko ivanov
nasko ivanov 15 soat oldin
This is like story booth
Isabella Vlogs
Isabella Vlogs 15 soat oldin
I have the same feeling just that my mum cares about my brother more
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 15 soat oldin
Nobody should find out their adopted... EVER
Piano Kid
Piano Kid 16 soat oldin
This channel always makes me almost cry
Alexandra YDM
Alexandra YDM 17 soat oldin
STORY TIME Hello! I’m adopted from Mexico into a family from Northern Ireland. I was totally fine about being adopted. I got told at a young age but I love my parents like they’re blood related. 😄 My real parents were not together, I was born from a one night stand and my biological mother couldn’t afford an abortion. She didn’t have a proper home, and already had other children that she was trying to put up for adoption. When I was born, I was adopted at three weeks old, but couldn’t leave the country. I lived in Mexico for a year and one month. When I went to Northern Ireland, everything was fine, and I loved the long flight. The knowledge of being adopted was a daily thing, but I didn’t care. Today, I’m fourteen years old and still live in Northern Ireland. I still love my parents like blood relations. I’m teased now and again about being Mexican and adopted, and I only struggle with anxiety. My parents are very supporting, and they help me with every step of the way. When I turn eighteen, I’m going to apply to become an airline pilot. My parents completely support me in it, and sometimes even help me with my studies. And even when I bicker with my parents, I stop and remember all they had done for me, more than what biological parents could do. I love my parents no matter what! 😄
Lexie Fam
Lexie Fam 22 soat oldin
Well being adopted isn't bad cause people actually want u...
Jacob Camerupt
Jacob Camerupt Kun oldin
This kid is a brat
*joejoemac 9*
*joejoemac 9* Kun oldin
Who holds up food, Closes there eyes and just stares at it?
Donut Ritter
Donut Ritter Kun oldin
One of my good friends is adopted
AndyPlayZ Kun oldin
I litarlly cryed durninig this
Cathy The SexyWolf
Ik what it's like to be adopted. I'm adopted just like you. I was in the same mindset as you were but, I was a lil girl when I was told I'm adopted. Your story is really inspirational.
BreannaUnicornz Kun oldin
k. you have 2 white parents and lOOK AT YOuR SeLF
Betty Beiblin
Betty Beiblin Kun oldin
Oh my god! This is a mix of happiness and sadnesses! Sappiness!
Maria Jennifer Chon
A family isn’t by blood,it’s by heart....
Magic Man
Magic Man Kun oldin
Tf? They were awesome parents!
Lt_Outlaw Kun oldin
I swear this is the Tracy Beaker Animation
love times
love times Kun oldin
Its fun to have a family that love and cares about you💙💙💙
Cruz Florero
Cruz Florero Kun oldin
Hold up an F- exists?
Just another random youtube account
In sovient union YOU adopt people
The Flip Book Boy
CryztZee Kun oldin
So your sad that you had a family that chose you, and fed you. Be goad you were adopted and not out on the streets ;/
Just Izel
Just Izel Kun oldin
People who are adopted pls dont get angry at ur parents cause u r blessed they adopted u and they let u study and eat so pls dont get angry at them pls And here is the reason why they didnt tell the truth when u were a kid because u wouldnt understand and for u not to think about it :) your welcome
Raining Penguins
Raining Penguins 2 kun oldin
I would feel so mad that I would kill myself if my *parents* said I was adopted..........
Jesus Esparza
Jesus Esparza 2 kun oldin
I thought he had turrets, i didnt hear it
Chloe McEnroe
Chloe McEnroe 2 kun oldin
I dont understand why people feel so sad and shocked that they were adopted. I would be happy if i was adopted. I would be grateful that my parents took care of me when my real ones didnt!!
MrS ViDa
MrS ViDa 2 kun oldin
Shit, you should appreciate the love and happiness you were receiving. Think: If u were to be with a family who dont want you, imagine how horrible ur life would be. Its okay to be adopted. Especially if the family who took u in LOVES THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!!
Kevin Qerimi
Kevin Qerimi 2 kun oldin
That’s just a bit ungrateful tbh, of course they care, they adopted you, at least you have people, some people don’t, always be grateful for what you have.
Wolfie animations
Wolfie animations 2 kun oldin
Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan 2 kun oldin
Uhm but I don’t think these stories are real
HxperKiim 2 kun oldin
:o I seen this on story booth’s channel, but the dad was talking and said a different story.
GalacticHearts 2 kun oldin
If I found out I was adopted I would be happy I was adopted in the first place
RyleeWins 3 kun oldin
Small differences??? Bruh your a black dude and your parents are white... what the hell did you think you were biological dude why weren’t you like aware of your situation... oh wait
#internettroll I trigger people
It wasn't his place to say "you don't know?" And say something like that. What are parents suppose to do? Tell you when your 5. Watch teen wolf when Jackson dad said "Jackson never said he loved us since he found our he was adopted"when stiles kidnapped Jackson.😭
Miss Bleach
Miss Bleach Kun oldin
hi there.
Kyle Elliott
Kyle Elliott 3 kun oldin
That happened with me
Shay Washington
Shay Washington 3 kun oldin
I was adopted at 1 I know my parents love me
FBI Fortnite skin
FBI Fortnite skin 3 kun oldin
Ali a
JARXD 15 3 kun oldin
Ungrateful I would not get mad at someone who wanted me and loved me.
Aya Bazzi
Aya Bazzi 3 kun oldin
Weird flex but okay.
Denise Flynn
Denise Flynn 3 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭MY FRIEND IS ADOPTED 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪🤫🤭
Cynthia Poananga
Cynthia Poananga 3 kun oldin
that was sad
Jake N
Jake N 3 kun oldin
I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!!!!
Amy Duong
Amy Duong 3 kun oldin
I swear some of you guys didn't watch the whole video. He's happy and grateful with his adopted family now why are you still complaining about his attitude? And it makes sense why he was mad too stop blaming him jeez.
Fabians Faints
Fabians Faints 3 kun oldin
My sisters are adopted from china :D
Yemon44 3 kun oldin
My parents told me when I was really young, and I had no idea what it meant for a long time since I was little
Sofia Guerra
Sofia Guerra 3 kun oldin
This made me cry
William Lynch
William Lynch 3 kun oldin
That’s sad ☹️
D D 3 kun oldin
Best to be honest from the beginning. Some asshat always spills the beans.
PGM038 3 kun oldin
I feel u... I found out I was aborted...
Crazyllama Fortnite765
I wish I was adopted
Spray Panter kid
Spray Panter kid 3 kun oldin
Theres a reason they do it at fifteen or older...cuz they will under stand better.
Anime Abby
Anime Abby 4 kun oldin
I feel how angry you would be, but they loved you, and did everything for you
Sonia !!!!!!
Sonia !!!!!! 4 kun oldin
sis someone tell me why I cried
Brooklyn King
Brooklyn King 4 kun oldin
That story made me cry
Tyler Chapman
Tyler Chapman 4 kun oldin
This is lagging
Charles The King™
This is fucking retarded
Des&Val Vlogs
Des&Val Vlogs 4 kun oldin
The way he said angry tho
Love M&M for life
Love M&M for life 4 kun oldin
the plus to being adopted is you accualy know you were waned
Maša C
Maša C 4 kun oldin
If i found out I was adopted I would have probably kill my self
Charles The King™
That's cause you're stupid
Jason Paues
Jason Paues 4 kun oldin
Im a teenager and i cried😭😅
Charles The King™
PokeCheatzzz _
PokeCheatzzz _ 4 kun oldin
my dick is a massive 1 whole inch
Rahul TRM
Rahul TRM 4 kun oldin
I'm always lied to..HAHHAAHAHHAHAAH......HA.
BurntRoses 4 kun oldin
My parents : Your Adopted Me: ok
MY movie
MY movie 4 kun oldin
I have a story... I have three brothers,they are from mom's brother. They share a mom ,and she is my grandmother... I love how we almost every weekend go see her. With my three brothers. Every Christmas and Easter and more we go celebrate at her house. And my uncle has a bit more money than usual pople... So somebody followed us...He couldn't find my and my uncle's family so...He brooke in my grandmother's house...He took everything:our photos,money,food...We wore scared...My grandmother and grandfather are now okay but we lost so much family stuff and money that we will hardly recover...
Sherbet_Bomb 4 kun oldin
You don't need to be related to someone by blood to be considered family/kin. Parents are parents. Siblings are siblings. If they love you, take you in and raise you as their own, that's what matters.
Jufri Haji Ibrahim
Jufri Haji Ibrahim 4 kun oldin
same im adopted!
Millo_ _
Millo_ _ 4 kun oldin
He said him and his parents aren’t close. Weird because why would u adopt a child then barely show affection
MiniCatholic Nerd
MiniCatholic Nerd 4 kun oldin
Is that a beanie? That you were wearing
Juanita Contreras
Juanita Contreras 4 kun oldin
Please don't read ? You are so close. Never mind not even close.
The Red Sterling Mc'Bae
Even if I were adopted, I'd be okay with that. If my parents didn't want me,, screw em'. I got a second chance. I never got why people are so weirded out by adopted people.
Seankoopa10 5 kun oldin
Ouch... Man... Feels bad.
Video Gamer42
Video Gamer42 5 kun oldin
My names andrew to
chakawave 5 kun oldin
I’m adopted! But I love life and I wasn’t sad because of my back story!
Thatonefangirl 5 kun oldin
If I figured out I was adopted, I would be kind of happy, considering the fact that someone actually wanted to take me in, and wanted to love me
Goofy G. Goof
Goofy G. Goof 5 kun oldin
Wow. Adopted children should be great full that they are even living in a family. They should be great full that they have people who provide and care for them.
Nicole Keren
Nicole Keren 5 kun oldin
... i DONT get it why ppl are sad they are adopted like YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!😂
Little Missy
Little Missy 5 kun oldin
It’s weird because the only thing I could focus on in that whole entire thing, was how your parents told you how to spend YOUR b-day
LAPIS LEE 5 kun oldin
He cheated for another girl and left when I was 2 or 3 year old
LAPIS LEE 5 kun oldin
I got adopted because my mom died..So I had to stay with my dad that cheated on my mom..I have no love for him..
LAPIS LEE 5 kun oldin
I got adopted
anime506558 5 kun oldin
This kid is the type of asshole that watches the simpson edits with x musics playing in the back
Jj Productions
Jj Productions 5 kun oldin
My sis mom my uncles and I are all adopted too
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 5 kun oldin
3:58 and they died in car accident (because father couldn't see anything while crying), the end.
Clark Johan
Clark Johan 5 kun oldin
Be happy what you have and who you are
NakyahPl4ys 5 kun oldin
Parents aren't parents without love
grazey16 playz
grazey16 playz 5 kun oldin
u are stupid u are lucky that they adopted u and u are 15 u don't think idiot I'm only 11 and I think life that
Lindsey Hollifield
Lindsey Hollifield 5 kun oldin
I was adopted in Russia!!!🇷🇺
THE WEEBOO CULT 5 kun oldin
Boii yall are saying no one loves u..if ur adopted parents didnt love u they would have left u at the adoption centre
aleesha _
aleesha _ 5 kun oldin
This story is shocking. I am extremely glad I'm not adopted, I appreciate that I have parents whom love me
Jaclyn ble
Jaclyn ble 5 kun oldin
i wasn't adopted. i was abducted
Video Gamer42
Video Gamer42 5 kun oldin
I’m adopted sike
grace madu
grace madu 6 kun oldin
1:57 Since when are there “F-“😂
4 kun oldin