I Found Out I Was Adopted And It Broke My Heart

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Hello everyone, this is Andrew. Sometimes, a family is not what it seems to be. We all have our secrets, and when they're revealed, it can change us completely - and not necessarily in a bad way. But let’s start from the beginning:
Andrew's life was never anything special - his mom and dad were simple people with regular jobs. They never had any big fights, but it wouldn't be true to say that he was close to them either. They didn’t talk much except about ordinary stuff like school, grades and what was for dinner.
By the time Andrew's 15th birthday approached, his parents wanted to have a party with all their family friends and their children. Andrew was very annoyed, because he wanted to have fun with his friends. But his parents insisted, so he HAD to accept. During the party, one of the guests, who was a friend of his parents, said: “It’s amazing how much you look like your parents despite your situation.” Andrew was confused, and he immediately asked: “What situation?” “Oh…” the guest said, “...you don’t know…"
The rest of the party proceeded normally, but for days afterwards Andrew couldn’t stop thinking about what he had meant. One of the things that sprang into his mind was that maybe he had been adopted. It could have been true, because he’d always noticed small differences between his parents and himself. So one day at dinner, Andrew asked the question straight out. His parents just stared at him with a worried look on their faces, not saying anything. And at this moment he realized that he'd found out the truth. And it made him ANGRY. It turned out that EVERYONE knew except him. And it hurt, a lot. Andrew kept asking himself: "Who I am? What do I do now?" It was a very confusing and scary time for him.
He almost started a rebellion. He spent a lot of time outside late at night, and his grades at school went down.
The thing he just couldn’t understand was why they refused to talk to him about it. Why did they try to act as though everything was normal? And what was even worse was that they got angry at him when he stayed out for too long, and tried to control him. They weren’t even his real parents, so what right they had to do that?
One evening, when he got back late, his father started shouting at Andrew for being spoiled and ungrateful despite everything they did for him. So he turned straight around and left the house.
He didn’t know where to go, so he just walked through the dark streets. He doesn’t know how long he walked for, but it felt like hours. Andrew couldn't stop thinking about how nobody really cared about him. His real parents had probably left him, and it seemed that he was nothing more than a nuisance to his adopted ones.
He couldn’t go back home, so he went to his favorite childhood place - a pond where he had loved to look at the ducks when he was little. Andrew sat there, cold and sad, and cried. He was completely lost.
Suddenly, he saw his parents' car drive up next to the pond. His mother got out of the car. She looked scared and worried. She came up to Andrew and hugged him.
“We were so worried! We didn’t know how to find you, so your father said that we should try looking for you at the pond”.
Andrew still couldn't stop crying, and he started asking his mother questions - why did his real parents leave him? Why had they never told him?
His mother sighed, then finally started answering his questions: “To be honest, darling, your real parents just didn’t want you. But we do want you. And we love you. Both me and your father. We decided not to tell you, so you would have a normal childhood. But I guess we were wrong. I’m sorry. You are the best thing that ever happened to us.”
The only thing Andrew couldn’t understand was why his father was still just sitting in the car and hadn't even come out to talk to him. He looked through the window...and noticed that he was crying as well. Andrew had never seen his father cry. In fact, he rarely saw him showing any emotion. And his tears revealed more than his words could ever say.
“Let’s go home,” his mom said. And he did.
Andrew realized that his parents weren't perfect - they didn’t always know how to express their emotions or how to do the right thing. But they did love him. And it didn’t matter if he was adopted or not. They're still his parents, and he loves them despite all their peculiarities. Being loved is one of the best feelings in the world. And he was loved. And for that moment, that was enough for him to be happy again.
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Alina Kostina
Alina Kostina Oy oldin
jaqueline Schaefer
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen 2 oy oldin
bcreative live love&laugh out loud
Wooooow I regret clicking read more
The shield
The shield Soat oldin
I’m adopted from Cana. My parents left me in my first day I was born they know I bucks they can see it. My mon and dad told me so I know but I was so avies I’m brun and they are more whit
Thoriso Molefe
Thoriso Molefe 2 kun oldin
Hes dark skinned while both his parents are light skinned and he is shocked that he is adopted... wow (my brain just can't right now)
KALIYAH HALL 4 kun oldin
This made me cry ... For real
Decosaur Playz
Decosaur Playz 4 kun oldin
So like puberty?
MarshyLeaks 7 kun oldin
If I was adopted and I found out I'd just be like "ok lol at least they decided to adopt me and wanted me"
jonatthan hidalgo
jonatthan hidalgo 12 kun oldin
I was adopted bc my mom past away
y z
y z 12 kun oldin
F- 😂😂
OYFUM 13 kun oldin
You know if I was adopted and they didn't tell me I would just not care and keep things going as normal I would still them and stuff still
its play time with Ricky
Me to i foud out and a burstit in to 😭😭😭😭😭😭
gamer_wolf _chan
gamer_wolf _chan 14 kun oldin
yea i am Adopted im really Adopted because family told it last week pass so i only think i did was crying and crying i ging to high school i met a boy die was ook Adopted and i start to like him so thats my stupid story sad to happy end oh and i got a baby boy and girl
Lamexx .-.
Lamexx .-. 16 kun oldin
I honestly don't care if I'm adopted :/
Javier PLAYZ
Javier PLAYZ 18 kun oldin
Parents: Your adopted Me: Ok what does that mean? Parents: Nevermind Me: Ok so it means nevermind, gotti
Summer Lawley
Summer Lawley 19 kun oldin
orange giraffe
Chaser !
Chaser ! 20 kun oldin
I have no idea whats going on?? If this happend My Mom: Son we need to talk... U are adopted Me: Ok i dont care Idk why everyone is lik Everyone: I AM ADOPTED WHATTTT WHYYY I mean why is that the big thing ill be just like Me: Can i meet my biological parents Mom: ehhhhh..... Me: ok never mind i dont care.... Can u make me eat somthing I wont wtart a war in my house????gn
liberalistodi 21 kun oldin
I'm adopted and also found out at about 15, I cried watching this just from how much his story relates to what I went through.
Jey Osu vs wwe Down since day one ish
I know how it man 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Grenadiel 23 kun oldin
It really doesn't matter which vagina gave you birth. What matters is who took an effort to raise you.
Logan Mireles
Logan Mireles 23 kun oldin
what a brat
raneem hanoun
raneem hanoun 24 kun oldin
1000 subs no videos?
Legit made me cry...
gaming with Benny
gaming with Benny 25 kun oldin
I am adopted as wes well but i see my real mom still cause of cps my got me and my sis to put me up for adoption and my moms friend came up and me and sis and i was 2 and now i am 12
lacey snider
lacey snider 27 kun oldin
How did he get in F- that’s not a grade
h193013 27 kun oldin
Family isn’t just blood but people who love and care about you
Samari Payne
Samari Payne 28 kun oldin
He seems like a jackass
Jayproductions 008
Jayproductions 008 29 kun oldin
Ponokeo lookin ass
FazeSpideyboi 29 kun oldin
Am also adopted
Kayleigh Scholtz
Kayleigh Scholtz 29 kun oldin
This stuf is very sad
EE Elly
EE Elly Oy oldin
When the guy became angry His voice tho
Mcharizardcool rules
I know I'm not adopted, I got my dads strength, moes ( freckle like thing on your face ) me and my dog got the same amount of moes. Some people say I look like my dad and mom, plus there's like a thousand pictures my mom took of me and my lil sis growing up
We all have that one friend that fucks the secret up
Johnson Artchive
Most of the people I know have raised their kids by telling them they were adopted since birth
Ashlie plays
Ashlie plays Oy oldin
I just found out I was adopted today, my parents kept this from me for 13 years 😢😭
chris mutapay
chris mutapay Oy oldin
i lost my friend
Fosmin Clorin
Fosmin Clorin Oy oldin
You really should appreciate that you were adopted. Would you have liked instead to live in an orphanage? And they are your parents because they've raised you and loved you, not like your biological parents who couldn't bother to take care of you. Friendship is a state of affection and so is parenting.
Brawl God Brien
Anyone else hate this guy
Michelle Oy oldin
Hey Andrew guess what. You’re adopted 🤠
Kayleigh Scholtz
I am also adopted
SunsetFireRose lists
What's wrong with being adopted?
Marina official
Sometimes I want to be adopted. but my face totally look like my dad 🙄
Red Eye
Red Eye Oy oldin
did you tried to contact your biological parents?
Gladys De Leon
We have the same story!! Im cryinggg
feona macdonald
1:50 why does his hat look like a poop?😄💩 your welcome
Charlotte Pentelow
You should have been way more grateful they took you in
spidey wtf
spidey wtf Oy oldin
Is F- actually a grade?
wow like that is so rude about when they never told him that he was adopted. LIKE BRUH. can't they do any better. LIKE WTH
Jessica A
Jessica A Oy oldin
I was adopted too and told from the beginning. I still struggle with it though because I still have unresolved issues with my past and things that anger me. I’ve never had anyone to talk with about it so I’ve always kept it inside. My parents give me a good life even though I have problems within my family. I still feel depressed about being adopted because of the background and how my parents were.
Sksksks Sksksks
I was in foster care for YEARS and I finally got adopted at about 12, he’s blessed that he got adoptive parents from the beginning.
Santiago Rossi
Lul, this was uploaded at my birthday
Baby Leah
Baby Leah Oy oldin
I’m NOT adopted or maybe I am and I don’t know And even if one day they tell me that I am I WILL NOT CARE because they ate the best people in my life and I wouldn’t change them for anyone Like this if you love your parents and go get up and give them a hug ❤️
Buff Dolly and gotzs
Your vid amazing
Hannelore Gyselinck
Same here...
Calla Nightshade
I'm a birth mother. To a beautiful baby girl whom I love more than anything in the universe. I wanted her, I wanted to raise her, but the situation I was in I couldn't. I made the choice to place her with a mom and a dad and two brothers that love her and adore her. I still get to be in her life because it's an open adoption. She and I have a relationship, a bond, she's only a year old now and doesn't fully know I'm her birth mom. But that doesn't stop her from smiling when she sees me. She's happy and healthy and I get to be in her life as she grows up. Her parents love me and my family as well. She's the link that brings too families together into one. And the one thing we all say about the situation "children can never have too many people who love them"
Nicole Gracie
Nicole Gracie Oy oldin
It’s hurt when you know your real parent don’t want you :(
Bryan Castaneda
At least you where wanted
Adrian Bem
Adrian Bem Oy oldin
I cried because the video
Sheryl may Cabaron
Wentworth james Barut
I dropped my phone in the toilet *Actually happened*
Rashad Brown
Rashad Brown Oy oldin
I know a story on shocking family secrets of man who lived in a town. And every one in it knew he was adopted and did not say a word to him about it.
Angela Colonne
His parents where right.
Tamanna Tabassum Mim
My eyes got watery while watching! :')
Naruto Uzumaki And Natsu
Family Is Family Doesn't Matter about Blood Or not Family Is The Need to Love Someone Family is A Unision Of Love That is what family is!
Shuizhen Huang
I feel bad for you
It’s me Again
Eh, What a party pooper
Ruby Torres
Ruby Torres Oy oldin
U should be happy because they love eventhou
Bape Boi
Bape Boi Oy oldin
1:28 Nani
mei keumalahayati
People said that I'm adopted. But my parents didn't tell me yet. And I can't ask them about it too cause I worry about the answer . I don't want tobe broken heart if I know that my birth parent don't want me.
kitty rocks
kitty rocks Oy oldin
You know what's weird I have been adopted
I loveMyself
I loveMyself Oy oldin
lol.. if it were me... I would ditch off and run away when my parents find me in a place like that.
Galactic Viz
Galactic Viz Oy oldin
I don’t know how u did not suspect u were adopted. 😒
The Yeeter
The Yeeter Oy oldin
Your...your...adopted Lol
Kechelle Jackson
How can you find out your adopted by a family member? cause I think I’m adopted by a family member
The lyrics
The lyrics Oy oldin
SSSnowyWolf Gamer
OMG, this is so sad, I don't know what I'd do if I found out I'm adopted. But I'm not because I saw my baby pictures
Blackjack Oy oldin
leave a like if you cried when you watched this
Dr. Green
Dr. Green Oy oldin
Ha this kid is adopted
Alina Kostina
Alina Kostina Oy oldin
I'm happy I'm adopted because I wold not like to stay in the kids shelter it's really rough in there one of the kids hated me so much that he tried to hurt me but the people who work there saved my life Soooo then I got adopted andI have a mom,dad and an annoying brother but I still love them and treet them with respect I also have 8 pets 4 cats and 4 dogs Sooooo ya thats my story. Write to me, did you ever go to the kids shelter? How was it? Did it go bad or good? I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY:-D
Lps Arctic Fox
THATS REALLY UNGRATEFUL!If my parents would have told me i was adopted i would love them even more because i would know they wanted me and not like other kids that were mistakes or unwanted
Caty Hosch
Caty Hosch Oy oldin
i cried
Jonathan Nrnj
Jonathan Nrnj Oy oldin
That is so sad 😢😭😭
Walid Nachar
Walid Nachar Oy oldin
Lord of Memezz Addict
Sorry son, hope you are happy with your new parents
DJ Lucario
DJ Lucario Oy oldin
Who ever ditched him I will shoot em with my AR-15
jose gamer ._
jose gamer ._ Oy oldin
I got adopted when I was 5 im now 9 and i have a brother and a girlfriend ._.
J W Oy oldin
Let's stop being judgemental! Some people are more sensitive than others so just because you didn't care when you found out you were adopted doesn't mean it didn't majorly impact someone else's life. "who cares about your biological parents" ," Your parents are the ones that raised you." All you assholes can piss up a tree and jump off a bridge cuz you ain't walked a mile in my shoes.
Vitamineq Oy oldin
It's one of the saddest videos I ever watched on UZvid.
beautiful story.
What an absolute ungrateful piece of shit.
:Dillon Wingull
I had to tell someone I loved they were adopted too. Swim Shady was SHOOK.
Why he look like Jughead but with black hair tho?
HiHp_GabZedZIG -
I'm bursting to tears
Valcanos Gaming
Oh god i cried a little
Liliana Gridley
Bro your voice sounds like Cris Pine!
Eli Gailey
Eli Gailey Oy oldin
I can relate I am adopted to I found out when I was 8 or 9 and I am 11
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan 2 oy oldin
so a brown guy dont realise that 2 white parents are not his real parents at first 👌👌👏👏
Jake Mavoks
Jake Mavoks 2 oy oldin
Drama queen
M TK 2 oy oldin
what a whiny little creep. You have two loving parents that accepted you from the very beginning as theirs, for you to not see that makes you a superficial worm.
Mareena and Solita
WHY DOES HE HAVE ALWAYS TO BE SO MEAN EVERY TIME 😡😡😡😡😡 listen to your parents, your parents are more important and don’t be mean to your parents
Bayamba Bamba
Bayamba Bamba 2 oy oldin
Big ass ears
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