I Gave My Dads Car a MAKEOVER & He Was SO MAD... (crazy reaction)

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7-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 205
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 2 oy oldin
Hollow Head
Hollow Head 8 kun oldin
FaZe Rug I’ll still drive the car 😂
The Best
The Best 15 kun oldin
FaZe Rug when is Micheal coming back
Christian Blaze
Christian Blaze 24 kun oldin
I would kick your butt
Big Daddy D
Big Daddy D 26 kun oldin
FaZe Rug a
Tango. 2 kun oldin
Fuck bro.... a monetised video *and* a sponsored ad? Scummy.
nikoli barashnikov
nikoli barashnikov 2 kun oldin
asking people do donate when u driving lamborghinis. gtfo here. donate yo lambo.
Mary-Ann Du Plessis
I will fuck you up
kevin wisniewski
kevin wisniewski 5 kun oldin
“PAPA RUG MAMA RUG tony” lmaoo
Alhassan OSMAN
Alhassan OSMAN 6 kun oldin
Everything is great but when your mother is talking don't talk 👌 😊😂😂❤️
Zack Bordeaux
Zack Bordeaux 6 kun oldin
Faze rug
323 vlogs_PYT
323 vlogs_PYT 6 kun oldin
Hey rug you should come to Michigan I make UZvid videos also I live in Michigan lol😀
Rednixz TV
Rednixz TV 7 kun oldin
is that what you call mad?
angelisone 8 kun oldin
What was the total price on the wrap?
Funky Red
Funky Red 9 kun oldin
Omg romeo's shirt just throws me back into that lovey Dovey shit!
kiskise monigi
kiskise monigi 9 kun oldin
How much
Stance Automotive
Stance Automotive 10 kun oldin
Shittiest UZvidr!
Martin Palencia
Martin Palencia 10 kun oldin
You didnt show your tatoo
Trent White
Trent White 11 kun oldin
I love it
V’s Life
V’s Life 11 kun oldin
If you did that to my car I’d thank you because you would have gotten me my first car! But I would probably give it to my mom cuz her car has been having a lot of problems lately so yeah.
Nicholas Au
Nicholas Au 12 kun oldin
Cool App You Discovered U Mean U were sponsored lmao
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
Like for real I feel bad for papa rug
Aubree Aidyn
Aubree Aidyn 13 kun oldin
Lol tbh as a girl for me that car looked cute the only thing looked bad was that Gray flame lol
King Wither
King Wither 13 kun oldin
Never mess with the lambo
Fortnite Stealth
Fortnite Stealth 14 kun oldin
Get the flame thrower
XxBreezySoFly_ Xx
XxBreezySoFly_ Xx 14 kun oldin
Looks good for a girls car
Kashif Mehmood
Kashif Mehmood 14 kun oldin
Rich bastards have it all no wonder they are all soo happy
The Best
The Best 15 kun oldin
If you were to do that to my car in the future I would kill you physically kill you but thank god right now I don’t have a car
The Best
The Best 15 kun oldin
I doesn’t look bad
Jayshell Bear Below
Jayshell Bear Below 16 kun oldin
His reaction tho
CosmicSiren 14450
CosmicSiren 14450 16 kun oldin
Tank yu sow mucheu
Bebe Alex
Bebe Alex 17 kun oldin
Soth Mony
Soth Mony 17 kun oldin
That looks cool
You could not do that to my car cause i dont have a Mercedes 😂
Kil -spree
Kil -spree 17 kun oldin
I would smack you
vanessa carreno
vanessa carreno 18 kun oldin
vanessa carreno
vanessa carreno 18 kun oldin
Ace Family i LOVE you faze rug and papa rug and mama rug
Nathan Andrew Davis
Nathan Andrew Davis 18 kun oldin
At 2:40 OMFG you have a Fortnite themed room?!?!
dab a ranch da
dab a ranch da 19 kun oldin
Didn't see the tattoo
D'zo benfranklin
D'zo benfranklin 19 kun oldin
Toby 19 kun oldin
I would definitely disown you
Sealtiel Doroteo
Sealtiel Doroteo 19 kun oldin
Is that ghoo
Sealtiel Doroteo
Sealtiel Doroteo 19 kun oldin
I will beat your ass
Ashton Michon
Ashton Michon 19 kun oldin
Hug it
frik smith
frik smith 20 kun oldin
I would kill you Brian lol nice man
Camara Yunisa
Camara Yunisa 20 kun oldin
l love dis car
Jacob Hewitt
Jacob Hewitt 20 kun oldin
If you did that to my car I would pull it outside and I will get some tannerite and blow it up
Hector Turuy
Hector Turuy 20 kun oldin
No commets 😞😞😪😪
Lawrence Town
Lawrence Town 20 kun oldin
That’s cool
Alejandro Mercado
Alejandro Mercado 21 kun oldin
I would keep it like that
Cathy Anderson
Cathy Anderson 21 kun oldin
Yo can u do it to my truck plz
Chris Nash
Chris Nash 21 kun oldin
I don't know why people dislike the video they are just jealous of you
Angel Quina
Angel Quina 21 kun oldin
Should of put Bossly Face on it
carl stark
carl stark 21 kun oldin
If you can in my car pink I wouldn't destroy you
allevertonstars Master123
Sub me
allevertonstars Master123
Like me
allevertonstars Master123
Like me
allevertonstars Master123
I like the car
Jeffrey Sheriff Lowery
Wy_ HaYwUsUp
Wy_ HaYwUsUp 23 kun oldin
Ur from Michigan I live in Michigan fazerug
milly aguila
milly aguila 23 kun oldin
AF1_Cactus 23 kun oldin
If I open my eyes to that car I would thank you cuz I love the color pink
RMR OUTDOORS16 24 kun oldin
David Larios
David Larios 24 kun oldin
Like my compliment if the ace family is better or faze rug don’t like it
Sheny Tzuquen
Sheny Tzuquen 25 kun oldin
13:05 Bosley is such a mood 😂
Bapeking 21
Bapeking 21 25 kun oldin
forearm tats feel really good
Joshua Villamil
Joshua Villamil 26 kun oldin
I think my moms Mercedes is better
Amillio Abner
Amillio Abner 26 kun oldin
I like it
mio #chulo
mio #chulo 26 kun oldin
If I see it I will get so mad but not that much 🤔
Shinu Goyal
Shinu Goyal 26 kun oldin
It's look really nice
Aaron Stevens
Aaron Stevens 26 kun oldin
Honestly I would like it Faze rug
Boy Meets World 717
Boy Meets World 717 28 kun oldin
Shoulda did hello kitty
Tami Ben-Shahar
Tami Ben-Shahar 29 kun oldin
Ur in the closet
it_your_boi_ca 13
it_your_boi_ca 13 29 kun oldin
@Fazerug You forgot about your totta
speedy chic29
speedy chic29 Oy oldin
Pink an purple next time
Alex Tores
Alex Tores Oy oldin
The into Means a lot because My aunt had breast cancer
Alexandra Guzman
I have cancer but its not breasts cancer it's call brain tumor
i would shout WTF and walk off in a strop if they did this to my car lmao
Brittney St.Moran
Poor papa Rug
Amador Orozco
Amador Orozco Oy oldin
It looks super cool
Amador Orozco
Amador Orozco Oy oldin
Do it to your mom or to your brother plz
Amador Orozco
Amador Orozco Oy oldin
Haha hah
amanda clegg
amanda clegg Oy oldin
It looks good
Hudson Hart
Hudson Hart Oy oldin
I love your dad's car rug
Mr Hickingpine3
The way u pose
Jacob Merheb
Jacob Merheb Oy oldin
I love it
DemirPro_ Oy oldin
Do yo know how to play fortnite?
Riley Figgins
Riley Figgins Oy oldin
Blow it up
Haitham Abdelghani
I’m going to OK are you
Jayson Mitchum
Slap u but I would still love u
Nate Salas
Nate Salas Oy oldin
Must be nice to blow thousands for a prank every week. While some of us gotta struggle every day.
JR Trapz
JR Trapz Oy oldin
Jokes on faze rug , I don’t have a car.
rafael poopy
rafael poopy Oy oldin
put idc
rafael poopy
rafael poopy Oy oldin
I dont like the rug rats like the group name cause ur almost calling ur rats
Riley Oy oldin
Slap you
José García
José García Oy oldin
Kids with the mouth open going at 0.7 speed and millionaires already, damn.
Rebecca Gray
Rebecca Gray Oy oldin
Decadent but hilarious
Mayed Ibrahim
Mayed Ibrahim Oy oldin
Debbie Konkel
Debbie Konkel Oy oldin
thisisa bigsurprise!
Adrian Gonzalez izback
The car is still “fire”
Lundon Ervin
Lundon Ervin Oy oldin
Me and papa rug from Michigan
Zippy_32 Oy oldin
I live in Michigan
Omenify Oy oldin
he wasnt even mad lol
Trentavious De'montrae'
Make the next color for your lambo red 🔥🔥