I Got A $60,000 Manicure

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Shine bright like a diamond...
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Dot McDonald
Images Luxury Nail Lounge In Irvine www.imagesnaillounge.com/
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27-Iyl, 2017

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Holli With an i
Holli With an i Daqiqa oldin
surprised they didn’t shove crystals and diamonds down their ears, 😂😳😂🤣
Marissa Moreno
Marissa Moreno 21 daqiqa oldin
I’m so sorry I keep cometing but REAL gold like WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Marissa Moreno
Marissa Moreno 23 daqiqa oldin
I wanna go there
Marissa Moreno
Marissa Moreno 25 daqiqa oldin
I don’t get how it was that much it’s just painted nails that are fake and it only has a ring
latifa world
latifa world Soat oldin
how would you wipe your bum?!?!?!?!
Septiplier AWAAAY!!
Septiplier AWAAAY!! 2 soat oldin
I'd chip that in less than 5 seconds. XD
Jahayra Velez
Jahayra Velez 2 soat oldin
$60,000 for a manicure ? How bout for a brain?? Or to feed the poor. Ya should be ashamed. 🤦‍♀️
Hobi Is My Hope
Hobi Is My Hope 2 soat oldin
you know you're super fuckin rich when you have nothing better to do than put gold on ur toenails
We Zksnskv
We Zksnskv 3 soat oldin
Bro I live in that area
Lanie Sigmon
Lanie Sigmon 3 soat oldin
Nail logics video was way better😂
Yasair Mahmood
Yasair Mahmood 3 soat oldin
Buzzfeed instead of wasting money why don't u spent it on people who nèed it ..spoiled people
Dat Geoja Ship Sailing
King Normaniii
King Normaniii 4 soat oldin
I wonder what they do with the diamond,when it’s time to get a new design.
Estera Antonovica
Estera Antonovica 6 soat oldin
Haw rich are they
Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir
Rigt now
Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir
From simply nail logical
Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir
Buzzfeed are steelig
Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir
Omg you are stealing
Sumaya Ukash
Sumaya Ukash 7 soat oldin
She says 50 it says 60
ella slimes
ella slimes 9 soat oldin
Anyone else here from simplynailogiacal or just me
Wadle Family
Wadle Family 11 soat oldin
Who wAs that girl in the back of the car
o o
o o 13 soat oldin
my mum doesn't even let me get a £30 manicure
Kasey Dutton
Kasey Dutton 13 soat oldin
Can she take the diamond out and have it reinstalled to another manicure so it only costs the manicure price ??
DIAZ 2k18
DIAZ 2k18 19 soat oldin
i know curly hes in pero like yall should watch it if ur latin
Sayori Ddlc
Sayori Ddlc 19 soat oldin
Curley is literally me tho XD
Tori Potthoff
Tori Potthoff 20 soat oldin
I would pay for that
EmilyPlayz Roblox YT
EmilyPlayz Roblox YT 20 soat oldin
Personally that’s kinda like a car n her fingers. She could buy maybe like a studio with that money instead no hate I love this vid
lindalately 21 soat oldin
Gymnastics Jackson
Gymnastics Jackson 21 soat oldin
I love ❤️ Annie’s soft voice
javeria chistie
javeria chistie 22 soat oldin
In the video it's says 50,000 pounds but in the title it says 60,000 which is werid
Whitney Macphersonjl
Whitney Macphersonjl 22 soat oldin
So sad. Waste of money that could actually help people in need
Ihsan Ullah
Ihsan Ullah 22 soat oldin
Your sooo lucky and at the end you looked sooo pretty
Luu Xyy
Luu Xyy Kun oldin
7:06 that’s a Vietnamese style massage 😂 and that lady Thuy is viet too
Asmae Rafalia
Asmae Rafalia Kun oldin
I mean they could at least straight her hair
barb$ba¥€ Kun oldin
What if they fall off and you lose em 😐
Katie Pritchett
Katie Pritchett Kun oldin
It would be funny if she walked out and it blew away
Sophia Hede
Sophia Hede Kun oldin
im not trying to be rude but like who gives out that much money for nails like seriously tho
Death By Cookies
You know the drill 1.Quinta 2.Freddy 3.Curly 5.Safiya 6.Andrew 7.Sara 8.Keith 9.Eugene 0.you CHOOSE! Comment your score and like!
Sara Thomas
Sara Thomas Kun oldin
Simplynailogical did it first in 2017
Gacha Channel
Gacha Channel Kun oldin
Correction GRAND TOTAL:56,000
Sweet Angel22
Sweet Angel22 Kun oldin
Wanna slap the life outta her and her personality.
Bonnie Zhang
Bonnie Zhang Kun oldin
wait so u just pay 60000 dollars and u don’t even get to keep the diamonds
Joana Rodriguez
Joana Rodriguez Kun oldin
how can she afford all this
Joana Rodriguez
Joana Rodriguez Kun oldin
the guy is so annoying🤣😂
Joana Rodriguez
Joana Rodriguez Kun oldin
why getting a really expensive manicure if they are going to fall?
Elizabeth Vashro
I wonder how many farms you could build for Ugandan orphanages and the countless lives you could save with that money.
Taeghen Maginnis
ALEXA KATY Kun oldin
*Title* " I got a 60000 dollar manicure" *Freddie at beginning* " I'm getting a 50000 dollar manicure!"
CeeCeeGlam101 Kun oldin
So was it free ? Or did they actually pay for her to do this ? Because I’m sure she wouldn’t spend 60k for that
thepandashadow ninja
where have i seen this video?? Dang it i cant seem to put my finger on it...oh wait...wait i think i remember....SIMPLYNAILOGICAL DID THIS!! BEFORE you buzzfeed.
Allie Walton
Allie Walton Kun oldin
Put on your seatbelt
Kayla Maclin
Kayla Maclin Kun oldin
Yess Black Queen
Kylie Tran
Kylie Tran Kun oldin
Who came here from Christine??
Victoria Bednard
Victoria Bednard 2 kun oldin
WhAtS thE pOInT if ThERes No HOlo
Emy matos
Emy matos 2 kun oldin
ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣i need that money for college sheesh 😭😭🤣 they will cut her hands thoee🤣🤣🤣😭😭
Kpop 2 kun oldin
Who needs a tesla
Stranger Edits
Stranger Edits 2 kun oldin
50? U said 60
Jenny Playz
Jenny Playz 2 kun oldin
Who else sees that the girl in the back
Ayana Wilson
Ayana Wilson 2 kun oldin
Hopefully it lasts till u are 10 feet under cause WHEW GIRL that’s ALOTTTT.
little muslimah
little muslimah 2 kun oldin
Curly salty
Ana Ayala
Ana Ayala 2 kun oldin
By the way i love them they turned out beautiful.
Ana Ayala
Ana Ayala 2 kun oldin
Very very very very very very very very expensive for a manicure , but it does make sence because dimonds are really expensive, how people say beauty can be pain or in this case verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry expensive
peach pie
peach pie 2 kun oldin
Between them both they still wouldn't have enough for that please
Mayley Lindley
Mayley Lindley 2 kun oldin
Mayley Lindley
Mayley Lindley 2 kun oldin
They said 50,000 but the title said 60,000
I am Happy
I am Happy 2 kun oldin
Hey did they really pay for those
dodge dodge
dodge dodge 3 kun oldin
You could go to bora bora,or buy a house,buy a car anything but you choose to do your nails switch that much money!
flick unicorn
flick unicorn 3 kun oldin
Aww buzzfeed had no more ideas for vids and had to copy saf's and Christine's ORIGINAL video with NO receipt! 😂😂😂Ohh no I gave it away wait a sec... Only 2k people came from simplynailogical's video you better check it out before you run out if vid ideas😂😂😉from ur unsbscribed viewer
Evelyn Richard
Evelyn Richard 3 kun oldin
This girl is a waste of time and money
Mnsa 3002
Mnsa 3002 3 kun oldin
Buzz feed this is straight up rude ......Christine is quaking ....why r u like this ...you have to copy what ever Sofia does.. this is sad
Joyed 3 kun oldin
*dot sees everything luxurious* Dot- is this your life ?! Fred- nope (savage AF) 😂
Peachy x
Peachy x 3 kun oldin
"Get in loser we're going shopping 😝" xD
Ellis and Maddie T.V. Shows
Why is this not my life
Aiva-Marie Hartley
Aiva-Marie Hartley 3 kun oldin
Imagine working there u would probably get paid alot
Brooklynn Williams
Brooklynn Williams 3 kun oldin
Brooklynn Williams
Brooklynn Williams 3 kun oldin
Go to my new channel H
Part two
Natalie Cox
Natalie Cox 4 kun oldin
you COPIED simply nailodgical in the exact same place 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🤖🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈💅💅💅👁🖕🖕🖕🖕
Sophia Munir
Sophia Munir 4 kun oldin
Who tf payed for this manicure
Madicorn Gamer Bolaños
Umm you just copied simplynotnaillogical
Alanna Barzz
Alanna Barzz 4 kun oldin
You can tell the difference between a diamond and not diamond by using a hammer to hit it and if it does not break its real and if it does FAKE FAKE FAAAKKKEEE!!!! X3
mani notbougie
mani notbougie 4 kun oldin
I need this lol! How you manage to get this?
Anni Dixon
Anni Dixon 4 kun oldin
0:19 is that you Ned or have i just watched too many try guys videos? But why would Ned go to a manicure. 0:27 OHHHH
Fiery Nyree Jain
Fiery Nyree Jain 4 kun oldin
i wish she was aloud to keep the diamonds. it was $60,000 you would think she would get the real deal.
anastasia 4 kun oldin
-Is this your life? -No.
ari Polidore
ari Polidore 4 kun oldin
You said 5 instead of 6
Gacha Violet
Gacha Violet 4 kun oldin
Holo is much better plus it is cheap
Jessie R
Jessie R 4 kun oldin
Rich spoiled brats be like, "Im going to get my daily mani-pedi." Not freddy tho
Deryk Baynard
Deryk Baynard 4 kun oldin
I'm jealous
Gaming with David
Gaming with David 4 kun oldin
Did anybody else notice that in the beginning she said 50,000 instead of 60,000 like if u heard it
jade ‘
jade ‘ 4 kun oldin
ahhhh i love curly sm 😩💓
Addison Pichoff
Addison Pichoff 4 kun oldin
You look like Simone biles
K & D
K & D 4 kun oldin
Im obsessed with curly
Yesenia Barragan
Yesenia Barragan 4 kun oldin
Evil Paws
Evil Paws 4 kun oldin
i can tell the differance ( if it has REALLY tiny black specs then its real )
Gabriel Dayan
Gabriel Dayan 5 kun oldin
Did curly end up steeling that nail polish and getting away with it?😂😂😂
Kendall Playz
Kendall Playz 5 kun oldin
Who came here from simplynailogical
Natalie's_outlett iz the BOMBB
Oh so you say 60,000 dollars in your subtitle but in the video you say it is 50,000 dollars??
Rat Poison
Rat Poison 5 kun oldin
Simply Nailogical did it first!!! H💿L💿O S E X U A L B I T C H E S