I Got A $60,000 Manicure

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Shine bright like a diamond...
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Dot McDonald
Images Luxury Nail Lounge In Irvine www.imagesnaillounge.com/
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27-Iyl, 2017

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Roshni Puthiyarambath
I would buy new fingers with that money.
Kate Irishofc
Kate Irishofc 12 soat oldin
24K magic in her NAAAAAAAAAAILS! Head to toe so baby
the HAILstorm
the HAILstorm 12 soat oldin
Julie Yang
Julie Yang 18 soat oldin
Imagine you have those nails for wedding and the guy is trying to put the ring on your finger it will not fit it
KenzieHurlock 21 soat oldin
So do you rent the diamonds? Cuz if so that's stupid. Plus such bumpy nails just no. What if you don't come back to get the acrylics removed and just do it at home? Do they send the cops after you?
KenzieHurlock 21 soat oldin
Me being a nail girl I am turned off by the fact they soaked her feet AFTER they painted them.
Freya 101
Freya 101 23 soat oldin
What did you do with the diamonds after?
Aphmau Minecraft A
The food looked nice tho...😍
Melissa Elaina
Melissa Elaina Kun oldin
This would pay my rent for 10 years
Rebecca McNutt
Rebecca McNutt Kun oldin
That money would cover most of my university tuition. You're lucky if you have so much disposable income that you can toss it away on this sort of thing.
Casandra Lynn
Casandra Lynn Kun oldin
Wheres your purse 😂🤣😂😂 I die, can i be your friend curly we can use your bun to hide all kinds of goodies!
Casandra Lynn
Casandra Lynn Kun oldin
Did you keep and resell the diamonds 😂
Arroz con leche
Arroz con leche Kun oldin
If she goes to the hood and she get killed the f*** eyebrows on fleek going to get crook up
Emma Cloud
Emma Cloud Kun oldin
that actually makes me so mad because diamonds are actually very cheap, they're just monopolized. diamonds are literally made of compressed carbon. that is it.
Marina Eckman
Marina Eckman Kun oldin
I laughed so hard when he stole that nail polish or what ever in his hair 😂
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards Kun oldin
Instead of a pedicure they could have given things to homeless or even better buy v- bucks
Lauralaey5 Kun oldin
Who payed for the manicure?
Pink Reaper
Pink Reaper 2 kun oldin
Didn’t Simply Nailogical make a video just like this a couple days before this video
Princess HH
Princess HH 2 kun oldin
That's enough to get an education what is wrong with I value knowledge over beauty
the puginator
the puginator 2 kun oldin
How to waste money 101
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill 2 kun oldin
The jewelers voice was so calming
Congratulations, You played yourself
*When she walks in and friends see her* Me: *Plays Legend Of Zedal Music*
sandra g
sandra g 2 kun oldin
What did you do with the diamond
Butterfly k
Butterfly k 2 kun oldin
Katherine Farley
Katherine Farley 2 kun oldin
Did she not know curly
Hannah Oakes
Hannah Oakes 2 kun oldin
What everyone should do after a breakup 😢🧖🏻‍♀️
Peyton Roblox
Peyton Roblox 2 kun oldin
You made me feel poor.
XOXO_4ever 67
XOXO_4ever 67 2 kun oldin
did she actually pay
Who needs an education? Not anyone who’s gonna spend $60,000 on a manicure.
This is ridiculous, I’ll just stick to my mani pedi combo for $50
Salome Janjghava
Salome Janjghava 3 kun oldin
you ate gold...
Equinox _YT
Equinox _YT 3 kun oldin
Looks pretty, But what happened AFTER the manicure the next day??
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift 3 kun oldin
She is sick🤪
moonlight gamer
moonlight gamer 3 kun oldin
In the beginning who was the lady at the back of the car
Zainab Khawaja
Zainab Khawaja 3 kun oldin
Omg you don’t get to keep the diamonds???😱
Duck Squad
Duck Squad 3 kun oldin
I bet Kylie Jenner gets a $60,000 manicure 💅
Equinox _YT
Equinox _YT 3 kun oldin
Duck Squad I bet Kylie Jenner gets a 60,000 manicure 💅🏾, EVERYDAY*
Monzerrat Murillo
Monzerrat Murillo 3 kun oldin
friedie:ohhhhhh~ yea..... me:*eating fud thinking i have the best life ever then cries bc i ran out*OOOO NAILZ cool
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Michelle Mendez
Michelle Mendez 3 kun oldin
4,600 for the facial makeup and hair?? the makeup and hair were so bad 😩😩
Michelle Mendez
Michelle Mendez 3 kun oldin
that makeup artist did freddie so dirty lol
Cherry Studios
Cherry Studios 3 kun oldin
See I am considered “Rich” but I don’t brag about it XD and I would never use my money on dis
shakabritton 3 kun oldin
Nova Sunshine
Nova Sunshine 3 kun oldin
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Dune Mota
Dune Mota 3 kun oldin
Nah that to much money that going to fall off like in 3 weeks
No thanks B
No thanks B 4 kun oldin
I could get my nails done at a nail salon with the same color. Then go tot he dollar tree, buy some gems that look like diamonds, and recreate this look.
gamesfun andmore
gamesfun andmore 4 kun oldin
And Cristine didn't do a video here did she.......😑
Ayano Ishi
Ayano Ishi 4 kun oldin
Can we eat gold and where is the place i love to go there
SHE'S. LIFE 4 kun oldin
And I’m over here struggling to get the iPhone 10 x max😒
Omg! I couldn’t imagine paying this much for a manicure! But what a awesome gift to receive
Queen Samiaya
Queen Samiaya 4 kun oldin
Drop a pin and I'll be there in 5
Brooklynn Marie
Brooklynn Marie 4 kun oldin
Words of Dot “ today the lord was talking to me”
thompson twins
thompson twins 4 kun oldin
How long does those nails last? If I ever spend 60,000 on nails I want it to last for a couple years, or I’ll use 60,000 to actually like feed the homeless and give to others but I mean hey, it’s your money 😕🤐🤗
Anayetzi Vargas
Anayetzi Vargas 4 kun oldin
Curly is just eating and caring the plate🤣🤣😂😂
Anayetzi Vargas
Anayetzi Vargas 4 kun oldin
You can do that a home just but a ear ring😒😒😒
Angelica&alondra Arambula
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I wanna try one but I only have five dollars wanna save up
Esthetician Beauty
Esthetician Beauty 5 kun oldin
People forget that salons can agree to do a video then remove the diamonds afterwards . It’s just to show how it’s done . They don’t strike me as people who have $60’000 to spend on a manicure anyway lol
Wolf Zun
Wolf Zun 5 kun oldin
Isabella Alvarez-Gomez
why don't you keep the diamonds?
Artamazing__ 3 kun oldin
Bc they didn't pay for it
Hedgie Lim
Hedgie Lim 5 kun oldin
i wonder if she sold the diamonds after XD
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera 5 kun oldin
CURLY I LOVE YOUUU dont worry fredie i love you 2
Salty Siren
Salty Siren 5 kun oldin
Wow!!! I can't believe the "jeweler" just said you can't cut a real diamond...um....do you think it formed in a trillion? Please. Learn your gemology & lapidary before spitting out misinformation. Also, a cubic zirconia aka "not diamond" is nearly as hard as a diamond registering at an 8 on the MOH's scale. Sheesh.
Akeelah Jaco
Akeelah Jaco 6 kun oldin
“Ooh curly look @t dem toes”😂😂 I’m dead
Sintija Gutane
Sintija Gutane 6 kun oldin
U dunno where to put your money, did u saved someone's life ,did you helped someone in this life ....................
Kazsandra 's Vlog and more
Is not even real gold dahh
Clayton Hackett
Clayton Hackett 6 kun oldin
Ellie Thompson
Ellie Thompson 6 kun oldin
Simplynailogical all I’m going to say
Wudkuy 6 kun oldin
Alex Galvez
Alex Galvez 6 kun oldin
When I get my acrylics there like 60$ but that much I would rather buy a car then that
Traylie Vander Schaaf
I would love to do this if this was way way way way cheaper
Che Che
Che Che 7 kun oldin
She could sell the diamonds after she's done wearing it and get the 50k back.
Hey it's Megan XX
Hey it's Megan XX 7 kun oldin
Why you copy simplynailogical
Puffy Potato
Puffy Potato 5 kun oldin
They did not. Stop assuming
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 7 kun oldin
My heart stopped when she said “60,000”👏🏻✨
Jwahir Hunter
Jwahir Hunter 7 kun oldin
Next day... her nail breaks
lmwangi100 7 kun oldin
people already get mad when they chip there nails now 60,000 dollar nails is a whole new level
Angelica Cruz
Angelica Cruz 7 kun oldin
I might get my nails free and like that because my mom works at a nail salon lol
Gia Talamantez
Gia Talamantez 7 kun oldin
how did u afford it
Gabrielle Cruickshank
what if you want to put on a ring
Kassi DIYlover
Kassi DIYlover 8 kun oldin
It Cost more than a house
Angela Stein
Angela Stein 8 kun oldin
NOTIF SQUAD WHERE YOU AT?! Btw I'm a new UZvidr!
hope schopmann
hope schopmann 8 kun oldin
your so pretty
Mac Maca
Mac Maca 8 kun oldin
U copied simply naillogical Cristin the science queen 💿
Essenceis Mood
Essenceis Mood 8 kun oldin
Abbie Bennett
Abbie Bennett 8 kun oldin
Yo, if buzzfeed is funding this imma just go ahead and work for them now???
random or am i?
random or am i? 8 kun oldin
Imagine how rich u have to be to come here like once a week for this
Fluffy's little adventures Forever
It turned into a reality show for a minute lol
Yin X Yang
Yin X Yang 8 kun oldin
It's actually a $25 manicure with jewelry (which might not even be real) on top and a high class experience.tbh I would of just went on vacation and got my nails did,those ppl are just tricking you with an illusion.
Sophia’s Corner
Sophia’s Corner 8 kun oldin
0:21 me
Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker 8 kun oldin
Oh my God your nails are so so pretty
Do you know bts :p
Do you know bts :p 8 kun oldin
This is more then rent
mimi babby13
mimi babby13 9 kun oldin
Lol this is crazy
Unicorn Cookie
Unicorn Cookie 9 kun oldin
Haha haha haha
Irvin Noah
Irvin Noah 9 kun oldin
I wonder if Freddie and Curly use they own money or the buzzfeed is sponsoring them. U know for the f*cking 60,000$ manicure 😂😂
Caitlin Craddock
Caitlin Craddock 9 kun oldin
Who wanted that facial
Mayota 9 kun oldin
sooo...did they just snap some photos and take their diamonds back?
Shanai Codner
Shanai Codner 9 kun oldin
For 10,000 I need to have a share in the business.
Shanai Codner
Shanai Codner 9 kun oldin
I wouldn’t decide to do this if this ever became an option.
Alexis Maria
Alexis Maria 9 kun oldin
For a full body experience and more? Worth it! She is soo pretty! Should have had some cute sandals to show off the pedi :) great vid!
Refabrications 9 kun oldin
How far was this from the homeless camps?
Foodislifemate 9 kun oldin
"Then Curly found a flower in someones garden" *"GET OFF MY LAWN!"* -Grandad
Sofia Anzalone
Sofia Anzalone 9 kun oldin
In the beginning that girl in the back is my mood 24/7.
Azzy World
Azzy World 9 kun oldin
It’s sorta stupid that you don’t get to keep the diamonds