I Got A New Puppy

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2-Iyn, 2018

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CrazyRussianHacker 15 kun oldin
BTW he is 15 weeks old. my mistake
The Bear and The Bull
CrazyRussianHacker He's so cute. 😍
Sherie Brodigan
Sherie Brodigan 4 kun oldin
Great, wonderful puppy and pappy. I am thrilled that the former owners kept him with his mother long enough for him to develop a healthy personality. So sad when babies animals are taken away before they are on solid food.
MrPenguinsCanada 4 kun oldin
Kathleen Moritz i believe he named him Gus
C M 5 kun oldin
You need to beat new puppies daily in order make them obedient.
Robert Porter
Robert Porter 5 kun oldin
Call him Gizmo.
Jennifer Quintero
Jennifer Quintero 6 soat oldin
i learned so much wow
KW4QJ 10 soat oldin
He’s so cute! He’s probably standing in his water bowl because the water feels good on his foot pads with it so hot. They like their feet to be wet when it’s hot
ryan m
ryan m 11 soat oldin
Gus 😍😍😍
A guy named Ghost
A guy named Ghost 14 soat oldin
Tumbnail? Bruh that accent man.
LT Squad
LT Squad 15 soat oldin
So no ones gonna question, what happened to the snakes??
IICaptin giopio123
IICaptin giopio123 17 soat oldin
That is the most cutest pup I ever saw.......
Virtually Rs
Virtually Rs 18 soat oldin
He’s an Alaskan what? 😍
Alan Sloan
Alan Sloan 19 soat oldin
So cutee
OakPup 20 soat oldin
YAY!!!! I thought it was an Alaskan malamute cause I know how to tell the two apart, but I love huskies and them too eee so cute!
Sammi _213
Sammi _213 22 soat oldin
He is so cute!! 🐶🐶
scarface 82
scarface 82 22 soat oldin
Taras is the only youtuber that didn't change with fame
Ben Walker
Ben Walker 23 soat oldin
That's so cool I love dogs I have 3 as well he is so cute
Mihai Dascalu
Mihai Dascalu Kun oldin
What kind of species
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Kun oldin
Name him bandit 🐶🐶
A Gamers Home
A Gamers Home Kun oldin
Who thought it was an Alaskan Klee kai
chris maggiora
chris maggiora Kun oldin
Freakin’ adorable! I’ve always loved those early weeks with a new puppy.
Wolfdog studios
Wolfdog studios Kun oldin
Awww he/she looks so cute ^w^
FreakDonkey Kun oldin
My malamute is like 150 lbs at least lol. Be prepared for a lot of slobber and hair! More so than the huskies lol
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UnknownUser YT
UnknownUser YT Kun oldin
Name the Dog Vladimir
Maude Mathilde H
Ach Mien Gott! So adorable🤗💖🤗 I have a Black und White parti Pomeranian und she thinks she is Little Wolf. She was raised around Norwegian Elk Hounds. I'm so happy for you. He is a handsome little Gentleman.
Jesse Heilman
Jesse Heilman Kun oldin
You seem like a very good daddy to those dogs they're going to love living with you
The Canine Nutritionist
Your puppy is precious!
ChrisRules Tv
ChrisRules Tv Kun oldin
He should name him luko Luke and hugo
name him slav
Smokey Sub
Smokey Sub Kun oldin
HAPPY 10 mill
Alex Nuwer
Alex Nuwer 2 kun oldin
I have a malamute
GämeBEast 2 kun oldin
Alaskan Malamuth XD
Priyanka Mitra
Priyanka Mitra 2 kun oldin
Awwwweeeee!!!! He is sooo cute. Wanna cuddle him 💖💗💓😍😍😍😘😘😘
aditi KHADILKAR 2 kun oldin
Toni from Philippines
So cute!.
Christian Gutierrez
In my heart, his true name is Pashtete
Dawson Winfrey
Dawson Winfrey 2 kun oldin
Why is there a Trojan condom ad😂
Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos 2 kun oldin
Your dog is Co cute
Christine Jewel
Christine Jewel 2 kun oldin
He looks like a killer whale cuz of the white spots above his eye :)
Rainy 2 kun oldin
So adorable! 💙
tony 2 kun oldin
Name him gadget because gadgets are awesome and we love gadgets 💙
Lord Jebis
Lord Jebis 2 kun oldin
Name him Gorbachev
Graveyard games '
Graveyard games ' 2 kun oldin
Name him houndour And he’s so cute😜😙🤣
Graveyard games '
Graveyard games ' 2 kun oldin
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy 2 kun oldin
Name him hacker because crazyrussianhacker
spider nation gaming
He reminds me of my brothers dog but my brothers dog is older and he is half wilf half pitbull
Gianna pokemon master Bastos and the fam
Name him gadget
ohmusicalme 2 kun oldin
Awee,i had an Alaskan Malamute named Lucky,he was 135 lbs, still looked like a toy poodle next to my English Mastiff that weighed in at 248lbs.😂I love big doggies.
Godsgiftedasteri 7
Godsgiftedasteri 7 3 kun oldin
I have one
PickleKing 23
PickleKing 23 3 kun oldin
Now eat it
Leah Macias
Leah Macias 3 kun oldin
PRO GAMING 3 kun oldin
rubymimosa 3 kun oldin
Have you ever rescued/adopted a dog rather than purchasing one?
YamLhen Papio
YamLhen Papio 3 kun oldin
So cute.... name him audi
leiiko -
leiiko - 3 kun oldin
Im latr but, Cute puppy!!!!! I like the colors of his fur, and looking at the paws i think he will be a large dog. I mean, speaking from backgroumd knowledge because i know NOTHING about this type of dog 😬
Theking Mohammad
Theking Mohammad 3 kun oldin
you donky
JSTR 3 kun oldin
One more animal and you will have to change your name to CraxyRussianMcHacker, EIEIO!
OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No
It's very cute.🐶❤
Robin Baker Barr
Robin Baker Barr 3 kun oldin
Smart puppy. He's holding the water bowl in place while he drinks!
Carlos J Cintrón
Carlos J Cintrón 3 kun oldin
Name him BOOM
Minty Edits
Minty Edits 4 kun oldin
So many Russian names. How about an American name. Like Buddy or Bailey, Bandit, Baxter, Bear, Beau, or Benji.
Mohommed Ayaan Ghugharia
What is his name
Sharlene Mendoza
Sharlene Mendoza 4 kun oldin
I agree u should name it boom
Scandinavian Lights
I have an Alaskan Malamute! I love them!
marcos duenas
marcos duenas 4 kun oldin
Hello today I gat nu papi.
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia 4 kun oldin
Or name him clumsy
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia 4 kun oldin
Name him kiser (Ki-Zer)
Moblue Jo
Moblue Jo 4 kun oldin
Has he mentioned what this pup’s name is?
Tennislover1990 4 kun oldin
He is going to need a lot of training
miku hatsune
miku hatsune 4 kun oldin
He's so cute 😃😃😃😃😃
Richard Price
Richard Price 4 kun oldin
Awww It's soooo cute
The Midget King
The Midget King 4 kun oldin
Welcome comerad dog🇷🇺🇷🇺
dustyballs21 4 kun oldin
Can You get a gril
dustyballs21 4 kun oldin
He looks like huger
Julio Khattar
Julio Khattar 4 kun oldin
Name Him *Patshiet*
Justin Cannone
Justin Cannone 4 kun oldin
Awwwww it's a PUPPY!🐶🐕
Shani Moten
Shani Moten 4 kun oldin
WerewolfWhite and black
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 4 kun oldin
Kyomi 4 kun oldin
My senior dog weighs the same as that puppy
Kyomi 4 kun oldin
Rosie Duong
Rosie Duong 4 kun oldin
Too cute
Lourd Hanna
Lourd Hanna 5 kun oldin
I have a Pshdar dog and he is 9 weeks he always goes to the garden to play, pee, and to poo while my mom cleans everything even she is 50 years old.
Matt Rara
Matt Rara 5 kun oldin
He looks like HUGO
Anaeco Can Animate
Anaeco Can Animate 5 kun oldin
Look at his lil angry “eyebrows”
Bamr him Koo jay
Pax et Bonum
Pax et Bonum 5 kun oldin
nice, love russia too
孩子我只是个 5 kun oldin
Name him Russia!
Orange Hound
Orange Hound 5 kun oldin
What’s his name
Gaming 0671
Gaming 0671 5 kun oldin
Emily Kovacs
Emily Kovacs 5 kun oldin
Dude just get a doberman
Naruto vlogs and gaming
Hyuga I'm a Naruto fan
Naruto vlogs and gaming
I love huskys btw
Naruto vlogs and gaming
Cute! 🐶🐶🐶
Jennifer Moua
Jennifer Moua 5 kun oldin
He is cute and I love husky.
ThePsychoGamer 13
ThePsychoGamer 13 5 kun oldin
Veronica Rubio
Veronica Rubio 6 kun oldin
turtle power321
turtle power321 6 kun oldin
I like your plane tee dude
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino 6 kun oldin
Big pup
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino 6 kun oldin
Hes a big boy qq
ARTist Diana
ARTist Diana 6 kun oldin
Name him Boo it's the cutest name in the world
Crystal Mathews
Crystal Mathews 6 kun oldin
He so cut😊😊😊😊😊
Bridget Darby
Bridget Darby 6 kun oldin
What's his name
elferny420 6 kun oldin
"Finaru Atomiku Busta"-Zangief🇷🇺
4 oy oldin