I Got A Pair Of Custom Nike Retro Jordans 👟

Michelle Khare
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After wanting a cool pair of badass Nike Jordans for FOREVER, I finally got to design my own pair with the iconic Blake Barash from B Street Shoes!
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🎞Edited by Shane Whitaker
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18-Fev, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 9 oy oldin
Hey guys!! Isn’t Blake so cool?? This was such a unique and special experience! What did you guys think of the final pair of shoes?? :)
Jessica Lambert
Jessica Lambert 4 oy oldin
This was a really cool video!! The shoes look sick!
Robin Lyons
Robin Lyons 4 oy oldin
Michelle Khare how much were the shoes
IronMuscl3s WS Heavy Hitter Cj
Michelle Khare one of my fav UZvidrs. Hands down
Adityakumar Hire
Adityakumar Hire 9 oy oldin
Michelle Khare You look so pretty 😍
Nicole Wood
Nicole Wood 9 oy oldin
Loooved seeing the creative process. More custom fashion vids please! Perhaps jewelry and purses?
thu350 25 kun oldin
i want to know where did the shoes finally end up?
Daniëlle Bosma
Those shoes are bomb
Miss Alyssa Rose
You should try to get a custom dress
Hanna c
Hanna c Oy oldin
I was like I want to get a pair then I saw the price and I cried, my wallet cried , my bank cried
Angie Hayek
Angie Hayek Oy oldin
They are fireeeeeeee 😍😍
Kierra Ramsey
Kierra Ramsey 2 oy oldin
Those are so awesome......I would love to do that something like this😍..the colors are beautiful
Penguinsgaming 1002
I have a question why do people say sneakers? Not gym shoes?
Taylor !
Taylor ! 2 oy oldin
Jordan 1's are iconic
Ice is crunchy water
Those arent retro
Lilly Probsthayn
Lilly Probsthayn 3 oy oldin
That job sounds so fuuuun omg 😍😫
Christin 2378
Christin 2378 3 oy oldin
I will buy the shoe 👟
listen boi my first love story
aww so cool
Read my description RainbowGlitterPusheen
And then she finds out that there’re not her size jk I love your channel and your shoes keep up the good work and never give up on your dreams ❤️ and I love colorful styles too your not alone 😊
alecksdoesstuff 4 oy oldin
Ice is crunchy water
Use crep protect on them
kyra lewis
kyra lewis 6 oy oldin
I wanna get some Jordans but idk if I can pull em off
Nicole Van Herwynen
Those shoes are literally the coolest shoes I've ever seen.
theyadoresaii _
theyadoresaii _ 6 oy oldin
Who else get satisfaction from buying new shoes? Im a sneakerhead so this happens to me all the time ❗️😍
Cozette Cassidy
Cozette Cassidy 6 oy oldin
What type of Jordan’s are those?!?!??
Michael Leo
Michael Leo 6 oy oldin
get laces with the quote on them!!
Shaelin Rollman
Shaelin Rollman 6 oy oldin
That's so cool! Super jealous.
Y G 6 oy oldin
Side note: I love her jacket, anyone knows where to get it?
Manilette Ann Fernandez
Those sneakers with your custom design on it looks epic!
oceanblue722 6 oy oldin
Please add this to the super suit!
Engir 6 oy oldin
Your first instinct is usually correct so when you said why spend a lot of money on something that you are going to scuff up and walk on the ground with was right this, these custom shoes are nothing but a social status, a piece of bling for people with to much money and to little egos!
seyixo 7 oy oldin
this looks so sick, if i wasn't broke d totally do this XD
Isobella Hodge
Isobella Hodge 7 oy oldin
You should bring a pair of shoes out custom designed as your merch
2bored2care23 7 oy oldin
these are def a cop! for reference how much were your kicks? i wanna get one but looking at the prices online, it can get expensive af pretty fast
Viktoria Ganeva
Viktoria Ganeva 7 oy oldin
So how much did they cost (P.S the shoes look STUNNING💜💙)
julietrc15 7 oy oldin
GameLis 8 oy oldin
Those shoes are AMAZING
The Haves and the Have Nots Review
This is great! Blake seems like a very cool dude that connects with his customers! Great shoes and great service! Worth every penny, but like you I never really had the desire to put too much money into shoes. However, those might be my exception if my UZvid channel hits 100k subs at some point haha love your channel!
fu516 8 oy oldin
I think all sneakerheads would love to wear that shoes 🔥🔥🔥
Melissa Salaberry
9:21 the sneaky girl on the back
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor 8 oy oldin
M.K. Swag. Nice.
A J 8 oy oldin
I wish there was a button to like this a million times over! Love the shoes and the self expression!
fox_in _xxs_clothes
I would do an Inuyasha and Violet Evergarden one 😊😍
Jade Wong1
Jade Wong1 8 oy oldin
This is awesome!!!
Malinda Meyer
Malinda Meyer 8 oy oldin
I love how you don't care what other people think. Good job I would totally buy your shoes👍👍👍💓💓 Your such an inspiration
ABBY 8 oy oldin
Those look AMAZING
Audrey Bauske
Audrey Bauske 9 oy oldin
fan merch
Lucinda 9 oy oldin
Those are gorgeous Michelle!
Luis Espineira
Luis Espineira 9 oy oldin
They look amazing.
Erika Angelica
Erika Angelica 9 oy oldin
Girl please tell me you've been wearing them out. They look amazing!!🔥You've done well Blake.💗👏🏼
coasterb1 9 oy oldin
Have you considered going a little crazy with your hair?
overr sightt
overr sightt 9 oy oldin
my jaw just broke those jays are so dope. and btw your cute.
G Jones
G Jones 9 oy oldin
Omg i want to make my own so bad!! Yours look AMAZING
cupcakexlindsay 9 oy oldin
Omg those shoes are so cool!
kayla katanik
kayla katanik 9 oy oldin
omg those are so cute, they fit with you so well!!
Allyson Gail
Allyson Gail 9 oy oldin
But the back its all busted like the black smudged or something UHGG OCD!!
Larissa Strecht
Larissa Strecht 9 oy oldin
hey michelle, try the keto diet for a week!!
Kat Onion
Kat Onion 9 oy oldin
If you had these for MKUltra
Jordan Diehm
Jordan Diehm 9 oy oldin
YESSSSS amazing i love everything about this
Nathan Morris
Nathan Morris 9 oy oldin
Fire 🔥😂
MrRod269 9 oy oldin
Are you single beautiful? 😍
V Kelly
V Kelly 9 oy oldin
Oh My Gosh I want a Pair!!!
Ultrascorpion 9 oy oldin
Now I want my own custom shoes😭 yours look so cool michelle!🙏❤
Eugene dela Pena
Eugene dela Pena 9 oy oldin
I will happily fund your shoe collection in return for being my bae. haha =P
Chelsea Colvin
Chelsea Colvin 9 oy oldin
A fashion challenge I would reccomend is taking inspiration from your past (like a childhood favorite story) and incorporating elements into an outfit that's inspired and not a costume. Colors, types of fabrics, accessories, etc. Maybe collab with someone who had a similar experience or who also loves the same story as you.
koukounut 9 oy oldin
Those are an awesome pair of shoes!!! They really are super you and look really really good
Camila Acosta
Camila Acosta 9 oy oldin
theseeee are SIIIIICKKKK
srishti Singh
srishti Singh 9 oy oldin
Dat lipstick tho 😍
Hayley 9 oy oldin
Whoaaa love how they turned out
Emma McNeil Cowie
I think I’m a little bit in love with him... 😄😍 he’s SO talented and beyond hot. And your sneaks are awesome. Wear them with EVERYTHING 🙌🏻 xxx
Layza Sierra
Layza Sierra 9 oy oldin
Michele Tan
Michele Tan 9 oy oldin
What about your jacket? I need to know where the gorgeous jacket is from! Love it!
idali16 9 oy oldin
Michelle I love that you're still doing your makeup it looks bomb❤ You're beautiful without it but the makeup is an extra umph! Also I love watching the journey you're taking right now!😍
Aj Stlucie
Aj Stlucie 9 oy oldin
crazyart789 9 oy oldin
I feel like they need special laces but those are so bomb
HonestlyKyle 9 oy oldin
I actually think he was in to you...you should go on a date with him. I think you’d be a cute couple!
Issi's life
Issi's life 4 oy oldin
Amy Gregory
Amy Gregory 7 oy oldin
She has a boyfriend
Kristen Marie Kelly
He's married!
Em Skyes
Em Skyes 9 oy oldin
HonestlyKyle yes l see it too
Bianca Br94
Bianca Br94 9 oy oldin
Can you do more interviews like this please. You were so natural doing it and seeing other artists are so awesome
Billy Sou
Billy Sou 9 oy oldin
How many pairs of shoes 👟👠 do you have?
knytestorme 9 oy oldin
Watching this was great, has inspired me to pick up my airbrush and try something I'd never considered before so thank you Michelle for more great content :)
PuyoPuyoFever 9 oy oldin
You look absolutely gorgeous :D
Tara Steils
Tara Steils 9 oy oldin
Yassss girl!
kennycybertron1 9 oy oldin
Beautiful shoes for a beautiful lady
Marie Salway
Marie Salway 9 oy oldin
yass, nice job with the make up , thumbs up
Nevaeh👑💛 9 oy oldin
I low-key wanna get my Jordan 11's custom made but I don't want to risk it🤷🏾‍♀️
Mengting Chen
Mengting Chen 9 oy oldin
So happy that you have dabbled into the world of make-up however I honestly like you better without makeup. You're just naturally too beautiful :)
Katchme Ifyoucan
Katchme Ifyoucan 9 oy oldin
I'm soooo jealous right now!!!! Release your inner sneaker head Michelle!!!
Sherri Shirley
Sherri Shirley 9 oy oldin
These are so amazing! I would love a colorful pair of Jordan's also! I have other colorful shoes, that I got from the kids section! I don't care what anyone says about them!
kiran 9 oy oldin
The shoes look mad Michelle, very well done, another hidden talent and i liked the quote to "every thing you want is on the otherside of fear". NICE
Rozemarijn Balemans
These are amazing! 💖
Becca Wiggins
Becca Wiggins 9 oy oldin
Shoes look great but my OCD was triggered that the diamonds weren't fully in line/symmetrical!
Henrietta B
Henrietta B 9 oy oldin
What is the exact name of the original black jordan shoe she bought???
Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey 8 oy oldin
Henrietta B Black jordan 1s
Izzy Kate
Izzy Kate 9 oy oldin
Amazing video!! So cool
Henrietta B
Henrietta B 9 oy oldin
Y'all he's a cool bean.
Jennifer Zinsius
Jennifer Zinsius 9 oy oldin
Love these shoes!
Kirsty 9 oy oldin
They're cracking looking and definitely fits your personality.
Dark Trainer Z
Dark Trainer Z 9 oy oldin
Those shoes are bad ass
KateWall 9 oy oldin
They are sooo cool! Also, am I the only one who thinks Blake is hot??
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 9 oy oldin
Oooo gurl you actually used the makeup skills Olivia taught you!!! Slayy😍✨💕
victoria rose
victoria rose 9 oy oldin
Those kicks are sooooo dope!
Emma J
Emma J 9 oy oldin
When you said about the shoe "I want to feel at home in it" that totally struck a chord with me. I have always been a big believer that if you have got to feel at home in your clothes. Great job on your makeup too!
Averil Mae
Averil Mae 9 oy oldin
The nobulls are so cool 😭 they’re like $450 Australian tho
Britaney Gonzalez
I absolutely love how the shoes came out. He seems like such a humble down to earth guy. Good for him!! I think the next style adventure should be clothes. Maybe getting a stylist of some sort.
Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 9 oy oldin
Britaney Gonzalez funny you mention that... 😉
Sheldon Hooker
Sheldon Hooker 9 oy oldin
Suggestion.... Put all the pieces together! You've done the hair and face makeovers.... why not go the full glam route with fancy dress, jewelry, hair, makeup, shoes and nails. I challenge you to get Red Carpet Ready AND THEN attend a red carpet event!!
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce 9 oy oldin
Beautiful shoes.
Hashtag Zoe
Hashtag Zoe 9 oy oldin
In my best DJ Khaled voice "ANOTHER ONE!" Going to refresh the trending page for this video to show up there!