I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features

Safiya Nygaard
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I got a hair cut and color based on my face shape and skin tone, an outfit based on my body type and complexion, and a full face of makeup based on my skin and eye shape and color! Featuring Stacy London & Brad Mondo!
Make sure to check out Brad's behind the scenes hair cut video here!
And check out Stacy's instagram here!
So I've always wondered what it would be like to follow all of the advice for my body type, face shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc - and see if what I "should" be wearing based on my physical features is any better than what I already like to. So with the help of some experts, I went on a makeover journey and got a head-to-toe "perfect" makeover!
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18-May, 2018

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 4 oy oldin
HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf
Ave Balmer
Ave Balmer 28 kun oldin
I love you so much
Christal Elston
Christal Elston 2 oy oldin
Hi saf
i stole Jimin's jams hush
GIRLBOSS XX 2 oy oldin
Safiya Nygaard LOV YAAA!!!! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Babygirl Depressed
Babygirl Depressed 52 sekund oldin
R u from buzzfeed?
Janinna Maynz
Janinna Maynz Soat oldin
My left wrist looks blue but my right wrist looks green... what do I do?!
Cara Thomas
Cara Thomas 2 soat oldin
I think all of the steps came together and really looked beautiful on you. Congratulations on a successful make-over! You were super brave to take on this project. Beautiful!
T M 2 soat oldin
amazing in anything
Amy Clifton
Amy Clifton 2 soat oldin
weirdly enough, it all does truly look perfect on her
Drea DeVivo
Drea DeVivo 2 soat oldin
😂 I love you so much. #comfortablevampireclub
Corinna Cougar
Corinna Cougar 3 soat oldin
You look good.
Juliette Clark
Juliette Clark 5 soat oldin
Make up was spot on. Love the hair but it’s made you look older
Desiree Betts
Desiree Betts 5 soat oldin
Okay wow 😍
Marlene Hartmann
Marlene Hartmann 6 soat oldin
That jumpsuit is gorgeous
Kassy Behanna
Kassy Behanna 6 soat oldin
Actually the funniest video I’ve seen by Safiya n Tyler. Hope to see Stacey and brad in future videos too. Ps the makeup and hair are VERY flattering!!
Cogsy cog
Cogsy cog 6 soat oldin
Don't like the jump suit but I love ur hair and makeup 👱💄💄
Kiki K&K
Kiki K&K 6 soat oldin
no to the make up. yes to the rest
MagicDolphinPrincess GAMER
I have. Long bob
julk ax
julk ax 10 soat oldin
imo your old hair looked better
Hydro-Tox 19 soat oldin
with everything put together, you literally look like paparazzi could take a pic and mistake you for a glammed up celebrity at a movie screening debut you just got finished acting in!
Shobh Mnn
Shobh Mnn 19 soat oldin
I love the makeup but the jumpsuit is just unflattering and clumsy looking.
Cecilia Rebeiro
Cecilia Rebeiro 21 soat oldin
Gal Gadots look alike!
Shea Scott
Shea Scott 21 soat oldin
Oh my God I love the outfit
amanda Nieves
amanda Nieves 22 soat oldin
Count how many times saf said overall it's halarious 😂😂😂
yvette washington
yvette washington 22 soat oldin
@safiya you should do one of them Asian makeup videos. With the face tape, fake nose etc
Elina & Lanting
Elina & Lanting Kun oldin
Hey saf what if you have multi colored features? I have two different eye colors. What about people with two drastic hair colors like a white streak caused from wardensberg syndrome or have vitiligo and beyond. What do the fashion people say then?
Martha Velasquez
You're so damn cute!! I love your final look!!
pOtaTo Kun oldin
I’m aUtUmn
Mina Akbar
Mina Akbar Kun oldin
she looks afghan , but where is she from ?
bethany duncan
bethany duncan Kun oldin
Love the hair looks amazing, really love the eye look....
Lynn Farquhar
Lynn Farquhar Kun oldin
I love the eyeshadow choices and think they looked fabulous on you. The haircut is classic and also fantastic! I personally am not a huge fan of jump suits and while I think the wide straight leg is great; I think the top was a bit less flattering.
erin the egg
erin the egg Kun oldin
What if your undertones just red like mine
Eman ASMR Kun oldin
Wow, never thought of face shapes or anything like that
Gacha Girl!
Gacha Girl! Kun oldin
Love it! The make up and hair are bomb the outfit is nice and all together is beautiful
Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake
Your ending is great
Floral Lps
Floral Lps Kun oldin
💇‍♀️ 💄 👗
HangDuong Kun oldin
I like her comfortable vampire style better!!!
HangDuong Kun oldin
goos she is hilarious i want her to be my friend ahhaaaa!!!!
Hey_itsmebecca Kun oldin
I'd say the curls in her hair made her look like shes a mom is it just me?
Mrs Chic
Mrs Chic Kun oldin
I love this girl, always makes me smile and no negative drama
Anne Marieke Wolkers Jepsen
WOW THAT HAIR! :D I can totally relate to the flying squirrel thing :P Wanna party? xD
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers Kun oldin
pretty just the way u r
Gaby De La Cruz
Gaby De La Cruz Kun oldin
Fuck Yess brad mondo
Nikki Caspers
Nikki Caspers Kun oldin
I dig you. You look like an actual human (even though you dressed like a vampire:). Most of the makeup people i see doing stuff here just look to perfectly put together for me to relate. You look like you're just figuring things out like the rest of us
Delaney Rose
Delaney Rose Kun oldin
Andrew Crown
Andrew Crown Kun oldin
Dan B.
Dan B. 2 kun oldin
You look beautiful as is. Your looks allow a lot of versatility. I have to say, though, color suits you. 💞 You looked very glam yet comfy!
Rachel Watermelon
Rachel Watermelon 2 kun oldin
I’m cool or neutral I can’t tell
Kaylee Lewis
Kaylee Lewis 2 kun oldin
More like going OBGYN 😂😂
Ana Luna
Ana Luna 2 kun oldin
I love her personality!
Bentley Bennett
Bentley Bennett 2 kun oldin
I LOVE the hair and makeup
Katie Campagna
Katie Campagna 2 kun oldin
geo2842 2 kun oldin
what lipstick is that?
geo2842 2 kun oldin
she"s horrible at doing eyeshadow, was hoping a professional would have done it... still gave the video a like though....
Sally_ Playz
Sally_ Playz 2 kun oldin
At 8:36 She atually looks like a mom ikd why lol
Cindy P
Cindy P 2 kun oldin
Your whole look is fantastic!!! You should try to make the time to do your eyes, they're so pretty... Green is your color, embrace & enjoy it!! xo
Heather H
Heather H 2 kun oldin
You look great with more accents on your eyes! Very pretty. :3
Greeny Wasabi
Greeny Wasabi 2 kun oldin
You look like you.. but in a onesie
Le Anne Carbonilla
Le Anne Carbonilla 2 kun oldin
I love the makeover! You look gorgeous!!!
Pasta Tasha
Pasta Tasha 2 kun oldin
Almost good but the summer wedge and a brown cross body purse would of finished it off
Punnepun kid
Punnepun kid 2 kun oldin
U are so fat and big
Jaweria Arif
Jaweria Arif 2 kun oldin
Stephanie Rusli
Stephanie Rusli 2 kun oldin
You look like kate winslet with that haircut
Sharna L
Sharna L 2 kun oldin
I love the... "I like to dress like a bad!" 😂😂
Sam The BAM!!
Sam The BAM!! 2 kun oldin
-great high ass- *inserts a high donkey from shrek* I’m sorry sad but I had to
LPS SAMMY 2 kun oldin
In a book way the first glow you looked like a mom
Emily Woodie
Emily Woodie 2 kun oldin
Why have I never heard of her? She’s amazing 😭
Krazy_Kay_Kay102 2 kun oldin
yaaaasss safiyaaaaaaa!!!! u could be a cool mom wt dat loook
Jamie The goth
Jamie The goth 3 kun oldin
Safya used to wear colors, scary
Willow Harrison
Willow Harrison 3 kun oldin
You look beautiful!
Atouriina 3 kun oldin
What the hell was Stacey thinking with that jumpsuit. Safiya has a beautiful body, and that jumpsuit just hid her figure. I loved the hair though :)
Meagan the Marionette
KAT2004 3 kun oldin
Lol love❤️ the book Choi
Ina Orozco
Ina Orozco 3 kun oldin
i love this 😍
Elensila2718 3 kun oldin
I liked this a lot! I loved your hair and makeup, and green is a good color for you!
Grace Delilah
Grace Delilah 3 kun oldin
I found out I’m winter. Great 👍🏻
Mikayla Cruz
Mikayla Cruz 3 kun oldin
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim 3 kun oldin
Nastashia Young
Nastashia Young 3 kun oldin
You’re so funny
Kat Sut
Kat Sut 3 kun oldin
Love the video, I’d be friends with this lady
Tiny Treasures
Tiny Treasures 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does she look like a mom after her haircut?
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 3 kun oldin
comfortable vampire 😂😂
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper 3 kun oldin
I have that same color/brand blush lol
xX LL xX
xX LL xX 3 kun oldin
I’m a stick and a square XD
Gillian Henkel
Gillian Henkel 3 kun oldin
Dang gurl, you look amazing
Ronnie 4 kun oldin
I really need to know where she got the sweatshirt she wore to talk to Stacy from because wow I'm in love.
bublyv 4 kun oldin
Your channel is sooo cool! Your job on UZvid is to just try new things and be yourself, which I think is awesome. Keep up the outstanding work!
Sailor Quach
Sailor Quach 4 kun oldin
Emily Dziennik
Emily Dziennik 4 kun oldin
I feel like this look made Saf seem so much older and mature 😂 like she looks like an adult that has their crap together and a savvy college student at the same time
yas ́
yas ́ 4 kun oldin
6:41 oWo
foxy loxy
foxy loxy 4 kun oldin
Stacy London didn't help you. That jumpsuit makes you appear to be wide waisted and heavier, and shorter. To really achieve a differnt look yhat will have you looking prettier and younger do this: lighten your hair, thin the eye brows, use lighter shade of lipstick, no liner on the water line, no eye liner wing, soft pink peach blush, mascara but no false lashes. The goal is to soften your look. Pls do this and post results.
LtCol Pulaski
LtCol Pulaski 4 kun oldin
Safiya's eyebrows deserve their own UZvid channel!
Alc Shot
Alc Shot 4 kun oldin
OMG Love your personality!
NesaFashion Channel
Allen Walker
Allen Walker 4 kun oldin
I love your voice. And your look but im in love with your voice!
manel vieira
manel vieira 4 kun oldin
Salary favor veteran dxsimo since Supreme college metal Spanish through base serve.
RA Key
RA Key 4 kun oldin
Love it! I wish you would have done your eyebrows too tho
RA Key
RA Key 4 kun oldin
Colton Cagle
Colton Cagle 4 kun oldin
OMG this looks so good!!
Kylin Johnson
Kylin Johnson 4 kun oldin
Can we talk about how gorgeous Stacey's house is.
Ellone Barrett
Ellone Barrett 4 kun oldin
You look sooooooo pretty 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Anonymous Change
Anonymous Change 4 kun oldin
Your hair looks amazing. I kinda like your old fashion choices and the makeup doesn’t look too different. BUT THE HAIR!!! Amazing.
Sindy de la cruz
Sindy de la cruz 5 kun oldin
Picks a pink vampire like dress 😂😂so cute