I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features

Safiya Nygaard
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I got a hair cut and color based on my face shape and skin tone, an outfit based on my body type and complexion, and a full face of makeup based on my skin and eye shape and color! Featuring Stacy London & Brad Mondo!
Make sure to check out Brad's behind the scenes hair cut video here!
And check out Stacy's instagram here!
So I've always wondered what it would be like to follow all of the advice for my body type, face shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc - and see if what I "should" be wearing based on my physical features is any better than what I already like to. So with the help of some experts, I went on a makeover journey and got a head-to-toe "perfect" makeover!
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18-May, 2018

i got a perfect makeover based on my featuresperfect makeoverperfectmakeoverhead to toe makeoverhair cuthair cut based on face shapeface shapeskin undertonehair coloroutfitbody typebody shapeseasonfruitcomplexioneye shapeeye colorsafiya makeoversafiyasafiya nygaardsafiya hairmakeup



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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 9 oy oldin
HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf
nicole 9 kun oldin
SkyeFallers 10 kun oldin
are u using the James Charles Morphie pallet???? because i love u and him and u look soooooo good in green!!
x ameekiz
x ameekiz 14 kun oldin
Cookivirus 18 kun oldin
Kristine Marie
Last comment.
AziBazi BaziAzi
AziBazi BaziAzi 5 soat oldin
1:10 Flater MEself more
Bella Mac
Bella Mac 6 soat oldin
D Salty
D Salty 6 soat oldin
She looks so good! Omg 😍 Great video.
Natalie Reilly
Natalie Reilly 10 soat oldin
I see Emma Watson and I say that’s not her name it’s Hermione Granger.
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy 13 soat oldin
Love your hair color in this video!!
Kat Turner
Kat Turner 14 soat oldin
You are so freaking beautiful, friend!
Lucy Annis-Bercier
Lucy Annis-Bercier 15 soat oldin
this was the first video I watched of Saf. So glad it came in my recommendation cuz she’s one of my fav youtubers now💗
KEE KEE 17 soat oldin
"Neutral but slightly warm path" is basicly me
Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler Kun oldin
I’m to skinny. I don’t have a butt or boobs, so this is great. Also bok choy? 😂
Anthony Elms
Anthony Elms Kun oldin
At 0:39 you look really pretty
Kyndia Scott
Kyndia Scott Kun oldin
Brad and James Charles
kitty cake321
kitty cake321 Kun oldin
I like the after I like the hair how it's a little curly and iits short You look better like this
Jenny Gardiner
Jenny Gardiner Kun oldin
Jerr i Vida
Jerr i Vida Kun oldin
I am a full hourglass
Blue_Bragon Lajoie
Blue_Bragon Lajoie 2 kun oldin
Your hair looks like belle hair
Gigi O
Gigi O 2 kun oldin
16:01 your welcome
Adalia Wright
Adalia Wright 2 kun oldin
I wish that she could have found an autumn flair dress. I don't like jumpsuits much.
Emmy Personal
Emmy Personal 2 kun oldin
Curls most def work for you!! I loved your 1987 working woman outfit hair. Those curls
Carl Poyser
Carl Poyser 2 kun oldin
You pop more pop means fart
Dan Rye
Dan Rye 2 kun oldin
You are so funny! Never thought I would watch these types of videos (me being a guy) but you are ace!
Foxgirl25 Lococo
Foxgirl25 Lococo 2 kun oldin
You look like my mom in this video and that’s not an insult
Molly Umemoto
Molly Umemoto 2 kun oldin
Who else agrees that Safiya looked great either way???
• 89 Years Ago •
Molly Umemoto me
Kaedyn Vermette
Kaedyn Vermette 2 kun oldin
Safiya looks so sad looking in the mirror
Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin 2 kun oldin
"Booty and a hair on top." Pubes? Or Tail?
Y Xiu Qing
Y Xiu Qing 2 kun oldin
Your make up looks amazing!!!!
Little Croc
Little Croc 3 kun oldin
how are you to day
Aime Shehan
Aime Shehan 3 kun oldin
if u look at Sofi's face is really cute , she's so beautyfull
Michael Curlee
Michael Curlee 3 kun oldin
She got a Mom hair cut
Kaila Dennis
Kaila Dennis 3 kun oldin
I like this style
Mariah Francois
Mariah Francois 3 kun oldin
Most people that knows me says am lucky my appearance body finger everything my waste
Lily C
Lily C 3 kun oldin
I desperately need this type of glo up
Day Nunez
Day Nunez 3 kun oldin
Ur jokes and comments kill me through out the video whenever i have a really bad day i just watch ur videos and im laughing away
Randall Huserik
Randall Huserik 3 kun oldin
"You wear gym shorts everyday!" Tyler: (Looks down at gym shorts) "What?!?"
Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin 3 kun oldin
I love it sooooo much
Becca Mancia
Becca Mancia 4 kun oldin
I’m doing my makeup like this on Monday cuz it’s cute!
nina m
nina m 4 kun oldin
R a i s a
R a i s a 4 kun oldin
Wowwwwww the makeup was the best
Elysia 4 kun oldin
you look way more beautiful than before you did the makeover. you look amazing I really have no words for what I am feeling about this transformation.
Amanda Mowery
Amanda Mowery 4 kun oldin
I freaking love the hair so much!!! It’s gorgeous on you!!! ❤️
Amanda Mowery
Amanda Mowery 4 kun oldin
“It does say f****** perfect...” Saf’s reaction is the best! Lol 😂
Sadie :o
Sadie :o 4 kun oldin
i have the same body shape and complexion as saf so this kinda helps?? lmao
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 4 kun oldin
Your makeup looks perfect here 😍 Absolutely stunning!
Noodles 4 kun oldin
My body shape is a 2 by 4
You’ve been hacked
I’m summer that’s my name
Lvl 99 Mafia boss
Lvl 99 Mafia boss 5 kun oldin
I love Brad so freaking much 😘😘😘😘
Olivia Cote
Olivia Cote 6 kun oldin
nightcore DJ
nightcore DJ 6 kun oldin
I liked ur hair before
Mazde Riora
Mazde Riora 7 kun oldin
wow you're hair make over looked really cute!
Stella Sheppard
Stella Sheppard 7 kun oldin
8:44 did he say "no it doesn't" to if it looks good or not?
Minisplat 7 kun oldin
9:37 that dog is everything
HOI PERSONA 7 kun oldin
Pfffffff 3 years of not cutting hair? Cristine the H💿L💿 queen (Simply Nailogical) hasnt cut her hair in like 10 years
Paulaessiina 7 kun oldin
Brad tho 😍
IAthena Kemp
IAthena Kemp 7 kun oldin
damn your pretty. it goes beyond "youtube pretty"
Mgal 8 kun oldin
Aileen Pilapil
Aileen Pilapil 8 kun oldin
I just saw that this was posted on my birthday
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas 8 kun oldin
9:41 Is that dog dead?
Malwina Radomska
Malwina Radomska 8 kun oldin
You look amazing
Ilana H
Ilana H 9 kun oldin
I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed your 'haul' videos the most because let's be honest I am a SAHM of 3 with CFS and have no style in me, lol. You are beautiful and funny (You too Tyler!) either way but I think your own style suits you better than the 'perfect' style suits you. Goes to show 'PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST!'. Thank you for making my kids and I laugh.
ChildOf HADES 9 kun oldin
I personally think you look more beautiful in your normal style because you are more confident! ❤️
Sonja Bierschenk
Sonja Bierschenk 9 kun oldin
This is such a good look for you!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!
Allie Muller
Allie Muller 9 kun oldin
Nona Upshaw
Nona Upshaw 9 kun oldin
Stacy my fav
Lacie Chessor
Lacie Chessor 9 kun oldin
Says good by to hair picks up hair and waves
Lacie Chessor
Lacie Chessor 9 kun oldin
Vampire, I feel that way
Riley M
Riley M 9 kun oldin
21:19 it looks like she has a bunch of tatoos on her arm!?!?!!
Puti Azalia
Puti Azalia 9 kun oldin
can u tell us what lipstick you're wearing? its gorgg!! the one u put on in your final "perfect" makeup
Molly Dodson
Molly Dodson 9 kun oldin
She looks so young and good with that hair! She needs to get it again!
*Puppy Lover*
*Puppy Lover* 9 kun oldin
Saf looks like a Mom XD
Lourdes Collet
Lourdes Collet 10 kun oldin
I really loved this episode! U rocked the suit and I just looooved that brad n stacy helped u out with the makeover!
Silly Slythern
Silly Slythern 10 kun oldin
Just your hair kinda screamed I’m a middle aged mom who wants to be hip 🤣
cool girl
cool girl 10 kun oldin
I have blue green and a dark purple blue
*not* a piece of art
4:44 I think I just like it like that
KateSinging InTheSnow
English accent:... a personal journey towards *D E A T H !*
Philippa Dyson
Philippa Dyson 10 kun oldin
Her hair reminds me of Monros wife in Grimm (Leave me alone I can't spell well)
Spots 1819
Spots 1819 10 kun oldin
Your hair is my favorite!!!!!!!
Mia Rautio
Mia Rautio 11 kun oldin
I LOVE BRAD MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!
Skater Gurl123
Skater Gurl123 11 kun oldin
I live in a comfortable vampire aesthetic
Katie Morton
Katie Morton 11 kun oldin
Her new haircut makes her look like my teacher lol
JessaRose Gabrielle
JessaRose Gabrielle 11 kun oldin
I miss this grey hair so much! It looked absolutely amazing on her 😍😭
Isabel Echiverri
Isabel Echiverri 11 kun oldin
uhhhhh.......i have blue, green and purple veins......... what do i do
Isabel Echiverri
Isabel Echiverri 10 kun oldin
its hard
Silly Slythern
Silly Slythern 10 kun oldin
Isabel Echiverri me too 😑😬
Victoria Bottass
Victoria Bottass 12 kun oldin
Your make up looks amazing! 🤩😍
Ericka Daze
Ericka Daze 13 kun oldin
Okay, Stacey was 100% coming on to you. Lol
Bethany Raby
Bethany Raby 13 kun oldin
Younger Saf can be twins with Emmy Rossum 😍🥰
Tru RAVENCLAW🦅 13 kun oldin
I have a heart shape face and a long bob cut but i (and so do my friends)think I look better with long hair
Sarah Rinaldi
Sarah Rinaldi 14 kun oldin
saf is so pretty ugh
Ayva Renee
Ayva Renee 14 kun oldin
19:17 and 19:46____ that is the James Charles × Morphe palette??? And this came out in May?????
Melissa DuChene
Melissa DuChene 14 kun oldin
Thank goodness you exist😎 😅
The Broun Family
The Broun Family 14 kun oldin
8:56 I’m livingggg for this look♥️
Lindsey's Life
Lindsey's Life 14 kun oldin
I'm DYING at the Nemo reference!! so funny! Also who's watching in Feb 2019??
Jaxie Mcgaha
Jaxie Mcgaha 14 kun oldin
What eyeshadow palette did u use
Rebecca Murphy
Rebecca Murphy 14 kun oldin
Your makeup is on point!
NovaLaMason 14 kun oldin
14:06 xDDD 15:59 xD
Hazelle Lee
Hazelle Lee 15 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Brad Mondo sound like Joey Graceffa?
Lex OwO
Lex OwO 15 kun oldin
Damn why is she so beautiful!? 😔✊😍
Melanie L Hobby
Melanie L Hobby 15 kun oldin
SUCH a beautiful look! But I want you to be YOU, so whatever makes you happy ♡
Vidya Sinha
Vidya Sinha 15 kun oldin
Your beautiful makeover or not! :D
Savannah Seehawer
Savannah Seehawer 15 kun oldin
Your makeup looks great I love it!!!!
Shannon Owens
Shannon Owens 16 kun oldin
I love the makeup
Slime Unicorn
Slime Unicorn 16 kun oldin
When she said the UZvid place closed at 9 pm. The time here changed to 9 pm...*_-SHOOK-_*
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