I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features

Safiya Nygaard
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I got a hair cut and color based on my face shape and skin tone, an outfit based on my body type and complexion, and a full face of makeup based on my skin and eye shape and color! Featuring Stacy London & Brad Mondo!
Make sure to check out Brad's behind the scenes hair cut video here!
And check out Stacy's instagram here!
So I've always wondered what it would be like to follow all of the advice for my body type, face shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc - and see if what I "should" be wearing based on my physical features is any better than what I already like to. So with the help of some experts, I went on a makeover journey and got a head-to-toe "perfect" makeover!
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18-May, 2018

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 6 oy oldin
HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf
Tanya Pomeroy
Tanya Pomeroy Oy oldin
Safiya Nygaard #love You, I love your vlogs your so funny! But great advice at same time....❤️
Ave Balmer
Ave Balmer 2 oy oldin
I love you so much
Christal Elston
Christal Elston 4 oy oldin
Hi saf
chvrry k-pop
chvrry k-pop 4 oy oldin
chvrry k-pop
chvrry k-pop 4 oy oldin
Major Rocky LPS
Major Rocky LPS 46 daqiqa oldin
That is was life is about, life, evolution, and, DEATH!
tasha Tash
tasha Tash 3 soat oldin
Love it!
Saltshaker 527
Saltshaker 527 4 soat oldin
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Saf’s body like damn she’s doing well. She looks great.
i’m a potato :D
i’m a potato :D 4 soat oldin
My body shape is potato...
xXxXCaptin CrunchXxXx
Ah, if only I had my life together
Salome Muringa
Salome Muringa 5 soat oldin
you look like a cool mom. I love your videos.
James Byrne
James Byrne 5 soat oldin
hi I like chairs
hi I like chairs 6 soat oldin
2016 Safiya looks like Dua Lipa!
Talena Lonadier
Talena Lonadier 6 soat oldin
I loooooooove Stacey
yutxstxn_ 7 soat oldin
Queen Bean
Queen Bean 7 soat oldin
Makenna Walker
Makenna Walker 7 soat oldin
I cut a foot and a half of hair when i was six
BelleThe Bee
BelleThe Bee 7 soat oldin
She looks amazing!!!!
every day is a party
Who else also has a heart- shaped face?
Srimonti Kundu
Srimonti Kundu 9 soat oldin
Safiya has great lips😍
ProMachineRider 9 soat oldin
For some reason, I really didn't like that jumpsuit. I prefer your comfortable vampire look better. You already have a perfect look! 👌
Charamander.x 11 soat oldin
Bro she has great skin mbn
Lunar Angel
Lunar Angel 12 soat oldin
Transformation into my mom....Well all righty then
nor newlands
nor newlands 13 soat oldin
she’s so genuinely beautiful
Kill Me Please
Kill Me Please 16 soat oldin
I'm with you on having a "Comfortable Vampire" Look. I'm exactly the same with that aesthetic 😂 this video is so fun, I also love Brad and Stacy!
Jenifer Mattock
Jenifer Mattock 18 soat oldin
Why does Brad Mondo always do people’s hair in the bathroom? 🚽 🙁🤢
DannyTV 18 soat oldin
is it normal that i liked it better at the beginning?
Hugo Charlesworth
Hugo Charlesworth 21 soat oldin
Oh yeah... that's waking me up.... Oh that what I like to feel.😏
Monkey King
Monkey King 21 soat oldin
9:29 the man-voice scared me!
Sofia Ramachandran
Sofia Ramachandran 22 soat oldin
I have mono lid eyes
Sean Rowshandel
Sean Rowshandel 22 soat oldin
In the most digestible way possible, people quantify body types and try to look like specific ones in order to be very modest, with the looming "Darwinian" goal being to meet the most agreeable children before and after they carry them around upside down inside their uteri. Safiya can I help you in any way? You can ask me anything, I might not do shit though...
Genevieve Wallace
She KIND OF looks like a mom
IcyPaw Mc
IcyPaw Mc Kun oldin
I cant cut my hair wet because if I cut 1 inch when its wet after it drys it turns out we cut 3 inches
Isabelle Pelletier
Really loved the whole look, but particularly the hair and make up.
Lisa Zhen
Lisa Zhen Kun oldin
Wow I feel like we are body twins. I was recently just thinking about my own personal styles and undertones and they are definitely like Safiya’s where I am neutral undertone leaning towards warmer. I prefer jewel tones on me and warmer eyeshadows and kimono/cardigan sleeves lol
Daniela Perez
Daniela Perez Kun oldin
Lily Bravo
Lily Bravo Kun oldin
I’m the same as safiya I can wear any color and look good in it I’m fine with having any color honestly
AminaDoesGacha Kun oldin
"A personal journey towards *DEATH* " -Safiya Nygaard 2018
G&A GIRLS Kun oldin
I love how you looked at the end it looks so so good on you
Katherine Estrada
K to the T
K to the T Kun oldin
Stunning, I love the hair and makeup!
Marisol Clavel
Marisol Clavel Kun oldin
I love how you she always winds up with coffee in all her videos ☕
Skyleigh Brakeman
OMG how did you get the james Charles pallet before it came out
Paige Weneck
Paige Weneck 2 kun oldin
To me Saf looks a lot more mature and older when she has short hair.
G&A GIRLS Kun oldin
I agree
ThyTheGamer 424
ThyTheGamer 424 2 kun oldin
YAASS YOU NEED TO WEAR THAT HAIRCUT MORE!!! But......not much of a fine of the outfit
Minnoli Nori
Minnoli Nori 2 kun oldin
i love Safiya but i feel that women should learn to embrace their features. This is how society has shaped "the perfect body." I mean if you have a heart shaped face or any other type of face, turn it into an oval shape because that is the 'ideal' face. If you have a rectangle body shape, turn it into an hourglass. Turn your perfectly beautiful eyes into an almond shape. Ugh love yourself for who you are
Llama AJ
Llama AJ 2 kun oldin
The background song at the begging sounds like the song “rockin’ robin”
ScienceInSchools 2 kun oldin
The after hair rwally does soot u
C.T.W 2 kun oldin
I just love how confident she is with her body
Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta 2 kun oldin
Ur boyfriend is too good he helps u a lott
Stephanie Barnes
Stephanie Barnes 2 kun oldin
I love the make up the best but it’s all good and flattering
Choco Sweet Reese
Choco Sweet Reese 2 kun oldin
Here are some words that she said that can be turned into a joke. Idk where the parts are tho. But you can assume that it's probably in the video. A-wear Pre-pear-d
Meows 19
Meows 19 2 kun oldin
How come for the body shape thing when they say fruit there’s an hour glass
MsNj3000 2 kun oldin
With the final look, I swear she looked like Rachael Leigh Cook.
Carphe wow
Carphe wow 2 kun oldin
Eggy Charlene
Eggy Charlene 2 kun oldin
I love your humor!!
Carson Graham
Carson Graham 3 kun oldin
I love the way she edits her videos!
Stuffed_ Lover
Stuffed_ Lover 3 kun oldin
You look fantastic!! I also really love you hair and makeup
ohmoon 3 kun oldin
I see blue, green _and_ purple 😂
Su_shi 3 kun oldin
My eyes are uneven. One of them is smaller than the other one.
Happy Horse
Happy Horse 3 kun oldin
Brad please I need you in my life 😂 lol
Cupcakeit 3 kun oldin
I love you, your amazing! Can’t wait to watch more videos, lol
Vanessa White
Vanessa White 3 kun oldin
Music Ghostie
Music Ghostie 3 kun oldin
The perfect makeover is a lie! Safiya looks perfect regardless (but the short hair is very nice)
Seraphine Parent
Seraphine Parent 4 kun oldin
Follow my instagram @seraphin____e I’ll follow you back (it’s for a bet)
OMGitsNyan :D
OMGitsNyan :D 4 kun oldin
Now saf looks like my older sister XD
Anna Hein
Anna Hein 4 kun oldin
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 4 kun oldin
7:43 Now that's how you catch someone's attention
Paula Larsen
Paula Larsen 4 kun oldin
I love this look for you! Keep it up, please! And I love the idioms you use. You are hilarious.
Foxy crystal_lovely
mah body shape is triangel and my face shape is round my skin is winter
Sammy M
Sammy M 4 kun oldin
I just think you need slightly thinner eyebrows. They take away the focus from everything else on your face.
Uni Corn
Uni Corn 4 kun oldin
I have a round face shape
Cassi 5 kun oldin
2:45 Number 3, she's an AMAZING actress!
Roblox With Candie
Roblox With Candie 5 kun oldin
The before and after is literally me. But I enjoyed the long hair more
TheOddKitten 5 kun oldin
The makeup is stunning
Parenting Info Weekly
With all due respect - you are a definite winter!
Just some Eddsworld Trash named Emi
I literally figured out I have grey/light blue eyes with specks of hazel, and a Hourglass body shape
Lyn B
Lyn B 5 kun oldin
The jumpsuit is very cute!
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean 5 kun oldin
you look like a mom about to go yell at the principal
ZéCupcakeG 5 kun oldin
I’m basically the skinny version of you, cause I have broad shoulders, small hips and a DONK 😂
gradeone newton
gradeone newton 5 kun oldin
I’m a cool tone
L May
L May 5 kun oldin
The make-up is giving me Olivia-Benson vibes! Love that!
haley nava
haley nava 6 kun oldin
Great job I love it! 22:42 you match with the cactus!
Wendy Gregorio-Malak
I love your videos! You have such a great sense of humor as you try out your beauty products/clothing items. Keep those videos coming! They always make me smile! 😃
Chloë Griffin
Chloë Griffin 6 kun oldin
Love ur hair!!! 9:18 is it just me or can u see the olive undertone by her nose
Taya Dulcich
Taya Dulcich 6 kun oldin
This was great. You look stunning! You are a beautiful woman anyway. You have the best humor.
Black junior POPPY
Black junior POPPY 6 kun oldin
That new hairstyle maked you look old srry
bloodyredfox 6 kun oldin
you are a good talker
Olivia B
Olivia B 6 kun oldin
8:30 she looks like a mom who is always packed and on time to her kids soccer game.
Kylani Lee
Kylani Lee 6 kun oldin
Lol "aesthetic" no hunny
Kami Miller
Kami Miller 7 kun oldin
Can we talk about how good she looks tho❤️❤️
Jasmine Ahmed
Jasmine Ahmed 7 kun oldin
you look bootyfull
Ria Banerjee
Ria Banerjee 7 kun oldin
Love your hair and makeup... Great video!
Bee R.
Bee R. 7 kun oldin
Eee!! Brad! Yeah, had to hair toss and tongue click seeing him in your vid, cuz guuurl is always fabulous. X3 That’s pretty cool that you got HIM to help you with your hair, Safiya! ❤️
PrincessDiamondXox 7 kun oldin
Love this vid.
Ulo Hun
Ulo Hun 7 kun oldin
Woah! I'm sold! You look like Kate Winslet! ❤️
Duffy Winters
Duffy Winters 7 kun oldin
Talk like a grandma but you're cute 😹💕
isaiah iraola
isaiah iraola 7 kun oldin
The issue with the outfit is that I feel like it just needed to be ironed haha. Everything else was beautiful. Something’s off with the outfit though, can’t put my finger on it.
selphen 7 kun oldin
I love your channel !!!
nitzan farchi
nitzan farchi 7 kun oldin
You look amazing!!!!
Girlfriends 4Life
Girlfriends 4Life 7 kun oldin
Loving ur eye look!
Elise Von Bargen
Elise Von Bargen 7 kun oldin
I FRIKIN LOVE WODE LEG PANTS! I two pairs and then one pair that cinches at the bottom (idk if that how you spell cinches)
Emma Gulliver
Emma Gulliver 7 kun oldin
I like her in black better than green... xx
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 7 kun oldin
Wait wait wait. So you’re telling me that this video, the one video on your channel I have not wanted to watch for months on end because I thought it seemed not interesting, has mother Stacy in it? And I’ve been missing that?