I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

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Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.
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29-Noy, 2018

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Mu5tang1 Soat oldin
Terrible tattoo. Lines are terrible and it looks messy. That I would stay away from and you listen to reviews based on tattooes
Cartive 2 soat oldin
what the fuck why you steal others idea, i dont care if you give them a credit or no the show name " one star reviews " is fucking plagiarsm and ignorance. whoever started this series i hope you fucking rot in hell man original idea : PhilipSoloTV
Manfredi Sequi
Manfredi Sequi 8 soat oldin
why ?
Lydia Guimont
Lydia Guimont 8 soat oldin
Is this guy name keven?
Thechin God_q8
Thechin God_q8 11 soat oldin
The dude is scared af 😂
Pieter Kokke
Pieter Kokke 12 soat oldin
If you look further away than 50 cm it looks like one hell of a stain
RttnBnna 12 soat oldin
I'm not the guy who goes on life criticizing other people's work, but this is shit! Dude, study, get better or go out of business!
crysis 9000
crysis 9000 14 soat oldin
Jeff Fischer
Super Mojo
Super Mojo 15 soat oldin
Heeeee.... No, even with a camera to his face, he could nt do the job...
Mik-Mik 2
Mik-Mik 2 17 soat oldin
That’s a fat tattoo
Molleigh Hunt
Molleigh Hunt 19 soat oldin
this kid is a nightmare of a client. you should pick someone you trust so you don’t feel the need to hover above them. tattoo artists are just that- artists. don’t take their expertise and creative spirit away. a great work of art comes from a passionate artist not commissioned micromanagement
Jedidiah Belciña
Jedidiah Belciña 21 soat oldin
God that is an awful tattoo
Colby Terry
Colby Terry 21 soat oldin
.... that was trash
lisandro olvera
lisandro olvera 22 soat oldin
“Birds are cool, they fly”
AA-Bomb 22 soat oldin
Who else thinks that guy looks like h3h3?
Madi Wolff
Madi Wolff 23 soat oldin
Terrible tattoo 😳
samhood3 23 soat oldin
One of the worst tattoos I've ever seen...
Oliver Sowula
Oliver Sowula Kun oldin
4:08 the last breath, and face of regret
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Kun oldin
How is that guys shop still open That tattoo wasn't that great
Julie Porter
Julie Porter Kun oldin
"I see you're using a fresh needle?" *chuckles*
Sunny Josan
Sunny Josan Kun oldin
Is that a chubby Shia LaBeouf getting a tattoo?
King Qaz
King Qaz Kun oldin
I thought it was that H3H3 guy
Alias91Six- Kun oldin
Is this h3h3 brother
Sir_AceNinja YT
Sir_AceNinja YT Kun oldin
You have balls... to get tattoos from 1 stars.
The Evil Bleached Winking Corpse Of Michael Jackon
You just cant fix STUPID!
Josh Deemi
Josh Deemi Kun oldin
Obviously he’s gunna do as good as he can as he’s on your vid
An Kun oldin
dude looks like ethan klien
Wally B
Wally B Kun oldin
you cannot make me believe that that dude is not H3H3
Dr. GreenThumb
Dr. GreenThumb Kun oldin
That tattoo is horrible 😂
Sehr Witzigizig
Sehr Witzigizig Kun oldin
Ethan Kleins borther does reviews ?!
Meatless Chicken Wing
I thought this was H3H3.
CringeFest Kun oldin
It’s not a bad tattoo. and nate seems like a good guy You get what you pay for.
Da rent Is comming
It looks like something else far away
Dimitriy Kaplan
Dimitriy Kaplan Kun oldin
ok what's happening here.... because that tattoo sucks a bag of Ds.... definitely a 1-star tattoo..
Watcher AndtheRye
lmaooooo ya'll even got a dude who's got the same energy as phillipsolotv?? wtf
Elle Keener
Elle Keener Kun oldin
Not the worst I've seen to be honest.
I literally came here to say you stole this from phillipsolotv
Brandon Relova
Brandon Relova Kun oldin
This is a awesome show
SQUADLY Kun oldin
Dude. That’s a shiiiity tattoo.
Max Ludwig
Max Ludwig Kun oldin
you could also call this "most annoying customer ever" when they're drawing up the design... no matter if Nate is good or bad, this guy is far away of being a good customer...
Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace Kun oldin
Omg why did he go “mm” like that when he asked about the clean needle wtf
Brian velasquez
Brian velasquez Kun oldin
What did he light up in the car ?
Rashad Almomani
Rashad Almomani Kun oldin
I seriously cannot tell what the fuck that tattoo is supposed to be, what a mess...he could have at least added some blue and white in the water and maybe colored the surf board a bright color to distinguish it from the background, just shade the surfer all black, but making the entire tattoo black ink makes it look like a badly overworked sharpie doodle.
Are You Dreaming?
fuck this guys hilarious hahahaha i cant wait for more
thy_savior Kun oldin
It's cool how he got to him in the end
Michael Burbidge
If vice is a scumbag and they know it clap your hands.
Michael Burbidge
Vice.... I just spent a whole hour and 20 mins looking for my phone just to tell you how scumbagish you guys really are. Shout out to philipsolo for the cracking vids as always #philiparmy dislike if you're with us.
ndgorebl Kun oldin
one time for fresh needles
billygoat126 Kun oldin
michael cera's broke ass cousin
Caleb Kun oldin
Can we review customers? Someone come up with an app for that. Btw, I want 10% of all ad income.
Peaceluvin420 Kun oldin
Yo was that an iPhone 4
StroudSorcerer Kun oldin
when he has an iphone 5
Ray Yeah that’s my name
“Ehh seagull” -Nate
draconistarum Kun oldin
Now to find the best rated tattoo artist to try and cover up that mess
ZooPac Kun oldin
Horrible Tat LOL
Kayden Gross
Kayden Gross Kun oldin
The virgins are taking over
Justice-Kehlani Kun oldin
that tat is terrible, if i got that i'd be pissed
Julio César Perdomo
This guy looks like a skinny Ethan from H3H3
Isaac Poland
Isaac Poland 2 kun oldin
Anybody gonna ignore this mans flame shirt
Chris Torres
Chris Torres 2 kun oldin
Anyone think that was summit1g from the thumbnail ?
Find Some Time
Find Some Time 2 kun oldin
you can’t really blame them for stealing philipsolos idea, that’s what every body does. they look at what’s trending and try to do that aswell.
Boy Scoutz
Boy Scoutz 2 kun oldin
It was pretty good honestly
Jordan Bonilla
Jordan Bonilla 2 kun oldin
is this Micheal cera lost brother?
Tay tay the King
Tay tay the King 2 kun oldin
The tattoo sucks
benada83 2 kun oldin
I'm getting a real meerkat vibe from this dude.
Lance 2 kun oldin
The tattoo looked horrible
jlakindd 2 kun oldin
bezkajzm 07
bezkajzm 07 2 kun oldin
No one asked you to do this
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 2 kun oldin
That is terrible it’s all meshed together you can’t even see the surfer it doesn’t look like anything except blotched ink and curly lines
shamu3838 2 kun oldin
one look at that fish tank and I'd be gone. If the tank is nasty, other things are nasty. Hand in hand
Cristobal videla
Cristobal videla 2 kun oldin
that tatto is horrible, totally bullshit, saludos
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 2 kun oldin
is that a cockroach tattoo?
milk awm
milk awm 2 kun oldin
Skinny h3h3?
Eric Bohannon
Eric Bohannon 2 kun oldin
"Journalist" is a douchebag
Rhiannon Ruth
Rhiannon Ruth 2 kun oldin
Was that safe or a j???
arteaga0415 2 kun oldin
honestly the tattoo was shit
ThatMovinTarget 2 kun oldin
It honestly sucks
Kaleb 2 kun oldin
Jersey Bred
Jersey Bred 2 kun oldin
I'm looking at this dude and saying he's got a really familiar face. Then he says Fat Cat Tattoo and I'm like holy s*** I have to know this guy. That place is around the corner from me. What's weird is that Nate was really popular at one time and considered a really good artist. What the f*** happened? Edit: there I go commenting before the end of the video again. I'm rooting for you Nate. S*** happens, everyone deserves a break from time to time. You are a local Legend.
Pollie Regalado
Pollie Regalado 2 kun oldin
Nice outfit dude
Emaleigh Coreyann
Emaleigh Coreyann 2 kun oldin
Okay but the shading wasn't as bad as I thought it would be honestly the shading is pretty good
Burt Man
Burt Man 2 kun oldin
fckn shit tattoo , it needs a minus 1 rating, that bloke is no artist.
cheesehead209 gaming
He looks like h3h3
6BigPump9 2 kun oldin
When did Ethan from H3 loose so much weight?
John  Smith
John Smith 2 kun oldin
Yeah, totally sounds like a great idea. But never judge a book by it's cover. Although I might let you read it first.
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 2 kun oldin
Can I leave a one star review for this dude's shirt? Should've left that one in the early 90's, buddy.
Supreme Yarok
Supreme Yarok 2 kun oldin
He looks like a skinny h3
Josh G
Josh G 2 kun oldin
Great video! Some deep stuff when Nate said “But no one cares to ask you what’s going on?” Nice to watch a video with a positive vibe
Jack Potter
Jack Potter 2 kun oldin
I'd give your blue flame shirt a 1 star review
Mintygreen 2 kun oldin
I need to remove some scratcher marks for sure
Tylin Vang
Tylin Vang 3 kun oldin
That’s a terrible tattoo, and he gives no shits.
dr.garry 3 kun oldin
why would you get that tat
Rob Blendz
Rob Blendz 3 kun oldin
Its 2018 and this dude has a Iphone 5 with cracked screen, Vice checks must be shit. 😂
Jeff Joof
Jeff Joof 3 kun oldin
He looks so much like h3h3 it makes me mad
Kys 3 kun oldin
Master inc not approved.
Javi Air
Javi Air 3 kun oldin
hahaha this host is awesome
Mere Mortal
Mere Mortal 3 kun oldin
“Birds are cool they fly”
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Kun oldin
Mere Mortal
Mere Mortal 3 kun oldin
LUH ZAY 1K 3 kun oldin
im boutta sting boy what is DAT
Uhh 3 kun oldin
Uhhhhh that tattoo was real bad
viviana x
viviana x 3 kun oldin
heres the scoop
Extreme Pet Owners
15 kun oldin