I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

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Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.
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29-Noy, 2018

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Fikrlar 10 222
LukeHighLife 11 soat oldin
Does Vice specifically advertise for the most annoying presenters they can find to front these things? :D
I Got Id
I Got Id 2 kun oldin
Seems like all I see is the smell of colorful pencil!😅😅😥
azzorzer 3 kun oldin
surfer looks shit, tattoo looks cool, but it doesnt look like waves and a surfer.
Know Thyself 1988
Know Thyself 1988 7 kun oldin
That tattoo is ugly as shit
Derpy Sheep891
Derpy Sheep891 7 kun oldin
Damn if I were the tattoo guy I woulda lost my shit with you breathing down my neck hassling me
GPB 7 kun oldin
It looks more like Moses splitting the Red Sea in two... Worst Tattoo ever, and covering it will be pretty much impossible with all that thick black smudge!!!
Alvaro Rodriguez Gomez
Wow, that tattoo is really horrible
Simon Balázs
Simon Balázs 8 kun oldin
Lol summit1g without a hat
Katelyn Vercher
Katelyn Vercher 9 kun oldin
What's up with this gay ass music tho?
Jacob Kat_Ross69
Jacob Kat_Ross69 9 kun oldin
This was so mids.
Lionel Tsinajinnie
Lionel Tsinajinnie 10 kun oldin
Everyone has tats to the point it ain't special no more. Even 11 year olds kids have them on their face now
notgonnapay 12 kun oldin
So Vice went from shooting documentaries about Kim Jong Il's film studio and other crazy shit people have never heard of before, to this... Sick.
Isaac Corona
Isaac Corona 12 kun oldin
Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins 12 kun oldin
Bridge Rockway
Bridge Rockway 13 kun oldin
wow the artwork was not good at all
Haley Rock
Haley Rock 13 kun oldin
Now u have an ugly ass tattoo oof
El Traviezo
El Traviezo 15 kun oldin
Naa b I couldn’t tell what it was
spooky guava
spooky guava 16 kun oldin
TheHappyKamper 17 kun oldin
That's a SHIT tattoo 🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Truth
The Truth 17 kun oldin
You can't take some reviews seriously. I think a person with a bad experience are more likely express their frustration.
Adele Ngugi
Adele Ngugi 18 kun oldin
The host looks like Ethan from H3H3.
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal 19 kun oldin
Shameless rip off of Philip TV
Caguama Time
Caguama Time 20 kun oldin
I this dude was lighting a blunt...Wack
Omer Aamir Shah
Omer Aamir Shah 20 kun oldin
Taraje looks like Michael peña's retarded younger brother 😂😂😂
Adam Jugasek
Adam Jugasek 21 kun oldin
I give your blue flame shirt a 0.00000125 star review.
Garrett Riley
Garrett Riley 21 kun oldin
That tattoo looks like shit
Caitlyn C.
Caitlyn C. 21 kun oldin
Tattoo was sooo bad, if I saw the tattoo out of context, I wouldn’t know what it is.
EliteGTAGamer r
EliteGTAGamer r 21 kun oldin
jesussssss do u ever shut the fuck up. u talk to much bro lmfao
Monsieurturmoil 21 kun oldin
The internet has become a breeding ground for ignorant puerile morons..... 90% of the stupid crap these people write would in real life, cost them teeth. It is a simple fact of life that the experience you have with a tattoo artist much depends if the tattoo artist has any time for you... "What discount are you giving me!" Oh wow, way to impress an artist ....... "I thought I'd have this!" Showing some super intricate picture "No, that'll look like shit, we'll have to change it" ..... No I want it exactly like this! .... F*ck off. I haven't washed my genitals in 3 days but he won't mind ....... Myself I had my ink in the far east 35 years ago now ..... One flowing tattoo, top back, chest, top arms ..... Over 4 months because it was done properly, slowly, with intermittent heal time, by a real artist... He refused to tattoo anyone he did not like, fortunately he liked me ...... He only tattooed what he wanted to ..... So he chose the theme and flash to match my personality and work ... I just gave him US $500 and told him when he needed more, tell me. 35 years later my ink is still nigh on perfect, not spread, next to no edge fuzzing, it has lost little colour because it has never seen day light. What you get in world, is what you deserve every single time ... which for most of you is not much
Bigzthelove 22 kun oldin
Is this guy on crazy pills that tattoos horrible
SteveO Hamilton
SteveO Hamilton 22 kun oldin
That tat sucked! I would never guess what it is
Max McClintock
Max McClintock 23 kun oldin
That shit is ass
Bennet Smith
Bennet Smith 23 kun oldin
you’re joking right? that looked like some bunny shit
Fox Racing
Fox Racing 23 kun oldin
Weird host, i dont like this guy, hes awkward and annoying, probably the type that got bullied, and STILL WEARING THE SAME FLAME SHIRT from 12 years old... dipshit. disliking this just for that
chandler -
chandler - 24 kun oldin
Bro that was terrible and nasty
Brandon Green
Brandon Green 24 kun oldin
Lmao this guy looks like summit 1G 😂😂
Adam Bayer
Adam Bayer 24 kun oldin
I feel like this series is the prequel to H3H3
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 24 kun oldin
Y u look like h3h3
bleedingred 24 kun oldin
The tattoo is deplorable. You are awkward and have no taste. And Nate. Oh, Nate. There's this thing called bedside manner, try it sometime. Your whole attitude sucks and your work shows it.
sneeking2345 25 kun oldin
Calum Cooper
Calum Cooper 25 kun oldin
Why does this look like h3h3 got a job for vice by stealing Philip Solo's ideas
Penelope Heller
Penelope Heller 25 kun oldin
Did he ask for a different tattoo after he was recorded?
Lauren Dolezal
Lauren Dolezal 26 kun oldin
Ahhhohnononono I hope y’all get that covered up
0 Elli 0
0 Elli 0 26 kun oldin
Wow my favorite part was where you completely stole this concept from Philip.
VIZON-ARY productions
Did this motha fucka really burn sage or am i tripping balls ?
Zero Fantas
Zero Fantas 26 kun oldin
Thats one shitty tattoo you got a black circle on your arm very noice
luke allen
luke allen 26 kun oldin
what'd they tell the guy about the camera crew?
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 26 kun oldin
Hey! Look at me fellow human i TOO smoke some of the "weed"!
Mula 26 kun oldin
Lmfaooo that shit was trash !
Declan Short
Declan Short 27 kun oldin
Why this guy look like a 22 year old Ethan Klein
JSuede101 27 kun oldin
A few things...... 1. Vice reporter should have not gotten a tattoo from this guy. 2. That tattoo he put on you was horrendous!!! 3. The tattooist was def nervous on camera and he claims that nobody cared about his problems. Nobody should care about your problems but you and your loved ones. If you were going thru so many issues than you had no business tattooing people. You should have closed shop until your mind was right. And now add this reporter to the list of botched tattoos!!!
G G 27 kun oldin
He reviewed the Guy not the tattoo
Nicholas Cruz
Nicholas Cruz 27 kun oldin
Wait, this isn’t the scoop guys
youweilun1993 27 kun oldin
don't make tattoo formal,tattoo just like eat or sleep.
youweilun1993 27 kun oldin
talk too much
youweilun1993 27 kun oldin
hhh nerd
ruhelmiah10 27 kun oldin
Brian Kotofsky
Brian Kotofsky 27 kun oldin
Nate, you fucking suck. those Bloody Fuckan shitbag prison tats on your arm, fuck outta Nate.
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Bradley 28 kun oldin
Vice news is a bunch of commie loving yellow journalistic sons of Hillary. When they are talking about politics and anything that is not for fun. So reality.
Jim Shields
Jim Shields 28 kun oldin
i cried. good luck to u nate
blob 28 kun oldin
He is so picky
The Makeup Game LLC
The Makeup Game LLC 28 kun oldin
Fat Kat has a 4.3 star review thoooooo.....
Frosty Cg
Frosty Cg 28 kun oldin
That is tattoo is so fucking ass🤣
Mars 29 kun oldin
Can’t even tell what it is but ok
Zee Bee
Zee Bee 29 kun oldin
Lol I get the dislikes. Tattoo looks like I was doodling and spilled my cup over. Bruh.
Santanna Guzman Sr.
Santanna Guzman Sr. 29 kun oldin
Your blue fire shirt is so cringy.
Cuddlehead 29 kun oldin
that tattoo was honestly not that bad, saw a lot worse.
Brandon Pasnick
Brandon Pasnick 29 kun oldin
Is he wearing that shirt as a joke?
Jason Cimponer
Jason Cimponer 29 kun oldin
Anyone else think he look like Ethan Klein in the thumbnail?
Benji beast 1998
Benji beast 1998 29 kun oldin
Well when you ask for a shit tattoo your gonna get a shitty looking tattoo plain and simple
Benji beast 1998
Benji beast 1998 29 kun oldin
Not the artists fault
used it
used it 29 kun oldin
his watch is kinda pissing me off too
used it
used it 29 kun oldin
his voice
used it
used it 29 kun oldin
and his face
used it
used it 29 kun oldin
this guys shirt pisses me off too
used it
used it 29 kun oldin
this guy pisses me off
Mac Bitch
Mac Bitch Oy oldin
Who skipped through all that bullshit to see the results?
Adele Dazeem
Adele Dazeem Oy oldin
Wtf? His tattoo was so shit lmao
Monopoly ✞♞Ϯ
lmao thought that mf was lighting a joint in the car at first
oGPoLa Oy oldin
Why is Summit1g getting a tattoo
BookBaba Oy oldin
young ethan?
RezMePlz Oy oldin
Vice stealing premise from PhilipSoloTV, doesnt surprise me though they are a fucken trash company.
Andrew Hassel
Andrew Hassel Oy oldin
Waits until guy has a needle in his skin to bring up bad reviews. SMAAAART
Andrew Hassel
Andrew Hassel Oy oldin
Sweet shirt
tim me
tim me Oy oldin
i havnt watched yet but watch in like 20 years when computerized tattoo's become a thing people are gonna get sick of perfect tattoo's and kinda messed up smeared looking ones are gonna be the style. if you want good service from someone dont talk about bad reviews while they work... i had people making crap up because they refused to return a key to a lock(free lock if they dont lose things) after renting...wouldnt even check to see if they still got it, just think there special.
Thomas Oy oldin
is that summit1g? 1Gs in the chat boys
h00ligan Oy oldin
Dude, that tattoo is shit. The guy doing the video is shit. This was not good. Disclaimer, I have shitty tattoos, so I'm versed in that. But the video was boring.
Banana Magna
Banana Magna Oy oldin
That tattoo was shit
It's your Grandma
Content thieves
Daanish bhatti
did Bear Grylls get off steroids or sum?
Holy shit. Genius, dismantling Yelp’s empire by pulling the curtain on the human element behind businesses.
2 0
2 0 Oy oldin
It looks like shit ngl
Pelle Auvi Raaen
His shirt is straight outta 1 star review even.
nobbyhob Oy oldin
id pay to just visit the place....awesome
Cheap Kiwis
Cheap Kiwis Oy oldin
that’s a pretty cool birds nest
Idk 969
Idk 969 Oy oldin
that guy getting the tatoo looks like ethan from h3h3
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie Oy oldin
I thought I seen somewhere that this wasn’t even a one star reviewed tattoo place. It was like 4 or something? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ness May
Ness May Oy oldin
apparently ,it has a 4.2 star review!?
RapidTv Gaming
I thought the guy on the thumbnail was H2H2
adrian ramirez
Is that Summit1G?
Poggys Oy oldin
ugly ass tat lol
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