I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.

It's Alex Clark
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Please don't hate me but I don't like fireworks.
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Kaylee The.Great
Kaylee The.Great Soat oldin
He doesn't like fireworks cause their boring when I get anxiety from them idk why
shrey sinha
shrey sinha 3 soat oldin
Bunny Tree
Bunny Tree 4 soat oldin
Omg what a coincidence because I live in Massachusetts 😂😂
Nala Frazier
Nala Frazier 7 soat oldin
Funny i watched Michelle khare doing voice overs for the first time and i was like let me watch this and she is really good at it.
*trash *
*trash * 9 soat oldin
im terrified of fireworks oof
Gaja Gureviciute
Gaja Gureviciute 12 soat oldin
The mk voice over was great
creepy pineapple
creepy pineapple 13 soat oldin
Did you even give credit to Michele?
Mimi Animated
Mimi Animated 3 soat oldin
creepy pineapple plus at the end he gave credit
Mimi Animated
Mimi Animated 3 soat oldin
creepy pineapple did you even look at the description?
Diana A
Diana A 23 soat oldin
The new kids shirt 😂 naruto
slendygirl 23222
I don't like fireworks either
slendygirl 23222
Cuz there loud and they include fire and I don't like fireworks
Brazen Brunette
Brazen Brunette Kun oldin
Ik who voice the other characters!
Catsss X
Catsss X Kun oldin
Who came here from Michelle’s channel I did ❤️💚💙🧡💜
Kammi & Lily
Kammi & Lily Kun oldin
Who’s from Michelle
Sackbot20 Kun oldin
I do not like fireworks. There too loud and they stop me from being lazy.
David Sneakers
David Sneakers 2 kun oldin
Anyone here from flamingo?
Shane Dawson And friends
Michelle yasss
avrysdrawings 2 kun oldin
I think fireworks are soooooooo boring lmao
Christine Oteri
Christine Oteri 2 kun oldin
I live in Massachusetts and every holiday neighbors would set off fireworks
Mr Epic
Mr Epic 2 kun oldin
Lol im in new hampsher right naw and live in maine
Raksu 07
Raksu 07 3 kun oldin
I dont like fireworks too
Fenekin07 4 kun oldin
im angry
The Quantum’s
The Quantum’s 4 kun oldin
i hate fireworks one im sleeping and they go off and two they are loud
Iloved the fact that Michelle played some voices!
Danielle Quinn
Danielle Quinn 4 kun oldin
Who came here to see michelle khare's voice?
Small.Potato123 45
Small.Potato123 45 4 kun oldin
Who else came from michelle khare's channel/video
Caffeinated 24 7
Caffeinated 24 7 5 kun oldin
New kid has a naruto shirt lol
beanie before
beanie before 5 kun oldin
I hate fire work
Andreas Akihiara
Andreas Akihiara 5 kun oldin
i don't like fireworks ever since the apartment community let kids play fireworks in the corridor or put fireworks till 4AM IN THE MORNING!!!! :( i failed my driver's practical on the 2nd day due to lack of sleep Q~Q and that is why i hate fireworks ever since
black unigalax_playz
I also hate fire works ;-;
Lucas Bratton
Lucas Bratton 5 kun oldin
I hate fire works to
Justin Schopp
Justin Schopp 6 kun oldin
same i hate fire works
Janell Stephenson
Janell Stephenson 6 kun oldin
I love fire works but my older sister hates them, she hates them because the super loud noises hurt her ears and give her mini panic attacks
Adina Gacha
Adina Gacha 7 kun oldin
Kinda sounds like hiccup! Omg!
P51 mustang pilot Thunderbolt
I hate fireworks too.
Kokoro 8 kun oldin
Her Therapist voice sounds like Ino or Kanahamaru from Naruto to me
Unordinary Dude
Unordinary Dude 8 kun oldin
The beginning had me laughing so hard!
Stand strong AG
Stand strong AG 8 kun oldin
Yeah we're super cool in NH 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Gary Esquivel
Gary Esquivel 9 kun oldin
DUDE Totally know you prolly won’t see this but I have been watching your stories for like 3 days it totally kills the time being in the field. Currently deployed and these stories bring back memories of my childhood and high school days. Thanks man
Sandy Le
Sandy Le 9 kun oldin
HAHAHA I came here from Michelle's voice over video
Charles Abaring
Charles Abaring 9 kun oldin
The new kid is wearing naruto t-shirt
Gaming With Eve_h2o
Gaming With Eve_h2o 10 kun oldin
I wanted to see how Michelle did in the video. 1:00
*-Aqua X-*
*-Aqua X-* 10 kun oldin
I dont like fire works either
Emma Hammer
Emma Hammer 10 kun oldin
One time when I was five, I was at a party with my mom around the Fourth of July. I was playing in the yard with my twin sister and some new friends and then these ground-fireworks started going off. Yeah. Fireworks that were on the ground... anyway, everyone started screaming and, we were just looking for fireflies so, you could imagine what was going through my underdeveloped mind and, that was nothing but catching fireflies. Long story short, everyone was fine and not hurt. Immediately after that, we went straight home because my mom was mad. So, yea I kinda also have an irrational fear of fireworks.
Жора АфонисьеВИЧ
Clark, Cent Clark
jake bro 7676 goochie
Same a firework almost hit me once
Alex S
Alex S 12 kun oldin
Hi Alex my name is Alex too
Pugz_ Xgaming
Pugz_ Xgaming 12 kun oldin
I saw the thumbnail and said "BOOOOOOOOOO", saw the tittle and said "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", then saw the creator and was like "Booo-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
Steam Down
Steam Down 12 kun oldin
It’s ok I don’t like fireworks to.
Random Fandoms
Random Fandoms 13 kun oldin
Me. I hate fireworks.
Gregory Aminov
Gregory Aminov 14 kun oldin
hey, i don't like fireworks because its loud for me so i can't be at a fireworks show until. Annnnnnnd i live in Massachusetts!
TT - WISTY 14 kun oldin
3:21 how are these not gifs!
El Morro Looez
El Morro Looez 15 kun oldin
Alex I also like fire works then I hated them😊😊😊😊😊
ellenor wiseman
ellenor wiseman 15 kun oldin
I don't like fireworks for 2 reasons 1: their toooo loud 2: they upset my dog
The1WhoAnimates 15 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too
Mightylard 15 kun oldin
I was at a firework show and a piece of it landed in my eye and it hurt very bad
saints no#9
saints no#9 16 kun oldin
Me no care
Tracy Alsup
Tracy Alsup 16 kun oldin
Ok I’m 1 minute in and your dad is taking you to a firework show and knowing your dad I am guessing he’s not bringing you to a real firework show because it cost money! Yup he didn’t take you
jhedaii mathurin
jhedaii mathurin 16 kun oldin
And i will make you watch fire works
jhedaii mathurin
jhedaii mathurin 16 kun oldin
I will find you
Hiltonimba _gaming
Hiltonimba _gaming 17 kun oldin
Yesss... I hate fireworks tooo😁 My new comrade Fireworks are just boring to watch😑 And also scares my young sister
soccer_ player
soccer_ player 17 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too .But, on New Years eve i decided to not get scared and have fun and blow firework with my stepsister and her cousins .Yea never again,I almost got hit ...3 TIMES by those big fireworks
Master of the Universe
I just notice if you spilt therapist into two words it becomes the rapist
Marcus Ortiz
Marcus Ortiz 18 kun oldin
I hate fireworks because I almost got hit in the balls by one
Nathaniel Christian Nemes
I hate fire works right now its like forever it is so boring to me well who would stare at a light that is glowing and your like standing for an hour if there is a birthday or a fireworks show
Eduardo Beato
Eduardo Beato 19 kun oldin
Ëw Hi
Eduardo Beato
Eduardo Beato 19 kun oldin
Eduardo Beato
Eduardo Beato 19 kun oldin
Hhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii12345556667789000 I'm mary
GalacticWolf 557
GalacticWolf 557 19 kun oldin
I agree I hate em! On new years I can't sleep😥😥😥😥😥
xoHIMExo 19 kun oldin
Jackson Boslem
Jackson Boslem 19 kun oldin
I’m not angry because I don’t like them either
Bia Mireles
Bia Mireles 19 kun oldin
I live in New Hampshire but I'm from Texas
Kate Suarez
Kate Suarez 20 kun oldin
1:15 is a boss baby poster
Jonathon North
Jonathon North 20 kun oldin
Did anybody recognize the Naruto reference on the grey shirt? To be honest I kept thinking it was the air or water symbol from ATLA, but that little pointer thing was throwing me off. But then it clicked! It's the symbol on Naruto's headband! Nice detail with that one!
Pandacorn *
Pandacorn * 20 kun oldin
I love fireworks..
Yeti Animations
Yeti Animations 20 kun oldin
I’m from NH yeah I’m super cool
Nightmare fredbear
Nightmare fredbear 21 kun oldin
It’s ok my dad hates fireworks
JR MCGRIFSTER 21 kun oldin
1:05 how the hell would a firework give you an unwanted hug?
CREEPYPASTAFAN 04 21 kun oldin
I hate fireworks as well :'>
iicxy_ bxby
iicxy_ bxby 22 kun oldin
Omg i live in NEW HAMPSHIRE OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG love uuu Alex!!!♡♡♡♡♡
BAAA Productions
BAAA Productions 22 kun oldin
I don’t like Fireworks earlier, but mines is more terror 🎇 🧨 😰😱
pastel wolf
pastel wolf 22 kun oldin
I don't like fireworks either
Fat Gamer
Fat Gamer 22 kun oldin
Did anyone else read therapist as the rapist
Vanessa C
Vanessa C 23 kun oldin
Oof I live in Massachusetts I live in a bad city tho
Wyatt Murphy
Wyatt Murphy 23 kun oldin
I don’t like fireworks either
I loved them but then I became scared of them.
Player Sapphire
Player Sapphire 23 kun oldin
Don't sorry, Harry styles (aka the most handsome and man to ever exist) also is TERRIFIED of them.😂😂
Dip Dop
Dip Dop 23 kun oldin
Alex doesn't like fireworks too? I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!
Shelly Shore
Shelly Shore 23 kun oldin
I thought you were scared of fireworks
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 24 kun oldin
What’s with the leaf village shirt did he like Naruto or something
Azzy Kitty
Azzy Kitty 24 kun oldin
95% of the comments is about Michelle Khare 5% of the comments are just casual comments
IKE GRIZZLY 24 kun oldin
I live in Massachusetts
Shyfting Omnypotence
lol I had the check the comments right after the therapist scene because I knew people were gonna be saying "who else came from Michelle's voice acting video?" Edit: Anyone notice the sign cameo at 2:00?
Yedzell Torres
Yedzell Torres 24 kun oldin
I hate fierworks 2 because ther loud😰😥😥😥😰😰OMG
Maiden Chynna
Maiden Chynna 24 kun oldin
Ya know, I use to like Fireworks. I use to like them a lot. But now they're just annoying. I don't even have PTSD or anything to make me afraid of the noises. But then my home state of Utah tweaked it's laws. Now instead of only being allowed to have fireworks a few days before and after 4th of July, 24th of July (utah day), and New years, it now shoots fireworks on what feels like every single day of July, and then just some random days out of no where for no reasons that I can find. And I just never feel up to going out and watching them, or have friends who wanna go... so now fireworks are just a pain. Which really is a shame cause they are pretty.
Alice Angel Studio
Alice Angel Studio 25 kun oldin
Alex Clark I'm scared of of fireworks so don't feel bad
Ricky Borden
Ricky Borden 25 kun oldin
naruto t shrt
Shubhdeep Gill
Shubhdeep Gill 25 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too. Loud and annoying
Pam Strasma/Sayko
Pam Strasma/Sayko 25 kun oldin
I hate them to
The Flash 2.0
The Flash 2.0 25 kun oldin
I hate fireworks 💥🤬
Relaxedri3n 5551
Relaxedri3n 5551 25 kun oldin
I don’t either! Their annoying and loud
Orangeismyname Yasss!
Yes, go New Hampshire!
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