I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.

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Please don't hate me but I don't like fireworks.
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 13 117
Nat suki
Nat suki 3 soat oldin
1:15 I’m getting bad vibes Ud only get this if u played or watched Doki Doki Literature Club I don’t like fireworks either
It’s Us
It’s Us 8 soat oldin
It’s ok you can like or hate what ever you want
Felicia Larsen
Felicia Larsen 10 soat oldin
There's nothing wrong about not liking fireworks. I don't like them, but not because they're not pretty or anything like that, I just think it's cruel towards animals... and people can get REALLY hurt.
DaUgly Potato
DaUgly Potato 11 soat oldin
I read Therapist The Rapist someone help me ;-;
Rose Unicorn
Rose Unicorn 21 soat oldin
I don't like fire works to because there rlllly loud
Conner Hoon
Conner Hoon 23 soat oldin
I don’t like fire works ether
Unicornlover 29
Unicornlover 29 Kun oldin
I live in Massachusetts a
pug king
pug king Kun oldin
Same your not alone
Tommo Does
Tommo Does Kun oldin
I hate firework too Only because my mom got shot by one She fine but that was scary :'b
It’s me Tina
It’s me Tina Kun oldin
Me too, I hate them because the sound scares me
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat Kun oldin
I Hate Fireworks A lot.
MissPinapple MSP
It’s fine I don’t care what p; you like and don’t like.
Jesus Ochoa
Jesus Ochoa 2 kun oldin
Fire works lost my 2 year old dog so f them
Team Sloth
Team Sloth 2 kun oldin
Me to because im sOoOoOoOoOoOo skrony that they shake me and its hurts Did i spell skrony right?
Senki207 2 kun oldin
Used to make fireworks... I was really good at it, still my passion. Sry, Alex...
Isela G
Isela G 2 kun oldin
2:01 😂
NetherThief 2 kun oldin
Dang you're growing fast, XD.
It’s BritBrat
It’s BritBrat 2 kun oldin
I don't like them
Claudia Urcid
Claudia Urcid 2 kun oldin
You should be Californian
Claudia Urcid
Claudia Urcid 2 kun oldin
I’m gonna push you off of the Empire State building
Nintendo Lover
Nintendo Lover 2 kun oldin
One time I shot a firework it landed on our gate and I accidentally sat on the gate and my bum was on fire
Nintendo Lover
Nintendo Lover 2 kun oldin
When I was a kid my dad always shot fireworks into the sky and I get scared because the little flares would always go on top of our house and I run in screaming to to our entire family saying the house was on fire and no one will believe me
Nintendo Lover
Nintendo Lover 2 kun oldin
This is sad because today was my birthday and I feel ostrich eyes because one of my friends has a birthday today we have the same time of birthday and no one came to mind they all went to his so I decided to go crying in the jumping castle
I Hate Fireworks toooooooooooooooooooooo
Agent 6
Agent 6 3 kun oldin
I don’t like fireworks either so we are alike alot
Kitkatkeaton 3 kun oldin
I live in New Hampshire
Aria the wolf
Aria the wolf 3 kun oldin
well at least your not scared of fireworks like my dog
The Caterpillar
The Caterpillar 3 kun oldin
I like toast
Camila Tee
Camila Tee 3 kun oldin
Me too
Katie BOWLER 3 kun oldin
I do not like firework😉
Donkey Kong Rules!!!!!
I agree
hector reyes
hector reyes 3 kun oldin
So a naruto fan eeh?!?!
Bea Badjar
Bea Badjar 3 kun oldin
But you never saw them up close!
Taylor Wow
Taylor Wow 3 kun oldin
Well I don’t know about anyone else but I hate them as well
Ceeday’s 4 kun oldin
I almost died eating toast
Amina Abdessemed
Amina Abdessemed 4 kun oldin
I hate fireworks because of the trauma it causes on animals.. Plus im not american so i don't care bout 4th of july but we have some silly events, here, in algeria where fireworks are used and they aren't even as pretty as yours... Its stupid i totally agree !! Btw i came for Michelle khare and sooo loved your content... You're fun !!
Marcia DeChiara
Marcia DeChiara 4 kun oldin
You posted shucer
Lolly Babbeldoos
Lolly Babbeldoos 4 kun oldin
I Got deaf due fireworks ._.
jeremiah foskuhl
jeremiah foskuhl 4 kun oldin
I don't like the eather
jeremiah foskuhl
jeremiah foskuhl 4 kun oldin
I don't blame you
GlobalArtSupplies 5 kun oldin
omg same i hate fireworks
Gamer_ Unikat
Gamer_ Unikat 5 kun oldin
I dont like loud noises...
XAngel HopeX
XAngel HopeX 5 kun oldin
The voice acting video. The only reason I'm here..
CannaClarawrr 5 kun oldin
Fireworks are fun when you're 5. After that? Unless I'm making or setting them off, I couldn't care any less about them.
Chess and Sol
Chess and Sol 6 kun oldin
How are fireworks illegal tho They're fully legal in my entire country and on Christmas even when I was an 11 year old I'd just go and buy some lol
My world 101
My world 101 6 kun oldin
I don’t like fireworks either I’m scared of fire works
Rowan Hill
Rowan Hill 6 kun oldin
i feel you man
Marshmallow Land!
Marshmallow Land! 6 kun oldin
I used to hate them
Chim Yoongi
Chim Yoongi 6 kun oldin
yooo this is awesome good job michelle lmao
Gg C
Gg C 6 kun oldin
I'm so distracted by this kids Naruto leaf village shirt
Samantha Montgomery
You should come to Texas, Fireworks are perfectly legal during the appropriate holiday seasons, provided there isn't a drought or you are outside city limits. :) xD
Mia Salazar
Mia Salazar 7 kun oldin
Alex I can feel u I don't like fireworks too
LisCat360 7 kun oldin
Same I'm scared of them for no reason and they are destroying our atmosphere :,c
Maddie_ Unicorn
Maddie_ Unicorn 7 kun oldin
“PLAY BALL! SPORTS WORDS!” Lol me as a coach
siyemply cringy
siyemply cringy 8 kun oldin
dose clark like boss baby(keep hangin on the sighn from baby boss)
MANIMO YEEE 9 kun oldin
uhhhh buzzfeed
Life as Leah
Life as Leah 9 kun oldin
Michelle!!!!! You did so goood and now I have a new channel to watch
PandaPersonGaming 10 kun oldin
Your dad and sister are the best characters
Daniels Riekstins
Daniels Riekstins 10 kun oldin
Alex: I don't like fireworks Me:...........KILL HIM AND HIDE THE BODY!?!?!?!?
Mø Nälayé
Mø Nälayé 10 kun oldin
I too am here for Michelle 😂🙇🏾‍♀️
luy92 10 kun oldin
I love them when you shoot them off yourself. This one time one of them didn't go off so went to move it out because I thought it was a dud right before I grabbed it the thing went off and now I have indent in my skin on my forehead where the projectile burn into
lemon 10 kun oldin
I hate fireworks so much. Maybe even with a _burning_ passion. No literally they cause too much pollution.
The Fnaf Crew8790
The Fnaf Crew8790 10 kun oldin
i love you
Tim Weller
Tim Weller 10 kun oldin
Don't be embaresed i don't like them either
Julie Lashley
Julie Lashley 11 kun oldin
I hate fireworks to
Dottie’s cool world Of derbieness
Same i sorta an outcast
Luke Mazza
Luke Mazza 11 kun oldin
I hate fi
Azerith YT
Azerith YT 11 kun oldin
Panic !
Panic ! 11 kun oldin
I hate them too, but for different reasons. I just don't like the idea of something loud being launched over my head then exploding and shooting Ash over my head as well.
Tweek Tweek
Tweek Tweek 11 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too
epic Adam
epic Adam 11 kun oldin
We have a guy in my town that sales them out of a truck illigally
Ross White
Ross White 11 kun oldin
We can’t buy fireworks and launch them legally so we never get them
Chris Fontanez
Chris Fontanez 11 kun oldin
Byeeeeeeee 😃
KittyKatFaith420 11 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too...
Xbox Gamer
Xbox Gamer 11 kun oldin
There good and bad because of the air
Wolfmyth100 12 kun oldin
Where in Massachusetts? I lived in Hanover for a few years....
Super Blox
Super Blox 12 kun oldin
I hate them too
Youtuber Maybe?
Youtuber Maybe? 12 kun oldin
I feel you. I’m just like you exact same story about the fireworks just exclude the football part and shooting the “fireworks”.
Ludvig Nilsson
Ludvig Nilsson 12 kun oldin
0:53 Me right now.
Patrick Rotert
Patrick Rotert 12 kun oldin
I don't like fireworks either because sometimes they hurt my eyes because they're too bright and they're way too noisy so they hurt my ears.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 12 kun oldin
Me 2
Kaitlyn Ted
Kaitlyn Ted 12 kun oldin
Same ,well the fireworks are cool and all for like firts 1-5 mins BUT IT KEEPS GOING ON AND IS SO LOUD LIKE BRUH i need to see tv
Izzy Bear
Izzy Bear 12 kun oldin
Who came from Michelle’s vid??
Zxcvbnm03!! 12 kun oldin
Go to the Philippines I am 11 and I was in the neighborhood its was amazing they were really big
Devan Robinson
Devan Robinson 12 kun oldin
Devan Robinson
Devan Robinson 12 kun oldin
I am the same way.
beasty&pekka gaming
beasty&pekka gaming 12 kun oldin
America used to be freeeeeeeee!!!!! 2:00
Harshini Prabhu
Harshini Prabhu 13 kun oldin
I hate fireworks too!!
Extreme Gamer 95
Extreme Gamer 95 13 kun oldin
I agree they are boring or not for the first 10 seconds after that I just want to go home I just want to go back to bed and play for night
darkfox pink
darkfox pink 13 kun oldin
im scared of fire works cuz i tried lighting one and hurt my neck really badly trying to escape fromt he fact that it completely blew up on me. this type of fire work aperently didnt take even half a second to start exploding on you. it was a floor fire work another one almost hit me right in the eye. i remember someone yelled and got my attention and i moved and watched as it flew
Firefox 3939
Firefox 3939 13 kun oldin
I live in New Hampshire and I feel so happy don’t know why I just do
Im2Fastbro 14 kun oldin
I'm from Massachusetts's
Pixxlle 15 kun oldin
I live in New Hampshire. Thanks for calling us super cool. :3
Gabby Putnil
Gabby Putnil 15 kun oldin
I don’t like them either
GAMING_CHIPMUNK101 15 kun oldin
Have you guys played tag with Roman candles
Alina Polat
Alina Polat 15 kun oldin
I hate fireworks. I am literally afraid of them
Shona Whitfield
Shona Whitfield 15 kun oldin
looks like someone doesn't like fireworks better get the firework gun
Sophie Huerta
Sophie Huerta 15 kun oldin
Don't saw sorry i forgive you buddy
-.- -.-
-.- -.- 15 kun oldin
Same tho hate em with all my heart
Evan TGM
Evan TGM 15 kun oldin
I don’t like fireworks because THEY’RE JUST SO DARN LOUD!!!!!!!!
First Kiss Story
2 yil oldin