I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.

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Please don't hate me but I don't like fireworks.
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Lucia Fiorini
Lucia Fiorini 21 daqiqa oldin
I don’t like the noice, it scares me. Im basically a dog.
little man
little man 42 daqiqa oldin
ya I have small fear of mortar fireworks if am within a 100 yard radius. because nearly every year one either gets stuck or go's only a few feet in the air then go's off and lots of fire gets close to me
ika cuplis
ika cuplis 52 daqiqa oldin
Mr. Joefran
Mr. Joefran Soat oldin
The day after 4th of July I bet my mom the season 5 fortnite battle pass
Alura loves SwapFell Papyrus
*understandable, have a great day*
Liberty Dragneel
Liberty Dragneel 2 soat oldin
I don’t like fire works either but it’s because they scare the crap out of me
Lucy Turnbull
Lucy Turnbull 3 soat oldin
i hate fireworks too (I'm scared of them)😂
Klutzy Ninja Kitty
Klutzy Ninja Kitty 4 soat oldin
I hate the loud ones. You know the kind, the ones that only make a loud and obnoxious boom with absolutely no visuals. For whatever reason, I'm much more sensitive to sound and I have to prepare myself in order to not have a heart attack. Though this last 4th of July my dad went kind of crazy and got a ton of fireworks. My mom and I pretty much noped out of the driveway and into our backyard when one of the mortars malfunctioned in the tube. It was still fun though. Also, does anyone else love those little bite sized poppers that you throw on the ground and it makes a nice, satisfying pop? I freaking love those.
DarthGama 4 soat oldin
I HATE THEM (i mean 33333333333% petrified of them)
princessoftheworld 05msp
You think thats bad...im scared of worms...
Gavin Neason
Gavin Neason 5 soat oldin
Me too shister
Leon Nisell
Leon Nisell 6 soat oldin
I don’t like fireworks because they are just colors and loud noises AND they last forever which is pretty boring
rickysroot beerhot dogsupreme
u should get confetti instead
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris 6 soat oldin
I live in New Hampshire and it is so boring
sparkling anime
sparkling anime 7 soat oldin
I hate fireworks to
Santiago Henao
Santiago Henao 7 soat oldin
Im from boston massachusetts
Cee Corowa
Cee Corowa 9 soat oldin
when I was little I your to hate fire works too but I'm used to them now
Xander_the _Savage
Xander_the _Savage 10 soat oldin
*I Hate Fireworks Too I Don't like them cuz there rewl Noisy ;_;*
Lucy Turnbull
Lucy Turnbull 3 soat oldin
Xander_the _Savage OMG SAME😂
NestroGamer 10 soat oldin
You can go to sweden you're allowed to have fireworks. :D
Onn Mohamad
Onn Mohamad 10 soat oldin
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 11 soat oldin
Tbh I hate them too, I'm actually afraid of fireworks. Mostly it's the loud noise fireworks make and the fact that if set up wrong all can go horribly wrong.
Marko Milosevic
Marko Milosevic 12 soat oldin
I hate too.....
Neil Errington
Neil Errington 12 soat oldin
Anna Mengle
Anna Mengle 12 soat oldin
I don’t like fireworks too
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 14 soat oldin
Dr. Finkleshitz
Dr. Finkleshitz 15 soat oldin
The Therapist is called dr fist and the word therapist looks like the rapist
Mr TNT 16 soat oldin
I agree
Kaysan A
Kaysan A 17 soat oldin
yeah there so anoying too
JONAH BERKHOUT 17 soat oldin
I nearly died shooting off fireworks too!
leonardo tejada
leonardo tejada 17 soat oldin
U can hate and like whatever you want is ur decision
Carl Carnes
Carl Carnes 18 soat oldin
I also hate fireworks
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 18 soat oldin
I don't like em ether
Luke Hawkins
Luke Hawkins 21 soat oldin
Alice In Salt Land
Alice In Salt Land 22 soat oldin
The sign said Khars, as in Michelle Khare, the voice actor of that character (plus the psychologist)!! Thissss!
Wild Savy
Wild Savy 22 soat oldin
I hate fireworks too
chemcynix 23 soat oldin
I hate them cause they don't let me sleep at night lmao
Ignacio Tinoco
Ignacio Tinoco Kun oldin
Cow Craft
Cow Craft Kun oldin
i dont think their boring, i hate the noise, also i dont like ANYTHING that has to do with fire outside. where i live its VERY dry all the time, but fireworks are a biggie where i am. so theres fires all around the state on the fourth of july. i dont like when my family all goes outside to do fireworks and carelessly lets one of the 5 year olds use a match to start the fuse. they dropped it once... i had put a bucket of water nearby beforehand, JUST IN CASE, and that saved everyone k hold off on the applause XD also i HATE LOUD NOISES. im not one to yell at someone if they make a loud noise... i dont really yell at anyone. i like quiet. am i weird for not liking fireworks that much(or at all? XD)?not to mention the bugs and sweat when you're outside at dusk lighting fires every which way in the middle of the summer. fireworks. are. the. worst. XD
The Furry Gamer 2016
I don't like the loud noise that they make. But I find they're interesting.
SavageDoggy Unknown
Oml I actually hate fireworks cause they are loud , boring , and annoying, Right now I’m 11 and I never played with firework sense I was 6 lol.
Mrbonnie's 2nd Channel
You don't have to say sorry a lot of people hate fireworks
anirudh s
anirudh s Kun oldin
Me to dude
Vietnam The Ball
i also hate firework
Michelle Nugara
Michelle Nugara Kun oldin
I hate fireworks too
musical cup
musical cup Kun oldin
I do not like fireworks either. Once when i went to see them a chunk of a firework fell in my eye, IT BURNED SOOO BAD @-@
AnEmptyUniverse Kun oldin
I feel like people are lying when they say they hate them too just to agree with other people.
I prefer bombs and AKs myself.
Karsynn nicole
Karsynn nicole Kun oldin
I don’t like fire works either😂
-_egg_- -_roll_-
Nightcore _123
Nightcore _123 Kun oldin
Haha I have 3 boards of 64 mortor tubes that I shoot of all at once it's awesome and it's ok if you don't like fireworks
Addison Klein
Addison Klein Kun oldin
The Odd 1s out is better! You voice sounds like kermet the frog!
kitty panda
kitty panda Kun oldin
ur not alone
Socks Kun oldin
he has a point for saying Oh its cool the first 10 seconds. and then it sucks from then on
Jake Underwood
Jake Underwood Kun oldin
*errrgh I hate ostriches* I went to the zoo once and one bit at my finger.
Bruh im same too
Parker Allen
Parker Allen Kun oldin
😢My brith day is on 4 of July so firer works is haw we selobrate
DJ FireIce
DJ FireIce Kun oldin
I'm so glad someone has a fear of fireworks like I do
Presswolf_draws 28
A hidden leaf shirt!
mason heywood
mason heywood Kun oldin
I hate fireworks also I'm not the only one!!!
Carleyloveful Kun oldin
xXsofia foxbloodXx
i also hate em
Mrs.Bea from Jewish redneck prepper
You're the only one who hates fireworks I hate them too
Yeah, sure
Yeah, sure Kun oldin
I dont like them because they are too loud... And in my country anyone older than 18 can purchase them and use them anywhere they want... So...
_Random ness_
_Random ness_ Kun oldin
*I tryed to avoided going to the beach on fourth of July because I dident Want to see fireworks* *I don't like fireworks either*
Blue V Red
Blue V Red Kun oldin
I also hate fireworks
Kianna Lewis
Kianna Lewis Kun oldin
I hate fireworks too🙄 4th of July sucks😒
cockatoo asmr
cockatoo asmr Kun oldin
hate them too...
Animal Spirit
Animal Spirit Kun oldin
Hey, you Know you Can do Fireworks your own in Germany btw: (and the highway doesn't have Speedlimends)
SGEGrayson Kun oldin
wow i still like u alex
Artsy Artist
Artsy Artist Kun oldin
Me too... *they scare me because there loud*
Waddle's gaming and more
I hate fireworks as well
Sonomabeast Kun oldin
I remember when the used fireworks caught fire that was interesting to watch as he tried to stop on the flames
The Unicorn Goes Meow
I literally hate fireworks too
rain Art
rain Art Kun oldin
At least you can watch them without risking a change of having a seizure and during Fourth of July I got a terrible headache from just watching them for a minute.
Safe Benjamin
Safe Benjamin Kun oldin
I completely understand because they are so BORING
omar abuhasan 68234512
Alex is right its boring to watch fireworks
Lina Valute
Lina Valute 2 kun oldin
well i maybe like fireworks but ther SOO LOUD
Sexy Boi
Sexy Boi 2 kun oldin
U right
tocool doggo
tocool doggo 2 kun oldin
Your not the only one brother...
Pippa Barrass
Pippa Barrass 2 kun oldin
Ummm I hate fire works as well alex
over flow
over flow 2 kun oldin
troll master21
troll master21 2 kun oldin
I have asthma so every time we light of fire work's I almost have a asthma attack .
beamerball666 2 kun oldin
I hate fire works too I get as a country but it's way too over the top
StarCandy LightingRod
Alex:I Dont Like Fireworks Me:*Grabs Sword* My Twin:Put It Down Me:But- My Twin:No Buts Me:*Puts Sword Down*
Lukenite 2 kun oldin
I hate them too. I agree with all of this.
crazybird 2 kun oldin
I stare at my screen saver for hours
Mr Azrielic
Mr Azrielic 2 kun oldin
Iam scared/hate fireworks too
JustLiamPlayz 2 kun oldin
DRAGON SLAYER 2 kun oldin
I stare at my wallpaper for days on end
Amir Jackson
Amir Jackson 2 kun oldin
You should watch Fairytale
Mark Connor
Mark Connor 2 kun oldin
I dislike fireworks since in my city the smoke blinds people
Piano Player
Piano Player 2 kun oldin
And I thought I was the only one.(Mainly cuz they were loud for why I hate ‘em)
Mint But
Mint But 2 kun oldin
I don’t like fireworks ever
Nathan Nelson
Nathan Nelson 2 kun oldin
I got hit by a firework in back it hurt like a mother f........to be continued
Cameron Dunham
Cameron Dunham 2 kun oldin
Dude! Do you EVERY finish your stories? And by stories I only mean the babysitter story...
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 2 kun oldin
Ninja Artiest
Ninja Artiest 2 kun oldin
I live in Brockton
merea bell
merea bell 2 kun oldin
Come to Louisiana I can buy fireworks and I'm 15 we even shoot bottle rocked at each Other as a game
Hamburger Vulture
Hamburger Vulture 2 kun oldin
I don’t really like fire works either, granted one time they attempted to give me and my relatives an unwanted SPOOK when it tipped over and nearly hit all of us. By the way, it was one of those fire works that shoot off one every few seconds.
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