I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me

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This is Jo. Actually, her name is Josephine, but you wouldn’t be able to imagine a person less suitable to be called Josephine. She’s a tomboy, and she’s proud of it. However, life as a tomboy is not as amusing as you might imagine. She’s faced a lot of problems, and she wants to tell you about them.
Jo had trouble communicating with other girls right from her early childhood. She remembers one time when a large group of children had gathered in one place for a party or something, and her mom gently pushed her towards the other girls and said, “go play with the dolls, make friends with someone!” She diligently started moving dolls here and there and listening to boring talk about girly problems, but all the while she kept looking at the boys, who were playing something thrilling, laughing and doing their boyish stuff. She was so envious that at some point she just silently stood up and joined them. That was the moment when the fun started for her.
Things didn’t improve as the years went by. Jo was always attracted to the world of boys, and all of her friends were boys as well. She felt at ease when she talked to them, and felt that she understood their problems and their way of thinking better. Whereas when she was around girls, she was totally clueless. Their problems were hard for her to follow, especially when they complained about boys.
Jo had to adapt her looks to her lifestyle as well. When she went out with her friends, they always did something active, like skateboarding or exploring abandoned buildings or climbing trees. For these kinds of things, you need to dress in a practical way. She found out that jeans and hoodies are much more comfortable in this respect than typical girls’ clothes, which she had always hated in any case. And that is how she has dressed her whole life. For Jo, it was always a tragedy when they made some formal visit and she needed to dress “properly”, as people would call it. A cute dress, shiny shoes, a neat hairdo… ugh. As you can probably imagine, phrases like “wear skirts, be more feminine, you’re a girl” were the things she kept hearing time and again, until at one point her parents just gave up.
It wasn’t that Jo felt she was ugly or anything, and that being a tomboy was her way of gaining confidence. She actually thinks she’s quite cute, and when she’s forced to be a girly girl she looks no worse than her peers. For her, being a tomboy is a lifestyle, and she’s happy with that. The problem was that some time ago, she’d noticed that her friends had started dating.
One of the things that people were often mistaken about was the belief that because Jo was a tomboy, she must be gay. But she’s actually attracted to boys, not girls. Ironically, she actually gets a lot of backtalking from girls who say that she’s just trying to get attention from all the boys around her. She’s never taken this seriously, because she’s never had THAT kind of attention from the boys. Which is actually the core of her problem.
Yes, she’s seeking her first romance. She has lots of boys around her. So what’s the problem, you might ask. The problem is that they don’t really see her as a girl! They know she’s a girl, of course, but they don’t want to date her, because who would date a bro? Once, there was a boy she liked, and she thought it would be wise to approach him and ask if he wanted to go out with her. And guess what - he just laughed at her! He wasn’t mean or anything, it was more something like “Sorry bro, I don’t see you as a GIRL”. Seeing the look on her face, he corrected himself: “I mean, THAT kind of a girl”. Oh thanks, now that’s much better!
This was the first time when being a tomboy had a negative effect on her life. She even tried to put on make up and a dress, but felt really weird and the boys just looked at her strange as well. She gave up and lost hope. It seemed like it was a price that she had to pay to keep the comfortable and amusing life of a tomboy. She became a bit melancholic looking at all those happy couples, and felt that something was missing from her life for the first time.
One day she was invited out to go skateboarding, but she wasn’t in the mood so she just sat there, watching her friends and thinking her sad thoughts. One of her oldest friends soon came over to sit with her and asked why she was so sad. She didn’t want to lie, so she explained everything as it really was - that no one wanted to date her because no one considered her a potential girlfriend. “Don’t cry”, he said, “I’ll go on a date with you!” She refused out self-respect. “I don’t need charity”, she said. Suddenly, he became very serious and said that he really wanted to. And so she accepted. Accidentally, she had made the same mistake all her friends had made with her - she hadn’t considered his feelings, because you don’t go on dates with buddies. Well, she was mistaken.
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shadow sniper
shadow sniper 8 kun oldin
Im have never hear a story so much like my story
Mounib Abbas
Mounib Abbas 17 kun oldin
Wait wtf is this?
Randomness Gamer
Randomness Gamer 26 kun oldin
These titles keep cracking me up
Venom The Monsterful SOUL
Joe everyone loves you for who you are. You sound somewhat like me. I like singing and drawing but guys AND girls kept judging me for liking stuff like that dont ever back down your that bright spirit that never stops shining. God loves you too! If you wanna buddy buddy with me check my channel out joe! I want to fix the corrupted and you can join my clan! Actually happened pls show joe this pls pls pls!!!
Anna Mcmillan
Anna Mcmillan Oy oldin
im also a tomboy too so your not the only one.
Oliver Delica
Oliver Delica 36 daqiqa oldin
You're a tomboy and your name is Jo? Sounds like tomboy Josephine "Jo" March from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women
SuperMarioToast 64
SuperMarioToast 64 6 soat oldin
So you're transgender I don't get it now WTF?? (°>°)
lucy and james and ben play roblox
I'm a human being and no one wants to date me
chicken is rosting
chicken is rosting 13 soat oldin
0:59 I can ReLaTe
XXShadowCatXX Lee
XXShadowCatXX Lee 18 soat oldin
I’m a TomCat!
Cristalina E Seus Amigos!
I am a tomboy too!
MonkeyBoy 21 soat oldin
A tomboy named Jo. Reminds me of The Facts of Life.
Sienna Beckwith
Sienna Beckwith 21 soat oldin
Most of my friends are boys because the girls in my school are REALLY b****y and mean. I usually wear clothes that girls and boys can wear, cause they are way more comfortable. I do have a boyfriend tho and he respects that I am partly tomboy (I guess) and that I talk to other boys, he isn’t controlling either!!
Fabiola Pagan
Fabiola Pagan Kun oldin
iam also a tomboy but my parents force me to be a girly girl and iam to thick so soo many boys look at me
Mira May
Mira May Kun oldin
I'm a girl but I'm neither girly or tomboy. I can go out with caps, jeans and t-shirts and also can wear make up, heals and those girly things. I can talk about sports and those things boys like and I can talk about gossips with my friend. Idk if it's weird or sth but I've never saw anyone like myself
Joaquim Silva
Joaquim Silva Kun oldin
Hello im a tomboy but i still dress like a girl for some reason i just like playing with the boys but i have girl friends too
Valerya Mann
Valerya Mann Kun oldin
Just date chips chips never reject you
Paul S
Paul S Kun oldin
Amy McGrath was a Tomboy, she became the first female marine fighter pilot to see combat. Remember that.
Winchester INC.
Winchester INC. Kun oldin
I’m a tomboy to
Ellie Kun oldin
Yeah no she's gay
jorden cleere
jorden cleere Kun oldin
this is how i feel
Carla Cooper
Carla Cooper Kun oldin
I'm a tomboy too and nobody knew wat a TOMBOY is@@
The Jokerz
The Jokerz Kun oldin
Same people in my school thought that was another term for transgender
Rajdini Kun oldin
I cried at the end UGGGHHHH
Nancy Yassin
Nancy Yassin Kun oldin
I relate it’s so annoying when you talk to boys and the girls think ur betraying them
Am Amanda
Am Amanda Kun oldin
I'm both Sometimes I'm a girly girl N Sometimes I'm a tomboy😘
U U 2 kun oldin
I am a tomboy
AlinaPlayz_Chan 2 kun oldin
Im both a girly girl and a tomboy cuz i love skirts and dresses but also wanna fell comfortable 😊 *likes her own comment* ;~;
Scrubz Dude
Scrubz Dude 2 kun oldin
poppy purnell
poppy purnell 2 kun oldin
her hair style is like mine
Belle Evans
Belle Evans 2 kun oldin
I'm tomboy and Gothic
J 2 kun oldin
Reality is once they break up it’s going to be even harder for her🤔
Riana Phillips
Riana Phillips 2 kun oldin
I know what you feel like I'm a tomboy as well for a long time my mom wanted me to wear dresses and then she stopped caring about me wearing dresses or me getting up all pretty and I like being a tomboy little so I know what you feel like so yeah
Dick Humper
Dick Humper 2 kun oldin
Tomboys have been very attractive to me, but every single one of them I've date was either bisexual or straight out lesbians. Even those who identified as bisexual were feminists primarily attracted to other women but would foray into the world of male dating for money, transportation, a beard, etc. Once you red pill out of this nonsense, it becomes much healthier to just work on yourself as a man who cares about himself, and then let women who are genuinely interested in you come to you. Of course, I'm still holding out for straight enough tomboy to be that person, but time will tell.
Josephene Reyes
Josephene Reyes 2 kun oldin
l'm 8
Josephene Reyes
Josephene Reyes 2 kun oldin
My name is Josephine too
KKfoxzKK Studios
KKfoxzKK Studios 2 kun oldin
Imma tomboy and I’m bi but I have a boyfriend and I love him 😍 very much, but I still think a lot about if a girl likes me, will I like them back? I mean I currently have a crush on my very good friend Tori but she had to move! But every time I’m with her I start flirting and she does it back, and she is also bi and we both know that we like each other but she moved so what’s the point, also I have a boyfriend that loves me and I love him! What the fuuucc am I supposed to do?
Camila B
Camila B 2 kun oldin
People don’t have to like u
NachoDoesStuff 2 kun oldin
Kamilla Bauter
Kamilla Bauter 2 kun oldin
I can realate but boys I don’t like like me and I have mostly guy friends they are really nice to me
hannah e
hannah e 2 kun oldin
I'm the same as you apart from that I am actually gay and everyone hates me because of it
makaila Stevenson
makaila Stevenson 2 kun oldin
I'm a Tom boy too
Cruz Castonguay
Cruz Castonguay 2 kun oldin
See I have a couple girl friends well a girl as a friend and their awesome so if your a girl and act like a Tom boy you go keep doing what your doing
White Gold Gacha
White Gold Gacha 2 kun oldin
I like girls.. 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 And I accepted this. My mom also accepted that. I'm happy. PS. Super film.🥆
Areeba Khan
Areeba Khan 3 kun oldin
that's just like my story
Ms. Saturday Knight
" I'm not like other girls " Just kidding. Nice video.
ananya shrestha
ananya shrestha 3 kun oldin
i am also tomboy
potato gacha
potato gacha 3 kun oldin
Ima tomboy toooo :3
Mert Ertan
Mert Ertan 3 kun oldin
Türkçe ye erkek Fatma dire çevirmek... ne bilim
NT786 3 kun oldin
I am an Alien and Im Proud of It
cas bae
cas bae 3 kun oldin
i'm a girl and i really respect LGBT, but then my boybestfriends tells me are you a boy? your good to it but i said i'm bi only, but i respect LGBT☺
Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese 3 kun oldin
I'm a tomboy too
belinda escobedo
belinda escobedo 3 kun oldin
guys like me because I'm a tomboy and you have it easy for your parents mine will never give up (the pictures not me its my moms lol)
Tori TGM
Tori TGM 3 kun oldin
I’m a tomboy too
AceReactor 3 kun oldin
This is bad
RhyanTFG 3 kun oldin
It’s u so just be u
Atiya Percival
Atiya Percival 3 kun oldin
I am both I like doing boys things and dressing like girls and I am into boyz
Annoying dog
Annoying dog 3 kun oldin
Bahman Awarhman
Bahman Awarhman 4 kun oldin
I’m a tomboy too but I’m still 9 years and 7 months so yeah p
Sabrina Slime
Sabrina Slime 4 kun oldin
i meant me and Josephine
Sabrina Slime
Sabrina Slime 4 kun oldin
i am a tomboy as well and i think we have the same experience
Anisa Bananas
Anisa Bananas 4 kun oldin
thats pretty much my story, but i don't look for bf's, boys show intressed in me
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*I'm 50% girly and 50% tomboy*
Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez 4 kun oldin
I am a tomboy and trans and bisexual and I got bullied
Aliyah O'Rourke
Aliyah O'Rourke 4 kun oldin
I hate being a tomboy
Sue Otness
Sue Otness 4 kun oldin
I am Brooke and I am a tomboy.
ITS_ CHEZKIE 4 kun oldin
Lea lourdes colima
Fierygreat Player
Fierygreat Player 4 kun oldin
What’s a tomboy
Ai Ba
Ai Ba 4 kun oldin
Geneva • Australia VIP
On the thumb nail I thought she was a boy lol!!! (I'm girly)
Faith_ panda1
Faith_ panda1 4 kun oldin
my cousins friend shannon and she went to my dads bday and dressed in a blue button up shirt and jeans and always plays football she does have girl friends but she has boy ones to and in one of her friends
Toy Stitch Mario
Toy Stitch Mario 4 kun oldin
Not a fan of skirts and dresses, hate makeup, won’t wear jewelry, plays kinda boyish sports. I guess I’m a little bit of a tomboy too.
Nikki Bijl
Nikki Bijl 4 kun oldin
omg I can relate to this so much
Kate da Girl
Kate da Girl 4 kun oldin
i’m attracted to her voice lmfao
Tonya Disabatino
Tonya Disabatino 4 kun oldin
Jk I'm not a tomboy I am a boy my mom used her stuff to set up my phone its why it say her name and not mine
Tonya Disabatino
Tonya Disabatino 4 kun oldin
I'm a tomboy and no my name is not dis its my mom name my name is jack dats what I go by
Yusya Abdurrazaq
Yusya Abdurrazaq 4 kun oldin
im a Boy and i Cry alot. Wow Such a Baby i am aye?
jesse gaming pro
jesse gaming pro 5 kun oldin
She so cute in a dress but i don't like her be a tomboy but i tomboy not her
Novi Diana
Novi Diana 5 kun oldin
Love can change you trust me. I once had a tomboy sister, she never has a long hair. She love yo dress up like boys and keep her hair short. But once she fell in love she started to change. She dress herself and act more girly. She is even prettier than me now with makeup always put on her face.
Raquel Patrón
Raquel Patrón 5 kun oldin
i'm neither a tomboy nor a girly girl yet nobody likes me
vest buddies4ever
vest buddies4ever 5 kun oldin
Omg so relatable! My friends (the ones that are girls) always complain about the girls flirting with them, but they never flirt with me because I act too boyish and they just see me as a friend.
Mila Conley
Mila Conley 5 kun oldin
im a tomboy, and most of my clothes are boy clothes, and all of my freinds are mostly boys.
Zy Tyao05
Zy Tyao05 5 kun oldin
your a tomboy but did not like girls?
Quinn Of Cards
Quinn Of Cards 6 kun oldin
I'm also a tomboy
penny thomas
penny thomas 6 kun oldin
go tomboys i am a tomboy too love it
Abby Lira
Abby Lira 6 kun oldin
I'm boy bye birth but I'm trans and I'm a girly girl
CuteSara200 6 kun oldin
i am a tomboy and my sisters say "oh this dress is good for you" or "you should put some make up" and when i told them i hate doing this they did't stop and when i was 7 grade they stop thankfully and no one love me because i am a tomboy and you know what life is good it's okay maybe one day someone tell me that he likes me i don't now maybe i wish
Alvin and The Chipmunks A,S,T
My friend is Tomboy and she is lesbian😟😟
Miguel Noble
Miguel Noble 6 kun oldin
Tomboy? What The First Time Ko Makakita Ng Filipino Word Sa Channel Na To
Wolfy Chan
Wolfy Chan 6 kun oldin
*me too :)*
Maya kemp
Maya kemp 6 kun oldin
I'm a tomboy but some how some 1 I knew for like 2years liked me so now we r official bf and gf
power puff girls 2010
I am a Tomboy
sweet sugar
sweet sugar 6 kun oldin
I’m not a tomboy or a girly girl 🤣 I’m kind of both
sahar Nikzad
sahar Nikzad 6 kun oldin
I am both and life ia great and i will always be single as a pringle
Lila Rech
Lila Rech 6 kun oldin
I can relate
귀여운김 석
귀여운김 석 6 kun oldin
I'm also a tomboy
Señor Milk
Señor Milk 6 kun oldin
Ewww a Tomboy KILL IT
Xzadria Woolsey
Xzadria Woolsey 6 kun oldin
Im a tomboy and most of my friends r boys i only have 2 freinds that r girls
Kayla's HAMSTERS 6 kun oldin
I get you so am I, I get you
belen gamer731
belen gamer731 6 kun oldin
I rlly don't have someone that i like bc idk
EnderSilva Gamer
EnderSilva Gamer 6 kun oldin
It is hard when you are pushed to gender roles and stereotyped.
exotic leif
exotic leif 6 kun oldin
Arianna Reynolds
Arianna Reynolds 6 kun oldin
I am a tomboy and i am lesbian but that doesn't mean i can't be a girly girl. (I rarely let out my girly girl side and yes. All you tomboys in the audience (comment section) have a girly girl side. You may rarely let it out but you still have it and when the time is right, EMBRACE IT!! I'm going to have to embrace it on friday as i have prom... Help)
Jamie Price
Jamie Price 6 kun oldin
i feel ya!
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