I'm Getting a Tattoo Designed by YOU When We Hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS..

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93% 54 955 4 027

Submit your designs on either Twitter or Instagram using #DanTDM20MilTattoo
AND SUBSCRIBE SO WE CAN HIT 20 MIL :: bit.ly/TxtGm8 !!!!!!



4-Avg, 2018

dantdmtattoodantdm tattootattoo dantdm20 million20 million subscribersthediamondminecartminecartno swearingno cursingdr trayaurustdmthe diamond minecarttrayaurusgrimapp



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Fikrlar 25 668
Isabella Celani
Isabella Celani 2 soat oldin
Did you say Dan or....
Marika Black
Marika Black 2 soat oldin
do i dimand but in thr middle it could say 20 mil
Eileen Gilheaney
Eileen Gilheaney 4 soat oldin
Eileen Gilheaney
Eileen Gilheaney 4 soat oldin
JonahBPlazz YT
JonahBPlazz YT 8 soat oldin
1,981,055 Subs That’s Amazing
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks 8 soat oldin
*Your so close to 20million subs*
FANTDM dimondpumpkin
😢😢😢😢I DONT HAVE ANY SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jacksepticgod 1
Jacksepticgod 1 10 soat oldin
How about a huge evil chicken 🐓
jayham manalinding
jayham manalinding 11 soat oldin
#20 mil
Mios Martin
Mios Martin 11 soat oldin
Did you notice on the ad it said 20+Million what a coincidence
John Brooks
John Brooks 12 soat oldin
Dan needs 20 Mil _________________
Ciara Hamilton
Ciara Hamilton 12 soat oldin
You should get a tattoo of you,traurus,grim,Peggy, Darcie,Ellie and jemma should be holding up a 20 million sign.Peggy should be holding it up from top as a angel dog
Nick Botta
Nick Botta 13 soat oldin
I'll make it happen
John Jay Bautista
John Jay Bautista 13 soat oldin
Dan can i please get a Shout out plss
Gordana Stojanova
Gordana Stojanova 15 soat oldin
you did
Lilith Apple
Lilith Apple 15 soat oldin
i would give you a design but i dont have a phone so instagram does not let me post my design
MFlint 2007
MFlint 2007 20 soat oldin
We’re almost there
Nightmare Gamer7
Nightmare Gamer7 20 soat oldin
DAN! have a dragon breathing fire and in the fire says "20 MIL!" Edit : Make the dragon have a diamond crown with a minecart at the top
Jeyson Jose
Jeyson Jose 23 soat oldin
im following u on twitter
Lillian Mullen
Lillian Mullen 23 soat oldin
Let's not wake my brother
Lillian Mullen
Lillian Mullen 23 soat oldin
So we don't get any thing
Kati Caldwell
Kati Caldwell Kun oldin
# fortnite!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Hutchinson
Sara Hutchinson Kun oldin
27,000 sub's to go now Dan !?
Chloé Gacha Pup
Landon Carapezza
I’m just going to say what I want you to do so you should do your face and on your forehead write 20 mil on your back!!!
Menatra Kun oldin
Don't deserve it u created a Literal Group That is just cyber bullying
Ari Kun oldin
You're so close!! ~lol I have 0 subs xD~
Kerry johnston
Kerry johnston Kun oldin
Somebody subscribe so dan can have 20 million
Yasmin Yaish
Yasmin Yaish Kun oldin
20 mil!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I barely have 70 subs :0
Pink fluffy unicorn licking cupcake Meh
I wish I had insta or Twitter:( I am not allowed to have it (I’m a artist)
SophieSealg yayayay
I don't have twitter or instagram :(
K Gamer
K Gamer 2 kun oldin
Let us vote on the top 5! Please!
Honey bunny
Honey bunny 2 kun oldin
I wish I could draw more than ever right now
PartyUnicorn Disco
PartyUnicorn Disco 2 kun oldin
Who's watching after 20 m
PartyUnicorn Disco
PartyUnicorn Disco 2 kun oldin
Next stop ruby play button
Kandy Kat
Kandy Kat 2 kun oldin
Can we post it hear on UZvid?
Kandy Kat
Kandy Kat 2 kun oldin
Can we post it hear please
Evan The epic
Evan The epic 2 kun oldin
Have the tatto say 20 million baby!
Kacper 2 kun oldin
I hope you get 20 mil subs
Kacper 2 kun oldin
I subscribed
xboxslayer885 2 kun oldin
Im just saying I T S G O I N G T O B E A D I C K -_-
matt master gaming and vlogs
😫 I don't have instagrammmm
Isla star
Isla star 2 kun oldin
Who's here 19,961,182??
The Animated Gamer
The Animated Gamer 2 kun oldin
*when* well I'm not saying you won't get it but that is kinda bragging I'm not a hater im just saying.
Rose Olsen001
Rose Olsen001 2 kun oldin
It’s raining tacos from out of the sky tacos don’t ask me why just open your mouth and close your eyes it’s raining tacos!
Rose Olsen001
Rose Olsen001 2 kun oldin
Rose Olsen001
Rose Olsen001 2 kun oldin
Please make it a taco please
Brea Smith
Brea Smith 2 kun oldin
Who else is entering? I am.
Tuls Lopez
Tuls Lopez 2 kun oldin
I saw you posted this on Twitter
The Tynys
The Tynys 2 kun oldin
we have cake dan! a big one...we made it.
The Tynys
The Tynys 2 kun oldin
​guys i have a house party live on my channel celebrating dan. you are the best!! can u give us a shoutout or something??
Hanna Ruth Draculan
Dan why do you dab twice on camera.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts in my heart!!!!!!!!
Hanna Ruth Draculan
Dan can I join the dab police
Xx stew Pid xX
Xx stew Pid xX 2 kun oldin
I can’t do this it’s not fair
Xx stew Pid xX
Xx stew Pid xX 2 kun oldin
Wait 1,000 subs away mwahahahaha
Ad Gamer
Ad Gamer 2 kun oldin
I am almost going to get 3k
Chris Ford
Chris Ford 2 kun oldin
I cant use the # but every day I look 4 your channel and see if u hit 20mill subs and I can't wait 4that day to come! Love Jack (not chris)🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
the golden doge
the golden doge 2 kun oldin
Logan Parsons
Logan Parsons 2 kun oldin
Pug life
Blue oreo
Blue oreo 2 kun oldin
wow tattoo thats gonna stay for every wow
Yeshu Abebe
Yeshu Abebe 2 kun oldin
Dan plans get a new tattoo for 20 million subs when he already has sooooooooo much tats!? Why is that...... we will never know..... Unless he tells us. But seriously, WHY?!?!?!
Dragon Lover
Dragon Lover 3 kun oldin
i dont have twitter or instagram......
Gracie Collins
Gracie Collins 3 kun oldin
# 20 mil
Karate kid Gaming and fun
「JungShookk」 3 kun oldin
I have an idea... I just can't draw it. 💀
PrettyDaleThings Fan
Omg, last time I watched his video he was at 10M and now 20M, and he had a different filming background! WE ARE SO PROUD DAN!!🎉🎊
TigerClaw3x60 Playz
50,000 More Subscribers!
TigerClaw3x60 Playz
Trevor Mureithi
Trevor Mureithi 3 kun oldin
I hope you reach 20 mil subs Dan
gacha gamers
gacha gamers 3 kun oldin
I have a question for you,is biju Mike your brother because Mike said you are?
Roman Smith
Roman Smith 3 kun oldin
Go to Twitter
ben zelmer
ben zelmer 3 kun oldin
Carmen On the go
Carmen On the go 3 kun oldin
Designing now
dang it haeley is here
Click bait...? Really Dan?
Tee Force
Tee Force 3 kun oldin
hi read more
Sinky 13
Sinky 13 3 kun oldin
Thanks to you . I have been a bit more in to your chanel
Lujayn Hesham
Lujayn Hesham 3 kun oldin
Play more fortnite
The tattoo that you should have is BEST UZvidR
Thomas Hoey
Thomas Hoey 3 kun oldin
Get. A tattoo saying my dumb dead dog
Megan Play4
Megan Play4 3 kun oldin
Thomas Hoey that's a great tattoo idea😂
Jacksattack 12456
Jacksattack 12456 3 kun oldin
Thomas Hoey that is a great ratio Idea bro😂
Gaige Bug
Gaige Bug 3 kun oldin
Who else was here when his username was dan the diamond mine cart?
Dantdmforlife 789
Dantdmforlife 789 3 kun oldin
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 3 kun oldin
I can’t do it because I don’t have Instagram or the other app I forgot the other name
Jody Brink
Jody Brink 3 kun oldin
When I was watching I looked at the subs and WERE SO CLOSE!!!
Mona Gamal
Mona Gamal 3 kun oldin
Ur so close to hit 20 million omg im so proud of u!!!
Sir Chicken
Sir Chicken 3 kun oldin
3:52 Dan plays fortnite too much AR; don't you AI
Ghazi Khan
Ghazi Khan 3 kun oldin
Congarts dan.celebrate ur 20 mil subs with a gift i gave u which is a... Potato Just joking... Congrats
Hol White
Hol White 3 kun oldin
Dan what's ur. Instergram
Steve TDM
Steve TDM 3 kun oldin
Alce31Rblx Gaming
Alce31Rblx Gaming 3 kun oldin
Liking this comment will make your pump stronger
Daisy Snowcat
Daisy Snowcat 3 kun oldin
we r so cllose we at 19
Raiyne Hutton
Raiyne Hutton 4 kun oldin
jessii-the alicorn cookie
Three little pigs and the big bad fake dan
bob bob
bob bob 4 kun oldin
Been here since 900k
Cathryn Gabert
Cathryn Gabert 4 kun oldin
I love you Dan I wached all your videos I loved them all
Anonymoous Cow
Anonymoous Cow 4 kun oldin
So are you gonna get a tattoo for every million subscriber milestone until you have an entire sleeve?
Phyllis Guisinger
Phyllis Guisinger 4 kun oldin
I'm so proud of you dan😉
Nada Najibi
Nada Najibi 4 kun oldin
I DREW A TATTOOOOOOO!!!!! Love you dan!!!❤️❤️😁 My instagram------ @rafiullahn1
the pusheen girl
the pusheen girl 4 kun oldin
ok ready (^-^) I I I