I'm Pregnant

Colleen Ballinger
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29-Iyn, 2018

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Raquel Carr
Raquel Carr 43 daqiqa oldin
Congratulations! So happy for you!
Lori Foster
Lori Foster Soat oldin
Look at that smile!
Lori Foster
Lori Foster Soat oldin
Love this video!
alicat 2 soat oldin
that is the guy from your show that has a crush on meranda right? correct me if im wrong and CONGRATS
Ava Allen
Ava Allen 4 soat oldin
Who’s watching this when she’s about to birth her baby💗💗💗
andu nkpot
andu nkpot 4 soat oldin
Wow good for you am 8 and I know where babys comes from
Nicole._. LPS
Nicole._. LPS 4 soat oldin
Your going to be an Uncle ...No No a Manti
Milana Espalin
Milana Espalin 6 soat oldin
I’m late but still so cute to watch 😂😇😇
Savannah Manculich
Savannah Manculich 7 soat oldin
Colleen is going to be an amazing mom
itsLuke Games
itsLuke Games 12 soat oldin
Ann Charles Sutton
Ann Charles Sutton 12 soat oldin
Me and my cousin cried a few months go watching this video
Renee Stacia
Renee Stacia 13 soat oldin
wtf y did people fucking DISLIKE this sweet plum lovely video i luv this video
utawna valles
utawna valles 15 soat oldin
I'm confused are you Miranda? You look like her so that's why I asked
Lori_ Bxtch
Lori_ Bxtch 16 soat oldin
Rewatching thissss 💖
phill trash and ???
phill trash and ??? 20 soat oldin
2 more months guys!!!
Dark Purple animates
Dark Purple animates 22 soat oldin
Texting Stories!
Texting Stories! 23 soat oldin
I I l I I lo I lov I love y I love yo I love you I love you a I love you an I love you and I love you and y I love you and yo I love you and you I love you and your I love you and your b I love you and your ba I love you and your bab I love you and your baby I love you and your bab I love you and your ba I love you and your b I love you and your I love you and you I love you and yo I love you and y I love you an I love you a I love yo I love y I lov I lo I l I
Panda MSP
Panda MSP Kun oldin
My bday was 9 days before this vid. june 20th
samyah leathers
samyah leathers Kun oldin
Are u Miranda sings
Lola Kandula
Lola Kandula Kun oldin
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Kun oldin
I'm going to be an aunty
sebastian sings
sebastian sings Kun oldin
naww a dork
•withered flower•
“Sorry I’m *really* pregnant” “I’m so pregnant” -PregnantCollen 2018
livin wit TY
livin wit TY Kun oldin
Re-watching this makes me want for my sister to have another baby but she is trying for another
Margherita Amitrano
Lo stesso giorno di mia sorellaaaaa
Zhu Wang
Zhu Wang Kun oldin
Zhu Wang
Zhu Wang Kun oldin
Gh Po
Gh Po Kun oldin
Wait! Tyler? Where is he?
Grace PETROVIC Kun oldin
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Kun oldin
I'm so happy
Cassidy's Channel
Cassidy's Channel 2 kun oldin
Caly Murphy
Caly Murphy 2 kun oldin
This was 9 days after my birthday
Andrea Aguirre
Andrea Aguirre 2 kun oldin
Ya Gurl
Ya Gurl 2 kun oldin
3:43 is it Just me or do I hear “I’m sorry, I’m Just really pregnant” LMAO😂❤️❤️
Kimberly Hamersley
Kimberly Hamersley 2 kun oldin
Congratulations!!! You are so beautiful! Pregnant and all.
Shilla Official
Shilla Official 2 kun oldin
So cool ... help subscribe and watch videos 🙏
Tara Miller
Tara Miller 2 kun oldin
you are going to make aan amazing mom
Emelinda Albury
Emelinda Albury 2 kun oldin
I am happy for you girl welcome to parenthood!!😇😁🙂🤗
Jeramiah Dempsey
Jeramiah Dempsey 2 kun oldin
You just can't help but smile 😊❤️
Trinity G.
Trinity G. 3 kun oldin
She's gonna be 32 on November 21st 2018. Just in case anyone is reading this from the futcha Congrats gurly keep it real
Joanna Chen77
Joanna Chen77 3 kun oldin
wenders 3 kun oldin
She found out she was pregnant the day before my birthday
Patuki Iona Isaako
Patuki Iona Isaako 3 kun oldin
Omg I love you
just justmehcameron
Omg when she said I have a baby in me I was so happy
Daniel Molloy
Daniel Molloy 4 kun oldin
What! I didn’t even know she was with that guy
Amaya Calderon
Amaya Calderon 4 kun oldin
1:21 I have that shirt lol 💗💗
Joanne 4 kun oldin
"This channel isn't going to be pregnant mummy vlogs" ummmmmm that went well 😂😂
Milica Radojicic
Milica Radojicic 4 kun oldin
Fortnite 12345
Fortnite 12345 4 kun oldin
If Rachel has a kid it will be called like tomato 😂
Madisyn Persaud
Madisyn Persaud 4 kun oldin
Congratulations girl!!!! I’m so proud of you!
Ixvy Gacha
Ixvy Gacha 4 kun oldin
She's gonna give birth around my BDAY or my sisters I guess we'll never know
T0ast3r_B&th 4 kun oldin
weird flex but ok 👌
Mailyn Royo
Mailyn Royo 4 kun oldin
Congrats 😍
Kyle Herrera
Kyle Herrera 4 kun oldin
"The size of a peach" oh honey that thing is the size of a watermelon now 😂
Blythe Cayko
Blythe Cayko 5 kun oldin
I'm so happy that she's so happy❤
jane sansregret
jane sansregret 5 kun oldin
OMG congrats so happy for you
KawaiiX 101
KawaiiX 101 5 kun oldin
Aww Coleen we all love you congrats
Jesse Cake
Jesse Cake 5 kun oldin
Emma Dessecker
Emma Dessecker 5 kun oldin
1 1/2 month to go!!! So excited queen
Cutover Gamer
Cutover Gamer 5 kun oldin
Can’t believe that u posted this on my bday
Adriana Varon
Adriana Varon 6 kun oldin
omg i'm literly crying right now i'm so happy for you i cant get over it. I love you so much ahhhhhhh
Valerie Wolf
Valerie Wolf 6 kun oldin
SGR 17
SGR 17 6 kun oldin
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Caffeine Queen
Caffeine Queen 6 kun oldin
Most accurate description of pregnancy EVER! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Ava Sandlin
Ava Sandlin 6 kun oldin
I feel so happy for you
GachaAsh 6 kun oldin
Wait wait wait wait IF Your pregnant then...... Miranda is pregnant
fawna mandle
fawna mandle 6 kun oldin
I'm so happy for you and also so jelly. Glad everything is well, almost there girl ☺️
Sueanna Cossey
Sueanna Cossey 6 kun oldin
Dawson Blackmore
Dawson Blackmore 6 kun oldin
Nice how many fathers does this boy are girl have
Dawson Blackmore
Dawson Blackmore 6 kun oldin
AnnaBananaLovesPuppies 123
I still remember the day after i showed my mom Miranda and Colleen for the first time, I went to Florida with my aunt and then you uploaded this and when I went home I was showing my mom the pregnancy video and she was so happy (she instantly loved your vids when I showed them to her)
The Atagis and the sellers
I it a girl or boy???
22thetho 7 kun oldin
"The thought of anyone saying anything not 100% positive about something I'm so excited about really scares me." Yet we have people still saying she's the most annoying pregnant woman ever. I'm sorry you have to go through that, Colleen.
Lyla Wolfe
Lyla Wolfe 7 kun oldin
You’re pregnant then honey have you seen yourself now
violet thrash
violet thrash 7 kun oldin
Ew thats just ew i know how to make kids
Valeria Alejandra Lopez Villanueva
I just alwayswanted to make that
Valeria Alejandra Lopez Villanueva
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Hecie 7 kun oldin
Colon progent????? 😮😮😮😮
CANDY GIRL 54525777 99
gachaverse lover
gachaverse lover 7 kun oldin
Ok i have not watched u in a while soo whos the-nvm i kno now
gachaverse lover
gachaverse lover 7 kun oldin
This was the day after mwa bday
Hannah Pittman
Hannah Pittman 8 kun oldin
Why are people disliking this video😑😑😑😑☹️☹️☹️☹️
Stephanie Flores
Stephanie Flores 8 kun oldin
I cried so much of happiness
Charlotte Garepo
Charlotte Garepo 8 kun oldin
Imagine how crazy it would be if when Colleen was supposed to have a baby she said it was all a scam and there was no baby
Ryan Stanley
Ryan Stanley 8 kun oldin
2 more months!
Ladybug! And cat noir
yoshi Roberts
yoshi Roberts 8 kun oldin
I'm so excited for the baby boy!!! Wish you luck!!!!
Magen Otteson
Magen Otteson 8 kun oldin
You are a beautiful creature, congratulations 🖤
Teigan Sarty
Teigan Sarty 8 kun oldin
عيسى بوراشد
Omg congratulations 😍😍 With all the love from Algeria *watching and crying 😭*
Camilla Uiterwijk
Camilla Uiterwijk 9 kun oldin
Unidentified Person
She legit found out on my birthday!!! ❤😂
Cat lover xox
Cat lover xox 9 kun oldin
Awww and now she is 7 months pregnant! 😊
idk •
idk • 9 kun oldin
This is for sure the best pregnancy reveal video I’ve seen lmao she’s almost about to give birth and I still watch this video 😅
Freya Thorpe
Freya Thorpe 3 kun oldin
So do I
Cathy Hansen
Cathy Hansen 5 kun oldin
idk • SAME
Violeta Doncheva
Violeta Doncheva 9 kun oldin
Trisann Norton
Trisann Norton 9 kun oldin
Look at her now she thought her close didn't fit them well now look at het lol
Minty Whisp
Minty Whisp 9 kun oldin
Man I haven't watched these in a year and now--- just wow... Congrats!
sassy piglet
sassy piglet 9 kun oldin
Hoo is the daddy??????
Nina Symington
Nina Symington 9 kun oldin
Evelyn Florence
Evelyn Florence 9 kun oldin
Yayyyy congratulations
Monika M
Monika M 9 kun oldin
I can’t believe it’s been 6 months and the cookie is almost out of the oven 😂