I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9

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Prepare for my Samsung Galaxy S9 review.
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. I've officially switched from the Google Pixel 2 XL to the Galaxy S9+ in order to evaluate it more extensively. My Samsung Galaxy S9 review will be coming soon.
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21-Apr, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 oy oldin
If you could switch to any other smartphone right now, which would you switch to?
D NB3 11 kun oldin
FK you
Mark Ardel Oranza
Black shark
Astari 3 oy oldin
to the iphone xs
Teun Meulendijks
Teun Meulendijks 3 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy note 9 or p20 pro
tutorials with Hannah
Iphone x or samsung galaxy s 9+
blackbusiness7 10 soat oldin
It usually means you're less likely to be critical if you put your money where your mouth is, because you are invested in it. Theoretically, your independence and impartiality is compromised.
dyllen1907 22 soat oldin
You've made the right choice going with the Galaxy S9. Enjoy! 👍
Safwaan Amin
Safwaan Amin Kun oldin
Samsung S9 Plud
king nanosh
king nanosh 2 kun oldin
Im switching to Samsung s9
Braden Woolley
Braden Woolley 2 kun oldin
If I had the chance to upgrade to any smartphone, I would want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
Yarely957 _
Yarely957 _ 2 kun oldin
Oki this might weird but I just thought of it... What if Samsung and apple do a collab?? Idk if it made Sense😕
raju saraf
raju saraf 2 kun oldin
Lund C
Lund C 2 kun oldin
I love my S9. When are you unboxing ghe S10?
Bimo A.
Bimo A. 2 kun oldin
OMG thats good choice! Congratulations
Adrian Santino
Adrian Santino 3 kun oldin
What do you prefer S9 or S9+?
Sayedkhusrow Qane
Sayedkhusrow Qane 3 kun oldin
Selfie camera is not good
russmaleartist 3 kun oldin
I appreciate the heads-up on Upsie . . . I do my homework, but if I would not have watched your video, I would have never learned of Upsie -- thank you! For those of us on a budget, every little bit saved . . . helps! Best wishes for your continued success -- really enjoy your channel!
ForRealz ?
ForRealz ? 3 kun oldin
Anyone else watching on their s9?
CoversByMirena 3 kun oldin
I am only an apple fan because of slow-mo. But really... TEAM SAMSUNG DESERVES A ROUND OF A PLUASE.
hatdog mahal
hatdog mahal 3 kun oldin
Shahrokh Z
Shahrokh Z 4 kun oldin
Samsung is The Kings Of The All Smart Phones
jesse zuniga
jesse zuniga 4 kun oldin
Trying to convince fam to ditch the iPhones and come over to the galaxy side!
gomash gomash
gomash gomash 4 kun oldin
Watching on my s8+
Living WithArt
Living WithArt 4 kun oldin
I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change it to S8+ at the mid of 2019??
Cris Rodriguez
Cris Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
can't wait for mine s9 galaxy 6 more days
JHB Models
JHB Models 5 kun oldin
Cant believe how American people are biased of iPhones. I've compared every single specs between iPhones and Galaxy. Galaxy has better specs. You guys can compare them. They like iPhones cause everyone are using it😂 I use to be an iPhone user(iPhone 6S)then switched to S7 edge. Still using it and you guys should know Apple slows down the iOS systems everytime a brand new phone comes out. iPhones are unreliable and expensive piece of junk. I swear iPhone users will LOVE Samsung galaxy when they use it. BETTER Battery and Camara and display, and etc. SAMSUNG IS THE BEST. PEOPLE ARE JUST BIASED OVER IPHONES. -- 100% TRUE FACT
kmking1986 5 kun oldin
I paid a 1000 bucks for my note 9 and it is definitely better than my mom's S9
JHB Models
JHB Models 5 kun oldin
S9 is better for me
Tim Halfhide
Tim Halfhide 5 kun oldin
Wireless charging puts out a rather disturbing sound if you are in a quiet surrounding. I’m an old musician so my hearing kinda sucks & I can still hear the noise. Worse when battery is real dead.
The USA 6 kun oldin
Man if everyone from America changes to Samsung over Apple it's complete domination. Samsung already leads in sales globally by a mile and even a Chinese company took over Apple in sales as #2.. Apple is slowly burning and going down..
CDX 6 kun oldin
Just how rich is this guy???
Maximilian PS
Maximilian PS 6 kun oldin
Samsung Hardware is fine, the issue is his BLOATWARE! I switched from S8+ to Mate 20 PRO ! Huhuhu! Nice new glasses :D
Mubashir Ahmad
Mubashir Ahmad 6 kun oldin
watching on my s9 plus BEAST
Otso Alasko
Otso Alasko 6 kun oldin
Going strong with an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen. The best part: the crappier your phone is, the more likely you are NOT to spend too much time with it! Really don't feel like paying ridiculous amount of money for a new phone that basically has the same features, just a little bigger, brighter and faster.
shine 7 kun oldin
Just bought a galaxy s9 yesterday too hold me over till the s10 comes
Chan Park
Chan Park 7 kun oldin
Why are phones so expensive in the u.s.
Adil Malik
Adil Malik 7 kun oldin
This is s9+
Ashish Biswas
Ashish Biswas 7 kun oldin
Downside? Upsee
drew gocong
drew gocong 8 kun oldin
hope i can buy s9+ coz i cannot buy that kind of phone hopefully ill be dreaming for life..,,)':
Jackson Shaffer
Jackson Shaffer 10 kun oldin
Why do most iphone users treat all android phones like shit?
Vamshi Krishna
Vamshi Krishna 10 kun oldin
I just bought an s9 plus and saw this video... Felt good ;) Good my old phone... Apple 8 plus I always a fan of Android but wanted to try iOS and m telling u... Even after 8 months m not at all satisfied with apples user interface... One good thing about I phone 8 plus is the slow motion feature where there is continuous recording feature ( but actually we won't be requiring that long slow motion videos most of the time) Anyway... I hope my 66000 ₹ will be worth it All the best guys 👍
frank1971ification 10 kun oldin
What currency is that?
Inspiring Motivator
Inspiring Motivator 10 kun oldin
Little tip about that content transfer box you can plug anything that has a USB cord. Want a mouse for your phone? Then plug a mouse with that device.
JHud 332
JHud 332 10 kun oldin
Moto is the best
Ganeen Tucker
Ganeen Tucker 11 kun oldin
Brody Jorgensen
Brody Jorgensen 11 kun oldin
I don’t know maybe xs max or Samson galaxy 9
Olv Ncr
Olv Ncr 11 kun oldin
Watching this again, on my s9+ 😊
Philip Svetlov
Philip Svetlov 12 kun oldin
why do you hate apple
RandomThings05 12 kun oldin
Do a review on the new j8 please
Simply Executed
Simply Executed 12 kun oldin
The Samsung protecc The Samsung attac But most importantly it has the headphone jack
iRate Mom
iRate Mom 13 kun oldin
Is there an update on how u felt about it after using it?
Anjum Rai
Anjum Rai 13 kun oldin
Lol my dad has a very popular phone it's very popular so I keep on talking it from him
Insultez Moi
Insultez Moi 13 kun oldin
Mr wee wee Wee
Mr wee wee Wee 13 kun oldin
Matija Brkić
Matija Brkić 14 kun oldin
Sho gives a fuck what are you switching to ?
sans 101
sans 101 15 kun oldin
Watching on note 9
R Terry
R Terry 15 kun oldin
Vid said a lot of nothing!
Annas Almani
Annas Almani 15 kun oldin
Click bait.
r sandala
r sandala 15 kun oldin
Hi everyone i need advice. I have a samsung j6 2018. Should i switch to the s9 or plus. Or i could save much as much as i can and get it in 2 years? Would buying an s9 be worth it in 2 years
Heidern Heinrich
Heidern Heinrich 16 kun oldin
Samsung Galaxy S9 is almost perfection. Best phone I've ever owned.
NYG 0429
NYG 0429 16 kun oldin
Watching on my S8
NYG 0429
NYG 0429 16 kun oldin
Dont have the 9
Uppal Patel
Uppal Patel 16 kun oldin
Wrong phone, note 9 is better
Unbitable Gamer
Unbitable Gamer 16 kun oldin
Samsung for life ahhh 😂😂
matija m
matija m 17 kun oldin
god no iphone Only samsung
Grande Fever
Grande Fever 17 kun oldin
I made a mistake I bought the note 9
ani mac
ani mac 17 kun oldin
S9 for life 💕
Elindio Contreras
Elindio Contreras 17 kun oldin
Bla Bla Bla
Khilan Gajjar
Khilan Gajjar 17 kun oldin
I also switched to S9+ instead One+6T
amer sadeghi
amer sadeghi 17 kun oldin
Finally got Samsung Galaxy s9
Jonathen Poopalapillai
My 11 has it
jkeener1988 18 kun oldin
Best phones ever!!
Sulieman Mansouri
Sulieman Mansouri 18 kun oldin
Any body knows the music starting at 1:08
Ahmad Jamil
Ahmad Jamil 18 kun oldin
Best phone that I used
Kapingiri Nakatoke
Kapingiri Nakatoke 18 kun oldin
Sorry but I got to say it... APPLE FOR LIFE
Gaming n' Anims with PJ!
Every Samsung smartphone is named after Galaxy Like if u agree
DeformedGaming 19 kun oldin
How many people can type faster than 70 WPM?
Mary Kay 007
Mary Kay 007 19 kun oldin
Can you Block a certain caller on this phone?
CGG 20 kun oldin
Why does this dude facepalm literally in every thumbnail even if it's a positive video? 💀
Donovan Deleon
Donovan Deleon 20 kun oldin
Y’all all like Samsung bc he got one but y’all lowkey have a iPhone 😂
Idriukas127 20 kun oldin
I just got it from Christmas!😁
Giovanni Ilagan
Giovanni Ilagan 20 kun oldin
I am a 11 year apple user currently moving to samsung.
george aggelopoulos
george aggelopoulos 20 kun oldin
s9+ or one+6t?
Toribot 20 kun oldin
Got for Christmas I'm so happy
PrincessGamerslays 20 kun oldin
I have the galaxy s9 I got it for Christmas and I got it in rose gold
David WhatsThatAbout
Matty matheson + Michael (Vsauce) = this guy
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 22 kun oldin
I LOVE the akg earbuds. A great bonus with the phone
meganshea 15 kun oldin
They're so comfortable!!
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 22 kun oldin
Only watching this cause i just got the s9
alkeyshale Bi emperade
Have my s9 plus since november and i'm still inlove with it! Couldn't ask for more. 😊
sweetbabyboo5 14 kun oldin
Would you recommend it?
Any Bag
Any Bag 22 kun oldin
Try playing Asphalt 9 on a Galaxy S I or 9, it's a terrible expeience
NeoSlayerX 22 kun oldin
I got 2 S9's for about $650. Best company ever.
Aaron18Cvx 21 kun oldin
I'm considering getting a s9 plus by paying 14 a month for 24 months but I would have to switch to Sprint. Total cost would be $336 in 2 years
Aaron18Cvx 21 kun oldin
VACie Chan
VACie Chan 22 kun oldin
Why would u get s9 not s9 plus
Eddie Pedro
Eddie Pedro 22 kun oldin
to s9+ in January 2019.
Phuree Phuree
Phuree Phuree 22 kun oldin
Apple look this video
badfeminist 23 kun oldin
GodDAMN. I haven’t watched ur vids in a min and now I remember why.... this isn’t even an Apple/iPhone review and yet you’ve already mentioned them (read: shaded them) at least twice... and we’re not even halfway thru the video! 🙄 Like commmmme onnnnnn, we GET IT, you hate Apple! Now can we _please_ get on with the video?! Sheesh!
7madh_Art 23 kun oldin
Watching this with my galaxy s9 plus
Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler 23 kun oldin
Fausto Andrés Garcia
How much is the S9+ unlocked?
diabetic shoes
diabetic shoes 24 kun oldin
Watching this on Lenovo Tablet, while my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Samsung S9+ are charging.
RaZe sypher
RaZe sypher 25 kun oldin
Gering this for Christmas :)
jennie's glare
jennie's glare 25 kun oldin
apple sheep just like the ios interface and phone design and poke fun at samsung users for camera quality but we’re sitting here with our HEADPHONE JACKS
Lio Lio
Lio Lio 26 kun oldin
Watching on my Samsung Galaxy S3
BEEGO HOW-TO 26 kun oldin
Which phone do you switch from, iPhone or other Samsung ? Mine is iPhone 7 Plus.
Gimmy Samson
Gimmy Samson 26 kun oldin
I'm using AKG headset right now
LaLa Laura
LaLa Laura 26 kun oldin
I'm recovering from an abusive relationship and an estate battle where all my personal belongings & my deceased mom's stuff were held and then discarded. Can someone donate a phone to me? I'm in need
Kyle Arrowsmith
Kyle Arrowsmith 27 kun oldin
S9+ Or a Note 9? Which one to choose?
vidwan singh
vidwan singh 27 kun oldin
Switching sim card to another smartphone..and get 5.3M views..booooom this is the potential of unbox therapy 🔥 🔥
Most Deadest Pool of em All.
the spelling in the comments gives me diarrhea.
jeremebp 26 kun oldin