I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened

It's Alex Clark
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I'm usually not used to this....
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1-Dek, 2018

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L8Paolo Soat oldin
Final space is on Netflix
andy dean
andy dean 2 soat oldin
funny fact. me in second grade was breaking more hearts than 25 yeah old me. and i am legit not sure how to feel about that lol
Mitchell Lymon
Mitchell Lymon 2 soat oldin
Take what you got and be happy. The hottest looking ones have S.T.D'S and some Incurable.
pineapple ish
pineapple ish 4 soat oldin
Only time I’ve ever been checked out was at the doctors
Mopelola Elusogbon
Mopelola Elusogbon 4 soat oldin
Dejion Capers
Dejion Capers 7 soat oldin
One time I was walking around a corner to get away from noise while calling my mom to tell her I was staying out late, and these girls tried talking to me, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Walking back around the corner after getting off the phone, they took a picture of me, flash on
14 gotunot
14 gotunot 8 soat oldin
bobby hall
bobby hall 9 soat oldin
Maybe she was trying a pickup line "you look exactly like my husband!" "Oh, you have a husband?" "Not yet 😘"
Itsonlymany YOUTUBE
Itsonlymany YOUTUBE 9 soat oldin
[2:13] Was that a World of Light reference? Looks like our boi is caught up in the MEMEniverse.
Bebbery the berry
Bebbery the berry 10 soat oldin
I swear if anyone came up to me and said "m-m-m chicken" i would get up and leave. XD
Fluffy Ass Bear
Fluffy Ass Bear 10 soat oldin
Whenever my sister goes anywhere with my mom she always gets guys cat calling her (shes 15 but she looks a lot older... Pedo alert tho) then my mom has to turn around and say shes only 15 then the guys look all ashamed n shi. BUT WHENEVER I GO OUT WITH MY MOM ALL I GET IS "oh! Shes so beautiful, my lord!" FROM OLD PEOPLE... WTF!?
NabilRider555 10 soat oldin
At first, I thought I was watching Jacksfilms because damn that forehead.
iceywonder cake200
iceywonder cake200 11 soat oldin
i always die from his videos 😂😂😂
GFAF Squishy
GFAF Squishy 14 soat oldin
i found final space on netflix
Anas Azzaoui
Anas Azzaoui 14 soat oldin
Thea 14 soat oldin
Mike Lol
Mike Lol 15 soat oldin
All I have to say is mm mm chicken
James Walker
James Walker 15 soat oldin
I've never had a girl even look at me. 😦
Sad Husky
Sad Husky 15 soat oldin
No one ever tours in Minnesota 🤕😂
Jenni Downen
Jenni Downen 15 soat oldin
U look like the raw fishing u should check him out
samot the sad boi
samot the sad boi 15 soat oldin
Bruh you look like Jazza
Kam Hufford
Kam Hufford 16 soat oldin
Your the best UZvidr in the world in my opinion
Charles Arthur Bazongo
Top ten anime sadesse betrayed
Cindy Lopez
Cindy Lopez 17 soat oldin
Umm umm CHICKEN I'm gonna try this
Krzysztof Olech
Krzysztof Olech 17 soat oldin
Gacha Faith
Gacha Faith 18 soat oldin
guy:mm mm chicken me:WAIT THERE'S CHICKEN WHERE?!?!
Runescythe9852 18 soat oldin
Nope. I’d have to go out into a public setting to get checked out. I’m way too socially awkward to go looking for women, let alone a relationship. I’m still moderately happy though
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam 18 soat oldin
Neshca Jeanina Manuel
Neshca Jeanina Manuel 19 soat oldin
New Subsciber
HR Villareal
HR Villareal 21 soat oldin
Show Pam's face
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 21 soat oldin
When's the next season of "Final Space"?
DILLIGAF 21 soat oldin
My mm mm chicken moment (s) is when I eat chicken lol
Evan Roderick
Evan Roderick 23 soat oldin
Do any tours EVER happen in Oklahoma?
Bork PomPom
Bork PomPom 23 soat oldin
I’d prefer a guy who can enjoy some good chicken to a guy who wants to pull me to the gym. Haha. Would definitely laugh if someone went up to me and said “mmm mm chicken” though.
Noctis Fulmin
Noctis Fulmin 23 soat oldin
Omg i have to tell you my hmm hmm chicken story, So I use to be a limo driver and I was all dressed up and everything, it was my first day on the job, I was escorting a couple of ladies to a concert. I was waiting outside by the street light for the clients to come back out because they did not know where i parked. While i was waiting out there, several women came up to me and started flirting with me a little bit, i just smiled and laugh. But i remember this one girl who came up to me. She walked up to me and looked me up and down and she said that i look sharp. all my brain could muster for a sentence is "Thanks, you to" I had this big smile on my face as i nodded my head. she laughed and walked away, I kept smiling and thought to myself, "omg thanks you to was all i could come up with, you dumbass"
Nicolas Borges
Nicolas Borges 23 soat oldin
How to get a girl: hey gal, humm, humm chicken!
PeanutButter Gaming
mmm mmm chicken
Zachary Slay
Zachary Slay Kun oldin
One time I was at a restaurant with my crush because it was after me and her had a hockey game, but she spilled her drink on me and I felt really bad because she looked super embarrassed
Cracker Juice
Cracker Juice Kun oldin
Mm mm chicken
ghost rider
ghost rider Kun oldin
I wish you could come to Chattanooga
黄啸海 Kun oldin
what is "chicken" in there? lack courage? sorry i'm fresh😂
raven vlogs
raven vlogs Kun oldin
So,you finay show you're face
awkward potato
awkward potato Kun oldin
Why does no one go to KANSAAASSSS
rosemarie pagan
rosemarie pagan Kun oldin
I wish
Clara Tapia
Clara Tapia Kun oldin
Wow so lovely
Joshua Hills
Joshua Hills Kun oldin
Alex seems like he would be in Sunday cartoons. His voice is perfect for animation
Joshua Hills
Joshua Hills Kun oldin
*reads title* Ooo a fight? *watched vid* I’m disappointed
Benjamin Schmidt
God, that must of stung
Mars Montoya
Mars Montoya Kun oldin
7:13 bUT I LiKE GuYS
Luis R
Luis R Kun oldin
Friend zone
DeathRunner7564 Kun oldin
2:12 is that a smash reference??
Justin Adams
Justin Adams Kun oldin
No I never had a chicken moment because I get no girls
DJ YONDER Kun oldin
2:35 it sounds like AliA song
Ciaran Tyre
Ciaran Tyre Kun oldin
Fergus Goose
Fergus Goose Kun oldin
I said "mmm mm chicken" to a girl So we both ordered food I got chicken wings and she got a restraining order Thank you, thank you very much guys for coming I'll be here from Monday to Fridays every week
dragon lover 101
Wait so she was on fire
Fiona Rama
Fiona Rama Kun oldin
Don't worry guys don't really get hit on cos it's like a tradition for girls to wait for the guys to do it
Rishi Appoo
Rishi Appoo Kun oldin
I had a ham moment last Christmas and she thought I was cute
Catgoat Kun oldin
Mmm mm chicken!
BXT Gaming
BXT Gaming Kun oldin
james payod
james payod Kun oldin
Being socially awkward just the thought of people looking at me makes me wanna go home and leave the earth
Amelie Lister
Amelie Lister Kun oldin
And Netflix
TEAM 100k UC3
TEAM 100k UC3 Kun oldin
"Mmm Mmm.. Chicken 🐔"
Morph_murph Kun oldin
Just tried your pick up line and got slapped,thanks I’m crying now
Oyin Adeyemi
Oyin Adeyemi Kun oldin
People are checked out all the time, they just don't know it
Wasan A.
Wasan A. Kun oldin
mm mm chicken
klarissa espinoza
“Mhhhm mhhhm chicken” 😂😭😭 noooo
Max Gamer
Max Gamer Kun oldin
Em em chicken
LixoYT Kun oldin
Never had chicken moment 😭
White Heron
White Heron Kun oldin
At least she didn’t say you look like her dad
Kadence Kiser
Kadence Kiser Kun oldin
Mmmm mmmmm CHICKEN
Burning Skull
Burning Skull Kun oldin
Nizzea Jane Sering
Chookity pop
Aidan Conant Guy
That's an oof!
Jemimah Savage
Jemimah Savage Kun oldin
No Australia? 😪
Bobby Gunn
Bobby Gunn Kun oldin
Gratz to the animators for making the 2018 rewind
super puppy uni kitty
I though Pam said a guy was sitting on me😂
V.W Kun oldin
I loooove final space
Sir Valeron
Sir Valeron Kun oldin
Ryan Ley
Ryan Ley Kun oldin
It’s on Netflix to
Ya Know
Ya Know Kun oldin
"Only on vrv" but what about Netflix?
Mickey Gaming
Mickey Gaming Kun oldin
ItsBrianaCruz Kun oldin
alex looks like my cousin's dad
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Kun oldin
He looks like me Rodgers
christian Silva
christian Silva 2 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken
Alex Haugen
Alex Haugen 2 kun oldin
Are you 50 years old
brody moody
brody moody 2 kun oldin
Chloe Hughes
Chloe Hughes 2 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken
crazy crafter Celeste
I had a moment like that. It was my third date with this guy I had been seeing for a few months, we were just talking and I was nervous as it was our first time holding hands and I was nervous to say something stupid. Anyways, we where walking through the mall, holding hands and blushing, I kept seeing him look at me through the corner of my eye, and I asked him why he was looking at me, to which he replied that I was cute like a strawberry (which was kinda funny because I was wearing a burgundy outfit that day and I had red hair). I was blushing so much and couldn’t think of how to reply, so, I kept thinking of what he said and right when I was replying, I said the stupidest thing. I said “Mmmm strawberries.” He laughed but I thought it was stupid, especially because I didn’t say anything after that, I didn’t even compliment him, I was just being stupid and was totally brain dead at that moment.
FunFace Tasnim
FunFace Tasnim 2 kun oldin
NOOOOO your going to my town NJ but my parents won't let me see you on tour NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Dwight Ignorant slut
I was hit on by a 20year old something man because he thought I was also a 20 year old women, when in reality I’m only 13
Mirza Muaz
Mirza Muaz 2 kun oldin
Clark's face reminds me of ant man's face
Pleasant Strong
Pleasant Strong 2 kun oldin
In the middle of sex last night I said "Mm Mm Chicken" and my boyfriend burst out laughing 😂.
Pleasant Strong
Pleasant Strong Kun oldin
+It's Alex Clark Yes 😂. He was even asking where that was from.
It's Alex Clark
It's Alex Clark Kun oldin
Omg. I’m laughing so hardddddd. DID YOU REALLY?! - this is the greatest achievement of my life if true
Emma Quick
Emma Quick 2 kun oldin
You remind me of the guy from Everyone Loves Raymond, but in a hilarious standup comedian all the time kind of way. So glad you care less now, these videos are just hilarious. And I love Pam too.
ian ianlintang
ian ianlintang 2 kun oldin
I said the exact same thing,but i said lasagnia instead lol
RedThunderG Videos
RedThunderG Videos 2 kun oldin
Chicago vip sold out
Olivia Bearden
Olivia Bearden 2 kun oldin
Good thing that she had a husband because you probably wouldn’t have proposed to Pam
Molly Animates
Molly Animates 2 kun oldin
Tablinqs Plays
Tablinqs Plays 2 kun oldin
MMM MMM CHICKEN yep I’m gonna go out with someone that hits on me with that ACUTUALLY. ILL GO TRY IT MYSELf
Ronin Kenshi15
Ronin Kenshi15 2 kun oldin
I kinda like seeing more animation..
Our Cats :3
5 kun oldin
Our Cats :3
5 kun oldin
The LEGO® Story
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Extreme Golf
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