I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened

It's Alex Clark
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I'm usually not used to this....
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1-Dek, 2018



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Fikrlar 9 547
Supreet Purohit Prakash
she said she liked my hair i said i will cut it the next day..... yup a moment in life i still don't remember what i was thinking to reply that phrase
PERLA PRADO 2 kun oldin
Alex: I’m going to eat you mmmmmmmmmm chicken
broncosforlife33 2 kun oldin
You should convince Pam to let us see her in real life!!!
LOL 56
LOL 56 2 kun oldin
That ending tho. RIP Alex Clark xD
Victory Slasher
Victory Slasher 2 kun oldin
I've tried the chicken pick up line and I got slapped why did you lie to meeeeeee
savage 21
savage 21 4 kun oldin
What a pickup line
nellett79 nellett
nellett79 nellett 4 kun oldin
slayer master 77
slayer master 77 4 kun oldin
so i said that to a girl and she was like: wth!? me: hmm umhh chicken her: shut up! me: geez!
Logan Thorpe
Logan Thorpe 5 kun oldin
Mmm mm chicken
Antasma1 6 kun oldin
2:12 - 2:13 World of Light reference?
tony yao
tony yao 8 kun oldin
*M M M M M C H I C K E N*
Samuel Loza
Samuel Loza 8 kun oldin
I knew the original title it was “ I’m not usually a hit on super hotties but today something happend”.
Snow Cooless
Snow Cooless 9 kun oldin
Em....Well i dont know what girls want these days..So its hard...Which makes me not want one...Because they dont want me....Because im not "cute" or "hot"
M'Baku & T'Challa
M'Baku & T'Challa 7 kun oldin
And no I am not a girl
Snow Cooless
Snow Cooless 7 kun oldin
Its wrong to go after those two things by themselves, they never know if the guy they like is a cheater, cold blooded killer, or a player
Snow Cooless
Snow Cooless 7 kun oldin
Are you a girl?
M'Baku & T'Challa
M'Baku & T'Challa 8 kun oldin
Girls want someone who's hot or cute
Snow Cooless
Snow Cooless 9 kun oldin
What do girls want nowdays pls tell me
control 192
control 192 9 kun oldin
Mm mm chicken
control 192
control 192 9 kun oldin
U put this in another video
gacha galaxy cat
gacha galaxy cat 9 kun oldin
Ok I'll say mmm mmm chicken to a boy or girl, to see if it works
happy things77
happy things77 10 kun oldin
I'm a huge failure because I forgot to check
happy things77
happy things77 10 kun oldin
What I meant to say was I couldn't find chicken wings
happy things77
happy things77 10 kun oldin
🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗 sorry can you find chicken wings 😖
Tommy Wicks
Tommy Wicks 12 kun oldin
Ccchhhiiiccckkkeeennn Wwwiiinnngggsss
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett 12 kun oldin
Lmfao 😂
booper dooper
booper dooper 12 kun oldin
Jayden Perry
Jayden Perry 13 kun oldin
I had a m m m chicken part be for
R.A.L Productions
R.A.L Productions 14 kun oldin
Mmmmmm mmmmmmm chikin
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian 15 kun oldin
Damn man, that’s so sad. I feel for ya man, never been directly hit on either 😂.
Tristan Robinson
Tristan Robinson 16 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken!
Amen Fasil .Andargie
YesssYesYESSSS Final Space. Is so underrated
Atticus Dillard-wright
Alex: mm CHICKEN Girl thoughts: wtf
Xince Wong
Xince Wong 17 kun oldin
I'm eating chicken
Ian Yun Lee
Ian Yun Lee 17 kun oldin
Wing wing wing wing wing hello
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia 17 kun oldin
im daniea i think you look cool asome
Ashanti Sloan
Ashanti Sloan 18 kun oldin
Final space es legit FAVE
Zaia Ireland
Zaia Ireland 18 kun oldin
yes for final space.
Yasin Krifa
Yasin Krifa 18 kun oldin
i love final space to
OH YEAH YEAH!! 19 kun oldin
Final space is beautiful
Andrew Jorgensen
Andrew Jorgensen 19 kun oldin
I wish girls would just look at me... lol
Scar Fox
Scar Fox 20 kun oldin
I’ve been hit on on a cruise ship when I was in the corner of the room drawing and being antisocial and I didn’t even realize until a friend later on explained it 😂😂😂😂😂
Yuko Thorn Star
Yuko Thorn Star 20 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken
Chasen' Dat Lov Lov ; l
Dude, I just looked up what age you are and I am soooooooo sorry I- I thought you were 6 years younger than that
Student Reece Anderson
Itz Kold
Itz Kold 22 kun oldin
Flaming Arceus
Flaming Arceus 23 kun oldin
Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm, chicken!
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali 23 kun oldin
mm mmm chicken
Ty Shaws
Ty Shaws 23 kun oldin
Chicken is the answer to life (no it’s)
Sonia Mohammed
Sonia Mohammed 23 kun oldin
donot worry we does look at you longer than you think 😂😂😂
Vinoth Hirushan
Vinoth Hirushan 23 kun oldin
I feel really sorry for you
Qat with a Q
Qat with a Q 25 kun oldin
My opinion on chicken has been changed forever
Jimbo's land of awesomeness
Wait what? Final space is on Netflix
Jimbo's land of awesomeness
I also enjoy final space
Ty Wild327
Ty Wild327 25 kun oldin
Uncle Arron from spider-man into the spider-verse his thing was *grabs shoulder* "HEY!" Alex's thing is "mmmm mm chicken"
Jorge73979 G
Jorge73979 G 26 kun oldin
1:39 nick ah 30 vibes anyone else
Derrick Scharff
Derrick Scharff 26 kun oldin
yes I've had a mmm...chitchen
DDOY animates
DDOY animates 26 kun oldin
The cookies will be ready in Two minutes
Howard25 - Gaming and More
Mm.. Mm.. Chicken.... I love that chicken baby! Get me some of that chickkkeeenn wouldd ya? Lol
Benjamin Keyerleber
Benjamin Keyerleber 27 kun oldin
YES, I had a some-what moment like that. Except the girl was to young to have a boyfriend. But we were both in 8th grade and I saw her in a different city at a special event. And when I said hi, she looked at me with a smiling face and we stood awkwardly there for a long time until she said. "I like you". And I didn't know that but I had no courage whatsoever. So my face turned into a :-/ (Does not know what to do) And I suddenly ran away. Now this story took place yesterday and tomorrow is the day we go back to school and I will see her and. Oh no. She has friends that are romantic fanatics. I just realized that. Oh no.....
Carmen Schubert
Carmen Schubert 28 kun oldin
Kelly VanLaarhoven
That's because she wunts you to be her husband
Olivier Gosselin
I love your video
Dhops Hops
Dhops Hops Oy oldin
Alex I’m gonna try that line tonight lmao
Shikhar Sharma
02:36 It sounds like Ali A intro! Isn't it?
Saatvik Kalra
Saatvik Kalra 29 kun oldin
Shikhar Sharma not really ....
C Starr
C Starr Oy oldin
merp ius
merp ius Oy oldin
The only people who have ever hit on me were 100% not-curious-in-any-way lesbians. It was disturbing and I didn't know how to respond, other than laugh it off and/or keep space (depending on how gropey they were).
CK 7
CK 7 Oy oldin
Chiiikkkkkaaaadddddiiii paaaaaaa
CK 7
CK 7 Oy oldin
Moon cake
Allison Hook
Allison Hook Oy oldin
*mmm mmm chicken*
Becky Hart
Becky Hart Oy oldin
nova HyperNova
Finale Space is the best
10 000 Subscribers With No Videos
Sage Brimm
Sage Brimm Oy oldin
Mmm mm Chicken... I’m a vegetarian... don’t know if it’ll work on my crush... who knows I like her... ( I didn’t tell her. It’s more of a rumor.)
Kevin K
Kevin K Oy oldin
O my God 😂😂😂😂😂 wes 😂😂😂😂😂😂 mmm mm 🍗🍖
Paper Poke123
Paper Poke123 Oy oldin
no joke who else thought this was a babysitter episode?
Haven Edwards
Haven Edwards Oy oldin
Jetknight gaming
You say mmm chicken to a girl. Boom you're together
Vinecio Gentile
Just go to a bar with let me explain studios she's the girlfriend fairy
Itz_axel_yT Oy oldin
Mm mm m chicken
John Arthur
John Arthur Oy oldin
Francisco Aguilar
I feel your pain dude, I'm always lonely 😣
Anna Burton
Anna Burton Oy oldin
Mmm mmm Chicken 🍗
Jayden Brabson
As soon as I heard “Mmm mmm chicken” I decided to hit the like button. 😂
Pikachu Gamer
Pikachu Gamer Oy oldin
No I’m to young
Ridwan Siam
Ridwan Siam Oy oldin
Ever noticed that pam has a question mark on top of her hair
Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller Oy oldin
Final Space is life I've watched it twice. It's magical. Chookadee papow.
cash quest
cash quest Oy oldin
Lol another story to make me smile . You got a talent my man keep it going also redeems the pt castle story
Lynell 121
Lynell 121 Oy oldin
Yes he even told me that he liked me and I liked him but we never dated:/ bc he doesn’t know I like him
SgtShella Oy oldin
next time add some spice because you gonna hide your tears fast!
Electric Spider
6:50 What's Your favorite Scary movie
Austin Fisher
Austin Fisher Oy oldin
I had a crush once I said mmm chicken and then got slapped then we dated then she cheated on me 😔
Sash 48
Sash 48 Oy oldin
I don't know about other girls, but the day a guy comes up to me and says something as random as "Mmm mmm chicken" is the day I decide to date again.
Dirty Wash
Dirty Wash Oy oldin
I would like a shirtless man patch
Devon cox
Devon cox Oy oldin
Chicken 🍗🍗🍗🍗
Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle Oy oldin
I know how you feel Alex
B GT Oy oldin
Hahahah oh Alex your the shirtless man of our hearts!
Noah Hernandez
Mmm mm chicken
BlackCage3 Oy oldin
I never had a mm mm chicken but I did have a “Whoa you very pretty” made her laugh went out for a month she got clingy then broke it off
Jelly Fizer
Jelly Fizer Oy oldin
When girls see the shirtless man they go wooooow and his shirt vanishes but with me , they look at me and go meh and I vanish. Plz help me Alex
It's Alex Clark
i sold my soul to youtube
Vanessa Reyna
Vanessa Reyna Oy oldin
Chicken you said chicken chicken
Vanessa Reyna
Vanessa Reyna Oy oldin
Chicken chicken chicken
Vanessa Reyna
Vanessa Reyna Oy oldin
Vanessa Reyna
Vanessa Reyna Oy oldin
I love wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Queen Bennett
Queen Bennett Oy oldin
TheLoserDude 00
Man i looooove Final Space
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