I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened

It's Alex Clark
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I'm usually not used to this....
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1-Dek, 2018

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Info Chan
Info Chan 4 soat oldin
Mmm mmm chicken really
Kristina’s YouTube channel
5:58 mm mm chicken Me:you get me chicken and we’ll start dating
Lavi Legos
Lavi Legos 14 soat oldin
🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔴🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔴🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔴🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔴🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔴🔴🔴🔴🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 This is for you
Lavi Legos
Lavi Legos 15 soat oldin
Attention world Special announcement
lol Flores
lol Flores Kun oldin
Carter Kenny
Carter Kenny Kun oldin
Mm mm chicken!
David Solis
David Solis Kun oldin
He would hit a place like Dallas but not Houston
watchamacallet family
also itsalexclark is awesome he's one of my favorite UZvidrs he's a really good artist he does a good job on his video's he is awesome
jon woods
jon woods Kun oldin
I once had a girl hit on me and I shouted STRANGER DANGER in her face before slowly walking off in embarrasment... She tried again, buuuut, I forgot who she was...
Lea Marye
Lea Marye Kun oldin
0:26 me lol needs attention
Thomas 0210
Thomas 0210 2 kun oldin
Person watching the video (Alex m mchicken) Person watching the video what the “/&;$;:$$:):
Bo Bowen
Bo Bowen 2 kun oldin
My FLIPPING LIFE is an "MM MM Chicken" moment.
The Weird Legacy
The Weird Legacy 2 kun oldin
Your tour isn’t in Oklahoma 😪
mina bmx
mina bmx 2 kun oldin
Hooly woood
Devil Playz
Devil Playz 4 kun oldin
Mmmm hmmmm chicken
RaPZaD 4 kun oldin
Pam and Alex Are so cute
ICE BUCKET 4 kun oldin
Sam facerevel
Kagome Higirashi
Kagome Higirashi 4 kun oldin
Yum chicken
Elya kar
Elya kar 4 kun oldin
You sound like bill bur
Tonatiuh Caturegli Kent
I’m not an maniac Alex i would never say mmhhh mmmmhh chicken
MrGoonerGaming No you
MLG PANDAS 4 kun oldin
Mmm chicken
Counting_Stars7 4 kun oldin
Alex: okay team this is what Merch that needs to be made*pulls out list* we need mm-mmh chicken patches and buttons as well as 500 shirtless man in training hats and patches ASAP. *totally worth the money lmao*
Jae Shu
Jae Shu 4 kun oldin
Sindri Sölvason
Sindri Sölvason 4 kun oldin
Next girl I see I will go up and say hm hm chicken
MehhhGT X Gaming
MehhhGT X Gaming 4 kun oldin
Ooo i live somewhere in Atlanta Ga
ForsterYordle 4 kun oldin
Aww.. the cartoons on VRV are on english, i understand english but i grow with spanish language, im from Mexico. :'c
jake cloud
jake cloud 4 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken🐔
Jaypordy 4 kun oldin
So glad I found your channeled. Subbed!
Ace Fire
Ace Fire 4 kun oldin
I love final space I was very sad at end tho:C
Lazy Venusaur
Lazy Venusaur 4 kun oldin
Hmm hmm chicken
gamingwalking hero
gamingwalking hero 4 kun oldin
You look like my friend
Lethal Luxury
Lethal Luxury 4 kun oldin
I absolutely LOVE final space but does anyone know when season 5 or whatever is out???
your school repoter boys
Mmm mmm chicken
BadB33f 3
BadB33f 3 5 kun oldin
That is sad brother. I feel you man.
Kyle Marquez
Kyle Marquez 5 kun oldin
Me: MMM MMM Chicken. Her: Kiss me chicken boy! Me: No, it was just a test. Buuuuuuuuuut... Her: Ohh Me: Want some chicken? Her: (Thinking) Sooo Romantic!
Peter P
Peter P 5 kun oldin
MMMMMMM chicken
Axl Hitchings
Axl Hitchings 7 kun oldin
MMM MMM chicken...
Bonnie 379
Bonnie 379 7 kun oldin
Nice video :)
Jonypolly 7 kun oldin
I live in denver!
GundamBro 117
GundamBro 117 7 kun oldin
Mmm mmm Chicken
You should be a priest for Christianity
Daniel Boo
Daniel Boo 7 kun oldin
Then you say mh mh chicken moment do you mean then you say something dumb, but the girl still giggles?😛
Enchantedgamer 109
Enchantedgamer 109 8 kun oldin
How many girls did you have?!
Ashd 2004
Ashd 2004 8 kun oldin
you kinda remind me of brandon rogers, idk why but you kinda look like him a little bit
Marshallee 8 kun oldin
Well, if you put it the other way, she may have proposed to you hahaha
cyberblade 92185
cyberblade 92185 8 kun oldin
Sounded like she said sitting on me
Lily Gacha Potato
Lily Gacha Potato 9 kun oldin
MmmmMmmMMmmMmMmM chicken
CommanderCody41 9 kun oldin
Final space is soooo sad
Sophie Stubbs
Sophie Stubbs 9 kun oldin
final space is on Netflix too.
austin greenman
austin greenman 9 kun oldin
Man you are the best you should release some more of your baby sitter episodes
Lane Keffer
Lane Keffer 9 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken
Derks Anderson
Derks Anderson 9 kun oldin
I have its this girl named Kaydence and she's a red head and when I see her I can't take my eyes off her
Derks Anderson
Derks Anderson 9 kun oldin
Dude go to okc at Chesapeake Arena
Joseph Barton
Joseph Barton 9 kun oldin
final space is on Netflix or at least was
Pierre Taichou
Pierre Taichou 10 kun oldin
elle edits
elle edits 10 kun oldin
AhpaWoft00013 13
AhpaWoft00013 13 10 kun oldin
Ok I am a girl and I WAS LAUGHING from the um um chicken 🤣😂😂🤣🙃🤣😂 there and be on!!!!..
Trevor Dow
Trevor Dow 10 kun oldin
F's in the chat bois!
Michael Carlisle
Michael Carlisle 10 kun oldin
Mmm, mmmm chicken
kelly ross
kelly ross 10 kun oldin
Alex Romanowicz
Alex Romanowicz 10 kun oldin
Reckt chicken boi
CM Gaming
CM Gaming 11 kun oldin
That's a L
Amanda Sargent
Amanda Sargent 11 kun oldin
he's so handsome "checked out once bs
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Ya know its funny, i was totally you in early highschool, but by the end i was gettin mad poon. Id lost like 150 pounds, and cut my hair, and went from "mm mm chicken" to bangin the cheer captain, but thats just me, i know everyone isnt as lucky as i got but i worked for it damn it. Lmao thats what it was like before i lost the weight and cut my hair tho, literally all the time that was life. And i had two better looking friends that always had hot girls, and i was just like there lmfao they thought i was funny, but i never got poon til i was more physically attractive, despite probably being a better person when i was 150 pounds overweight. Lmao i hate high school 😂😂 its so stupid honestly, like none of it really matters. Those two good looking friends of mine ended up as a heroin addict, and the other one tried to rape my cheer captain girlfriend, so needless to say we arent the best of friends anymore, but thats exactly my point, highschool doesnt matter at all but everyone thinks it does until they get out of highschool.
PurpleGamer831 11 kun oldin
Mhm Mhm Chicken Mhm Mhm Chicken
Presley C
Presley C 11 kun oldin
Mm mm chicken
Harsh chaturvedi
Harsh chaturvedi 11 kun oldin
this was sweet😍❤️
Flatline 11 kun oldin
One time I was at the mall, and this girl came up to me and asked for my insta... and me being an idiot freaked out and told her “uh my insta actually got deleted”. Idiot
Russell Flemister
Russell Flemister 12 kun oldin
awesome story love it do more please
Daniel Delgado
Daniel Delgado 12 kun oldin
Mmmm mmmm Chicken
sonic fan #1
sonic fan #1 12 kun oldin
Mmm mmm chicken
Skitzoid Coder
Skitzoid Coder 12 kun oldin
I'mma say mm mm chicken to every girl I meet, so that I can say I married a girl I said it to
Eulalia Gomez
Eulalia Gomez 12 kun oldin
Mmmmmmm chicken hahahahahahahhaha we love your shows me and my siblings 4 other siblings
Mia Latache
Mia Latache 12 kun oldin
also anybody had a psycho girlfriend
Mia Latache
Mia Latache 12 kun oldin
flip no i have not
blue tube
blue tube 12 kun oldin
keep cruisin dude eventually shell find out because its THE INTERNET
Nico Cronan
Nico Cronan 12 kun oldin
tfw the closest to being hit on in the years that ur actually into girls is when ur used as rebound by a crush :/ (reason i said "in the years that ur actually into girls" is cause when i was lil... girls loved me... one even went as far as "cuddling"(or so my parents say) b4 karate class... but when i was lil i didnt like girls watsoever... i was just a friendly lil boi who was so boyish but didnt understand love or anything likr that and thought gurls were weird... the cuddle one was later on when i made friends and idk y but i never actually thought about her that way... only as a friend :/)
Johnathan Powers
Johnathan Powers 12 kun oldin
How to talk to a girl: -Hi.- Mmm, mmm, chicken.
Marvin Alovera
Marvin Alovera 12 kun oldin
“You look like my husband” It seems like a pickup. She wanted you you dummy!! If you continued. She would’ve showed you a picture, but handed you a mirror!! Ugh! Some people are just really oblivious
Torry —-
Torry —- 13 kun oldin
“Mmmm mmm chicken” Thats the answer for everything now
Lolgod_ 16
Lolgod_ 16 13 kun oldin
No I said Hmm hmm ice cream And I got free ice cream they thought I was cute
Khol54 Nelson
Khol54 Nelson 13 kun oldin
I loved your babysitting vids
memestar 1234
memestar 1234 13 kun oldin
Hmm hmm chicken
Sky High Skyler
Sky High Skyler 13 kun oldin
I would love it if a guy said mmm mmm chicken.
Reginal Lopez
Reginal Lopez 13 kun oldin
Haaaaaaaa Haaaaa man I feel sorry for you,I'm the usually the ladies man
Ted bear
Ted bear 13 kun oldin
I watched final space it was a Netflix original I loved it so much😍😍😍
Hector Abisai
Hector Abisai 13 kun oldin
Final Space is also in netflix
sjj sii
sjj sii 14 kun oldin
Relbo Productions
Relbo Productions 14 kun oldin
Im allergic to chicken
Funny game highlights
Look at his hand at 4:05
Martin Game
Martin Game 14 kun oldin
I like your sense of humor. Very entertaining to watch.
Israel Filoteo
Israel Filoteo 14 kun oldin
Mhmm Mhmm chicken
Mansei Ysrael Bantiyan
Nice Chicken (Wings) Moments😂😂😂
Rod Jerusalem
Rod Jerusalem 15 kun oldin
4:34 feels like I'm watching HIMYM 😂
xVlaynz 15 kun oldin
1:54 what effect is that?
TheChocolate Nub
TheChocolate Nub 15 kun oldin
i luv chicken too
Assassam1 15 kun oldin
Final Space. My favorite show 😉
Cole Jackson
Cole Jackson 15 kun oldin
Final Space has been on Netflix for a long time like before this was uploaded
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