i only ate SPONGEBOB FOODS for 24 hours!!!

Raphael Gomes
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lmao so I decided to only eat foods available on SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS for a whole day! krabby patty burger, drinkable sausage, donuts, krusty krab pizza and many more weird foods. please don't forget to subscribe.
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7-Okt, 2017

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hope and reba
hope and reba Yil oldin
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 3 kun oldin
He did not say the secret recipe
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 3 kun oldin
Don't do this he click bated you
Angel Queen
Angel Queen 10 kun oldin
He finally got 1.5 mil!!!
Logan Doyon
Logan Doyon 10 kun oldin
Tammy Washington
Tammy Washington 17 kun oldin
Im not cuz the secret formula
Misael Mendoza
Misael Mendoza 8 soat oldin
What about episode were sponge finds a new job
Wajiha A
Wajiha A 14 soat oldin
Why are the comments on his videos rn soo recent when the video came literally a year ago
ayusha basnet
ayusha basnet 16 soat oldin
U are awesome
Shawntavya bell
Shawntavya bell Kun oldin
T̟h̟e̟ f̟r̟a̟p̟a̟s̟a̟u̟s̟a̟g̟e̟ 🤣🤣😂😂😂
FnafBoi1987 Kun oldin
"Does it look like I'm trying to be healthy? No." You-- uhh...
Manglethefox XD
Manglethefox XD Kun oldin
The sausage moves around in the drink “That doesn’t look right......”
Erika Joy
Erika Joy Kun oldin
why do u always look to the side when u eat
Ujjal Das
Ujjal Das 2 kun oldin
Raphel.. you are so cuteee..😍
bleh 2 kun oldin
ThatGirlSammy C.
If you look it up the actual formula is..... NOTHING
EmTheGem 2 kun oldin
“I have no standards anyway, I’ll eat it.” 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Noob Guy
Noob Guy 2 kun oldin
0:50 2:45 i ate my marrage
Moonkittenplayz 491637
ikr seaweed is amazing 😉
NotUse AK
NotUse AK 2 kun oldin
Where is ice cream??
Kiwi King
Kiwi King 3 kun oldin
Your channel is all about food
Son Goku
Son Goku 3 kun oldin
No not kidding what's the secret formula
ThatGirlSammy C.
Look it up and it says that the secret formula is.....NOTHING
Honey Kakes
Honey Kakes Kun oldin
True fans of the show know. I know.
ARiaMARS 2005
ARiaMARS 2005 2 kun oldin
bleh 3 kun oldin
Nitra 3 kun oldin
sausage and milk ..... sike you thought I meant ..... but I meant Patrick's fav food
Lucy's life in the baby alive world
I thought you meant *****'s and **m
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 3 kun oldin
Wait seaweed comes from all Aidan countries
Puppy Doggo
Puppy Doggo 3 kun oldin
its the bikini bottom
Pastel_icecream :3
Pastel_icecream :3 3 kun oldin
Eat Reck -it-Ralph foods!😋🤤🤤
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 3 kun oldin
Roses are red, violets are blue, I got clickbated, well so did you
Perfect Flaw
Perfect Flaw 13 soat oldin
how? he only ate foods that were on the show for 24 hours. literally EXACTLY what the title says.
Lydia's vlogs & Makeup Tutorials
"I get really uncomfortable when hot things get near my face. That is also why I can't talk to my crush" 😂😂😂😂😂
doppy panda
doppy panda Kun oldin
He just rosted him self 😂
3 is my favourite colour in the Alphabet
4:50 *SHE’S THICC*
Osiris Antonio morelos
He is scared of hot things near his face that's why he doesn't talk to his crush hahhahaha
Kromium 3 kun oldin
Why so many dislikes? You don't deserve this. :(
Doge The dorito man
Samantha Alise
Samantha Alise 4 kun oldin
*Thankfully everyones replaceable in life* Words of a true man
Darrin Rumball
Darrin Rumball 4 kun oldin
You should tell plankton the secret
J Bump
J Bump 4 kun oldin
THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS I can't put a Patty on a bun with lettuce, cheese, onion, tomatoes, ketchup, musturd, pickles, and top bun together in that ORDER
anonymoose 4 kun oldin
I didn't know morgs had a brother with black hair *I'm joking 😜 great vid 👍
XT x AB 4 kun oldin
The Secret Ingredient is “a pinch of King Neptune's Poseidon Powder”
XT x AB 4 kun oldin
+anonymoose google it
anonymoose 4 kun oldin
No it's crab meat
Gacha girl 17
Gacha girl 17 4 kun oldin
Seaweed popcorn is a thing
Perkaholic Gobblegum
Actual footage of me screaming 2:03
Robloxis 4 kun oldin
he looks like girl?!
Doby Potter
Doby Potter 4 kun oldin
Robloxis ya sure about that
Edwin Jiao
Edwin Jiao 4 kun oldin
Are you blind?
Lily Bibles615
Lily Bibles615 4 kun oldin
Robloxis not really
lagg field
lagg field 4 kun oldin
The secret ingredient is actually krab meat
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 4 kun oldin
you layer
BTS_LOVER 134 4 kun oldin
Seaweed popcorn is real...sorry but just google it
Terri Martin
Terri Martin 5 kun oldin
No chum!? Plankton is a main character and u didnt make his food!
Terri Martin
Terri Martin 3 kun oldin
+Austin he made everything else but chum... I dont get it. Thats one of the other main foods!!
Austin 4 kun oldin
He should eat the chum
Ann 1807
Ann 1807 5 kun oldin
I don't have standards anyway hahaha
Kyra Toons
Kyra Toons 5 kun oldin
The secret fórmula is crab
Rashawn Thomlinson
Rashawn Thomlinson 5 kun oldin
He's lucky because the government is shut down
Rashawn Thomlinson
Rashawn Thomlinson 5 kun oldin
He said weed!!
Rashawn Thomlinson
Rashawn Thomlinson 4 kun oldin
+XT x AB yep
XT x AB 4 kun oldin
+Rashawn Thomlinson fair enough
XT x AB 4 kun oldin
+Rashawn Thomlinson ok...?
Rashawn Thomlinson
Rashawn Thomlinson 4 kun oldin
I just said he said weed I don't want to start a argument
XT x AB 4 kun oldin
Abby Lisius
Abby Lisius 5 kun oldin
When he said I got no standards I laughed so hard cause that's the literal deffion of me😂😂
Yoofi Crentsil
Yoofi Crentsil 5 kun oldin
Krabby Patty is actually crab meat
Maria Lastra
Maria Lastra 5 kun oldin
The secret furmilia is pickles
shini lin
shini lin 5 kun oldin
i dont like donuts.......😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😓😓dont hate plz its my oppinion
Ariana Boon
Ariana Boon 4 kun oldin
Way WAY too sweet
Ariana Boon
Ariana Boon 4 kun oldin
Doby Potter
Doby Potter 4 kun oldin
I don’t either at least some
Santi Garza
Santi Garza 5 kun oldin
NotToxic 5 kun oldin
Man you made me go and buy a 12 pack of Krispy Kreme ... Anyway great video.
Abella Reyes
Abella Reyes 5 kun oldin
Doby Potter
Doby Potter 4 kun oldin
Ama Adjare the answer is nothing
Ama Adjare
Ama Adjare 4 kun oldin
Abella Reyes what’s he doing wrong?...
Ep3 dagoat
Ep3 dagoat 5 kun oldin
9:51 feminists be like you just called yo girl a thing
Ella Marie Sotto
Ella Marie Sotto 6 kun oldin
I think plankton is very happy now
NicholasVlogs&StrangeThings 73663
Frappe sausage
CardLeopard_ 6 kun oldin
You should’ve made sausage gravy
Shokiii 6 kun oldin
Hey Dolli
Paddy Mcdonagh
Paddy Mcdonagh 6 kun oldin
Oooh Mr crab is gonna be mad
Jaone GMD
Jaone GMD 7 kun oldin
frisk underfell
frisk underfell 7 kun oldin
How long did u bake the kelp popcorn and it look s amazing
Margarita Alfonso
Margarita Alfonso 7 kun oldin
Hey Raphael you remind me of Justin beiber when he was tinier
TheEMaxfield5 7 kun oldin
He’s upsessed with food he is probably going to be fat in like 5 minutes
Cathy 6 kun oldin
It’s fine~ We’ll still love him :)
Artist God
Artist God 7 kun oldin
You get uncomfortable when hot things get to your face like your crush Lol same
Az 7 kun oldin
What about Chum from the Chum Bucket 😂😂
Problemx3 7 kun oldin
You should has only blended the sausage and then faded some mill or something else
Rebekah Hearn
Rebekah Hearn 7 kun oldin
Deni Balazs
Deni Balazs 7 kun oldin
The secret ingredient is crab meat
Aliyana Molina
Aliyana Molina 6 kun oldin
Well poor mr. Krabs he is eating his own family
Feraye Bekmezci
Feraye Bekmezci 7 kun oldin
seaweed popcorn is a thing its called "nori"
cattyplayer catty
cattyplayer catty 7 kun oldin
Cool dude u made something
Christina Rudning
Christina Rudning 8 kun oldin
The man that drew/made spongebob is dead😢😕🤧😣😫😩😩😫😫😩😩😫😫😩😩
victoria uwandu
victoria uwandu 7 kun oldin
Really, thanks for the info😭😭😭
Greenalienpotato Dup
I love Raphael he’s so adorable and his videos help me when I feel bad
Latisha Phagu
Latisha Phagu 8 kun oldin
Ur my new favourite
Tieline 8 kun oldin
I no what the secret flormlu it's msg and peper
thesavgegirl in the house
rip spongebob because the creater died noooooooooooooooooooooooo
Roblox Time With me
Zeeman1130 8 kun oldin
I'm in 2019
Max milianMus
Max milianMus 8 kun oldin
The secret ingredient is crab in the krabby patty
The Random Search
The Random Search 7 kun oldin
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo 8 kun oldin
scam i got trolled im impressed deserves the liv wow
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo 8 kun oldin
i ment like
Ability Abi
Ability Abi 8 kun oldin
"I created the Frapasausage!" Raphael 2019
matt time games
matt time games 8 kun oldin
He said he doesn't usually use that amount of pepperoni I was looking at the mushrooms
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 9 kun oldin
Rip SpongeBob SquarePants 😥😥😫😫😫
Lol I can cook better than you and I’m a kid! Lol (just saying but I love your videos)
Branden Smith
Branden Smith 9 kun oldin
Rip SpongeBob
Angus games 321
Angus games 321 9 kun oldin
It does
Kay Lemons
Kay Lemons 9 kun oldin
Tbh I wanted to see home eat some chum lmao💀😂
Cashton Caputo
Cashton Caputo 9 kun oldin
It is a thing the popcorn seweed
Gator - Axe333
Gator - Axe333 9 kun oldin
This Kid here
This Kid here 9 kun oldin
I WANTED TO KNOW THE FORMULA!!!!!! I HATE CLICKBAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Melissa Relova Posada
Omg I can not believe u really thought there was a secret formula....
Makenzie Kinney
Makenzie Kinney 8 kun oldin
there is no secret formula. mr. crabs did it to trick plankton there was nothing in the jar
Troy Reed
Troy Reed 9 kun oldin
Rapheal:Im not comfortable with hot things near my face.that's why I can't talk to my crush Me:oooooooookay
Elle M
Elle M 9 kun oldin
8:53 SHUCKEDD? Wha
Arnaldo Ardiente Torillo
Why is icecream not here?
Melissa Esquivel
Melissa Esquivel 9 kun oldin
Bikini bottom is a town
Hyper gaming
Hyper gaming 9 kun oldin
3:01 to 3:02 thank me later lol
mega destroyer king
I hate you right now
King Kayan
King Kayan 9 kun oldin
Im not used to rapheal not liking food
DSQ_overkill 9 kun oldin
You are the most wired but amazing youtuber it’s like no one knows why they like watching you but what they do they can’t stop We love you man 😍 keep it up
DSQ_overkill 9 kun oldin
King Kayan
King Kayan 9 kun oldin
This comment is so recent lol
moaid moaid
moaid moaid 9 kun oldin
Let's make Raphael get 1milion or more subscribers
The Random Search
The Random Search 10 kun oldin
Everybodt likes the buger people and the bikin bottom
The Random Search
The Random Search 10 kun oldin
Wait he didn't make the bugger in oder...
The Random Search
The Random Search 10 kun oldin
12:29 who is your crush? Lol
The Random Search
The Random Search 10 kun oldin
The krusty krab pizza is the pizza for you and me
Rosie Bailey
Rosie Bailey 10 kun oldin
Damm the fork is long but why though⁉️⁉️ 💯💯
Fakaanaua Alatini
Fakaanaua Alatini 10 kun oldin
Ho does he know what it tastes like
Layla Saulsberry
Layla Saulsberry 10 kun oldin
The secret kraby patty formula Is just a hamburger 🍔
Miyana Espada
Miyana Espada 10 kun oldin
*Plankton has Joined the chat*
Alina The Ultima
Alina The Ultima 10 kun oldin
Fun Fact: The Krabby Patty has Crab meat in it. have fun knowing that mr. Krabs is a cannibal ;3
Lyndi Boyer
Lyndi Boyer 10 kun oldin
You need help with cutting some vegetables dude?