I SNUCK INTO YOUTUBE REWIND 2017 (I was invited) | Behind The Scenes | NYC

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UZvid rewind is an annual large-scale production featuring over 250 of the top UZvid creators! Not sure why they asked me lolololol
Plz no demonetize this video UZvid lololoololol
This vlog was filmed in early November, 2017
Watch UZvid Rewind 2017 here: uzvid.com/video/video-FlsCjmMhFmw.html
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6-Dek, 2017

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BiTCh WhAT Kun oldin
My Enchanted Life
My Enchanted Life 2 kun oldin
My birthday whas November 6 the day before
L White
L White 5 kun oldin
Only 10% of the world population is left handed
Natalie 6 kun oldin
9:43 dad selfieeeeeee😂
Candie stone
Candie stone 9 kun oldin
At 8 minutes and 44 seconds in troom troom should steal your idea and it should be called "when you want to have a cool snack to match your nails"
Ashys crazy world
Ashys crazy world 10 kun oldin
susfinnerty 12 kun oldin
November 7th is my birthday!!
Kerry M
Kerry M 13 kun oldin
To all the people who ask how Cristine can paint her right hand, we now know, she's left handed.
Ivanna Oropeza
Ivanna Oropeza 14 kun oldin
U guys filmed the New York part on my bday
ShadøwBøy200 14 kun oldin
At least you weren't in the youtube rewind 2018 video
Penelopa Cute
Penelopa Cute 15 kun oldin
I dreaming about to one day i will been invited in UZvid rewind,for now i have only 13 subscribers :( i hope my dream i earn golden play button wil come true... :(
Tara Manojlovic
Tara Manojlovic 15 kun oldin
Is it banana taste Like holo
Christine Zamets They.Their. Pronouns
Fail is a good word
Brenda Uribe
Brenda Uribe 18 kun oldin
I want cristine to do only holo nail polish mountain
Cyber Edits
Cyber Edits 18 kun oldin
(2019 beaacchhhh)
xeliyia 19
xeliyia 19 20 kun oldin
Natalies outlet is there lol
One little troublemaker
3:51 first time cristines wearing pants!
cunha's family
cunha's family 21 kun oldin
I live in New Jersey!!!!!!!
imogenbegins 28 kun oldin
Charles Gross music at around 6 minute mark....very New York.
Abby The Lemon
Abby The Lemon 29 kun oldin
My cousins live in New York and I live in the mid south in virginia
Leila Saldana
Leila Saldana Oy oldin
my teacher is in NYC law school im also in 5th grade 📖 now i was in 4th when she left
waffle rule
waffle rule Oy oldin
This was on my sister's birthday omg
𝓣𝓸𝓾𝓴𝓪  𝓰𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓽𝓱
I’m drinking green tea and when you said that you spilled the tea I spilled my tea all over myself because I laughed 😂💔
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet Oy oldin
Why isn't she in UZvid Rewind 2018? I'm disappointed
freya Oy oldin
If they made her rewind glasses holo I’d dieeeeee
mugdha patki
mugdha patki Oy oldin
Again here after the YR 2018😬😬
Virginia Covadonga
I live in New York trust me it's not do omg wow it's ok
KIKI D Oy oldin
Who's here after You Tube Rewind 2018 disappointes af ? And there was no Cristine???
Harley Mutanga
who is watching in december 2018?
Nikki Luvyan
Nikki Luvyan Oy oldin
*No_one ever DIES*
bash Oy oldin
I've never understood that accent she used.
Humna Chaudhary
Concrete jungle, wet dreams are made of (pretty sure my lyrics are idc)
Idk what to name this Lol
iman 07679
iman 07679 Oy oldin
Ben if you want the ben loves bananas thing to be gone dont eat the FREAKIN banana painted in HOLO
Elise Ramnarine
I was talking to my grandma and noticed that she was wearing HOLO nail polish
Gina - Slaught
See people it isnt just the brits that love tea its the Canadians as well 🍵😂
Wolfy Oy oldin
You know you're not from NewYork when you wait for the green lights 😂
jazzy potato
jazzy potato 2 oy oldin
Does anyone have snapchat if so add me @itz_jazzy71
Broken Bxtch
Broken Bxtch 2 oy oldin
3:40 oof the rainbow flag on the balcony :)
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen 2 oy oldin
CAMO MILE!??!??!?!?! WTF
Shaira Ramgoolam
Shaira Ramgoolam 2 oy oldin
How's watching November 7th 2018
A_Nightcore_Fan ?!
Mecala Gill
Mecala Gill 2 oy oldin
Woo! Watching this on its 1 year anniversary and I didn't even know!
Paola Energya
Paola Energya 2 oy oldin
It's been a year since this video... UZvid Rewind 2018?
cookie monster101
3:41 theres a pride flag hanging
Elisabeth Morris
Elisabeth Morris 2 oy oldin
That rare time Cristine wears jeans
KayKitty292 Boelts
I can’t wait for UZvid rewind 2018
Acharppygirl 2 oy oldin
Ben eating a banana 8:26
Idk Studios
Idk Studios 2 oy oldin
I went to new York and saw a cowboy in a underwear and skates
Winter Storm
Winter Storm 2 oy oldin
*DoEs ThIs MeAn ThE wAtErS fReE?*
Chandrakala Venkatesh
dad jeans 1:17
(Holy) Rachananun Dhampanun
November 6 is my birthday 1:48
Reilly Cafferty
Reilly Cafferty 2 oy oldin
1:47 my b-day is Nov. 7😃🎂
Nieve wallman
Nieve wallman 2 oy oldin
that day I would be celebrating my my birthday because my birthday is on November 7th 2008.
Nouzi balouzi _person
UZvid rewind 2017 was shot 2 days before my birthday!!!!!!
Sharifah Falisha
Sharifah Falisha 2 oy oldin
I didnt see the ghost until cristine flipped her hair back.
Gymnast Em
Gymnast Em 3 oy oldin
OMG the tiny fancy babies are back !!!!!
Coco Elizabeth
Coco Elizabeth 3 oy oldin
omg i am watching this and you were filming on november 7 my birthday oh and my parents hate you but i do not care anymore
Hannah Cross
Hannah Cross 3 oy oldin
Does anyone know where to get the perfect tea mug?
Hannah Cross
Hannah Cross 3 oy oldin
Cristen, you are the reason I am trying tea for the first time. No srsly, I actually raided the cupboard because my mom used to drink tea... I found lots of peppermint tea.
Angela Genel
Angela Genel 3 oy oldin
poor beyn got exposed
Mavis Vermilion
Mavis Vermilion 3 oy oldin
I just found some really good tea. And it was the BEst. I would say the name but it’s to good for u
Qween Emily
Qween Emily 3 oy oldin
I screenshoted that holo banana 🍌
Marion The Artsy
Marion The Artsy 3 oy oldin
Pride flag at 3:41 yasss
XxJanxX Gacha
XxJanxX Gacha 3 oy oldin
If i had instagram shes the only one i would follow
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 3 oy oldin
9:18 is so cute
Bea E.
Bea E. 3 oy oldin
Is it only me who noticed that the holo polish on the banana peel matches Cristine's nails?😂
Felicity ghen teimpo
Felicity ghen teimpo
Jam 3 oy oldin
Omg November 7th is my birthday
Elīza Meldere
Elīza Meldere 3 oy oldin
Cristine is so cute in this video😊🤗
Natasha Lilly
Natasha Lilly 3 oy oldin
While you were in New York did you see a Broadway show
Jessie Alvarez
Jessie Alvarez 3 oy oldin
Ben :so your just going to leave this team on the ground Cristine :Ben i spiled the tea
Catimations :3
Catimations :3 3 oy oldin
I'm supposed to be at school right now
Sandy Parsley
Sandy Parsley 3 oy oldin
Come to indana
Avery Of Randomness
You should try to make holo sweatpants 🎇I know i know your welcome
Lily Sabry
Lily Sabry 3 oy oldin
Hahahahahahaha 2:20 lol
Adam Lengyel
Adam Lengyel 3 oy oldin
That was on my birthday 6 November when this was posted last year
AMorest_07 3 oy oldin
Ruby Phillips
Ruby Phillips 3 oy oldin
Shoot day was my birthday!
Emily Welch
Emily Welch 4 oy oldin
NEW YORK CITY!!!!! There more to New York then New York City why people can’t be able get it through their head
Rebecca Is Random
You would love my gran she has 5 cups of tea a day
Arlette Wrold
Arlette Wrold 4 oy oldin
Omg the squirrel. Soo cute
My name is dev. Yeah, I said dev
Washington Arch! Every year they would have a parade for hindus
Tiraffe 4 oy oldin
What's on your hand
Mirella Arteaga
Mirella Arteaga 4 oy oldin
Yesterday was my birthday (November 6)
Salama Almitawa
Salama Almitawa 4 oy oldin
I agree holy howel or Howell
Ryan Meneo
Ryan Meneo 4 oy oldin
5:46 amaze like furbies
Tumbling 4life
Tumbling 4life 4 oy oldin
This was 3 days before my birthday!
GummyBear Girl
GummyBear Girl 4 oy oldin
That squirrel is a subscriber
Helena Nguyen
Helena Nguyen 4 oy oldin
I’m a New Yorker so this was amazing
Martina Heimo
Martina Heimo 4 oy oldin
Cristine: I spilled the tea Ben: .....f*ck Me: DYING😂😂😂😂
Aine Cates
Aine Cates 4 oy oldin
Are you Greg
Klara G
Klara G 4 oy oldin
Ben takes Selfies like a dad
Plamena Gospodinova
you should have swetapants merch collaboration with roots canada :D
GG Dutton
GG Dutton 4 oy oldin
Therapist: Are you gay? Me: No. Therapist: Are you straight? Me: No. Therapist: Are you bi? Me: No. Therapist: Are you pan? Me: No! Therapist: Well what are you then? Me: H💿L💿 Sexuall !!!
Sierra Vlogs
Sierra Vlogs 4 oy oldin
I don’t know what a Hotel is I only know what a Holotell is #holosexual
Shashti Maharaj
Shashti Maharaj 4 oy oldin
beynnnnns red
Ms.Pugs23 4 oy oldin
i live in nyc!
Katie's Channel
Katie's Channel 4 oy oldin
Nov 7th is my birthday lol :)
2 oy oldin