i spent $1056 on this. *sorry mom*

Haley Pham
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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
i hope ya'll enjoyed the most insane haul of my life lol that was too much and i'm trying to not regret it! yay for buying my first victoria's secret bras woohoo 2019 lets go yay girly pops phamily yeet.
Victoria’s Secret
Mauve bra: go.magik.ly/ml/j9hm/
Black shorts: go.magik.ly/ml/j9hr/
Black pj romper: go.magik.ly/ml/j9hu/
Blue velvet romper: go.magik.ly/ml/j9hx/
Red cherry undies: go.magik.ly/ml/j9i1/
3 Strap undies: go.magik.ly/ml/j9i3/
Lace undies: go.magik.ly/ml/j9i4/
Pink robe: go.magik.ly/ml/j9ib/
Beauty blender: go.magik.ly/ml/j9is/
Marc jacobs dew drops: go.magik.ly/ml/j9it/
Lip sleeping mask: go.magik.ly/ml/j9iu/
Mint lip balm: go.magik.ly/ml/j9iw/
Rose bud salve: go.magik.ly/ml/j9ix/
Benefit gimme brow mini: go.magik.ly/ml/j9iz/
Anastasia brow gel: go.magik.ly/ml/j9j1/
Contour brush: go.magik.ly/ml/j9j2/
Fenty beauty match stix trio: go.magik.ly/ml/j9j3/
Fenty beauty killawatt highlighter duo: go.magik.ly/ml/j9j5/
Sephora sheet face masks: go.magik.ly/ml/j9j7/
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4-Yan, 2019

haleyphamhaley phamhaul$1000 haultry on haulvictorias secret brasi spent $1000i spent $1056 on this *sorry mom*sephorabath and body workslush



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jasmine rose
jasmine rose 5 soat oldin
hi Haley! you're probably not going to read this but it's ok. I just wanted to tell you that I have been watching you for about 4 years now, and you have grown so much! I found you as a dancer but then I got addicted to your videos so here I am now still watching you're videos! so keep it up, I love you so much! 💕💕
Emily George
Emily George 14 soat oldin
Yesss do spa night
Mel Kealani
Mel Kealani 14 soat oldin
Feeling girly all of a sudden? Is it because of... Ahem ahem... *THE BOYFRIEND* **piano screeching in the background**
Kassandra Gibson
Kassandra Gibson 16 soat oldin
pleease do a spa night vid
Lily Mammel
Lily Mammel 18 soat oldin
Drink every time she says cute
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez 18 soat oldin
Dispite the many hair flips where you ate you hair I loved this vid ❤❤❤
mndi 19 soat oldin
this video is makin me want to spend my paycheck
mndi 19 soat oldin
babe if u wanna go to coachella, do it! Ppl will always have something to say, but don't miss out on some cool memories bc of it.
Sophie Y
Sophie Y 23 soat oldin
Be careful from the bath and body works plug in things because I’ve heard that they can just start on fire. So just be careful 👍🏻
Sarah Nguyen
Sarah Nguyen Kun oldin
right as you sneezed the ads came on xD
Becca Quinsler
Becca Quinsler Kun oldin
This vid was so uplifting !!
Hana Kun oldin
spA dAY!
Yasmin El-bakaoui
From where is her necklace?
khushi chadha
khushi chadha Kun oldin
4:25 is a meme face
Sofia Pirola
Sofia Pirola Kun oldin
this is the first video i’m watching from your channel and i already subscribed :)) love this video
Ava Carter
Ava Carter Kun oldin
Honestly you deserve this 😌😌😌
leea smith
leea smith Kun oldin
is she trans?
Adeola Kun oldin
A true girly pop✨
Lulu’s Corner
Lulu’s Corner Kun oldin
Can you do a spa video?!!!
Lili King
Lili King Kun oldin
“i hate social situations” me too girl, me too
Eliza White
Eliza White Kun oldin
glad u treating urselfff😁🥰
tea 2 kun oldin
this is literally the first time I watched a haul video all the way through wow
Kizwi 2 kun oldin
I love this
Emma Hahner
Emma Hahner 2 kun oldin
one of the few peoples hauls that i actually get sad when they end
Sad Hours
Sad Hours 2 kun oldin
if you close your eyes and listen, it is said you can hear haley's bank account crying
chrissie 2 kun oldin
5:38 did u just sneeze up
Diya A
Diya A 2 kun oldin
when ya get a bf and change into a full adult woman. (this doesn't make sense but yeah).
Paige Elise
Paige Elise 2 kun oldin
You should try the lush massage bars they make your skin so soft
Stupid Hoe
Stupid Hoe 2 kun oldin
There is a scammer that is acting like u so just watch out 😁
Sopha Gamache
Sopha Gamache 2 kun oldin
This took me three days to watch I have no time because of school!!
Golden Maknae Kookie
Wow I am new to your channel and it’s great! Also, I was just thinking how nice your hoodie was and then you said it was your merch, you should be proud!
Adreanna Johnson
Adreanna Johnson 2 kun oldin
That’s a lie about thongs 😂 that’s almost all I wear and I’ve only ever once had problems sooooo
Isabella Sarff
Isabella Sarff 2 kun oldin
Did anyone else see the thing in her hair on the left?😂
Em’s makeup
Em’s makeup 3 kun oldin
12:24 “it’s fine for me because my hair kinda produces oil” hahaha that got me dead 😂
Nevaeh DeHerrera
Nevaeh DeHerrera 3 kun oldin
You make my day soooo much better! 💕😊
Gracie Bennett
Gracie Bennett 3 kun oldin
Do a spa night!!
please don’t judge
does anyone know where she got her pants/joggers?
toni weihnachten
toni weihnachten 3 kun oldin
u became so basic white girl... i don't call that "my girly side's cominb out" i rather call it "i'm influenced by society and now believe i need this because stuff defines me as a society member"
Emma Rubylyn
Emma Rubylyn 3 kun oldin
"some bath mom's died"
Emma Rubylyn
Emma Rubylyn 3 kun oldin
You look like facetuned Zane Hijazi
Natalie s
Natalie s 3 kun oldin
Sup It's Me, Natalie
no offense but I don't like those bed sheets.
Grace Gattuso
Grace Gattuso 3 kun oldin
Amber Joy
Amber Joy 3 kun oldin
Sarah Young
Sarah Young 3 kun oldin
A true girly pop ❤️
Joslyn Wilcox
Joslyn Wilcox 3 kun oldin
a true girly pop
erin smith vlogs
erin smith vlogs 3 kun oldin
a true girlyvpop
Ashlyn Van Houten
Ashlyn Van Houten 4 kun oldin
I have the same llama wallflower and love it 😊 also love you
Rose Collingridge
Rose Collingridge 4 kun oldin
you look like demi lovato
Janelle Reece
Janelle Reece 4 kun oldin
i am a true girly pop that really enjoyed the pampering video and i hope you do more!! btw haley is SO CUTE and i love seeing her so excited to have cute things because ive really been growing out of my "hating everything associated to being girly" phase so its encouraging to see haley enjoying herself