i tested mind blowing food CONSPIRACIES of 2018

Raphael Gomes
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you know how much i love paranormal and conspiracy theory videos and i found some sketchy things that happened in the food industry in 2018. in this video we expose them and we test how scary they are, i hope you like it and subscribe thank you!
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7-Yan, 2019



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Jasmine House
Jasmine House 2 kun oldin
I hope those who have fallen from the resteraunts and stores are in a better place and are somewhat happy. But unrelated note I once found a dead fly fried into my chicken from a local Chinese delivery place. We called back and they said it wasnt possible and that they would send someone to investigate. Never happened. Me and my friend never got anything from there again
EmilyM 727
EmilyM 727 2 kun oldin
This made me so sad and now my ocd is triggerd 😥 r.i.p
charlotte apostel
charlotte apostel 3 kun oldin
The thing that wasn’t mentioned here is the girl who passed away her Eppy pen or pens weren’t actually sufficient
ShadowWolf Girl
ShadowWolf Girl 6 kun oldin
Well it looks like I’m never going into Tesco again!
Judy Anderson
Judy Anderson 6 kun oldin
Judy Anderson
Judy Anderson 6 kun oldin
Pray for the dead ones
Lidya Sheikh
Lidya Sheikh 7 kun oldin
Cut your fruit open before you eat it. Then you would be able to avoid the needles.
Memory Sola
Memory Sola 8 kun oldin
Pray for the dead ones
Bryan Molina
Bryan Molina 8 kun oldin
I can't believe this
Rahad Hussain
Rahad Hussain 9 kun oldin
I Love your videos
XxDNAxX6 YT 9 kun oldin
لله اكبر
I’m a nobody Because im everyone
Glad that in the US they say may contain common allergies related food
Peces Online
Peces Online 18 kun oldin
Stop using glovo adds im dying
Leo Leo henriksen
Leo Leo henriksen 13 kun oldin
Peces Online i know
Tatum Lindsey
Tatum Lindsey 19 kun oldin
My school has Horse meat instead of cow meat that’s why i don’t eat at lunch
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 13 kun oldin
It’s Me Mechele
It’s Me Mechele 21 kun oldin
That moment when Raphael says he is going to show us the pictures on his phone but never does.
Holly Fox
Holly Fox 22 kun oldin
How can someone swallow a needle?
twin cherry
twin cherry 4 kun oldin
+kayla c that's a lot of work to harm people...smh
kayla c
kayla c 12 kun oldin
Holly Fox they said they were fragments not like a full needle so i suspect she cut them in pieces and stuck them in there
Holly Fox
Holly Fox 12 kun oldin
+Yuz Kappy eww I dont wanna imagine how this feels
Yuz Kappy
Yuz Kappy 13 kun oldin
I think people who eat fast wouldn’t notice since they chew the food fast and little
ann- jessica recio
ann- jessica recio 27 kun oldin
Really loving this vid, this opens up the eyes of the food industry to how threatening it is if they don't do their job well. I'm allergic to dairy and gluten, luckily not too severe allergy but every time I accidentally eat food with dairy, I'd feel like dying, I'd get diarrhea and feel like vomiting at the same time like my body is fighting in the inside to elliminate the stuff, then after some days Id get pimples and inflammation. Literally the worst.
Blomman 95
Blomman 95 18 kun oldin
stop ur making me vomit🤢🤢🤢🤢🐲🐉🐲🐉🌳🌴🌱🌱🍃☘️☘️🍀🍀🌵🎄🍃🌿🎋🎍
ann- jessica recio
ann- jessica recio 27 kun oldin
Loving your videos. 😍 They're really informative and interesting. Please make more conspiracy theory videos.
Kayda Playz
Kayda Playz 27 kun oldin
Which 14:07
Kayda Playz
Kayda Playz 27 kun oldin
6:47 lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Sofía Hénault
Sofía Hénault 27 kun oldin
*Me: watching this eating strawberries* * Also me: Starts doing surgery to my strawberries*
mai alh
mai alh 13 kun oldin
lil turq
lil turq 29 kun oldin
Your voice is so relaxing
Jayson Weed
Jayson Weed Oy oldin
Not a conspiracy when the police arrest her
Archi Khatri
Archi Khatri Oy oldin
Speed 1.25X 🔥💪 Thank me later By giving a like♥️♥️🔥
Jayson Weed
Jayson Weed Oy oldin
1.5 Speed is better
Sofia TV
Sofia TV Oy oldin
Thank you
Jaleel Perreira
Anyone else know why he sounding like a robot when he is talking because u can hear the weird robot like noise when he speaks
twin cherry
twin cherry 4 kun oldin
+Jaleel Perreira hmmm
Jaleel Perreira
Jaleel Perreira 4 kun oldin
+twin cherry that is not what i was talking about
twin cherry
twin cherry 4 kun oldin
He has a different accent from you.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Oy oldin
Cayden Diaz
Cayden Diaz Oy oldin
How is food labeling not required?! To me, it's a given. You can't buy anything without a list of ingredients where I live.
Its Andrea
Its Andrea Oy oldin
Dalida Tobya
Dalida Tobya Oy oldin
I live in Australia and the strawberry one is true its so scary so i havent ate strawberries in like months😢😨😱😵😰😔😖😫😭😿🙀🙊💔👎
Sxbah Oy oldin
**Shane Dawson has left the chatroom**
Eva Ardzevičiūtė
About strawberry’s... It’s happened in my country too (Lithuania) whit bananas
Life with Ezzy
Your so amazing !!!and make really awesome videos !!💎💛😁
jaden Jackson
jaden Jackson Oy oldin
shane dawson has now exited the chat
Nour Omair
Nour Omair Oy oldin
Rest in peace
silvana Ramírez Wiella Mercado
Shane Dawson has entered the chat
Jungkook's girlfriend Army
I'm eating a box of grape tomatoes 😅
Elizabeth Rose
Shane dawson, who?
Emery Moore
Emery Moore Oy oldin
I cut open one of my fruits before i eat them
Nefeli Blossom
Is it just me or canned food looks disgusting? Sorry abt that
Palm tree dolls And more!
Nefeli Blossom I agree it looks like cat food!
Quote Girl
Quote Girl Oy oldin
no i agree
Madison Gamble
The curry story 🤮 and the stuff in the bowl looks like dog food
Flame Miller
Flame Miller Oy oldin
Gazza3v3rfruit XxgoldenfruitxX
Oh no that girl should not have ate the baguette😢
Poor girl...
Alicia Truong
Alicia Truong Oy oldin
I live in Australia and when the whole strawberry thing happened everyone went crazy. The news was flooding with Story about needles in fruit. I remember at school my friends would have their fruit sliced in half instead of whole because their parents watched the news about all the story’s.
Hope Australia takes care of the grapes too
Autumn sexton
Autumn sexton Oy oldin
I used to be HIGHLY ALLERGIC to eggs when I was a baby and latex ( plastic and rubber mixed ) but I'm not allergic to eggs any more but I'm still allergic to latex if latex gets in contact with my skin I will get blisters like if I put a latex band-aid on I will have a blister that looks like it ☹️
He’s so cuteeeee Why did I say that 😣😣😣😳😳😳😶😶😶
TeteDreamz Oy oldin
Shane Dawson is shook👀
DogLover_Dollies :3
I've never ate anything from pret And I never am
Hanna Lebuse
Hanna Lebuse Oy oldin
_Gave me Shane Dawson conspiracy vibes_ _Especially with the music and the short _*_spooky_*_ clips_
LPS Sparkletails
Im so sad for The girl that was allergic and died. 💔😢My mum is allergic to that too and to nuts, and she does not buy bread or any other pastries in stores anymore. Instead she has to bake her own. Because once she was going buy something from a café i think, and she asked If there is anything that she is not allergic to. And they answeared that they are bakning everything in the same machines and traes, so they could not garanti that it was 100% free from nuts. And some years before that happend she allready had a shock of allergi, so she dont want to buy anything more than ingredience to things she can make at home, and that she is 100% sure she can eat.
Kathleen Moritz
Home baked/homemade is always best! It smells so good, tastes so good and is so much more healthier than store bought. Plus it costs less too to cook and bake at home. I hope your mom and you have healthy, happy days ahead... Some of my most cherished memories are of cooking with my mom and grandma. Much love from southern California
Bianca’s edits/vlogs
I’m from Australia and this stopped me from buying fruit for ages
Electro_ Wolfie
Next time I eat strawberries I will cut it in half first
GachaGinger 13
His voice got shakier once he started talking about Pret
dragon shua
dragon shua Oy oldin
wait I eat at pret and like a lot! omg ah
Abbey Nelson
Abbey Nelson Oy oldin
Also what ATTACK what are u saying
Abbey Nelson
Abbey Nelson Oy oldin
You overexadurate Sox don’t know how to spell
Abbey Nelson
Abbey Nelson Oy oldin
This was like 6 months ago I live in Australia and I’m telling u no one was scared cuz no one got STABBED!,,, as he said it so ya no u don’t live there no one was panicking
# Ghosty
# Ghosty Oy oldin
The pret one wasn't really that dark it was just mistakes the some other stores may also commit but the darkest one was needles in the strawberrys just because this was an actual crime and I am a really big fan of strawberry and this video ruined it for me
X3pen9 Oy oldin
Giving ideas for people to try this
Elissavet Argiriou
Sorry for the random comment but *WHAT A QUALITY CONTENT* I love this channel👏👏👏
Milesthewolf meme23
*Australia does not exist* *Conspiracy busted*
dragon shua
dragon shua Oy oldin
Shayla Charlton also like "there" nobody gonna correct her-okay?
Milesthewolf meme23
+Shayla Charlton you imagine
Shayla Charlton
I live their
the make up chair
ok that butthole one its a smashed bean or something like chill. the girl dying thats why you ask about it
I have strawberries in my lunch...
Marta Anioł
Marta Anioł Oy oldin
I want to throw up :'( btw love your videos but this is sooo scaryyy
Abby Nowlan
Abby Nowlan Oy oldin
And people are also putting them in cucumbers. And tomatoes
Lauren Oy oldin
im australian and i still dont eat strawberries lol.
Depressed Potato
I’m watching this at 1:04 at night and this music scared the shit outta me and now I can’t sleep. Really good video though.
HotDonkey Oy oldin
LOL rip
Crazy Cat and Cooking
Anyone think there is an echo or something up with his audio on this video
Sunshine Jasmine
I just realized how cute you are 😂
Sunshine Jasmine
+Lauren James lol true
Lauren James
Lauren James Oy oldin
Sunshine Jasmine how did you not notice right away
UnaLexicu Yt
UnaLexicu Yt Oy oldin
Sunshine Jasmine lol 😂
Homosapien No94628
I don't know about my allergies but this one time i ate a chocolate bar which had coconut inside it and i ate like half of it but i had to play a badminton match so i saved the other half for later. While i was playing the second game, my heartbeat was really really fast, and im not talking about how it normally is when you're doing extensive exercise, it was abnormally fast, so fast that my chest hurt and it was getting very difficult to breath but i let it go and after the third match was over i couldn't control any of my senses and i don't remember anything for the next 10 minutes after that, all i remember is sitting down and how everything felt like it was in slow motion. But me being me, i didn't tell anyone and when it got a little better i drank some water and it got a wee bit better. My heart rate was accelerating the entire day after so it couldn't have been because of the extensive activity and i have a sneaking suspicion that it was because of that coconut chocolate.. but i can't be sure
Homosapien No94628
+The gamers From uranus ..
Homosapien No94628
+Life with Ezzy thanks xD
Life with Ezzy
Your picture tho 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Whiskey Daniels
I am allergic to coco and cherry tomatoes and what frustrates me about the yogurt story is how she knew there was yogurt in there so she checked and they said it wasn't dairy and instead of just not risking it and choosing something she was 100% sure of she was like "well, they said it was fine....I'm just going to blindly trust them." Bitch, I don't even trust my own mother with my allergies. Unless it's made in front of my own eyes so that I can 100% verify that there is no coco or cherry tomatoes in it I don't even consider putting it near my mouth. If I don't trust it, It's not going down my throat
Bhumika __
Bhumika __ Oy oldin
Your voice is attractive.
Lyune Twuanne
Lyune Twuanne Oy oldin
Put it on 0.25x 😂😂
jUngKooK iS sTiLl a BAbY bOi
Lyune Twuanne I’m dead 😂💀
Peta O'Brien
Peta O'Brien Oy oldin
Strawberry thing happened in NZ but the lady faked it xD put needles in her own strawberrys
Manuel Martinez
That scared me 😬🤭
ex dee
ex dee Oy oldin
Where are you from, I love your accent ugh
Arwa Derouiche
Yeah he's from Portugal and he lives in London
Homosapien No94628
+ex dee no worries :)
ex dee
ex dee Oy oldin
thanks for the info sir or ma’am
Homosapien No94628
He's originally from Portugal but he moved to London
• lemon pie •
I think he said Germany? Idk.. ;-;
GamerGirl Plays2
I'm afraid to eat now.
UnaLexicu Yt
UnaLexicu Yt Oy oldin
GamerGirl Plays2 me to lol 😂
earthworm sally
Come on Australia what are we doing
iitskeykey !
iitskeykey ! Oy oldin
all that canned food looks so gross
BerryKnots 14
BerryKnots 14 Oy oldin
When he’s cute AF 😭😭💖💖💖
Jake Godley (L1TSHOT)
You sound like a robot
jungkook soobin
GamerWolf W
GamerWolf W Oy oldin
The can meat looks like wet cat food or wet dog food
karma j110
karma j110 Oy oldin
Yesss i don't understand how people can eat that, it looks so gross and disgusting🤢
Guess Who?
Guess Who? Oy oldin
I ha vs never heard ur accent. I know its from the UK but which country?
Guess Who?
Guess Who? Oy oldin
+Blueraptor 718 Portugal is in Europe lmao
Blueraptor 718
Guess Who? Nah probably From Europe
Guess Who?
Guess Who? Oy oldin
+Nivedya Raj oh thx
Nivedya Raj
Nivedya Raj Oy oldin
He's from Portugal. Thats the accent
Dark assassin Gaming
Im not going to eat for a few days
Dark assassin Gaming
This was on the news in Australia i know this because i live in Australia
Squidney :3
Squidney :3 Oy oldin
This is the trashiest comment section I’ve ever seen on a UZvid video No likes... *at all* I usually see a top comment But guess what *none*
mochipeachtea Oy oldin
we could just cut up the strawberries lol
Siiri Mäkinen
Actually, in my country there has been needles too.. But in fries!
Free Coupon
Free Coupon Oy oldin
oh gosh
Salma Yasser
Salma Yasser Oy oldin
Siiri Mäkinen Omg really?
Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon Oy oldin
All the things he tried are fake it all seems to be the same thing he said
Hi I love kalen
The strawberry I know for a fact was real.
Mia Singarella
Savage Dragon it’s not fake I am from Australia and this was all over the news about these strawberry’s so there’s the facts
Abbey Nelson
Abbey Nelson Oy oldin
But I do get what u mean and he is saying it’s scary and all I live there and I’m feeling ya no one was scared at all and we did not go searching for needels
potatoes slime
... 🤢🤢🤢🤢
potatoes slime
It's like 3 or 4 days into 2018. What's the day oh it is the 4th hmm so it's the 3rd wow
potatoes slime
+Hufflepuff Rules I meant 2019 and it is Feb 2
Hufflepuff Rules
potatoes slime you mean 2019 and it’s the 1st
Iman Chikh Ahmad
Trash is the safest food you can eat👌🏻
Iman Chikh Ahmad
+Free Coupon Ummmm... But still better than die with needles in my tummy
Free Coupon
Free Coupon Oy oldin
and you die.
Now this makes me to not eat anything anymore cuz I’m scared for my life
justin benedikt
and die from starving, good job!
Mr. Cat Lover
Mr. Cat Lover Oy oldin
Me too.
DaRriL loKOmOko
If that actually was a cats anus....we are gonna have some problems tesco
minnie flower
minnie flower Oy oldin
PRET NEEDS LAWSUITS after one DEATH they blamed the girl for what happened when the list of ingredients should be on the package and a label saying food allergy the second death they blamed on another company to avoid a lawsuit against themselves and wanted to put the blame yet again on others when I know the yogurt company has no dairy what so ever 😑 smh PRET DESERVES A LAWSUIT AND TO BE SHUT DOWN!!
bch wut
bch wut Oy oldin
Use playback speed in 1.25x You're welcome
Hi I love kalen
indigocean subs me too! Ahha
langdon whatsoever
i use this speed in all of his videos
Joran de Vries
Actually sounds better 😂
Brandon Noel
Brandon Noel Oy oldin
bebe bebe
bebe bebe Oy oldin
im scared to your voice
Life with Ezzy
bebe bebe his voice is sexy that accent 😋
helle vassbotn
Scared to his voice? Or of his voice?
Richard Thach
Richard Thach Oy oldin
When was granny real? Lmao
Addy's World
Addy's World Oy oldin
Y did I watch this I'm scared now.....
Kookies&Suga Oy oldin
I loved this video 💓
i let TINDER pick my foods for 24 hours !!!
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i only made KRIS JENNER RECIPES for a day
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