i tested mind blowing food CONSPIRACIES of 2018

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you know how much i love paranormal and conspiracy theory videos and i found some sketchy things that happened in the food industry in 2018. in this video we expose them and we test how scary they are, i hope you like it and subscribe thank you!
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7-Yan, 2019

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Chicken Noodlesoup
Chicken Noodlesoup 5 daqiqa oldin
I live in Australia but luckily I never found a needle in my strawberries P.S. i love strawberries 💕
Kawaii chan
Kawaii chan Soat oldin
The first one: eat fruit they said....you will be healthy you said........
EmiRachelNatalie 2 soat oldin
Lmao the needle in strawberry one was a huge scandal in Australia and New Zealand
Chicken Noodlesoup
Chicken Noodlesoup 9 daqiqa oldin
EmiRachelNatalie I know even one of my friends found one in their strawberry but luckily their mum cut it
Bad idea to eat strawberries and grapes while watching this ....🥵
Elisa Bazgir
Elisa Bazgir 2 soat oldin
I live in Australia
? 4 soat oldin
This is amazing. Breathe if you agree.
Dark Night
Dark Night 2 soat oldin
is it wrong i don't breathe
lou 5 soat oldin
seeing on the news every day that people were adding more and more terrifying things into fruit was fucking *terrifying.* i remember one kid nearly stalling a needing at school. I thought australia was supposed to be remotely safe?! i cut all my strawberries in half now before eating them and most other fruits too. just in case...
Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn 5 soat oldin
oh shit I just ate a strawberry a few minutes ago
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg 5 soat oldin
Kettle Corn make sure your other strawberries don’t contain any needles 😊
Bontle Mantjane
Bontle Mantjane 5 soat oldin
Not in SOUTH AFRICA 🙂🙂😟😯
Gracie Sneddon
Gracie Sneddon 5 soat oldin
Holy cowww
Priya Stewart
Priya Stewart 5 soat oldin
I live in Australia and luckily I didn’t bite into a needle
Tara Potato
Tara Potato 5 soat oldin
Thank god your ok I’m not in Australia but I’m so happy your ok I wish you a long healthy life
Abbie Thornton
Abbie Thornton 6 soat oldin
it looks like dog food
APieZz Miraculous
APieZz Miraculous 7 soat oldin
I love this dude. But he talks quite slow, which some people need but I have to speed the video up 😅
Brooklyn Schmeidler
Brooklyn Schmeidler 4 soat oldin
Yeah i had to speed up the video🙃
• Anonymous •
• Anonymous • 6 soat oldin
APieZz Miraculous IKR, like I love his channel but omg
Eyes Cream
Eyes Cream 7 soat oldin
... the beef stuff looked like cat food.. also.. why is this video so scary?
Sienna Johnson
Sienna Johnson 7 soat oldin
I am Australian and my friend bit into an apple and found a needle in it Edit: she got the apple from Aldo and not coles or woolies/Woolworths
Panday43 aj
Panday43 aj 4 soat oldin
Abbie Thornton
Abbie Thornton 6 soat oldin
its only happening in australia
sip the tea !
sip the tea ! 7 soat oldin
Bontle Mantjane
Bontle Mantjane 5 soat oldin
Kaya Puckett
Kaya Puckett 8 soat oldin
She was soooo little
_ KawaiiKitten _
_ KawaiiKitten _ 8 soat oldin
Who else is like obsessed with his accent
Crystal fox130
Crystal fox130 9 soat oldin
How serious he is while doing a conspiracy theory reminds me of Shane daweson
crazycatartlol 9 soat oldin
Who else is getting Shane Dawson vibes
Brianna Pineda
Brianna Pineda 10 soat oldin
Is it just me or did anyone else think that the tesco meat looked like dog food
Gachaverselover_ Isabella
Brianna Pineda I thought it was cat food in disguise
HarryPotter Fan4ever
HarryPotter Fan4ever 11 soat oldin
I don’t know what an ‘aines’ is. I also don’t know how to spell it lol
_ KawaiiKitten _
_ KawaiiKitten _ 8 soat oldin
It’s spelled ‘anus’ and it is basically a butt hole in simple terms
Jordy 13 soat oldin
My crush: me "acting natural" : 6:24
Julissa Valenzuela
Julissa Valenzuela 14 soat oldin
Watching this during the gov. shut down knowing the FDA isn't inspecting our foods anymore!! Truly terrified!
Nastassja S.
Nastassja S. 15 soat oldin
Can you do a vegan video, cause of Veganuary?
yoongi's butt
yoongi's butt 15 soat oldin
Shane Dawson who?
Gachaverselover_ Isabella
yoongi's butt 😂
Megan M uwu
Megan M uwu 14 soat oldin
Oh, hi there
Melissa O Shea
Melissa O Shea 16 soat oldin
the music and the like scary beats😂freaky ahha
Sigrid Pärm
Sigrid Pärm 16 soat oldin
That was amazing! Those are like food horror stories
Rebecca Kronberg
Rebecca Kronberg 17 soat oldin
00:01 3 or 4 no 7
Haylee B
Haylee B 17 soat oldin
Anetka 18 soat oldin
1,25 speed ok
Mitchell Newland
Mitchell Newland 20 soat oldin
They actually did it at the farms I'm an Australian
Sienna Johnson
Sienna Johnson 7 soat oldin
Mitchell Newland I’m an Aussie 2
Grace Currie
Grace Currie 21 soat oldin
The thumbnail left all the Aussies shook 🍓🍓🇦🇺🇦🇺
Sienna Johnson
Sienna Johnson 7 soat oldin
Right I’m an Aussie btw
Monsta 21 soat oldin
In Lithuania there was a niddle in a banana thankfully that the people didn't eat it they just cut it up
Emeterio Galeon
Emeterio Galeon 14 soat oldin
Ik that cuz of my friend :D
Domux Ok
Domux Ok 18 soat oldin
Laba diena :DD
NO HATERS IN THE CLUB 22 soat oldin
cut up your strawberries kids
Avocado 22 soat oldin
Ummmm lol there’s a pack of strawberries in my fridge
Paige_xox 23 soat oldin
Do you know what’s scary? I was at Woolworths (an Aussie supermarket ) and there was a lady at the counter in front of me complaining about how there was glass in her apple pie! That was a little while ago
Mia Van Rhee
Mia Van Rhee 23 soat oldin
omg im sared to get that a woolworths (p,s im a aussie)
Mia Van Rhee
Mia Van Rhee 23 soat oldin
my mum akes sure we cut the strawberrys and in are store the put up sign saying about the needles and make sure to ut them
Mia Van Rhee
Mia Van Rhee 15 soat oldin
+Radis Rose yeah i think you being a jerk is scary dont pick on someones spelling cuz they might have a reason
Radis Rose
Radis Rose 20 soat oldin
I think your spelling is *scary*
Mia Van Rhee
Mia Van Rhee 23 soat oldin
i think the stories is realy scary
Honestly WTF
Honestly WTF Kun oldin
The strawberry conspiracy doesn’t make sense. She did it for revenge to the farm, wouldn’t it be more logical to maybe kill the crops which will cause the farm to loose money. Instead of probably killing people, she doesn’t seem to be a sadistic because she wasn’t targeting anyone in particular but she might just be stupid af.
Ria Saini
Ria Saini Kun oldin
My mum cut every strawberry we bought just to make sure
Fighting Yoshi98
Australians have been cutting up thier fruit so they dont get stabbed and the people that died from thiers is just sad
perfctlywrrong Kun oldin
throughout the whole month with the strawberry needles there were no strawberries in super markets what so ever
perfctlywrrong Kun oldin
i’m an australian and during school it happened except it was with a banana and all over the country there were cases with different fruits such as strawberries, bananas, kiwis etc...
hails n
hails n Kun oldin
Zasthedag Kun oldin
You sound depressed
Dereon 11 soat oldin
+Arianator Forever no u
Arianator Forever
Arianator Forever 21 soat oldin
No u
Gacha Peru
Gacha Peru Kun oldin
+500 subscribers without any videos challengeNO U
Not so cool Litzy
Brenda Kun oldin
U should do more conspiracy vids it fits ur persona
paige doll
paige doll Kun oldin
This video is amazing!! I loved the theme and the background music, just makes it more mysterious
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Kun oldin
Well.... Im now strawberry free
Amin Abdi
Amin Abdi Kun oldin
Rip to the people that died cuz of pret a manger
Addison Wimsatt
Addison Wimsatt Kun oldin
I was eating strawberries while watching this and had to check them!😂but seriously I'm not joking! I checked them
Amin Abdi
Amin Abdi Kun oldin
Addison Wimsatt check them
XT x AB Kun oldin
Who else is from Australia I don't need likes but who else?
XT x AB 11 soat oldin
+Arianator Forever I just wanted replies I don't beg for likes like 90% of people
james 13 soat oldin
+Arianator Forever rude
Arianator Forever
Arianator Forever 20 soat oldin
XT x AB you don’t want it? Ok fine...
Lilah Jamieson
Lilah Jamieson 20 soat oldin
XT x AB 21 soat oldin
+Arianator Forever Ok? 😂
Daisy Kempis
Daisy Kempis Kun oldin
And who cares if it’s horse meat.Not meant cruel or something but horses are no different than cows or pigs and people get rely shocked about stuff being dog or cat meat even tho they are not worth any more or less than other animals. People should just overall stop eating animal products
XT x AB Kun oldin
Daisy Kempis
Daisy Kempis Kun oldin
They could just put metal detectors in the lamps above the food and it would alarm if metal comes underneath it
Daisy Kempis
Daisy Kempis Kun oldin
Why do people find this entertaining? But then again, I watched the whole video
QuickTwist AJ
QuickTwist AJ Kun oldin
Cause it's theirs and my Opinion, You have your own opinion.
Winona Dmello
Winona Dmello Kun oldin
RIP to all the people who died because of these stuff....😭
YoshiNinja Kun oldin
“4 of them are contaminated and 4 of them are safe” *counts 9 strawberries” Wait a minute...
Donna Zborovsky
Donna Zborovsky Kun oldin
Tay Xenia
Tay Xenia Kun oldin
He’s scared of the strawberry’s 🤣🤣🤣
TheRealJordi 8 soat oldin
No he's not
Russ G
Russ G Kun oldin
Cut your strawberries lesson learned
Samaj Morgan
Samaj Morgan Kun oldin
Sophie fortnite plus
I’m eating Raman and I found a butter label in it😱😕😞😔😟😬
Meryem JABRY
Meryem JABRY Kun oldin
I absolutely love 💕 your video’s ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see more
Laura-jane Boadelair
-Coming from the UK, London, never going tesco again.-
Zuzanna M
Zuzanna M Kun oldin
Phahha we have the same kettle
Zuzanna M
Zuzanna M Kun oldin
Ava Redfern phahahha I know
Ava Redfern
Ava Redfern Kun oldin
Pahahha no one cares
Kitty Girl
Kitty Girl Kun oldin
I'm from Australia and my mum went crazy with cutting strawberries. She bought maybe...15 punnets at once to cut up >.
Daisy Pink
Daisy Pink Kun oldin
Omg I’ve been shopping at Tesco my whole life😮😂
I can't tell weather he said cat calf or cow anus
Janea Vandehei
Janea Vandehei Kun oldin
I feel heart broken for the people that have experienced this and for the people that passed.
Anna Hoang
Anna Hoang Kun oldin
That’s why I cut my strawberries in half
JIMINAHH Kun oldin
I have strawberries in my fridge right now and I’m scared to eat them..
Kpop Dragon
Kpop Dragon 7 soat oldin
*oh shit...*
Taste Good餅
Taste Good餅 Kun oldin
+Christopher Arroyo Please no...
Christopher Arroyo
JIMINAHH Kun oldin
I have strawberries in my fridge right now and I’m scared to eat them
Lynzi M
Lynzi M Kun oldin
I've actually found a needle in a strawberry and almost swallowed it...
Verly Tiffy's
Verly Tiffy's Kun oldin
I live in indonesia and Im really sad for them ..
Me too
Zakaria Hossain
Zakaria Hossain Kun oldin
Do you love eating food
amaara Kun oldin
there was a needle in my spaghetti packet like two weeks ago. it was from morrison’s 🤭
summers clara
summers clara Kun oldin
Glad I don't have any Tesco near me
xxxtentacion Kun oldin
I live in Australia n since the needle thing happened I’ve been cutting up my strawberries before I eat them
Maggie Crttndn
Maggie Crttndn Kun oldin
I live in Australia and I just cut up all my strawberries before I ate it
Mikey Quinlan
Mikey Quinlan Kun oldin
Rip to all the poor people that has happened to me twice now with dairy and gliten
Dan Jones
Dan Jones Kun oldin
I am so sorry for that girl that died from Simi damn airport
BTS IS AWESOME 2 kun oldin
I live in Adelaide and I was literally not eating strawberries until it was okay.
KaidoRaido 2 kun oldin
This is why I haven’t eaten fruit for the last six months :// Why are Aussies so mean to eachother- I just want my fruitttt T^T
ZeeTheBee3 2 kun oldin
I’m just eating chips from now on frick fruit
- Magical Roni -
- Magical Roni - 2 kun oldin
New Zealand fam?
Taste Good餅
Taste Good餅 Kun oldin
I'm American XD
Assassin Striker
- Magical Roni - me I’m New Zealand 🇳🇿
Flooofy POOF!
Flooofy POOF! 2 kun oldin
In Adelaide a month or a few weeks later strawberries came back and whenever my was going to eat strawberries or making a smooth she would cut the strawberry into small pieces to make sure there were no needles
J and A Plays
J and A Plays 2 kun oldin
Dang will not buy strawberries from Australia I guess 👌🏽
ZeeTheBee3 2 kun oldin
It’s not that bad
Myka Emmichelle Umali
Hi Raphael! 😊 I'm a fan of your's.
B Bailey
B Bailey 2 kun oldin
I live in Australia and I remember this story all over the news
lever thon
lever thon 2 kun oldin
Im so lucky i didnt get a needle in my fruit who else lives in Australia?
Kitty Girl
Kitty Girl Kun oldin
SofSofPlays1388 2 kun oldin
lever thon me
Get Dunked On
Get Dunked On 2 kun oldin
This made me hate food and I LOVE it >:C
Gen 2 kun oldin
I'm scared I'm lactose intolerant.
Equestrian Camille
Equestrian Camille 2 kun oldin
noooo!! not horsie meat :(
Equestrian Camille
Juuzou 69 :(
Juuzou 69
Juuzou 69 Kun oldin
Equestrian Camille :c nooooo
alm2184 2 kun oldin
Also they had to take al of the strawberries and get rid of them from coles
lever thon
lever thon 2 kun oldin
I know it was crazy
Taylor Strozier
Taylor Strozier 2 kun oldin
raphael? new shane dawson? nah jk no one can replace shane but ur great ily❤️
hello I'm Darcy
hello I'm Darcy 2 kun oldin
He is like Shane but with a accent Which I love But ur right Shane is queen 👑
hello I'm Darcy
hello I'm Darcy 2 kun oldin
+Long Live XxxTentacion he is going to do some soon
Long Live XxxTentacion
If only Shane posted conspiracy theories
//RadRosezMSP// 2 kun oldin
I'm vegan
Lucy Richardson
Lucy Richardson 2 kun oldin
Omg I am scared I went to Tesco today after school and got some chicken nuggets
Supreme krabby Patty
I love you profile pic
Jessie Webster
Jessie Webster 2 kun oldin
Don’t bring up the horse meat scandal again I think Britain has just finally gotten over that.
Leo Lol
Leo Lol 2 kun oldin
Why am i watching this while eating lunch??? I just got a lot of anxiety right now XD
Marie Does Things
Marie Does Things 2 kun oldin
I live in Ireland and there's this girl in my school that has an allergy to nuts and eggs. Our school specifically doesn't let us bring in ANY nut or egg product just because of that one girl with allergies, if every store took more precautions, we wouldn't have death incidents.