I Trained Like A Pop Star For 60 Days

Michelle Khare
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Rebecca Black
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4-Iyn, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 4 oy oldin
You guys mentioned that you wanted to see longer-term, more meaningful content. This is a video I've wanted to make for years but have never had the courage to do, and took 6 months from start to finish to complete (beyond the 60 days of training). I was so scared to do this because of the criticism so many singers face. I hope that you'll listen to my first ever song (eek!!) and enjoy it - it's a song for you.
KleH _
KleH _ Oy oldin
You (and everyone who helped you and worked with you) did amazing! I love the song. I love the whole video. Every single second of it.
Siti Nur Ardina Awang Daud
I love your song!!! this video is inspiring! keep it up~
Chicken Girl
Chicken Girl Oy oldin
Michelle Khare this is my fav song now
Elizabeth Aedyn Stevens
Michelle Khare THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you Michelle, thank you. 🖤🖤🖤
Miss Vero
Miss Vero 3 oy oldin
Oh my God!!! This is soooooo AWESOME!!!!! Michelle, this had tears streaming down my face cause it's just that powerful! I was not expecting to cry but I could feel your emotion and it touched a place in my heart because I have had people telling me that I can't do this or do that all my life! The worst part of it all is when you as a person feel beaten down and you start to believe them and all that negativity they're putting in your head. I've had to step out of my head and get mad at myself for letting that negativity get to me and I remind myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. I literally look myself in the mirror and tell myself to quit being such a whiny cry baby and do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. I constantly tell myself that God did not say it was going to be easy, he said it was going to be worth it! So I get up and continue on because I'm not done, and I'll never be done until I'm dead. Michelle, you and your family of friends are bad ass and I love you guys! Kudos to y'all & Keep up the good work! Oh and I thought up of an extreme work out for y'all... The Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool work out! Much love! ❤😘❤ Kick it!!! 💯💪💪😁❤
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Kun oldin
Alcase 2 kun oldin
I started crying listening to this lmao
Rym Akrouf
Rym Akrouf 3 kun oldin
you are awesome
Richard Blackmore
Richard Blackmore 4 kun oldin
Dang you have a cool channel.
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson 4 kun oldin
I love it I just now downloaded it girl you did an amazing job your a queen 👑 🌹⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
monica batista batista
I'm sad. Why 8 years? Why we give our dreams? And let othere's say what is good for us! I had a great voice....i don't use it anymore...9 years already. This made me cry.
Kimia Saremi
Kimia Saremi 9 kun oldin
i kinda cried a little while i was watching it your so good i love you.
satabdi das
satabdi das 12 kun oldin
Every time I watch your videos I feel so motivated.. You're doing what i always wanted to.. Dreamt.. Living the life fullest.. Doing everything that you can do.. I don't know how much you're enjoying it but I am loving it.. All that all that i had Dreamt and just Dreamt but life and survival never let that turn out as reality.. You are doing them.. I don't know whether ever my dreams come true but yeah seeing these videos i feel good .. Thanks ☺️
Acidio Alan
Acidio Alan 12 kun oldin
Congrats, this was an amazing video to watch!
Xara_ 13 kun oldin
I love the soundtrack of that song the sounds are magical for me I love those exhales things
cutie pie
cutie pie 14 kun oldin
In my family people like my dad and sister sing like the angels and I have always felt bad because i felt like i couldnt and shoulnt sing but now i want to do it
Skittliciouz Disaster
I'll be honest. This... Is so relatable. I'm an Indian girl... South Asian. I love to sing. I've been singing 12 years of my life. I'm 17 almost. And tbh I improve but I keep on getting into these potholes wondering if I should give up. But I should'nt. I've started to practice vocals again. In one month I've to get covers up on UZvid. Thankyou for this... Inspired me to not give it up for the studies
Ajay Deshpande
Ajay Deshpande 15 kun oldin
You are an inspiration.
leesa pradhan
leesa pradhan 16 kun oldin
I loved it I think you should take that as a career girl. I know that feeling you coming. I was you now I'm a model n show who put me down I wasn't pretty n how far I'm gone with this
Mama Nukes
Mama Nukes 17 kun oldin
Gurl, u killed it!! ❤️
southwick jacklyn
southwick jacklyn 17 kun oldin
Winter Nicole
Winter Nicole 17 kun oldin
Can I just say that Gabbie is a hella hype woman and I need that in my life haha. YOU SOUND AMAZING!
Zsuzsanna Bori
Zsuzsanna Bori 18 kun oldin
When she started to sing Stone Cold...I got the shivers, wooooow. It's amazing how her voice is good without training. :O
Allison Hartje
Allison Hartje 18 kun oldin
Thank you
Amelia BTS
Amelia BTS 19 kun oldin
My eyes fooled me I thought she Said kpop
Naomi Greenfield
Naomi Greenfield 20 kun oldin
Omg make a music video for the song
Megan Reynolds
Megan Reynolds 20 kun oldin
DeAnna Loraine
DeAnna Loraine 20 kun oldin
i applaud this, singing is hard
A Google User
A Google User 20 kun oldin
Hey girl, just wanted to say way to freaking go! I love the song, and I'm really proud of you (weird term but like ??? way to go??? you went for it and killed it so like yes proud of you)
livamilAVA 22 kun oldin
So rebecca black is giving advice?
Nina's Heart
Nina's Heart 22 kun oldin
Watching these challenge videos (not chronologically) has been really inspiring to me. Obviously Michelle is special and these are her experiences and her overcoming obstacles to be successful in so many different areas of interests. But for me, it shows me that if she can do it, why can't I also? Like I also have hurdles and obstacles, different from hers, but if I can overcome them as well, I can also succeed in whatever the fuck I want. Thats the mentality I'm taking away from these videos.
Arlet Falcon
Arlet Falcon 22 kun oldin
A-mazing! Awesome Michelle, you're a fighter and a boundary breaker.
Tamiris Bortowski
Tamiris Bortowski 22 kun oldin
Girl!!! 3rd video binging here... Is there anything you can't do???
Megha Singh
Megha Singh 22 kun oldin
That was amazing. You voice was shining.
Leila Trottier-Evans
I'm 13 and I went to a recording studio every week for a few months last year. It was really hard for me and I got really self conscious. I would hear it back while sitting in the booth and it would sound great but I would hear it back in the main room and it would sound so horrible. I ended up with only one okay sing. I like the ghost is but I felt that my verses were weak. I stopped going. I think that I much prefer live singing. I think it suits my voice better
0853579 H
0853579 H 24 kun oldin
Sounds like something from Disney channel! so cute and wholesome
Michelle Hagan
Michelle Hagan 25 kun oldin
I so Love you Such a strong gutsy young lady I hv wanted to explore my own voice Manly for myself It is not easy and takes a lot of commitment You had GR8 help too that helps But You still did it I wont your song on my play list COOL GIRL ❤😎😁
Lolly Nespbor
Lolly Nespbor 25 kun oldin
Whens the music video coming out ?!??! 😂😀
Hüään 25 kun oldin
This sounds like a disney princess's main song!
Maryam Fuad
Maryam Fuad 25 kun oldin
Michelle is one of the most beautiful youtubers out there. Dont @ me
Eden Kemmann-lane
Eden Kemmann-lane 27 kun oldin
Train like a boxer for 60 days!!! Xx
Kira Castle
Kira Castle 27 kun oldin
Unknown Unicorn
Unknown Unicorn 27 kun oldin
She's so beautiful and it's not fair..
Queenz LIfe
Queenz LIfe 27 kun oldin
This song is amazing you are a inspiration to everyone😁😘💜💜💜💜
malaika khan
malaika khan 27 kun oldin
i really dont like the song friday, sorry rebecca not one of your good ones.
itsjustemy 27 kun oldin
For all the people saying “How do you not sing for 8 years?” Well she may sing along to her fav song or in the shower but she didn’t sing professionally because singing professionally uses different muscles and is extremely different from just casually singing
Ellen Yan
Ellen Yan 28 kun oldin
I teared up so much at the end and couldn't figure out why. Just wanted to say that this affected me on a deep emotional level. Great work Michelle
Emma Mohring
Emma Mohring 29 kun oldin
you're so amazing and inspiring! thank you so much for making this song i can really relate to it and it really motivates me! :)
Nini Ho
Nini Ho 29 kun oldin
pshh this is nun compared to kpop lmao
natsblogs 29 kun oldin
lucy dragneel123
lucy dragneel123 29 kun oldin
Michelle you are such a great singer you aspire me this song reflects my life right now thank you you’re the best xxxxxxxxxx
Drouin Johnny
Drouin Johnny 29 kun oldin
Looking a few videos of you and...Subscribing right now....you are helping people to look beyond themselves.....wow...thank you ❤️
m dk
m dk 29 kun oldin
Nathalia 29 kun oldin
I want to do challenges like this!!
Alexandra Knope ('23)
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Oy oldin
At school we have to chose a role model I chose Michelle because I really look up to her and she tries amazing things and shows me that every body is not perfect xxx
Meggweetweet 2
Is there something she can’t do
Dorothy Joh
Dorothy Joh Oy oldin
Those intros tho “ i’ve done some pretty insane things in my life, but never anything like this...” It’s literally in every video 😂 No hate
Maegan Oy oldin
You flipping did it!!!!!
H_Candyz Oy oldin
You should make a music video
Emma Schultz
Emma Schultz Oy oldin
D3.141592 Oy oldin
I just added your song to my spottify playlist. You made it on my playlist before beyonce. Congrats
avatara82 Oy oldin
I'm kinda jealous now... this is exactly what I would wanna try to do... but with what resources... your song was great 😊
Sea of AG
Sea of AG Oy oldin
You were PERFECT for Lucy. Lol
beauty04 Oy oldin
I really love you and your channel like how are you not at 1 million subs yet???
SkyLove Nightcore
'I'm happy for you' that you could do this. You hit that high note, wrote a song. Amazing.
Sarah Bear Brooks
Don't get me wrong I love you voice and I think it would be great for theater but if you made it slightly deeper, i think it would sound absolutely perfect. No offense to you or your singing, I understand you spent lots of time practicing, but it would be better to make your voice deeper. You're amazing!
marissa davis
marissa davis Oy oldin
You should make a music video for this
SkyLove Nightcore
Um, wow. Picked stone cold right there. Okaaaaay.
Crystal Robertson
Make a music video for it.. this was amazing good job
Jennifer Hergert
Wow thank you for sharing this journey with us. This took serious balls.
Eishita Misra
Eishita Misra Oy oldin
Michelle's voice was quivering in the beginning oh my God
Bia Oy oldin
Im not crying, you're crying
EternalSnoie Oy oldin
I think her voice needed more power, other than that the song is great. It just way too soft toned.
Charlize Kriedemann
WOW!!! That was great! You are so inspirational!
sarah vannederynen
how do i listen free?
D3.141592 Oy oldin
spotify get a free account
Chilling with Teh-Teh
Did Rebecca Black say she got sooooo muchhh positive reactions from Friday
Brendon Urie is literally Jesus Christ
Alexandria Wells
I got the chills from this song
alan edwards
alan edwards Oy oldin
18:45 is when you can hear the song done.
Avatre100 Oy oldin
I think it's really cool that you did this... But I can't help wanting you to do a Broadway song. Your voice just sounds like it was meant to sing Dear Evan Hanson
Juliana Petrillo
I never really listen to that type of music, but when I heard it I had to hear it again and again. That was awesome!
Eleni Katsiaouni
I've read this title at least five times over the time that it has been out, every single time I read porn star instead of pop star
Julie Chlarson
Have you been a dog groomer? I have a cute little Maltese who gets dirty and matted when I'm not looking. Love your challenges.
Hattie Booth
Hattie Booth Oy oldin
I just read a reveiw of the song on Itunes and it said I love michelle but she cant sing. couldnt tell if it was a joke or not, biut if not, you're just motivating her more!!1!1 lol idk
Susan Ali
Susan Ali Oy oldin
I know I’m late but what matters is that I saw this video. AHHHH IM OBSESSED WITH THE SONG,I CAN TOTALLY RELATE♥️💜😭
Natasha Marie
Natasha Marie Oy oldin
next video: i try competing on the voice\
BellaSardana Oy oldin
train like a kpop star?
Amina Abdessemed
Thank you so much for all the motivation you put through your content.. I love you so much ! you are the one in a million kind of person that kills all the bad vibes and transports People to where they should be ! Mentally ! You're mental my dear !
Aagot Olivia Wilse
you are SO brave. I really admire you
That's some awesome stuff
Iris Jensen
Iris Jensen Oy oldin
You have a beautiful voice! Good job!
Kaveena Vera
Kaveena Vera Oy oldin
Love your first song!!!
Becky Ridderikhoff
Rebecca Black is a super star.
Betty Crain
Betty Crain Oy oldin
I want to be Michelle when I grow up
Unnecessary comments
You help and inspire so many women to peruse their dreams xx
Penelope Kessell
Michelle should honestly voice a Disney Princess or at least be the singer for a Disney Princess.
Dakatrina Alex
Sooooooo insanely good I CAAAAAAAN'T
Karolina Barkhatova
The karaoke file isn't there,I am so sad :c
Kasturi Perumal
I loved it
Jack Fornea
Jack Fornea Oy oldin
Is there a Music Video? I'd love to see it if there is.
Zali Derrett
Zali Derrett Oy oldin
Wow you’re amazing 🤩😍
Yuli Oy oldin
I read that as k pop star
Drama Lama
Drama Lama Oy oldin
Omg I love it!