I Trained Like Spider-Man For A Month 🕷

Michelle Khare
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In honor of the much-anticipated release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, I decided to train like his stunt double and see how far I could get in a month. It was a crazy wild ride! Hope you guys enjoy. We worked very hard on this one 😘. Special thanks to Holland Diaz, lead double on Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). Follow Holland: instagram.com/hollanddiaz/
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7-Iyl, 2017

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare Yil oldin
WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK OF THAT ENDING OMG 🚨!! Seriously though, thanks for watching you guys! This is my favorite video we've done so far and we have EVEN MORE COMING NEXT WEEK!!!
The Bear and The Bull
Michelle Khare *Omg that was so good!! Heh now when I get older I'm so doing that training.*
bobbypin gymnast
bobbypin gymnast 18 kun oldin
That was amazing!!! I loved how excited you got!!! That would be me fangirling about Marvel. Like, completely. I love your videos! Please make more stunts!!
Elodia Rodriguez
Elodia Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
TEACH ME!!!!!!
Lucy Nicole
Lucy Nicole 3 oy oldin
Michelle Khare I thought it was awesome, cool everything great and it really expressed you and honestly I thought his bald head in the mirror was your hand moving behind the nuts not even go to life which was so funny lol to myself
Christy Beckerman
Michelle Khare PLEASE MAKE A PART 2
Andrea P
Andrea P Soat oldin
i’ve always wanted to try spiderman stunts , i’ve been a spiderman fan since i was a baby LOL i hope i’d hey to try this process too
Bella C
Bella C 4 soat oldin
did anyone else see the power rangers on the wall?
Makinley Warren
Makinley Warren 14 soat oldin
That challenger at the end though😍😍
Makinley Warren
Makinley Warren 14 soat oldin
God I love tom holland😩
grunge void
grunge void Kun oldin
Spider-Man is cool.
Jordan Green
Jordan Green Kun oldin
I love how open to trying new things you are and how you do your best at everything no matter how challenging... you are such a role model😊
Seren Herder
Seren Herder 2 kun oldin
It looks SO fun!!😲😲
hilianaaa 2 kun oldin
JMoney Lazer
JMoney Lazer 2 kun oldin
Does anybody know what the sequel to this is called
Android Guy
Android Guy 3 kun oldin
3:55 who did the videography ?? That was insane
Lauren Wasabi
Lauren Wasabi 3 kun oldin
I love spiderman
Hey It’s Zee
Hey It’s Zee 4 kun oldin
The minute I heard Holland my heart started racing like omgggg TOM
Elley Tori
Elley Tori 4 kun oldin
Michelle you killed this. Just do an action movie and I would watch all day
Sara Alagic
Sara Alagic 5 kun oldin
The Amazing Spidergirl
infires? infires maaan yeah
When I saw Mac I almost screamed
deadpool joker83
deadpool joker83 6 kun oldin
I thought they meant Tom Holland
Diamond Beckett
Diamond Beckett 7 kun oldin
reflections. They hold secrets
Diamond Beckett
Diamond Beckett 7 kun oldin
7:32 is that a Jamaican flag?!!!!!! If it is, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope Enimien
Hope Enimien 7 kun oldin
You just need Tom Holland to help
MrParkerman6 8 kun oldin
You should train like Spider-man with Toby McGuire for a month.
roan mcgrowder
roan mcgrowder 8 kun oldin
Aphmau Senpai
Aphmau Senpai 8 kun oldin
AriElle_PlaysRBLX 8 kun oldin
It’s ironic how Tom Holland’s stunt double has the same last name as him
AriElle_PlaysRBLX 8 kun oldin
You’re practically Tom Holland
Soupy Oats
Soupy Oats 8 kun oldin
Wow! Can anyone do this?
Layla Ness
Layla Ness 9 kun oldin
We stan a spider queen
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 10 kun oldin
now u can fight people off xD
AllyYT 10 kun oldin
Tom Holland is life o-o
*_ Nicholle _*
*_ Nicholle _* 10 kun oldin
Me: The rings look fun Also me: HELP! I DON'T WANT TO FALL OF THESE MONKEY BARS!
Zofia kozak
Zofia kozak 11 kun oldin
It was so cute when she was on the rings with him!❤️
Nunyo Bidnit -Cardboard Triangle
5:24 I ship it But also I don't bc she's mine
A girl with an obsession
Omg I need to do this
Marian Hope
Marian Hope 12 kun oldin
Potato Army
Potato Army 12 kun oldin
Ana's World
Ana's World 13 kun oldin
“Bitch why you asking me I’m still trying to figure this shit out”. This is me when the teacher asks me for the answer when I don’t raise my hand 😂
One left Sock
One left Sock 13 kun oldin
That was awesome I also love macdoesit
Madeleine Knode
Madeleine Knode 13 kun oldin
Geez. He legit looks like Spider-Man just swinging on the hoops. WTF?!?!?!?? 😱😱😱. Also, you're so amazing!!
DebraMonster 13 kun oldin
Umm... But tom said he did all of his own stunts
YOANNA RRAPI 13 kun oldin
i love you you are so pritty
Mad Simmer
Mad Simmer 14 kun oldin
where do you find the people who train you, im interested
Pinoyan Vlog
Pinoyan Vlog 15 kun oldin
yeah, I would have probably died
Surge Juice
Surge Juice 15 kun oldin
I oddly want to work for you. lol seems adventures.
Nuu-style강뮤지 16 kun oldin
Anybody els catch the reflection of the mirror at the top right corner on 8:57
louisa escoton
louisa escoton 16 kun oldin
Tom Holland doesn’t feel so good
Mia Mi
Mia Mi 16 kun oldin
You do such cool original ideas that really are not that easy to do, you def deserve more views
Lily Anna
Lily Anna 16 kun oldin
Freaking Mac does it
AndreiaMRLM200 XD
AndreiaMRLM200 XD 16 kun oldin
Sintija Ferk
Sintija Ferk 19 kun oldin
Omg I wanna try this soooo bad!!!😱
Maria Wink
Maria Wink 19 kun oldin
Lina Aoulad
Lina Aoulad 19 kun oldin
that was amaziiingggg i loved it goog girl spider woman looks amazing on youuu
joselynn 2457
joselynn 2457 21 kun oldin
This should be called training like a badass
Natalia Roldan Chavarria
You are the perfect Spiderwoman
HarriHaffi 22 kun oldin
pretty nice! Ps: Tony’s chocolonely ftw!
ro zama
ro zama 23 kun oldin
ur an idiot
LittleWolf98 24 kun oldin
Where do you get this costum omg
Star Robinson
Star Robinson 24 kun oldin
I thought Tom Holland did his own stunts? Someone please explain?
Rxinbows 24 kun oldin
Maheen Faisal
Maheen Faisal 24 kun oldin
who want her in spider girl
Maheen Faisal
Maheen Faisal 25 kun oldin
tom holland
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 26 kun oldin
Donna James
Donna James 26 kun oldin
Don't forget to give me 5 stars
Lia 26 kun oldin
MAC! 😂
Brina Shiloff
Brina Shiloff 27 kun oldin
Was that MacDoesIt? Omj it is!!!
itzyaboi ._.
itzyaboi ._. 27 kun oldin
pizzaparker walmart
pizzaparker walmart 27 kun oldin
The bold guy was wierd
Sara Herron
Sara Herron 28 kun oldin
This reminds me of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Heroic but a lot of humor
Maddy Sargent
Maddy Sargent 28 kun oldin
I was hoping to see tom holland in this video! I’m disappointed
Simply Z E N A I D A
This motivated me to work out lmao
Kate Marple
Kate Marple 29 kun oldin
natalie martin
natalie martin 29 kun oldin
itzjustdevious _
itzjustdevious _ 29 kun oldin
*Im subscribing this woman is so badass for pushing herself to do the most intense things*
Karisma Mac
Karisma Mac 29 kun oldin
Michelle I have to say, you're an inspiration to me, I love watching your videos to get myself motivated to workout and improve my fitness! Absolutely Awesome!
Mexatonics Beats
Mexatonics Beats 29 kun oldin
Marna Hansen
Marna Hansen 29 kun oldin
This was so awesome! I'd be down to try out things like these! I've started looking more into the stunt doubles since the guy that's Dave Bautista's second stunt double started following me on instagram and man, stunt people are so freaking cool
Jaylight Oy oldin
Jaylight Oy oldin
6:37 💀💀
macantakai Oy oldin
Woah female spiderman is such a cool concept - female of the species is more deadly than the male ;)
You know MK Ultra really does sound like a superhero name.
Lea Ihrig
Lea Ihrig Oy oldin
we need a female spiderman!
The Roblox Noob
That was awesome
K Annie
K Annie Oy oldin
MICHELLE you need to be in action movies!! you're amazing at acting AND stunts!!! Not to mention gorgeous!
Emma T
Emma T Oy oldin
Tom holland is quaking
Paige Hill
Paige Hill Oy oldin
Sky&Coco Oy oldin
this came out on my bday
Bodya 2.0
Bodya 2.0 Oy oldin
When you got the Actual Spider Powers 4:26
Bodya 2.0
Bodya 2.0 Oy oldin
My reaction when Mom says me go to school 2:22 vs my reaction to Summer Holidays 2:30
*_ Nicholle _*
*_ Nicholle _* 10 kun oldin
I'm dead. 🤣🤣🤣
Bodya 2.0
Bodya 2.0 Oy oldin
This is Awesome 😄🙌😍 I subscribed.
NoLifeGamer YT
She being mind controlled mk ultra
Natalie Lynch
Natalie Lynch Oy oldin
I wanna try this😲
Olivia Kulwicki
you train like spider man but your face looks like wonder woman. (lol I know they're different)
The Beast
The Beast Oy oldin
You should be the the Spider Gwen of the mcu.
Hmm_Oli _
Hmm_Oli _ Oy oldin
I thought Tom Holland did his own stunts...?
gabby Oy oldin
you are honestly so awesome
SHANESPIG22 Oy oldin
Makaylagibsxn Oy oldin
she said “the holland-“ and I almost flipped out thinking she was gonna be like “the Holland- wait Tom” but student double is the next best thing
Taylor Melland
pranav gunti
pranav gunti Oy oldin
Even though he's his double tomorrow Holland can do most of his own stunts
Micah Gollott
Micah Gollott Oy oldin
Bish if you wanna train like Tom Holland....