I Tried Every Flavor of Japanese Kit Kats

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"Oh, wow, it smells immediately like alcohol."
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27-Mar, 2018



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Alice Walters
Alice Walters 5 kun oldin
Love the facial hair - really suits him 😍 also I looooove kit-kats and I now have a list of flavors to try ♥
LuckyLachy _13
LuckyLachy _13 23 kun oldin
He didn't even say which one was the best
Janett Diaz
Janett Diaz 18 kun oldin
LuckyLachy _13 i think it was the Sakura matcha one
Whiskey Grandpa
Whiskey Grandpa 26 kun oldin
if only keith knew what eat the menu would someday do to his body
V.F.D :Volunteer Fire Department:
But there are 200 different kinds of kit kats in Japan... 100 more to go!
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz 29 kun oldin
What? No caviar and poison Ivy flavor?
Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez
I want to do this challenge soo soooo bad!!!! Only there's actually almost 150 flavors
Butterfly Eyes
I was eating green tea kit kats while watching this. Yes, I have a bag of them in my drawer to make sure my mom doesn’t take them.😆
vry peachy
vry peachy Oy oldin
Wow another episode oh “eat the menu”
SwafflesYT Oy oldin
When UZvid is a job for you...
Rachel Aldworth
Where can I get all these kit kats?
Pokémon Master Kaleb
I wish i could buy all 100+ kitkat flavors, they dont sell all of them online, and the ones they do are super expensive
Alice Dead psycho
Omg u sound like babymetal
Why Am I Straight
This is just a normal meal when I’m on my period
Amy Hendrick
Amy Hendrick Oy oldin
Poor Keith's teeth
pizza time
pizza time Oy oldin
beard Keith looks,, *hot*
Alyssa S
Alyssa S Oy oldin
Why doesn’t he just spit it out? He just wants to taste them right?
2:57 Keith I am offended at how you ate that kit kat. No. Just no 😂
Dannie's Daze
Dannie's Daze Oy oldin
green tea all the way!
Ashle Lane
Ashle Lane 2 oy oldin
I feel bad they made him eat the rest of the kit kats lol
Just Ivanna
Just Ivanna 2 oy oldin
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 2 oy oldin
He's gonna end up in a sugar coma. Seriously type 2 diabeties kills
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 2 oy oldin
How does he not get sick?
Frances Jordan
Frances Jordan 2 oy oldin
What was up with that prison cell of an office????
Hope Moore
Hope Moore 2 oy oldin
Keith with an actual beard is nice 😌
Brianna Jagodzinski
I’ve had the alcohol kit-Kat is was 🤮
Caity B
Caity B 2 oy oldin
Sakura, egg custard, green tea matcha and sake are my favorite ones.
Jershey Gaddi
Jershey Gaddi 2 oy oldin
i think this is it. this is what made keith quit
yoav zafrir
yoav zafrir 2 oy oldin
Remember this video? No you dont
Evelin D
Evelin D 2 oy oldin
I'm watching as I eat a milk chocolate kit Kat
ToastIsMyUser 2 oy oldin
Ayy where can I get all of those flavours
Natalie Williams
Natalie Williams 2 oy oldin
I had apple and wasabi flavored kit kat and they tasted SOOO TOXIC
Christine Catelo
Christine Catelo 2 oy oldin
Now I'm hungry.
LeeTasya Manaf
LeeTasya Manaf 2 oy oldin
Ally Hibbard
Ally Hibbard 2 oy oldin
I wonder if Keith will ever eat another Kit Kat in his life?
꧁༺Yolo Chan༻꧂
Please eat with your mouth closed, I have a condition.
Ok Bye
Ok Bye 3 oy oldin
When I see Keith eat a lot of food it I get scared for him cause I just want nothing to happen to him
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 3 oy oldin
3:11 Me when I know I've eaten too much but I've come this far so why stop now
Ian Duncan
Ian Duncan 3 oy oldin
And we all were wondering why Keith and The Try Guys left Buzzfeed. (Keith) "I made myself sick eating to much candy!" (Buzzfeed) "You will eat MORE candy.... DO IT FOR THE VIEWS!"
Vlad Killer99
Vlad Killer99 3 oy oldin
Keith looks better with facial hair
V I Q M U N 3 oy oldin
He is so quiet in comparison to the newer videos
Blair G.
Blair G. 3 oy oldin
Are you freaking kidding the green tea/ matcha flavour is divine
Avery Stirling
Avery Stirling 3 oy oldin
My brother brought a bunch home from the Navy he is stationed in iwakuni japan
Em Wang
Em Wang 3 oy oldin
KEITH Kats...
YoungBlaze 3 oy oldin
i learned nothing!
Nicole Starr
Nicole Starr 3 oy oldin
“A Christmas open house at a furniture store” Somehow, I get it
AVYUKTA PATEL 3 oy oldin
Sakura gets a chocolate And Naruto doesn't
Cyb3rsandgaminG 3 oy oldin
yep tastes like butter
Christina Corthon
The real reason Keith left Buzzfeed.
TheDead KitKat
TheDead KitKat 3 oy oldin
Yes. I am a pocky
delfin7461 3 oy oldin
I live in Vietnam and there's matcha Kit Kats here, they are awesome, if you like the matcha/green tea flavor. There's pretty much matcha everything, but it's no surprise as the mass-produced snacks here are heavily influenced by both Japan and Korea.
Chrissianne Eser
Chrissianne Eser 3 oy oldin
Bruh you need to comment on how it tastes!!!
Huckleberry Tarts AJ
I actually find it pretty cool that the more he eats, the lower his voice gets.
Celina Orion
Celina Orion 4 oy oldin
3:21 I’m sure the Winchester’s would love to visit
mollymiccee 4 oy oldin
3:03 reminds me of when I did a winterguard show to that video game trailer and the robot sings that song in it... yikes, that’s a bad flashback
Hanny Mary
Hanny Mary 4 oy oldin
Those Japanese make weird flavors. WHYYYYYY
Daniel Tang Yi Hao
my teeth hurts watching this video
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 4 oy oldin
*I was eating japanese kit kats while watching this*
emilie adele
emilie adele 4 oy oldin
this is my dream
Jacque Johnson
Jacque Johnson 4 oy oldin
why is no one mentioning that Keith’s “office” here looks like a cell for solitary confinement?
Victoria Neiva
Victoria Neiva 4 oy oldin
Oml when Keith burped it scared me lol
Laxman Singh
Laxman Singh 4 oy oldin
why is keith always doing the food videos🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Courtney Lambert
Courtney Lambert 4 oy oldin
Honestly, it makes me mad that they made him finish. I'm glad the try guys left
Lukas Sundbø Brekka
Keith kats
lord latalis
lord latalis 4 oy oldin
I think I just got diabetes by watching this video.
almightyest loaf
almightyest loaf 4 oy oldin
Im eating sakura and roasted soy beans kit kat right now.
Life with M and N
Not as good as I had expected this to be. Liked the McDonald’s one better
Sarah Walter
Sarah Walter 5 oy oldin
Keith can eat this and still be skinny af I’m jealous
Sarah Walter
Sarah Walter 5 oy oldin
When I grow up I want to be Keith
Hennessy Ebua
Hennessy Ebua 5 oy oldin
I only trust keith with judging food I never tasted
Wisegirl5595 5 oy oldin
Keith's slow descent into madness
Lekha Pratap
Lekha Pratap 5 oy oldin
*Kit-Kat break bannta hei*
Mackenzie Drake
Mackenzie Drake 5 oy oldin
keith should go full beard 😭😭
Anna Wrobel
Anna Wrobel 5 oy oldin
Keith i think you're in Choclatory :P
Crystal McWilliams
Raspberry kit kats are #1
Trinity Moran
Trinity Moran 5 oy oldin
Gurchet 5 oy oldin
I love videos of Keith eating LOL!!
Samantha Burton
Samantha Burton 5 oy oldin
Keith looks so hot with a beard!!! Mmmmm x
KITSUNE 5341 5 oy oldin
3:34 Keith starts singing "Megitsune" with different lyrics. I love this guyyyy!!! xD
Jodi K
Jodi K 5 oy oldin
I’m eating a kit Kat rn
Veronika I
Veronika I 5 oy oldin
Did he get sick??? Omg all that sugar
Alan Douglas Stgamann
He actually EATS rather than tries, that's why he's full half way through it
Elizabeth Johnson
“ yup. Thats butter” i died 😂
Movement of Life
Movement of Life 5 oy oldin
He wasn't actually forced to finish them, right? He just decided to for the video?
Jane_Was_Here _
Jane_Was_Here _ 5 oy oldin
I think they should have this video but with Keith singing Sakura in the background, no sound except for the singing getting gradually louder
Jimin Si
Jimin Si 5 oy oldin
You are eating kitkat in the wrong way. Learn from the kardashian!
I didn't know there were so many Kit Kat flavors. The birthstone one was especially surprising. I hope Keith didn't get a stomachache after that. I love chocolate, but I can't imagine eating 50 in one sitting, let alone 100! It might have been better to have a group tasting with each person eating a small piece of each bar. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. It was interesting to learn about all those flavors.
Generic_Toaster 6 oy oldin
I hate the sound of smacking
groovystargirl92 6 oy oldin
Needs to be ranked, I think XD
Shinsou Hitoshi
Shinsou Hitoshi 6 oy oldin
When I was 7 I was trick or treating and I went to this one old couple and they gave me some Japanese kit kats. Neither me or my parents knew what they were so I ate a green one and my parents though I ate a moldy kit kat. 10 minutes later, I was in the ER, thinking I would have to get my stomach pumped. I’ve never eaten a kit kat since
Suzene Ang
Suzene Ang 6 oy oldin
Proved to me yet again Keith is for skip.
Suzene Ang
Suzene Ang 6 oy oldin
He is probably the best for entertainment and the worst for information. Skip. I pick the other dudes. Always thought he was cool till I watched him on worth it. Worth it not. Sorry. Please bring something to actuality.
Random Dude Guy
Random Dude Guy 6 oy oldin
Kills Ireland’s Teens Kreme Are Teeth Random words....
Liana x
Liana x 6 oy oldin
anyone watching this eating a kit Kat?
Guadelupe Valdez
Guadelupe Valdez 6 oy oldin
Is there a jerrycat?
Asian Ada
Asian Ada 6 oy oldin
I loveeeee Green Tea Kit Kat :>
Roselyn Policina
Roselyn Policina 6 oy oldin
This looks so hypnotizing. Im buying some kitkats later HAHAHAHAA.
Erin Harkin
Erin Harkin 6 oy oldin
Is it bad I read “citrus” as “clitoris” 😑🙃 ?
Kids Cartoons
Kids Cartoons 6 oy oldin
i would’ve ate everything like Kourtney
Leonora Matthews
Leonora Matthews 6 oy oldin
Omg 100 KitKat's! Sign me up! 😂👌👌👌
Rainee Holmes
Rainee Holmes 6 oy oldin
The one with geographic tongue does the most food eating videos
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