I Tried Every Flavor of Japanese Kit Kats

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"Oh, wow, it smells immediately like alcohol."
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27-Mar, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 210
Crystal McWilliams
Crystal McWilliams 4 soat oldin
Raspberry kit kats are #1
Trinity M
Trinity M 13 soat oldin
Gurchet 2 kun oldin
I love videos of Keith eating LOL!!
Samantha Burton
Samantha Burton 4 kun oldin
Keith looks so hot with a beard!!! Mmmmm x
KITSUNE 5341 11 kun oldin
3:34 Keith starts singing "Megitsune" with different lyrics. I love this guyyyy!!! xD
Jodi K
Jodi K 11 kun oldin
I’m eating a kit Kat rn
Veronika I
Veronika I 12 kun oldin
Did he get sick??? Omg all that sugar
Alan Douglas Stgamann
He actually EATS rather than tries, that's why he's full half way through it
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson 18 kun oldin
“ yup. Thats butter” i died 😂
Movement of Life
Movement of Life 20 kun oldin
He wasn't actually forced to finish them, right? He just decided to for the video?
Jane_Was_Here _
Jane_Was_Here _ 20 kun oldin
I think they should have this video but with Keith singing Sakura in the background, no sound except for the singing getting gradually louder
Jimin Si
Jimin Si 25 kun oldin
You are eating kitkat in the wrong way. Learn from the kardashian!
TheStarryArcher1213 25 kun oldin
I didn't know there were so many Kit Kat flavors. The birthstone one was especially surprising. I hope Keith didn't get a stomachache after that. I love chocolate, but I can't imagine eating 50 in one sitting, let alone 100! It might have been better to have a group tasting with each person eating a small piece of each bar. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. It was interesting to learn about all those flavors.
Generic_Toaster 25 kun oldin
I hate the sound of smacking
groovystargirl92 26 kun oldin
Needs to be ranked, I think XD
Super Moops
Super Moops 27 kun oldin
When I was 7 I was trick or treating and I went to this one old couple and they gave me some Japanese kit kats. Neither me or my parents knew what they were so I ate a green one and my parents though I ate a moldy kit kat. 10 minutes later, I was in the ER, thinking I would have to get my stomach pumped. I’ve never eaten a kit kat since
Suzene Ang
Suzene Ang 28 kun oldin
Proved to me yet again Keith is for skip.
Suzene Ang
Suzene Ang 28 kun oldin
He is probably the best for entertainment and the worst for information. Skip. I pick the other dudes. Always thought he was cool till I watched him on worth it. Worth it not. Sorry. Please bring something to actuality.
Kills Ireland’s Teens Kreme Are Teeth Random words....
Liana x
Liana x Oy oldin
anyone watching this eating a kit Kat?
Guadelupe Valdez
Is there a jerrycat?
Ada Playz D:
Ada Playz D: Oy oldin
I loveeeee Green Tea Kit Kat :>
Roselyn Policina
This looks so hypnotizing. Im buying some kitkats later HAHAHAHAA.
Erin Harkin
Erin Harkin Oy oldin
Is it bad I read “citrus” as “clitoris” 😑🙃 ?
Storm X
Storm X Oy oldin
i would’ve ate everything like Kourtney
Leonora Matthews
Omg 100 KitKat's! Sign me up! 😂👌👌👌
Rainee Holmes
Rainee Holmes Oy oldin
The one with geographic tongue does the most food eating videos
Hindi Articles
Which is the best kit kat
I've tried Matcha, cookies and cream, strawberry, dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, and Luxury Yogurt with Double Berry and Almond ( that one was interesting.) My favorite so far has been matcha and the strawberry cheesecake.
Zander Kagle
Zander Kagle Oy oldin
Unfortunate mouth noises
Gamingwiz101 Oy oldin
"Kit kat is pocky" Keith
madd tea
madd tea Oy oldin
Try Japanese soda!
Caleb Vale
Caleb Vale Oy oldin
He actually has a really nice singing voice.
Valteena Wolf
Valteena Wolf Oy oldin
I wonder what would happen if they combined all the kit kats together,and then made him eat it?
MellowJelly Oy oldin
It's been a while since I've been so disgusted by a human being
Ariel B
Ariel B 2 oy oldin
Sweetheart. There are over 300 flavors of kitkats. You're only 1/3 of the way to "every". #dareya
Blue Mud
Blue Mud 2 oy oldin
1:21 there is cookies and cream in England
Winter Duhlphin
Winter Duhlphin 2 oy oldin
Tastes Green Tea... “It taste like eating a plant” Me: **Triggered**
Floral Kitten
Floral Kitten 2 oy oldin
Keith's stomach is a warrior lol I can barely eat 3 kit kats without getting a tummy ache! Meanwhile Keith is over here eating 100 kit kats like a boss 😂
Abby Isabell
Abby Isabell 2 oy oldin
Why don’t we have a kit kat store filled with different flavors in America? Or at least in Las Vegas because that would make sense right? I mean they have a Hershey store.
CloudytheLeopard 2 oy oldin
Ooh it's pink!!!
Risa Moore
Risa Moore 2 oy oldin
I’m Japanese
100000 Subs without any vids challenge Challenge
“KitKat equals Pocky” Keith 1987-
Katherine S
Katherine S 2 oy oldin
Chew with your mouth closed Keith!!!
Katherine S
Katherine S 2 oy oldin
Thumbs up for lit kats
Christine Marie T. Mendoza
Its sa-kae
Zibonai Cat Bonilla
Keith is a really good singer 😁
Nujat Tabassum
Nujat Tabassum 2 oy oldin
Wow. U r so lucky
Khadijah Frye
Khadijah Frye 2 oy oldin
Why hasn't Keith done a Mukbang yet?
Lavender 1
Lavender 1 2 oy oldin
Kit Kat is my fave, candy is my fave, I think I could do it
Val D
Val D 2 oy oldin
that was so funny i laughed so hard I couldn't breath lol
Melinda Koehler
Melinda Koehler 2 oy oldin
keith's asmr
Tobyzuzu 2 oy oldin
How did cherry green tea win? HOW?!
Natalija J
Natalija J 2 oy oldin
Beard looks so good on him damn
Abc93 2 oy oldin
Probably my favourite video I love Keith hahahaha
New Beginnings
New Beginnings 2 oy oldin
Too bad there are 200 flavors and not just 100.
Jess Lipinsky
Jess Lipinsky 2 oy oldin
This made my tongue sad just thinking abt it
avery clark
avery clark 2 oy oldin
I think they want Keith to get diabetes
Estella Yuan
Estella Yuan 2 oy oldin
Personally, my favorite kit kat flavor I’ve tried in my life was probably he green tea flavor. I live for matcha 🍵
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 2 oy oldin
Saa-koo-raa Saa-koo-raa... And now it’s stuck in my head.
chick tractor
chick tractor 3 oy oldin
this boy needs some weed before these videos
Rianne Lapuz
Rianne Lapuz 3 oy oldin
i see keith, i click.
LizzieSpeakz 3 oy oldin
My teeth hurt just watching this
Tori moore
Tori moore 3 oy oldin
he only "tried" about half of the flavors.... also in another buzzfeed video they even mention that there are over 200 different KitKat flavors so its not as though they are unaware of this either. in other words the title is a blatant lie :/
Dizzy 3 oy oldin
Dizzy 3 oy oldin
Just like when homer ate 64 slices of american cheese all night when smithers and burns were breaking into his house 😂😂😂
Dizzy 3 oy oldin
3:20 sounds like a chocolate purgatory
Emmazilla 17
Emmazilla 17 3 oy oldin
Does any other Asian person get mad when white people call sake saki? Like people it's pronounced sake with an eeeeeeeeeeee like ehhhhhhhh
Curly t
Curly t 3 oy oldin
3:00 _Sakura Sakura_ 😂😂😂👌
Joycon Boi Z
Joycon Boi Z 3 oy oldin
2:56 can we all stop for a minute and look at how he bites this.
Skylaaa Moreno
Skylaaa Moreno 3 oy oldin
Keith is so funny haha
Miya Dyson
Miya Dyson 3 oy oldin
Green tea is...😝😝😝😝
Mason Henry
Mason Henry 3 oy oldin
I'm gonna do this now
Prince Tandukar
Prince Tandukar 3 oy oldin
Try all Coke flavors
Andrew Bergmann
Andrew Bergmann 3 oy oldin
Jessica Baughman
Jessica Baughman 3 oy oldin
he gets paid to eat,, where can i find a job like that
Jamilah Karah
Jamilah Karah 3 oy oldin
Keith Kat
srsdn journal
srsdn journal 3 oy oldin
Keith looks really masculine with those facial hair. can you keep those, Keith? please..
Last Minute Wonder
Okay so he got drunk off kit Kara good to know!
Angle Girl
Angle Girl 3 oy oldin
Omg Keith just ate Sakura form Naruto
Anneloes Barth
Anneloes Barth 3 oy oldin
Sakura green tea is my favourite too
Cataline Ramos
Cataline Ramos 3 oy oldin
If I was Keith I’d be happy
Siobhan Sprouse
Siobhan Sprouse 3 oy oldin
geeez Keith's casual hair is fine af!
Kayla Milcah Marasigan
Where did you get them all?
Avery Maness
Avery Maness 3 oy oldin
@keith is this why u quit lmao
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee 3 oy oldin
There’s actually a song called Sakura.. (it has no words)
Fruit Cat
Fruit Cat 3 oy oldin
Sooo jealous.
jovan turner
jovan turner 3 oy oldin
.....hum I don’t know how I feel about him having to finish those lot kats 🤔
Julia Weiss
Julia Weiss 3 oy oldin
One month in the past until they quit working!
SiSi De Blanc
SiSi De Blanc 3 oy oldin
4:11 Never knew Buzzfeed and Smosh Games were so close together.
Plates 3 oy oldin
3:01i could only think of Detroit: Become Human
TheroSounds 3 oy oldin
When u realise that each kit kat has more than 100 calories in
TheroSounds 3 oy oldin
0:21 that’s why I’m now diabetic.
hobi ._. army
hobi ._. army 3 oy oldin
Who else came from the Eat Everything on Taco Bell Menu Video to the Eat Everything on the McDonald's menu video to this KitKat Video? Also in 2018?
Josh Elder
Josh Elder 3 oy oldin
Rum Raisin, hands down is the best
isabel Joy
isabel Joy 3 oy oldin
I want to get paid to eat too much food.
DaZha Anderson
DaZha Anderson 3 oy oldin
Keith being in a secluded office reminds me of Ryan from the Office
Kazuna Namikaze
Kazuna Namikaze 3 oy oldin
Where can I get all those kit kats???
Daniella Schaening
Wow. Keith actually looks good scruffy. He usually shave for all his videos but in the last half of this video he still looked really good. And I don't like facial hair much.
Chelsea Perera
Chelsea Perera 3 oy oldin
this is sooooo cute lmao