I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial On my Face

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! Bob Ross was an iconic painter who changed the art industry by bringing tutorials to television. My love for makeup came from my childhood love for art, and in today's video, I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial... on my face!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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21-Dek, 2018



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James Charles
James Charles 3 oy oldin
Nikkie & I filmed these videos on the same night, and even facetimed while filming. She happened to get hers up first. Nikkie & I are close friends, there is no competition, neither of us copied, and in fact, neither one of us were the originators of this trend. There is no need to leave comments about it, just enjoy the paintings and videos.
Bindi Thorne
Bindi Thorne 13 kun oldin
When i first heard of/seen you. I thought youd be a sassy sort of mean. But youre actually such a wonderful energy. I love you already.
Cherokee Angels
Cherokee Angels 17 kun oldin
I just wish I had the products that you guys have doing these tutorials an amazing thing can you possibly show more tutorial on how you blend flawlessly on the eyes
James Charles ilysmmmmmm
soniya kumari
soniya kumari 2 oy oldin
Zoe Brannon
Zoe Brannon 3 oy oldin
Yep! No sister scandals here! Wish she would have said it tho
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson 9 daqiqa oldin
it looks the same as his
coco Berten
coco Berten 13 soat oldin
A makeup guru, artist, business sister, and an icon, sister James can do anything and look gordgious while doing so, Love ya sister!
Antonio TV
Antonio TV 13 soat oldin
Stop in the vid at 24:55
Aaron Villarina
Aaron Villarina 15 soat oldin
30 Minutes of Sister James being Surprised and Shouting
Crolox Blech
Crolox Blech 17 soat oldin
Dont forget to beat the devil out of it
1115Rainbow1115aj 23 soat oldin
29 minutes of James rethinking his whole entire art style life
Emma Mackenzie
Emma Mackenzie Kun oldin
You should paint a Bob Ross painting on a canvas with makeup. I love you James!!! If you do decide to do this can you give me a shootout because I did it and it turned out pretty good! ( took me a hot minute to make sis.)
Sailor Gamer
Sailor Gamer Kun oldin
James is the new Bob Ross
Enja Ruud
Enja Ruud Kun oldin
does anyone else hear an angel when he sings or is that just me?
TechnoPony Kun oldin
your reactions hahaha I am dying
Madina Zhakaibekova
OMG, its was amazing😱😍
Bong Blanco
Bong Blanco Kun oldin
Don't wash it off!!!😂
Alison Turner
Alison Turner Kun oldin
zainab mansoor
zainab mansoor Kun oldin
James watching bob ross: omg how does he do that Me watching james: omg how does he do that
XxMidnightMoon xX
I wanna meet you and then you can do my face
slay them all metal
Fan brush fan brus fan brudh fan brush fan brush fan brush fan brush fan brush
BaileyClaudiaStevie FlemingVelascoAlexis
this is so amazing i just cannot even believe it. the talent is unreal!!
I'm Adri
I'm Adri 2 kun oldin
OMG ❤️
Isadora Romig
Isadora Romig 2 kun oldin
i got a fit me foundation ad before this 😂
Neelam Neelam
Neelam Neelam 2 kun oldin
Oo he sings so nice 🌹
Neelam Neelam
Neelam Neelam 2 kun oldin
Dam ur smile 😍
Neelam Neelam
Neelam Neelam 2 kun oldin
I love ur skin without makeup And with makeup no complaints even U r lovely 😊 I like ur way of talking 😍 Luv u sisto♥️
Лиза Мелник
Very beautiful
Ha Ba
Ha Ba 2 kun oldin
Kalie Chebib started this first..
Emilia Rose
Emilia Rose 2 kun oldin
Is is even a giveaway if there’s not a MacBook Air???😆😝
Mo r
Mo r 2 kun oldin
*Even if you hate James you can't deny he has artistic talent!* 🎨 MORE BOB ROSS FOLLOWING TUTORIALS!!!!
moi 2 kun oldin
Gita Fitriani
Gita Fitriani 2 kun oldin
I like your makeup channel, please add Indonesian subtitles because I'm Indonesian, thank you very much James 😊
Camouflage Kitty
Camouflage Kitty 2 kun oldin
You can do better on your head then I can do on paper 📝
carjohnlilzo 2 kun oldin
5:36 MEEEE!!!
Brianna Mendenhall
Brianna Mendenhall 3 kun oldin
James: “My 8 pound long forehead” Me: Ummm what? 😂😭
G Li
G Li 3 kun oldin
Respect for James. He did this with a WHITE hoodie...I would’ve had paint everywhere if I tried. Respect.
Catureen 3 kun oldin
Bob Ross: breathes James: oh my GOD he literally just INHALED AND EXHALED IN TWO MILLISECONDS
Priyanka Thomas
Priyanka Thomas 3 kun oldin
This has probably been my favorite video xD Seeing James' expressions are too funny hahaha. The final look looks fantastic! :)
Brianna Kunkel
Brianna Kunkel 3 kun oldin
You did really good 👍👍👍
Zara Mathur
Zara Mathur 3 kun oldin
Do it on a canvas please james and do collaborate with Bob Ross
Willow Main
Willow Main 3 kun oldin
Blueface has to go through this everyday...
Willow Main
Willow Main 3 kun oldin
CABIN chance 19.34829348498%
Willow Main
Willow Main 3 kun oldin
halen 1
halen 1 3 kun oldin
13:01 orgasam.exe
Cheyenne Farr
Cheyenne Farr 4 kun oldin
Sister slay jeffery is shook (No offense Jeffery star 🌟love you both)
Kaylan Cook
Kaylan Cook 4 kun oldin
You should follow a Bob Ross video on an actual canvas and see what happens
dawn draws animations 17
dawn draws animations 17
Cuz I myself am an artist and I cannot believe this how people do mountains I've try this so many times and I couldn't get it right and then this happens
Sage Pham
Sage Pham 4 kun oldin
are we really going to sit here and not acknowledge that he said i do love beating the devil out of "Certain things" please someone explain to me what said things are
Gabriella Moore
Gabriella Moore 4 kun oldin
This is literally so funny 😂😂😂
Arely Hernandez
Arely Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Youre amazing😍😍😍😍💪👑👑
Kelly-Ann Payne
Kelly-Ann Payne 4 kun oldin
Wow James, Bob Ross is so way before your time, thank you for honoring him. I enjoyed watching him paint as a little girl.
Í. S. Santana
Í. S. Santana 4 kun oldin
Is it just me or anyone else watch his videos just to practice listening?
Aiassem 4 kun oldin
Is Bob Ross still alive?
Abi H
Abi H 4 kun oldin
‘Suddenly I need a fan brush’ 😂😂
Miina the Fangirl
Miina the Fangirl 4 kun oldin
Who else thinks James should do this on Brendon uries forehead?😂
Tiffany Hale
Tiffany Hale 4 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 why have I not watched you sooner 😍😍😍
Johnny Molloy
Johnny Molloy 5 kun oldin
Hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters high sisters
theartistgamerfurry boi
Oooooo James just got finnesed
Berkley Pearl
Berkley Pearl 5 kun oldin
Watching James just being in awe of Bob Ross was the cutest thing. I loved it
Makayla Brooks
Makayla Brooks 5 kun oldin
Is the northern lights video still up??
Mariah Ellisor
Mariah Ellisor 5 kun oldin
Turned the Spanish subtitles on out or curiosity and they didnt work btw
thanks for 7 million
You look like a boy how did you got 15 mill subs
Sharon Gordon
Sharon Gordon 5 kun oldin
You are a real inspiration i really want to be like you THE SISTERS LOVE YOU'!!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lydia Inman
Lydia Inman 5 kun oldin
I love that you did this makeup tutorial and revamped Bob Ross in a UZvid video. I am a very artistic person that has always liked drawing and painting ever since I was young. This type of art and being able to do my makeup gives me the opportunity to express who I truly am and you and Jeffree Star have inspired me to get out of my comfort shell to try new makeup looks and bold eye shadows. I have always loved art and it helps me express who I am and I can not thank both of you enough for helping me bring out my creative side. Thank you sister!
Leonora Afonso
Leonora Afonso 5 kun oldin
There was UZvid back then ?????😱😵😨
Lori Burnip
Lori Burnip 5 kun oldin
Yes James, I am as mystified by your tutorials as I am by Bobs. I can’t do either & I’ve tried both.
Trucutie Blogs
Trucutie Blogs 5 kun oldin
you are a true artist
Jake Azzy
Jake Azzy 5 kun oldin
“Don’t be afraid of this brush cause it’s big that’s my motto in life just with other things” 😂😂 love a sneaky sister
Hello There
Hello There 6 kun oldin
You are so creative. Would love to see more videos of it!! Make up or not!
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell 6 kun oldin
I love ur videos but I can't understand you it's just ur speed of talking
Gachaverse Stories Arianna
I did everything!😜😜😁😁
Sidsel Ramskov
Sidsel Ramskov 6 kun oldin
Omg You should do this again, with another picture! Its freaking amazing! I dont Think You undertand How good it looks! And yes We dont get How You can do your makeup so fast and easy! Xo xo
Diego Oñate Hernández
i love that with this your showing make up as art, you really are a good painter and i love the fact that you choose to use your face as a canvas. you are really inspiring to me
Cynthia Coc
Cynthia Coc 6 kun oldin
James you are so talented. I am impressed. great job.
Rukaiyah Animations
Lol when ur mum hoovers so u put on the subtitles
Taiylor Wallace
Taiylor Wallace 6 kun oldin
James, you're missing the whole point of what Bob said! It's all individual styles and placements, and it's about enjoying painting!
no name
no name 6 kun oldin
Love you!
Jessie 2.0
Jessie 2.0 6 kun oldin
Why do I get makeup ad every time I watch James?
jb is bae
jb is bae 6 kun oldin
james at the end: i wish i would have done this sooner! james actually doing the look: omg y did i let u guys push me into doing this
Judy O'Meara
Judy O'Meara 6 kun oldin
Who else would love to see James do a someone with acne’s make up?? Like if u agree😀😀😀
Carissa Conley
Carissa Conley 6 kun oldin
I am new to your channel (found you through Glam and Gore doing one of your tutorials) and so I been binge watching your videos! I love your videos you are such a sweetheart. I was literally laughing out loud! Bob Ross would sooo proud of you! I thought you did a fantastic job sweetie! "He just made a mountain in 30 seconds!" person in background "That is how people watching your tutorials feel...he just made a snowflake in 30 seconds!" lol.....keep up the great work!
Roze Rozie
Roze Rozie 6 kun oldin
12:37 what are you saying😂 I need subtitles
marti Ko
marti Ko 6 kun oldin
You have a big talent🥰💥 Wow, I'm impressed...❤️
sera Swuro
sera Swuro 6 kun oldin
So Talented
That Kid Vilaby
That Kid Vilaby 6 kun oldin
James, your forehead isn't as big as you make it seem. Your forehead is a beautiful size
Makenzie West
Makenzie West 7 kun oldin
Heidi Hall
Heidi Hall 7 kun oldin
also anyone else shook that James isn't a terrible singer? like that was good lol
Brooke Montague
Brooke Montague 7 kun oldin
It's beautiful
WhiteCieloMi - micieloblanco
March16/2019 i love your energy❣ you're definitely an inspiration! Im definitely a fan🌺
•ダニエラ 7 kun oldin
well this looks ‘natural’
Karoline Busche
Karoline Busche 7 kun oldin
why does his face look like my chacos straps
light byub
light byub 7 kun oldin
You struggled through this, but bob would be proud anyways
kylie johnson
kylie johnson 7 kun oldin
ok james i havent seen the finis tocthes yet but that looks amazing
Aali Wiggins
Aali Wiggins 7 kun oldin
I might be overthinking this but anyways whenever James started his makeup he chose the color daddy.Which is what he calls Grayson sometimes.And Grayson’s favorite color is green so... idk I might be just overthinking but when you really notice it makes sense.
Анастасия Гарбузова
i need part 2
Ninja master
Ninja master 7 kun oldin
Are you a giril or a boy
isha singh
isha singh 7 kun oldin
I love you James charles
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 7 kun oldin
"I do love beating the devil out of certain things" Excuse me, sister?
jasminejo2424 7 kun oldin
considering you didn't have the liquid white and it was your first attempt at his style of art you did a really good job. bob would be proud. on a side note i would love to see you do one on an actual canvas with the liquid white and everything, you could do it and auction off or give away the painting and raise some money for a charity or something :)
Kake Milksheikh
Kake Milksheikh 7 kun oldin
"bob ross was a guru before being a guru even existed" lemme just say... the whites are at it again........
David Adams
David Adams 7 kun oldin
Honestly this looks amazing I'm so inspired and I don't even wear makeup
Heather Mitchell-Adams
More Bob Ross/Make-up Tutorials!! Your reactions, AND the finished product were priceless!!
Melissa Eastridge
Melissa Eastridge 7 kun oldin
yes it is james you are just right stop doughting yourself sis
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