I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Ramen

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"OMG, that really is large!"
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Tomhelight And more
Lol how did niki said blorp XD at 5:39
Cheese Queen
Cheese Queen 10 soat oldin
Come check out my short bts haul thanks 💖💖
shadow Fire
shadow Fire 11 soat oldin
"That's tasty" roll credits.
Max Saucedo
Max Saucedo 12 soat oldin
I haven’t eaten in 8 hours and I watch tasty. Wow, me
Kayla Reed
Kayla Reed 14 soat oldin
Who else cringed when she took the chicken straight from the pack and put it in the marinade 🤢
Lucas Diego Magno
Lucas Diego Magno 17 soat oldin
Mya & Jada & Valerie & Greta YouTube
Ugh I’m sick of ramen.. it’s gonna make me sick. But I’m gonna watch it anyways
Ester Li
Ester Li 21 soat oldin
I love it when she sings
Lil Goat
Lil Goat 22 soat oldin
She is so fucking ugly
Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon 23 soat oldin
Shes so cute😂❤
joshua long
joshua long 23 soat oldin
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood I LOVE RAMEN NOODLES SO MUCH
Jabelle Wang
Jabelle Wang Kun oldin
Jabelle Wang
Jabelle Wang Kun oldin
All my halarious comments have drowned in the sea of comments, noooooooooooooooo! 😢
I want to starve for 5 days just so i can finish that in the restaurant,repeat two more times,so i could have enough money to buy a console
Luna Nightchase
Luna Nightchase Kun oldin
Get a bunch of stoners and let em smoke 😂 they got that challenge
Daisy Lou
Daisy Lou Kun oldin
Ramen? Jack Avery IS THAT YOU
Supriya Sonavane
Ur face is like mad overacting person
ZestySauze Kun oldin
Too much bean sprouts is discusting
Kuroko Tetsuya
Kuroko Tetsuya Kun oldin
WHy's she talking like a retard
weakzard Kun oldin
Captain Wazuki
Captain Wazuki Kun oldin
Omar Mohammed
Omar Mohammed Kun oldin
DerpyKat 2 kun oldin
*Not enough bean sprouts.*
Lizzie Munizza
Lizzie Munizza 2 kun oldin
Costco plastic wrap lets goo
Velvet Kitty
Velvet Kitty 2 kun oldin
It's probably why it's so salty
Chelsea & Franz
Chelsea & Franz 2 kun oldin
beans and noods
That Random Asian Gurl
did you know that you can "boil" the bean sprouts in an microwave
heartless Quince
heartless Quince 2 kun oldin
"this is what's gonna make it *crithpy* "
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 2 kun oldin
I thought Nikki said "Eating your feet" XD
Lee Meh
Lee Meh 2 kun oldin
Frying chicken with starch taste buch better than flour
Zurah 3 kun oldin
Sick Epic Ramen
Sam XD
Sam XD 3 kun oldin
“This grater’s too small!”......that’s a lemon zester 😂
Prajakta Mordekar
Prajakta Mordekar 3 kun oldin
"goodbye bean water"
ROMINA DUENAS 3 kun oldin
I’m craving fried chicken now....
Audrey Hollenbaugh
Audrey Hollenbaugh 3 kun oldin
Too salty Too salty Too salty Damn we need more salt
Beeble lol
Beeble lol 3 kun oldin
I love how every time rei 's title shows up it's always something better than everyone she the queen we all need. Rei's best mom chef
Some kitten
Some kitten 3 kun oldin
Lol! You can barely get to the actual ramen after eating the bean sprouts and the fried chicken! 😂
Blayr Doggett
Blayr Doggett 3 kun oldin
You guys should try to make a giant croissant
amirah syafiqah
amirah syafiqah 3 kun oldin
i watched entire episode of eating your feed just to see Rie 😅
SnipeR91124_PlayRoblox RealHitZatCriz1
I know that rie is the best chef
Maynardinaitor Gaming
As a weaboo this hurts my soul this is so WRONG DONT FRY CHICKEN SLICE INTO PEICES AND COOK ON PAN
Nam Do
Nam Do 4 kun oldin
*-Matt Stonie has joined the game-*
Shy Face
Shy Face 4 kun oldin
I need that giant ramen,it's making me hungry..
noyoze ero
noyoze ero 5 kun oldin
7:36 *THIEF!*
Johanna Mckibben
Johanna Mckibben 5 kun oldin
I'm going to make the chicken. :)
Dragonkeeper 4242
Dragonkeeper 4242 5 kun oldin
good gravy!
Trinity's Holliday
Trinity's Holliday 5 kun oldin
3:37 “That’s tastyy”
Alannah Lopez
Alannah Lopez 5 kun oldin
Pause at 7:00 lol
Satyaki Das
Satyaki Das 5 kun oldin
Hannah Poynter
Hannah Poynter 5 kun oldin
Nuuuuuuu had she not watered down the broth it'd still be seasoned when she put it all together
Megan Han
Megan Han 5 kun oldin
“Welcome to bean sprout mountain”
King_ Rares
King_ Rares 5 kun oldin
I've been watching cooking videos for the last 20 minutes and I'm still hungry
Savage Botato
Savage Botato 6 kun oldin
Jwise 6 kun oldin
This bitche’s voice
Khoury Ward
Khoury Ward 6 kun oldin
Lé bowl
Alicia Tarango
Alicia Tarango 6 kun oldin
My dad makes kaarage all the time
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 6 kun oldin
she should be annoying... but i kind of like her I'm an adult, but im really a little kid schtick
George A. Bolton Galindo
her face at 7:00 doe ooooofff
leetpuscetti com
leetpuscetti com 6 kun oldin
Send beans and noods
Hermann2416 6 kun oldin
fuck buzzfeed
Zman Playz
Zman Playz 6 kun oldin
can someone please teach her basic knife skills???
Lil Beast
Lil Beast 6 kun oldin
I love cow banks.
Jestic Jenn
Jestic Jenn 6 kun oldin
Rie is adorable❤️❤️❤️❤️
Moin Hassan
Moin Hassan 6 kun oldin
I just love Rie
Dddotaa2 Finest
Dddotaa2 Finest 7 kun oldin
I love this channel cause they being too honest, unlike chefs in philippines when they casting, well its pretty much you say perfect.
Meech Slaughter
Meech Slaughter 7 kun oldin
Would eat minis 75 precent or bean sprouts
Laila Davis
Laila Davis 7 kun oldin
you do not wash off your chichen
Johan Svensson
Johan Svensson 7 kun oldin
how have i missed this channel? Oo
Uday Singh 90
Uday Singh 90 7 kun oldin
I learned to make ramen from this lul
Sofie Nguyen
Sofie Nguyen 7 kun oldin
Possibly transports you to the Bean Sprout Dimension!
themidnightgamer girl
I wanna watch Naruto now because of all the Ramon, you guys are cute and homey and.....COZY
Calle Cambiado
Calle Cambiado 8 kun oldin
When she said the broth taste salty and she added water, I knew she would regret it later... She didn't expect the bean sprout would balance the taste of the broth.
Kyle Guloy
Kyle Guloy 8 kun oldin
Makes shoyu broth and complains for it being too salty......
Cooking With Christina
wait 4 tablespoons is a quarter cup...
Elvis Vega
Elvis Vega 8 kun oldin
I only ever watch this for the small scenes that adam comes out in hes my favorite
Benny Game's
Benny Game's 8 kun oldin
Adam the coolest cameraman ever
Rachel Stockwell
Rachel Stockwell 8 kun oldin
you guys should get merch
LunaMoona 8 kun oldin
I feel like her pinky has been broken for a year
Genesis Santos
Genesis Santos 8 kun oldin
Adam is soooo adorable lmfaooo like he's so quiet
JACE Productions
JACE Productions 8 kun oldin
Too much bean sprouts
Nika Klančar
Nika Klančar 8 kun oldin
You should challenge Adam to make something extremely delicious
christian c
christian c 8 kun oldin
always rinse ya chicken off first
Marissa Lewis
Marissa Lewis 8 kun oldin
If you add a little sugar, it balances out the salt
Mr Lork-Mobile Gamer
She os funny
シXeit 9 kun oldin
Why the fuck do you have so much Korean snacks
Roblox gamer
Roblox gamer 9 kun oldin
make sukiyaki noodles
Jake Jake
Jake Jake 9 kun oldin
niki is lesibian
kiirohimesama 9 kun oldin
Thats tonkatsu instead of karaage tho lol
Too Blue
Too Blue 10 kun oldin
Didnt bother watching this but it was kinda entertaining
Alfheim 10 kun oldin
oogui idols can eat it
Diana Marlene Lemus Figueroa
So that's why it's supposed to be so salty
Panot Lisahapanya
Panot Lisahapanya 10 kun oldin
1:40 yes it does need to be ‘crazy pants’ so that the flavour of the ginger and go into the marinade due increased surface area
Harley Q
Harley Q 10 kun oldin
Definitely plan on recreating this ramen! That fried chicken looks waaaay too good to pass up!
Seng  Hai Tan
Seng Hai Tan 11 kun oldin
6:03-6:04 did the bean sprouts shrink?
Joanna He
Joanna He 11 kun oldin
2:51 me trying to be fancy
Joanna He
Joanna He 11 kun oldin
7:00 waiting in line for chipotle
More JC
More JC 11 kun oldin
Rie For president 2020
奇妙なLogan is a alien chick
am i the only one who thinks its cute when they share it with the other staff? just me? okay
Amiitsu10 11 kun oldin
"Like jello shots but for kids" ...did.. did you mean ...jello?
Maja H
Maja H 11 kun oldin
does anyone see the word queer on the computer