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Today we're trying out Vogue's Celebrity Top Beauty Secrets of 2018 to see what's ACTUALLY good. Be ready to laugh at my expense - this was interesting. SUBSCRIBE! New videos every THURSDAY & SUNDAY: bit.ly/SubToRachhLoves
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10-Yan, 2019



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Emily Rodrigues
Emily Rodrigues 7 kun oldin
Kat Von d and jeffree stars and I think hudas matte liquid lips are eye safe. Not sure what other company's are though
McKenna Pomidoro
McKenna Pomidoro 8 kun oldin
You are 100% my favorite UZvid “guru” and you make me laugh ALL THE TIME and I just go back and watch random videos
Elaina Doak
Elaina Doak 8 kun oldin
Was that one you used the ELF all over powder brush when you were doing your final sweep of blending by the ears ?
Parsnip Go
Parsnip Go 11 kun oldin
What powder brush does she use though? 🤔
walaa saleh
walaa saleh 14 kun oldin
OMG!! You worry too much 😂😂😂 Like the lips though 😗
Nick Marie
Nick Marie Oy oldin
Unless a product states that it is "eye safe," don't put it on your eyes. I'm surprised Vogue didn't warn anyone about that.
Amy Shrem
Amy Shrem Oy oldin
6:22 ASMR Queen
Victoria Sweet
Omg I always brush on my lipstick too lol where have y’all been 😂
Victoria Sweet
I always use blush/contour on eyes as well as liquid lipstick it’s actually a good “hack” especially if u don’t have anything else ... haven’t u seen America’s next top model lol
Victoria Sweet
Warming up product on the hand the way Rihanna does makes the product run out faster so u have to buy more often. Marketing hack lol
Victoria Sweet
I hate sheet masks and so I just put the product on my face and let it soak in .. works better that way IMO.. definitely a hack
We Are Legion
We Are Legion Oy oldin
Thayer’s makes wonderful alcohol-free witch hazel aloe Vera toners & sprays. I spray them on my beauty blender. Much cheaper than Tatcha & works great.
Brittany Norma
Ok but for real, when you added $$$ signs as you sprayed the tatcha stuff. Editing Rachel is best.
Michele Demaris
With the lip contour on the inside of the dark nude color u wana use a pink/mauve color for ur skin tone and blend it in
Grancie E
Grancie E Oy oldin
Never use the same product on your lips and eyes! There is so much bacteria in the mouth and you could get a really bad eye infection! #suggestionfromanurse
Samantha Parrish
Watching while eating breakfast. *she spills the powder* "That looks like a future Rachel problem!" I spit out my coffee laughing. Well, I guess that's a 'future Samantha' problem. Just kidding, cuz this bih needs her coffee. 😂😂😂😂
A N Oy oldin
I think we should make a drinking game out of every time you drop a product XD I look forward to it every video.
Jennifer Hadaway
So Kim uses concealer to “warm up her face”....GENIUS 🤔🙄😒
Michelle Matheson
Jeffree Stars liquid lipstick formula is eye safe.
Mia Gaboy
Mia Gaboy Oy oldin
Try a korean make-up sometimes. 😍
What powder was used under her eyes
Victoria Stone
What are your favorite brushes to use that are drugstore/affordable? and besides morphe
Julia R
Julia R Oy oldin
I understand using matte liquid lipstick as eyeliner, but not as eyeshadow! My eyelids are so dry, and that sounds like one of the worst makeup ideas I’ve ever heard!
Glad u had Your corrections for them !
Diana Viola
Diana Viola Oy oldin
Does anyone knows who old is rachel?
TeaAddict Oy oldin
I feel like there is so much available in eyeshadows that there is no need for lipstick on the eyes.
MNArmyGirl Oy oldin
James Charles hack: Clean up the corner of the eye with concealer..(I think) or a bit of setting powder
Emily Violet Marie
First time to Rachel's channel... and I freakin love this girl! Glad I found her!
Gayane Triants
Wow, I've been doing concealer in the corners of the mouth and blush-eye shadow when I was 15. The concealer because I had not discovered the lip brush for lipstick application yet , and the blush because I was too broke to buy real eye shadows 😂😂😂 Good to know that 2018 Vouge supports 2007 me.😎
Sarah B.
Sarah B. Oy oldin
Does anybody know what brush she is using to contour? Around 11:27. I’ve seen it in a few of her vids and I want!!
Holly Dean
Holly Dean Oy oldin
That was fun! Which pink-toned powder did you use under your eyes (if you said I missed it :))?
kellibella0804 2 oy oldin
The $ signs flying away as you spray your beauty blender is everything 😂
Monica B
Monica B 2 oy oldin
I love the blush hack, I use it when I’m feeling lazy lol
Elise O'Neil
Elise O'Neil 2 oy oldin
I dont know about most lipsticks, but Jeffree Star's are eye safe to use as a base, liner, etc. He even uses them on his own eyes sometimes.
Miss Sunny Dee
Miss Sunny Dee 2 oy oldin
I found you yesterday evening so now I'm browsing and binging (in case you think, "why is this woman commenting on age old videos of mine?!" That's why! ;).). You're so recognisable work the dropping things LOL! And your humour, love it! But I have a question regarding the foundation/powderbrush thing. Since I have dry skin brushes usually make it look worse, but I'm willing to try because ever since I was lucky enough to get menopause early (apparently normal if you're already blessed with serious chronic illnesses... sigh), my foundation looks even more like cr*p. So, #questionoftheday Is there something I should know? What type of powder brush? The bigger the better/ dense or as soft as possible? Which brush are you using?
o a
o a 2 oy oldin
Ur intros are the bomb.com I really enjoy them Love uu
Maggie 2 oy oldin
I don’t think hairspray on the face in any capacity is really a good idea lol
Nicole Z
Nicole Z 2 oy oldin
Can anybody tell me what was that pink powder that she used underneath her eyes?
Amanda Blinn
Amanda Blinn 2 oy oldin
What brush are you using for foundation??
Sarah Kwak
Sarah Kwak 2 oy oldin
Lol at the dollar signs when you're spraying the Tatcha spray! 😂😂
jordan dean
jordan dean 2 oy oldin
A great eye brush to do the lipstick hack is the sephora pro smoky eye brush. I do red lipstick like this, very modern look buffed into lips.
Lexy Sorlie
Lexy Sorlie 2 oy oldin
That sheet mask was perfectly made to be the size of your face.
Sean McCool
Sean McCool 2 oy oldin
Not only are your eyelids super sensitive many colorants are either lip safe or eye safe and not both
Amelia Justice
Amelia Justice 2 oy oldin
Your bit about the Tatcha skin mist was hilarious! I'd think the same thing.
AbigailO_o Mishu*-*
Don't recommend buffing foundation for EVERYONE but that doesn't work when your skin has rosacea and acne. Buffing irritates the hell out of the skin and makes the pimples pop up, blood coming out, skin super sensitive, and pores look massive. No. Buffing ISN'T for everyone, its only good if you have normal skin
Stacie Markham
Stacie Markham 2 oy oldin
jaclyn hill also uses the tatcha spray on her beauty blender
Amy Cotten
Amy Cotten 2 oy oldin
Totally used my powder brush with my liquid foundation and whoa! Game changer!!! Love it!
SweetandSahar MUA
Hahahaha all dat $$$$$$$
Lotta Yltéus
Lotta Yltéus 2 oy oldin
Hi, You are so phyunny girl! Love to watch your videos 🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄
Morgan 2 oy oldin
I rarely use bronzes (fair skin problems) but I use blush EVERYWHERE. Cheeks, nose, eyelids, forehead, temples. It makes me look alive and not like a potato. I find marbled blushes also give my face shape without have to contour.
LillySty 2 oy oldin
About that Liquid Lipstick on the eyes: I know that Jeffree Star formulates his lipsticks specifically so that they‘re safe for the eyes! His lipliners are, too!
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 2 oy oldin
I put blush in my eye crease as well. Didn't even know it was pro thing. Edit: I use a light pink with a very very fluffy crease brush. I will try the blush brush though next time.
That Girl
That Girl 2 oy oldin
Can you please do a full skin routine? 😩
Karen DeMars
Karen DeMars 2 oy oldin
That feeling when people make stuff look easy, then you try it at home and it’s like Fail! Fail! Fail! Fail! Lol. I clicked on the video for some good tips, but ended up laughing my butt off, which ways way more valuable. ♥️ Always love the Rachhh realness! Thanks for a great video. ☺️
Aimee Cook
Aimee Cook 2 oy oldin
Rach! What was the powder you used under the eyes please!? 😁
Shabba Hakim
Shabba Hakim 2 oy oldin
A lot of companies make eye safe liquid lipsticks so you can do that with them. But I wouldn’t use one that isn’t certified as eyesafe.
Alex Young
Alex Young 2 oy oldin
Love this / love you ❤️😍😘
Miriam Capon
Miriam Capon 2 oy oldin
The dollar signs being sprayed on the beauty blender had me laughinggg 😂😂 your videos always cheer me up!
Suzan Storm
Suzan Storm 2 oy oldin
Can you give us a link to your face roller?
Linda Hester
Linda Hester 2 oy oldin
Never, ever watch these videos late at night when others are sleeping. Oh my Gawd, I have tears streaming down my face at the dollar signs, the powder, aggressive dots. Thank you so much! My TV crapped out in my quilting room and I was in a really foul mood. Now I am just as happy as anything. You are amazing!!
Heather Hernandez
I’m to old to bake a wedding cake 🍰 under my eyes! Lol
Sara Preston
Sara Preston 2 oy oldin
I liked all of them but the lips. You looked a bit clownish around the mouth area.
Mrs Shinyside
Mrs Shinyside 2 oy oldin
Lol this is why I consider Vogue towards an older demographic. These aren't the trends we normally see...
Simon Alkenmayer
Simon Alkenmayer 2 oy oldin
Many lipsticks are eye safe, but you should check.
Mel Hassan
Mel Hassan 2 oy oldin
I love that trick with the eyeshadow brush on the lips! That looked so gorgeous!
Tabatha Lamprecht
Future Rachel problem 😂
Ella Roggeveen
Ella Roggeveen 2 oy oldin
The second Rachel dropped the powder I dropped my phone. Big oof.
Melissa Bradley
Melissa Bradley 2 oy oldin
😂 eating mud
Rebekkah Herrick
Rebekkah Herrick 2 oy oldin
Marcela Diaz
Marcela Diaz 2 oy oldin
Rachel, I love you but this isn't you... Why so much negativity? Even when you review products you aren't a fan of, you're never this mad, upset and -Omg, I'm so sorry- bitchy. Are you OK?
k94tran 2 oy oldin
Hack regarding eye shadow brush on lips: instead of dabbing the brush onto the bullet first and then applying it to the lips, try applying the lipstick straight onto the lips but ONLY on the CENTRE of the top and bottom lip. Then use the eye shadow brush to feather out the pigment towards the edges of the lips. It gives the most juicy, "innocent" lip.
k94tran 2 oy oldin
Hack regarding the sheet mask: there is usually excess serum. After applying it onto the face for the designated period of time, fold it up, then milk the remaining residual serum in the pack onto the folded mask and sweep it under the eyes, around the mouth (anywhere that is particularly dry) and then to finish off, sweep it down the neck.
Lindsey Berg
Lindsey Berg 2 oy oldin
That lip contour worrrrrrrrked.
Galadriel of Lorien
"Always wing your eyeliner before you do your face makeup" - the only hack I acknowledge
rennibeth 2 oy oldin
Hey, Rach! The corners of the mouth highlight is really effective for us medium toned folks. We tend to get darker around the corners of our mouth, so the light concealer counteracts the shadows.
Jessica K
Jessica K 2 oy oldin
I just bought Urban Decay lofi lipstick because I love the idea but ended up hating the applicator. The brush seems like it would be perfect. I love the color and the effect of it so, yay!
Lolli Bishop
Lolli Bishop 2 oy oldin
Ooo gotta get me a face roller. The jade/rose quartz ones are soo aesthetically pleasing too. That foundation trick sounds amazing! I blend my concealer out with setting spray on my bb and to press the spray into powder after baking with the sprayed sponge (does that make sense??) it makes it last so much longer
8000sage 2 oy oldin
Great video. Would love to see the brow trick with bar soap. I need all the help I can get for brows. 🤩🤩🤩
Amber Slater
Amber Slater 2 oy oldin
Iv never thought about the hair spray to the eye brows, That was really cool to me! Btw love your videos ❤️
Natalie Palmer
Natalie Palmer 2 oy oldin
Some liquid lipsticks are actually approved for use around the eyes, but I wouldn’t do it with just any old lipstick. I believe some of the Jeffrey star liquid lipsticks are approved for around the eyes, but even then I wouldn’t use one that you use on your lips all the time.
Annie Caron
Annie Caron 2 oy oldin
i do the trick of the sunkissed but with blush because im in canada so its cold we dont have sun that often so i just go for the im freezing look😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michaela Marty
Michaela Marty 2 oy oldin
“That looks like a future Rachel problem” 100% how I am going to deal with any and all things from now on Dirty dishes? That looks like a future Michaela problem. Laundry? Future Michaela problem. 😂😂😂
Emma Forget-Vanier
The jeffree star liquid lipstick are eyesafe!!
Kirsten Schrull
Kirsten Schrull 2 oy oldin
Overall, I loved this look. The trick of using a brush for applying lipstick looked so natural and flush. loved it!
Deana Henderson
Deana Henderson 2 oy oldin
This video made me laugh more than I do in any of Rachel's videos. Good watch for sure! :)
Lucy Carpenter
Lucy Carpenter 2 oy oldin
Love you!! Anyone know what powder brush do she uses for foundation??
Janie Bounds
Janie Bounds 2 oy oldin
I like to use blush over the nose instead of the bronzer for the sunkissed look! Especially if you're using toasted cinnamon!
Irem Salam
Irem Salam 2 oy oldin
U r sooooo cute. God bless you
Jenn Truong
Jenn Truong 2 oy oldin
I think the most interesting hack is the lip brush one too!
Joia Appling
Joia Appling 2 oy oldin
I love Rachel, but I hope to GOD that she does not think that fake tan looks good!!!!! Geeshhhhhh!
Fleur Habets
Fleur Habets 2 oy oldin
Does anyone still use a bar of soap? 🤔 Haven't seen one of those thing in ages (except for in stores ofcourse)😂
Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller 2 oy oldin
What brushes do you use for your foundation and concealer?
Noor A
Noor A 2 oy oldin
I thought it was only me! I've been using a powder brush for foundation for ages, it is amazing!
LilyKat Amber
LilyKat Amber 2 oy oldin
I tried putting my BB Cream on with a fluffy brush, came out really nice!! going to try it with foundation next : )
Ana Rodrigues
Ana Rodrigues 2 oy oldin
Ah nice! I also put some blush in the crease/ eyelid with my normal big blush brush. Didn't know that was a hack for someone else :)
Kristin Arrington
"When Kim K bakes, she BAKES. And im not talking about the cookies on the refrigerator aisle. Girl is making a wedding cake under here."
Emmeviene Suelto
Emmeviene Suelto 2 oy oldin
I do that trick with the liquid lipstick as eyeshadow. I usually use the Nyx Soft Matte liquid lipstick. And instead of a bronzer I use blush across my nose for that Korean drunk blush look.
Nina Armstrong
Nina Armstrong 2 oy oldin
Lmao this was hilarious!! 😃😊😘
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
love you
xxkinzielouxx 2 oy oldin
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