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Today we're trying out Vogue's Celebrity Top Beauty Secrets of 2018 to see what's ACTUALLY good. Be ready to laugh at my expense - this was interesting. SUBSCRIBE! New videos every THURSDAY & SUNDAY: bit.ly/SubToRachhLoves
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If you couldn't already tell... I like makeup. Like, a lot. Especially testing new makeup, doing full day wear tests and giving you guys the honest, right-up-in-the-pores feedback on what works & what doesn't. Drugstore makeup, luxury makeup, amazon makeup, dumpster makeup (okay maybe not dumpster), I've found INCREDIBLE gems at all price points and locations worldwide. Join our growing community of positive, uplifting humans for NEW VIDEOS every THURSDAY & SUNDAY. bit.ly/SubToRachhLoves
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10-Yan, 2019

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Aimee Cook
Aimee Cook 3 soat oldin
Rach! What was the powder you used under the eyes please!? 😁
Shabba Hakim
Shabba Hakim 5 soat oldin
A lot of companies make eye safe liquid lipsticks so you can do that with them. But I wouldn’t use one that isn’t certified as eyesafe.
Alex Young
Alex Young 7 soat oldin
Love this / love you ❤️😍😘
Miriam Capon
Miriam Capon 10 soat oldin
The dollar signs being sprayed on the beauty blender had me laughinggg 😂😂 your videos always cheer me up!
Suzan Storm
Suzan Storm 14 soat oldin
Can you give us a link to your face roller?
Linda Hester
Linda Hester 17 soat oldin
Never, ever watch these videos late at night when others are sleeping. Oh my Gawd, I have tears streaming down my face at the dollar signs, the powder, aggressive dots. Thank you so much! My TV crapped out in my quilting room and I was in a really foul mood. Now I am just as happy as anything. You are amazing!!
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez 22 soat oldin
I’m to old to bake a wedding cake 🍰 under my eyes! Lol
Sara Preston
Sara Preston Kun oldin
I liked all of them but the lips. You looked a bit clownish around the mouth area.
Mrs Shinyside
Mrs Shinyside Kun oldin
Lol this is why I consider Vogue towards an older demographic. These aren't the trends we normally see...
Simon Alkenmayer
Many lipsticks are eye safe, but you should check.
Mel Hassan
Mel Hassan Kun oldin
I love that trick with the eyeshadow brush on the lips! That looked so gorgeous!
Tabatha Lamprecht
Future Rachel problem 😂
Ella Roggeveen
Ella Roggeveen Kun oldin
The second Rachel dropped the powder I dropped my phone. Big oof.
Melissa Bradley
Melissa Bradley Kun oldin
😂 eating mud
Rebekkah Herrick
Marcela Diaz
Marcela Diaz Kun oldin
Rachel, I love you but this isn't you... Why so much negativity? Even when you review products you aren't a fan of, you're never this mad, upset and -Omg, I'm so sorry- bitchy. Are you OK?
k94tran Kun oldin
Hack regarding eye shadow brush on lips: instead of dabbing the brush onto the bullet first and then applying it to the lips, try applying the lipstick straight onto the lips but ONLY on the CENTRE of the top and bottom lip. Then use the eye shadow brush to feather out the pigment towards the edges of the lips. It gives the most juicy, "innocent" lip.
k94tran Kun oldin
Hack regarding the sheet mask: there is usually excess serum. After applying it onto the face for the designated period of time, fold it up, then milk the remaining residual serum in the pack onto the folded mask and sweep it under the eyes, around the mouth (anywhere that is particularly dry) and then to finish off, sweep it down the neck.
Lindsey Berg
Lindsey Berg Kun oldin
That lip contour worrrrrrrrked.
Galadriel of Lorien
"Always wing your eyeliner before you do your face makeup" - the only hack I acknowledge
rennibeth Kun oldin
Hey, Rach! The corners of the mouth highlight is really effective for us medium toned folks. We tend to get darker around the corners of our mouth, so the light concealer counteracts the shadows.
Jessica K
Jessica K Kun oldin
I just bought Urban Decay lofi lipstick because I love the idea but ended up hating the applicator. The brush seems like it would be perfect. I love the color and the effect of it so, yay!
Lolli Bishop
Lolli Bishop Kun oldin
Ooo gotta get me a face roller. The jade/rose quartz ones are soo aesthetically pleasing too. That foundation trick sounds amazing! I blend my concealer out with setting spray on my bb and to press the spray into powder after baking with the sprayed sponge (does that make sense??) it makes it last so much longer
8000sage Kun oldin
Great video. Would love to see the brow trick with bar soap. I need all the help I can get for brows. 🤩🤩🤩
Amber Slater
Amber Slater Kun oldin
Iv never thought about the hair spray to the eye brows, That was really cool to me! Btw love your videos ❤️
Natalie Palmer
Natalie Palmer Kun oldin
Some liquid lipsticks are actually approved for use around the eyes, but I wouldn’t do it with just any old lipstick. I believe some of the Jeffrey star liquid lipsticks are approved for around the eyes, but even then I wouldn’t use one that you use on your lips all the time.
Annie Caron
Annie Caron Kun oldin
i do the trick of the sunkissed but with blush because im in canada so its cold we dont have sun that often so i just go for the im freezing look😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michaela Marty
Michaela Marty Kun oldin
“That looks like a future Rachel problem” 100% how I am going to deal with any and all things from now on Dirty dishes? That looks like a future Michaela problem. Laundry? Future Michaela problem. 😂😂😂
Emma Forget-Vanier
The jeffree star liquid lipstick are eyesafe!!
Kirsten Schrull
Kirsten Schrull Kun oldin
Overall, I loved this look. The trick of using a brush for applying lipstick looked so natural and flush. loved it!
Deana Henderson
Deana Henderson 2 kun oldin
This video made me laugh more than I do in any of Rachel's videos. Good watch for sure! :)
Lucy Carpenter
Lucy Carpenter 2 kun oldin
Love you!! Anyone know what powder brush do she uses for foundation??
Janie Bounds
Janie Bounds 2 kun oldin
I like to use blush over the nose instead of the bronzer for the sunkissed look! Especially if you're using toasted cinnamon!
Irem Salam
Irem Salam 2 kun oldin
U r sooooo cute. God bless you
Jenn Truong
Jenn Truong 2 kun oldin
I think the most interesting hack is the lip brush one too!
Joia Appling
Joia Appling 2 kun oldin
I love Rachel, but I hope to GOD that she does not think that fake tan looks good!!!!! Geeshhhhhh!
Fleur Habets
Fleur Habets 2 kun oldin
Does anyone still use a bar of soap? 🤔 Haven't seen one of those thing in ages (except for in stores ofcourse)😂
Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller 2 kun oldin
What brushes do you use for your foundation and concealer?
Noor A
Noor A 2 kun oldin
I thought it was only me! I've been using a powder brush for foundation for ages, it is amazing!
LilyKat Amber
LilyKat Amber 2 kun oldin
I tried putting my BB Cream on with a fluffy brush, came out really nice!! going to try it with foundation next : )
Ana Rodrigues
Ana Rodrigues 2 kun oldin
Ah nice! I also put some blush in the crease/ eyelid with my normal big blush brush. Didn't know that was a hack for someone else :)
Kristin Arrington
Kristin Arrington 2 kun oldin
"When Kim K bakes, she BAKES. And im not talking about the cookies on the refrigerator aisle. Girl is making a wedding cake under here."
Emmeviene Suelto
Emmeviene Suelto 2 kun oldin
I do that trick with the liquid lipstick as eyeshadow. I usually use the Nyx Soft Matte liquid lipstick. And instead of a bronzer I use blush across my nose for that Korean drunk blush look.
Nina Armstrong
Nina Armstrong 2 kun oldin
Lmao this was hilarious!! 😃😊😘
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
love you
xxkinzielouxx 2 kun oldin
Meg Hawkins
Meg Hawkins 2 kun oldin
Please review James Charles' palette! Thanks! Love your videos!!
i_bleed_ makeup
i_bleed_ makeup 2 kun oldin
Kat Von D's and Jeffree Star's liquid lips are all eye safe ❤❤
scotzmnswife 2 kun oldin
Here's a hack to save spending money on setting sprays: I make my own using witch hazel, water, & aloe vera gel which contains glycerin, easily found at the drugstore. I use each in 3 equal parts in a spray bottle of my choice & it works perfectly. Also great for wetting my eyeshadow brush for intensifying shadows. 😊
niky_nightmare 2 kun oldin
Really like how this look turned out on you!
Andria Knobel
Andria Knobel 2 kun oldin
This was fun.
Bubblybabe6 2 kun oldin
That’s not 100% true about the liquid lip. Lots of brands are vegan are a friendly to use on the lids. Example Jeffree Stars liquid lips
Emily Duff
Emily Duff 3 kun oldin
I've just come back from holidays with no internet and I'm so excited to binge watch all the Rachel that I've missed
Jackie Fritch
Jackie Fritch 3 kun oldin
I just died seeing those dollar signs flying out of that bottle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mica Raab
Mica Raab 3 kun oldin
loved this and you❤️😍
Alejandra Galicia Gonzalez
I've tried the lip contouring... it looked like I had a mustache!!! LMAO!!!
Dianna Raciunas
Dianna Raciunas 3 kun oldin
What pinky powder to bake your eyes did you use? Also some of jefferystar’s liquid lips are eye safe
Sarah Schulz
Sarah Schulz 3 kun oldin
Loved the one with lip product and eyeshadow brush! It turned out so pretty!
Maddy Connolly
Maddy Connolly 3 kun oldin
Demi March
Demi March 3 kun oldin
I LOVVVE how wild & goofy you are ❤️❤️ such a sweetie 😘
Bailey Phillips
Bailey Phillips 3 kun oldin
Your lips look booooombbbb 😍
Savi Klasen
Savi Klasen 3 kun oldin
for the lip contour, i go for a more subtle approach and just contour the center of the lip, so the cupids bow and just underneath the lip in the middle.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 3 kun oldin
I've seen the buffing technique used a lot but I feel like buffing anything into my skin is such a bad idea because it's SO DRY
JanisSmithe 3 kun oldin
Omg your lips, tho....that's sooo bad and unattractive! Maybe for people with darker skin it works? I mean, putting a little something kind of cool toned under just the lower lip, mostly in the middle, works to give a little illusion of larger lips on fair skin...but all around the mouth? Gross. Is it just because we're all used to KK wearing heavy clown makeup 24/7 that we think it's "natural"?
Brooklyn D
Brooklyn D 3 kun oldin
For the "sunkissed" look, I put bronzer on my usual areas, but a little heavier than normal. Then I go over the areas that would get a lot of sun (like the nose) with blush. That makes it look less muddy.
Leticia Upton
Leticia Upton 3 kun oldin
I am allergic to most masks, lotions, foundations.😏
Virginia Green
Virginia Green 3 kun oldin
You are the first make-up/beauty channel I started watching onUZvid, and you remain my favorite!
Samantha Simoneau
Samantha Simoneau 3 kun oldin
This is so funny: I was skeptical about using a powder brush for foundation. I was like, "I don't know, my foundation brush does a REALLY good job." Then, I looked at it . . . And it's a powder brush. Lol, apparently I was accidentally winning at applying foundation.
Anna Sorensen
Anna Sorensen 3 kun oldin
Kimberlyy, thank you! Lol
Shelby Bro
Shelby Bro 3 kun oldin
People with darker skin tone can have darkness on the sides of the mouth. I have to do this to
kiley.elizabeth 3 kun oldin
love the concept of this video! xo from my channel to your's!
Lynn Bass
Lynn Bass 3 kun oldin
The reason for the corner of the mouth concealer is 2 things. First mix ethnicity peeps even if lighter skin have discoloration more than just hormonal redness. Second some women have creases right there and it can make them look less deep. Being Puerto Rican I have both problems and love this trick. If you have none of those issues you are lucky and normal lol
Mish mash
Mish mash 3 kun oldin
Kim K admittedly said she had no idea how to do make up a year ago and now she acts like she’s a professional. She should be a professional seeing that she always has the best make up artists doing her make up. You’d think she would have paid attention during all these years.
Sarah Brianne
Sarah Brianne 3 kun oldin
Anyone know what brand the contour stick was?
Melissa Youngblut
Melissa Youngblut 3 kun oldin
I’m really gonna need you to do a tutorial on this bar of soap eyebrow thing! Homegurl (aka me) could use some major help in the brow department.
Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson 3 kun oldin
Jeffree Stars lip sticks can be put on the eyes 😇😍
NewHampshire Girl
NewHampshire Girl 3 kun oldin
I literally laughed out loud when u had the Tatcha mist spraying dollar signs 😂😂😂😂 you're so funny!!! I love it!
Deynee Diaries
Deynee Diaries 3 kun oldin
Using the sheet mask like that is basically putting on essence or serum. The purpose of the mask is to prevent the good stuff to evaporate and let all the goodness sink into your skin instead.
Janka Denouden
Janka Denouden 3 kun oldin
Where can I buy a roller like in the video????? I really want one
Elena Georgieva
Elena Georgieva 3 kun oldin
I love putting cheek products as an eyeshadow- creates very cohesive look. In my opinion the "necessary" makeup for a woman (at least for me) is a compact powder, blush, some mascara, maybe eyeliner and brow stuff and a good red lipstick.
Daniella 3 kun oldin
You find that odd? You should try Huda's lip contouring. It's weirdly effective, or so it seems.
Nancy Shalayeva
Nancy Shalayeva 3 kun oldin
I love how your lips look like after all of that 👍🏻👍🏻
traczebabe 3 kun oldin
When I was twelve I didn’t make money of course. I was a kid! I did babysit at times. Had to buy my own makeup. Using a lipstick for lips, blush & eyes worked really well!
Ruby Gonzalez
Ruby Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Hi Rachel, I would just like to tell you that you should not put foundation in the palm of your hand because it carries the most bacteria. It is best to put on the back of your hand. I’m not a big makeup wearer but I have a little problem with germs. 😊👍
Alaa Mohamad
Alaa Mohamad 3 kun oldin
So where are the secrets? 😂😂
Sassy S.A.M
Sassy S.A.M 3 kun oldin
Ceara Thomas
Ceara Thomas 3 kun oldin
With the sheet mask thing I use it like normal the first night, put it back in the packet, put it in a baggie then, flip the mask over and use the other side then when I'm done, I fold the sheet mask like the girl did and apply it to my neck and chest
Tori Watson
Tori Watson 3 kun oldin
I use liquid lipstick as a liquid eyeliner sometimes depending on what colour I want to go with and I've never had any issues. I know with Jeffree Star's lip formulas he has said they're safe for the eyes as well. I guess it just depends on the brand that you use.
jen7 3 kun oldin
Us folks with more melanin and a darker skin tone naturally tend to have the corners of the lips quite a bit darker than anywhere else on the face.
Heath Meizer
Heath Meizer 3 kun oldin
Your channel always puts a smile on my face. Thank you 🌸🌻💐🌷🍀
Julia Chesser
Julia Chesser 3 kun oldin
i love the lip hack, it made a brighter bolder lipstick like the one you picked look natural
Melissa Carr
Melissa Carr 3 kun oldin
Your lips look fine
Chelsea Haggard
Chelsea Haggard 3 kun oldin
That contour for your lips really worked!! Your lips looked huge!
Kayla Silcox
Kayla Silcox 3 kun oldin
I would love to know what that HUGE powder brush you used for your bronzer was!
Brianna Kasken
Brianna Kasken 3 kun oldin
I think it made your lips look bigger, it’s crazy! Love your videos! I never comment and I should because you’re my favorite!
Staci Reafsnyder
Staci Reafsnyder 3 kun oldin
NO DON'T DO IT RACHEL! DON'T PUT LIPSTICK ON YOUR EYES! lol..... There's ingredients in lipstick that are SOOOO bad for your eyes..... lol ... I'm so glad you didn't do it! I can't believe Vogue put that in their video...?? I feel like the title should've been ''Vogue's Top Beauty Secrets 2018...what were you thinking?" lol
Anna Moody
Anna Moody 3 kun oldin
Ok can I just say Rachel, that your make up skills are SO good these days!?! I started watching you way back when you did the lazy girl hacks videos and I've loved watching you evolve. You're the best. Hugs! ❤️
Wendy Jewsbury
Wendy Jewsbury 3 kun oldin
I absolutely love your video's!!
taeler day
taeler day 3 kun oldin
Evelyn Munoz
Evelyn Munoz 3 kun oldin
2:26 im sooo sorry but im dirty minded💀💀