I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

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30-Sen, 2018

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Eleanor Collins
Eleanor Collins Soat oldin
We had to learn calligraphy in school
Miss Mary Games
Miss Mary Games 4 soat oldin
Jazza loves yo
Metropolis Center II
I tried calligraphy too, mine's looks a bit OK.
Blue Seth
Blue Seth 6 soat oldin
I want that letter
Aiminath Naazuleen
Aiminath Naazuleen 7 soat oldin
Thanks jazza you inspired me to do art and I am so good at art now just by watching your videos thanks
Dr. Derpy
Dr. Derpy 9 soat oldin
You look like blonde Hawkeye
Chromium Animations
Chromium Animations 12 soat oldin
Galaxious Night
Galaxious Night 12 soat oldin
I cant even buy the stuff 😔😔😔
Vsauce 5
Vsauce 5 14 soat oldin
All I can say is RIP left handed guys.. :(:(
Shae W
Shae W 15 soat oldin
Why where you pushing so hard at the start
Be Mercado
Be Mercado 16 soat oldin
I'm doing calligraphy in art
Sharpo Cookie98
Sharpo Cookie98 19 soat oldin
I‘m not even able to connect the letters XD without looking s^*^^
Teagan Sullivan
Teagan Sullivan 20 soat oldin
Im an artist and a doctor 😁
Hous Herbal
Hous Herbal 20 soat oldin
"no mistakes, only happy accidents" is what my mom said when she gave birth to me :)
Gaming With Ryleigh 2
Gaming With Ryleigh 2 37 daqiqa oldin
Hous Herbal oh nu
the future
the future 21 soat oldin
parididles my dawg
Sp00kyScarySkeletons 21 soat oldin
as it stands your ordinary handwriting is way better than mine.
Danielle Hulme-Lowe
I remember filling 5 subject notebooks in 5th grade with writing exercises, so much repetition. Helped my entire class with their handwriting styles.
Aggeliki D
Aggeliki D Kun oldin
*omg help*
dandey Kun oldin
gimme that love letter!
SHALAMABOOSH 1sopowerful
Just for that love letter I don't think I've even smashed a like button faster or harder in my life
SomeA55 _whole
SomeA55 _whole Kun oldin
How you do this left handed?
vivi mach
vivi mach Kun oldin
oof... not being mean sorry if it sounds mean...
vivi mach
vivi mach Kun oldin
i like it! don't beat yourself up!
vivi mach
vivi mach Kun oldin
it was good till the X.
Big Eyes
Big Eyes Kun oldin
Lol your handwriting is 100x better than mine😂😂😂
Isaac The gamechanger
No mistakes just happy accidents - Bob Ross
TheASMRNerd 12
TheASMRNerd 12 Kun oldin
0:23 when I get an F on a test but casually laughs it off like it’s nothing
TheTfroggy912 Kun oldin
Honestly the Netflix wasn’t that bad for a first go!
Syl Kun oldin
I could never do this because I'm left handed
Rhiannon Richey
Rhiannon Richey Kun oldin
Wow I just began learning calligraphy too!! I'm no good at it now but hopefully I'll get better🤣
Abby Meyer
Abby Meyer Kun oldin
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Kun oldin
damn his handwriting looks almost like mine
nate the man
nate the man 2 kun oldin
Your letter bought me
Crazy Communist
Crazy Communist 2 kun oldin
For any people who know urdu,arabic,persian it pretty easy to do calligraphy i've tried
danny doddy
danny doddy 2 kun oldin
CuteSuperParrot /cat
Sooo cute !!! :)
omegamer226 2 kun oldin
I came here to watch this because its my birthday
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith 2 kun oldin
Woah- I'm watching this for the first time on my birthday lol
Galaxy Simmer
Galaxy Simmer 2 kun oldin
Who noticed Jazz’s spelled his name Tazza in calligraphy
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 kun oldin
J D 2 kun oldin
*the office meme*
artificialcolourz eee
*jazza loves yo*
Joselyn Fullmer
Joselyn Fullmer 3 kun oldin
Anyone else LOVE the Bob Ross reference?
Lucas Maxwell
Lucas Maxwell 3 kun oldin
Green day is the best band ever
Aarya Gourkar
Aarya Gourkar 3 kun oldin
Wait a minute....... I have a horrible handwriting so dose that mean I can be a doctor too🤔
OMG Perfect straight lines!!!!!
Rraven'sCat 3 kun oldin
You realize that you can do calligraphy easier with a brush pen
BlockedOrRemoved 3 kun oldin
Started yesterday, totally fell in love with it :)
Mohammad Majali
Mohammad Majali 3 kun oldin
From were do you get a calighraphy pen 🖊and inks?
franchenne 3 kun oldin
bruh you dipped too much ink 😔
raybriel mundo
raybriel mundo 3 kun oldin
i am a drawer and gamer yet my hand writing has the readability of a carving on obsidian in a 0% light room
SlenderServin 3 kun oldin
when jazza keeps shoving skillshare in your face but you're broke :(
Jenniplite IDK
Jenniplite IDK 3 kun oldin
I love calligraphy so I also enjoy watching the struggle of trying to learn it because I can't do it. xD
Jenniplite IDK
Jenniplite IDK 3 kun oldin
Dang, the advancement of his calligraphy is incredible. <3
Cheesy Potato
Cheesy Potato 3 kun oldin
Wholesome content
FNAFKB02 !!!
FNAFKB02 !!! 3 kun oldin
What if Jazza tried to draw with calligraphy pens???
BTS x army x bt21
BTS x army x bt21 3 kun oldin
Uhmmm as long as u learn the basics and have good cursive then u can do it!!!
BTS x army x bt21
BTS x army x bt21 3 kun oldin
I don’t get why some artists have terrible hand writing I can draw too and ppl expect me to have terrible hand writing but nope I actually have good hand writing
D K 3 kun oldin
I can draw well but my handwriting is crap
FlairzX 3 kun oldin
Jazza should try graffiti handstyles
Annie Miller
Annie Miller 3 kun oldin
You definitely don’t know how to use fountain pens
Spandan Sakpal
Spandan Sakpal 4 kun oldin
watching someone improving is soo satisfying 😍😇
king monarch
king monarch 4 kun oldin
You should try to draw a highly detailed ww2 drawing scene using no color
merdologia Com .
merdologia Com . 4 kun oldin
3:00 the pen moved
Caitlyn Ruffin
Caitlyn Ruffin 4 kun oldin
Fride Stokke Dyb
Fride Stokke Dyb 4 kun oldin
Mario Lostaunau
Mario Lostaunau 4 kun oldin
You like jazz
joseph c-m
joseph c-m 5 kun oldin
Imagine spelling it wrong 😄
GachaTuberHail 5 kun oldin
There is also a different type pf calligraphy with a brush tip :3
Lil •Anete• TM
Lil •Anete• TM 5 kun oldin
calligraphpfy isnt good for left handed
Amazonian Princess
Amazonian Princess 5 kun oldin
You should do a skill learning UZvid vs skill share.
A.J EDITION 5 kun oldin
NCT_yonieee 5 kun oldin
I do Calligraphy and I was cringing and laughing it reminds me of how I started
Little Elana
Little Elana 5 kun oldin
“I’m gonna use my crown nib....” Me: **thinks of Harry Potter writing to Tom Riddle**
Makayla Johnston
Makayla Johnston 5 kun oldin
The NETFLIX is not all that bad
Bender Bending Rodriguez
try do calligraphy and being a left handed
Dj Murphy
Dj Murphy 6 kun oldin
This is not calligraphy jazza
Animinations 6 kun oldin
0:36 I thought he said pretend to learn
Hadashi Yamada
Hadashi Yamada 6 kun oldin
M Silas
M Silas 6 kun oldin
...you have no idea how to lightly use the ink you don’t need to dip after every single stroke
Abhimanyu Anandan
Abhimanyu Anandan 6 kun oldin
I'm an artist and I also have a sucky handwriting
spriteyzYESplz 6 kun oldin
this makes me feel like i'm playing a medieval game
genericgarbage 6 kun oldin
smh, I'm good at calligraphy but I suck at drawing. I just saw SoupSalad 804 say "If you can't write calligraphy, you draw calligraphy It's amazing how stuff becomes easy by changing it's name" I'm gonna start writing drawings
Junior Pup
Junior Pup 6 kun oldin
I’ve tried and I would love to do this but I’m a lefty so it smudges all the time :/
Siomonte 6 kun oldin
without having much knowledge... from my school days I can tell you: you push too hard
Giant Robot
Giant Robot 6 kun oldin
I learned calligraphy in fifth grade, and we had to write a whole letter to someone in an 'old time-y' fashion. It was fun once you got used to it.
Becky Leeson
Becky Leeson 6 kun oldin
Your art is pretty good! Also, that love letter just touched my heart.
FlippyPenguinZ Z
FlippyPenguinZ Z 7 kun oldin
Only happy accidents
Orca Tsunami
Orca Tsunami 7 kun oldin
For4You 7 kun oldin
I want to klick hert button but it dosen"t egzist and i`m sad cause od this disaster :C
MAllen12346 7 kun oldin
13:08 Jazza has a stroke and sounds like bill cosby
Half Blood Prince29699
Wow! You are a quick learner👍
Elyan Kitty124
Elyan Kitty124 7 kun oldin
I cried while watching him write happy birthday :) a happy cry...WOW...a proud fan I'm just Proud
_Winter Flake_
_Winter Flake_ 7 kun oldin
Heather Russell
Heather Russell 7 kun oldin
My handwriting looks similar
I.M YRA 7 kun oldin
I cant do that in 1 day damn wow
Ashley L
Ashley L 7 kun oldin
How does an artist have bad handwriting lol
CrazyComedyKid 7 kun oldin
5:28 Whatever, I thought it was dope.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 7 kun oldin
I almost slept through all of it
pawoffals Gaming
pawoffals Gaming 8 kun oldin
R u fokin gay
pawoffals Gaming
pawoffals Gaming 8 kun oldin
Thats my normal hand writting xD
Gabriela Diaz
Gabriela Diaz 8 kun oldin
-“How to write using calligraphy”- “How to fit in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”
Oliver von der Meden Klein
13:52 Im all the way up