I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

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30-Sen, 2018

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Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 17 daqiqa oldin
Bf:Finally Gf:Leave! Bf:No Gf:Do you love me? Bf:yea!! Gf:Do you hate me? Bf: nooooo Gf:do you care for me? Bf:yea! Gf:would you cheat on me? Bf:No Gf:will you marry me? Bf:... Read it backwards
Ryan Productions
Ryan Productions 18 daqiqa oldin
Obnoxious but consistent.
Pjmjjk P
Pjmjjk P Soat oldin
Literally there’s a guy who is allowed to use a computer at school due to his handwriting being so bad no teacher is able to read it don’t worry
Amber Hartzog
Amber Hartzog Soat oldin
Translation:Table salt and dishwashing liquid.
RS Foster
RS Foster Soat oldin
Too bad you're shit at it.
Ellie Shay
Ellie Shay Soat oldin
Why is Jazza so frikin talented?! He’s not good at everything, but then learns at an incredibly fast speed!
juicypineapples 12
I'm pretty sure most artist (or people who draw well) have bad hand writing skills, I'm an artist and I suck at writing words
Maya Appel
Maya Appel Soat oldin
I’m left handed, so rip my hand and writing if I ever do this
KenX Gaming
KenX Gaming 2 soat oldin
Damn #GoJazza
Zekrom320 3 soat oldin
Reilly Skinner
Reilly Skinner 3 soat oldin
I understand Jazza I am learning 🥁 to
Reilly Skinner
Reilly Skinner 3 soat oldin
I agree with TJ
Jedi Talez
Jedi Talez 4 soat oldin
How much do you pay for skill share?
Ana_Incarnate 4 soat oldin
Calligraphy can be done with watercolors or brush markers
Ana_Incarnate 4 soat oldin
I love to draw and a lot of people say I'm pretty good, my friends love to say I'd be a great tattoo artist, and I have excellent handwriting, I write really small and neat
The Real Yoda
The Real Yoda 5 soat oldin
Just waiting for that letter, any day now.
Let’s get more likes than the video itself
Foxy058 6 soat oldin
“ no mistake just happy accidents “ What they said when I was born
Sand_box_and_more Gang Bang
your videos are 100% ASMR, full erection and Cancer curing. Love your Vids. Keep it up!
Some Dude
Some Dude 8 soat oldin
it looks more like Ja33a loves you
Some Dude
Some Dude 8 soat oldin
or Jaззa loves you
Ur mom Aofhgixauxgssjsgjvxs
Me: *Watching the ink to see if he knocks it over*
Addalynn Scarlett
Addalynn Scarlett 9 soat oldin
I'm currently watching this on my birthday. Perfect present.
AlxBkerPlayz - Minecraft and more
Use proper caligraphy ink
Crying catz TV
Crying catz TV 10 soat oldin
I love how you got so excited after you wrote your name again 😂 you are the true representation of what practice can do for you ❤️
şářțhåķ super
şářțhåķ super 11 soat oldin
10:32 is that a sling ring?
amelia nightwolf
amelia nightwolf 11 soat oldin
I've been watching Jazzas UZvid channel for a year. I've known my twin sister all my life. Only now I realize how similar the two of you look 🤔
shyam babu
shyam babu 13 soat oldin
Why doctors in every country have bad hand writing
Gybbson Lesly
Gybbson Lesly 15 soat oldin
Too much ink
lanigirognithemos 15 soat oldin
Wow you sure went full classical at the end.
Jing Ming Yeoh
Jing Ming Yeoh 15 soat oldin
Jazza, try chinese calligraphy xD
AlexzVlogs 15 soat oldin
Is it a brush or a hard tip cuz when you write with the happy birthday one it looks like brush doesn’t it?
han vinsan
han vinsan 16 soat oldin
I see a baby on the happy birthday
Alexandra N
Alexandra N 16 soat oldin
Bravooo 👏🙌 Let's go and buy some pens now shall we?!
Potato Chan
Potato Chan 17 soat oldin
Have u tried Chinese calligraphy?
Galaxy Lover
Galaxy Lover 19 soat oldin
17:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marie-Luisa Kurm
Marie-Luisa Kurm 20 soat oldin
Actually the Netflix you drew was super satisfying!
Poppy Cake
Poppy Cake 21 soat oldin
Im good at writting with fountian pens
Kenzie G
Kenzie G 21 soat oldin
Jazza's handwriting isn't bad at all he just doubts his hand's ability
aeoBoomin 21 soat oldin
The Netflix logo actually looked pretty good
Dennea Richardson
Dennea Richardson 22 soat oldin
Jazza: I have terrible terrible handwriting Proceeds to show us simple yet pretty handwriting Me: *instantly regrets handing in all my written assignments that i thought my teacher could read*
ChannelOfRandumb _
Pause at the beginning of 0:29 and you won't be able to sleep.
cuckling Kun oldin
i remember in highschool someone bullied me into not trying caligraphy because "they dont write an 'a' like 'a'" the teacher was right by us and didnt do anything
Little Artist Alexis
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy hobo Gotchya Wut??
Matthew Simbajon
Looks like Arabic
Grand Diamond
Grand Diamond Kun oldin
I've had my calligraphy pen just sitting there cause I've been scared of trying it, making a mess or just getting fed up and quitting, but now I feel like trying it.
TARDIS 123 Kun oldin
This was uplifting
Alfred Wegner
Alfred Wegner Kun oldin
Very nice fancy Jazza
Now you can do beautiful birthday letters!
Hawaii Pitbull
Hawaii Pitbull Kun oldin
Not even 10 seconds into the video, I'm already subscribed
Olivia Farrell
Olivia Farrell Kun oldin
That ending just reminds me of watching a historic romance movie scene when the protagonist is writing a love letter to his sweetheart xD
neoma hasan
neoma hasan Kun oldin
i am freakin worse than JAZZA 😤
-iiFrostAnimations -
You should try and do graffiti!
-iiFrostAnimations -
My art teacher only lets me use her calligraphy pens but she doesn’t let anyone else use them because literally everyone in my art class breaks the supplies (She bought them with her own money) and she knows how much I love art and calligraphy so she lets me use them, one day when she was teaching me how to write correctly without it looking bad and a kid threw a basket ball at the table and the ink spilled everywhere (We were about to go outside for some fresh air) and they got suspended for 2 days, it got on the table and on her jeans
-iiFrostAnimations -
-iiFrostAnimations - 16 soat oldin
Danny - Plays The basketball was fine
Danny - Plays
Danny - Plays 16 soat oldin
-iiFrostAnimations - I don’t care about the damn ink, I feel bad for the damn basketball;(
Lily TheFangirl
Lily TheFangirl Kun oldin
Luvy_lopez Lopez
Netflix wasn’t bad tho
ultramax 00
ultramax 00 Kun oldin
He's using to much ink....
Sunglasses bros productions
One does not simply write like that
Celine Kim
Celine Kim Kun oldin
This guy is good at everything....
Whippy Kun oldin
That was really good to see you progress and improve as you practiced, well done 👍
I Dream of Crafting
Wow! And that was the best (and only) love letter I've ever received.
eric cote
eric cote Kun oldin
5:16 imagine if he spelled Netflix wrong
Whaler BG
Whaler BG Kun oldin
You should try photography
Gavin Games
Gavin Games Kun oldin
I'm too ugly to UZvid lol
m i a
m i a Kun oldin
"No mistakes just happy accidents"
Vipin Sharma
Vipin Sharma Kun oldin
watching this for the 100th time
swedish assassin
James Liley
James Liley Kun oldin
Hi draw with ja33a
vhyungtae Kun oldin
18:48 who thinks about elyxion? Only me?
Jennacide Kun oldin
Nice calligraphy Ja33a
xdLon3W01f ,
xdLon3W01f , Kun oldin
8:34 Hmmmm Interesting
Marek Jansen
Marek Jansen Kun oldin
That was hilarious! (and you made me subscribe skillshare, totally worth it.)
SecretPesch Kun oldin
I got bored just watching the video, i cant imagine praticing this for more than 3 minutes
Eeva Running
Eeva Running Kun oldin
when I learnt drums I couldn't do the rudiments well but I guess practice makes perfect coz now I can drum heaps of awesome songs !!
I want to try that... wait I’m left handed
Lydia Asmerom
Lydia Asmerom Kun oldin
Michael Randle
Michael Randle Kun oldin
Jazza isn't just a naturally good artist. he trained for ages to get to his current level. but when he moves to other medias of art as in Water Color his brain is wired to take in new information and understand it faster, better, and easier. he is like another you-tuber who does similar things like this. his name is Mike Boyd and he just like Jazza but he does things a little differently. Jazza isn't an all out art god(bob Ross holds that title ;) ) he is an epic learning legend. don't be sad that he seems to out do you on his first tries, he just knows how to take in what sees on skill share. and remember YEET YEET SPAGHETTI!
Jambalaya 07
Jambalaya 07 2 kun oldin
“And I think everyone who actually knows calligraphy was cringing during that intro.” Who knows calligraphy?!
James Hart
James Hart 2 kun oldin
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy hobo. *Goteem*
Zen 2 kun oldin
Mary Langley Taber
Mary Langley Taber 2 kun oldin
Pilot Parallel Pen or the chiseled end of a Copic marker, Yasutomo sumi ink is good for beginners. Dm me on Insta @calligraphybylangley if you want more info
GamingWolf -TonyZhong
I like how mostly people who very good at drawing have bad hand writing. I’m a artist and my hand writing are like a 5 years old.
cactus plant
cactus plant 2 kun oldin
The z looks like る
GPamer 2 kun oldin
This video was made exactly 1 week after my Birthday!
annabelle keeling
annabelle keeling 2 kun oldin
At end button was spelt in all capitals but the n so it was basically BUTTOn
Tiel Haven
Tiel Haven 2 kun oldin
i love the end to this ahahaha
Dark Kero
Dark Kero 2 kun oldin
Nice.. You made it 70% perfect at short period of time..
Arnav Ghadge
Arnav Ghadge 2 kun oldin
Pand anto
Pand anto 2 kun oldin
RockettMan 2 kun oldin
Guys could anyone check out my new UZvid Channel
that_weird_girl 2 kun oldin
Ok. Now I need to do calligraphy. This is so freaking pretty! 😍😍👌
iIi GalaxyPlayzYT iIi
I think you used a to Watery Ink ( And have you Try’d *Labend?* )
Mary Gabon
Mary Gabon 2 kun oldin
Thank you :))
Lonicorn Coco
Lonicorn Coco 2 kun oldin
The last letter by Jazza makes me sleepy 😴
She Doodles
She Doodles 2 kun oldin
The ending tho....On point !!!
plushies forever toys love
Hello *GAZZA* Okay i will stop
Meltep 2 kun oldin
Finally!!! One thing Jazza CAN'T do!!!! Edit: nevermind (just watched the rest of the video)
Coca Surfboards
Coca Surfboards 2 kun oldin
darren dobelman
darren dobelman 2 kun oldin
You know in a wired way the first one kinda looks good
Euri Gilberto Herasme Cuevas
Lps cupcake
Lps cupcake 3 kun oldin
At the beginning I think you did good only you used too much ink