I Try DOODLE ART! - Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

Draw with Jazza
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30-Noy, 2018

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Alexander W
Alexander W 3 soat oldin
I know how to doodle
Batkid and Batgirl
Batkid and Batgirl 3 soat oldin
Krampus looks like a mutant reindeer
Butt Monkey
Butt Monkey 7 soat oldin
Okay, so halfway through i just had to stop the video and go to urban dictionary and type "doodle". Then i was like "ohhhhh NOW i get it..." heh, I've heard it called many things, but DOODLE? The more you know. And now, with my newfound knowledge.... I'll be watching the whole thing all over again just to hear the "doodle" jokes. You think jazza is immature? Clearly you've never met me XD
L. H. Galaxy
L. H. Galaxy 11 soat oldin
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 15 soat oldin
DOODLE!!!!! \O/
Venom_fates 2 kun oldin
Isn’t this called like zentangling or sum
Laura Alvarez Malpica
Oh my god I didn't get what he meant until there were 2 minutes left to the video
JK’s Queen
JK’s Queen 2 kun oldin
I WISH YOU ARE MY TEACHER 😭 you teach so good
Lor Aj
Lor Aj 2 kun oldin
Anybody wanna start an. Artist DM. Group on ig
María Victoria
María Victoria 3 kun oldin
I just love doodles!! For the exact same reason you don't hahah
Miranda Lewis
Miranda Lewis 3 kun oldin
This video inspired me to finish the doodles on mr converse
cecelia smith
cecelia smith 3 kun oldin
I love to do doodle art
Linnea Sandin
Linnea Sandin 3 kun oldin
So.. Cheese doodles are really cheese penises?
Mr Bleach
Mr Bleach 4 kun oldin
I cant find free courses on skillshare :(
Qwerto 4 kun oldin
Wait everyone has to look down on their doodles - *if yah get what I mean*
Black Ghost
Black Ghost 4 kun oldin
I'm 14 I'm not an adult yay 😊
Narri Dragon
Narri Dragon 5 kun oldin
We need a counter for how many times you've said doodle in this video.
Joe Butler
Joe Butler 6 kun oldin
do more of this doodling is epic
Lousianna Reficul
Lousianna Reficul 6 kun oldin
You need to make a shirt that says "why am I so immature!" that would be soo cool
Jaime Soque
Jaime Soque 7 kun oldin
I am an adult aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t do dis aaaaaaaaaaa
ZDuke 7 kun oldin
How to doodle: " *OK PENCIL!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DRAW TODAY?!?!* Oh! A spiral? OK. Then some lines, a few random cubes and insets..."
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one who calls it a Zentangle
Alyssa Herrin
Alyssa Herrin 8 kun oldin
So Jazza, did this lead to you doodling (drawings!) more since this experience?
Daniel M.
Daniel M. 8 kun oldin
I think this is called zentangle in America
Person Peaple
Person Peaple 8 kun oldin
I’m an a doula tee on whel laughing at the word doodle
makayla kintner
makayla kintner 8 kun oldin
how are you so fucking good!!!!!!!!!! i could never do that!!!!!!!!!!
Gus Palentino
Gus Palentino 9 kun oldin
ori FERARU 9 kun oldin
"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DOODLE!" me: *sigh!!!*
Chase Family
Chase Family 9 kun oldin
How ironic that he plugged his " I'M AN ADULT " line of shirts in this video.
Takashi 10 kun oldin
yeah my friend doodle is better than yours
Prince _
Prince _ 10 kun oldin
Wow ,that doodle is huge
Croc 10 kun oldin
It's easy to make a doodle here let me show you B====D
Madalyn M
Madalyn M 10 kun oldin
This form of doodling (the first example) is also called zentangles; we learned about it in my art class in high school!
digerati digerati
digerati digerati 11 kun oldin
First attempt was forced, succeeding ones awesome. Truly showcases the essence of Skillshare.
LadyDragoncat 11 kun oldin
Doodle, doodle, doodle... Yes, such a funny word, isn't it? By the way, your doodles were amazing. I'd say you did pretty good for your very first time.
Crystal Thompson
Crystal Thompson 11 kun oldin
If i we're able to doodle than my dragons on my worksheet would leave space for work.😉 #fail
In Love With A were
In Love With A were 11 kun oldin
I have a floral doodle style and instead of drawing more flowers, i just continue that one flower until a whole page is filled. Or I draw like two-three gigantic flowers. I mostly started doodling like that because one of my friends used to doodle flowers everywhere and didn’t even know that those counted as doodles but either way.
Miri Bengal
Miri Bengal 11 kun oldin
Would it be weird if I got his shirt...........because I’m a kid........................ya probably
Damair Game
Damair Game 11 kun oldin
How is doodles funny so premature
maxi 11 kun oldin
I used to be able to say doodle without thinking twice about *other* implications... Thanks jazza
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt 11 kun oldin
My doodle is only 1 inch by 3 inches , I don’t know why.
Zaeiga w
Zaeiga w 12 kun oldin
10:07 did he rub out pen?
Erin Busby
Erin Busby 12 kun oldin
What’s so funny about the word DOODLE
Beatabianca 12 kun oldin
*tee hee*
nikki Hu
nikki Hu 13 kun oldin
Joseph Glenn
Joseph Glenn 13 kun oldin
Just saying for the chance that he reads this and cant help but laugh again but ---> "doodle"
MewMew chan
MewMew chan 13 kun oldin
Inspiring. I will try to doodle more often.
Strome Gaiden
Strome Gaiden 13 kun oldin
11:41 That is not a doodle jazza... That's an art piece
Oki-J 13 kun oldin
I’m sorry I feel like eating noodles after watching this 😅
Todd 13 kun oldin
Jazza just wants to be Vexx tbh
Star the tigerwolf
Star the tigerwolf 14 kun oldin
I want the shirt... But I'm not an adult IM A CHILD!!
majooismajor 14 kun oldin
As an adult doodling helps me relax, calm down .... doodling before exams, doodling before dates, doodling before a job interview, doodling in the park, or doodling at night to help me sleep. Everyone doodles, doodling is normal and it doesn't strain the eyes or make you go blind.
Dani Boy
Dani Boy 16 kun oldin
Jazz’s cracking himself up with doodle jokes was adorable ❤️😂
Muffin Man
Muffin Man 16 kun oldin
He’s having a fit about the word doodle but still flaunting an “I’m an Adult” shirt
BSav Arts
BSav Arts 17 kun oldin
Bria Postma
Bria Postma 17 kun oldin
I hate doodling, it takes to long.
Xstrada 18 kun oldin
"Every doodle is special." Am I the only one who thought of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life and "Every sperm is sacred" ? Or am I just old?
Exploding Emeralds
Exploding Emeralds 18 kun oldin
I only doodle
Jonno D
Jonno D 18 kun oldin
I took great pleasure laying my eyes upon your doodle Jazza!...Wait...
coryman125 18 kun oldin
Reminds me a lot of high school. We used line paper, so I would always divide up the lines in arbitrary ways (for instance, alternating diagonal lines, or sine waves). Recognised a lot of the patterns you did in this one, which was interesting!
Eleanor Phillips
Eleanor Phillips 20 kun oldin
You should try working with Henna!
War of Gazes
War of Gazes 20 kun oldin
Love doodling peter draws is the best❤
— —
— — 21 kun oldin
i doodled while doing this *holds laughter*
Anna Gaffney
Anna Gaffney 22 kun oldin
My favorite doodling is like viharts! I always used to doodle just one line that squiggles and never touches itself but fills up all the space in a notecard or whatever. Then when I saw vihart's video I got some graph paper and oh my god her pattern is so calming. If y'all like doodling please look up vihart doodle!!!
UnspeakableGame Fan
UnspeakableGame Fan 22 kun oldin
Unspeakable Is here
Abbigale Shi
Abbigale Shi 22 kun oldin
How is his first doodle so good??
Revive Me I have the Ray Gun
peter draws
Starlight Chan
Starlight Chan 23 kun oldin
The shirt is amazing
Felix Mocnay
Felix Mocnay 24 kun oldin
Do you know who vexx is?
HazzaPlayz 24 kun oldin
I find these sort of drawings fun because they seem to really ‘fit in’ with the other compartments filled with doodles differently then other types of art
JessicaRose420 TM
JessicaRose420 TM 24 kun oldin
Does skill share sponsor every video???😂😂
Jo Bassett
Jo Bassett 25 kun oldin
And now that you know how to doodle, you can make less detailed doodled for MJ to color.
Jo Bassett
Jo Bassett 25 kun oldin
Doodling helps me focus.
Thore Frerichs
Thore Frerichs 25 kun oldin
Subw00f 26 kun oldin
I love to doodle lol you just chuck everything and anything together and see how it ends up
Subw00f 26 kun oldin
Just a Doodle Brainstorm.. hehe
Eleven-Year-Old Authoress
Every doodle is special... Yeah. Sureeee...
Nick Doe
Nick Doe 27 kun oldin
Show us your doodle :D
Nick Doe
Nick Doe 27 kun oldin
Do do doodle
Yoel Suarez Ramos
Yoel Suarez Ramos 27 kun oldin
Does anyone find interesting Jazza's amusement with the word " doodle " . Cause I don't get it . I'm not Australian
Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammad Haseeb 27 kun oldin
I did it with no experience and it was awesome
James Alan
James Alan 27 kun oldin
Take a shot every time he says doodle
No name Brand
No name Brand 27 kun oldin
My wife doodles herself sometimes. 😈
Brindle the Skinny Pig
JAZZA: *has to learn doodling methods from worksheets* ME: *does exact things on worksheet all day, every day in school naturally* ME: *asks self why she is so weird*
Withe Rock
Withe Rock 28 kun oldin
where is peterDraws ?
KillerKlown690 28 kun oldin
My doodles turn to doodoos 😓
Laurabel.jackson 29 kun oldin
That is not doodling, doodling is just drawing with no intent to make it good or presentable to other people other than yourself.
Candice Maas
Candice Maas 29 kun oldin
KittenMadeOfAsh1 29 kun oldin
Jazza: “...Let go, zone out and have fun with my doodle-“ *Bursts out laughing* Me: *Glances at his shirt, giggling myself* “Yeeeaaaah... No. No we are not, Jazza.”
Evie Doll
Evie Doll Oy oldin
Believe me check out peter draws, he's got some amazing doodles, and a nice relaxing voice to go along with it.
Davii gaming 123
Jazza is very slowly dismantling his microwave bit by bit...................
I only color the doodles
Miri Bengal
Miri Bengal Oy oldin
He couldn’t have worn a more perfect shirt
Limbo Cat
Limbo Cat Oy oldin
It’s delightfully dumb.
Thunder weird
Thunder weird Oy oldin
The other day I was doodling with my doodle and my mom show up and I got really scared because I thought she was going to ask me to do my homework....
merlin22 light
So for the past 20 years iv been drawing not doodling? Doodle lol
Bipolar Gamer
Bipolar Gamer Oy oldin
Why is there always that one person in the comments talking about how they are dying and it’s just a cry for attention it’s me me me then at the end say “this video really helps me through it”
Bing Bang
Bing Bang Oy oldin
aren’t these just zentangles?
Autumn Oy oldin
I love watching this video because watching the first doodle is just cute❤️ and that he was just trying to hard 😂 Then he’s like “I’m more than comfortable to dive into a pool of noodles” right after he just said he was an Adult😂😂😂 then plays music classic Jazza I swear I love rewatching your videos
Ana Ortega
Ana Ortega Oy oldin
🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵 Are you kidding I’m too lazy
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