I Wear GUCCI vs WALMART For A Week!

Ryland Adams
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8-May, 2018



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katie may
katie may Kun oldin
Ryland don't change I love you anyway
Giovani Morin
Giovani Morin Kun oldin
people that are mean to ryland f off
Sister Stunning
Sister Stunning Kun oldin
Ryland I am going to tell you something that I hope you NEVER forget. When you was talking about how people were saying how you have changed and all that stuff. I was disagreeing SO much. I mean, they dont know what happens behind closed doors. I love how your a prissy little queen. I mean you were born a gay queen. And that's what makes you a good UZvidr. Dont listen to those jealous haters. ❤❤
Thomas Sweeney
Thomas Sweeney Kun oldin
Gucci, you either love it to death or hate it.
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Don't listen to the haters Ryland. You are a boss ass bitch. And don't let anyone tell you different. There's the tea sis.😘
John Newton
John Newton 2 kun oldin
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Mark S. Roop
Mark S. Roop 2 kun oldin
Ryan is a pure joy!111
Xx Amy xX i have 18 subs
Omg tee
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Tea sis.
Sivakami S
Sivakami S 2 kun oldin
Ryland has to change his front teeth/dentition , like Jeff! I dont like Ry's teeth
Scarlet Barnes Nash
Scarlet Barnes Nash 18 soat oldin
Sivakami s plus if you don't have anything nice to say dont say it at all🤐🤐
Scarlet Barnes Nash
Scarlet Barnes Nash 18 soat oldin
Sivakami S umm excuse me who was telling ryland that he need to chage his front teeth, how bout you change your attitude before you rekt yourself
Sivakami S
Sivakami S 22 soat oldin
Scarlet Barnes Nash keep ur opinions abt my comment to yourself🙄
Scarlet Barnes Nash
Sivakami S keep your opinions to yourself
Bubblegum the furry
Ryland and Shane make me more gay EVERY video they make
Avramic YT
Avramic YT 3 kun oldin
Ryland needs to be a model 😂
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
With Garrett. LMAO🤣
gmt gaming
gmt gaming 3 kun oldin
Ryland your a queen the haters are just jealous Oof
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Skyy Curtis
Skyy Curtis 4 kun oldin
Ryland is not a prick he pays for his stuff(Or shane😂) he works hard for his money
COOPER CHATS 4 kun oldin
You are amazing. I have your back always! Sending love from Florida
Mother Vlogger
Mother Vlogger 4 kun oldin
Thought it was for a week? I Wanted to see more comparisons but i think anyone would go broke buying that much GUCCI i cant even afford any! lololol so i get it girll!!
quileter 5 kun oldin
I would have taken it back.
Melissa McDonnell
Melissa McDonnell 5 kun oldin
The black PJ’s at 1:25 are what we buried my mom in.
XxGachaKittyxX 5 kun oldin
the thing is you guys are the best friend group ever Garrett,Morgan,Ryland and Shane
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
And Andrew.
Öh ýəāh ýêåh
15:26 "yOu JuSt KiLlEd SiNtHiA!!"
Hannah Graves
Hannah Graves 6 kun oldin
You and shane should do a reaction video to msmojo's top 10 Shane Dawson and Ryland Adam's moments
Ashlee Ferlazzo
Ashlee Ferlazzo 7 kun oldin
Josie Alexander
Josie Alexander 8 kun oldin
i'M bAd At LoVe! OoOh!
Marsiela Jones
Marsiela Jones 8 kun oldin
Personally I love Ryland his attitude and personality I think he’s super funny and I love watching videos that have him in it than the ones that he isn’t in .
Jayden Skillman
Jayden Skillman 8 kun oldin
Subscribe to me if u think he's the Gucci queen❤️🤣
Jayden Skillman
Jayden Skillman 8 kun oldin
Slay it bitch😂❤️‼️💀
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Tea sis. Lmao🤣❤
ollie J
ollie J 8 kun oldin
Ryland!!!!! spoiled!!!!! that's not the tea sis xx
Stephanie Young
Stephanie Young 9 kun oldin
I watch Ryland and Shane’s channels more than tv. Js. It’s more entertaining lol
michael stokes
michael stokes 9 kun oldin
I enjoy vidoes. I like how he is just himself. I watched this and Ryland your putting your self out there. Honey, haters going to hate. Just keep doing you. I enjoy seeing you just being happy. The video of you and your family with the goats... Was great.. Your closet or tiny room make over i like it a lot. Don't let them bring you down. Read comments but don't take them to heart. I know that is hard but your a nice person I can tell. keep up the good work I find you very entertaining. Thanks for all you do...
daisy ortega
daisy ortega 9 kun oldin
broke with no ass 😂
Bonnie Baszkiewicz
Bonnie Baszkiewicz 10 kun oldin
The only thing that has changed is Ryland has more money, he should be able to enjoy that. Haters stop hating
Portia Moore
Portia Moore 10 kun oldin
Queen!! People are stupid PERIOD, you’re amazing, fabulous and Sassy! You make me laugh and to me you seem down to earth, with good taste 🍵 Love you SIS! #RylandGang #GucciGang
Jasmina Jasmina
Jasmina Jasmina 10 kun oldin
I like ryland being boujie
Christie Calderwood
Christie Calderwood 10 kun oldin
Ryland is a fucking queen and gay and we love him for that
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Bella Floro
Bella Floro 11 kun oldin
I’m 13 and I already own 4 Gucci items.. One of them is fake though but don’t @ me
Jenna_ the_Weirdo
Jenna_ the_Weirdo 11 kun oldin
*sToP iNsUlTiNg ThE qUeEn!!!!* Edit: I got a shoe Converse ad while in the gucci haul. Relatable.
Ali Jensen
Ali Jensen 11 kun oldin
I got a plain gray hoodie that was super soft at Walmart for $7. Why would anyone ever not go to Walmart
noi_sou 11 kun oldin
I just recently discovered you guys and I LOVE RYLAND. He’s so me that I’m too afraid to be. ❤️ i think he’s funny and would be so fun to hang out with. I can relate so much to Ryland haha
Lep Of
Lep Of 11 kun oldin
Gucci is hideous 🤮😒
Kelly Metz
Kelly Metz 11 kun oldin
you guys are Awesome!
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee 2 kun oldin
Pink BlinkPanda
Pink BlinkPanda 12 kun oldin
There are some boooooji people that were walmart YU KNOW I WISH WE HAVE WALMART ON OUR COUNTRY 38 DOLLARS ON OUR COUNTRY IS 50k !
Samantha Rudloff
Samantha Rudloff 12 kun oldin
I love Ryland so haters can back off
Bridgett Farlow
Bridgett Farlow 12 kun oldin
Obviously they enjoy you ryland or they wouldn’t be watching
Emma Manna
Emma Manna 12 kun oldin
I wonder how much his wardrobe/closet costs
Raven May
Raven May 12 kun oldin
Ahhhh how bogus! I've nvr came across crappy comments. Usually everyone here loves you all 😘❤️
Arūnė Tumosaitė
Arūnė Tumosaitė 12 kun oldin
6:50 yassss Shane ♥️♥️
Alexandrea Downey
Alexandrea Downey 13 kun oldin
What is wrong with enjoying nice things?! .. I can’t afford anything u guys have .. my ass is too broke to give Walmart 12$ for pants .. but I wasn’t always that way I used to have really nice things when I was younger and my parents bought everything .. I know what it’s like on both sides .. he can finally afford things he loves .. I don’t see a single fucking thing wrong with that .. and I really hope you don’t either ryland :) what you love and what you wear in videos .. that doesn’t define who you are .. those comments from ppl who see 20 mins of your life a week don’t know who you are .. you do your family does Shane does .. that’s it .. that’s the tea .. nothing more
Cam._. Frazier
Cam._. Frazier 13 kun oldin
People need to realize that if Ryland wasn’t like that and didn’t put that much effort into being funny and prissy then we wouldn’t have entertainment.
Gaby Maruri
Gaby Maruri 13 kun oldin
Ryland .....TEA you are not spoiled you just have money because you work hard💖💖🤠 so don’t listen to those haters (sips tea) you be you ❕❕
Ariel Fair
Ariel Fair 13 kun oldin
I love how he showed of his Walmart in front of a gold wall hahahahahhahahahahahhaha
Gabby Garza
Gabby Garza 13 kun oldin
I love every side of ryland.! Been watching all your videos and shanes last couple weeks. Definitely obsessed.! 😍👑👑
Yousaf Dee
Yousaf Dee 14 kun oldin
i love when ryland is extra. boujee its so funny
Regan Kanosky
Regan Kanosky 14 kun oldin
I love The way ryland is so if you justs want to hate on him GET OF or STOP IT
veggiesaremurder 15 kun oldin
The video they were talking about on the plane, I totally hate commented on. Ryland, you WERE acting like a spoiled brat, and it was real. As far as the Gucci clothing, people literally only buy them for the giant Gucci logo on them. It's an ingenious scam that companies came up with. They get free advertising by putting their logo on your clothes, jack up the prices, and a bunch of idiots just fall for it because they're insecure. I'm proud of how you were in this video.
CoolDitto Fool
CoolDitto Fool 15 kun oldin
I saw this video watched it for 5 minutes and started cracking up and now I am in the hospital
Zackelf Gurg
Zackelf Gurg 15 kun oldin
Have to be honest... you should return them Gucci stuff it ain't worth it :'v
Svetlana Hayrapetyan
Why is Ryland getting so much damn hate for being Boujee??!! Ummm he works the money let him flex it, nothing wrong w that, especially bc the lifestyle matches his personality 😂❤️ Flex on your haters sis
TheIronRobot bean
TheIronRobot bean 16 kun oldin
I like it when ryland acts boojy and sometimes I get jealous hahaha but ryland ignore them u do whatever ya want
Shante Noblick
Shante Noblick 16 kun oldin
ryland! i love your bougie-ness!!!!!!!! don’t ever change! i love you! i’m obsessed! your bougie comments are my favorite part of every video!
Soccer_Is life 12345
Change is good 💎❤️
Soccer_Is life 12345
Rylands is Ryland’s and he can do and be what ever he wants to be LOVE YOU BOUJEE RYLAND 💎💎💎❤️❤️👑
Its me Ava
Its me Ava 16 kun oldin
Ryland is bougie but that makes him funny 😆 and Shane is beautiful 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
Faith Hepburn
Faith Hepburn 16 kun oldin
This video is great for ppl who would never even step into a Gucci ie. me lol
Julia Vasquez
Julia Vasquez 16 kun oldin
Love you both so you r so funny
Abbie Lai
Abbie Lai 17 kun oldin
5:59 those comments are RUDEEEE
Toni Cesler
Toni Cesler 17 kun oldin
You are the best nobody should say that stuff about you
Taylor Boneberg
Taylor Boneberg 17 kun oldin
I love ryland and like he’s killing it he deserves to be a queen
Slimyslinkly 17 kun oldin
My Frist Word is walmart!😂
Bilwa Mang
Bilwa Mang 17 kun oldin
I honestly don't understand the people spreading the hate about him. I mean this is who he is and its fucking hilarious when he's being a queen.
Deliriously insane
Deliriously insane 17 kun oldin
I love all of the squad tho I'm curious what happened to drew
BTS jungkook
BTS jungkook 17 kun oldin
This video is tea I think
Morgan Mckenzie
Morgan Mckenzie 17 kun oldin
i just fucking love all of yousssssss
Marissa Nikkole
Marissa Nikkole 18 kun oldin
I love how Ryland has to pose for everything 😂❤️
*T I L D E* *T I L D E*
Can u ask shane, why hi’s not posting anymore😭
Allison Kelly
Allison Kelly 17 kun oldin
*T I L D E* *T I L D E* he takes breaks during each series, because they’re a lot of work
baku babes
baku babes 18 kun oldin
6:50 no hun ryland is QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
Vanessa Harley
Vanessa Harley 18 kun oldin
Shane: Walmart clothes make me really sweaty Shane are you sure it’s the clothes
Nickayla Tomsic
Nickayla Tomsic 18 kun oldin
shane and ryland the internet is a bad place so dont let the hate go through you boys
Gacha GamerYT
Gacha GamerYT 18 kun oldin
Sondra Sebald
Sondra Sebald 19 kun oldin
12:39 Yesssss! I agree! Everyone should have at least one designer bag! Ever since I bought one I will honestly never go back. They last forever and honestly that's where it's at.
Why don't We fan
Why don't We fan 19 kun oldin
Personally ryland I don't think you act like that to me u act like an amazing funny person that I would like to be around 24/7 don't pay attention to the haters and congrats on ur engagement 😘
Stella Ball
Stella Ball 20 kun oldin
Morgan walked in and said “why does it look like a thrift store?” 🤣🤣 it definitely does.
Christy Powell
Christy Powell 20 kun oldin
I ment o say what there
Christy Powell
Christy Powell 20 kun oldin
I feel sorry for hat here saying to u
Sam Burns
Sam Burns 20 kun oldin
I love Ryland!
Sabrina Supreme
Sabrina Supreme 20 kun oldin
M: this screams "I'm gay someone please notice" Ryland: that's me! I don't care about the Ryland comment part of this video--like I don't have a "side" in the matter but I think I can explain why the most watched video was probably the bougiest (aka the Gucci haul); it's because haters love to watch shit they know they'll hate so they can find shit to hate on and leave hateful comments! Instead of doing the fucking logical thing and not watching.🙄🙄
P. Williams
P. Williams 20 kun oldin
Don't let the hate get you down. Enjoy your life and theres nothing wrong with buying what you like. Of all the videos with Ryland, I have never thought anything negative. He's funny and just doing him and it's great. Authenticity is being true to yourself, not changing what other people dont like. If you have a problem, nobody is forcing you to watch Or comment.
Ava linn
Ava linn 20 kun oldin
he is just being ryland
Sadie Gardus
Sadie Gardus 20 kun oldin
I love Ryland
Jenna Froome
Jenna Froome 20 kun oldin
2:41 or something idk, killed me. Slayyyy xD
Danie Bock
Danie Bock 21 kun oldin
Tbh Ryland’s a precious little cutie who deserves love and praise because he’s an actual queen
India Fuentes
India Fuentes 21 kun oldin
I love Morgen
Emily Utter
Emily Utter 21 kun oldin
Shawn your not fat you are beautiful❤️
Dear Diary
Dear Diary 21 kun oldin
“I saved 8$” me: not that much cash tbh... *remembers the thousand dollars of the hoodie* me, freshly educated: YOU GO GET THEM 8$ RYLAND
bubble tea
bubble tea 21 kun oldin
Ryland is not spoil he is gay and a queen
Amber Adkins
Amber Adkins 21 kun oldin
Omg I told my mom about honey she got it and now we have so much more money thank you so much because we are not rich at all so thank you
Amber Adkins
Amber Adkins 21 kun oldin
It's okay ryland you're a queen and strut it girl
Ashley Chen
Ashley Chen 22 kun oldin
Nooo Ryland is Ryland! He is amazing and has a great, super relatable personality. Cuz honestly, same.
Brandon Dominguez
Brandon Dominguez 22 kun oldin
Are you gay
Pusheen Queen
Pusheen Queen 22 kun oldin
I feel bad for the people who have nothing better to do than to leave hate comments.... Just tell people how much you like them, don't make them feel bad!
Alyssa Watson
Alyssa Watson 22 kun oldin
This is why I never understand rich people's love of designers. Like I get it if the items are high quality, nice looking, and not found anywhere else like maybe with an expensive dress or bag every so often, but the slides and the sweat clothes........... like y'all did a video with (I think Wal-Mart) slides that looked exactly like Gucci's down to the pattern on the bottom. They were probably made at the same place and just ripping people off. Most of the stuff I have seen from Gucci or many designers is not even cute. Maybe Kate Spade or similar designers. I spend my extra peon dollars on eco friendly stuff, but that at least is better for the environment. That being said though, if you have the money then go right on ahead. Even if times ever get tough you can always sell stuff yay! Also, I love you! I think you seem so sweet! Fuck the haters lol. Let Cheeto scratch the haters!
Celeste Reed
Celeste Reed 23 kun oldin
I have a $900 Kate spade bag
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