I Wear GUCCI vs WALMART For A Week!

Ryland Adams
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8-May, 2018

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that one girl
that one girl 4 soat oldin
9:45 eXCuSe Me? shane is looking soooo good holy cow && i love ryland for who he is and just jsjsj stop hating
Diana Rivera-Rojo
Diana Rivera-Rojo 5 soat oldin
Omg rylands just having a good life I think that he has worked hard enough for this. ;)
Gucci is UGLY. 850 for shorts??? 1,250 for the hoodie!!!! They're PLAIN with just stripes and the name. I dont get it... Gucci is so stupid.
Marti 17 soat oldin
The walmart look is so much better!
Yva Batmans
Yva Batmans 19 soat oldin
I love Ryland and my ass is at WalMart every damned week, I don't wanna hear any shit about Gucci. I know first hand that expensive doesnt mean comfort. I don't wear WalMart a lot, but you can bet my sweatpants and stuff come from there. Fite me!!! Be bougiee Ryland, who gaf! Be yourself, dont let them mess with you. Wear your crown HIGH!!
Maybe it's Alyssa :D
ryland is the best omggg💜
The OOF Kun oldin
Spill the tea sis.
Bobbi Casale
Bobbi Casale 2 kun oldin
I liked the Gucci outfit.
Maximus Scuderi
Maximus Scuderi 2 kun oldin
Great video ryland you are so funny I watch you every day and you make my day @rylandadams
Sarah Love
Sarah Love 3 kun oldin
Only Ryland would pose in his underwear like that. 😂
Tammy James
Tammy James 3 kun oldin
That hoodie is almost 2 months of my rent.
Nahomy Lopez
Nahomy Lopez 3 kun oldin
Ryland is amazing just the way he is 😉
Tammy James
Tammy James 3 kun oldin
People are innately mean. I love Ryland. He is so cute and sweet.
Tammy James
Tammy James 3 kun oldin
I love Honey. I save hundreds on websites!
jiminsmochi 3 kun oldin
dang my rent could've been paid for at least four months for what the sweater and shorts cost
jiminsmochi 3 kun oldin
why does the music ryland played while he was changing sound like the intro of sweet life on deck
Raul Del Rey
Raul Del Rey 3 kun oldin
Ryland is everything FAQ THE HATERS
Leonor Sedano
Leonor Sedano 3 kun oldin
Shane is a genius.
Zelda Costa
Zelda Costa 3 kun oldin
Don't worry Ryland! You're the Qeeun, don't listen to those peasents!
Jennifer Williamson
I love u ryland you and Shane are amazing I love y’all Yassssss
Lauren Hix
Lauren Hix 3 kun oldin
“It’s worth more than people’s rent and mortgage” nah, it’s almost what I make in a MONTH. 😦
Peter Meelker
Peter Meelker 3 kun oldin
I love Ryland's pose-y face. He looks high AF
Sandy Lion
Sandy Lion 3 kun oldin
Honey dosent work for cell phones not everyone shops on computers anymore we use our phones more and more
Sara Monte
Sara Monte 3 kun oldin
10:18 What a misha Collins moment
princess elenna
princess elenna 4 kun oldin
princess elenna
princess elenna 4 kun oldin
como la Flor
como la Flor 4 kun oldin
Love you being boujee. You're so cute 💕💕💕
Riva XX
Riva XX 5 kun oldin
It’s hard when people don’t like something you do or if you do one thing wrong or they disagree with you they sometimes automatically hate on you it’s so weird no human being is perfect peps
kim b
kim b 5 kun oldin
I love your boujee ass!!!
Grace Mercieca
Grace Mercieca 5 kun oldin
What is Walmart... do they sell wall stuff Ahhhhh I’m fucking dying😂😂😂😂😂😂
Livia Trav
Livia Trav 6 kun oldin
18:35 that audio change
•Barb Friendship with Nancy•
Ryland is awesome! If I was saying something. He’s his own character trait. Let him be. Ryland I enjoy your videos! ~Cat (NO HATE ON ANYONE)
Bts songs on your way Bts songs on your way
Love u guys ❤️U and Shane are my FAV YTber ❤️💛💗💚🧡💜💙💝💖💗💓💞
Stefany Garcia-Yanez
Morgan being relatable at 10:00
Crystal Rosella
Crystal Rosella 7 kun oldin
i love you with your content. there are going to be people hating regardless
Ashley Will
Ashley Will 7 kun oldin
Screw them comment ryland! U be u! U wanna be booshie go for it! Dab on dim haterz boi
redlipstix 7 kun oldin
I loveeeeeeee Ryland 😙🙌🙌💪👍👍💖
Life of Calub
Life of Calub 7 kun oldin
WTH this is amazing. What the heck that is why I meant bye...... I love Gucci I have Gucci I am rich and people are jealous of me at school. I am loving the Gucci outfits.
Life of Calub
Life of Calub 7 kun oldin
I don’t mean to sound annoying or anything to people.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 8 kun oldin
Sometimes Morgan's laugh reminds me of Andrew's Laugh LMAO Example: 11:56
Love.of_ Birds
Love.of_ Birds 8 kun oldin
I’ve never thought you were pretentious, I’m poor af and love your videos😂Live your best life, if I could afford to buy expensive things, I would. Love how happy you make Shane and I think you’re adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wolfy Dream
Wolfy Dream 8 kun oldin
Caitlin 8 kun oldin
never change yourself for anyone who comments shit like that :/ we love you
Evie Shaw
Evie Shaw 8 kun oldin
Love you sooooo much Ryland.And all of your vids❤️
Christina Nycole
Christina Nycole 8 kun oldin
New video idea! Ryland pays poor college students rent! Also, I volunteer as tribute.
Emily F
Emily F 9 kun oldin
The Barbie was so distracting I couldn’t pay attention to the unboxing.
KenzieHurlock 10 kun oldin
Literally you can buy a grey sweatshirt and navy sweat shorts at Walmart and some paint and letters stencils and make the same thing for around $40 or less
KenzieHurlock 10 kun oldin
Is this at Rodeo drive? Cuz I'm pretty sure all the fancy stores are there.
Katlynn Spellman
Katlynn Spellman 10 kun oldin
I love you Ryland! Nothing is wrong with being prissy,being the REAL you is the best you that you can be. Cutest couple ever.
Madeline Foster
Madeline Foster 10 kun oldin
Omg I love Morgan she is always there to lighten the mood❤️❤️
Veronica and Vanessa
Rylandddd who has been saying that??? I don’t think your spoiled!!!
Blossomblox 10 kun oldin
Why did he look straight in the thumbnail
jo bleek
jo bleek 10 kun oldin
yep...changed and boozjie
Halle Clark
Halle Clark 10 kun oldin
I want to live Rylands extra life
Just hacking Around
Just hacking Around 11 kun oldin
Sponsored by -Walmart- -Gucci- -Honey- Boujee
Just hacking Around
Just hacking Around 11 kun oldin
I can't believe people actually take stuff this seriously. Ryland is always himself and never makes anyone feel even 1% "less" than him. It's like people don't know how to take things as a joke or recognize irony when they see it.
Emma 11 kun oldin
I hope he returned that gucci outfit
no u
no u 11 kun oldin
tbh if sis got the money to spend, spend it 😩 these kids are just jealous they can't afford thou gUcCi
little e
little e 12 kun oldin
ew sis love you but papa johns no honey
Laura Keane
Laura Keane 12 kun oldin
I love Ryland’s character, what a sassy Queen💞
Thunder Rhododendron
Brooches 😂
Mia Suzuki
Mia Suzuki 12 kun oldin
CARE!!! Ryland is still funny and all the videos are great to watch 👏🏼Queen👏🏼own👏🏼it👏🏼👑
Christina Russell
Christina Russell 12 kun oldin
I love you all. I hope none of you ever change!!!!
meg o’magic
meg o’magic 12 kun oldin
their personalities all work soooo well together in their squad videos and Ryland MAKES IT what it is, brings something sparkly and theatrical; a different style of funny to bounce off of Shane and Garrett’s also theatrical lol but often much darker sense of humour it works *beautifully* he is the perfect foil, it makes me so sad that Ryland was upset because a) he is so precious?? and sweet?? and CLEARLY so good for Shane but also those videos are premium comedy which btw we get for FREE ugh love you sister Ryland you are such a crucial addition which makes the harmony of the whole squad so good?? AND your solo videos are so addictive and THAT’S the tea * italian chef kiss *
YouTube nerd
YouTube nerd 12 kun oldin
I LOVE your fabulous character. You are literally my personality, but a dude and you have more money
Pastel Peace
Pastel Peace 13 kun oldin
Rylandddd baby no I love you. You’re the best in the world 💙 never stop being you and ignore those fucking assholes
Ashes of Me
Ashes of Me 13 kun oldin
Still love you Ry ❤️
Emily Jungman
Emily Jungman 13 kun oldin
👑 Live. Your. Best. Life. Ryland. 👑
Kate Joyce
Kate Joyce 13 kun oldin
Shane's explanations of the personalities was AMAZING! I love the little glimpses behind the scenes.
sis and family martinez
and yes am 9 years old
sis and family martinez
do what the fuck you want don't let people take you down Shane and ryland
Eve Christie
Eve Christie 13 kun oldin
I love your videos so much and not bushy at all I think your amazing ❤️❤️ you make me laugh so much and make my day all the time
Dylon Smith
Dylon Smith 14 kun oldin
Ok, I mean ryland is great but I see Shane being more of the adult.(not a sentice I thought I would ever say) becouse, come on he just spent money at a store for a 1,250 dollar Hoddie, like Shane wouldn't even do that
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott 14 kun oldin
I love your character do not change your character!You are special in your own way!i love you so much and i will support you!
D'Andra Galvan
D'Andra Galvan 14 kun oldin
I love you don’t forget it
# Reina
# Reina 14 kun oldin
Damn, Ryland. One of the reason I like watching in you is bcs you keep doing this boujee stuff. Like, yes gurl, spend those money you earned for Gucci. Idgaf. It’s funny and exciting to watch. Tbh, your character is the mature one in the squad. Like, if I was spending my time 24/7 with Garret and Morgan and Shane, I would be pissed off too sometimes, bcs their characters are so goofy and funny sometimes they just can’t act serious. Not that I hate them tho, I LOVE them. So, don’t bother with those jealous hoes, continue being your pissy queen self. Bcs you’re a queen, sister 👸🏻(ps. To morgan garret and shane, you guys are not fat stop saying you guys are fat like you 👏🏻 all 👏🏻 are 👏🏻 thicc 👏🏻 and 👏🏻gorgeous 👏🏻)
Kaylee Colburn
Kaylee Colburn 14 kun oldin
B M 14 kun oldin
anyone else wonder where drew went?
rusty fox
rusty fox 14 kun oldin
you are all highly amusing and inspirational. fat thin prissy or otherwise.. trolls are just well jel babes...
Crushed Orbeez
Crushed Orbeez 15 kun oldin
No, your just YOU🥰🥰🥰🥰
Emily Bryan
Emily Bryan 15 kun oldin
Why do you look st88888
Millie may
Millie may 15 kun oldin
“You just killed synthia” 🤣🤣🤣
Giuliana Brink
Giuliana Brink 15 kun oldin
I like Walmart clothes...
\\Max// 15 kun oldin
Fuck you to the people who called shane fat you bitch
Louella Martin
Louella Martin 16 kun oldin
Ryland just ignore those comments ignore the haters. If you want to act like a queen be a fucken Queen. If that's what you want to be and be it fuck what everybody else thinks and just be you. I know for sure that if I became a UZvidr and if I ever get name brand stuff I know I would be the same exact way. Love you both just ignore the haters and just be you.
Sofie Fyhn
Sofie Fyhn 16 kun oldin
Why isnt Drew in Any videos anymore? I miss him
Whitney Herrin
Whitney Herrin 16 kun oldin
Ryland I absolutely love you! I watched your Blue Apron video about two weeks ago and because of you and Shane I have started subscribing to channels and I watch y’all videos everyday! It’s your money be boujee if you want to, I would be too 😂😂😂
Fine Trash
Fine Trash 16 kun oldin
Sis, you ain’t bougie you are just plain cringey as fuck
Tishayla Doreen
Tishayla Doreen 16 kun oldin
I love you just do what you want don’t let anyone say any thing
Kill_cute 17 kun oldin
Don't let them get u down u keep doing you
Caitlyn Randall
Caitlyn Randall 17 kun oldin
I used to think that dolce and gabanna was called drew and gabbie hanna
Claudia Cedeno
Claudia Cedeno 17 kun oldin
Omg when you own some of the Walmart items lol.
Alanah Allen-Croswell
Ryland you’re a queen don’t let anyone tell you different
Mari Evans
Mari Evans 18 kun oldin
You should be happy that your BUCCI
Silly Bob
Silly Bob 18 kun oldin
One day not one week
Illusion the Blue roan horse
Imma fuck up those people that said Shane’s annoying like damn
Christian Hartwick
Christian Hartwick 18 kun oldin
I love the whole group everyone is different and unique and in many ways relatable. I really don’t understand why someone would take the time to watch someone’s video that you don’t like, I guess only an idiot would.
Michelle Bowler
Michelle Bowler 18 kun oldin
I know I’m late to the party but Ryland, you do you sis!
ChelseaMK Cc
ChelseaMK Cc 18 kun oldin
I love Ryland’s character! Do your thing!
Elizabeth Richards
Elizabeth Richards 19 kun oldin
I don't know why people wouldn't love rylands character but what ever because I love his character
The Smol Uke
The Smol Uke 19 kun oldin
Ryland personality is what him them special :)
FlashyBoy 19 kun oldin
I Was eating sour patch kids while i watched it and iƒ you bite the head and hold it sideways it looks like a fish
I'm Done
5 oy oldin
We messed up
2 oy oldin
we're moving.
Yil oldin