I Wear GUCCI vs WALMART For A Week!

Ryland Adams
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*I Wear GUCCI vs WALMART For A Week!
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8-May, 2018

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Daphny Moore
Daphny Moore 6 soat oldin
=. H h. Hbvyv7viygviyhgvyvuvubuvvu/I/
Zoey Morales
Zoey Morales 8 soat oldin
I have never even thought of ryland as spoiled I just saw him as boujee but I love that about him💗
BreeBreeTM 11 soat oldin
I dunno why he felt so uncomfortable in his Gucci outfit? I thought it looked fine. And I kinda liked that hoodie. But obviously, sooo not worth the price.
pineapple pearl !
pineapple pearl ! 16 soat oldin
Ryland....was never ungrateful or too bougie. He was always greatful and tbh always bougie!
Eve Gandy
Eve Gandy 22 soat oldin
I lovvvve Ryland
Faeth Hypeski
Faeth Hypeski 23 soat oldin
“These shorts were 850 dollars..” “You just killed Cynthia!” 😂
Victoria Rivas
Victoria Rivas 2 kun oldin
Omg I love this! But seeing that loved necklace! I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF TAEHYUNG!😍💜
William Robinson
William Robinson 2 kun oldin
We all LOVE Ryland! Haters gonna hate 🤷
Taylor Burtis
Taylor Burtis 2 kun oldin
I actually love you Ryland, just like I love Morgan, Shane and Garrett. I think you are all wonderful! Work it you prissy little bitch 💕💕💕💕💕
Chantal Fortier
Chantal Fortier 2 kun oldin
Love your videos! You are so sweet💕
Elizabeth H
Elizabeth H 2 kun oldin
People hating on you are just jealous and I love you and your bubbly fun spirit I love your videos!!
Dulce Xelo
Dulce Xelo 2 kun oldin
Rile is the queen of Boujee
Pink Error
Pink Error 2 kun oldin
It annoys me that everyone bashes in Ryland, because he is my favourite youtuber, he obviously has a character to put into the videos and makes them funny because it shows no matter how different they all are they are all still friends. And he is allowed to show off what he had bought with his own money that he has earned by putting time and effort into videos that millions of people watch.
Marianna Rothenbach
I can’t believe people actually call Ryland those sorts of things, I love who he is inside and out :)
Jas Kellow
Jas Kellow 2 kun oldin
Ryland is just a cute little pricey elf with his cute little Gucci elf shoes
abigail smith
abigail smith 2 kun oldin
this is deadass the 8th time i’ve watched this video
Rubberducky 171
Rubberducky 171 3 kun oldin
I felt so comfortable seeing them all making fun of the prices of Gucci compared to Walmart instead of being those UZvidrs spending over 500 dollars like nothing on 1 item
Lil miss Black
Lil miss Black 3 kun oldin
HeyRachael 4 kun oldin
omg its so funny when he dances when we wears stuff lol
Sabrina Monteferrante
I love how Ryland is so boujee! It’s so entertaining ♥️
a smol mochi is my profile pic
11:45 did anyone else think of kim Taehyung when they saw that..... No... Just me Okay I'll go home 😂😂
Monkey Maniac
Monkey Maniac 4 kun oldin
Who else loved Rylands modelling Because I’d definitely did
RavenflowYT _
RavenflowYT _ 4 kun oldin
Ryland you have to realize that we’re not all gay so shaking your butt at us is kinda weird
Abby Daniel
Abby Daniel 4 kun oldin
Please don’t change how you act in your vids cause we love your sassy ass and you don’t need to change anything!
Kaylee Mastin
Kaylee Mastin 4 kun oldin
ok wait see if don't like the way he acts then why do u watch his videos and if he didn't act the way he acts every vid he is in would just be boring don't listen to the mean comments listen to the good comments
rikkidegroen 4 kun oldin
please dont worry about what people say! we all love who you are and what you do and it Will never bore me ❤️
Brooke O'Neill
Brooke O'Neill 4 kun oldin
i love u all, literally my life’s been a wreck lately(by lately i mean the last 5 years lmao) and ur guys videos literally give me a reason to live
Allie L.
Allie L. 5 kun oldin
The hoodie is less than the rent my mum and dad have to pay Rent:1,700
Hayden Matulka
Hayden Matulka 5 kun oldin
Waring Gucci getting out of the G these a statement
Comment Opinions
Comment Opinions 5 kun oldin
K I don’t see any haters. The support he’s getting is amazing but I haven’t found 1 hate comment so I think y’all are ok
GrumpyAlien Wu
GrumpyAlien Wu 5 kun oldin
First of all Ryland: you keep doing you ❤️ second of all: Barbie is so wrecked 😆
Nicole Holt
Nicole Holt 5 kun oldin
Love you, Ryland. Keep it up.
Junie Colon
Junie Colon 6 kun oldin
G m s and r
Junie Colon
Junie Colon 6 kun oldin
No I will love you the way you are not curing to tack him Shan just saying I will love were one the way they are
Hope 6 kun oldin
As soon as I saw I wear gucci I looked away and thought I WEAR GUCCI FROM HEAD TO TOE
Anistyn Horney
Anistyn Horney 6 kun oldin
I THINK YOU AND SHANE ARE AWESOME!🧡🧡🧡🧡 All those haters out there BACK OFF!! You two are the funniest people I've ever met I watch your videos and they make me so happy
B e l l a m i Lr
B e l l a m i Lr 6 kun oldin
Am i the only one who knows you can buy Gucci, Versace, luxury brand names off the Walmart site? 😑😑😑 just go in the site Walmart has everything you can imagine! 1 for Walmart.
‘ Valerie Davis ‘
( also ) but the question is , can you use honey for Gucci ...😂👏
‘ Valerie Davis ‘
why can’t people be happy for others , like they work hard and earned it , even I see comments of ppl hating on Trisha , but it’s her life and she has worked for what she has . So people just need to be supportive if they’re gonna watch someone’s videos 🤷‍♀️
SpicyPlayzGamezz 6 kun oldin
Lexi Steers
Lexi Steers 6 kun oldin
Ryland: my arms are really skinny Shane:*TRIGGERED*
Granate La Magnate
Granate La Magnate 6 kun oldin
Amm, bitch, if you have money, USE IT
Kari Christensen
Kari Christensen 7 kun oldin
I think Rylands mother acts stuck up.
Kari Christensen
Kari Christensen 7 kun oldin
Ryland doesn't act stuck up, he is great.
Kari Christensen
Kari Christensen 7 kun oldin
Do you go to Starbucks every day or reuse their cups.
Irie _brooke
Irie _brooke 7 kun oldin
CYNTHIA we love a queen
Keren Sandoval
Keren Sandoval 7 kun oldin
Yasssssssssss Shane tell the haters yaaaaaaaaaaa
Gianna Spalazzi
Gianna Spalazzi 7 kun oldin
you can literally get a iPhone xr and more for the price of one Gucci shirt
ThatSameOld Loli
ThatSameOld Loli 7 kun oldin
ignore all the hater what i say im Gay and proud
aмy nιcole ѕтarr
ryland ιѕ lιтerally тoo gay тo ғυncтιon 😂😂 ι love тнeм тogeтнer ѕo мυcн!!