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Basically a mukbang.
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7-Noy, 2018

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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna 2 oy oldin
this was so fun to do 😭😭 every time i go back home, i always visit pizza joes. kasey was an incredible manager and an even better karaoke partner, and i’m so happy that we kept in touch all these years 🖤 steph was one of my best friends in high school and is now an incredibly hard working and loving mother who i also feel lucky to have kept in touch with all these years 🙌🏼 can’t wait for the next time i’m home to go visit and get yummy pizza and hugs, as always! also for those asking: no, we didn’t pay, we tried (and went in 10000% intending to even if i joked about not) but katie absolutely would t accept a dollar and instructed all the cashiers not to let us. she’s a lovely person and was just excited to have us there :)
Chyeanne Lee
Chyeanne Lee Oy oldin
Wait your From Newcastle ? Oof London ;-;
Jenifer Hasychak
Also I went to Wilmington so we loved our pizza Joe's!!
Jenifer Hasychak
I live in New Castle PA! I know people that knew you!
3CraftySisters Kaity
That's really kind of them idk if the girl you didn't make a piece of pizza hated you because she was acting so serious though!
carpeted kitchen
carpeted kitchen 2 oy oldin
Gabbie So i dont have instagram or twitter or anything like that I cant dm u on anything Im so sad now
The Life of Gert
The Life of Gert 23 soat oldin
Okayyy so I am so confused but also really intrigued? Does Pizza Joe's let their employees eat their food for free? And drinks? I know that Gabbie probably paid for her food that she ate but if that's the case then sign me up for work at Pizza Joe's!!!
Stephanie  Reisker
Stephanie Reisker 6 soat oldin
The Life of Gert you’re funny ... yeah def not nothing is free there
Lozza1996 Kun oldin
Hahaha love this video!! It was soo much fun 😂😂
Me Kun oldin
They all looked like they were so done with her shit😂😂😂😂
Nicole Smart
Nicole Smart 3 kun oldin
If I saw correctly, there's a young woman with down syndrome that works there!!!!! THAT'S SO COOL AND SO SWEET. OMG.
KT 140
KT 140 3 kun oldin
Gabbie is my freaking spirit animal
Marrs Simmy
Marrs Simmy 3 kun oldin
So many health codes happening right now
Ellie F
Ellie F 4 kun oldin
Awww your relationship with your old boss is so cute:))
w1tch35 f1r3
w1tch35 f1r3 5 kun oldin
Why did you eat a lot of pizza,pepsi,cookies?
Laney Lou
Laney Lou 5 kun oldin
“If you was a cookie dough where would you be”
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves 6 kun oldin
I hate the hate this video gets, people saying how annoyed the people are by Gabbie and how annoying Gabbie is. She doesn’t deserve it at all. She is trying to be happy with her friends and co workers and here people are, saying these horrible things and it just makes me question my own species. I love Gabbie and the work she puts in her life, work, and videos. It makes me and other people happy. And if you don’t like it, block her. Because like all of us, she has feelings too.
Ali Harpster
Ali Harpster 6 kun oldin
LOVE THIS!!! When I lived back home I used to go to Pizza Joe’s in Sharpsville and Sharon PA all the time!! Nothing is better than their veggie pizza!!! 😍😍
Eli Aitken
Eli Aitken 8 kun oldin
How many times do you think pizza is said in this video 🍕
Tntyren 8 kun oldin
Maybe do a video about going back to your school!
Captain SmartyPants
This video is so cute! I love it so much!
Jaidyn Ladd
Jaidyn Ladd 10 kun oldin
sorry gabb i dont like ranch so i wont like vegie pizza...... still love yo though
Madison Quigley
Madison Quigley 12 kun oldin
Wish I would've came in this day! I want to meet you at home someday
Jessica Lee Hileman
Jessica Lee Hileman 13 kun oldin
Omg pizza joes veggie pizza is my husbands favorite thing in the world...every time he eats it he eats so much he gets sick and says he is never going to eat it again but then he does 😂😂
Jaymi Simons
Jaymi Simons 14 kun oldin
Gabbie is me every time I go back home to philly, Colorado food sux lol
Elizabeth Warner
Elizabeth Warner 15 kun oldin
I love this video so much thank you for being making videos. ❤️
scx_22 16 kun oldin
Why does she act like she’s someone big and famous going back to their first job?? No sweetie...
Sara Chaaraoui
Sara Chaaraoui 15 kun oldin
scx_22 shut up
freya chapman
freya chapman 16 kun oldin
i really want pizza joes but i’m from england so we don’t have any here☹️
Mari Fietsy
Mari Fietsy 16 kun oldin
triple cheese n bacon!
DSC peterlemongello
DSC peterlemongello 17 kun oldin
She legit sucks at pizza. I work in a restaurant that has those same ovens and they aren't even that hot. Quit being such an overdramatic millennial bitch
oy59 17 kun oldin
gabbie eats for free for 12 minutes
Katt Marie
Katt Marie 17 kun oldin
Yasssss New Castle 😊
Lover and Dreamer
Lover and Dreamer 17 kun oldin
hey gabbie love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️
Movie Stuff
Movie Stuff 17 kun oldin
Because I can't find any hate comments. Gabbie STOP MAKING PIZZA!
David S
David S 18 kun oldin
New Castle, PA is a trash compactor. THE worst. The only notable locations there besides Wal-Mart is the very first Warner Bros. theater aka The Cascade...yeah THE Warner Brothers lol. Outside of that, it’s an utter wasteland. But Kuddos to The Warner Bros., Wal-Mart and Gabby.
Laura Gomez Padilla
Laura Gomez Padilla 18 kun oldin
“If you was a cookie dough, where would you be?” That, combined with her cute walk, holding her hands behind her back was really adorable (I walk like that sometimes when I’m trying to seem innocent and my family is just not having it)😂❤️
Savannah Higgins
Savannah Higgins 18 kun oldin
This is such a FUN video!!!!
Smiley Manic Panic
Smiley Manic Panic 19 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Hailey Borja
Hailey Borja 19 kun oldin
The consent ration of Gabbie taking the pizza out
KatieWoah24! 20 kun oldin
I don't read these comments because... it's usually just too negative of a place... BUT I am watching Gabbie's latest video and I am so so surprised that this video got hate. I LOVE this video- she is SO fun and funny and just, a person. Good for you and your amazing videos Gabbie, I'll always be a fan
Varsha H
Varsha H 20 kun oldin
this gem of a video got hate?
THE BRICK JHONSON 20 kun oldin
Wait Gabbie speaks Arabic cause I do
Ava Broxton
Ava Broxton 20 kun oldin
Hears ranch dressing Thinks of Shane Remembers bad dream of drowning in the ranch fountain he had.
Jenna Melman
Jenna Melman 20 kun oldin
Job goalss, I’m in high school looking for one RN:(
Jenna Melman
Jenna Melman 20 kun oldin
This video is so fun, a lot better than I thought it would be lmao
Jenna Melman
Jenna Melman 20 kun oldin
Slay cutieee!!😘😘
SpecialKay13 20 kun oldin
This was such a genuinely fun video! Love the concept! Don’t get why people would be so negative about it when it was just so genuinely fun and good! I need that veggie pizza in me STAT.
ChiiiNee 20 kun oldin
If you waz a cookie dough where would you be. 😂CUUTTTEE
CosmicDevYT 20 kun oldin
I need my first job to be a local place so I can visit and steal food
Paris Starling
Paris Starling 20 kun oldin
This is actually such a good video, I don’t know why people hated it. Keep it up Gabbie
Kaileigh and A Whole Lot Of Nothing
Still pisses me off that she rips off James charles intro
Ariana Ellis
Ariana Ellis 12 kun oldin
Or both intros were made by the same person (Michael Rusakov).
Ruby Clark
Ruby Clark 20 kun oldin
Oh my god this video!!! I was CRACKING TF UP!!! She is so happy and they seem so happy to see her!! Reminds me of when I visit my first job and my old friends hahaha!!!!!
lexi 344
lexi 344 20 kun oldin
pizza joes hits different
Madison Westfall
Madison Westfall 20 kun oldin
I love you
Abigail Gott
Abigail Gott 21 kun oldin
I despise ranch, the condiment that makes healthy food unhealthy
Lilly Green
Lilly Green 21 kun oldin
I love her stealing all the food