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If Google Went Back To School

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If Google Went Back To School!
I decided to make an, if google went back to school, video, I’ve done a video called if google was a girl and a few others, this is a video in my, back to school, series, its for, kids, family,brother,sister,siblings, middle school, high school, elementary school, basically everyone. Other videos I did in my back to school series are, diy weird back to school supplies you need to try, but soon I’ll do some back to school life hacks, and some other, funny, back to school videos, maybe some, fail videos, or some rare back to school videos, who knows, let me know in the comments what back to school videos you want to see, love rclbeauty101
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29-Iyl, 2017



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Kassidy Perez
Kassidy Perez 2 soat oldin
Google would be the one I would do group work with😂
Astrid Rules
Astrid Rules 10 soat oldin
If Google was in my class they would he the stuck up know it all teachers pet by far.
Rontube 11 soat oldin
If google is a teacher
Rontube 11 soat oldin
If google disappear in world
Cheyanne Dream
Cheyanne Dream Kun oldin
Their is a Google in our class, the teachers go to him with questions. Its funny.
Abby 5396
Abby 5396 Kun oldin
Okay Siri’s in the back know where’s Alexa?????🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨
Clocobear29 Of 07
Mitochondrion is the power house of the cell just so you know!:)
Emma Johnston
Emma Johnston Kun oldin
Hey guys it's -Rachel- *that's google to you*
Dog lover
Dog lover Kun oldin
If google was in my class I would ask way to many questions
Eryn Creswell
Eryn Creswell Kun oldin
hey Google what is 77777777777times444444444 equal 💡 i dont know
LIFEIS AWESOME 2 kun oldin
Gaming Galiba
Gaming Galiba 2 kun oldin
If Google was in my class it would be a nerd
chan8680 chan8680
chan8680 chan8680 2 kun oldin
When it said hey "Google to a barrel roll", it activated my google assistant
שחר א.
שחר א. 2 kun oldin
"The war of 1812 took place is 2006" I bursted out laughing, saying "what??"
שחר א.
שחר א. 2 kun oldin
I think they'd be the person that have no idea what they're talking about, but is so sexy that they distract the class, and people prefer listening to it rather than the teacher.
Zaley*s Land
Zaley*s Land 3 kun oldin
A savage
Rosie González
Rosie González 3 kun oldin
Google would be like young Sheldon in math
kawaii slimes
kawaii slimes 3 kun oldin
When she said hey google my phone went on google lol 😅
AcgMxnster 4 kun oldin
More skits Rachel!❤️
Manny Maccias
Manny Maccias 4 kun oldin
The things people do for views
Gacha Girl loves dogs
Goggle would be a smartass if Goggle were in my class
SmartZebra Person
SmartZebra Person 5 kun oldin
4:38 Teacher:Okay we're going to be talking about the war of 1812. Me after watching all of Mr. Young (Netflix): *thinking of Ms.Byrne* "WHO HAS HEARD OF THE WAR OF 1812"
Lennox Conyette
Lennox Conyette 5 kun oldin
Do if Google was a babysitter
Sophia BTS
Sophia BTS 5 kun oldin
I already have a google in my class
Squishy FrenchFries
Google would be the kid everyone wanted to cheat off of 🤣😀
Nora Contard
Nora Contard 6 kun oldin
5:33 ouch. that must be hurt
the crazy guy Santillan
Lol i talk spanglish because im from usa but when i was 15 years old i came to the country that my family lives in so thats is ehy i have a latino name and lol soy un platano morado lol lol lol
Mia Blackheart
Mia Blackheart 7 kun oldin
Madison Carpenter
Madison Carpenter 7 kun oldin
The person who created google never went to school
Freestyler Aveen
Freestyler Aveen 7 kun oldin
Cameron Corbins awesome music
If Google was always wrong
Tay Plays
Tay Plays 7 kun oldin
You should totally do if google was teacher!!
Ella Pimentel
Ella Pimentel 7 kun oldin
The war of 1812... sounds familiar..... oh right. Dang. YOU CALLED? (Mr.young. Search it up)
Paris Potter
Paris Potter 8 kun oldin
Google would be annoying
Càit Nolan
Càit Nolan 8 kun oldin
At 5:28 my Google assistant popped up 😂
Erion Gamer
Erion Gamer 8 kun oldin
Why have i been subbing to 1000 Chanels for nothing
Goushia Bari
Goushia Bari 8 kun oldin
I would ask her to do my homework DUHHHHH
PotterToTheTøp 9 kun oldin
Google would be the smartest/savagest person in class. They would know everything and be so *savage*
moonwitch01 9 kun oldin
Why a class of just girls?
It's just me
It's just me 9 kun oldin
Who saw her with her phone next to the whiteboard
Emma Church
Emma Church 9 kun oldin
_If google was a _*_waitress_*
1,000 subscribers with only a few Videos
The end tho...😂😂😂 I wonder what the picture would be if it wasn’t blurred out
Crazy Kidz
Crazy Kidz 9 kun oldin
ahahahahah it was so funny when siri and bing came in XD
Ashauria Grant
Ashauria Grant 10 kun oldin
They be pretending that they don’t care about Google when Google is the one who been doing their homework for them
Amelya Mathews
Amelya Mathews 10 kun oldin
I dunno my high school class is pretty messed up
evie blizzard
evie blizzard 10 kun oldin
I love your vids and all but were you looking up those facts?At 3:21 you can see your phone.
Ana Sofía
Ana Sofía 11 kun oldin
My teacher’s name is literally Mrs. Good
Carla -LaLa
Carla -LaLa 11 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂do a barrel rol
Israel A. Camacho JR
1:24 Whos that girl next to Google ? Shes hella cute
Emma Lanier
Emma Lanier 14 kun oldin
Google in my classes would just show everyone up with how smart google is and correct my math teacher he always gives us lexures
Balloraxpuppet I SHIP IT
Google is in my class...his name is Anton
Teresa Busby
Teresa Busby 15 kun oldin
Teresa Busby
Teresa Busby 15 kun oldin
Lydia ASMR
Lydia ASMR 16 kun oldin
oh ive had an apendicidece idk how to spell it
ava roybal
ava roybal 20 kun oldin
I already have google in my class
Cheyenne Murphy
Cheyenne Murphy 20 kun oldin
That is actually interesting
Kylie’s Awesome channel
1:18 you can see Siri in the background
TamariYT 21 kun oldin
0:45 Annoyed
bff SQAUD unicornss
bff SQAUD unicornss 21 kun oldin
Gabby _Leah ash lover
I love you give me a c Shoutout please
Dakota & Dmitry
Dakota & Dmitry 21 kun oldin
Omg omg omg omg 1:10 it said ok Google my Google Assistant turned on 😂😂😂
Artin Zuqolli
Artin Zuqolli 22 kun oldin
yea why should it go back to school it knows more than the teacher xD
Skylar love
Skylar love 23 kun oldin
Anna Krissa
Anna Krissa 23 kun oldin
When he said *”I’m Mr. Nice”* I thought he said *”I’m Mr. Mice”*
Inas Ghazaoui
Inas Ghazaoui 24 kun oldin
Yea I agree she might remind the teacher to give out homework
Isabella Segrera
Isabella Segrera 24 kun oldin
mr.nice is my mood
Amelia DelaVega
Amelia DelaVega 24 kun oldin
at 06:07 what the pic like if you wanna know
Montana OTTB
Montana OTTB 25 kun oldin
“Mr. Nice” has really really bad handwriting lol
kara Forsythe
kara Forsythe 25 kun oldin
i love u soooooooooo much
jessica texera
jessica texera 27 kun oldin
I had appendicitis before
Brajesh Khanna
Brajesh Khanna 28 kun oldin
I love you 😍😍😍
James Alfred Lowell Parker
What if Google went to Church
Rafael Fryer
Rafael Fryer Oy oldin
3:21 Google wouldn’t use an iPhone, Google would have an Android.
Dany's Dance Tutorials
If Google was in my class then...dang!
Isis Roth
Isis Roth Oy oldin
A smartass
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Oy oldin
Why the picture is censored at the end?
Amalie Mirzad Kristoffersen
Ancsi Myers
Ancsi Myers Oy oldin
They activated my Google assistant 😂
Yesenia Lizasuain
If google was in my class I would use her or him for my answers in my tests.
Calee West
Calee West Oy oldin
Susy Gomez
Susy Gomez Oy oldin
pleaseee can u make more videos of google
Meg Kooi
Meg Kooi Oy oldin
Amelia and Marriah
366.181818182 is the answer
Michael Shing Lam Chen
Bella B
Bella B Oy oldin
Cristian Delacruz
If Google lived an a tiny house
Sunny Liu
Sunny Liu Oy oldin
3:30 Luhan lol
ashley freeman
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
Katha Puwar
Katha Puwar Oy oldin
For the love of god, use google maps 😂😂
Noe Covarrubias
do a video about if siri whent to school
Solaf Ayman
Solaf Ayman Oy oldin
Why would Google go back to school and it is already smarter than the teacher teacher
Bella Cornejo
Bella Cornejo Oy oldin
A smart pants
Gabby’s world Gabby’s world
Google would be the know it all at my school
Angel Oakleysmith
She has her phone
The 4 of force
Snxw Smh
Snxw Smh Oy oldin
Siri actually kinda sounds like the real one for some reason.
Katelyn Rose
Katelyn Rose Oy oldin
someone I know got Appendicitis last night... so I can verify that you do get stomach pains
Shaderite Matobit
lol google translate is the only failure XD
Faith Smith
Faith Smith Oy oldin
-- ..,.
Faith Smith
Faith Smith Oy oldin
- - .
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