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If Google Went Back To School

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If Google Went Back To School!
I decided to make an, if google went back to school, video, I’ve done a video called if google was a girl and a few others, this is a video in my, back to school, series, its for, kids, family,brother,sister,siblings, middle school, high school, elementary school, basically everyone. Other videos I did in my back to school series are, diy weird back to school supplies you need to try, but soon I’ll do some back to school life hacks, and some other, funny, back to school videos, maybe some, fail videos, or some rare back to school videos, who knows, let me know in the comments what back to school videos you want to see, love rclbeauty101
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29-Iyl, 2017

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Fikrlar 12 689
Sophia Justice
Sophia Justice Soat oldin
1:48 that reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter where Hermione says No it isn’t LeviosAAA it’s LeviOsa
Evelyn Da YouTuber
Evelyn Da YouTuber 4 soat oldin
back to school in 10 days..... 30th of Jan...
The only Potato!
The only Potato! 5 soat oldin
Who else saw a girl named Siri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tallulah Samociuk
Tallulah Samociuk 11 soat oldin
When it said hey Google my Google assistant turned on lol
Janie Ferrell
Janie Ferrell 13 soat oldin
you both wrong it's 4028
Vuk Panic
Vuk Panic 13 soat oldin
Zaina Quadri
Zaina Quadri 14 soat oldin
5:28 lol i love that girl 😂😂😂
2 Little Bears
2 Little Bears 16 soat oldin
It looks like you guys had fun! Keep making great videos! 😃
kimmy Likesbananas
kimmy Likesbananas 20 soat oldin
Siri Google
Jordon Heart
Jordon Heart 22 soat oldin
If I was next to Google I will just ask all the questions to my math test 😂
김소현Nikki Kun oldin
*mY clAsSmAtEs cAlL mE gOoGle*
Jalynet Cortes
Jalynet Cortes Kun oldin
i got 3,615
Teena Ladher
Teena Ladher Kun oldin
No it all
Danya Mohamed
Danya Mohamed Kun oldin
If Google was in my class she would get dumber
°GwenGachas° 2 kun oldin
If Google was in my class she would be the smartest one!
Crystal Wolthuis
Crystal Wolthuis 2 kun oldin
guys I'm pretty sure the "innapropriate picutre" was just a blank piece of paper. They wouldn't print something bad just to blur it
Taniya Nusaiba
Taniya Nusaiba 2 kun oldin
Google is the brilliant one 😂😂
mrpubg 201
mrpubg 201 3 kun oldin
I would tell google to tell me all the answer
Sisters MCD
Sisters MCD 3 kun oldin
She is a know it all,isn't she?
An emo girl who loves horror games
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Nadia Savari
Nadia Savari 3 kun oldin
Oh so it’s a all girl school as i can see
saanvi sharma
saanvi sharma 4 kun oldin
wait if there is Siri and Bing, then where is Yahoo?
Lps Angel
Lps Angel 4 kun oldin
Notice how google has a IPhone? 😂
lotsofrandomness 5476328
Chloe Browne
Chloe Browne 5 kun oldin
Christine Isabel
Christine Isabel 5 kun oldin
Well If google is a person... Google will be the next Smartest person in the world😂😂
melody babin
melody babin 5 kun oldin
Little Kendrick
Little Kendrick 5 kun oldin
3:21 did anyone else see her 📱
dogs fan
dogs fan 5 kun oldin
If google was in MY class, it would just turn it self off in the break time,'cause my "smart" classmates put shity music on a speaker,and it just tortures the last brain cells I have
Casidie Weisberg
Casidie Weisberg 5 kun oldin
3:32 CAIOMHE!! (Sorry if I spelled it wrong!)
Boris The wolf
Boris The wolf 7 kun oldin
david brickenden
david brickenden 8 kun oldin
My birthday was July Friday the 13th.
Tiffany Wang
Tiffany Wang 9 kun oldin
I will never eat clementines again...
Catsgomoo 2006
Catsgomoo 2006 11 kun oldin
Marquis De Lafayette
Sky blue Equestrian
Sky blue Equestrian 12 kun oldin
2:36 the girl staring at her has me LMAO 😂
Cara Osmond
Cara Osmond 12 kun oldin
I love all your videos
Împëříåł Šåmùřåí Bøÿ
What if facebook went back to school?
iphone Xs MAX
iphone Xs MAX 13 kun oldin
Siri is better......
V and B GACHA back
V and B GACHA back 14 kun oldin
1812..... Mr young reference
Salmex Llc
Salmex Llc 14 kun oldin
I thought clementines were good
Luna Vega
Luna Vega 14 kun oldin
If google were in school she or he would be in top sets
Althaf A. A
Althaf A. A 15 kun oldin
Add amazon echo, bixby to the video
HVH Collab
HVH Collab 15 kun oldin
I think Google would be smart if she was in my class
Lexisworld 2019
Lexisworld 2019 15 kun oldin
No way! 2006 was my birth year!
Jadence Douglas
Jadence Douglas 16 kun oldin
Baby Roz
Baby Roz 16 kun oldin
I love your show so much 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lidni Ngigi
Lidni Ngigi 16 kun oldin
2019 anyone? Happy New Year btw 🥳🎉🎊☺️
Lidni Ngigi
Lidni Ngigi 16 kun oldin
Google is me lol
alexis glover
alexis glover 17 kun oldin
fun like you
okaydan 000
okaydan 000 17 kun oldin
I wanna give a thumps up by a reaction “ who’s watching in 2018” but i forget it’s already 2019😂😂😂
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander 17 kun oldin
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander 17 kun oldin
Hayden Alexander
Hayden Alexander 17 kun oldin
Google is like my 7 yr old sis
Eden Bromley
Eden Bromley 17 kun oldin
Kennedy Hopkins
Kennedy Hopkins 18 kun oldin
Google would correcting everyone including the teather😑😑😑😐😐😐🙄🙄🙄
iiEvelynx 18 kun oldin
Whose watching in 2019 💔💔
Leda Liveric
Leda Liveric 18 kun oldin
katherine lindsay
katherine lindsay 18 kun oldin
If Google was in my class she/he would be the smartest person in the class
SammySparkles Chan
SammySparkles Chan 18 kun oldin
if google is in my class shes is the most Popular student
Soph Nz
Soph Nz 18 kun oldin
Who else has a real life know it all Google in their class?!?
cANDγ cANE 18 kun oldin
2019 anyone 😂😁
Rebecca Grace
Rebecca Grace 15 kun oldin
Gabi Griggs
Gabi Griggs 18 kun oldin
If Google went back to school I think she would be the smartest girl and a know it all
Abigail Collins
Abigail Collins 19 kun oldin
Yasmin A
Yasmin A 19 kun oldin
3:21 did anyone else notice that she has a phone so she can look up stuff🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
supreme kid world
supreme kid world 19 kun oldin
If Google was a teacher
Hanny_xx07 M-CH
Hanny_xx07 M-CH 19 kun oldin
I had an appendicitis
Britney Wickham
Britney Wickham 19 kun oldin
When he said okay google my google mini responded 😂
VictoriaGamez 20 kun oldin
Ummm is it just me or did any one else see Siri in the back?
McGamerDl 20 kun oldin
Theres only one dude as a teacher and everyone else are girls
Brenda Miller
Brenda Miller 21 kun oldin
Boring and smarts
Tilley toy box
Tilley toy box 22 kun oldin
If google was the teacher
Garrett Ayers
Garrett Ayers 22 kun oldin
google would be annoying!
kenia Solis
kenia Solis 22 kun oldin
Cool .
Kendra Sylvander
Kendra Sylvander 22 kun oldin
Why is everyone in the class a girl except for the teacher.
Chippys Crisps
Chippys Crisps 22 kun oldin
Google would be my social studies teacher's pet
Marcel Simion
Marcel Simion 22 kun oldin
Phoebe Gradert
Phoebe Gradert 22 kun oldin
If Google wasn't already annoying enough
Lizbeth Castillo
Lizbeth Castillo 22 kun oldin
Andrea Cepparo
Andrea Cepparo 22 kun oldin
I wish I were google I’d know everything so I would pass every test and I would be smarter then the teacher
Char char Studio
Char char Studio 23 kun oldin
Mitocondria is the powerhouse of the sell,i know that cause of the dont stay in school song
Bailey Bonds
Bailey Bonds 23 kun oldin
366 2/11
Priska Keisha
Priska Keisha 23 kun oldin
Abi david
Abi david 23 kun oldin
i’ll ask her everyday 🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️
ilhaan hussein
ilhaan hussein 24 kun oldin
A smart pant
Anna Son 303
Anna Son 303 24 kun oldin
Mr nice wow
Dogga Logga
Dogga Logga 24 kun oldin
Emmy Jackson
Emmy Jackson 24 kun oldin
If google was in my class she will probably be moved up to.............COLLEGE
Lil' Miner45
Lil' Miner45 24 kun oldin
Smart and koo-koo and I will ask her the quotions so maybe she will tell me. the ansawr
Nora Abu
Nora Abu 24 kun oldin
4:28 I knew that would happen
Fatma Sadat
Fatma Sadat 24 kun oldin
Boring 😴😴
Ra Ki
Ra Ki 25 kun oldin
Google would go back to school as a principal:>
Sxpace Lozer
Sxpace Lozer 25 kun oldin
An all girl class....
kid's tube
kid's tube 25 kun oldin
In school my Thatcher calls me Google but then 1 day she called someone else Google and then I said I'm Google and then we started giving everyone names someone is firefox and Yahoo and Google and other things
MGNiteOwl 25 kun oldin
Fam 3AT
Fam 3AT 25 kun oldin
ALYSSA ALVARADO 26 kun oldin
I 💭 google would 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
GachaLife WithKendall
I think Google would be the smart kid
#RosaGirl36 ღ
#RosaGirl36 ღ 27 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the Teacher.
Kaitlyn’s Life
Kaitlyn’s Life 27 kun oldin
I can’t believe you insulted Wikipedia I use that for almost all of my school research