If You Hate Jordan Peterson Watch This Video • It Will Change Your Mind

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This is the real Jordan Peterson.
In this video, some of the most vulnerable and emotional moments of Dr Jordan B Peterson are shown, illustrating his true motivation.
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3-Iyl, 2018



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Elite Psychology
Elite Psychology 8 oy oldin
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Arthur Antonopoulos
Arthur Antonopoulos 23 kun oldin
Mr Peterson,I only discovered you recently and I am finding your work amazing. Your honesty and humbleness is a breath of fresh air. God bless you and your family. I admire your courage to speak the truth... I wish I saw you when you were in Australia...
Guillaume Brault-Miron
​+Rick Lane Hahahahaaaa ! Dude, The Photo. I litterally exploded laughing, ok, genuinly thank you for that laugh. I think I'm going to keep repsonding to this because, hey, somehow it's worth my while, can't deny it, otherwise I'd be long gone, as would you. I really gotta go though right now, but I'wanted to respond on the spot because of that laugh you gave me. I promise more stupid, subjective, un-educated, un-intelligent, lazy and hopeless, and judged irredeemable words from me later. Got to go do something that has nothing to do with education or learning, hm.
Rick Lane
Rick Lane Oy oldin
+Guillaume Brault-Miron "Jordan"? WTF is a "Jordan"? Is it male? Is it female? Is it something in-between? Why doesn't it call itself "Nancy" and end the confusion? I don't know about you, my fellow UZvidrs, but I for one will not use the made-up, androgynous words like "Jordan". The can fire me. The can fine me. They can imprison me. They can torture me. They can execute me. But I still will not use these androgynous, made-up words like "Jordan". These made-up, androgynous words like "Jordan" are a radical leftist, postmodern, socialist threat to democracy, freedom, capitalism, and the innocent, sweet, white baby Jesus. These radical leftist, postmodern, socialists are bad. Just look at Stalin's Russia. Never mind it wasn't socialist, it was state capitalism. Never mind they were the allies to the west and bore the brunt of defeating the Nazis in WWII. Just remember it's bad. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a big fan of Putin, and a guy with some severe credibility issues, said so. So it must be true. This is why no one will succeed in trying to compel me to use these androgynous, made-up words like "Jordan". (Look who's the champion of free speech now. Me! I've got to strike while the iron is hot and monetize this bitch. Get my new book, "The 10 Rules to Defeating Chaos". It will save you two entirely unnecessary rules and it more perfectly aligns with the Ten Commandments, so you know God likes it.)
Rick Lane
Rick Lane Oy oldin
+Guillaume Brault-Miron Looks like you haven't read anything I have posted. If you have, then you are oblivious to the obvious. The things that were placed there were flying unnoticed above your head. Look at where you stand. Look at it. You CLAIM to have a desire to have an intellectual discussion about Deepak Lobsterson. LMFAO. There's nothing intellectual there. The guy is a middling clinical psychologist. That's it. He's not rated anywhere near the top of his own chosen profession by any measure. The guy couldn't even make director or chair. Instead, what does he do? He reinvents himself as a crappy polemicist, spewing right wing trite on UZvid. Sorry, nothing intellectual there. It's a shame you don't appreciate satire. It has a time honored tradition. But, then again, you've already proven - repeatedly - you are unwilling to do the work necessary to actually learn. Poor, pathetic you. Here's a photo you can use to pleasure yourself. Please, be my guest: www.reddit.com/r/enoughpetersonspam/comments/94kzgi/jordan_peterson_secedes_to_the_lgbt_agenda_2013/
Guillaume Brault-Miron
​+Rick Lane My claims ? What claims ? Looks like you have attained your limit a few posts ago. Reposting the same words, exhibiting the same degree of sloppiness. Have a good time disguising your half-baked satire into intelligence. It almost worked with me. "Put on the work"... haha, you are so funny. You are a very good example of the confusion between books and brains. A man having memorised other intelligent people's thoughts, is nothing at all if not able to formulate his own ideas. You seem to keep hiding behind a pedantic thin wall, but I can see you. The only thing you have authored are pages upon pages of delusions about your own superiority. I'm sure Karl Marx would be proud of you... oops he wouldn't lol. You could put on some work to get out of that illusion, of being above others, or even of having some altitude with those wings of paper. I know exactly how you got there, and no books can help. Close to the sun yet ? Fraternity could help to some degree, but probably won't. You are well where you are. But go on, your masquerade is almost beleivable at first, and you got pretty books to take selfies with yes ? Might fool a few. Farewell.
Fortnite and News
21 century prophet
Alex Orozco
Alex Orozco 2 soat oldin
You can actually cherry pick a lot of material in order to establish the rethoric you are willing to use to push whatever agenda. I don't coincide with some of Jordan's falacious inferences on political issues (his self help tips are not bad nor nothing new or extraordinary) but we can't forget that the road to hell is paved in good intentions. Yes, somebody can edit his videos and pick his worst or best moments with some music that can tickle the tears or the hate, yet we need to start reading between the lines of his discourse, and anyone else's discourse. We can't accept information in face value just because it matches our biases, just because the dude is a psychologist or because he says "he isn't a politician" or because he speaks in weird terminology. This is how preachers use their leverage, that's how politicians also do, that's how consumerism via advertising works, correlating irrational emotions with actions and products and brands. Rethoric is quite a double edged sword, because it is an important tool in the building of our personal perception of the world we live in.
Brenda Maria Fernandez
brilliant man
matt nogafka
matt nogafka 4 soat oldin
The music ruined it
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 6 soat oldin
He is wonderful
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou 6 soat oldin
Who in their right mind could hate this man? They must be psychopaths...
Lo Loo
Lo Loo 9 soat oldin
Jordan Peterson is George Carlin without the funny.
fokboy 10 soat oldin
This is video’s great but could we please have a compilation without the music ?
Mona Moore
Mona Moore 15 soat oldin
*I still hate him I hate deceptive people who's against humans rights*
Mehdi Doudi
Mehdi Doudi 7 soat oldin
He isn't against human rights but first, are you human?
Paul Costelloe
Paul Costelloe 15 soat oldin
Brilliant man.
Rachel 15 soat oldin
Dr JP - adore you 💜
SKPBoy 17 soat oldin
A great man.... Thank God he has the courage to speak up. I hope many others will follow in his foot steps, and speak up just as he has been doing.
I Am
I Am 17 soat oldin
This video helped cement my understanding of this man. He is a charlatan: Do not let his act stop you from listening. He utilizes dishonest debate tactics constantly. Learn your logical fallacies and stop being being tricked by people like him
uchiha MAORI
uchiha MAORI 19 soat oldin
I wish women had a Jordan Peterson female figure to guide them aswell. Love this guy
Mingze Hong
Mingze Hong Kun oldin
Clearly a Nazi
Michael Sawers Music
This man changed my life
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr Kun oldin
This is a man who "genuinely" cares about others yet is disliked by so many. Tells me where we are as a species. ........ towards the end.
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke Kun oldin
Love the comments here. I relate.
Weef Bellington
Weef Bellington Kun oldin
Doesn't necessarily mean that all viewers hate Peterson..... Just saying. Jordan is love, Jordan is life. P.S He looks way sexier with a beard.
Th3BluEW4fFLe Kun oldin
Thank you sir, for the words of wisdom
Shurue Kun oldin
The emotionally manipulative music is unnecessary. Dr. Peterson can carry this just fine on his own.
Alexander DaGreat
What a beautiful man. Thank you God for Jordan Peterson.
Erling Valentin Bøndergaard
pepsi max
pepsi max 2 kun oldin
I think it'd because he speaks from a intellectual and phycological stand point but he also has experience
Sean Haggerty
Sean Haggerty 2 kun oldin
Communist! Hey Jordie: Do you believe in God?
Akshay Ajith
Akshay Ajith 2 kun oldin
Woah. I'm shaken by this
demolitionGoat 2 kun oldin
I don't agree with most of what this guy says but he has some really important lessons about life to share. it is definitely worth to listen to him.
AddisonSmith 2 kun oldin
I loved Jordan Peterson before I watched this video and now I hate him... what? (All jokes aside, Jordan Peterson is awesome and this video just made me like him more!)
NoirTech 2 kun oldin
Notice there isn't anyone who dislikes him that has left a comment why. I have tried to have conversations with people who dislike JP, they don't have a real reason, they deflect by saying things like "I'm sure you can figure it out" or "why do you think people dislike JP?". It's their ideology that won't let them agree with JP or refrain from spreading nonsense about him.
Hayden Wayne
Hayden Wayne 3 kun oldin
The man singlehandedly is a breath of fresh air, intelligence and goodness. He's the only adult in the room, during these horrific nihilist times. His example is the way we should consider as an alternative to all the hatred and self-destructive behavior around us. Bless this man and his glorious soul.
ASCENDAZ az 3 kun oldin
I love you Jordan.
Tim 3 kun oldin
Well, it didn't.
Konache Duna
Konache Duna 3 kun oldin
''don't be a burden on your father funeral '' this line make me so brave and a better man, i did it and i was courageous, thank you for your great advice.
Tushib Haque
Tushib Haque 3 kun oldin
If someone hate Jordan Peterson it's ok..not all people have high IQ
Nicolas Bahamon
Nicolas Bahamon 3 kun oldin
Man, that end made my cry like a child full of hope!
Jiffy Day
Jiffy Day 3 kun oldin
I am a 70-year-old baby boomer, what's unique about my story is that I'm illiterate I can barely read and write. Watching this video of you, I have discovered your human and as frail as the rest of us. I wish I had the opportunity to speak with you someday, because I have a lot less life in front of me than I do behind me. You use great swelling words to articulate your point of use in discussions about human nature, I broke that down on my level and I come to conclusion your speaking nothing more than common sense, sometimes what makes things so hard is the simplicity of it it's way to simple to be easy. I have no expectations of you ever reading this, but for some reason if you do look me up on Facebook are Amazon my name as Jiffy day.
Santiago Naya
Santiago Naya 3 kun oldin
Why the fuck does UZvid recommend me a video in order for me not to hate Jordan Peterson? I follow and support this guy.
Pedro Naranjo
Pedro Naranjo 3 kun oldin
why? because of sad music and a man crying? You can disagree with someone's ideas and still think he is a human being. This doesn't change my mind.
FirsToStrike 5 soat oldin
+Horus SC You are aware a person can disagree with another, without being the exact opposite of what you think the second person stands for, yes? people have a bit more nuance to them than that.
Pedro Naranjo
Pedro Naranjo 2 kun oldin
+Horus SC thats one small step for a comment, one giant leap to conclusions.
Horus SC
Horus SC 2 kun oldin
...further cementing your inability to see the world beyond yourself. It's alright. Every average person (Smartphone excess, too much porn, over-reliance on authoritarianism) is exactly like you. Can't have brilliance without mediocrity. Facts.-
CurbsideUnderwood 3 kun oldin
Thank you Jordan Peterson. I was in a really dark and terrible place, and you gave me the tools to pull myself out of it and back into the light. Also if you want inspiration read the comment section.
Zhar 3 kun oldin
hawkiebaby 3 kun oldin
Peterson's message is universal: grow up, take responsibility, think! The ideologization of his quest by either the right or the left is perverse.
dkennell998 3 kun oldin
Don’t make a title like that unless you want someone here who doesn’t like this guy. Jordan Peterson can fuck right the fuck off and UZvid can fuck off for continuing to recommend him to me
Hindsight 4 kun oldin
It's almost like when we stop treating men and boys like they were born with the original sin, and are monsters from birth, and actually start treating them like genuine human beings with their own set of problems that need to be addressed that they realize that they are actually humans. Pretty much from day one my Government, services, business all just assumed I would be a wife beating waste of space, I got denied jobs for being male, denied job promotions, I then go home from my shit job to turn on the TV and watch ads and ads depicting men beating their wives and children saying that it's mens problem, then watch a TV sitcom of a bumbling idiot male. Weird how all this shit does get to your head.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 4 kun oldin
sure I disagree with the man on a number of things, but it's just that... a disagreement. why would I waste my time hating someone who is clearly putting effort into helping people?
Madani fanta Kaba
Madani fanta Kaba 3 kun oldin
Hi what your first point of disagrement ?
Chobo 4 kun oldin
I don't hate him, why am I here?
moses 2 kun oldin
Chobo because you love him
Śūnyatā Eight
Śūnyatā Eight 4 kun oldin
I came to this video hoping to see some appeal to intellect but instead the assumption obviously was that people who don’t like Jordan are emotional types. I don’t hate the man and this video gave me a little more insight into him and why people are so starved for his type of figure but I still don’t find his intellect above an average man who works diligently to understand the sum of what other great men laid out for him.
Neha Tripathi
Neha Tripathi 4 kun oldin
Me and my husband watch his videos almost daily. I have been very disorganised and also have anxiety issues now and then. But listening to Jordan Peterson, every morning I push myself up and make my bed. I pick my canvas, fix it to the easel and paint something. Yes, we do not become organised and responsible in a click. But yes slowly I feel that I have so much inside which isn't coming out because of negativity and anxiety. It is slowly coming out. I never took a solitary trip in 25 years, and I took it for the first time to a place for three days where there is no network, less people to interact with. I spent time with myself and realised many things about me. I painted rough paintings with oil on a thick paper. Anything coming to my mind. I cried, laughed, talked to myself. Realised a lot of things. It's very important to take your own responsibility and be strengthful from within even when you feel the existential crisis, even though no one is around you. It's important to get up and tell yourself that this is what I am. And it doesn't happen in a click, takes time. But we have to start now. Jordan Peterson is truly relatable, it feels he is saying all what I want to be for so many years.
Aidan R-T
Aidan R-T 4 kun oldin
I think he's wrong a lot of issues. And yet... there's just something about him. About the depth of his pure goodness. You can definitely see why he has the following he does. There is no doubt in my mind, as someone who disagrees with Peterson strongly on a number of issues, that he is doing so much good in this world.
Chicky 4 kun oldin
I’m 17 in Canada providing for my family in Pakistan and if it wasn’t for him I would’ve been intoxicated and half dead in the gutter in the streets of Pakistan.
Chicky 2 kun oldin
Sure, I really appreciate appreciate you taking to honestly taking your time and heartfelt concern for me. Your concern alone is a gift of good for me. I now live in Canada and my family is Pakistan they say they hate me but they never reject the cheque at the end of the month. I’ll fight my way through to the better days because that’s the only thing I can do. God bless you heart, brother.
Maaz Sagar
Maaz Sagar 2 kun oldin
Hey , can we talk ? Would you help someone who wants to get out of this gutter ?
FaithLehane 5 kun oldin
All of this had been said a million times before a million times better; only without all the shit which is not included in this video. Why not share those? Ah, yes, it's not gonna get you views $$$
Trusty Milkshake
Trusty Milkshake 6 kun oldin
V.A. 7 kun oldin
Intellectual powerhouse and a decent human being. How rare is that...... Even a few people like this among billions of mindless media regurgitating sheep are enough to have faith in humanity. And even more inspiring is the fact that so many people share and appreciate what he is trying to teach.
Troy Shorter
Troy Shorter 7 kun oldin
We love you Peterson!
Ian Winter
Ian Winter 7 kun oldin
How do people hate this guy? I've never met him but he honestly seems like a genuine and caring guy. He needs to be heard and amplified
ValdamarValerian 7 kun oldin
There is a great need for intelligent, empathic people in this world. Peterson's dialogue is invaluable for so many people during these difficult times. Bravo, Jordan. You are very much appreciated all over the world, especially during this period in time when technology has separated people from themselves and others. Thank you for your presence in this world.
ike ike
ike ike 8 kun oldin
It is disheartening to see such a humane side of Jordan and the apathetic engagement he gives these days to the chip-shouldered feminists who use gender excuses to gain capitalist advantage.. Or the transgenders who get overly offended by the insecurity of their own identity crises. I think Jordan is getting increasingly blunt because his reaction is to desensitize the critics.
ReinOwader 8 kun oldin
Was that piano music really necessary? Maybe you've should put some sunset video on top of that. I like his interviews, but this sentimental music is kinda pushing it too hard. He is best enjoyable raw and uncut.
Kamelot19 7 kun oldin
Oliver Cooke
Oliver Cooke 8 kun oldin
Kermit does make some very salient points on the human condition. Just jokes, he’s very interesting, though I don’t agree with everything he espouses, I think he’s genuine and a hell of a lot more nuanced than the press (especially british) give him credit for. Some of the out of context quoting is very unfortunate. Seems a very decent chap. And he rocks some pretty nice suits from time to time.
Magna Sinisterista
Magna Sinisterista 8 kun oldin
Facts over feelings???
Horus SC
Horus SC 2 kun oldin
Fact: Jordan Peterson is a great man.
Stephen McLaughlin
Stephen McLaughlin 8 kun oldin
J P and his lectures are amazing. Wish i discovered this man when i was younger.
yusefq891 6 kun oldin
Stephen McLaughlin it is never too late my friend
Ralph Gerbs
Ralph Gerbs 8 kun oldin
Shadi S
Shadi S 8 kun oldin
This guy is my internet dad.
REZAVOIRE DOGS 8 kun oldin
2nd coming right there ..
Soy Boy
Soy Boy 8 kun oldin
Was the emotional piano tune really necessary?
Nepal Pubg live
Nepal Pubg live 8 kun oldin
My hero .
Borussia Doormat
Borussia Doormat 8 kun oldin
Changed my mind 👏
David Smith
David Smith 8 kun oldin
Incredible man!
Lillz 8 kun oldin
People talk so much about his army of young men. But I'm a young girl and I adore him so much.
Lillz 5 kun oldin
+Nicht von dieser Welt Oh trust me, I am
Nicht von dieser Welt
+Lillz Alright. I got it. You are a 13 year old kid and Peterson likes to wax all over you. You are truly part of his target audience. Have fun.
Lillz 5 kun oldin
+Nicht von dieser Welt Hahah, still a woman, whether you believe me or not. Men who do pretend to be women are pretty pathetic though, I have to agree on that. Also, I don't think you understand what a fact is. A fact is that men say that women love anal sex. That doesn't make it a fact that women love anal sex. When I say fact, I mean reality and truth. And damn, if you're God, we're all doomed 😂
Nicht von dieser Welt
+Lillz I tell you a small bit from what I have experienced. Have you ever been to a forum where people exchange sexual experiences and all? If not Idare you to do that. Go to those talks about 'anal sex'. You won't figure out how many of those 'female' accounts are actual men trying to convince real women that being fucked in the ass is the greatest pleasure ever. And you come across as those goons, a man who pretends to be a woman that adores Peterson's regressive conservative ideas. And Peterson has quite a bad image of women. You'd know that by now if you were real. So I don't believe you. About your facts nonsense: Facts according to many sex forums are that women love being fucked in the ass. Reality: Mostly men try to convince women as they pretend to be women that enjoy anal 24/7. Reality informs the facts. If you are a woman then I'm god. Truth, facts and reality. You are a Peterson follower. But I have a good time right now. Please tell me that joke again. And again. Me being insufferable for you means you did not listen to Peterson's lecture about human suffering and how to grow your balls to overcome it. See? You lose.
Lillz 5 kun oldin
+Nicht von dieser Welt First of all, I'm still a woman and there is nothing you can do to change that. Second, I don't believe in any god so that comment didn't offend me. Try harder. Third, facts will always be facts. You can't change that either, sweetie. Fourth, it is not a matter of disagreeing with Peterson. It's a matter of *accepting* * the* *truth* or ignoring it to push some - yes - sickly agenda. And lastly, I don't care much for the word faith. I care more for truth and facts and reality. And if those things are your demise, then yes you must be pretty damn insufferable.
4nima 8 kun oldin
My sister killed herself at the age of 26 after a failed marriage. I never saw her pain I never gave her the space to talk and tell me about her problems. I was broken, i was depressed and i cried every single day for a year. There was numbness, anger, remorse and i blamed myself for so long. Thank you Dr Peterson, thank you for everything you've done for me
james franco
james franco 8 kun oldin
Who tf sees this and dislikes this honest and good man
Pierre Bour
Pierre Bour 8 kun oldin
Thank you Jordan, live long and prosper.
Melissa Curtis
Melissa Curtis 9 kun oldin
I absolutely love this man. He is brilliant.
It's funny how the left paints him as a racist sexist transphob. Just read the comments. This is the most inspiring positive comment thread I've ever seen.
Ryan A
Ryan A 9 kun oldin
Me Peterson reminds me of my father. I’m so thankful I can say that. My father is one of my hero’s and I hope that I can be half the father to my 3 kids. Being sensible and kind goes soooooo much farther then people think.
Kenneth Knight
Kenneth Knight 9 kun oldin
I was on the trajectory of utter chaos. I dropped out of school, Exploded and manevolently destroyed a 2 year relationship with a girl I really loved because I believed I deserved something more because I was self centered and stupid. almost went to jail for robbery, became useless, bitter and resentful and I was prepared to destroy myself or those I loved or the world around me because the world was close to destroying me for so long because my fathers alcoholism and the trauma I endured in my childhood. which i now know is fucking irrelevant... JP changed my life in about a year. In January 2018 I first found him for his gender politics and what not and thought it would just give me a laugh. I dug deep into his work and have seen almost all his lectures and interviews and advice over the last year and no content has made me analyze my life, breakdown and strive for a better existence like his work has. I hope one day I can meet this man and thank him for his gift he has given me. I love psychology now and I work everyday to try to better my relationships with everyone and especially my father who failed me earlier. My brother did some unspeakable things recently and his advice has allowed me to understand the capability for evil within every man and how to disconnect yourself from the emotional stress of life and find the silver lining. This wouldve effected me so much more without jp.. what a treasure to humanity. He doesnt just create positive reinforcement that is needed he teaches EVERYONE to create their own.
JR 9 kun oldin
And this is the man they all hate.
koenigscat 9 kun oldin
Everytime I listen to Jordan talking, I feel more useful, strengened, ready to take on whatever is ahead of me. Even if it is only 5 minutes.
Scare Crow
Scare Crow 9 kun oldin
If you hate Jordan Peterson you pretty much hate life, yourself and any ounce of logic and reason in your existence.
Omaigad Brochacho
Omaigad Brochacho 9 kun oldin
Chain reaction!
ElixerSue 10 kun oldin
Though highly educated, and a truth seeker with a heart, he's just a regular, sensible guy. It's a sad state of affairs when a regular guy is so controversial, or considered a guru just for speaking common sense. I'm a liberal (not a leftist, though slightly left-leaning) and I just love him. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't, or would want to demonize him. Now I've been accused of being in his "cult." Wow. My mind is clear--I don't require that a person agree with me on every point, to see that person's value. I don't understand the resistance. Why? Because he doesn't court people & kiss ass? A truly free individual always scares people, and they demonize what they fear.
Marvin Martian
Marvin Martian 10 kun oldin
Suffering is rampant when you're a good human being like him.Sometimes a man can feel like a Martian on planet Earth.But! when you're brave like him the universe is infinite.
Luciano Dato
Luciano Dato 10 kun oldin
This guy is doing so much good to the world with his advice... It's amazing!
Momo Mehta
Momo Mehta 10 kun oldin
Michael S Bergin
Michael S Bergin 10 kun oldin
Angelo Trozzo
Angelo Trozzo 11 kun oldin
Jordan spread good things iut there. He is a good man why would we hate him ? From me I can just say thanks Prof.
tekzillaj69 12 kun oldin
Terrible Willen
Terrible Willen 12 kun oldin
If people could put their political agenda aside and just LISTEN! Then there would be no hate against this man. I dont understand how anyone can dislike him.
James []
James [] 13 kun oldin
8:51 the pure emotion in the latter part of this segment.
Michael Night
Michael Night 13 kun oldin
I feel like one cannot really ‘hate’ this guy if one does his or her own thinking.
Mr Macaw
Mr Macaw 13 kun oldin
The music over the top is a bit much.
Paul Doherty
Paul Doherty 13 kun oldin
Lifesaver. Priest. Father. Angel.
HighBall 14 kun oldin
im not trying to sound all macho but i rarely cry at movies or videos but those first 2 clips had me tearing up
ronald moreland
ronald moreland 14 kun oldin
Keaton Amsbaugh
Keaton Amsbaugh 14 kun oldin
Not gay, but I love this man. I was missing so much in my life, but every time I hear him speak, its like a brick in the face. A truth brick. A motivation brick. An inspiration brick. Thank you, Jordan Peterson
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera 14 kun oldin
Video's good, but the music was a little bit too much. Somebody who really hates Jordan Peterson would probably close this in the first 10 seconds because of it. But still good!
Marshall Clyburn
Marshall Clyburn 15 kun oldin
I turned this off after one minute because of the added music in the background. - totally unnecessary and has a cheapening effect. BTW, I love Jordan Peterson. On a couple of issues I see things a little differently, perhaps.
Carlos Ruiz cardenas
405 dislikes?? i wonder what those people have in their minds!! surely an empty, dark and sad space within them!!! i hope someday you can see the light
sofia assario
sofia assario 15 kun oldin
So theatrical. So fake.
sofia assario
sofia assario 7 kun oldin
+Poop Tickler Read D. a lot of times. And say it loud and clear in front of a mirror.
Poop Tickler
Poop Tickler 8 kun oldin
+sofia assario A: You don't have to be a philosopher to study philosophies. B: I have a strong doubt that you actually *read* his book. C: If you actually looked at said videos with those titles you'd probably hear a more-than-thorough explanation as to why he titled them as such. D. Just because you're "sure" about what you say doesn't mean it's right. And at the end of the day, people are still having their lives changed for the better. There isn't some hidden agenda he's trying to push for a darker dystopia.
sofia assario
sofia assario 8 kun oldin
+Poop TicklerFirst of all he is not a philosopher. He is a psychologist. And because he is a psychologist people think he has the answers. I have read his book. He encourages people to act bad to their children. Also he makes video with titles like why men can't control crazy women (this does not sound nice). I understand why some people like him. Because they see in his face a strong person and they think that his advices will turn them like him. I am inside my mind trust me and very sure about what i say. And i have the right not to like him and to judge him. Of course you have the right to do the same.
Poop Tickler
Poop Tickler 8 kun oldin
+sofia assario Have you watched any of his material outside of what the propaganda told you to believe? He gives life advice. He tells people to get their act together so that they may better themselves and those around them. He's spent years upon years studying these philosophies. You are out of your mind.
sofia assario
sofia assario 8 kun oldin
He is fake. And it is not the first time people get impressed from fake people. He does not care. His eyes don't have kindness they have ego and arrogant. This is my opinion. We change our life for the better. Nobody else can. +Poop Tickler
Lily DeSantis
Lily DeSantis 15 kun oldin
Just love this man. Super intelligent, inspiring & interesting. Enjoy listening to Professor Peterson. Brilliant speaker.
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