If You Hate Jordan Peterson Watch This Video • It Will Change Your Mind

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Elite Psychology
Elite Psychology 6 oy oldin
Here at Elite Psychology we will only be sharing the very best moments from the Intellectual Dark Web. Subscribe for more content!
Ripley 19 kun oldin
Ide like to heat the next 10 mins of this... he was at a very good point when it ended... is the full version somewhere
electrasong 20 kun oldin
You mean like every other media platform out there. It's ALL propaganda... if it is prepared and 'produced' for your 'consuming'... it is not actually 'real'. I happen to adore JP so.. as far as unreal media 'reality' goes... I like his brand of 'reality'.
Rick Lane
Rick Lane 20 kun oldin
+Emma Ferguson Deepak Lobsterson
Emma Ferguson
Emma Ferguson 20 kun oldin
Somehow I dont think this is part of the intellectual dark web. It's more shedding light than hiding in the dark. Dark web insinuates there is something to hide or lie about.
Definitive Entertainment
I think it’s a little silly to think that there’s any serious majority that “hates” Jordan Peterson. Yes he misrepresented C-16, and that’s part of what made him famous, and he definitely asserts himself in disciplines where he doesn’t belong. But two things are virtually certain. One, he has a great understanding of psychology as it relates to symbolism and archetypes in our subconscious, and consequently the physiological basis of hierarchies. He’s a master of this realm. And two, he generally wants to improve people’s lives, make them more responsible, and help them find meaning. I can criticize him, and I do often, it’s not good to be behind any intellectual 100% of the time. But of course nobody should “hate” him. That’s just a childish position to take if you do.
Mich Ellio
Mich Ellio 5 soat oldin
Jordan is a Mans Man..
FutureGhost Onfire
FutureGhost Onfire 5 soat oldin
It is thru love for all people and by subordinating lesser loyalties to the best interests of humankind that the unity of the world can be realised and the infinite expression of human diversity find their highest fulfilment. [the Universal house of justice]
FutureGhost Onfire
FutureGhost Onfire 5 soat oldin
Perhaps the following sums up what Dr Jordan Peterson is trying to tell us. For the first time in history the physical survival of the human race depends on a radical change of the human heart which must be accompanied by DRASTIC social and economic changes.
Attila Abri
Attila Abri 5 soat oldin
An absolute gift to humanity, I’m thankful to be alive to witness such an incredible human changing the world each day. Such a beautiful soul....❤️.
Anita Vandenberg
Anita Vandenberg 7 soat oldin
He is the Martin Luther of our time.
Damn Commies
Damn Commies 9 soat oldin
This is so beautiful and he is a great man but its sad how he is lacking the courage to talk about certain things. Respect him anyway. We love him
Chris Y
Chris Y 9 soat oldin
How could anyone hate this guy? Guy is a genius and one of the most intelligent human beings.
asdasd 13 soat oldin
His head is clouded by his emotions, and he's trying to spread it as much as he can.
Ayush Joshi
Ayush Joshi 15 soat oldin
Fuck who the hell hates Jordan Peterson...??? The guy a fuckin hero for depressed and aimless people who found their purpose of life again
surrealIdeal 15 soat oldin
Didn't change my mind. Maybe because I don't buy his crap anymore. Maybe because a sad soundtrack won't change my mind. Maybe because my eyes have opened. He's a charlatan.
Schnuersenkelfon 17 soat oldin
For every video that plays piano music in background while somebody is saying something meaningful I give a dislike. Peterson is a smart and meaningful person, NO NEED TO AD PIANO MUSIC. ITS STUPID SENTIMENTAL
Niz Viz
Niz Viz 18 soat oldin
9.10 was Ernest Shackleton.
Mishta Romaniello
The best psychologists are not only some of the best statisticians but are also the some of the most empathic individuals on this planet. JBP is a gift to those who wish to listen.
Joseph Bloom
Joseph Bloom Kun oldin
When this man dies. I will go out of my way to visit his grave. I would bring the greatest bundle of flowers and as many of his followers as i can muster.
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 15 soat oldin
Bold of you to say Peterson will die
Joseph Bloom
Joseph Bloom Kun oldin
This man literally does so much good for those around him and his followers, students and fans that the impact he he has brings him to tears. This is what full potential looks like. Jordan Peterson is a real hero of mine.
Cpl Stiffy
Cpl Stiffy Kun oldin
Jordan Peterson. The one person on this planet that I would waive the requirement of being a natural US citizen for presidency.
João Boechat
João Boechat Kun oldin
Potion Seller
Potion Seller Kun oldin
zumzumzum Kun oldin
The added music was unnecessary
Kaelen Hoyland-Young
I like peterson but I dont like music over his speeches lmao
David Watermeyer
Yes we absolutely need to take responsibility for wrecking our only planet through reckless greed and mass murdering defenceless animals through a vast system of cruel factory farming. Peterson thinks he's in a movie. He totally avoids the unpleasant reality of things as he weeps crocodile tears for the sake of his popularity. Grow up guys. You're not a kid any more. This isn't a movie folks. As for the slick emotional background music time you realized ALL beings are real. ALL beings suffer. ALL beings seek love. Peterson is a fraud. He totally avoids the real issues. You've gotta move from complacent pride to genuine care for others. Wow but he's so incredibly immature. It's terrifying that he's so popular. What kind of education have his followers had?
Film Maker
Film Maker Kun oldin
well ... nope I watched the video still not really liking this guy.
Don Martin
Don Martin Kun oldin
Share please
Jordan Peterson is the most brilliant and impactful man sense Martin Luther King.
David Taylor
David Taylor Kun oldin
I find it hard to fathom that this man wants anything but the best possible outcomes for any individual and society as a whole. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or political ideology I personally find that his message is to help all of us regardless of our identity, that in a world that has found comfort in indifference, disorientation and apathy. That we should seek direction, meaning and empathy. Thank you Dr. Peterson.
Richard Prensner
Does anyone know which lecture the clip starting at 3:48 is from?
D G Kun oldin
God bless this man.
Cynthia Nikoletatos
I love Dr Jordan Peterson! What a brain and a good human being
Larry Clare
Larry Clare 2 kun oldin
One of the best sghts
Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark 2 kun oldin
How bout that there’s something to us
Kenny Keating
Kenny Keating 2 kun oldin
Who cares? I don't get it.
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel 2 kun oldin
there is no such verb as envision. he should use envisage.
According to Ahmed
According to Ahmed 2 kun oldin
From which interview the first clip was taken ?? Can someone pls answer
Xtrendence 2 kun oldin
Hmm. The URL says emo.
PARG 2 kun oldin
Christian Todorov
Christian Todorov 2 kun oldin
Well i mean... I have issues with his poor defence of religion and his frequent mentioning of "facts" which are false or at least not proven. But i never understood the critisism towards him as an individual. Labelling him a scam artist, or a poor mans idea of a smart guy is basically an attack on claims of grandure which Jordan himself never made (some of his fans do). And whenever he doesnt answer questions directly he is criticized again for being vage (even though from what ive seen he always mentions how he isnt the person with the answers) What he can give us at best, i think, is a framework within which to think. Just because he is a smart compassionate guy people tend to ask him things like "whats the meaning of life" or "is abortion wrong"...as if you can give a solid 3word answer to these questions,or as if he is the one to give em. As a matter of fact, being a psychologist gives you the possibility to consider different perspectives which in the end deprives you of a solid opinion on a difficult subject, especially when the topic isnt on your mind 24/7 I truly like him as a person and i hope his fame does indeed last and that we hear and see more of him in the future.
4daSake Rapture
4daSake Rapture 3 kun oldin
Respect Jordan ✝️ thanks 🙏 4 the help.
corres4 3 kun oldin
Lite Knight
Lite Knight 3 kun oldin
The backing music is so obnoxious...
S Zryouil
S Zryouil 3 kun oldin
This tendency with putting an emotional sound...is it that necessary really ? it really helps to be immersed yes, but it is really not necessary. We will still appreciate the authenticity of the video.
REAL Storyteller
REAL Storyteller 3 kun oldin
i didnt tell my mom i might be writing for a popular youtube channel soon because i knew she would just tell me im wasting my time
Stuff Cheese
Stuff Cheese 3 kun oldin
Noooo why you make me cry Dr. Peterson. Why!!!
Ngolo Kanté
Ngolo Kanté 3 kun oldin
He is a living legend. Our children’s children will read about him ✌🏾
black olive
black olive 3 kun oldin
He is brutally honest with one twist there is so much love in him. I'm here burn out from hard work and from dealing with toxic people. And he is the only one who's advice can help me. After listening to him I'm recovering with big speed. Thank God for Jordan.
Michael Carnahan
Michael Carnahan 3 kun oldin
9:38-9:45 It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you find a reason to live
Bård Rønnebu
Bård Rønnebu 3 kun oldin
I think that one reason for people not liking Peterson is his hypocrisy and weak arguments in the debates with Sam Harris and Matt Dillahuntly. But it really seems like he wants to help people and is on their side.
cultofthorn 3 kun oldin
Oh yeah, he's a mean old white man. I see what dude was talking about. LOL.
Gary Whipple
Gary Whipple 3 kun oldin
I can handle not being encouraged , what I find unbearable is being belittled and discouraged by my father. I can understand why theirs so much suicide among men. oh ya who gives a shit.
Aung Thiha
Aung Thiha 4 kun oldin
I can see that when he speaks, he speaks with his heart. How can someone hate a person like him?
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 4 kun oldin
No wonder why some people hate Jordan Peterson. He's a threat to our irresponsibility, he's a light shining on people's selfish problems and they call him crazy and nonsensical, those people pick apart his ideology and call out everything bad about him as if they are more righteous and virtuous than Jordan is, and I think if you're not ready for Jordans knowledge and wisdom, you will simply misinterpret him in anyway possible. Even the most brilliant minds receive a degree of criticism.
4444 1313
4444 1313 4 kun oldin
wtf i love jordan peterson now
gaaraati 4 kun oldin
God, I love this man! He's the hero we need
D1dSheDie 4 kun oldin
big feels :S
nessiebreath 4 kun oldin
Good video. Lose the piano music though. It either looks like you are reducing the emotional content of what he is sayng to that of a television drama, or that you are actually parodying Peterson. Thank you
SumNerdPlays 4 kun oldin
Such a powerful talk. Jordan always seemed like such a cool guy you could just sit on your porch and talk with about anything and everything. I love you man.
The Original Dez
The Original Dez 4 kun oldin
Someone needs to make a documentary about this guy so normal people see greatness.
Blyvion 4 kun oldin
Jordan is a great man.
Yakudle 4 kun oldin
It didn't change my mind, life sucks and then you die, doing anything in life is pointless and meaningless
Omguserr 4 kun oldin
I think people don't like him because he is eccentric and talks about subjects in a genuine manner the way he sees them and believes in them and because a lot he talks about has backup from his experience and scientific papers makes people uncomfortable because they can relate themselves to the problems but they have already a belief system set up and it's extremely hard to go past that and try to open yourself for something new.
Vahid Movahedi
Vahid Movahedi 4 kun oldin
How on earth could someone hate such a bluntly kind and fatherly man. He's my every idol as a Muslim
Andresa Monteiro
Andresa Monteiro 4 kun oldin
Im here just to say I love Jordan Peterson with all my heart! He is a bless to the world !
ThirtySmthng 5 kun oldin
You didn’t have to put the sad toned music in the background. Good video though
ThirtySmthng 5 kun oldin
You didn’t have to put the sad toned music in the background. Good video though
Gabriel Porras
Gabriel Porras 5 kun oldin
thomas07895 5 kun oldin
You are waking up my brother 🙂
francis318VH 5 kun oldin
It´s the first time that Jordan Peterson made me cry in 2 minutes... Damn, i got his book in english because i couldn´t wait for it to be in spanish. Now that it´s translated, I bought it again so my family can read it, and i would do it again!
greasy 5 kun oldin
This made me genuinely cry of happiness.
Skylar Durden
Skylar Durden 6 kun oldin
He is the real deal. It's impossible to hate him. The ones who do, have never heard him speak or read his books. They base their hate on ludicrous lefty hit pieces written in the NYT or elsewhere. They know nothing about the man. And that's their loss.
outshine windows
outshine windows 6 kun oldin
The guys clearly a psychopath but I love him and read and watch all his content.😉
Armando the wanderer
I love papa Peterson don't tell me not too watch him inspire.
Junayed Ahmed
Junayed Ahmed 7 kun oldin
I wish I could attend Dr.Peterson's lectures.
ewganhoff 7 kun oldin
I cried too.
tristan363 7 kun oldin
integrity personalized.
Farquad777 7 kun oldin
I still feel about the same about him. I never "hated" him, but feel uneasy at the technically true but dangerous things he lends his credentials to. E.g. We are, ecologically speaking, a cancer. It's just what we do. It doesn't mean we're without value, but it accurately describes what we do to this planet. He rebels against the idea that "everything is an interpretation" by just saying, "How about no?" Great, what's the follow-up to that? Because if you're not careful, you pave the way for "objective truth" being the thing you and your culture just so happen to believe. This doesn't mean that there is no such thing as objective truth, just that humans are far too immature to ever allow ourselves to think we have it. Finally, while it's great in the short-run that people's lives are getting better by listening to him, it's important to know that the Hitler Youth program did a lot of the same thing: inspired people to take responsibility for themselves and their communities and enact their vision for how they want the world to be. Motivation is important but it needs more guidance than that. It's no joke, man.
zipo dipo
zipo dipo 8 kun oldin
I didn't have to watch this video to see the compassionate Jordan Petersen. I see it in all his video's.
TheBetHerHalf 8 kun oldin
The only people who hate Jordan Peterson are the people who are ultra religious or extremists. Otherwise how could you hate Jordan Peterson?
JinHee Kim
JinHee Kim 8 kun oldin
Gosh.. every time I watch this.. it makes me cry.. I love this man.. The other day, my husband and I had a bad fight. Old me would get depressed, say "I am so sad and down to do anything" and sleep all day and doing nothing... but after JP, I got up, despite my feelings, and started to clean my room and making my home clean. . It was amazing!!!! He made me believe that everything I do, no matter how little it seems, matters!!!! I felt so much better!! I am trying to be a good person and it matters!!!
Central2016 8 kun oldin
Why do I cry when he cries. What happened
Cristian Perovich
Cristian Perovich 8 kun oldin
This man has the most comun sense I've ever seen
corres4 8 kun oldin
EPLURiBusUNUM 9 kun oldin
240 nihilists voted this video down.
louis p constant
louis p constant 9 kun oldin
I REALLY appreciate the very subtle backing music that you have put to this, especially the mood changes similar to around the 5:45 mark. It works very well (A lot of the time the background sounds and music can ruin a clip).
crying is not a virtue
slowdivr2 9 kun oldin
I found this guy's lectures just in time. In a matter of a month, my life has changed in ways i thought not possible. My mind is refreshed and renewed as well as this intrinsic light/Spark/motivation.
Vidara Adalsteinsson
Jordan Peterson is radiating integrity in this talk, he is a beautiful and strong person, full of courage.
Zoom Zooms
Zoom Zooms 9 kun oldin
Jordan Peterson is a good lad, but you don't have to have a bunch of clips of him upset with sad piano music to show that... c'mon some respect.
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd 9 kun oldin
We all need to share the shit out of this video! Hate seeing a good man being attacked from left right and centre
GVNSLNGR 9 kun oldin
Why would someone hate him
Michael J. Harris
Michael J. Harris 9 kun oldin
The man is a hero. Just like the mythology he talks about. Tells the truth and fights the good fight. He's changing lives for the better. He changed mine.
Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin
I have noticed that certain people (generally the young) want to turn away and not listen to anything that does not fit into their preconceived ideologies, albeit recently acquired I hasten to add. It is extremely hard to even get them to listen for even 2 minutes without a disagreeable rant. I try to suggest that in order to understand what they find good about what they think (which it might be good anyway), they have to listen to the alternative arguments and opinions. Maybe they are a fearful, to have their mind changed and suddenly find that all that they held as a golden rule is not so golden after all.
Larenda siler
Larenda siler 10 kun oldin
I’m glad he got so much negative political Publicity because so many young men needed to hear what he was saying. What a wonderful positive impact his is having on them!
Luiz 10 kun oldin
Great video but the “sad piano” ruins it
nima shahabi
nima shahabi 10 kun oldin
great man. i,m a big fan of him from Iran.
Pablo Moral
Pablo Moral 10 kun oldin
peppi1974 11 kun oldin
awesome human being a joy to hear
Michèle Bell
Michèle Bell 11 kun oldin
Love you Jordan. You are a wonderful person doing the right thing. Keep moving forward! 🌸 I know you have a lot of haters but keep going. Your helping the world.
widdlyscuds the third
Thank you for caring Jordan
Listen Toit
Listen Toit 11 kun oldin
protect him at all costs