In Defense Of Star Lord

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Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss maybe the most controversial scene in all of Infinity War - The moment Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Guardians have Thanos nearly defeated, when all of a sudden Star Lord punches him in the face. Oops.
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6-Sen, 2018

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SuperCarlinBrothers 12 kun oldin
The real question is... Do you think Chris Pratt can say convincingly say "Bubbles" in an angry voice??
Redtakis studio
Redtakis studio 4 kun oldin
Astrin Ymris
Astrin Ymris 5 kun oldin
No... but I think Tom Hiddleston could. At least he could hold it for long enough to get through the take, that is.
Amethyst 7 kun oldin
Agent Rouge Wafflez
Ive been on star lords side sense the secen aired i would've reacted the same way so cant get mad
Mary Ann White
Mary Ann White 2 soat oldin
I never was and never will be made at Star-lord for what he did, why the heck is everyone so mad at him?
Linnette Mesa
Linnette Mesa 3 soat oldin
4:28 WHY YOU GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT MAN???? *Says to self* Deep breath...deep breaths, come on. you just gotta chill the eff out....*Lip quivers at accidental quote* *breaks down crying again*
Linnette Mesa
Linnette Mesa 3 soat oldin
Everyone in the comments is all acting all high and might acting as if they were never pissed about what Quill did and I'm just like, I bet you were internally screaming at him to 'chill the eff out' (See what I did there ;D) at first in the theaters. XD Maybe after we all calmed down a bit after seeing the movie is when we came to the conclusion that he only acted as a normal human would but, I highly doubt that was your first reaction in the theater. XD P.S. Not trying to start fights or anything. Just trying to say my point of view.
Linnette Mesa
Linnette Mesa 3 soat oldin
Love the way he says 'in defense of Star-Lord' through gritted teeth XD
Rodrigo Guardamino
Rodrigo Guardamino 9 soat oldin
Good video, tho I still hate Mr. Lord, sorry
0oDRAGONFIREo0 10 soat oldin
I have had enough I will not make a point that Thanos needs to consider.... he wipes out half of the population? oh huray now everyone has 10k resources and will live oh wait they will repopulate and next time there is half the resources so does he then wipe out 75% of the population to compensate? he had ultimate power to change reality and the universe and didn't give people a means to produce resources he has the means to turn back time on a universal scale he could just universally reverse the use of every resource in the universe effectively creating more resources itd be like runescape you mine the coal and it reappears because Thanos has put it on a time loop for you.... but no of course if your imagination limits your options to murdering half the population as a quick fix it makes sense... but Thanos claims to be intelligent on many occasions so all I can suggest is that Thanos likes to murder people and as a result did not attempt to come up with a single idea that would help provide a real solution to the universes problems.... what an ass... oh yeah infinite power I can turn back time better kill everyone! what a twat Thanos is anyone who agrees with Thanos's plan or even suggests it is a sensible method when you have god powers or even just the ability to turn back time needs to think outside of the box that is murderous stupidity. Rant over TLDR Thanos is narrow minded and wasting the infinite power of god and time manipulation
Skyhijinx 16 soat oldin
I was LIVID at first, and it drove me crazy for WEEKS. I've come to understand it tho.
Failed Abortion
Failed Abortion 20 soat oldin
At the end of the day I blame Thor for not going for the head. Smh 🤦‍♂️
Eliander Valderen
Eliander Valderen 20 soat oldin
Honestly in the comics star Lord and Daniel's have been ducking out for decades. They did have like a one-year or two-year I forget how long it was seized fire when they got out of the cancer universe through.
Darth Porgius
Darth Porgius Kun oldin
Why would star lord punch him I know that he's angry but how about shooting the mad titan instead of punching him I mean his gauntlet was half off so they would be nothing from stop him from doing so
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham Kun oldin
He got mad over Thanos killing the person he himself was willing to kill to prevent Thanos from gaining the stone which ruins the moment that could have ended with them gaining the stone back...
Jack Cullinane
Jack Cullinane Kun oldin
Y did Thanos not just double the resources
MikeyGMusIK Kun oldin
I can forgive him, but only because he saved the world in a dance battle. BUT he's not allowed to participate in any universe saving missions.
Angryicecream films
Finally some one who is not a biased hater. Thanks for giving Star Lord the credit he deserves. Star Lord is my favorite MCU hero and I was annoyed when everyone blamed him.
Missy 13
Missy 13 Kun oldin
I never blamed Star Lord. When he found out about Gamora,who is the woman he loves, it was a response to the news of her death. A grief impulse. Bad enough that his mother died of cancer and he couldn't deal with it and later he found out Ego caused it. He ended up working to destroy Ego.Of course he is impulsive that's understandable. 2 unwanted deaths of people he cared about. (Not including the man who helped raise him and made sure he didn't end up with Ego because of knowledge of the possibility of him ending up like Egos other offspring,he cared enough to prevent that fate and sacrificed himself to save everyone from Ego ). He's not a bad guy. He cares about others and the fate of others. I know he's 1/2 human but the humanity is an asset vs a hindrance.
Square Peg
Square Peg Kun oldin
I don't see why Dr. Strange didn't just chop off Thanos's gauntlet arm with one of his portals. It would have been really easy to do it. Then once it was off him he could have beheaded him the same way.
Knife Hand
Knife Hand Kun oldin
blame Nebula. if she had waited a few more seconds to tell Star Lord that Gamora was dead they would have had the Gauntlet off.
DoctorVancouver Kun oldin
Not to mention Nebula standing there doing nothing except inciting Star-Lord.
Siul Perez Trejo
1 if nebula dont said to star lord that gamora is died he dont goona to make that 2 if gamora dont say the ubication of the gem spiderman and all suphereos dont will be died 3 ok something was fault of star lord
Jeff Dillensnyder
He cpuld have shot thanos in the face instead of hitting him. Would have stopped all of it. No head, no snap.
Lalah Kun oldin
We respect Starlord in this household lol
jaboris jackson
jaboris jackson Kun oldin
Fuck starlord
Eddie Shimada
Eddie Shimada Kun oldin
Why didn't nebula just stop him all she did was watch
Zoidberg Jesus
Zoidberg Jesus Kun oldin
The reason he was willing to kill her is because that’s what she said to do! She didn’t want to be captured by Thanos because she knew how to get the Soul Stone. She died doing the one hung she didn’t want to do. That’s why he was so mad, and that’s why he was willing to kill her
Source 3nergy
Source 3nergy Kun oldin
I never blamed starlord because it was nebulas fault. Reason she gone to thanos gaining thanos leverage on gamora on finding the soul stone, she told starlord what thanos did and she did nothing after she told him she could have nocked starlord out or something because she was doing nothing!
isaiah allard
isaiah allard Kun oldin
NO. I cannot forgive that nigga
Køta Ghøst
Køta Ghøst 2 kun oldin
If they had any brains they would have cut off Thanos's hand....or arm....or head....
Len Lemon
Len Lemon 2 kun oldin
He ruined I’m not letting him be defended
Jorge Jacobs
Jorge Jacobs 2 kun oldin
Dr. Strange is going for the "Best Ending." He's big into dating sims. ^_^
Jacob Heist
Jacob Heist 2 kun oldin
What I would have done is defeat thanos (aka quill not doing what he did) I would have gotten him almost dead and then t-bag and do what quill did but at that time
ozzy bozzy
ozzy bozzy 2 kun oldin
Is it weird that I don’t care who presents which episode they’re both great and represent my inner nerd
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy 2 kun oldin
For anyone that wants to know if they survived the snap, go to didthanoskill.me . It works by giving you a randomized answer to whether or not you survive. I'd like to note that when you go to the site one time, you always get the same answer after that.
Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz 2 kun oldin
I felt the same about this topic Except I thought psychologically about it I thought about how he lost his mother at young age (traumatic event that effected him greatly) Growing up he looked out for himself bc he was alone in space, (until one day he met Gamora and the team and learned to care for others again) (Captain America for example is a soldier who has lost many allies in war and is used to it ) So when he found out that Gamora had died I could only imaging the memories and the trauma just engulfing his mind in anger and despair
Terence Horne
Terence Horne 2 kun oldin
Starlord is forgiven...thank you for the breakdown!
William Allen
William Allen 2 kun oldin
PJ Schnapp
PJ Schnapp 2 kun oldin
Poor Star-Lord
Maria Bogan
Maria Bogan 2 kun oldin
Star Lord is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, so I kind of forgave him as soon as I stepped out of the theater. Besides, you know who didn't stop him from punching Thanos? Nebula, who was just standing there, and Dr. Strange, who could have sent him through some magic portal or something if he wanted to. And, no, I don't think Chris Prat can say convincingly "Bubbles" in an angry voice. I don't think he takes himself THAT seriously. He's too funny.
Natashia Hayes
Natashia Hayes 2 kun oldin
Virgil the Ghost
Virgil the Ghost 2 kun oldin
I will never forgive Peter Quill. Also is it coincidental that both Peters die? Maybe
Future U.S Marine
Future U.S Marine 2 kun oldin
I forgive Star Lord!!! Like if you agree!!!Star Lord is awesome!!!!BUBBLES!!!
DarkTeschlord 2 kun oldin
I forgave Starlord right after I saw the movie and I am defending him if someone says something against him. I think it's totally reasonable that he punched Thanos
Ecchi Bot
Ecchi Bot 2 kun oldin
I dont really care who’s fault, or what people think could of happened. for those who are angry, Just wait for the next movie. That’s just like watching a movie saying it’s shit because of the events in it but then the next movie makes all of it perfect and an amazing sequel. Dont get angry at the characters, their actions help the next movie fall into place. Also it’s a movie and the comic book spoils “most” of what the movie is going to tell. The movies are pretty much based on the comics. my gf hated the ending but the only thought in my head was “I wonder when the next movie is coming out” nothing bad, no theory crafting.
patrick wheeler
patrick wheeler 2 kun oldin
josh brolin was asked why didn't thanos double every finite resorse re...[things] he admitted that the writers didn't think of that glaringly …. [that's a word...?] obvious plot hole ….[?] or plot fuck up, he said that he'll try and get the writers to do something about that
Anton Reinecke
Anton Reinecke 2 kun oldin
If I was in the situation, I am pretty sure that I would be able to resist punching him in the face for a minute, if it gave me the opportunity to murder him in the most gruesome way possible afterwards.
Kesh G
Kesh G 2 kun oldin
Why not just shoot him instead of beating him? Was he worried he was going to shoot bubbles again?
Kesh G
Kesh G 2 kun oldin
I watched one of your videos that showed us the strength of Thanos without the gauntlet and one power you mentioned was traveling anywhere. I was just thinking about why thanos looks drastically different everytime we see him in the MCU. Almost as if he's getting younger. Is it possible that the Thanos we saw in past MCU films is infact a Thanos from the future and is trying to beat the Average by going back to the past?! Someone cursed with knowledge would have already lived through the events to obtain that knowledge. What do you guys think? Haven't heard anything like this before soooo (trademark) :)
WhiteArtsMagic 2 kun oldin
salmonsaurs king
salmonsaurs king 2 kun oldin
Blame Thor because thanos: you should have aimed for the head *snaps* their soooo blame Thor
Jackson Cope
Jackson Cope 3 kun oldin
Jay went into the soul stone
Ben Noort
Ben Noort 3 kun oldin
I blame Gamora
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 3 kun oldin
DD GAMING 3 kun oldin
Don't do it
psankovet 3 kun oldin
I forgive starlord
CoolCat 555
CoolCat 555 3 kun oldin
Thanos could have made more things
Yoshi234 3 kun oldin
Really it’s Nebula’s fault, if she didn’t go and try to kill Thanos she wouldn’t be captured and Thanos wouldn’t know where the soul stone was therefore Gamora wouldn’t die
Andrea Noland
Andrea Noland 3 kun oldin
YES! I was never mad at him! Thanos killed the woman he loved, cut him some slack!
Ashton Rainey
Ashton Rainey 3 kun oldin
Starlord was willing to kill gamora himself but not willing to refrain from hitting thanos when he killed her
Shy Thalia
Shy Thalia 3 kun oldin
I was kind of sleep-deprived when I saw the movie.
HaydentheDummy Burns
Star Lord dad was one of the only thing that could kill Thanos
Dankus Memus
Dankus Memus 3 kun oldin
Should have placed the gun in his mouth and blown his head off right there.
Bluenochian 3 kun oldin
Don't yell for FCK SAKE!!! my ears...
Grant Knick
Grant Knick 3 kun oldin
Half the life in the UNIVERSE! Not the galaxy.
Aboboxcamper 3 kun oldin
Tbh... a headshot would have been enough..
Paola V
Paola V 3 kun oldin
Why can't you blame Gamora for anything? I don't get it... She told Peter to kill her (like ot was nothing) in order to keep Thanos away from the stone yet she isn't capable to sacrifice Nebula for the same reason...
Maggie Calliber
Maggie Calliber 3 kun oldin
Anyone can be salty over his actions because he forced Drax to stop from Avenging his wife and daughter in favor of the long game. That's why Starlords actions bug me. He's being a hypocrite. And that's okay, it's s character flaw. If every character acted perfectly these movies would be immensely boring.
Mallika Banerjee
Mallika Banerjee 3 kun oldin
I don’t blame Star Lord for the same reasons I don’t blame Tony for trying to kill Bucky or Cap trying to save Bucky or Thor trusting Loki or Loki betraying Thor. At the end of the day these emotional outbursts are what make them more human. Star Lord was in the same situation as Scarlet Witch in that they had to kill their love just to it taken away so Thanos could kill them again. Give the guy a break.
Disliked for shitty sense of humor...
Isacc Brown
Isacc Brown 3 kun oldin
I wasn't angry at star lord myself but first time I saw it in theaters I told my wife I'm scared for pratt since I know-how vicious people will most likely be over that scenario (I remember the fresh star lord is a villian articles like it was yesterday lol)
Brenna W.
Brenna W. 3 kun oldin
Why didn’t Nebula stop Quill?
Akili Amethyst
Akili Amethyst 4 kun oldin
It's like no one can handle a beautiful tragedy. It's like, calm down, people. There's a part two coming. Like you said, at least he acted on his emotions. He stayed so human til the end.
Crafty Pig
Crafty Pig 4 kun oldin
I always forgave Star Lord. He's an awesome character.
Christian Abbott
Christian Abbott 4 kun oldin
Just. Cut. Off. Thanos's. Hand. He's weak to sharp things, and he can't use the gauntlet without a left hand.
Delaina Pugh
Delaina Pugh 4 kun oldin
At first I thought you were gonna be really nice about it and be like “oh cmon guys, he was angry about Gamora and blah blah blah” but you’re just as angry as the rest of us 😁 good job Ben!
Griffin Adventures
Griffin Adventures 4 kun oldin
*through gritted teeth* in defense of Star Lord
Fenton Tuck
Fenton Tuck 4 kun oldin
Hey! welcome to the video! CHECK OUT MY PATREON
SuperVstech 4 kun oldin
This explains... why gamora
JoeyMunson 4 kun oldin
Ice Cube can say anything you want "Angry"
TheMild 1
TheMild 1 4 kun oldin
Still dont agree with a lot of the points made here it makes me feel less upset at star lord for what he did, even though he could have waited 30 seconds to do the same thing to him. He Star Lord was not using his brain in the situation, but instead using his heart, and in the end I think that he had the right intentions
Matthew Odenwald
Matthew Odenwald 4 kun oldin
Gamora could have taken here own life before they even got to the ruins of the collectors base
Michael Cat
Michael Cat 4 kun oldin
its wrong for Thanos to murder many people because he is void of emotion? What about the value of life? if you murder that many people then clearly you don't value life or you're ignoring the value of it. For example, during the time of Noah, Jehovah God promised to make a great flood happen, one that would wipe out all the sinners on the earth. Yet, if any repented then they could be saved. Sadly though, despite being warned by Noah about the great flood, they laughed at him, mocked him, and went back to what they were doing. They all thought he was crazy because nobody had ever physically seen rain. (rain was non-existant at that time) My point is that God gave them their chance to be saved for he values life. He does not just take life without a second thought.
The Watcher
The Watcher 4 kun oldin
He's a prick....
bazanime 4 kun oldin
It's all Gamoras fault! She should have gone right, and had rocket boots to survive the fall. Dang it!
The Geekpublican
The Geekpublican 4 kun oldin
Simply put, Star Lord was irrational. They did not know whether or not the plan would fail but it was a rational plan that was approved by Doctor Strange which led me to believe that it could have been successful. I do think it is reasonable. To believe that doctor strange knew all of this is going to happen because he knew this was the only way that they would win. But in terms of star-lords actions as an individual, at the time it is the most irrational and therefore the most wrong. Yes he acted on pure instinct but that instant created far more pain than it did pleasure.
Kamil Bukalski
Kamil Bukalski 4 kun oldin
I forgive Star-Lord. Not because of the character or anything you said. It's because of the screenwriters. I think it's just bad writing - this scene could be easily handled differently but had the same outcome. For example - make Star-Lord talk to Nebula further away so ppl like Iron Man (range attack), Dr. Strange (range attack) and Spider-Man (freaking range attack) could not hear him. This way he could just shoot thanos and make Mantis fall down off him interrupting the 'sleep mode' and having the mad-titan returned into the battle. Instead, we're getting a scene in which he stupidly punches him with his hand holding a gun in the face like a freaking 6 years old not getting a sweet, when 3 range attackers are just using their musceles instead of brains (which every one of them have bigger than muscles). Damn that's bad writing when you say it. Plus - notice how Spider-Man uses his spider-legs when holding the web? They are gone in the shot right after when Iron Man calls him to help getting off the gauntlet. I wonder what would happen if these 'magical legs' would be used later when the gauntlet was almost offf... one could reaallllly wonder what would happen, if screenwriters wouldn't be drunk when creating that sceene. Srsly. #indefenseofstarlord
Dark Young Link
Dark Young Link 4 kun oldin
I didn't even know people hated Star Lord for this moment. I remember sitting in the theater and cheering him on in that moment. Thanos deserved it.
Kali Maxine
Kali Maxine 4 kun oldin
Don't speak for me.
Due to strange we know it really didn’t matter what starlord did but... still what he did is kinda stupid and makes ppl grind their teeth lol I mean if it was hulk not thanos all of them wouldn’t able to stop hulk except for strange magic. But purely strength wise thanos was stronger than hulk so... yeah i guess it wouldn’t really matter? No no no if he didn’t had gauntlet strange would totally stopped him... let say as thor said these ppl won’t be able to handle the gauntlet and can’t use it. Nvm the mage guy thanos had he was under thanos and he beated strange... yeah even he didn’t had gauntlet he would have beaten them all... Omg...
Kris Sisk
Kris Sisk 4 kun oldin
It's worth mentioning that the "problem" Thanos is trying to solve is not truly a problem. If the population outstrips resources then enough of the population will die to match the resources. That is never going to be half of everyone, not even close, because overpopulation can never come close to being that bad before people start to starve to death and an equilibrium is reached. Also, WTF is Chris Pratt getting flack for doing what the script said to do? If you want to give some real life person a hard time over it (don't, cuz it's a dick move, but if you really must) then the blame should properly be aimed at the writers, not the actors.
Luis Aguirre
Luis Aguirre 4 kun oldin
Lets say this... Quill went for the head. Thor didnt
bobbysworld281995 5 kun oldin
Fitting that Stark tries to restrain Quill because the last time this happened.....literally everything now was after the Avengers disbanded.
Troy Achilles
Troy Achilles 5 kun oldin
Is anyone else annoyed by 11:11?
Sebastian Yarrick
Sebastian Yarrick 5 kun oldin
Here's a theory, what if strange was banking on Thor going for the head, think about it, it was a possible choice therefore there must have been at least one future where that moment comes and he kills Thanos. Thanos needs to go to earth to collect the mind stone himself if it happens when it does and isn't delayed by further resistance, otherwise they might have lost a lot more lives. If Thor's aim is good (Which it has been shown to be) and he does the thing any decent warrior would do (Thor is after all the warrior-god and has been shown to have a good deal of fighting skill) then they unfortunately lose vision, but i'm sure stark has a back-up of jarvis somewhere and they have the mind-stone and his body so he should be fine. That would save half the universe and they might be able to resurrect some of the dead with the soul-stone.
Stephen Johns
Stephen Johns 5 kun oldin
Was so pissed.... still am ! Where did all his God powers go he just couldn’t Simon n create matter like he did when fighting his psychopathic dad ?!
NewAgeGamer 5 kun oldin
If infinty war didnt have a part 2 and it was real life i feel like star lord would have just shot him because even though hes a titan i doubt he can take many space bullets to the head that close, if someone killed my girl then i would want revenge too on top of him trying to wipe half the universe
fricken memes
fricken memes 5 kun oldin
Also Tony did almost the exact same thing when he thought Pepper died in Iron Man 3 and I didn’t see anyone complaining :/
YourIcy Blues
YourIcy Blues 5 kun oldin
If it wasn't meant to happen and Doctor Strange saw it coming he would have put teacher in a continuously falling portal like we know he can do. happen.#IstillloveyouStarLord
Candida Support
Candida Support 5 kun oldin
You do a great job, dude.
Astrin Ymris
Astrin Ymris 5 kun oldin
I agree that Thanos is the only person who should be blamed for the Snap. I do blame the Russos for writing the scene so it went down like that, throwing poor Chris Pratt under the bus. Of course, I hate them even more from retconning Thanos's motive from "in love with Death" to "really seriously concerned about overpopulation". It seems like more of Ike Perlmutter's Trumpian liberal-bashing, like the supervillain team called Social Justice Warriors in the comics. I hate them most of all for writing a story in which Thanos's professed "love" for Gamora is proven to be true by the fact that killing her fulfilled the requirements to get the Soul Stone. Seriously, Thanos should have had to give up on his kill-half-the-Galaxy plan in order to get the Soul Stone, but that would have ended the movie.
Lin Ole
Lin Ole 5 kun oldin
i forgive my boy starlord, he need a hug.