In Defense Of Star Lord

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Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss maybe the most controversial scene in all of Infinity War - The moment Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Guardians have Thanos nearly defeated, when all of a sudden Star Lord punches him in the face. Oops.
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6-Sen, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 486
The real question is... Do you think Chris Pratt can say convincingly say "Bubbles" in an angry voice??
Josslynn Dauphin
Josslynn Dauphin 11 kun oldin
I think he could once, then everyone else will laugh so he'll laugh too
Christian Mulombo
Christian Mulombo 19 kun oldin
i can do it!
Gavin Fox
Gavin Fox 21 kun oldin
SuperCarlinBrothers I can say bubbles angry
Grace C McCourt
Yes Chris Pratt can do everything
Weirdly Zach
Weirdly Zach Oy oldin
No, lol
Star lord deserves to die
Kelly Vobejda
Kelly Vobejda 3 kun oldin
This is a great video! I'm not ready to forgive him yet, but I'm closer lol
EpicPhoeniX 3 kun oldin
What SHOULD have happened: Star Lord:*whack* *whack* *whack* Tony: Hey Nebula stop acting useless and hold star lord Nebula:Oh I'm still in this movie.. ok.....
Aether Irish
Aether Irish 4 kun oldin
Disappointed to see this channel promote better help
Brandon Kreber
Brandon Kreber 6 kun oldin
Instead of killing half the population why not double the food supply??? You should do a video about this
ِ ِ
ِ ِ 6 kun oldin
Tony doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the world Ultron doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the world Thanos doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the universe
ِ ِ
ِ ِ 6 kun oldin
Tony doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the world Ultron doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the world Thanos doesn't understand the difference between saving and destroying the universe
Ark Xerxes
Ark Xerxes 7 kun oldin
He was raised by galactic raiders. Did you really expect him to have discipline when his emotions got the better of him?
Zee Rivera
Zee Rivera 7 kun oldin
oof... this betterhelp thing is really awkward now
Bianca Posa
Bianca Posa 8 kun oldin
Dorissa Claire
Dorissa Claire 8 kun oldin
WAIt, Quill is from Missouri??? No way, how did I miss that???
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson 10 kun oldin
Star Lord or Rocket Racoon or Dr.Strange is my favorite super hero
pandb5298 11 kun oldin
I never held a grudge against Starlord so I don’t have to forgive him.
C Krishnamoorthy C T Ramani
The Soul stone would've saved Thanos, even if he lost the Gauntlet and was killed. Unlike the other Infinity Stones, the Soul stone requires a sacrifice, while you can just use the other stones if you have them. So even if Team Titan takes out Thanos and confiscate the Gauntlet, the Soul stone would _still_ bring Thanos to life, as Thanos "gave a soul for a soul." Unless they make Thanos' sacrifice worthless, by bringing Gamora back to life, and making the Soul stone to stop helping Thanos, they cannot defeat Thanos.
Snigdha's channel
Snigdha's channel 12 kun oldin
Lol why are you so angry with starlord? Becuz of him we're getting a second infinity war movie🤷🤷 thank star lord....
Brady no last name given
It's iron man's fault cause he stopped star Lord if he would have stayed on the gauntlet with spider Man it might have can off faster and before Thanos pulled it back
David Roulston
David Roulston 12 kun oldin
I feel like there could have been a follow-up video just blaming Gamora lol
victory kid
victory kid 13 kun oldin
In my opinion star lord should have told her to go left always go left like if you get the reference
Lemon Sneezers
Lemon Sneezers 13 kun oldin
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu 14 kun oldin
2:16 shots fired
Frida J0_
Frida J0_ 15 kun oldin
He could've wait 5 more seconds.
Aaliyah Mya
Aaliyah Mya 15 kun oldin
My emotions 😭
Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world 15 kun oldin
Yes you can blame a hero for failing
SaxophoneComposer21 17 kun oldin
It’s actually Thor’s fault. Star Lord went for the head, but Thor didn’t.
GLN 17 kun oldin
Well I guess as I hate star Lord it's me vs the entire comment section
Lila Roschen
Lila Roschen 18 kun oldin
Ben said in defense of star lord through clenched teeth
Rad Circles
Rad Circles 18 kun oldin
But remember, Thor should have gone for the head
The UK Plays
The UK Plays 19 kun oldin
You can also blame Thor somewhat. Like Thanos said, he should have aimed for the head. Thor aimed for his chest to see Thanos in pain and suffer, but if he didnt Thanos would have been dead.
Shooketh Human
Shooketh Human 20 kun oldin
Starlord cares more about his girlfriend than THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!! I say thats kinda selfish 😂😂
Cat Gurl!!
Cat Gurl!! 21 kun oldin
Try listening to this video but gamers is the time stone and star lord is doctor strange It's weirdly fitting😶😶
RandomGirl Vlogs
RandomGirl Vlogs 21 kun oldin
It’s ok star lord
Felix Rosales
Felix Rosales 21 kun oldin
Me: *Plays playlist. Sees Video title* NOPE! *skips Video*
Jazmin Castro
Jazmin Castro 22 kun oldin
IVE BEEN SAYING THIS. It’s the love of his life who was murdered
Princess Shannon
Princess Shannon 22 kun oldin
Better help is garbage
Carson the Savage
Carson the Savage 23 kun oldin
But couldn’t they make thanos sleep and steal the stones from the gauntlet and use them against him and defeating him
@GoJoeTransport 24 kun oldin
Thano's plan is wrong because it kills half of all life, which includes plants and animals, thus resources are also cut.
ThePinkDragon Oy oldin
I still Love Peter! He was acting out of pain!
justin kelly
justin kelly Oy oldin
I never felt like Starlord did anything wrong, he was acting out of LOVE! If anyone wants to blame him for his "failure", then they should also blame Thor, who, driven by need for revenge wanted to see Thanos in pain, and did not aim for his head. If he had, then Thanos would not have survived to do his snap! @SuperCarlinBrothers= I love this video! I will admit without shame that the way you explained the "Starlord paradox" actualy brought tears to my eyes!
Hannah Cross
Hannah Cross Oy oldin
Drax was LITERALLY doing NOTHING. Like Drax, just hold Star Lord back!!! 😡😡😡
Gamorah should have killed herself.
Lauren Asuzano
I realized Quill literally does what Wanda could barely bring herself to do when she sacrifices Vision by almost killing Gamora.
Fellix Brenden
Sweet Carlin brother.
FantasyDude Oy oldin
I can forgive Star Lord seeing as it is Doctor Strange's fault.
Sean Sollis
Sean Sollis Oy oldin
It’s nebulas fault she was standing there doing nothing
Emily Schlei
Emily Schlei Oy oldin
Instead of just disappearing you should have done it to where you corn flake into ash
I do not think Thanos is dead, but is being tricked by a spell put on the time stone by Dr. Strange. I don't think Thanos is really where he thinks he is. No, I don't blame Chris Prat, Dr. Strange could have stopped him but did not because this story line had to play out for the " one" time they do win can happen.
Christina Morales
Thanks for offering a different view
Dashy Awesome
Dashy Awesome Oy oldin
ok if starlord hadnt have gotten mad, that movie would have been a lot shorter and we wouldnt have gotten some of the other movies (like endgame, captain marvel) also, i dont blame starlord because THOR SHOULD HAVE GONE FOR THE HEADAINGPIENAIHNAEPHIAEIHN sorry im a little upset about that still 😂😂
Kris Maji
Kris Maji Oy oldin
If the gauntlet was taken off then there would not just be one possibility but rather many possibilities Out of another new reality where the gauntlet is not now with thanos which opens other outcomes Maybe even after taking the gauntlet the avengers lose but what if someone of the avengers would take the gauntlet and doom thanos. No that doesn't happen, might have happened, but that was a possibility. Since it didn't happen and avengers as we know will still win in endgame This means that Dr strange couldn't have actually seen one win but 2 instead becoz he would have to consider the above mentioned possibility. Only 2 other reasons might explain this _ Dr strange saying that was a motivation for stark Or that even after defeating thanos the avenger who would wield it then would get guilty and become the new villian (which nobody wants )
Maggie Hydeck
Maggie Hydeck Oy oldin
Starlord is a classic Chris Pratt character. I hope Blue didn’t die from the snap, or else I would commit suicide(okay not really).
Spencer Oy oldin
This vid sponsors better help lol
LukeWWEGamer Oy oldin
It's almost nebulas fault because she TOLD him about gamora
Z3 Cubing
Z3 Cubing Oy oldin
01:01 02:02 03:03 04:04 05:05 06:06 07:07 08:08 09:09 10:10 11:11
KalebIzHyPeR 12
Star lord is my favorite superhero so i forgive him and i would do the same thing
Alyssa Mallory
What do I have to do for a Night Vale theory episode?
Finn Lawrence
Finn Lawrence Oy oldin
Well, he is half alien
sweettart 316
sweettart 316 Oy oldin
I still love him..... So much!!!
I love you
I love you Oy oldin
Better help...LOL
MeAgain HimAgian
Honestly star lords reaction didn't bother me at all. Because I felt pretty much anyone would have reacted the same way.
Garth Palmer
Garth Palmer Oy oldin
the only reason what he did is excusable is simply that Dr Strange didn't stop him. since he had seen which future they win in, not stopping him meant what Quill did was correct. hence even though it *seemed* like they almost had the gauntlet off, Thanos would've somehow stopped them.
boi gaming
boi gaming Oy oldin
Its nebulas fault
Savannah !
Savannah ! Oy oldin
I agree that it was okay for Star lord to hit him. But he couldn't have waited a few minutes after they got the gountlet off? Peter P had it at Thanos' fingertips. But Quill couldn't have just waited until they got it to Wakanda for Wanda to destroy some of the stones? 🙆
LlamaLife 357
LlamaLife 357 Oy oldin
(5:38) no, no I will never feel sorry for Thanos he killed most of my favourite Marvel heros and he killed Nick Fury you can tell I don't like Thanos
Micah Woods
Micah Woods Oy oldin
Thanks was the good guy and he should've doubled the resources
Holly Sell
Holly Sell Oy oldin
wow that's a lot of dislikes. somehow I'm not surprised.
Jade Rush
Jade Rush Oy oldin
I wasn't hating on Star Lord, but it's hard not to see this moment as a big mistake while you're watching the movie for the first time.The whole thing with Strange's plan subverts it and it's a step towards the win after all, so...I'll take it? Another big reason Star Lord should not be hated for this is: that is literally what a character like him would have done. We've seen it numerous times that he acts on emotion almost every time. If he hasn't done that, it would have been so out of character, that the whole GotG history would implode. And this trait is also what makes him so loveable and relatable. So even when it ultimately leads to ruining the day for half of the galaxy, we can't judge him. Because in every other case we would have loved him exactly for this kind of attitude.
ItsJustEran `
ItsJustEran ` Oy oldin
In defense of Star... NO!
deborah rabbit white
Having finally given in to desire to comment, I write that I never blamed Starlord, was not angry with his action, and also find nothing compelling about thanos. He's just another bombastic daddyman. yuk. Like jordan peterson with a bigger purpley body. yep, yuk.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Oy oldin
Thor could learn from starlord Because starlord went for the dead
Tyler Tryon
Tyler Tryon Oy oldin
Can't Thanos just snap his fingers and create infinite resources?
Qarnayn _
Qarnayn _ Oy oldin
We have to assume that Dr. Stranges inaction during the removal of the gauntlet scene was because he knew that despite failing they were still on the right path for the 1 in 14,000,605 possible outcomes that they actually win.
Ya boy Gayorg
Ya boy Gayorg Oy oldin
Star lord shouldn’t have faded away as then he would have to live with the fact that the snap was partly his fault and rocket and star lord would be the only guardians that are left and they are the guardians that have the biggest rivalry
Uto Resa 519
Uto Resa 519 Oy oldin
"He respects his opponents" "Insect!" "He is sympathetic" *shows Nebula screaming in pain
rodney adams
rodney adams Oy oldin
think that bad . when glamor get time stone goes do baby thanes what thanes does to her. get him not want to snap. then stare lord sends good thanes back time to put baby her through this so meet first time she be good. in sense put every thing place for infantry war. cause death hafe universes in two different realities but fan theory
Jayquan O Jaeger
Why did Nebula not stop him?
Vincent Haentges
Iron Man started the mcu and star Lord was angry that thanos killed his girl would you be angry
Kidlol_ 597
Kidlol_ 597 Oy oldin
At least star lord went for the head.
Skywalking Studioz
Spider-Man: is that a zune? Star lord: yeah what about it Spider-Man: you ever see that really old movie Mars Attacks? Thanos shows up (Peter.Q’s zune plays music at full blast, killing Thanos.)
cory vivian
cory vivian Oy oldin
Why do you say that you can’t blame Gamora for anything?
Cr4ft0ctopus _31
The thing is we can't blame Star Lord for ruining 50% of living creatures lives if it was the only way for the Avengers to win. Doctor Strange went forward in time 14,000,605 times and saw there was only 1 way to win and in that possibility Thanos had to successfully snap his fingers in order for the avengers to win. which is why Strange didn't hold Star Lord back, thank you.
E&I Reviewed
E&I Reviewed Oy oldin
So if mantis can be like “sleep” and then they will go to sleep like why can’t she just say “die” and then he dies like come on!
Theo Gbeklui - Tomken Road MS (1153)
one of the carlin bros did in opsie
Weirdly Zach
Weirdly Zach Oy oldin
Pause at 1:07
Lusine Baghyan
Fun thing is that Russo brothers sass that after the snap not only ''humans'' on every planet disappear, but also plants and animals aka the food. So your example when you say 10 people on island and food for only 5, and killing 5 is wrong, but is some kind of solution is wrong, because they're not gonna burn the half of food after killing those 5 "extra people ", but the snap did that. So as far as I see he just wiped out the half of universe in vain. P.S. sorry if I have some grammar or semantic error, English is my 3rd language.
Bugsy McCoy
Bugsy McCoy Oy oldin
Gamora should have offed herself.
Travis Fletcher
ooo a coin... oh man..
HDB Animates
HDB Animates Oy oldin
if you think about it, since gimora died, that takes away some of the population, so when thanos snaps she saved one person from dieying
Jose Tomas Donoso
BelleSmiles Dental
id forgive he was in mental breakdown
Owen Lewis
Owen Lewis Oy oldin
Just saying...I still haven’t forgiven him
whatever.works.01 ._.
Gamora is completely faultless
Govinda Rajulu
Exactly, everybody do same if that happens. Starlord is an awesome charactor. In defence if Star Lord
Andrew Gef
Andrew Gef Oy oldin
Why didn't Dr Strange bargain with Thanos?
Samuel Callai
Samuel Callai Oy oldin
maybe the power stone could break that spell (it's kinda the most overpowered stone), or the reality stone (changing everything)
Not Strange
Not Strange Oy oldin
When star lord said Thor wasn't that good looking that look Peter gave him😂😂😂
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer Oy oldin
F star lord
Nova Star
Nova Star Oy oldin
Quill is an amazingly complex and driven character. He's lost and loved and lost again, but still held on and helped. Gamora was someone he loved more than anything and anyone. His reaction is understandable, especially when considering the events that are taking place. They're in a fight for the universe, and everything they ever loved and cared for is at stake, they've almost won, but then he finds out *his* universe, his Gamora is gone, and that brakes him, because she was what he was fighting for, she was what he was trying to save, without Gamora, his *entire* universe is gone, not just half.
Emmanuel Maldonado
Even tho I'm happy we are having a second part of this movie and yes maybe Dr Strange saw it in the future and didn't stop him because there is a reason for it.. star lord is a big crying baby with the mind of a hormonal teenager with mommy and daddy issues. Still like him though, even more than iron man ugh..
Happy Cacti
Happy Cacti Oy oldin
Seriously the avengers infinity war is just 10 person failing the trolley problem. It’s literally just that.
xuminghoodie Oy oldin
peter could’ve shot thanos’ head but nO he punched it,, i believe thor is at fault since he didn’t aim for the head
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