If Thanos Didnt Have a Gauntlet

The King of Random
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In today's video we're at The Gem Studio making rings with enough power to rival Thanos and his Gauntlet! Well kinda...
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Mohammed 123
Mohammed 123 Kun oldin
What happened to the other dude???why doesnt he come that often??....
Fortnite Nood
Fortnite Nood 4 kun oldin
Make a bow and arrow
Lucius Janovich
Lucius Janovich 5 kun oldin
Grant love his rings and bracelet hehe i can tell :)
tony flores
tony flores 12 kun oldin
That guy looks like a different version of adam ruins everything
Erik Theresa Nermo
Erik Theresa Nermo 19 kun oldin
What happened to grant?
Erick 22 kun oldin
Wow thanom erased halh of the universe
Seth Strattan
Seth Strattan 22 kun oldin
So how are we supposed to make this if we don’t have the stuff we need. I clearly want my own version of this
Lucky devil
Lucky devil 25 kun oldin
Yo you should have your own TV show
Dakar 2k18
Dakar 2k18 Oy oldin
Make a spiderman web shooter
Jarrod Williams
Could you make and actual Thanos Gauntlet with these stones?
Craig Crawford
Interesting Nuff Said
gaming with Ultra Vegito
i knew the snap would happen
James Cho
James Cho Oy oldin
why don't you use magnet to stick it even when it's just near the ring
Sairam Niranjan
Sweet video. Nice way to celebrate the release of Avengers Infinity War on digital and Blu-ray.
Sairam Niranjan
Nice cameo, Grant!
Francis Bowie
Francis Bowie Oy oldin
the the f word is Where’s Grant? btw the f word was OOF!!! XD
Mihai Asaftei
Mihai Asaftei Oy oldin
Avengers: Random War , soon in theaters all over the world
Karna Karki
Karna Karki Oy oldin
what happens when you mix molten salt and dry ice
Alex Hernandez
I prefer grant way better
Julie A
Julie A Oy oldin
Grant sighting!!!!! 15:14
Noobhyperkid Fortnite
He's doesn't like that guy here's proof 1:23
aiko hikari
aiko hikari Oy oldin
What happend if we mix aluminium with mercury
Spookay T'is Me
What kinda crack nails are those? 12:22
BaeckerAgency Oy oldin
Break obleck with a car
Sunrise Spartan
All the people in the soul stone disliked this video
Mini MCA
Mini MCA Oy oldin
Now not only is Grant the king of random, he's now the king of everything.
Mee Nu
Mee Nu Oy oldin
Why don't you try crushing things
ճւасլՀ ARroW ժА2
please make thor new weapon strom braker by melt metal like movie
Trisha Gonzales
Did you replace grant,, ;c!
Hoang-Viet Tran
That clip of grant was epic
Shreevardhan Shenoy
Put a sandwich in a Vacuum Chamber.
Hanzo Main
Hanzo Main 2 oy oldin
grant have you ever been in a video ever
Phappy Name
Phappy Name 2 oy oldin
Where is Grant? Why is he no longer in any videos?
Caticorn Fun
Caticorn Fun 2 oy oldin
Can you make a jello cup
Jack Austin
Jack Austin 2 oy oldin
what happens when you put a play button in liquid nitrogen
ShadowYeeter542 2 oy oldin
i dont wanna go
Devon Van De Kieft
93935 8220 59483 4583023948 943593
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 2 oy oldin
I’m 13 and built these in school
Charlirain McDonald
Can you mix a bunch of cold water plus amonia plus methane i would like to now what that would make it sounds interesting in my opinion
Charlirain McDonald
ashley bobbitt
ashley bobbitt 2 oy oldin
ferrofluid in vacuum chamber
Amanda Huynh
Amanda Huynh 2 oy oldin
nate is so cute.
Sean Whitty
Sean Whitty 2 oy oldin
Put liquid nitrogen on fairy paste
ORxven 2 oy oldin
J.G. Bloodworth
J.G. Bloodworth 2 oy oldin
Walter Mercado style!
Quietmenace YT
Quietmenace YT 2 oy oldin
you forgot the green one
some stingy on the internet
Guys he made grant transform as the desk with the reality stone dont worry
eggysalad 2 oy oldin
1:08 *high grit
Maryanne Brown
Maryanne Brown 2 oy oldin
Why would u clickbeat grant we love him Nathan is just meh we all want more grant
Rebekah Simper
Rebekah Simper 2 oy oldin
"We're actually going to put it in acid" "OOHH"
Bella Moore
Bella Moore 2 oy oldin
i want to do that
Bella Moore
Bella Moore 2 oy oldin
that is so cool
Dima Andro
Dima Andro 2 oy oldin
So 😎
Trapster2 2 oy oldin
Do they work like they do in the Marvel universe too?
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 2 oy oldin
I think Grant is like a long distant doctor. Sure, his name is on the door and you see his picture everywhere, but we have to spend most of our time with the nurse. Grant just comes in at the very end to make sure nothing got too fu@*ed up for a minute, and then sends us away.
Jared Hamilton
Jared Hamilton 2 oy oldin
2:33 “This is where the fun begins.”
king yuvraj
king yuvraj 2 oy oldin
How to make a rocket
pranav krishnan
pranav krishnan 2 oy oldin
@thekingofrandom try doing a video using kinetic sand in vacuum chamber.
GameFreak 2 oy oldin
ur a bit late
CarterM 2 oy oldin
I just wanted him to snap at the end
Big Dumpling 17
Big Dumpling 17 2 oy oldin
Grant is the original G
Joel Pagan
Joel Pagan 2 oy oldin
Miss grant. Videos aren’t the same anymore.
Michelle Angela Novera
I miss grant😔😔
Triggerrr 2 oy oldin
Yeah. But do y'all need some nail clippers, cause I got some for you
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos 2 oy oldin
Wantlesssquid 68
Wantlesssquid 68 2 oy oldin
Grant where
Christian Floyd
Christian Floyd 2 oy oldin
1:23 lol
kevin 2 oy oldin
12:22 bruh, that better not be your hand.
Enrique Cabrera
Enrique Cabrera 2 oy oldin
I only want grant
Edgy Mouse
Edgy Mouse 2 oy oldin
*Not thanos...*
chris *
chris * 2 oy oldin
Wobby 2 oy oldin
You should have aimed for the head
just another Nerd
You should cast an aluminum infinity gauntlet
Christian Silcott
Evan Tatusko
Evan Tatusko 2 oy oldin
Infinite death.
Mitch Mega Marvel
*still no grant*
Asima Khatoon
Asima Khatoon 2 oy oldin
Juju Stiffler
Juju Stiffler 2 oy oldin
ian COOK
ian COOK 2 oy oldin
Mister stark I don’t wanna go
Charduza Char
Charduza Char 2 oy oldin
Cast the infinity gauntlet with metal and spray paint it
Steven Mora
Steven Mora 2 oy oldin
Now find some dark magic to posses the kings
Ss The87Creator sS
Grant/thanos, granos
TaranTatsuuchi 2 oy oldin
Why would you do that?! Now half of your viewerbase will dissap....
piggypowerplayz 2 oy oldin
AutumnLeaf 2 oy oldin
Yee Nation
Yee Nation 2 oy oldin
Yeah wtf was Nate lol
Erin Jamison
Erin Jamison 2 oy oldin
Can a plant grow with clear nail polish painted on it
Jordan Vanderwolf
*This video does put a smile on my face*
Mathias Davila
Mathias Davila 2 oy oldin
I want one
It’s ur boi Uh me
where grant :(
Travis ty
Travis ty 2 oy oldin
I saw this in a hot topic at the mall sadly my two favorite stores closed there
The one And only Ruthy
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Cari Draney
Cari Draney 2 oy oldin
I've seen infinity war
Conman2495 2 oy oldin
@thekingofrandom can you do a project with geodes?
ArtistTubeHD 2 oy oldin
Can you melt Quartz crystal?
Arty Asian
Arty Asian 2 oy oldin
MatrixZ HH
MatrixZ HH 2 oy oldin
I got clickbaited. 1. Grant is not in video. 2. The stones does not glow. 3. The index finger stone is blue.
Bubblychewie2 2 oy oldin
Try Casting Gallium In Playdoh
Michał 2 oy oldin